Keep Calm and Carry On Living Life in the UK


A book of advice for children moving to another county created by children at Liberty Intermediate School at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, UK


An advice book for US military-connected

children ages 9 to 11 moving to the UK

Booklet produced during World

War Two to help British people

understand American culture

and geography.

RAF Lakenheath is not only home to American military

personnel, but also to their families. There are five schools that

serve the base, with over 2,500 children attending them.

As part of a Sharing Suffolk Stories project the schools have been working with

Suffolk Archives to explore young people’s experiences of arriving and living in

Suffolk. Using pamphlets from Suffolk Archives for inspiration, students at Liberty

Intermediate School were inspired to write their own illustrated book of advice for

US military-connected children aged 9 to 11 moving to Suffolk.

Their book covers housing, friendships, food, sport, travel, culture, and keeping in

touch with family and friends.

April 2020

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Welcome, to living in the UK

Welcome, to living in the UK

It can be hard sometimes because it’s

hard to make and leave friends. I had

a friend named Paloma. She wasn’t just

my friend, but she was my best friend.

It was very hard to leave, I don’t even

remember her last name. It has also

made me leave my family. It has been

very hard, at times I find myself feeling

sad or crying. My life story has been

very different from some of my friends,

but it doesn’t mean I have to feel sad. I

find living in the UK changed my perspective of the world in many different ways. A

good thing is that it has shown me that I am stronger than I think. At first it’s hard

but at the end of all of the tough nights crying and feeling sad, you soon come to

realize that it gets better throughout the race. My experience is when I first came,

I felt so sad and I needed someone to help guide me along the way, then something

happened. I started to realize my happiness and how lucky I am to find friends who

comfort me and help guide me. At times I still find myself crying but that’s just my

personal life. That’s my story for now. What’s yours?

-Bella, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Live Where?

Keep Calm and Live Where?

When we arrived in England we

stayed in Temporary Lodging

for about five weeks. Our room had two

bedrooms, one bedroom with a bigger

bed and there was another room with

small skinny beds but I decided that

the bed was too small so I slept on the

pull-out couch. My little brother stayed

and slept in the small bed. Our room

also had a kitchen that I thought was

pretty nice, there was a kitchen table,

one bathroom, and a TV. Temporary Lodging on Mildenhall is walking distance

away from the BX and Commissary and my family found that really convenient.

Eventually, my family found a house in Red Lodge. We got our household items the

day we moved in. My Mom and Dad’s dresser ended up getting a little beat up and

the kitchen table but nothing too bad. There were quite a few Americans that lived

around us that went to the elementary school on Lakenheath. I also met friends at

the park, including a

British girl that I’m

really good friends

with still. She even

comes over when our

breaks overlap or on

the weekend.

Technically, our

house was a four

bedroom. However,

my little brother

had hardly any

space to play in

his room, my room

was very cluttered

because I had a

lot of decor and


Keep Calm and Live Where?

trinkets, and my Mom

and Dad’s dresser and

my Mom’s vanity had to

be put in the very small

‘bedroom’. My Mom

made some friends that

lived on base and she

visited her friend at her

house on base and my

Mom was convinced

that base housing was

a lot bigger than our

home in Red Lodge.

A little over a year

after my family

and I moved to Red

Lodge we moved

Lakenheath base.

All the rooms are

much bigger and

the downstairs

exceeded my

expectations in

size. I’ve made a lot

of friends on base

but at the time of the move I didn’t

want to leave my best friend. Even though we still saw each other at

school and were in the same class I couldn’t ride the bus with her and I felt bad that

she had no one to sit with on the bus.

In conclusion, I had a great time living in Red Lodge and on Lakenheath. I think

living on base just for the size of the house was better for my family and especially

since my little brother and I are growing. My younger brother loves having space

to play in his room. From Temporary Lodging to finding our house in Red Lodge to

moving on base there were some times that I didn’t enjoy as much as others, but

overall I love living in England.

