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The Best of Hangzhou


十 二 月









Double Issue



of the


Strolls around the West Lake

By Cynthia Vasconcellos

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The Best of Hangzhou


十 二 月


In Perfect Harmony

– the Secrets of a

Great Choir?...................12




Snow Village

& Reindeers

in China! ..............................18





Double Issue



Our cover design is part of a

greetings card competition entry,

created by the very talented Anna

Zhou, a pupil at the Hangzhou

International School (you can

see other entrants on page 14).

Sticking with the Christmas theme

– this month we have plenty of

Xmas dinner tips, a feature on the

incredible HIS school choir, where

to see Rudolf in China… and we

even managed to sit down with

Santa Claus for our In Person

interview. Happy Christmas!

Ian Burns


Eat & Drink


In Person

2020, Feelings &

Expectations for 2021......................6

Virtual Idols

– Trending in China..............................9

Meditation, in Simple Steps.......16

Currying Favour

at Chakde...................................................15

The 4 th & final installment

– Chinese painting............................ 22

Jerry Shen sits down

with Santa Claus!.............................. 25


十 二 月




The Marketing of Christmas..... 26

Photo of the Month...............................2

Spotted in Hangzhou...........................4

3D Map of Hangzhou........................20

Listings........................................................ 28








Where to eat Christmas

dinner in Hanzghou!.............34


wrapping ideas .....................36

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Creative Team 策 划 团 队

Ian Burns, Teodora Lazarova, Ane

Ayerbe, Mark Hsueh, David Chen,

Zoe Zheng, Charles Zhang, Vincent

Jiang, Lin Zhang and Jerry Shen.

Cover © Anna Zhou

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你 的

生 意







告 生 活 方 式




Hangzhou Modern

Experimental Primary





Hangzhou International




South Africa



生 活 方 式




Can you recommend

a place to have

Christmas dinner here

in Hangzhou?

What is the strangest

gift you've ever


What do you hope to

give, or receive for

Christmas this year?

Mamala Kitchen is a nice place for dinner.

But I'd like to have a Christmas dinner at

home with my friends and family.

Two pieces of plastic snowflake.

I want to buy a toy house.

Pitas and Tikas.

A pair of pajamas.

A dog bed for my dog.

I don't know the name of the

restaurant, but they serve the

best Beijing Duck in Xiaoshan.


Love and family time.

Want to be in Spotted next month?

Scan the QR to get involved! 5



告 生 活 方 式


HAS 2020






By Camilla Fatticcioni

2020 brings a sense of uncertainty to

everyone. Since the first few months, many

were already ready to say goodbye to this

difficult year. However, time passes, and we

are close to welcoming 2021, but perhaps with

a different spirit in our hearts.

Did this year change us and our way of living?

What did the leap year which shocked the

entire world teach us? We learned that we

can't always plan the future. We learned that

hoping for a better 2021 won't completely

change what is going on around the world.

We can't say if this period made us a better or

worse person, but we know that it profoundly

changed everyone's life. And some of these

changes could be long term.


生 活 方 式







All of us likely experienced the imposition

of a lockdown. At first, it was a shock.

Spending days at home changed our

priorities, sometimes making us feel

lonely or anxious or suffocated by having

the family always around. As individuals,

we've had to make changes – both big and

small – to our everyday lives. From being

accused of being anti-social, always staring

at a screen, suddenly our phones helped

us keep in touch during lockdown. While

physically distanced, the internet and social

media have allowed us to reach into each

other's homes over the past months.

Social media has opened little windows

into how everybody else has responded to

everyday life during lockdown. Shortages

of commonplace items, or difficulties in

getting out to the shops or securing a

delivery slot, or perhaps just that many of

us have more time on our hands these days,

has unlocked inner creativity and motivated

us to share this creativity online with friends.

Our house suddenly turned out

to be more than a place simply

to rest at night. A living room

became an office, a restaurant, a

playground for kids, and a movie

theatre. We spent 24-hours a day

at home, working and enjoying

our free time. In Italy, we invented

a new idiom describing the work

from home: "Smart Working."

Can working from home be

considered "smart"? Somehow

it enabled companies to save

money, and in the future, more

and more will choose to have

employees working from home.

On the other hand, some workers

saved a lot of time usually

lost to commuting. It is a nice

feeling opening the laptop in

the morning, still wearing comfy


One downside to working from

home is that sometimes it is easy

to lose control of the amount of

time we are working on a project

and lead people never to break

from their work.

Seven out of ten people said

they've struggled to maintain a

healthy work-life balance during

a lockdown. This increased

stress isn't surprising, as 62%

of respondents said they felt

pressure from their company

to be working beyond what is

required of them as they work

from home.

We missed the ‘good old days’ with friends,

and maybe we learned to live them in the

future talking and enjoying the time with

people we love, instead of staring at our


Parents spent more time with their kids,

and teenagers spent more time with their

parents: many of us learned how to cherish

more family time. 7



告 生 活 方 式


Behind all the suffering and disruption

and economic hardship caused by the

pandemic, a greater global crisis is lurking:

climate change. The main question is:

could our experiences with international

lockdown help the environmental cause,

or would we return to "business as usual"

as quickly as possible? Many city-dwellers

have noticed an improvement in their city

environments – with cleaner air, calmer,

safer roads, and bolder wildlife – which

offers a glimpse of what a greener world

might be like to live in. Indeed, satellite data

has revealed a drop in atmospheric levels of

nitrogen over cities and industrial centres

across Europe and Asia as traffic and factories

have quietened – falling in some regions by

30-40% compared to this time last year.

It's been estimated that the

slowdown of the world's

economy caused by the

pandemic will reduce global

CO2 emissions for 2020 by

8%. We can only hope that

2020 has made people more

sensitive to problems related

to climate change.

On the other hand, the

environment does not

benefit from the massive

use of face masks and

plastic gloves, adding to increased delivery

demand with a growing number of

packaging waste. During the pandemic,

personal protective equipment (PPE) has

driven increased plastic pollution. The

global plastic packaging market size is

projected to grow from USD 909.2 billion

in 2019 to USD 1012.6 billion by 2021, at

a compound annual growth rate of 5.5%,

mainly due to pandemic response.

This year, in many parts of the world, people

won't be screaming "Happy New Year" in

a crowded square because of quarantine,

as many others will notice some extra

empty spaces around their Christmas table.

The pandemic has revealed the shaky

foundations on which much of what we

take for granted in the developed world is


2020 teaches us to cherish the present

moment; taking care of the world and the

people we have around to preserve the



生 活 方 式







By Maddalena Depalo

>>> 9



告 生 活 方 式

The business world is changing

rapidly as society becomes

increasingly connected; Internet

and mobile technologies have

become faster, cheaper, and

more responsive to our needs.

In China, and the whole world

today, smartphones have

become an integral part of

people's lives and it is in this

context that social media

and influencers are playing

a fundamental role. We are

a younger generation. We

watch less TV, and we use social

media all day long. In recent

years, social media marketing

has become more and more

apparent, leading each of us to

follow different influencers, or

even personally know someone

who is themselves an influencer.

If in Europe and in the US, we know the

same influencers, whereas in China,

social media users have their own

influencers. Though we use different

social media platforms (in Italy I use

Instagram or Twitter, in China, I use WeChat

or Weibo), cultural differences are playing

an important role. When we feel similar to

certain people we meet, we give weight

to their opinions, and the same happens

with the people we follow online. In fact,

if we look carefully at our social networks,

we follow people who look like us and

have the same interests as us. Influencers

are seen as role models but at the same

time, them being "people like us" gives

us the confidence to rely on their advice.

Consequently, their opinion and lifestyle

influence us all, including those who are

convinced of the opposite. Surely, the link

between the individual and social media is

even stronger beyond the Great Firewall,

where 94.5% of internet users are social

network users.

The Chinese influencers or Key Opinion

Leaders (KOLs) are not exactly the same

as the Western ones. Unlike Western

bloggers who become popular through

the content they create on the web,

Chinese KOLs are almost always experts

in the sector, celebrities, music artists or

television superstars. The social content of

influencers in China produces 4 times the

number of views and 8 times the amount

of engagement compared to official brand

accounts. So, in China, instead of Kylie

Jenner, we have Zola Zhang, Mr. Bags

and Wang Shenghan. Zola, a beautiful

influencer, is magnetic on all Chinese

social networks, from WeChat to Douyin.

Mr. Bags, who boasts collaborations with

Givenchy, Tod's, and Montblanc, has

created capsule collections that have

been stormed in the first hours available.

Wang Shenghan, wine expert and founder

of Lady Penguin (, has the

largest wine community on the Chinese

web, with 1.5 million fans on social media

and more than 8,000 subscribers.

Despite smartphones and social media

being part of everyone’s life, China took

it to the next level. In 2018 a crowd

of Chinese attended a concert of a

famous Chinese pianist and a hologram

- one of the first Chinese Virtual Idols.

“Virtual Idols” is the most popular digital

trend in China today. It was imported from

Japan, where anime is quite popular, and

this phenomenon is rising fast. However, this

is not something only for crazy anime fans,

but a new trend which is also involving the

digital marketing strategy of many famous

brands. In fact, the well-known KOLs had

to begin sharing the spotlight with these

digital celebrities. Just like with traditional

influencers, brands have begun to get in

touch and activate collaborations even

with Virtual Idols. Givenchy, for example,

for the Qixi festival (the Chinese Valentine’s

Day) decided to create a campaign with


生 活 方 式



Nowadays, Virtual Idols are becoming

increasingly used in advertising

campaigns in China and this phenomenon

is expected to rise in the coming years.

The Futurer, a virtual band. Prada and

MiuMiu in partnership with Tmall created

Aimèe, a virtual model for the Shanghai

Fashion Week 2020. Both had enormous

success and helped their respective brands

also reach the younger community.

Nowadays, Virtual Idols are becoming

increasingly used in advertising campaigns

in China and this phenomenon is expected

to rise in the coming years. In fact, the

industry was worth 100 million RMB in

2018 and is projected to grow to 1.5 billion

RMB by 2023. This growth, accelerated

by the appearance of the Coronavirus,

has helped Virtual Idols to become that

popular. The world pandemic has, in

fact, led to increasing digitalisation, and

an increase in the use of live streaming

platforms. All this has strengthened the

role of Virtual Idols in marketing strategies.

Customers' perceptions of a brand are

especially important. A brand’s reputation

represents all the elements that determine

the idea that users have of a brand and

contributes significantly to business

performance. Therefore, it is easy to

understand why reputation is a fundamental

intangible asset to manage and take

care of. It pertains to the credibility that a

company has within a social group, and

almost always coincides with its target

group. The web and social networks must

be given credit for having significantly

increased importance, value, and impact.

Virtual Idols are becoming an addition to

the digital marketing strategy since they

effectively reach the younger segment

of consumers. Nonetheless, the KOLs still

remain fundamental. They represent an

invaluable tool for any brand that wants to

enter the world of luxury in China, where

one barrier of entry is consumer confidence

- something that the KOLs have achieved. In

fact, they easily manage to make the brand

attractive, the advertising perceived as

reliable, and the product worthy of purchase. 11



告 生 活 方 式








Catch the

choir at hotel


Tree Lighting


Fri 4 Dec:


Sat 5 Dec:

Four Seasons

Gijsje Speksnijder

China/Netherlands, Grade 4

I am one of the seven

singers who performs the

‘high part’ harmony. I don’t

find it difficult but new

singers should practice

a long time because if

it’s hard for you, you can

practice and get better.

My favourite part of being in the choir is

playing the instruments and being able

to sing with kids from other grade levels.

Angel Li

China/England, Grade 6

Six of us sing the ‘middle

part’ which I think is a very

important piece of the

harmony. If the melody

and harmony lose a screw,

it’s like a machine and it

just doesn’t work the way

it used to. Sometimes,

it can be hard to find the right note but

for ’Hallelujah’, we sing the same note

that we ended on, so it’s easy to find.

Bella Meng

China/Hong Kong, Grade 5

Last year I sang the ‘high

part’, and this year I am

singing the ‘low part’

along with five other

singers. I found it quite

hard to transition from

‘high’ to ‘low’, and I get

nervous sometimes.

When I do, I just take deep breaths and

fill my head with calming and happy

things to stop the nervous feelings.


生 活 方 式



Joshua Cui

Singapore, Grade 6

I joined the string

orchestra in 2019, this is

my second year. I enjoy

performing, as I get to

know different classmates.

But most importantly,

I can also gain various

skills, such as teamwork,

collaboration, communication, and more.

Of course, providing music to hotels is

one thing I enjoy, you can consider this,

as my "hobby". I must be honest, on some

occasions, I do get nervous. For example, I

think - what happens if I cause a problem to

my team, or what difficulties will I face? But

most of the time, I am eager and confident

to finish a successful show.

Lydia Yu

USA, Grade 5

I really enjoy the sound of

the violin; it reminds me of

happiness. When I play, I

can feel really relaxed and

care-free. And with the

violin, you can play any

song or melody!

I really like “Hear Those

Bells” because all the instruments are

vibrating together, and the orchestra

sounds like one complete group.

Edward Zhang

China/Hong Kong, Grade 8

I started playing the cello

around 3 months ago, I

joined the string choir

shortly after that. I think

I’ve picked it up pretty

quickly and have done

quite well. I’m still not

very good at playing, but

I think I’m off to a very

good start and plan to

continue in the future.

I chose cello over the violin mainly because

I think the cello sounds better. The violin

is a bit too high pitched for my taste. I also

really enjoy listening to cello music, like

“The Swan” or “Bach’s Cello Suite No.1”, since

it calms me down and has an impact on

emotion with its deep sound. It is a great

way to show or let go of my thoughts and

relax myself while playing.

Once while I was practicing on the cello,

my hand got very tired holding the bow (I

hadn’t played enough for me to develop

the necessary hand muscles and posture for

a correct bow hold). I eventually just kind

of grabbed it like a caveman and continued

playing. What I didn’t notice was my hand

sliding up the bow onto the hairs, and the

cello making squeaky noises. If that had

happened in public that would have been


Leo Guo

China/USA, Grade 3

I like playing the sleigh

bells in the choir because

I like loud instruments.

It reminds me of before

I was at a school that

believed in God and the

sleigh bells reminded

me of the songs they

sang there. We also used sleigh bells in

kindergarten for Christmas songs. My

favourite song is ‘Snow’ because it’s jazzy

and off-beat with different pitches.

Netanya Chaurasia

India, Grade 4

I auditioned for playing

the hand bells and found

that I could play in rhythm

- I know when to play

because I play on beat 1,

or after the purple bell,

which is beat 4. It is not

difficult because I hear

the bells and how they fit into the music.

Elizabeth Yu

China/England, Grade 4

I think the recorder is a

very important instrument

because it can hit the

notes accurately and it’s

easy for kids to learn. My

favourite part of being

in the choir is singing

together with my friends.

1. Which drink is NOT good to have

before singing?

A. Water

B. Juice

C. Milk

2. Singing ‘A Capella' is what?

A. Without accompaniment

B. With a guitar

C. With no backing singers

3. Which is the lower female voice?

A. Soprano

B. Alto

C. Mezzo-Soprano

4. What is used to control the breath

while singing?

A. A belt

B. The lungs

C. The diaphragm

5. What is the clear pronunciation of

sung words known as?

A. Intonation

B. Diction

C. Resonance

6. To be flat means what?

A. You're under the note

B. You're over the note

C. You're right on the note

7. It's okay to get straight into singing

without warming up?

A. True

B. False

8. To transpose a song means to…

A. Change its lyrics

B. Change its key

C. Change its meaning

9. Are the vocal folds thin or thick when

singing in your ‘head voice’?

A. Thin

B. Thick



1C, 2A, 3B, 4C, 5B, 6A, 7B, 8B, 9A

Scan the QR

Code to try

this fun quiz


Source: 13



告 生 活 方 式

Anita Liu, Hong Kong, Grade 1

Aditya Sharma, India, Grade 5



HIS 2020 Greeting Card Competition

Naomi Xia, Hong Kong, Grade 5

Beck Mi, Hong Kong, Grade 2

Crystal Chen, USA, Grade 2

Luna Jiang, USA, Grade 3

Christina Shaochen, Chile, Grade 4

Over 200 students shared their favourite

winter holiday through the HIS Holiday

Greeting Card Competition organized

by HIS GIN (Global Issues Network) Club.

Winning submissions have been printed

on greeting cards and sold as a fundraising

activity to support the different HIS GIN

community projects throughout the year.

These community projects aim to make the

community, local and international, better in

many different aspects while empowering

the HIS students to be caring, good

leaders, and develop teamworking skills.

That’s how our participation in the Four

Seasons Charity Christmas Tree Lighting

started! 8 years ago, a group of Upper

School students from different countries,

cultural backgrounds and experiences,

wanted to contribute to those less

privileged in the community. Mr. Alastair

McAlpine, a HIS parent and Four Seasons

General Manager at that time, together with

his team, decided to support the already

good work of the Carnation School for

Children with Autism.

They all reached out to the community to

make this event successful, and among

those they reached out to, it was choir

teacher Ms. Christine Stewart who led the

Winter Holiday Carols as her Co-Curricular

Choir Activity. This tradition supporting the

noble cause has continued, with the new

and recent addition of the Orchestra!

Sophia Ding, USA, Grade 6

Angel Li, China/England, Grade 6

Mandy Zhang, Hong Kong, Grade 8

Anna Zhou, USA, Grade 8

Rhea Gu, India/China, Grade 4

Aina Marie Gimeno Rojas, Spain, Grade 11


Cheng Ming Li, Italy, Grade 11

饮 食




By Mark H.

Photos by: Mark H. and CHAKDE

At CHAKDE you’ll find one of the few

truly authentic Indian kitchens in

Hangzhou. Located by the Grand

Canal with outdoor seating, for one

to leisurely people-watch the bar patrons

across the river while enjoying a meal and

shisha. You’ll know you’ve found the right

spot when you get hit by the eclectic mixes

of quaint neighbourhood, lively patrons,

and colourful décor.