-Kaleah, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Live Where?

WOW! I can’t believe I

was in the UK! I also

couldn’t believe the

three story houses off

base were cheap. My

parents bought an off

base home in Red Lodge.

Before I moved in, I lived

in the TLF (temporary

lodging). It was kind of

like a hotel. All I can say

is, I am glad to have finally

found a house. The TLF

had small rooms and it just

didn’t really feel like home.

It’s nice that they had a playground and hot chocolate. But now I finally have a

house. Again. For the second time. It’s tiring but I’ve gotten used to it. The house we

bought is actually nice. I always wanted a three story house. It took a while to get

the household goods to come, but it was worth it. We had to unpack a lot. That part

was not my favorite.


In MY opinion, always get a three story house. I don’t know why, but it just seems

cool and you sometimes feel rich or like you live in a mansion. Some may disagree

because it’s going to be a workout climbing all those stairs but at least you’ll stay fit.

If you get hot chocolate at the TLF, you’ll find that the hot chocolate lives up to its

name. Their hot chocolate is HOT! So make sure to not burn your tongue. It may be

hot but, hey, it wouldn’t be hot chocolate if it wasn’t hot.

When it comes to unpacking, it’s not ALWAYS fun. So when you start unpacking, be

aware that you might want to start weight-lifting. Just in case you have to lift heavy


-Rena, Grade 5

I live in RAF Lakenheath and there is the best school here called Liberty

Intermediate School which is where I go to. You can also drive to Mildenhall BX

which has a lot of toys and costumes for Halloween.

-Adrien, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Live Where?

Right now I live on base and I am liking it a lot better than when I lived off base

because it feels more like home. Also my most favorite part about living on base

is that all my friends live on base so I can play outside with them. And If I’m ever

bored I can just walk around outside. Living in lodging waiting for us to get a house

and waiting for our stuff wasn’t too bad. Lodging was actually nice. There were

playgrounds outside the building across the street. It was also close enough to the

BX and Commissary that you could walk there. Which was very good because it

meant we didn’t really need to drive anywhere to get groceries or anything else like


-Kaden, Grade 5

When I first moved to England I had to live in a TERRIBLE lodge. I had to sleep on a

hard bed with my brother and there was mold growing on the wall! After a couple

months of living in a lodge I moved off base into a small house. After about a week

we got our stuff back. My room was really small so everything was cramped.

As soon as we moved

into our house we

put ourselves on

the housing list. We

waited almost TWO

YEARS to move on

base. It took a couple

weeks to move into

our new house but

it was worth it. Our

new house was

much bigger and

my room was also

WAY bigger too.

But I still think

to this day that

it is ridiculous

that I had to

wait almost TWO

YEARS to move

on base.

-Seth, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Live Where?

We met a lot of people but when we got there the house was different because there

were heaters and the house was smaller and there were fewer rooms and there was

a backyard.

-Zoei, Grade 4

Off Base: I live off base. If you live off base, you need to pay more attention than if

you live on base. Once, in my neighborhood, my neighbor’s car was stolen. Other

than that, living off base is okay.

TLF: When you first get here, until you get a house, you’ll live in the TLF

(Temporary Lodging Facility). I was in the 4 bedroom apartment. But I didn’t get to

live with my dogs in that room.

Waiting for your goods: Waiting for your things is hard in my experience. You most

likely will get loaned furniture. It might take a little while to get things, but you will

eventually get them.

-M’ Kayla, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Live Where?

When I first moved to England I was sad

and happy. Where I lived in England

before I had a house I lived in TLF. TLF

is a place that you will have to stay

when you are looking for a house or

longer because they need to move

furniture in your house until your

stuff gets to your house. When your

stuff gets to your house you can help

unpack with your Mom, or Dad, or

both. After you unpack you can invite

some kids your age then you can be


-Kaila, Grade 5

Welcome to England, extremely unpredictable, bad smelling always, and more

wet than ever with rain. So, we’ll let you know about the seasons that are never in

order, fall goes to winter, spring is literally frost all around although summer is a

heatwave of everything all together.

Okay, back on topic now, the TLF is really small and they’re off base. Good thing

is, they have a playground and if you live off base or at Mildenhall you get bigger

housing but you have to take a bus to L.E.S or L.I.S maybe L.M.S if you’re old. Okay,

onto the next topic!

So, about the people here, some of them are rude, with much emphasis on ‘some’.

Most of the time their rudeness will be mistaken because of their accent. Enough

about the people let’s move onto the language.

Their pronunciation is cool but you can barely understand them with the words

they use for everyday objects. An example is biscuits are cookies and soccer is

American football etc.

-Alana, Grade 5

When I moved to the UK I lived off base but I didn’t like where I lived. The adults

were mean to me. The kids, I didn’t understand their accent. But when I moved on

base the adults were nice and the kids I could understand.

P.S. I’m going to be here for two more years. -Anthony, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Meet Who?

Keep Calm and Meet Who?

After moving to England, my

parents put me in to Europe’s

British schools, wanting me to adapt

and become comfortable in my new

home-away-from-home. One thing I

can tell you after two years in British

schools is, it’s a lot different than the

teaching system I was used to. For

starters, two different grades share

one classroom, they eat dessert with

lunch instead of dinner, the schools

are usually smaller, and the

school community selects

students to participate in sport

competitions with nearby

schools, etcetera. But making

friends isn’t something to

worry about. However, not all

kids go to British schools…

Lakenheath base is also a

good school to go to, every

child attending is just like

you, they moved here

from the States. Everyone

is super-welcoming and

helpful, teachers and

pupils are always excited

to welcome new students

into their class. Most

kids there were once in

your shoes, walking into

their new classroom not

knowing anybody, with

little idea what to do or

say. Most kids know what


Keep Calm and Meet Who?

it feels like to be put in a new

school, therefore you’ll soon feel

well placed and none the less

jubilant to go hang out with


Throughout the years I’ve

lived here, not only have I

met various friends in the

community on (and off)

base, but I’ve also met an

abundance of friends on

the soccer team, known

as football here, that I

joined three years ago.

After just one practice with the other girls who’d

previously joined the team, I felt at home and comfortable working as a team with

them to complete certain drills. Everybody there was again super nice and showed

hospitality towards me (the newcomer).

-Anika, Grade 5


Whenever I first moved to

England I was excited but

scared to go to school. Within

the second week of school I

knew everyone’s name and

had made four friends. When

you don’t know people it can

be scary going to a new school

but once you get used to it, it

isn’t that scary. My parents

always tell me that it is ok to

be scared and that everyone

was once new too. This year

I was scared to go to school

too but now I have lots of

friends and one of the greatest

teachers ever!

-Addiline, Grade 5

Keep Calm and Meet Who?

Making new friends is hard

because sometimes you are shy

around most people and don’t

talk as much. Something that

you should know is that here in

LIS everyone is nice and easy to

befriend. Also at LIS we welcome

everyone with open arms so no

need to be shy. At LIS once you

get used to all the people at this

school it starts to feel like you’re at

a home-away-from-home.

-Jehkyra, Gra de 5

When you move somewhere new,

you have to make new friends. Here

are some things to know if you’re

having a hard time making friends.

First, when you move there, try

walking around, and getting to know

some of the people that live there.

Also, when you go to school ask the

teacher to introduce you to everyone

else so they at least know your name.

Another thing you can do is play sports

so when you join a team you’ll make

friends because you’ll be with them for a

while. Making friends isn’t hard when you get more friends, and know how to do it

with more confidence.

-Kanani, Grade 5

You can meet people that you think you can trust and to be a good friend to you.

A place you can find friends is in the youth center or school. Or maybe in your

neighborhood. If someone is being mean to you just walk away.