We went as a group of eight and we

chose CHAKDE due to our love of Indian

food. Unfortunately, that has been a

difficult desire to fulfill due to the severe

lack of Indian dining establishment in

Hangzhou, especially for larger groups.


On the menu you’ll find a solid selection of

favourites, from well-known dishes such as

Butter Chicken to specialties like Mutton

Rogan Josh, and even Indian beer brand –

Kingfisher at just RMB 20 a can. We ordered:

• Potato Samosa – Such a great appetiser!

• Mixed Vegetable Pakoda – Lookout

for the deep-fried pepper, it’ll

definitely wake up your senses!

• Dal Makhani – Aromatic, invitingly

creamy vegetarian curry that

goes so well with naan bread.

• Palak Paneer – Spinach, cheese,

and mushroom curry. The cheese

is delightfully spongy and

really makes the dish fun.

• Mango Chicken – Genuinely tastes like

real mangos were used and blended

into the sauce. Divine for those who

like sweet with their savoury.

• Lemon Rice – The rice! Oh, the

rice! Fluffy, light, and perfectly

prepared with a hint of tartness.

• Onion Naan – What else are you

supposed to dip into the curries?

• Nawabi Vegetable Biryani – Strong

aromatic notes of tomato and herbs, a

great base to enjoy the various curries.

• Lemon Tikka Chicken – Chunky

chewy chicken pieces designed to

be dipped and coated in sauces.

• Indian Lassi – mild yoghurt drink

that helps soothe the warmth from

the curries and relaxes the palate.



Every week from 18:30 enjoy a regularly

rotating assortment of mains, salads, naan

bread, herbed riced, and condiments.

All the popular Indian dishes are wellrepresented

and in ample supply. At just

RMB 98 per person, it’s hard to fault.

Chakede Yindu Canting

GongshuQu, XinYiFangDian,

XinYiFangShangJie No. 202

133 0651-5830


10:00 – 22:30

(delivery until 20:00)

Free delivery within

10km for orders

above RMB 200 (must

order with CHAKDE

app), minimum

delivery RMB 100. 15



告 生 活 方 式



By Dr. Rob Burton

Walking along the Nine Creeks in the Misty Forest finds you in a truly

magical collection of mountains, trees, creeks and running water. On

this outing one walks the trails––winding and climbing; the creeks

- murmuring and gurgling; the trees - high and low––at one with

the poet Yu Yuelai who wrote these words during the Qing Dynasty

(1644-1911). It is a place that has always been special for humans.

生 活 方 式



Walking the hills and tracks forces

one to practise one of the main

tenets of walking meditation –

that of moving the feet. Buddhists

are instructed to be mindful of four stages

in each step: (i) lifting the foot; (ii) moving

it forward; (iii) putting it down; and (iv)

touching or pressing the foot on the


And step by step, as I travelled these

ways, I entered the meditative state of

mind simply by putting one foot in front

of the other, or as some practitioners

suggest ‘stepping, stepping, stepping.’

Walking the meandering creeks and twisted

paths, famous since the Southern Song

Dynasty (1127-1279), one has to be aware

of these actions because to put a foot

wrong means a turned ankle or worse. By

increasing our awareness of our bodies

actions, we also become increasingly aware

of things outside of ourselves, objects we

might trip over, other people we might

walk into. We become more aware of these,

and many of the other things outside of

ourselves, than when we are just sitting––

especially if we sit inside. These include

the wind, the sun, the rain, and the sounds

of nature and of humans and machines.

But as one finds the natural rhythm (and

using a pair of trekking poles forces

you into such a rhythm) you find that

each and every footstep forms part of a

natural mantra. And as the length of the

walk progresses, it becomes easier to

enter into the detached but aware state

that walking meditation facilitates.

While walking long distances there will

always be feelings associated with our

bodies, from the niggling pain of a blister to

the pleasant feeling of relaxation. There will

also be feelings associated with the things

we see and hear, and with all of the other

sensory modalities that we experience––

including those that are imagined.

In paying attention to feelings, the

important thing is simply to notice

them without either clinging to them

or pushing them away. When we are

unaware, it is very common for our

minds to start grasping after experiences

associated with pleasant feelings.

Many people say to me when I am out

walking that I’ll “be able to have some

thinking time––to sort things out,” but it

always seems to me that when walking I

actually have very little ‘thinking time.’ My

mind becomes attuned to the mantra of

walking, my eyes to the path ahead and

my body to experiencing the sensations

of physical activity. By experiencing our

sensations, rather than thinking about

them, we help to cut down on unproductive

thinking and bring about more calmness.

Walking in places such as the Mystery

Forest allows us to ‘be in the moment.’ That

moment where we can fill our mind with

the richness of the experience of walking,

leaving less room for daydreaming and

fantasy and becoming deeply aware of

our present experience, which becomes

far more fulfilling than any daydream.

This detached state then becomes an

integral part of the ‘Art of Walking’. The

Buddhist monk Thick Nhat Hanh tells us

that “If we practise walking meditation,

we walk just for walking, not to arrive.

We have to be alive with each step, and

if we are, each step brings real life back

to us. The purpose is to be in the present

moment and enjoy each step you make.”

Walking alone along these ancient

byways is a pure exercise in walking

meditation and each step becomes

a prayer and each mile dharma. 17



告 旅 行



By Ellie Bouttell

In the very north of China, hidden

in the mountains between Harbin

and Vladivostok, is a tiny village

that gets piles and piles of perfect,

powdery snow for 7 months every year.

If you’re looking for somewhere to

spend Christmas having snowball fights

surrounded by crystal white hills, Snow

Town could be the place for you.

Be warned, however: this is not a

place designed for foreigners. Swathes

of tourists can have an effect on the

atmosphere, and little English is spoken.

If you have a grasp of Chinese and don’t

mind the occasional crowded bus ride, the

scenery here is magnificent. Choose a nice

place to stay, make time to wander round

in the quiet early morning or amongst

the evening lights, and you’ll be feeling

Christmassy in no time.

旅 行



Hiking in the nearby forest and

finding a place to have a snowball

fight is much nicer. Just make sure

you layer up with 3 or 4 sweaters, and

bring waterproof rather than fabric

gloves, as temperatures are a bonechilling

-20 or -30 degrees and your

fingers are at a real risk of frostbite.


Snow Town and the surrounding

Shuangfeng Forest is in Heilongjiang

province, about 280km from

province capital Harbin.


Fly into Harbin – if you have time,

stay in the city for a day or two and

take in the gorgeous architecture

there – then find a driver to take

you directly to the village. The drive

is long; about 6 hours. Your hotel in

Snow Town can usually arrange this

for you, but if not, it’s easy to find a

ride yourself. Decide on a price you

would be happy to pay beforehand,

make sure you haggle and don’t be

afraid to walk away, as drivers are

plentiful and scams are common.


The village is best enjoyed from late

November to early March. Avoid

weekends for slightly less crowds.


The slopes and rental equipment are

so-so. Go for it if it’s your kind of fun,

but having already paid entrance

for the village itself, don’t worry

too much if you’d rather not shell

out extra. You’re not missing a lot.

If you’re organised, bring your own

Christmassy fare, like packet spices

and a bottle of dry red to make

mulled wine; hot chocolate; cake

and whiskey. Western food is not

easy to come by; local fare is classic

northern Chinese. Though you should

absolutely try the frozen sugared

persimmon sold at street stalls.

Make sure you wander around

at nighttime, as this is when the

thick snow on the rooftops is lit

up by China’s beloved neon lights.

It really does look very pretty and

is great for romantic photos.


Bring waterproof shoes, waterproof

gloves and thermal socks. Wear at

least two layers on your legs and

3 or 4 layers on your torso, as well

as a thick winter coat. If you don’t,

you will not be able to be outdoors

for more than half an hour without

being at serious risk of hypothermia.

The temperatures here are arctic.

Bring a reliable pair of over-ear

headphones so you can mute the

sound of crowds and hawkers and

enjoy the fairytale snow scenery

to your own soundtrack.

If you’re travelling with a group, try

and find a villa with several friends

so you can make your own food.

Finally, the central village street

looks nicest at night. Make sure you

bring a camera so you can capture

the beauty of the red lanterns

reflecting on the snow. If you’re

using your phone, you must bring

a charging pack, as phone batteries

die twice as fast when it’s this cold.




It may surprise you to know that

reindeer are native to parts of

China. Unfortunately, like many

animals here, the most common

place to see them is when

they are being used as tourist

attractions. For a more ethical

reindeer experience, you’ll have

to venture further afield.

Ewenki Tribes in Hulunbuir

The Ewenk are an ethnic group

from Inner Mongolia, for

whom herding reindeer is a

longstanding tradition. Today,

Ewenk groups in the area of

Hulunbuir earn most of their

income from reindeer, providing

tourists with places to stay in

the forest and allowing visitors

to feed and get close to reindeer

for a fee.

Travel to the city of Genhe,

the closest place to the tribe’s

territory. From here you can

get to the Aoluguya tribe

reserve. Reindeer are semidomesticated

by the tribes, and

not wandering around freely,

but they are healthy, well-fed

and much happier than the

ones dragging children around

at the Ice Festival. 19

/ CULTURE // 广 告 • 文 化

20 myredstar.comDRA

广 告 • 文 化 // CULTURE /

FT 21



告 文 化






By Jerry Shen


文 化



“The Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar” or Si Yì ( 四 艺 ) were the academic and artistic

skills that Chinese aristocrat scholars were required to have. Hand-picked by the

Emperor of China, the Chinese literati, or scholar-officials, had to master not one but

all four arts. Also referred to as Qín Qí Shū Huà ( 琴 棋 书 画 ), the four arts were:

Qín ( 琴 ) - the stringed Chinese musical instrument known for its grace and serenity.

Qí ( 棋 ) - the strategic board game now known in the West as Go.

Shū ( 书 ) - Chinese calligraphy with all of its brushes and strokes.

Huà ( 画 ) - denotes Chinese painting – the ultimate outlet for one’s creativity.

In previous months, I wrote about the

seven-stringed plucked instrument

Qín, the strategic board game Qí, and

the words for life Shū. In this month’s

REDSTAR, I will focus on the last of the four

arts – Huà ( 画 ):

Walking through the streets in China, you

can see inspirations from Chinese painting

or guó huà ( 国 画 ) almost everywhere.

From the mountain ranges on the silk

scarves to the flowers and trees on Chinese

Qipaos, Chinese art is perhaps the most

widely renowned piece of Chinese culture.

Chinese painting is humbly rooted in ink

wash painting or shuǐ mò ( 水 墨 ) which

uses black ink to capture the finesse of

objects. As opposed to Western styles, 23



告 文 化

Chinese ink wash painting is more

concerned with the “soul” of the object and

the feeling the art may produce in a viewer

rather than the precision of the object

itself. The precision in Chinese ink wash

painting is instead the shading and tonality

achieved by using black ink alone and the

manipulation of ink intensity throughout


Chinese art and

Western art differ

in many ways:

influence, the

materials used, the

subjects of interest,

perspective, and

the use of canvas.

Western art was largely influenced by

Christian philosophies and aimed to

illustrate an accurate depiction of a scene

as to mirror how God has meant for these

objects to be. Chinese art on the other

hand, influenced by Taoism and Buddhism,

was interested in finding the expression in

the scene. Looking at pictures of mountains,

one may find the clearly defined, rugged

edges of cliffs and hills in Western art, but

a more curvaceous, “soft” mountain, which

seems to sway with the wind, in Chinese art.

In terms of materials, Western art typically

uses oil which can capture the vibrant

colors and subtleties of subjects creating

a more realistic picture. Chinese ink wash

painting, however, uses changes in ink load

to recreate the feel of a subject. It lacks the

“science” of oil painting but amplifies the

“life” in the subject.

The subjects of interest also vastly differ

in Western painting and Chinese painting.

In the West, people have always been

the main subject of paintings. From Van

Gogh’s famous self-portraits to the Mona

Lisa, individuality and the uniqueness of

people have always been at the forefront

of Western art. In contrast, one of the

landmark features of Chinese paintings is

that it was largely focused on landscapes.

From the “Mountains of Fuchun” to the “Xiao

and Xiang Rivers”, the vast and serene lands

of China dominate Chinese art.

Another way Chinese art and Western

art differ is in their perspective. In simple

terms, perspective is the pursuit of a threedimensional

effect on the two-dimensional

canvas. For Western art, a depiction of

furniture or a corridor will show depth

which is achieved by the careful use of

shadows, lighting and the consistency of

a single perspective. Chinese art is more

cavalier in its reproduction of the subject

and may adopt many perspectives. Much of

the scenery looks surreal and unlike what

an observer would actually see if they were

present in the painting.

Last, there is a difference in the artists’

use of canvas. For Chinese painting, there

is a lot of blank, white, negative space.

This is to highlight the actual subject and

allows the viewer to imagine and finish the

drawing themselves. In Western painting,

the background serves to make the

painting more realistic. More often than

not, no space on the canvas is untouched.

In a Western painting of a fruit basket, you

would see the table the basket sits on,

along with the wall behind it, and the chair

that subtly blocks its view. In a Chinese

painting however, a twig may emerge from

open space as if floating in the clouds,

unblocked by any other forestry. This may

be my favorite part about Chinese art. The

white space is often just as important as the

art itself.

Overall, the main goal that guides the

two different art forms is simple. Whereas

Western art emphasises realism and

accuracy, Chinese art stresses abstraction

and expression.

If you are looking to learn more about

Chinese art, you can search for 水 墨 国 画 on

the 大 众 点 评 app. Classes are around 200

RMB per class. A Classic Chinese ink wash

painting painted by you can be a perfect

Christmas gift for a significant other or for a

friend in China during Christmas this year!

Happy painting!


人 物



I was concerned for my elves and

wanted them to socially distance but

they were adamant in getting enough

masks out for the children. I made sure

the elves were wearing masks while

working and we did a great job.

One thing I am worried about this

holiday season is traveling to the

different houses. Now you know many

countries have mandatory quarantine

so I expect there to be some delays

in gift-giving this year. Rudolph in

particular has been causing me some

problems with the authorities! He

constantly looks like he’s got the sniffles.



J Jerry

S Santa

J Hi Santa. Can I just say it’s an absolute

pleasure for me to be interviewing a

hero like yourself. Thank you for taking

the time out of your busy schedule

to do this interview with me.

S Well Jerry, you are one persistent

fellow. I figured after the 17th time

I declined your call that you would

give up, but here you are…

J Alright, let’s move right into the

hard-hitting questions. First of all,

what do you say to the naysayers

out there who say you aren’t real?

S Well Jerry, I say nothing. You can’t make

people believe in you. As long as you

believe in yourself, you can do anything.

J What does that even mean…? Okay

anyways. We all know Christmas is

arguably the most important holiday…

except for maybe Spring Festival. And

Chinese National Day. Dragonboat

Festival might be more important.

By Jerry Shen

I guess Mid-Autumn Festival and

Tomb-Sweeping Day are also really

important... So, we all know Christmas

is arguably the most important holiday

FOR WESTERNERS, how can we capture

the Christmas spirit in a place where

Christmas doesn’t even get me a day off?

S The spirit of Christmas is not the time

off or the presents; It’s the precious

time spent with family. Now obviously,

many of the expats are away from

their family during this holiday season

but you don’t necessarily need to

physically be with each other this

Christmas. You can send them a video

chat or talk to them on the phone.

J Okay cool. Good idea Santa! 2020 has

been a rough year for all of us and

I’m sure we’d all like to know how

2020 has affected you personally.

S I’m glad you asked. For starters, many

of my factories were repurposed to

produce masks because of Covid-19.

J Hahaha, yeah that’s tough. Well I hope

you don’t get delayed too much. I’m still

waiting on that winning lottery ticket

you have yet to give me. What do you

plan on giving us naughty kids this year?

S Well Jerry, there are many new additions

to the naughty list this year. Besides the

“people who watch Douyin without

headphones on the subway” and the

“people who cut in line at the railway

stations”, I have added “people who don’t

wear masks” and “people who cough/

sneeze without covering their mouths”.

J Sounds like there are going

to be a lot of Republicans on

your naughty list this year.

S Hahaha, Trump is number one on my

list. In fact, I had already given him

COALvid-19 this year. Hahahaha.

J That was a terrible pun and you

should feel bad. It’s not okay to joke

about something that serious.

S Right.

J It’s okay Santa I still love you.

S Jerry, you’re 27 now. Stop writing

me letters. Maybe you should find a

girlfriend for Christmas this year.

J Alrighty then. That’s all the time we

have for today. Merry Christmas Santa!

S Merry Christmas everyone! 25



告 商 务






By Camilla Fatticcioni

When I first moved to China, many friends in Europe

asked me: do Chinese people celebrate Christmas?

December 25th is a day like any other here in

Hangzhou. People go to work, and schools are open.

Yet, while the Christmas spirit of this holiday is quite

different in China, it is gathering steam because

brands see it as a great marketing opportunity.


商 务






Christmas today has become a firmly

established occasion among festival-thirsty

Chinese consumers, filling the period

between the great shopping festival of

Singles' Day in November and the red

lanterns of the coming Lunar New Year.

Christmas is young in China: it wasn't

really celebrated until the 1990s, and is

usually embraced mainly by the younger

generation; 70 percent of the Chinese

celebrating it are below the age of 38.

Christmas is both a commercial and fashion

statement, and it is missing the typical

holiday spirit Western people have. It is an

incredible business opportunity for many

brands, which typically appeals to Chinese

millennials, with themed presents and

unique gift offers. Sometimes Christmas is

compared with Valentine's celebrations in

China: the holiday spirit is all about

selling and buying more.

Many international brands

have invented Christmas

nostalgia in China, and the one

that succeeded the most is

Starbucks. A picture with the

red holiday Starbucks cups is

already an established Christmas

tradition among Chinese millennials.

Since Starbucks is an aspirational brand in

China, and people are eager to publicise

their visits there, photos of their lattes are

often published on social-media feeds.




Yet, it's not just Western brands cashing in

on the festivities. November and December

weren't initially significant shopping

months in China, in contrast to the West.

Still, most e-Commerce platforms are now

boosting their sales months before the

Chinese New Year because of Singles's day

and Christmas.

More and more Chinese brands are getting

into the Christmas spirit. Tmall cat logo, for

instance, has donned a santa hat, and on

Taobao, there are many Christmas lotteries.

Moreover, China is already creating its

own Christmas tradition. A recent Chinese

take is gifting apples on Christmas Eve. In

Mandarin, "Christmas Eve" is Ping'anye ( 平

安 夜 , the evening of peace), which also

happens to sound a bit like the Chinese

word for 'apple' or pingguo ( 苹 果 ). Chinese

people have taken the

cleverness one

step further

and given a

unique name to

these Christmas


ping'anguo ( 平

安 果 ), which means

peace apples.

And now, in December, many supermarkets

like Yihaodian, the Chinese online grocer

that's majority-owned by Walmart, offer

Fuji apples sold in mini, individual "Merry

Christmas" boxes.



An example of next level Christmas

marketing can be seen in the city

of Yiwu, also known as Santa's real

workshop. Yiwu is around 140 km

from Hangzhou, and it is considered

the world's factory of Christmas: in

Yiwu, you can find red Santa hats

and Christmas trees all year round.

Yiwu has more than 600 factories

that collectively churn out over

60% of all the world's Christmas

decorations and accessories, from

glowing fibre-optic trees to felt

Santa hats. Yiwu Christmas market

is enormous: it covers four million

square metres, with 62,000 booths

inside. It has around 40,000 visitors

every day, 5,000 of whom are buyers

from foreign countries.




Christmas is the most globalised

and commercialised holiday of

the year. Cultural globalisation,

therefore, spares no one, not even

millenary civilizations, whose

culture has survived the time.

Not many expats may know that

in December, Chinese people

celebrate the Dongzhi Festival, the

winter solstice. This holiday usually

falls around the 22nd December,

similar to our Western Christmas

spirit of family and reunion, but less

commercial. That's why to all those

people curious to understand how

Christmas is celebrated in China, I'd

instead explain first what the real

"Chinese Christmas" is. 27



告 黄 页


中 式 餐 饮

BBQ 烧 烤

Ba Li Lobster • Old Street Barbecue (bā lí lóng

xiā • lǎo jiē shāo kǎo) Gate2, Wanda Gold Street

Xiangqing Lu (8731-3852) 巴 厘 龙 虾 • 老 街 烧 烤 祥

庆 路 万 达 金 街 2 号 门

Big Chen Barbecue (dà chén yáng ròu chuàn)

Beside Jinyuan Edifice, Wulin Lu (8550-0571) 大 陈 羊

肉 串 武 林 路 锦 园 大 厦 旁 ( 教 场 路 口 )

Dong Shou Barbecue (dòng shǒu ba) B1, 4th

Hubin Yintai 245 Yan’an Lu (8977-9393) 动 手 吧 ( 湖

滨 in77 店 ) 延 安 路 245 号 湖 滨 银 泰 四 期 B1 层 ( 地 铁 龙

翔 桥 站 B 出 口 )

Eight Colour Barbecue (bā sè kǎo ròu) 51 Hubin

Lu (8578-7757) 八 色 烤 肉 ( 湖 滨 店 ) 湖 滨 路 51 号 (

近 庆 春 路 )

Gobi Barbecue (gē bì tān xiàn kǎo yáng ròu

chuàn) At the cross-section of Tiyuchang Lu and

Wulin Lu (150 8860-4327) 戈 壁 滩 现 烤 羊 肉 串 ( 体 育

场 路 店 ) 体 育 场 路 武 林 路 交 叉 口 机 场 大 巴 旁 边

Hanna Mountain (hàn ná shān) 1FC102

Zone77C3 Hubin Yintai Wushan Lu (8702-2705) 汉

拿 山 ( 湖 滨 银 泰 新 店 ) 吴 山 路 湖 滨 银 泰 in77C3 区

1FC102 号

Nine Yanger Northwest Barbecue and

Dumplings (jiǔ yàng ér • dōng běi shāo kǎo

shuǐ jiǎo) 206, 2F, West Lake D11, Wulin Lu (8892-

2512) 九 样 儿 • 东 北 烧 烤 水 饺 ( 武 林 店 ) 武 林 路 163

号 西 湖 D11 食 尚 城 二 楼 206

Wang Jintumen Barbecue (wáng jì jīn tú mén

chuàn kǎo) 101 Baijingfang xiang (8517-3954) 王 记

金 图 门 串 烤 ( 百 井 坊 店 ) 百 井 坊 巷 101 号 ( 近 延 安 路 )

West Lake Stove Barbecue (xī hú lú biān •xiān

kǎo zhū ròu) B1, Lixing Luxury Plaza, 124 Pinghai

Lu (8539-4230) 西 湖 炉 边 • 鲜 烤 猪 肉 ( 利 星 店 ) 平 海 路

124 号 利 星 名 品 广 场 B1 楼

Zao Chuan Chang Barbecue (zào chuàn chǎng

shāo kǎo) 237 Tiancheng Dong Lu (135 6784-8644)

灶 串 厂 烧 烤 天 城 东 路 237 号

Hotpot 火 锅

Chuan Xi Ba Zi Hotpot (chuān xī bà zǐ huǒ guō)

2F, Zone77B Hubin Yintai, Pinghai Lu (8715-6866) 川

西 坝 子 火 锅 ( 湖 滨 店 ) 平 海 路 湖 滨 银 泰 in77B 区 2 层

Fu Kua•Hua Jiao Ji Seafood Hotpot (fú kuā •

huā jiāo jī hǎi xiān huǒ guō) 4F, Big City Plaza, 609

Yan’an Lu (8667-6800) 福 夸 • 花 胶 鸡 海 鲜 火 锅 ( 国 大

城 市 广 场 店 ) 延 安 路 609 号 国 大 城 市 广 场 4 层

Gang Guan Chang Wu Qu Xiao Jun Gan Strings

Hotpot (gāng guǎn chǎng wǔ qū xiǎo jun4

gān huǒ guō chuàn chuàn xiāng) 281 Wulin Lu

(8722-8585) 钢 管 厂 五 区 小 郡 肝 火 锅 串 串 香 ( 皇 后 公

园 店 ) 武 林 路 281 号

Grandpa Pan (lǎo yé guō) 902, A Yintai Mall, 530

Yan’an Lu (8583-6328) 老 爷 锅 ( 武 林 银 泰 店 ) 延 安 路

530 号 银 泰 百 货 A 馆 902

Lao Fo Ye Charcoal Frog Hotpot (lǎo fó yé tàn

huǒ wā guō) D11, West lake, 155 Wulin Lu (8693-

9527) 老 佛 爷 炭 火 蛙 锅 武 林 路 155 号 西 湖 D11

Mi Shi Chaoshan Beef Hotpot (mì shí cháo

shàn niú ròu huǒ guō) 166 Huansha Lu (8782-

6211) 秘 食 潮 汕 牛 肉 火 锅 ( 湖 滨 店 ) 浣 纱 路 166 号

Ren Wu• Hua Jiao Seafood Hotpot (rén wù •

huā jiāo hǎi xiān huǒ guō) B157, B1 Hangzhou

Building Center Plaza, 11 Wulin Plaza (8606-5777)

仁 物 • 花 胶 海 鲜 火 锅 武 林 广 场 11 号 杭 州 大 厦 中 央

广 场 B1 层 B157 商 铺

Shu Liao Chongqing Hotpot (shǔ liáo

zhòng qìng huǒ guō) Queen Park 277 Wulin Lu

(8782-0008) 蜀 燎 重 庆 火 锅 ( 武 林 店 ) 武 林 路 277 号

皇 后 公 园

Shui Lin Jian Japanese Buffet Hotpot (shuǐ lín

jiān rì shì zì zhù guō wù liào lǐ) 9F, Yintai Mall,

Yan’an Lu (8583-6329) 水 林 间 日 式 自 助 锅 物 料 理 (

武 林 银 泰 店 ) 延 安 路 银 泰 百 货 A 馆 9 楼

Xing Fu Li Beijing Barbecue and Hotpot (xìng fú

lǐ wén shuàn wǔ kǎo lǎo běi jīng shuàn guō) 4F,

Jiangjin International, 251 Anye Lu (8677-9689) 幸 福

里 文 涮 武 烤 老 北 京 涮 锅 安 业 路 251 号 江 锦 国 际 四 楼

Local Cuisine 本 帮 菜

Cai Yun Xuan (cǎi yún xuān) 13 Beishan Lu (8796-

4550) 彩 云 轩 北 山 路 13 号 ( 断 桥 对 面 )

Chang’s Garden (lóu wài lóu) 30 Gushan Lu (8796-

9023) 楼 外 楼 ( 孤 山 路 店 ) 孤 山 路 30 号 ( 近 平 湖 秋 月 )

Da Pai Da Traditional Dish (dà pái dà chuán

tǒng cài) 41 Xueshi Lu (8805-7737) 大 牌 大 传 统 菜

学 士 路 41 号

Grandma’s home (wài pó jiā) The Podium

Building of Hangzhou Daily Paper, 218 Tiyuchang Lu

(8515-7979) 外 婆 家 ( 杭 州 杭 报 店 ) 体 育 场 路 218 号 杭

州 日 报 大 楼 裙 楼 ( 中 河 北 路 口 )

Green Tea (lǜ chá cān tīng) 3F, West Lake Yintai,

98 Yanan Nan Lu (8700-2788) 绿 茶 餐 厅 ( 西 湖 银 泰

店 ) 延 安 南 路 98 号 西 湖 银 泰 3 楼 ( 近 吴 山 广 场 ) 238

Dadou Lu (8899-8277) 绿 茶 餐 厅 大 兜 路 238 号

Hangzhou Restaurant (háng zhōu jiǔ jiā)

Building1-3 205 Yanan Lu (8708-7123) 杭 州 酒 家

( 延 安 路 店 ) 延 安 路 205 号 1-3 楼 ( 延 安 路 与 邮 电

路 交 叉 口 )

Ma Deng Bu Luo Restaurant (mǎ dēng bù luò)

238 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8698-9975) 马 灯 部 落 ( 四 眼

井 店 ) 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 238 号

New White Deer (xīn bái lù cān tīng) 5F,

Yintai Merchandise West Lake Culture Plaza 487

Zhongshan Bei Lu (8898-7698) 新 白 鹿 餐 厅 ( 西 湖 文

化 广 场 店 ) 中 山 北 路 487 号 西 湖 文 化 广 场 银 泰 百 货

5 楼 ( 近 环 球 中 心 )

No.23 Qiangmen Cai (23hào qiáng mén cài •lǎo

dǐ zǐ háng zhōu wèi) 23 Jietansi Xiang (159 6810-

3025) 23 号 墙 门 菜 • 老 底 子 杭 州 味 戒 坛 寺 巷 23 号

Old Man’s Sautéed Shrimp (lǎo tóu ér yóu bào

xiā) Building A Wanhua Wulin Business Edifice, 25

Jietansi Xiang (8515-1117) 老 头 儿 油 爆 虾 ( 武 林 店 )

戒 坛 寺 巷 25 号 万 华 武 林 商 务 大 厦 A 座

Shi Ke (shí kè) No. 1224, Dongxin Avenue (8819-

8811) 食 课 东 信 大 道 1224 号

Tian Lun Li Restaurant (tiān lún lǐ cān tīng) 1F,

Bldg. 7, Xixi New Plaza, 550 Xixi Road (8106-0001) 天

伦 里 餐 厅 西 溪 路 550 号 西 溪 新 座 7 号 楼 1 楼 东 边

Yun Shan Hostel (yún shān shàng) 30 Siyanjing,

Hupao Lu (8796-9989) 云 山 上 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 30 号

Other Restaurants 其 它 餐 馆

7017 Restaurant (7017 wèi dào gōng chǎng)

68 Tonghe Lu (8806-7017) 7017 味 道 工 厂 ( 中 财 店 )

通 和 路 68 号

A Wa Shan Zhai (ā wǎ shān zhài) 2F, Bldg. 4,

Xingguang International Plaza, 228 Jiangnan dadao

(8709-2520) 阿 瓦 山 寨 ( 星 光 广 场 店 ) 江 南 大 道 228

号 星 光 国 际 广 场 一 期 4 号 楼 2 层

Meng Ke Han Restaurant (méng kě hàn tè sè

cān tīng) Rm. 306, Bldg. 3, Hangzhou Yin, 2030

Jianghui Lu (8524-5685) 蒙 可 汗 特 色 餐 厅 江 晖 路

2030 号 杭 州 印 3 楼 306 号 ( 钱 江 龙 对 面 )

Sit and Forget Lijiang Restaurant (yī zuò yī

wàng lì jiāng zhǔ tí cān tīng) NL101, Bldg. 4,

Kerry Centre, 385 Yan’an Lu (5610-7266) 一 坐 一 忘

丽 江 主 题 餐 厅 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 385 号 嘉 里 中

心 4 幢 NL101

Tangmen• Jianghu Restaurant (táng mén •jiāng

hú jiǔ jiā) 306 3F Bolan Elephant City 294 Wenyi Lu

(2802-3107) 唐 门 • 江 湖 酒 家 文 一 路 294 号 铂 澜 大

象 城 3 楼 306 号

Wen Xin Shi She (wén xīn shí shě) Room5008

F5 Hangzhou Bldg. 546, Yan’an Lu (8138-3238) 文

心 食 舍 ( 武 林 银 泰 店 ) 延 安 路 546 号 杭 州 百 货 B 馆

5 楼 5008

Xi Bei You Noodle Restaurant (xī bèi yóu miàn

cūn) B1, Zone77C Hubin Yintai, 238 Jiefang Lu

(0820-7320) 西 贝 莜 面 村 解 放 路 238 号 ( 湖 滨 银 泰

in77C 区 负 一 层 )

Yu Man Tang Chuan Restaurant (yú mǎn táng

chuān cài guǎn) 12 Baijingfang Xiang (8515-8619)

渝 满 堂 川 菜 馆 百 井 坊 巷 12 号

Yu You Yu Xiang (yú yǒu yú xiāng) 345 Wenshan

Lu (8607-9181) 渔 有 鱼 香 文 三 路 345 号

Yun Ji Yun Gui Yunnan Restaurant (yún jì yún

guì fēng wèi cān tīng) L5-26 Longhubin Sky Street

at the cross-section of Jianghan Lu and Yueming Lu

(8703-3412) 雲 季 云 贵 风 味 餐 厅 ( 滨 江 龙 湖 天 街 店 )

江 汉 路 与 月 明 路 交 叉 口 龙 湖 滨 江 天 街 5L-26

Teahouses 茶 室

Chenghuangge Teahouse (chéng huáng gé chá

lóu) 3 Wushan (8703-9698) 城 隍 阁 茶 楼 吴 山 3 号

Hu Pan Ju Teahouse (hú pàn jū chá lóu) 1

shengtang Scenic Spot (8702-0701) 湖 畔 居 茶 楼 圣

塘 景 区 1 号

Hua Hai Yuan Teahouse (huá hǎi yuán chá lóu)

36 Xixihe Xia (183 6718-0353) 华 海 源 茶 楼 西 溪

河 下 36 号

No Rain Teahouse (wèi yǔ chá lóu) 92 Dadou Lu

(8803-8855) 未 雨 茶 楼 大 兜 路 92 号

Qingteng Teahouse (qīng téng chá guǎn) 583

Fengqi Lu (8506-0909) 青 藤 茶 馆 凤 起 路 583 号

San Qing Cha Xu Tea House (sān qīng chá xù

yì shù chá guǎn) Rm. 208, Bldg. A, Runheyada

International 1750 Jianghong Lu (5669-3737) 三

清 茶 叙 艺 术 茶 馆 江 虹 路 1750 号 润 和 信 雅 达 国 际

A 幢 208 室

Wan Hu Lou Teahouse (wàng hú lóu chá shì)

2-3 Beishan Jie (8515-5843) 望 湖 楼 茶 室 北 山 街 2-3

号 ( 靠 近 断 桥 )

West Lake Hotel• Lakeside Teahouse (xī hú guó

bīn guǎn •hú pàn chá jū) 18 Yangongdi Inside the

West Lake Hotel (8797-9889) 西 湖 国 宾 馆 • 湖 畔 茶 居

杨 公 堤 18 号 西 湖 国 宾 馆 内

Ya Ye Ji Teahouse (yǎ yè jí chá xué táng) 66

Jiangjun Lu (8706-4525) 雅 叶 集 茶 学 堂 将 军 路 66 号

Yin Hu Shang Yue Teahouse (yǐn hú shàng yuè

chá guǎn) 188-277 Wulin Lu (153 9704-0116) 隐 湖

上 悦 茶 馆 武 林 路 277 号 -188 号

Zen To (shān gǔ xiǎo wū) Shangchengli Cun,

Longwu, Zhuantang (135 7577-4116) 山 谷 小 屋 转

塘 龙 坞 上 城 埭 村 听 风 阁 对 面

Vegetarian & Vegan 素 食

Jing Ming Xuan (jìng míng xuān shū yuè fāng)