You can make friends by playing with someone you don’t know. Or maybe you can

find someone at the park outside.

-Kelsin and Peyton, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Meet Who?

When you are in the UK you don’t know who to meet, so if you go to school at

Liberty Intermediate School you can make a lot of friends and they have really good


-Adrian, Grade 5

How I meet my friends is from basketball. When I first saw them I ask what is their

name and I ask if they want to be friends, and they say yes and we become friends.

Some friends that are very close I call them brothers because they are like brothers

to me. I treat them like a younger brother to me and I hang out with them and buy

them stuff, have sleepovers, and play sports with them. Then after the school year

we call and Facetime. The one thing I hate is when my best friend moves. I hate

that because they are my friends and I don’t want them to leave because those are

the only people I hang out with. When they move I cry because they are like my

brothers and I don’t want them to move somewhere else. But I get over it and I go to

see them in the summer, but I wish they did not have to leave.

-Walter, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Eat What?

Keep Calm and Eat What?

Welcome to English foods! I am

going to talk about what to

expect when you eat. There is tea time,

drinks, etc. Let’s get started!

Do you miss places like Chick-ffil-A,

McDonalds, or Taco Bell? Don’t worry,

there are still some restaurants here

like McDonalds and Burger King. But

there are also foods like fresh fish to

make fish and chips, blackberry pie

(any pie), berries, croissants, and crumpets are very popular.

Other foods such as pastries and candies are Jaffa Cakes and Maltesers. Popular

sweets are Dairy Milk and sausage and cheese biscuits. Some other candies are

chewy sweet Drumsticks, Refreshers, and Maoam candies. Pastries also may

include butter croissants.

British drinks such as tea and cider

are popular. At many British pubs,

ginger beer and Pimms are popular.

Popular sodas include Fanta and

Tango. Citrus is popular to be on

the sides of drinks such as water

and tea. Finally gin and dandelion

and burdock is a nice British


For tea parties, sandwiches,

tea, and mini lemon cakes are

popular. At tea parties, they

often add lemon to tea. Other

fruits such as strawberries

are sometimes served with

sandwiches. For dessert, pie

and macaroons are popular.


Keep Calm and Eat What?

Some stores such as

Sainsbury’s have fresh

loaves of bread and fresh

fruits and vegetables. This

is the healthy side. Most

stores have foods like thin

waffle ham and meat

pies. A lot of things come

with chips (fries) like for

example pizza and fish.

The fresh vegetables and

fruits are things like cold

lettuce, cherry tomatoes,

and gooseberries. Finally

other healthy/traditional/

popular foods are bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie.

You know how American ice cream tastes really sweet? Well not here! Most sodas,

ice creams, cereals, etc., have less sugar than American ice creams, cereals, sodas.

-Brooke, Grade 4

I found out about fish and ‘chips’ when I went to a restaurant.

I forgot its name though. But I learned there that here, chips mean fries. Tea will

become a habit and sometimes people I know have said a whole sentence in a

British accent. But there are tea, scones, macaroons, British ice cream and more!

-Sophia, Grade 4

British people eat eggs with sausages

and bacon and tea for breakfast.

They call it a British Breakfast and

they also have something thing

called British muffin and they add

jam or cheese. For lunch they eat

sandwiches, and for dinner (they call

it tea) they have some type of meat

and a plate of vegetables and they

also have casserole and other food.

-Ohemaa, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Eat What?

Since I moved here to England

I like eating fish and chips. My

favorite place to eat is in Bury

St Edmunds where there is a

fish and chip shop. When I used

to live there I used to eat there

every single day, well not every

single day just most of the

time. But now I live on base so

I eat there less. I still eat fish

and chips which means fish

and French fries.

-Berkeley, Grade 4

In my opinion some of the

food is strange but some of it

is really good. The tea is very

good I love the scones. If you

want peas, order garden

peas, not peas because if

you do you get mushed-up

peas. Chips are French

fries and chips are crisps.