50 Huaxianqiao Lu (132 8217-1806) 静 茗 轩 蔬 悦 坊

化 仙 桥 路 50 号

Qingchun Canteen 66 Qingchundong Lu

(8702-6930) 庆 春 食 堂 102 道 纯 手 工 蔬 食 料 理 庆

春 东 路 66 号

The Lakeside Veggie (lín hú sù shí tīng) Inside

Liucheng Lu, Scholar Bridge 1, Nanshan Lu 临 湖 素

食 南 山 路 学 士 桥 一 号 柳 铖 道 内

Vegetarian Canteen (sù shí táng jiě fàng lù

diàn) Xing He business building B1, 89 Jie Fang Lu

(8677-2369) 素 食 堂 ( 解 放 路 店 ) 解 放 路 89 号 星

河 商 务 大 厦 B1 层

Zhichun Vegan Restaurant (zhī chún sù shí

cān tīng) 1F, Xiandai Building, Zhongshan Bei Lu

(Westlake Cultural Square Exit C) 只 纯 素 食 餐 厅 中

山 北 路 现 代 城 建 大 厦 一 层


国 际 料 理

American 美 国

Element Fresh (xīn yuán sù) S37, B1, Mix C Mall,

701 Fuchun Lu (8669-8130) 新 元 素 ( 万 象 城 购 物 中

心 店 ) 富 春 路 701 号 万 象 城 B1 层 B1S37 商 铺 L127,

1F, Building 3, Kerry Centre (8813-3687) 新 元 素 (

嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 嘉 里 中 心 3 幢 1 层 L127

L1-33, Paradise Walk Binjiang, 1515 Jianghan Lu

(8791-2690) 新 元 素 ( 龙 湖 天 街 店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号

龙 湖 滨 江 天 街 L1-33

Slim’s Steak House (dà píng guǒ niú pái cān

tīng) 131 Bojingdao Commercial Street, Paradise

Walk Binjiang (151 5712-6527) 大 苹 果 牛 排 餐 厅 江

汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 铂 金 岛 商 业 街 131 号

The Habit Burger Grill (hā bǐ tè hàn bǎo)

Shop88, Outer Street, 1F, Building D, Chengxi Intime

City (8801-7875) 哈 比 特 汉 堡 城 西 银 泰 D 座 1 楼 外

街 088 号 铺

Westwood (yù jiàn xī mù měi shí cān tīng) L3-

07, 3F, Building B, Xixi Incity, No. 1 Wuchang Avenue

(0571-85858216) 遇 见 西 木 美 食 餐 厅 五 常 大 道 1 号

西 溪 印 象 城 B 座 三 楼 L3-07

Australian 澳 大 利 亚

Max Sonia (mǎ sū yà) 1F, Pingan Financial Center,

Jiangjin Lu (8602-9950) 马 苏 娅 江 锦 路 平 安 金 融 中

心 悦 坊 商 场 106 铺

Mona Vale (méng yuè qīng shí) 527 Yuhangtang

Lu (8670-3575) 檬 悦 轻 食 余 杭 塘 路 527 号

Arabian 阿 拉 伯

Dubai Flavour Music Restaurant (dí bài háng

zhōu fēng wèi yīn yuè cān tīng) Building 3, No.

30-6, Changsheng Lu (189 5802-1581) 迪 拜 ( 杭

州 ) 风 味 音 乐 餐 厅 长 生 路 30-6 号 3 楼 ( 长 生 路 与

东 坡 路 交 叉 口 文 物 大 楼 )

Pizza Curry Restaurant (sà lǐ yuán) 1F, Building1,

No. 8 section of Xinyuan, Xiaoheshan (183 6815-

2699) 萨 哩 缘 留 下 街 道 小 和 山 新 苑 8 区 1 幢 1 楼

Sana’a Restaurant (sà nà cān tīng) 504 Liuhe Lu

(8755-3246) 萨 娜 餐 厅 留 和 路 504 号

Bakery 烘 焙

Donco Bakery B1, Ruffles Center, 228 Xinye Lu

(8515-3326) 新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 B1 层

Gontran Cherrier 101-12, 1F, Xizi International

Center, 9 Jingtan Lu (8815-6017) 景 昙 路 9 号 西 子 国

际 中 心 一 层 101-12

HPC Bakery (hóng pǎo chē dàn gāo shì jiè) 72

Zhongshanbei Lu (8660-9093) 红 跑 车 蛋 糕 世 界 中

山 北 路 72 号

MR. MAIMAi (mài qiū fàn) 1F, Raffles Plaza (180

6897-6382) 麦 丘 梵 ( 来 福 士 店 ) 来 福 士 广 场 1 楼

3F, Kerry Centre (180 5710-1348)( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 嘉

里 中 心 3 楼 1228 Dongxin Avenue (133 4616-9613)

( 滨 江 店 ) 东 信 大 道 1228 号

Ruson (lù sōng) Pingan Financial Center,

Jiangjin Lu (131 1675-1820) 鹿 松 江 锦 路 平 安 金

融 中 心 Store1-1, Building 1, Huanglongyayuan,

Paomachang Lu (137 3812-9121) 跑 马 场 路 黄 龙 雅

苑 1 幢 底 商 商 铺 1-1

Brunch 早 午 餐

Wagas (Raffles Branch) (wò gē sī) 1F, No. 29/30,

Raffle Centre, 228 Xinye Lu (8796-1123) 沃 歌 斯 ( 来

福 士 店 ) 新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 01 层 29/30 号

Café 咖 啡

Cafe Sangu’s (sān gǔ kā fēi) Room102, Huafeng

International Commercial Building (8770-1075) 三 谷

咖 啡 四 季 路 55 号 华 峰 国 际 商 务 大 厦 102 室

Bean’s Cafe 358-5 Xixi Lu (138 5719-9991) 西 溪 路

358-5 号 ( 西 特 超 市 正 对 面 )

Beans & Roast Coffee (bā dòu xiàn hōng kā fēi

gōng fáng) 123 Building 2, Starry City I (151 5808-

5014) 八 荳 现 烘 咖 啡 工 房 星 耀 城 1 期 2 幢 123 号

Black Rainbow Coffee 38 Pingfeng Jie (Opposite

Family Mart) (158 6811-4119) 屏 风 街 38 号 ( 全 家

便 利 店 对 面 )

Café Couture (kē tú kā fēi tīng) 2F Dikai

International Centre, 19 Dangui Street, Xincheng

Commercial (5856-8987) 珂 图 咖 啡 厅 新 城 商 圈 丹 桂

街 19 号 迪 凯 国 际 中 心 裙 楼 2 楼

Cat Fiend Cafe (māo jīng kā fēi) Shop 107

Shenlan Plaza, 203 Zhaohui Lu (153 8103-5653) 猫

精 咖 啡 朝 晖 路 203 号 深 蓝 广 场 107 商 铺

Crackafe (bào liè kā fēi) 30 Hai’er Xiang (187 0581-

0520) 爆 裂 咖 啡 孩 儿 巷 30 号

Dongwo Seal Coffee (zī dǒng wō xǐ Coffee)

45 Dajing Xiang (150 5710-8917) 资 董 窝 玺 大 井

巷 45 号

Hola Coffee (Hola pǐ zhī yǐn pǐn) 426 Xixi Lu (186

6804-6817) Hola 匹 芝 饮 品 西 溪 路 426 号 ( 浙 江 大 学

玉 泉 校 区 北 门 旁 )

I Like Coffee & Bar (yī kā fēi) 95 Shangtang Lu

(8536-1609) 伊 咖 啡 上 塘 路 95 号

Kingsland Coffee (bái chéng kā fēi) 1F, Bldg.2,

Xixi Impression City, Wuchang Avenue (8766-0378)

白 城 咖 啡 五 常 大 道 西 溪 印 象 城 2 期 1 层

Maan Coffee (màn kā fēi) (Bei Cheng Tian

Di) Building 8, Bei Cheng Tian Di, 567 Huzhou

Jie (8970-5577) 漫 咖 啡 ( 北 城 天 地 店 ) 湖 州 街 567

号 北 城 天 地 八 号 楼 (IN77 Branch) (màn kā fēi) 13

Hubin Lu (8646-5577) ( 湖 滨 银 泰 in77 店 ) 湖 滨 路

13 号 (Huang Long) (màn kā fēi) Huang Long Shi Ji

Yuan, 133-4 Xixi Lu (8680-0121) ( 黄 龙 店 ) 西 溪 路

133-4 号 黄 龙 世 纪 苑 (Queen's Park) (màn kā fēi) 277

Wulin Lu (8970-0377)( 皇 后 公 园 店 ) 武 林 路 277 号

皇 后 公 园 底 商 1 层

Mellow Coffee and Wine (fāng chún hóng jiǔ

kā fēi tǐ yàn guǎn) 436 Dunxiang Jie, Sandun

(153 8110-8777) 芳 醇 红 酒 咖 啡 体 验 馆 三 墩 镇 墩


黄 页



祥 街 436 号

MONEY CAT (qián māo kā fēi) 527-5 Xixi Lu (156

0653-2117) 钱 猫 咖 啡 西 溪 路 527-5

NEST CAFE (cháo kā fēi) 619 Weiye Lu (8898-4763)

巢 咖 啡 ( 伟 业 路 店 ) 伟 业 路 619 号 567 Xincheng Lu

(156 5887-7660) 巢 咖 啡 ( 江 南 店 ) 信 诚 路 567 号 诺 基

亚 大 楼 A 座 大 厅

Pillow Books (zhěn biān shū) 15

Shangmanjuelong (1F, Jianxiang Hostel) (8196-

1555) 枕 边 书 上 满 觉 陇 15 号 ( 简 象 酒 店 一 楼 )

Shixia Specialty Coffee (shī xià jīng pǐn kā fēi)

(West Lake) 46 Santaiyunshe, Santaishan Lu (152

5715-1111) 诗 夏 精 品 咖 啡 三 台 山 路 三 台 云 舍 46

号 (Hushu Lu) Gurangdian Market, 65 Hushunan

Lu (188 6750-2234) 湖 墅 南 路 65 号 广 电 市 场 57

Guihuaxi Lu (158 6817-1444) 桂 花 西 路 57 号

Wa Cafe (wèi bàn shēng huó) 224 Zhuanjiang Jie

(182 6802-1630) 未 半 生 活 转 塘 街 道 转 江 街 224 号

人 才 家 苑 小 区 门 口

Weekend Coffee 127 Jianguo Bei Lu (189 6616-

4262) 下 城 区 建 国 北 路 127 号

What Ghost Coffee (shén me guǐ) 15 Donghexia,

Doufuyi Qiao (171 3004-7200) 什 么 鬼 斗 富 一 桥

东 河 下 15 号

Wooby Cafe (wù bái kā fēi) Shop 16, 1F, Building

4, Ludi Xuhui Cheng, Binjiang (178 1604-0660) 悟 白

咖 啡 绿 地 旭 辉 城 4 号 楼 底 商 16 号 铺

Desserts 甜 品

Mr. Wishes Jinshagang Living Quarter, Zhejiang

Industry and Commerce University, Xiasha (186

5784-2951) 下 沙 街 道 浙 江 工 商 大 学 金 沙 港 生 活 区

Oui Kitchen 289 Zhongshanbei Lu (173 5714-

5059) 中 山 北 路 289 号

Plant Power (wéi gēn tè lì hài) 3-101

Tongshengjiayuan, Liubai Nong, Zhongshanbei Lu

(159 6879-5306) 维 根 特 厉 害 中 山 北 路 六 百 弄 通 盛

嘉 苑 3-101( 西 湖 文 化 广 场 D 口 向 前 150 米 )

French 法 国

Carbon (Carbon běi shān shí hào fǎ guó cān

tīng) 10 Beishan Lu (8796-8775) 北 山 十 号 法 国 餐

厅 北 山 路 10 号

Chinchin Building 66, Dongxinhechuang Park, 139

Liuhe Lu (8605-5513) 留 和 路 139 号 东 信 和 创 园 66 座

La La Villa Restaurant (sān yàn gé fǎ cān tīng)

1 Bapanling Lu (8796-6528) 三 嚥 阁 法 餐 厅 八 盘 岭

路 1 号 紫 萱 度 假 村 内

PAPAGAYO (pà pà jiā yuē cān tīng) 4 QingZhiWu,

Yugu Lu (8703-9803) 帕 帕 家 约 餐 厅 青 芝 坞 路 4-1 号

Satine French Restaurant (sà tíng fǎ cān

tīng) 1F, Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Wetland Park

Resort, Zijingang Lu (8500-2222) 萨 婷 法 餐 厅 杭 州

西 溪 天 堂 国 际 旅 游 综 合 体 1 号 杭 州 西 溪 喜 来 登 度

假 大 酒 店 1 层

German 德 国

Falco’s German Bar (hǎi màn dà shū) 88

Xiangyuan Lu (8665-2638) 海 曼 大 叔 祥 园 路 88 号

( 星 巴 克 斜 对 面 ,N 座 1 楼 )108-2, 1F, Building 27,

Xixiyihao Creative and Commercial Center (8702-

4815) 西 溪 壹 号 创 意 商 务 中 心 27 号 楼 1 层 108-2 室

Lenbach Restaurant & Bar (lán bā hè xī cān pí

jiǔ fāng dà yuè chéng diàn) (Joy City) L1-12, Joy

City, 1 Yinxiu Lu (8738-2120) 兰 巴 赫 西 餐 啤 酒 坊 ( 大

悦 城 店 ) 隐 秀 路 1 号 大 悦 城 购 物 中 心 L1-12 (Chengxi

Intime City) 1F80-82, Intime City, 380 Fengtan Lu

(8691-1220) ( 城 西 银 泰 店 ) 丰 潭 路 380 号 城 西 银 泰

城 7 幢 105 室 1F080

Paulaner Brauhaus (dé guó bǎo lā nà pí jiǔ

fāng) 4F, 1157 Shangcheng, 77 Zhongshan Zhong

Lu (5666-8229) 德 国 保 拉 纳 啤 酒 坊 中 山 南 路 77 号 尚

城 1157 利 星 2 期 四 楼

Global Cuisine 无 国 籍 料 理

Amour (ài mù cān ba) 1F, Shimaobingu

Commercial Center, 4756 Jiangnan Avenue (8838-

1567) 爱 慕 餐 吧 江 南 大 道 4756 号 世 贸 滨 谷 商 业

中 心 一 楼

Aussie Kitchen (ào jiāo) 25 Zhonghezhong Lu

(177 0641-1277) 澳 骄 中 河 中 路 25 号

BERNINI (bèi ní ní cān tīng) 206 Nanshan Lu (139

8980-9967) 贝 尼 尼 餐 厅 南 山 路 206 号

Black Burger (Zhongshan Zhong Lu) 264

Zhongshan Zhong Lu (173 6454-6602) 中 山 中 路

264 号 商 铺

Blue Frog (lán wā) L137A, Bldg.3 Hangzhou Karry

Centre, 385 Yan’an Lu (8665-7058) 蓝 蛙 延 安 路

385 号 杭 州 嘉 里 中 心 3 栋 L137A L1-01,L202, E Area,

Hubin Intime In77, Dongpo Lu and Youdian Lu

(8708-2960) ( 湖 滨 银 泰 In77E 店 ) 东 坡 路 与 邮 电

路 交 叉 路 口 湖 滨 银 泰 In77E 区 L1-02,L202 号 1515

Jianghan lu, Paradise Walk (8799-0208)( 龙 湖 天 街

店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 1 幢 101-18 室

Blune (bù lǔ cān tīng) No. 512, 5F, Building 3,

Kerry Centre (8779-1872) 布 鲁 餐 厅 延 安 路 385 号 嘉

里 中 心 3 幢 5 层 521 号

Brunch 304 104, Building 4, Kerry Centre (177

6707-3314) 嘉 里 中 心 4 幢 104 号

Brunch Restaurant (jiǔ shù xī chú cān tīng) 218

Tiyuchang Lu (157 7991-7292) 玖 树 西 厨 餐 厅 体

育 场 路 218 号

Burger Lab (hàn bǎo shí yàn shì) 498

Zhongshanzhong Lu (138 1774-4540) 汉 堡 实 验 室

中 山 中 路 498 号

Clove Forever (wú yuè dīng xiāng) 2F, Fuleide

Plaza, 99 Wenze Lu (8778-1316) 吾 悦 丁 香 文 泽 路 99

号 福 雷 德 广 场 2 层

eShine eats (Jiaogong Lu) (yī xiàng qīng shí

jiào gōng lù diàn) 18 Jiaogong Lu, Building D, EAC

(2800-2377) 壹 向 轻 食 ( 教 工 路 店 ) 教 工 路 18 号 欧

美 中 心 D 座

Gatto Matto (yě miāo pī sà) 104 Huaxing

Chuangye Mansion, Huanggushan Heng Lu (8733-

2082) 野 喵 披 萨 黄 姑 山 横 路 华 星 创 业 大 厦 104 店

Hello27 (mǐ qí lín fēng wèi qīng chú fáng)

D101-1, 1F, EAC Oumen Centre, 18 Jiaogong Lu

(2822-5887) 米 其 林 风 味 轻 厨 房 教 工 路 18 号 EAC 欧

美 中 心 一 楼 D101-1

Jason’s Library (jié sēn tú shū guǎn) 529, 1F,

Bldg. 4, Juzhen Guoji, 515 Yuhang Tang Lu (8683-

9773) 杰 森 图 书 馆 余 杭 塘 路 515 号 矩 阵 国 际 4 号 楼

1 楼 商 铺 529

Maggie & Rose Restaurant (mài qí luó sī qīn

zǐ cān tīng) 2F, Henglong Plaza, 688 Shanyin Lu

(8380-5399) 麦 琪 萝 丝 亲 子 餐 厅 山 阴 路 688 号 恒

隆 广 场 2 层

Mamba Gastro Lounge (màn bā měi shí jiǔ

láng) 3F (Upstairs of KFC), World Trade Alley, 4758

Jiangnan Avenue (8738-1175) 曼 巴 美 食 酒 廊 江 南

大 道 4758 号 , 世 贸 滨 谷 (KFC 楼 上 3 楼 )

Mamala (Kerry Centre) Mamalaxī cān tīng (jiā lǐ

zhōng xīn diàn) 268 Qingchun Lu (180 5718-7799)

Mamala 西 餐 厅 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 庆 春 路 268 号

Osteria Pelacanus (tí hú) 3-5 Huanggushan

Lu (177 5717-3631) 鹈 鹕 黄 姑 山 路 3-5 号 539

Zhongshanzhong Lu (8501-3612) 中 山 中 路 539 号

Panchos (mò xī gē cān tīng) 168 Huaxing Lu

(8512-1219) 墨 西 哥 餐 厅 华 星 路 168 号

Pinano La Citta (bǐ lán wān xī cān tīng) Shop

101, Building 4, Star Avenue Plaza (8663-7787) 彼 蓝

湾 西 餐 厅 星 光 国 际 广 场 一 期 4 号 楼 101

SUAI fusion Restaurant 1F, Zhewaishewai, 339

Liuhe Lu (152 5895-6600) SUAI 融 合 私 房 西 餐 厅 留

下 街 道 留 和 路 339 号 浙 外 涉 外 一 楼

Super 27 NL 105&106, Building 4, Kerry Centre,

385 Yanan Lu (159 5715-6573) 延 安 路 嘉 里 中 心

4 幢 105 号

Supercado & Petit pois (shū kǎ hé wān dòu)

L5-10, 5F, Jinsha Incity (8801-7639) 蔬 卡 和 豌 豆 有

机 小 餐 馆 金 沙 印 象 城 5 楼 L5-10

Tofo Burger (tú fū hàn bǎo) 243 Zhongshanbei Lu

( 131 1679-8684) 屠 夫 汉 堡 中 山 北 路 243 号

Wade (wǎ de yīn yuè cān ba) Room 328, Building

16, Xiasha Powerlong Mall Phase 1 (151 6715-2440)

瓦 的 音 乐 餐 吧 学 府 街 宝 龙 城 1 期 16 幢 328 室 ( 必

胜 客 旁 )

Wade’s (wèi dé) Wulin Branch: 3F, Hangzhou

Xiecheng, 163 Wulin Lu (8701-1778) 味 德 武 林 路

163 号 杭 州 鞋 城 3 楼 Wensan Branch: Room 105,

1F Building H, Dragon Vanke Centre, 77 Xueyuan

Lu (8195-7668) 味 德 学 院 路 77 号 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 H

座 1 楼 105

Japanese 日 本

51NB (51NB rì běn shāo kǎo jū jiǔ wū) 2F

Building G, Xixi Valley, 80 Zixia Street (189

6990-2080) 51NB 日 本 烧 烤 居 酒 屋 紫 霞 街 80 号 西

溪 谷 G 座 2 楼

Daochuan (dào chuān jū jiǔ wū) 279

Zhongshanbei Lu (8692-7780) 稻 川 居 酒 屋 中 山

北 路 279 号

Genki Sushi (yuán qì shòu sī) 057A, 2F, Chengxi

Intime Mall, 380 Fengtan Lu (8681-0329/135 8834-

4738) 元 气 寿 司 丰 潭 路 380 号 城 西 银 泰 二 楼 057A 号

HuNT’S (hāng shí) Shop No. 126, F1, K-lab,

Huanglongwwanke Center, 77 Xueyuan Lu

(8778-2886) 夯 食 学 院 路 77 号 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 K-lab

商 场 一 楼 126 铺

LINKS (LINKS rì shì liào lǐ) Building G, Wanke

Centre (133 3607-1498) 日 式 料 理 万 科 中 心 G 座

Liubenmu (liù běn mù rì běn liào lǐ) Room 138-2,

Building 3, Golden Street Meidi (180 5878-5580) 六

本 目 日 本 料 理 金 街 美 地 3 号 楼 138-2 号

Nasibi (nà sī bǐ rì běn liào lǐ) 4F Shimaojunlan

Restaurant, 122 Shuguang Lu (8796-9826) 纳 思 比 日

本 料 理 曙 光 路 122 号 世 贸 君 澜 饭 店 四 楼

Niujiang (niú jiàng rì běn liào lǐ) 247 Chongren

Lu, near the west tea (8799-8703) 牛 匠 日 本 料 理 炭

火 烤 肉 崇 仁 路 247 号 西 茶 旁

Yi yi (yì yī rì běn liào lǐ) 12 Shangmanjuelong Lu

(8693-2259) 鮨 一 日 本 料 理 上 满 觉 陇 路 12 号

Yongle (yǒng lè rì běn liào lǐ) 1F, Building6,

Laiyinjuzhen International, the intersecting of

Fengtan Lu and Yuhangtang Lu (8889-1080) 永 乐

日 本 料 理 丰 潭 路 与 余 杭 塘 路 交 叉 口 莱 茵 矩 阵 国

际 6 号 楼 1 层

Indian 印 度

Chakde Indian Cricket Restaurant (chá kě

dé yìn dù cān tīng) 202 Xinyifang Commercial

Street (133 0651-5830) 查 可 得 印 度 餐 厅 信 义 坊

商 街 202 号

Pita’s & Tika’s (zhōng dōng hé yìn dù fēng wèi

cān tīng) 217, 2F, LongFor Paradise Walk, 1515

Jianghan Lu, Binjiang (8538-6691) 中 东 和 印 度 风 味

餐 厅 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 铂 金 岛 商 业 街 2 楼 217

428-7 Dongxin Dadao, Puyan (8693-6382) 浦 沿 东 信

大 道 428-7 号 ( 天 鸿 君 邑 小 区 )

Saffron Indian Restaurant (suǒ fēi lǎng yìn dù

cān tīng) 1F, Building 2, Four Points Sheraton, 868

Dongxin Avenue (8899-4575) 索 菲 朗 印 度 餐 厅 东 信

大 道 868 号 福 朋 喜 来 登 大 酒 店 2 号 楼 1 层 内

Xindier (xīn dì ěr kā lí zhǔ tí cān tīng) 215

Jianguonan Lu (8827-0017) 欣 帝 尔 咖 喱 主 题 餐 厅

建 国 南 路 215 号 及 三 昧 庵 1-1 号 ( 近 斗 富 三 桥 )

Italian 意 大 利

Angelo’s (ài jiā lù) 1L, Building 7, Tianhongjunyi,

the intersection of Dongxindadao and Liuhe Lu

(8139-3788) 意 大 利 西 餐 厅 东 信 大 道 与 六 和 路 交 叉

路 口 天 鸿 君 邑 小 区 7 号 楼 1 层

Carbon (mó kǎ duō) Room 123, Building D, Wulin

Square, Miduqiao Lu (8190-5656) 莫 卡 哆 意 大 利

餐 厅 密 渡 桥 路 武 林 广 场 1 号 杭 州 大 厦 购 物 城 D 座

1 层 D123 号

Ciao Piano (màn shí guāng yīn yuè cān

tīng) 1F, Qianjiang International Times Plaza, 111

Chengxing Lu (8756-7968) 慢 时 光 音 乐 餐 厅 城 星 路

111 号 钱 江 国 际 时 代 广 场 一 楼

Fei Zi (fēi zī yì dà lì cān tīng) Room 326, 380

Fengtan Lu (8761-6227) 菲 滋 意 大 利 餐 厅 丰 潭 路

380 号 3 楼 326

Il Forno (yì fāng) 224-230 Xihu Avenue (199

0472-9336) 意 坊 西 湖 大 道 224-230 号

La Giara (kǎ luò) Room 091-092, Building F, Yintai

city, Fuqiang Lu (87616211) 卡 洛 意 大 利 餐 厅 富 强

路 银 泰 城 F 座 1-091-092

MULINACCIO (mò lǐ nà qiáo cān tīng) (Hubin

headquarter) 3F, No. 123 Pinghai Lu (8782-5681) 莫

里 纳 乔 · 餐 厅 平 海 路 123 号 3 楼 ( 湖 滨 银 泰 A 区 国

际 名 品 店 )(Xixi Branch) 1F, Building 27, Xixiyihao

Creative and Commercial Center, 808 Wenerxi Lu

(8895-9982) 莫 茉 · 餐 厅 文 二 西 路 808 号 西 溪 壹 号

创 意 商 务 中 心 27 号 楼 1 楼

NEW BERE (xīn bèi lè) 117 Building C, Yeah Street,

58 Lishui Lu (2803-1623) 新 贝 乐 意 大 利 餐 厅 丽 水 路

58 号 Yeah 街 C117 号

Petaloso (luó sòng) 5F Jinsha Street,560

Jinshadadao (138 6866-8289) 罗 颂 意 大 利 餐 厅 金 沙

大 道 560 号 金 沙 天 街 5 楼

Piano 18 (yǎ lái) 18/F Raffles City Hangzhou Tower

1, 228 Xinye Lu (5602-6226) 雅 来 18 新 业 路 228 号 来

福 士 中 心 塔 一 雅 诗 阁 18 楼

Mexican 墨 西 哥

LaBamba (lā bā mǎ mò xī gē cān ba) 203, 2F,

Fuleide Plaza, 99 Wenze Lu (180 7299-0375) 拉 芭 玛 ·

墨 西 哥 餐 吧 文 泽 路 99 号 福 雷 德 广 场 2 楼 203

Mojar (me hā) 5 Lanjiawan, Yugu Lu (8522-2105)

么 哈 玉 古 路 兰 家 湾 5 号 1257-1 Xuelin Jie (8669-

2563) 学 林 街 1257-1 号 ( 汉 庭 酒 店 电 梯 旁 )

Panchos (mò xī gē cān tīng) 168 Huaxing Lu

(8512-1219) 墨 西 哥 餐 厅 华 星 路 168 号

Mongolian 蒙 古

Mongolian Culture Restaurant (méng gǔ wén

huà tè sè cān tīng) 2F, Yuanlong building No.1,

Xiasha (18268196195) 蒙 古 文 化 特 色 餐 厅 经 济

技 术 开 发 区 10 号 大 街 与 25 号 大 街 交 叉 口 源 隆 大

厦 1 幢 2 楼

Northern European 北 欧

Eata 2F, Zprime Hotel, 372 Yanan Lu (8196-

5135/187 0199-7301) Eata 北 欧 西 餐 酒 吧 延 安 路

372 号 智 尚 臻 选 酒 店 2 层

Pizza 披 萨

Italian Pizza (yì shì pī sà diàn) Qingfengxincun

14-7 (182 9736-9401) 意 式 披 萨 店 庆 丰 新 村 14-7

Nabulesi Pizza (nà bú lè sī bǐ sà) EAC, 18

Jiaogong Lu (8195-6717 / 185 0581-5485) 那 不 乐 斯

比 萨 教 工 路 18 号

Oh My Pizza 852 Haidanan Lu (137 3588-2586) 海

达 南 路 852 号

Pizza Marzano (Raffles Centre Branch) (pī sà

mǎ shàng nuò) 1F, No. 35/36, Raffles Centre, 228

Xinye Lu (8805-7806) 披 萨 玛 尚 诺 ( 杭 州 来 福 士 店 )

新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 01 层 35/36 号 L203, 2F,

Building 3, Kerry Centre (8715-6526) ( 嘉 里 中 心

店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 杭 州 嘉 里 中 心 3 幢 2 层 L203

Singaporean 新 加 坡

Pojak (yà cuì jiā lǐ zhōng xīn diàn) 312, 3F,

Building 3, Kerry Centre, 353 Yanan Lu (8738-5839)

亚 萃 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 嘉 里 中 心 3 幢

3 层 312 号

Spanish 西 班 牙

Eatspanol Tapas Restaurant (yī shí bàn nǐ xī

bān yá cān tīng) 18 Jiaogong Lu (Near the Apple

Store), EAC (8505-8272) 伊 食 伴 你 · 西 班 牙 TAPAS 餐

厅 欧 美 中 心 东 路 教 工 路 18 号 ( 苹 果 店 旁 边 )

La Pedrera (bā tè luò xī bān yá yì shù cān tīng)

West Gate, the Dragon Hotel Hangzhou, 2 Hangda

Lu (8899-5577) 巴 特 洛 · 西 班 牙 艺 术 餐 厅 ( 黄 龙 店 )

杭 大 路 2 号 黄 龙 饭 店 西 门 Wenlvaolai, Xixi Xiyue City,

21 Zijingang Lu (8848-9830) 巴 洛 特 · 西 班 牙 音 乐 酒

吧 餐 厅 紫 金 港 路 21 号 西 溪 栖 悦 城 文 旅 奥 莱 ( 近 西

溪 湿 地 博 物 馆 )

Steakhouse 牛 排

Cru Steak House (JW bā fáng) 2F J W Marriott

Hotel Hangzhou, 28 Hushu Nan Lu (8578-8888 ext.

6337) JW 扒 房 湖 墅 南 路 28 号 JW 万 豪 酒 店 2 楼

NIUNIUPARK (hé niú páng xiè) B1-29C, Xixi

Longhu Paradise Walk, Yuhangtang Lu, Xihu

District (nearby the plaza with the water screen)

(8675-9151) 和 牛 螃 蟹 西 湖 区 余 杭 塘 路 龙 湖 西 溪 滨

江 天 街 店 B1-29C( 水 幕 广 场 旁 )7F-03A,Binjiang

Longhu Paradise Walk, Jianghan Lu, Binjiang District

(Sky Garden) (8683-7806) 和 牛 螃 蟹 滨 江 区 江 汉 路

龙 湖 滨 江 天 街 店 7F-03A( 空 中 花 园 )

Thai 泰 国

Blue Elephant Restaurant (lán xiàng tài guó

cān tīng) F4, Baolong City Plaza,3867 Binsheng

Lu (159 8886-6804) 蓝 象 泰 国 餐 厅 滨 盛 路 3867 号

宝 龙 城 4 楼

Golden Pepper (jīn hú jiāo tài guó cān tīng) 3F,

Paradise Walk Xiasha, 560 Jinsha Avenue (2822-

6777/188 5803-7288) 金 胡 椒 泰 国 餐 厅 金 沙 大 道

560 号 龙 湖 天 街 商 业 中 心 三 楼

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant (sà wǎ dí tài guó

cān tīng) 2F, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale, 555

Fengqi Lu (6888-6387) 萨 瓦 迪 泰 国 餐 厅 凤 起 路 555

号 杭 州 温 德 姆 至 尊 豪 廷 大 酒 店 2 楼 29



告 黄 页


十 二 月 酒 店 资 讯

Meilu Legend Hotel


杭 州 丽 晶 美 庐 酒 店

Enjoy swimming on a

hot summer day?

Tai Rong (tài róng) Xinyifang Pedestrain, 1

Caoyingxiang (8822-3700) 泰 榮 湖 墅 南 路 草 营 巷 1

号 信 义 坊 步 行 街

Vietnamese 越 南

Funyo station (fěn yuè xī gòng) L301, Kerry

Centre (139 8949-0772) 粉 越 西 贡 越 南 米 粉 嘉 里

中 心 L301

PHO (dōng tián yuè nán fěn jiā lǐ zhōng xīn

diàn) 234, 2F, Building 3, Kerry Centre (2813-7633)

东 田 越 南 粉 ( 嘉 里 中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 353 号 嘉 里 中

心 3 幢 2 层 234 号 Room 601-44, Building 1, Paradise

Walk, 1515 Jianghan Lu (8692-9563)( 滨 江 天 街

店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 天 街 1 幢 601-44 室

Yue Yu (Baolong) (yuè yù bǎo lóng diàn) 4th

floor, Baolong City Plaza, Jiangnan Avenue (173

0091-9893) 越 遇 ( 宝 龙 店 ) 江 南 大 道 宝 龙 城 4 楼


酒 吧 & 夜 生 活

1999 Pub (1999 jiǔ ba) 87 Nanshan Lu (8160-

0066) 19:00-02:00 1999 酒 吧 南 山 路 87 号

A Bull (ā bù xī cān kā fēi) 814-818 Haidanan Lu

(152 6816-5561) 阿 布 西 餐 咖 啡 下 沙 海 达 南 路

814-818 号

ALCHEMY (liàn jīn shù) 7 Paomachang

Xiang (8514-5618) 炼 金 术 黄 龙 跑 马 场 巷 7 号

Aurora Cocktail Lounge 85 East Huancheng Lu 东

环 城 路 85 号

Basement Bar Buy Now Electronics Supermarket

-1F, Jiaogong Lu (180 7298-1901) 教 工 路 百 脑 汇 科

技 大 厦 负 一 楼

Chimney (yān cōng) 524 Zhongshanzhong Lu

(173 6706-1849) 烟 囱 中 山 中 路 524 号

College Bar (kā lè jí) 4 Lanjiwan, Yugu Lu (8739-

9817) 咖 叻 吉 玉 古 路 青 芝 坞 兰 家 湾 4 号

COS.MOS.29 123-2 Xueyuan Lu (8720-3633) 学 院

路 123-2 号

ENJOY (yǐn jiǔ) 59 Bai Jing Fang Xiang (158 6912-

2807) 瘾 酒 百 井 坊 巷 59 号

G-Plus 2 Baochu Lu 保 俶 路 2 号

Helen’s (Wulin Lu) (Helen’s (wǔ lín lù diàn))

89 Wulin Lu (8806-0271) Helens ( 武 林 路 店 ) 武

林 路 89 号

Joy Bar (jiǔ yǐn) 5 Haiguan Lu (158 2121-5580) 7pm

- 2am 酒 隐 海 关 路 5 号 87 Nanshan Lu (158 2121

5580) 7pm - 3am 南 山 路 87 号

Kameleon (xī yì hóng jiǔ láng) 104, Bldg.C,

Waketown Pedestrian Zone, 9 Wulin Lu (134

5673-7273) 夕 邑 红 酒 廊 武 林 路 9 号 Wake Town 街

区 C 幢 104 号

Is there anything more attractive

than a cool swimming pool?

150-level indoor heated swimming

pool at Hangzhou legend Meilu Hotel

Dazzling glazed enamel pool top

European palace design style

Fitness Cards

Individual card 1 month ¥1,000

Individual card ½ year ¥5,800

Individual card 1 year ¥9,800

Family card 1 year ¥15,800 (2 adults

and 1 child below 16 years old)

Reservations: 8709-8800

Late Market Building 2, Chenghexia, 6 Fengqi

Lu (151 5806-0898) Late Market 凤 起 路 城 河 下

6 号 2 幢

Lightning 176 Jiaogong Lu ( 199 6743-9084) 来

电 教 工 路 176 号

Old Captain Lounge Bar (lǎo chuán zhǎng) 113

Shuguang Lu (8603-5510) 老 船 长 酒 吧 曙 光 路 113 号

Orange Flower (chéng huā kā fēi jiǔ ba) 1

Xiaoheshanxinyuan (8538-3397) 橙 花 咖 啡 酒 吧 小

和 山 新 苑 1 号 ( 留 和 路 浙 江 科 技 大 学 东 和 宿 舍 )

Shares Bar Room 203, 2F, Gemini Mansion, 1785

Jianghan Lu, 17:00-01:30 江 汉 路 1785 号 国 际 网 新

大 厦 2 楼 203 室

Socia10 (Socia10 yīn lè jiǔ ba) 173 Yugu Lu

(8817-1891) Socia10 音 乐 酒 吧 玉 古 路 173 号 -3

SOS Club 3/F, Huanglong Hengli Mansion, 5

Huanglong Lu (5683-6688) 20:00pm – 5:00am 黄 龙

路 5 号 黄 龙 恒 励 大 厦 3 楼

Xanadu (pǐn) 255 Zhongshan Zhong Lu (8691-

6283) 品 中 山 中 路 255 号

YOLO Bai Jing, Building 75, Bai Jing Fang Xiang (178

5733-0121) 百 井 坊 巷 百 井 大 厦 75 号

Craft Beer 精 酿 啤 酒

Aishang Beer (Zhongshan Lu) (ài shàng pí jiǔ)

266 Zhongshan Bei Lu (8702-5715) 艾 尚 啤 酒 ( 中 山

店 ) 中 山 北 路 266 号 156 Shuguang Lu (8680-6916)

艾 尚 啤 酒 ( 曙 光 路 ) 曙 光 路 156 号

Boxing Cat Brewery (bù sī pí jiǔ guǎn) 34

Shihuqiao Lu (159 8881-1179) 布 斯 啤 酒 馆 狮 虎

桥 路 34 号

Craftbeer Buyer (jīng niàng pí jiǔ mǎi shǒu) 5F

(Roof) of Powerlong Square, Binjiang (177 4680-

1730) 精 酿 啤 酒 买 手 滨 江 宝 龙 广 场 5F 露 台

East River Tap Room (dōng hé Taproom) 238

Zhongshan Zhong Lu (8675-9199) 东 河 Taproom

中 山 中 路 238-1 号 ( 近 地 铁 1 号 线 定 安 路 A 出 口 )

Midtown Brewery (chéng zhōng pí jiǔ ba) 1F,

Shangri-La Hotel, 6 Changshou Lu (8159-0265) 城 中

啤 酒 吧 长 寿 路 6 号 杭 州 城 中 香 格 里 拉 大 酒 店 一 层

Brew Gang (shàng chéng jīng niàng cān bā)

Not only a restaurant or bar, Brew Gang is a

platform created by craft beer geeks to promote

the culture of food and drink. Beers are brewed

right on the premises - be sure to taste them all!

422-434 Zhongshan Zhong Lu, Drum Tower Food

Street (8512-6626) 上 乘 精 酿 餐 吧 中 山 中 路 422-

434 号 鼓 楼 美 食 街

Mill3 Craft Beer Bar (City West) Shop700-9, South

Gate, Sailihuiyuan (8718-7673) Mill3 精 酿 啤 酒 吧 ( 城

西 店 ) 拱 墅 区 赛 丽 慧 园 南 门 商 铺 700-9 号

Peers Bar (pí kè) 3-2 Baochu Bei Lu (8683-9917)

啤 客 保 俶 北 路 3-2 号 338-1 Zhongshanzhong Lu

(8722-9338) 中 山 中 路 338-1 号

Professor P (pí jiāo shòu shǒu gōng pí jiǔ) 465

Jianguo Lu, above Binhe Square (132 9675-0921) 啤

教 授 手 工 啤 酒 建 国 路 475 号 ( 滨 河 广 场 楼 上 近 建 国

北 路 必 胜 客 旁 )

RingCorner by BoxingCat 28 Xinyifangshang Jie

(135 0654-0002) 信 义 坊 商 街 28 号

Schanke Music Beer Bar (xuān kè yīn yuè pí

jiǔ cān ba) Room 1-3, Building 32, Da Fu Qing Qing

Chun Fang, Qingchun Lu (5666-0999) 喧 客 音 乐 啤

酒 餐 吧 庆 春 路 大 福 清 巷 青 春 坊 32 幢 1-3 室

Taste Room 73 Wen’er Xi Lu (8690-7226) 文 二 西

路 73 号

Thirteen Peaches (táo shí sān) 13 Taohuanong

(189 6906-9559) 桃 十 三 桃 花 弄 13 号

Cocktails & Whiskey

鸡 尾 酒 & 威 士 忌

Amber house (ān bó wēi shì jì bā) Crossroad of

Shenglong jie and Zhangming xiang (135 8845-

2749) 安 泊 威 士 忌 吧 盛 龙 街 和 章 明 巷 交 叉 口

CASK by Connoisseur 161-165 Jiangnan Avenue

(139 1725-2311) 江 南 大 道 161-165 号

Go professor (jiāo shòu hěn máng tài kōng jiǔ

ba) No. 104, Unit 3, Building 5, Jiarungongguan, Jinji

Lu (177 6711-9616) 教 授 很 忙 太 空 酒 吧 金 鸡 路 嘉 润

公 馆 5 号 楼 3 单 元 104 号

Hola (Hola nián lún gōng yuán) 3867 Binsheng Lu

(173 4854-8821) Hola 年 轮 公 园 ( 宝 龙 城 店 ) 滨 盛

路 3867 号 宝 龙 城 步 行 街 1 层

Mill (Huanglongwanke) 101, Building G,

Huanglongwanke Center (8823-1332) Mill( 黄 龙

万 科 店 ) 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 G 座 101 (City West) 77 Yile

Lu (8891-2175) ( 城 西 店 ) 益 乐 路 77 号 (Nanshan Lu)

176-3 Nanshan Lu (8670-5929) ( 南 山 路 店 ) 南 山 路

176-3 号 (Binjiang) 4317 Binsheng Lu (8111-1772)

( 滨 江 店 ) 滨 盛 路 4317 号 (Qianjiangxincheng)

217 Kunpeng Lu (8819-7779) ( 钱 江 新 城 店 ) 鲲 鹏

路 217 号

One Pint (yī pǐn tuō jiǔ guǎn) 302, Tianhe

Building, 257 Tiyuchang Lu (8603-3042) 一 品 脱 酒 馆

体 育 场 路 257 号 天 合 写 字 楼 302 室 087A, 1F, Building

C, Chengxi Intime Mall (8835-5142)( 城 西 银 泰 店 )

丰 潭 路 380 号 城 西 银 泰 C 座 1F087A

Quarter 591 Qingtai Street (8829-8788) 清 泰

街 591 号

U LOUNGE BAR 145 Jiangnan Avenue (183 5810-

6873) 江 南 大 道 145 号 ( 江 南 星 座 楼 下 )

WITCHERY (nǚ wū jiǔ ba) Shimaobingfen,

crossroad of Jiangnan Avenue and Nanhuan Lu (135

8801-9007) 女 巫 酒 吧 江 南 大 道 与 南 环 路 交 叉 口 (

肯 德 基 隔 壁 )

Live Music 现 场 音 乐

9Club (jiǔ qiú huì) 2F, South Building, City Life

Square, 262 Wantang Lu (8106-0813) 酒 球 会 万 塘

路 262 号 万 糖 汇 城 市 生 活 广 场 南 楼 2 楼

Hi Livehouse 3F, Building 2, Xiaochengtiandi,

Xiasha (182 5751-9535) 下 沙 经 济 开 发 区 晓 城 天

地 2 幢 三 楼

Hutaoli (hú táo lǐ) Building 1, K-lab, Huang Wanke

Center, 77 Xueyuan Lu (150 0559-8881) 胡 桃 里 (

西 湖 店 ) 学 院 路 77 号 坤 和 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 K-lab 一

楼 二 号 门 旁

JZ Club (huáng lóu) 6 Liuying Lu (8702-8298) 黄

楼 柳 营 路 6 号

Loopy Rm. 313, 77 Zhongshan Nan Lu (5610-7080)

中 山 南 路 77 号 313 室

Old Melody Music Bar (jiù shí guāng yīn yuè

ba) 21 Cangqiantang Lu (Zhang Taiyan Former

Residence) (8861-5577) 旧 拾 光 音 乐 吧 仓 钱 塘 路 21

号 ( 章 太 炎 故 居 )

Mao Livehouse 3F, Shangcheng 1157, 77

Zhongshan Nan Lu (8783-5787) 中 山 南 路 77 号 尚 城

1157 利 星 3 楼


Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake (píng hú qiū

yuè) 1 Longjing Lu 平 湖 秋 月 龙 井 路 1 号

Bai Dike (bái dī) 1 Gushanhoushan Lu (8799-6663)

白 堤 孤 山 后 山 路 1 号

Bamboo-lined path at Yunqi (yún qī zhú jìng) 8

Yunqi Lu 云 栖 竹 径 云 栖 路 8 号

Baochu Pagoda (bǎo chù tǎ) Baochu Lu (8799-

6663) 保 俶 塔 保 俶 路

Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (qǔ

yuàn fēng hé) 89 Beishan Lu 曲 院 风 荷 北 山 路

89 号

China National Silk Museum (zhōng guó sī

chóu bó wù guan) 73-1 Yuhuangshan Lu (8706-

2129) 中 国 丝 绸 博 物 馆 玉 皇 山 路 73-1 号

Dream of the Tiger Spring (hǔ pǎo mèng quán)

39 Hupao Lu 虎 跑 梦 泉 虎 跑 路 39 号

Enjoying tea at Dragon Well (lóng jǐng wèn

chá) 148 Longjing Lu (8778-8585) 龙 井 问 茶 龙

井 路 148 号

Evening Bell at Nanping Hill (nán píng wǎn

zhōng) 55 Nanshan Lu (8717-9603) 南 屏 晚 钟 南

山 路 55 号

Guan Yao Museum (nán sòng guān kū bó wù

guan) 60 Nansong Lu (8608-3990) 南 宋 官 窟 博 物

馆 南 复 路 60 号

Guo’s Villa (guō zhuāng) 28 Yanggongdi (8798-

6026) 郭 庄 杨 公 堤 28 号

Hangzhou Botanical Garden (háng zhōu zhí

wù yuán) 1 Taoyuanling (8796-1904) 杭 州 植 物

园 桃 源 岭 1 号

Hangzhou Flower Nursery (háng zhōu huā pǔ)

14 Xishan Lu (8796-9691) 杭 州 花 圃 西 山 路 14 号

Huagang Park (huā gǎng gōng yuán) 10

Yanggongdi (8796-3033) 花 港 公 园 杨 公 堤 10 号

King Qian’s Temple (qián wáng cí) 11

Qianwangci Lu 钱 王 祠 钱 王 祠 路 11 号

Leifeng Pagoda (léi fēng tǎ) 15 Nanshan Lu

(8798-2111) 雷 峰 塔 南 山 路 15 号

Lingyin Temple (líng yǐn sì) 1 Fayunnong (8796-

8665) 灵 隐 寺 法 云 弄 1 号

Long Bridge (cháng qiáo gōng yuán) 35

Nanshan Lu 长 桥 公 园 南 山 路 35 号

Meijiawu (méi jiā wù) 7Yunqi Lu 梅 家 坞 云 栖

路 7 号

Melting Snow at Broken Bridge (duàn qiáo cán

xuě) 1 Longjing Lu 断 桥 残 雪 西 湖 龙 井 路 1 号

China Seal Museum (zhōng guó yìn xué bó wù

guan) 10 Hougushan Lu (8799-4193) 中 国 印 学 博 物

馆 后 孤 山 路 10 号

Nine Creeks in Misty Forest (jiǔ xī yān shù) Jiuxi

Lu 九 溪 烟 树 九 溪 路

Orioles Singing in the Willows (liǔ làng wén

yīng) 87 Nanshan Lu 柳 浪 闻 莺 南 山 路 87 号

Precious Stone Hill Floating in Rosy Clouds

(bǎo shí liú xiá) 22 Zhaoqing si li jie (8717-9603) 宝

石 流 霞 昭 庆 寺 里 街 22 号

Prince Bay Park (tài zǐ wān gōng yuán) Nanshan

Lu (8796-3701) 太 子 湾 公 园 南 山 路 5-1 号

Six Harmonies Pagoda (liù hé tǎ) 16 Zhijiang Lu

(8659-1401) 六 和 塔 之 江 路 16 号

Solitary Hill (gū shān gōng yuán) 3 Gushanbei

Lu (8717-9603) 孤 山 公 园 孤 山 北 路 3 号

Spring Dawn at Su Causeway (sū dī chūn xiǎo)

1 Longjing Lu 苏 堤 春 晓 龙 井 路 1 号

Sunny and Rainy Views from the Lakeside

(hú bīn qíng yǔ) 250 Nanshan Lu 湖 滨 晴 雨 南 山

路 250 号

Temple to Yu Qian (yú qiān cí) 161 Santaishan Lu

(8796-2534) 于 谦 祠 三 台 山 路 161 号

The Yellow Dragon Cave (huáng lóng dòng)

Shuguang Lu (8797-2468) 黄 龙 洞 69 曙 光 路 69 号

Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon (sān tán yìn

yuè) 1 Longjing Lu 三 潭 印 月 龙 井 路 1 号

Tomb of Wu Song (wǔ sōng mù) Beishan Lu 武

松 墓 北 山 路


黄 页



Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor (huā gǎng guān

yú) 5-1 Xishan Lu (8796-3033) 花 港 观 鱼 西 山 路

5-1 号

West Lake (xī hú) 1 Longjing Lu (8717-9617) 西

湖 龙 井 路 1 号

Wu Yun Mountain (wǔ yún shān) 6 Wuyundong

Lu (8608-6364) 五 云 山 五 云 东 路 6 号

Xiling Seal-Engravers’ Society (xī líng yìn shè)

31 Gushan Lu 西 泠 印 社 孤 山 路 31 号

Yue Fei’s Temple (yuè wáng miào) 80 Beishan Lu

(8796-9670) 岳 王 庙 北 山 路 80 号


住 宿

5-Star 五 星

Banyan Tree Anji (ān jí yuè róng zhuāng) Baimu

Avenue, Baishui Bay Village, Anji Town (589-1818) 安

吉 悦 榕 庄 安 吉 县 天 荒 坪 镇 白 水 湾 村 百 亩 弄

Club Med Joyview (ClubMed ān jí dù jiǎ cūn)

1888 Qingyuan Lu, Anji Town (589-8888) ClubMed

安 吉 度 假 村 安 吉 县 灵 峰 街 道 清 远 路 1888 号

DoubleTree by Hilton Hangzhou (háng zhōu

hé dá xī ěr dùn yì lín jiǔ diàn) 600 Jinsha Avenue,

Jianggan District (8989-8888) 杭 州 和 达 希 尔 顿 逸 林

酒 店 江 干 区 金 沙 大 道 600 号

Four Points by Sheraton Hangzhou, Binjiang

(háng zhōu lóng xǐ fú péng xǐ lái dēng) 868

Dongxin Dadao (2887-8888) 杭 州 龙 禧 福 朋 喜 来 登

东 信 大 道 868 号

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

(háng zhōu xī zǐ hú sì jì jiǔ diàn) 5 Lingyin Lu

(8829-8888) 杭 州 西 子 湖 四 季 酒 店 灵 隐 路 5 号

Grand Hyatt Hangzhou (háng zhōu jūn yuè jiǔ

diàn) 28 Hubin Lu (8779-1234) 杭 州 君 悦 酒 店 湖

滨 路 28 号

Grand Metro Park Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu

wéi jǐng guó jì dà jiǔ diàn) 2 Pinghai Lu (8708-

8088) 杭 州 维 景 国 际 大 酒 店 平 海 路 2 号

Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Qianjiang 399 Juyuan

Lu, Jianggan District (139 5802-2988) 杭 州 钱 江 新 城

万 豪 酒 店 剧 院 路 399 号

Hangzhou Qianxi Vacation Hotel (háng zhōu

qiān xǐ dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 15 Jiuxi Lu (8761-3666) 杭 州

千 禧 度 假 酒 店 九 溪 路 15 号

Hangzhou Yi Hotel (háng zhōu yì jiǔ diàn) 198

Hushuan Lu (8809-9999) 杭 州 逸 酒 店 湖 墅 南 路

198 号

InterContinental Hangzhou (háng zhōu zhōu jì

jiǔ diàn) 2 Jiefangdong Lu (8981-0000) 杭 州 洲 际 酒

店 解 放 东 路 2 号

JW Marriott Hotel Anji (ān jí JW wàn háo) 1

Huancheng Nan Lu, Anji Town (561-8888) 安 吉 JW 万

豪 安 吉 县 环 城 南 路 1 号

JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu

JWwàn háo jiǔ diàn) 28 Hushu South Lu, Gongshu

District (8578-8888) 杭 州 JW 万 豪 酒 店 拱 墅 区 湖

墅 南 路 28 号

Le Méridien Hangzhou Binjiang (háng zhōu

bīn jiāng shì róng ài měi jiǔ diàn) 4756 Jiangnan

Avenue (8837-0777) 杭 州 滨 江 世 融 艾 美 酒 店 江 南

大 道 4756 号

Marriott Executive Apartments Hangzhou

(háng zhōu wàn háo xíng zhèng gōng yù) 2F,

Wecan Center, EFC Tower 3, Future Sci-Tech City,

Yuhang District (8868-7999) 杭 州 万 豪 行 政 公 寓 未

来 科 技 城 EFC 欧 美 金 融 城 3 幢 万 创 国 际 2 层

Meilu Legend Hotel (lì jīng měi lú jiǔ diàn) 8

Zhibei lu (8709-8800) 丽 晶 美 庐 酒 店 之 北 路 8 号 丽

晶 美 庐 酒 店

Midtown Shangri-La Hangzhou (háng zhōu

chéng zhōng xiāng gé lǐ lā dà jiǔ diàn) 6

Changshou Lu (8733-8888) 杭 州 城 中 香 格 里 拉 大

酒 店 长 寿 路 6 号

Oakwood Residence Hangzhou (háng zhōu ào

kè wǔ dé guó jì jiǔ diàn gōng yù) 28 Jiaogong

Lu (8899-3131) 杭 州 奥 克 伍 德 国 际 酒 店 公 寓 教

工 路 28 号

Park Hyatt Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu bǎi

yuè jiǔ diàn) 1366 Qianjiang Lu (8696-1234) 杭 州

柏 悦 酒 店 钱 江 路 1366 号

Pins De La Brume Hangzhou (háng zhōu jiǔ lǐ

yún sōng dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 18-8 Lingyin Lu (8798-

7999/13777489457) 杭 州 九 里 雲 松 度 假 酒 店 灵

隐 路 18-8 号

Relais & Chateaux Chaptel Hangzhou (luó lái

xià duǒ ·háng zhōu hú biān cūn jiǔ diàn) 57

Changsheng Lu (8788-2999) 罗 莱 夏 朵 · 杭 州 湖 边 邨

酒 店 长 生 路 57 号

Shangri-La Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu xiāng

gé lǐ lā fàn diàn) 78 Beishan Lu (8797-7951) 杭 州 香

格 里 拉 饭 店 北 山 路 78 号 ( 近 岳 庙 )

Sofitel Westlake Hotel Hangzhou (háng zhōu

suǒ fēi tè xī hú dà jiǔ diàn) 333 West Lake Dadao

(8707-5858) 杭 州 索 菲 特 西 湖 大 酒 店 西 湖 大 道

333 号

Sheraton Grand Hangzhou Wetland Park

Resort (háng zhōu xī xī xǐ lái dēng dù jiǎ dà jiǔ

diàn) 1 Westbrook Resort, Zijingang Lu (8500-2222)

杭 州 西 溪 喜 来 登 度 假 大 酒 店 杭 州 西 溪 天 堂 国 际 旅

游 综 合 体 1 号

Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou (háng

zhōu wēn dé mǔ zhì zūn háo tíng dà jiǔ diàn)

555 Fengqi Lu (8761-6888) 杭 州 温 德 姆 至 尊 豪 廷 大

酒 店 凤 起 路 555 号

Yellow Dragon Restaurant (huáng lóng fàn

diàn) Intersection of Hangda Lu 120 Shuguang

Lu (8799-8833) 黄 龙 饭 店 曙 光 路 120 号 杭 大 路 口

( 近 杭 大 路 )

4-Star 四 星

Courtyard by Marriott Hangzhou Wulin (háng

zhōu wǔ lín wàn yí jiǔ diàn) 28 Hushu South Lu

(8981-7777) 杭 州 武 林 万 怡 酒 店 湖 墅 南 路 28 号

Hilton Garden Inn Hangzhou Jingshan Luniao

Xinhu (háng zhōu jìng shān lú niǎo xīn hú xī

ěr dùn huā yuán jiǔ diàn) 8 Xunli Street, Yuhang

District (8857-6616) 杭 州 径 山 鸬 鸟 新 湖 希 尔 顿 花 园

酒 店 余 杭 区 鸬 鸟 镇 寻 梨 街 8 号

Holiday Inn (háng zhōu guó jì jiǎ rì jiǔ diàn) 289

Jianguobei Lu (8527-1177/139 5712-5019) 杭 州 国

际 假 日 酒 店 建 国 北 路 289 号

Boutique Hotels 艺 术 酒 店

Seven Villas Hangzhou (zǐ xuān dù jiǎ cūn) 1

Bapanling Lu (8886-7888) 紫 萱 度 假 村 八 盘 岭 路 1 号

Hostel 客 栈

Bikery (bài kè lǐ mín sú) 51 Shangchengdai,

Zhuantang Jiedao (137 7065-4953) 拜 客 里 民 宿 杭

州 市 西 湖 区 转 塘 街 道 , 上 城 埭 51 号

Daisy Hostel (chú jú qīng nián lǚ shè) 65

Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8882-8537) 雏 菊 青 年 旅 社 虎

跑 路 四 眼 井 65 号

Ele Jane (jiǎn xiàng) 15 Shangmanjuelong Lu

(8196-1555/182 6718-5222) 简 象 上 满 觉 陇 路 15 号

Fan Hua Si Jing Hostel (fán huā sì jǐng jīng pǐn

jiǔ diàn) 61 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (159 2414-3344) 繁

花 似 景 精 品 酒 店 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 61 号

Hua Qing Yuan Hostel (huā qīng yuán kè zhàn)

63 Siyanjin, Hupao Lu (8816-1377) 花 青 原 客 栈 虎

跑 路 四 眼 井 63 号

Ling Shang Youth Hostel (lǐng shàng guó jì qīng

nián lǚ shè) 106 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8798-1068)

岭 上 国 际 青 年 旅 社 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 106 号

Ming Bai Mountain Hostel (míng bái shān shù)

36 Siyanjin, Hupao Lu (8798-1211) 茗 白 山 墅 虎 跑

路 四 眼 井 36 号

Mio Hostel (miào jū mín sù) 220 Siyanjin, Hupao

Lu (8577-1125) 妙 居 民 宿 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 220 号

Pan Yue Lan Hu Hostel (pàn yuè lǎn hú mín sù)

197 Kong Jia Li Village, Shanyi Community, Binjiang

(177 6719-6054) 泮 月 揽 湖 民 宿 长 河 街 道 山 一 社 区

孔 家 里 197 号

Shi Bai Yun Hostel (shī bǎi yún jiǔ diàn) 66

Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8799-9903) 诗 柏 云 酒 店 虎 跑

路 四 眼 井 66 号

Spring Flower Hostel (chūn nuǎn huā kāi qīng

nián kè zhàn) 79 Siyanjing, Hupao Lu (8678-3660)

春 暖 花 开 青 年 客 栈 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 79 号

The Green Hostel (háng zhōu qīng tíng qīng

nián lǚ shě) 88 Qingzhiwu (8799-0755) 杭 州 青 庭

青 年 旅 舍 青 芝 坞 88 号

Wang Xing Qiu Hostel (wāng xīng qiú qīng nián

lǚ shè) 39 Siyanjin, Hupao Lu (133 5571-2787) 汪 星

球 青 年 旅 社 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 39 号

Wulin Youth International Hostel (wǔ lín guó jì

qīng nián lǚ shè) 4F, Wanhua Commercial Building,

409 Tiyuchang Lu (Near Wulinmen subway station)

(2818-0881) 武 林 国 际 青 年 旅 社 体 育 场 路 409 号 万

华 商 务 楼 4 楼

Yun Shan Hostel (yún shān shàng) 30 Siyanjing,

Hupao Lu (8796-9989) 云 山 上 虎 跑 路 四 眼 井 30 号

Resorts 度 假 酒 店

Banyan Tree (ān jí yuè róng zhuāng) Baimu

Avenue, Baishui Bay Village, Anji Town (589-1818) 安

吉 悦 榕 庄 天 荒 坪 镇 白 水 湾 村 百 亩 弄

Fuchun Resort (fù chūn shān jū) 339 Jiangbin

Dong Lu (6341-9500) 富 春 山 居 东 洲 街 道 江 滨 东

大 道 339 号


休 闲 娱 乐

Fitness 健 身

A+ Sports Club (A+yùn dòng jù lè bù) 3F Building

D, Yuanjian Edifice (8703-9812) A+ 运 动 俱 乐 部 ( 远 洋

国 际 店 ) 远 见 大 厦 D 座 3F

Buddy Fitness Personal Trainer Studio (bā

dì jiàn shēn sī jiāo gōng zuò shì) Room 2116,

Boyuexuan Edifice, 1870 Binsheng Lu (8880-2800)

巴 帝 健 身 私 教 工 作 室 ( 滨 江 星 光 店 ) 滨 盛 路 1870 号

新 世 界 铂 悦 轩 大 厦 2116 室

C-M Fitness Sports Concept Museum (C-M

Fitness yùn dòng gài niàn guǎn) R605, Hengxin

Edifice 588, Jiangnandadao (8537-0490) C-M

Fitness 运 动 概 念 馆 江 南 大 道 588 号 恒 鑫 大 厦 605

CrossFit Unicorn (qí lín zōng hé xùn liàn guǎn)

Huaicheng Sports Center, Huaide Jie (8779-7269) 麒

麟 综 合 训 练 馆 怀 德 街 怀 诚 体 育 运 动 中 心

CrossFit Xihu R167, B1, Hubing Yintai, 245 Yan’an

Lu (137 3502-4354) 湖 滨 银 泰 店 延 安 路 245 号 湖 滨

银 泰 B 区 地 下 一 层 167 室

EP Fitness Club• Epoch Fit (EP jiàn shēn jù lè bù

•Epoch Fit) 2242-2248 Binsheng Lu (8510-7167) EP

健 身 俱 乐 部 •Epoch Fit 滨 盛 路 2242-2248 号

HT Fitness Studio (HT jiàn shēn gōng zuò shì)

R1601, F16, B2, Hexinyada International, Anye Lu

(8663-5399) HT 健 身 工 作 室 安 业 路 润 和 信 雅 达 国

际 2 幢 16 层 1601 室

LEFIT (lè kè yùn dòng) 2F, building 3, Starry City

Phase 2, Jiangling Lu (159 5811-5762) 乐 刻 运 动

( 星 耀 城 店 ) 江 陵 路 星 耀 城 二 期 南 区 商 场 3 幢 2

楼 B2, Xingfu Plaza, 30120, Section F, West Lake

Cultural Square (400 150-1866)( 西 湖 文 化 广 场

店 ) 西 湖 文 化 广 场 F 区 30120 幸 福 广 场 B2 楼 2F,

Shangpinzhekou Shopping Mall, 505 Si Hao Da Jie

(400 150-1866)( 下 沙 上 品 折 扣 店 ) 下 沙 四 号 大 街

505 号 上 品 折 扣 商 城 2 楼 西 南 角

Leti Fitness (lè tǐ jiàn shēn) F10, Big City Plaza,

609 Yan’an Lu (8776-6716) 乐 体 健 身 ( 国 大 店 ) 延 安

路 609 号 国 大 城 市 广 场 10 楼

Reebok 1030 CrossFit A304, L3, Yuanyang

Ledigang, 58 Lishui Lu (5626-0377) 远 洋 乐 堤 港 店

丽 水 路 58 号 远 洋 乐 堤 港 三 楼 A304

Shushibao Fitness Center (shū shì bǎo jiàn

shēn zhōng xīn) F4, 1st Starlight International

Plaza, 228 Jiangnandadao (2898-2222) 舒 适 堡 健

身 中 心 ( 星 光 广 场 店 ) 江 南 大 道 228 号 星 光 国 际 广

场 一 期 4 层

WILL’S (wēi ěr shì jiàn shēn) NL109, Kerry Centre,

385 Yanan Lu (8716-1658) 威 尔 士 健 身 ( 杭 州 嘉 里

中 心 店 ) 延 安 路 385 号 嘉 里 中 心 NL109 6F, Paradise

Walk Mall, 1515 Jianghan Lu (8607-1289) ( 滨 江 龙

湖 天 街 店 ) 江 汉 路 1515 号 龙 湖 滨 江 天 街 购 物 中 心

6F 8F, Paradise Walk Mall, 560 Jinsha Avenue (8725-

6699) 金 沙 大 道 560 号 龙 湖 杭 州 金 沙 天 街 8 楼


演 出 场 所

Theatres 剧 院

Hangzhou Theatre (háng zhōu jù yuàn) 29 Wulin

Square (8517-7801) 杭 州 剧 院 武 林 广 场 29 号


驾 校

Hangyou driving school (háng yóu jià xiào)

66 Huoju Avenue, 1F, Building4, Huana keji yuan

(8515-9976) 杭 邮 驾 校 火 炬 大 道 66 号 华 纳 科 技 园 4

号 楼 1 楼 杭 邮 驾 校 办 公 室

BEAUTY 美 容 美 体

Spas 美 容 养 生

Luluhu (luò hū) L6-04, Raffles City, 228 Xinye Lu

(8889-9191) 络 乎 新 业 路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 L06-04

141 Xixi Lu (8502-3288) 西 溪 路 141 号

Haiyinhui Hot Spring (hǎi yīn huì wēn quán)

Jiangnan Dadao Near Zhongnan Shopping Centre

(8601-8197) 海 茵 汇 温 泉 江 南 大 道 1090 号 中 南 购

物 中 心 附 近

Tuankou Zhongan’an Hot Spring Resort (lín

ān tuān kǒu zhòng ān dōng wēn quán dù jiǎ

jiǔ diàn) 188 Tuanquan Lane, Tuankou Town, Lin’an

(5868-6889) 临 安 湍 口 众 安 氡 温 泉 度 假 酒 店 临 安 湍

口 镇 湍 泉 街 188 号

Xin’an River Forest Hot Spring (háng zhōu xīn

ān jiāng sēn lín wēn quán dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 71

Hengshan Lu, Shouchang Town, Jiande (6456-8866)

杭 州 新 安 江 森 林 温 泉 度 假 酒 店 建 德 市 寿 昌 镇 横 山

社 区 横 山 路 73 号

Xinyifang Spa (xìn yì fāng wēn quán yù chǎng)

328 Moganshan Lu (8836-9493) 信 义 坊 温 泉 浴 场 莫

干 山 路 328 号

Yunman Hot Spring (yún màn wēn quán) 255

Fengqing Avenue, Xiaoshan (Inside the First World

Hotel) (8386-0020) 云 曼 温 泉 风 情 大 道 255 号 第 一

世 界 大 酒 店


购 物

Food & Beverage 食 品

Epermarket (zhè yàng shēng huó) Epermarket

( 这 样 生 活 ) Online supermarket with over 5,000

imported products. Whether you are looking for

fresh fruit and organic vegetables sourced from

over 35 partners farms, pantry favourites such as

pasta, proteins, and condiments, or home care

products such as kitchenware and small appliances,

Epermarket has everything you need. You can also

enjoy convenient delivery and receive your groceries

7 days a week. Plus, an international customer

service team that offers support in French, English

and Chinese. Epermarket is ISO 9001 certified and

routinely tests their fresh products with SGS, the

world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and

certification company. (400

776-0776) 这 样 生 活

Olé B208, 701 Fuchun Lu (Near Jiangjin Lu subway

station) (2817-2098) 富 春 路 701 号 负 二 层 B208 铺

Sam’s Club (wò ěr mǎ shān mǔ huì yuán shāng

diàn) BM/F, IN city, Xixi Store, 1 Wuchang Avenue

(8873-6900) 沃 尔 玛 山 姆 会 员 商 店 五 常 大 道 1 号 西

溪 印 象 城 BM 层


International Schools

国 际 学 校 31



告 黄 页

Hangzhou International School (háng zhōu

guó jì xué xiào) Founded in 2002, HIS is an IB

World School that offers the expatriate community

in Hangzhou an inclusive international experience

and curriculum (Early Years to Grade 12) based on

the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework.

HIS is the first and only international school in

Hangzhou that is fully accredited by an international

accrediting association and authorized by the IB

for all three IB Programmes: PYP, MYP, and DP. The

school currently serves over 650+ students (ages

2-18) from over 50 nationalities. HIS is a member


and ACAMIS, which gives students and faculty

access to international school sports leagues,

cultural exchanges, and professional development.

Graduates of HIS attend prestigious universities

throughout the world. admissions@his-china.

org, 78 Dongxin Ave, Binjiang

District (8669-0045) 杭 州 国 际 学 校 滨 江 区 东 信

大 道 78 号

0571- 87157555

Wahaha International School (háng zhōu wá

hā hā wài jí rén yuán zǐ nǚ xué xiào) Established

in 2015, Wahaha International School (WIS) is a nonprofit,

English language immersion international

school located in Hangzhou, serving students

from Kindergarten through Grade 9. In the stateof-the-art

campus, WIS offers students a rich, fully

international, IB (International Baccalaureate) based

curriculum complemented by a strong and vibrant

Chinese language and culture program. Through

its unique curriculum, WIS develops in students

the creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and

communication skills that are essential for success

in today’s and tomorrow’s rapidly developing

marketplace of ideas and innovation. admissions@, 5 Yaojiang

Lu, Shangcheng District (8715-7555) 杭 州 娃 哈 哈 外

籍 人 员 子 女 学 校 姚 江 路 5 号

the English National Curriculum in Pre-Prep and

Prep School, which is enhanced by the crosscurricular

International Primary Curriculum (IPC). In

Senior School, children complete IGCSE and then

either A Level or IB Diploma Programme depending

on their goals. Closely tied with the Wellington

College in England, and with sister international

schools in Tianjin and Shanghai, WCIH provides

the high-quality international education that has

become synonymous with the Wellington College

name. A wide range of academic and co-curricular

activities are supported by state-of-the-custombuilt


hangzhou-international/ For Admissions: 8239-6366

or 2399

Xuezhi Lu, Xiaoshan District 杭 州 惠 灵 顿 外 籍 人 员 子

女 学 校 萧 山 区 学 知 路 2399 号

Chinese Language 汉 语

Chinesetown. Shinyway Language Institute

(xīn tōng huá wén) Established in 2006,

Chinesetown is a certified Mandarin training

institute which is well-known for its professionalism,

efficiency and excellent service. We provide a rich

selection of courses, including comprehensive

Chinese courses, HSK preparation, business

Chinese and online course in both small group

and private one-on-one form. We also provide

custom-designed courses for enterprise employees

taken at their office, and cultural events monthly. 4F (Reception Floor), Metro

Business Building, 611 Zhongshan Bei Lu. Line 1,

West Lake Cultural Square Exit B. (2807-3392) 新 通

华 文 中 山 北 路 611 号 地 铁 商 务 大 厦 1-6 层

Chinese Surfing (háng zhōu chàng yǔ zhōng

wén) Room 401, 4F, 334 Fengqi Lu (151 5811-6008)

杭 州 畅 语 中 文 下 城 区 凤 起 路 334 号 401 室

Faith Education (fù xìn jiāo yù) 803 Pinghai

Wangjiao, 58 Pinghai Lu (138 0574-2761) 复 信 教 育

平 海 路 58 号 平 海 旺 角 803

Free Tongue Education (fēi cháng jiāo yù) 248

Dong Xin Avenue, Binjiang District (138 0576-0599)

非 常 教 育 浦 沿 街 道 东 信 大 道 248 号

Hutong School (hú tóng xué xiào) Room 125, 8F,

292 Yan’an Lu (137 5819-9307) 胡 同 学 校 延 安 路

292 号 8 层 125 室

Private Schools 私 立 学 校

BASIS International School Hangzhou (háng

zhōu qián jiāng bèi sài sī guó jì xué xiào) 99

Yuntang Street, Jianggan District (8815-3888) 杭 州

钱 江 贝 赛 思 国 际 学 校 江 干 区 运 塘 街 99 号

Wahaha Bilingual School Hangzhou (háng

zhōu wa hā hā shuāng yǔ xué xiào) 5 Yaojiang

Lu, Shangcheng District (8780-1933) 杭 州 哇 哈 哈 双

语 学 校 上 城 区 姚 江 路 5 号

Kindergartens 幼 儿 园

Hangzhou Victoria Kindergarten (háng zhōu

wéi duō lì yà yòu ér yuán) Honghui Lu, Xiaoshan

District (8351-5277) 杭 州 维 多 利 亚 幼 儿 园 萧 山 区 弘

慧 路 延 伸 段 众 安 景 海 湾 内

Wesley School (wèi sī lǐ yòu ér yuán) 269 Gongfa

Lu, Gongshu District (8882-880) 卫 斯 理 幼 儿 园 拱 墅

区 工 发 路 269 号


Yougo Sports Academy (sài dí yōu guǒ guó jì

tǐ yù xué yuàn) West Lake Sports & Cultural Center

(180 6942-3303) 赛 迪 优 果 国 际 体 育 学 院 西 湖 区

文 体 中 心 Donglian Sports Park (180 6942-3303) 东

联 体 育 公 园

Maria Obstetrical and Gynaecology Hospital

(háng zhōu mǎ lì yà fù chǎn yī yuàn) 300 Qiutao

Lu (8652-1200) 杭 州 玛 莉 亚 妇 产 医 院 秋 涛 路 300 号

No.7 People Hospital (dì qī rén mín yī yuàn)

305 Tianmushan Lu (8512-1914) 第 七 人 民 医 院 天

目 山 路 305 号 附 近

No.117 Liberation Army Hospital (jiě fàng jun1

dì 117yī yuàn) 14 Lingyin Lu (8734-8500) 解 放 军 第

117 医 院 灵 隐 路 14 号

Red Cross Hospital (hóng shí zì huì yī yuàn)

84-86 Xinhua Lu (5610-9999) 红 十 字 会 医 院 新 华

路 84-86 号

Shulan (Hangzhou) Hospital (shù lán háng

zhōu yī yuàn) 848 Dongxin Lu, Xiacheng District

(400-103-9999) 树 兰 杭 州 医 院 下 城 区 东 新 路 848 号

The 2 nd Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang

University School of Medicine (zhè jiāng dà

xué yī xué yuàn fù shǔ dì èr yī yuàn) 88 Jiefang

Lu (8778-3777) 浙 江 大 学 医 学 院 附 属 第 二 医 院 解

放 路 88 号

Zhejiang Hospital (zhè jiāng yī yuàn) 12

Lingying Lu (8798-7373) 浙 江 医 院 灵 隐 路 12 号

Dental Clinics 齿 科

Baibo Dental Clinics (bài bó kǒu qiāng) 1881

Binsheng Lu (8504-9777) 拜 博 口 腔 ( 滨 江 店 ) 滨 盛

路 1881 号

Grammy Dental Clinics (gé lái měi kǒu qiāng)

341 Tiyuchang Lu (2822-0051) 格 莱 美 口 腔 体 育

场 路 341 号

Mingyi Dental (míng yī kǒu qiāng ) Covers

an area of 2300 square meters. Total input over

30 million. Together with the advance dental

equipments for painless treatments, we strive to

ensure your dental experience with Ming Yi be a

pleasant and relaxed one. We provide 23 dental

treatment rooms and offer a complete range

of dental treatments, performed by skilled and

experienced dental specialists in Zhejiang Province.

Our dental treatments range from General Dentistry,

Preventive Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery

and Implant, Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry,

Pediatric Dentistry and Dental Specialist Clinic. 111

Chengxing Lu, Jianggan District (8608-6616) 铭

一 口 腔 江 干 区 城 星 路 111 号 钱 江 国 际 时 代 广 场

2 号 楼 2 层

Huashan Liantianmei Dental Clinics (huá shān

lián tiān měi yī yuàn kǒu qiāng kē) Qiutao Edifice

B, 248 Qiutao Lu (151 5814-1263) 华 山 连 天 美 医 院

口 腔 科 秋 涛 路 248 号 秋 涛 大 厦 B 幢

Kewa Dental Clinics (kē wǎ chǐ kē) L6-19 Fushi

Center 228 Xinye Lu (400-606-0222) 科 瓦 齿 科 新 业

路 228 号 来 福 士 中 心 L6-19 号

My Dental 2F, Building 2, Qianjiang International

Times Square, (8608-6616) 铭 一 口 腔 城 星 路 钱 江 国

际 时 代 广 场 2 号 楼 2 层

Qier Dental Clinics (qí ěr kǒu qiāng zhèng jī

zhōng xīn) Civil Aviation Building 2, 392 Tiyuchang

Lu (8530-5080) 齐 尔 口 腔 正 畸 中 心 体 育 场 路 392

号 民 航 大 厦 2 楼

Quanhao Dental (quán hǎo kǒu qiāng) 125-2

Xueyuan Lu (8980-8810) 全 好 口 腔 学 院 路 125-2 号

Surgery Clinics 医 学 美 容

Hangzhou Jinggang Beauty Clinics (háng zhōu

jìng gǎng yī liáo měi róng) 508-1 Yan’an Lu (400

087 6600-0325) 杭 州 静 港 医 疗 美 容 延 安 路 508-1 号

Hangzhou Time Beauty Clinics (háng zhōu shí

guāng yī liáo měi róng yī yuàn) 596 Jiaogong Lu

(400 087 6600-0736) 杭 州 时 光 医 疗 美 容 医 院 教

工 路 596 号

MyLike Beauty Clinics (MYLIKEháng zhōu měi

lái yī liáo měi róng yī yuàn) Meilai Edifice 333,

Moganshan Lu (150 5819-2199) MYLIKE 杭 州 美 莱 医

疗 美 容 医 院 莫 干 山 路 333 号 美 莱 大 厦

Victoria Beauty Clinics (wéi duō lì yà yī liáo měi

róng yī yuàn) 658 Jianguobei Lu (400 087 6600-

0314) 维 多 利 亚 医 疗 美 容 医 院 建 国 北 路 658 号

Yes Skin Beauty Clinics (Yes Skinyán shù yī

měi) 3b-12F, International Health Center, 9 Jingtan

Lu (400 091-0890) Yes Skin 颜 术 医 美 景 昙 路 9 号 西

子 国 际 全 程 健 康 中 心 t3b-12F


Foreign Visa Service 签 证 服 务

Hangzhou Angela Elite Consulting (háng zhōu

ān qí lā shāng wù zī xún yǒu xiàn gōng sī)

Room 748, Block A, China Resource Building, 1366

Qianjiang Lu (135 8845-2749) 杭 州 安 奇 拉 商 务 咨 询

有 限 公 司 钱 江 路 1366 号 华 润 大 厦 A 座 748 室


Hospitals 医 院

Greentown Hospital (zhè jiāng lǜ chéng yī

liáo) 409 Gudun Lu (8885-7888) 浙 江 绿 城 医 疗 古

墩 路 409 号

Hangzhou Aima Maternity Hospital (háng zhōu

ài mǎ fù chǎn yī yuàn) 666 Gudun Lu (5681-8818)

杭 州 艾 玛 妇 产 医 院 古 墩 路 666 号

Wellington College International Hangzhou

(háng zhōu huì líng dùn wài jí rén yuán zǐ

nǚ xué xiào) Wellington College International

Hangzhou provides a world-class holistic education

to expatriate children from ages 2 to 18, following

International Healthcare Services of Sir Run

Run Shaw Hospital (shào yì fū yī yuàn guó

jì mén zhěn) 11F, Tower II, 3 Qingchun Dong Lu

(8600-6118) 邵 逸 夫 医 院 国 际 门 诊 庆 春 东 路 3 号

2 幢 11 层



十 二 月








告 饮 食




By Firieba Sarwazarzadah

Season’s greetings, folks. With

the holiday season among us,

and Christmas just around the

corner, some of us may associate

these times with a familiar grand,

golden turkey, mulled wine and

Christmas themed pies and treats.

China may offer some challenges

to finding that traditional western

style holiday meal, so for those of

us who are looking for something

other than chofàn for dinner this

holiday season, we’ve come up

with a short and sweet list of

esteemed restaurants around the

city that are featuring a special

Christmas menu.


Located inside the JW Marriot Hotel, their standard menu options

feature top quality and imported ingredients, and their Christmas

Menu is no different. They will be hosting an annual Christmas Eve

event with a six-course bespoke set menu, including two wine

pairings. As well as the menu, you can enjoy a live saxophone

performance, and be entered into a lucky draw, with fabulous

prizes such as vouchers, trips and more! The set menu price starts

at RMB 2,888 for two people, or RMB 1,588 per person, with

special early bird pricing available at RMB 1,388 per person or RMB

2,588 per couple.

2F, JW Marriott Hotel, 28 South Hushu Lu 湖 墅 南 路 28 号 杭 州

JW 万 豪 酒 店 2 楼


Wulin Line 1



A staple in the city for casual western dining

and drinks is Wade’s! As with every year,

they normally feature traditional-style festive

holiday dishes, and Christmas should be no

different. Grab some Christmas goodies at any

Wade’s location, either Wensan or Wulin.

Wade’s Wensan: Room 105, 1F, Building H,

Dragon Vanke Centre, 77 Xueyuan Lu 学 院

路 77 号 黄 龙 万 科 中 心 H 座 1 楼 105


Xueyuan Line 2

Wade’s Wulin: 3F, Hangzhou Xiecheng, 163

Wulin Lu 武 林 路 163 号 杭 州 鞋 城 3 楼


Fengqi Line 1


Every year Carbon features a

whopping six course Christmas menu,

usually featuring two to three starters,

two main courses, and finished with

some succulent dessert. The menu

is designed for two people and is

normally priced at around RMB 1,000.

Their cosy and intimate ambience will

make you feel all warm and fuzzy for

your Chinese Christmas.

Booth 123, 1F, Block D, Hangzhou

Mansion (next to Starbucks) 杭 州

大 厦 D 座 1 楼 123 商 铺 ( 星 巴 克

隔 壁 )


Wulin Square Line 1




For a family fun and inclusive option,

visit Maggie & Rose. Known for the

super-cute interactive activities for the

little ones, they will be hosting their

Christmas dinner and festivities. A set

course menu (and options for the kids)

will be available, as well as fun Christmas

activities planned for the whole family.

Early bird pricing may be available!

2F, Henglong Square, Xiaoshan 萧

山 区 恒 隆 广 场 2 楼


People’s Square


The Forty8 Restaurant offers a fusion of

gourmet Italian and Chinese cuisine and is

located at the Park Hyatt Hangzhou. Their

normal menu features great options for your

Christmas dinner needs, and you’ll find a lovely

ambience of three private semi-alfresco dining

pavilions. Check out their cocktail bar too, with

a garden terrace overlooking the beautiful

Hangzhou skyline.

1366 Qianjiang Lu


Qiangjiang Line 4

6. COLLEGE 咖 叻 吉

Arguably the only sports bar in the city, famous

for their Thursday wing nights, BBQ nights, and

foosball tournaments. Once again, the bar will be

featuring their annual Christmas dinner specials,

so grab the gang and head to back to College!

3 Lanjia Wan, Yugu Lu 玉 古 路 兰 家 湾 3 号



饮 食



7. FLAMINGOES 美 食 酒 廊

Known for its vibrant and unique atmosphere

- specifically it’s glistening pool-side atrium

which has notably served as a backdrop for

one-too-many Instagram snapshots your

fellow Hangzhouvians have posted! The

restaurant features several in-house experts to

ensure your culinary experience is more than

fulfilled. The food is a fun mix of Italian and

Chinese, with a sprinkle of a little something

in between. You can find a special Christmas

menu, with expert wine pairings, courtesy of

the Flamingo experts.

49 Shuguang Lu 曙 光 路 49 号

8769-7979 / 138 5802-1919

Wulinmen Line 2


The Frieda restaurant located at the Kempinski

Hotel (Gongshu district) specialises in German

cuisine. This year, they will feature a fourcourse

Christmas menu together with a wine

pairing, starting at the price of RMB 988 for

two people. As an exclusive offer for REDSTAR

readers, they have kindly offered the chance

to get up to 16% discount this Christmas, by

scanning the QR code below!

Kempinski Hotel Hangzhou, 66 Lishui Lu,



Fengqi Line 2

There it is folks! We did our best to bring a

little bit of that traditional holiday cheer to your

home away from home: Christmas festivities

in Hangzhou. Check out these great hotspots

or try to put together your own personal

Christmas dinner at home. Either way, we hope

you make the most of this holiday season by

spreading your own joy and peace. Who knows,

with some strategically placed mistletoe, you

might get lucky this holiday season!

Note: Prices and menu options may be

subject to change and/or vary. For specific

dates, times, and/or reservations please

contact the restaurant directly. 35



告 生 活 方 式



By Maddalena Depalo

For a few years

now, news articles

have stressed the

importance of caring

for our planet. In New York

City the ‘Climate Clock’ is a

stark reminder - counting

down the time we have

to save the planet. Today,

eco-friendly solutions

are all around us and

governments have also

started implementing ecofriendly

actions, but this is

everyone’s responsibility!


1. The first rule, the one my mum

has taught me since I was a child,

is to recycle everything from the

presents you receive. From the

wrapping paper to the small

accessories. To do so you must very

carefully open each gift, trying to

keep the wrapping paper intact.

Keep any bags and ribbons, store

these away in a box ready to

recycle the next time you need to

wrap and give a gift!

2. Shopping bags can also be reused.

Brown bags are really nice to use in

this way because they are perfect

for everyone - kids and adults - and

you can always get creative and

decorate them.

3. Why not use newspaper to wrap

your presents? I used this method

one year after I totally forgot to

buy some Xmas paper. It’s super

easy, use a newspaper you have at


生 活 方 式



home, or even a magazine, and use

it exactly as you would use normal

wrapping paper.

4. A different way is to use a piece

of cloth. Repurpose that beautiful

t-shirt you’re not wearing any more.

Cut it into the size needed and

cover the gift and tie the ends to

secure it. You can also use new tea

towels and make them part of your

gift. This method is very common in

Japan, where it is called ‘Furoshiki’.

5. Since COVID-19, we are all using

Tabao even more frequently and

this means so much paper and

plastic is thrown away as we open

the packages. A nice way to reuse

the the paper used for packaging

is to use for wrapping your

Christmas gifts. Add some coloured

accessories, such as a bow, flowers

or stars, and your present will be


6. If you want to buy something brand

new, brown bags and brown paper

are very versatile and whoever

receives it can reuse them in turn.

You can always add a nice ribbon

or some fresh flowers. If you’re

good at drawing, draw something

nice, this will make your present

really special.

7. Tin boxes or glass jars are also a

perfect way to wrap gifts and those

can also be part of the present. You

can decorate the container with a

homemade label, or even simpler,

with a coloured bow.

8. If you need to wrap something

bigger which doesn’t fit inside a jar,

use a shoe box. You can use them

as they are with a simple cloth bow

or instead wrap it again with a nice

paper wrap.

9. If you’re looking at something

creative, this would be perfect.

Use your child drawing, they’re so

unpredictable and look great as

unique wrapping paper. This is also

a way to reuse all those thousands

of drawings that you don’t know

where to store anymore.

10. Twine and toilet paper are

definitely something different. Roll

them around your gift to make it

surprisingly beautiful.

Get creative – you can use anything

you want to wrap your presents. Get

inspired by the things you have at

home and remember you don’t need

many things to make it special. Reuse

and recycle. If you really want to buy

something, don’t buy anything useless,

remember to pay attention to the

material of the wrapping you’re buying.

And last but not least follow the rules:

“Less is more”. Keep it simple, you

don’t need many things, just a piece of

nice paper or cloth. You can also add

some leaves of flowers if you find them

outside your house. 37





























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