-Claire, Grade 4

When I first moved

here from the States

in Texas I loved Sonic

but now in England

I love Charlie’s.

The next one is

McDonalds because

the French fries are

good and the burgers

too, so you can eat at

a lot of places.

-Vincent, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Eat What?

The United Kingdom is a very different place to live than America because of the

food they eat. A difference in food is that Americans eat food like pizza and burgers

and drink stuff like Coke and Pepsi but the people in the UK eat fish and chips and

baked beans and drink tea and coffee with biscuits.

There is a change in restaurants too. In the US there’s McDonalds and Burger King

but in the UK there is still McDonalds but the menu is different. A difference is that

instead of a wrap they have bacon with cheese in a flatbread.

Those are some of the many differences in food between America and the United

Kingdom and that is okay.

-Brody, Grade 5

One thing you should know in the UK is chips are called crisps. Another thing you

should know is that chicken nuggets are called chicken goujons in the UK.

-Aiden, Grade 4

I am going to talk about the

different names of food. First

up is candy, we know it as

something sweet that parents

don’t want us to have too much

of. Candy in Britain is called

sweets. I get why, but candy

sounds better (or is that just

me?). Ok we are coming to

a good food in my opinion -

chicken nuggets. You might

want to sit down for this

translation - it is chicken

goujons (silence). It is

amazing that what you call

supper/dinner is, wait for it

– tea-time! (Not as amazing

as chicken goujons I do

not know, funny to say, no

offence Britain)

-Monica, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Play What?

Keep Calm and Play What?

Here in the UK we do horseback

riding a little different. For

example here in England we do

English riding. People who do English

riding have different riding clothes.

We also have different saddles. There

are also different horse breeds called

Clydesdales. Here in England many

people do jumping contests. They also

do dressage. In the States we also

have another horse type which is the

American Quarter Horse. In the States we do barrel racing and also just racing.

-Olivia, Grade 4

When you first move to

England you are probably

wondering what sports

do the people in England

play. Well I have your

answer, they mostly play

soccer which they call

football. They also play

a game called cricket,

which is basically

baseball in this country.

If you’re thinking about

playing American

football you can only

play with Mildenhall

or Lakenheath youth

center programs.

Here in England they

call football rugby.

-Ryder, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Play What?

I’m going to talk about how I

adapted to the sports in the

U.K. First you should know

that they don’t have football

here and the closest thing

they have to it is this thing

called rugby. Rugby is this

thing where you can run

and toss the ball backwards

instead of having to run all

the way to the end zone.

And also soccer here is

called football and unlike in

the States they have huge

tournaments and it’s super

popular. Oh and baseball. I’ve never

seen a British person play baseball.

-Jemarco, Grade 4

Did you know that if a

British person

says they want to

play football they

are just saying

let’s play soccer.

They might say

mate that means

friend if you didn’t

know. And in the

UK they play Pooh

sticks and that is

basically when you

go on a bridge and

drop a stick. The first

persons stick that

comes out first from

under the bridge wins.

-Antonio, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Play What?

My favorite game to play is football, and other games that have to do with running,

and also being active. The games that I really like are soccer, basketball, and racing

while running. There are games like Pooh sticks, rugby, cricket, and extra activities

too. Soccer is called football so soccer/football and there is also American football.

There are many types of other games too, like board games, and hand games, like

the most common Rock, Paper, Scissors.

-Wyatt, Grade 5

Since I moved here I learned about this new game called ‘fish out of water’ and it

basically goes like this. One person is ‘it’ and the others have to go to high ground.

The tagger counts to twenty and once he or she is done the tagger closes their eyes

and tries to tag people. If they think someone is on ‘land’ they can say “FISH OUT OF

WATER” and if someone is, they will be the next tagger.

-Kayleigh, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Play What?

During my time in England I learned

that they call tag ‘it’. At first I was

REALLY confused because it is a word

that people use in their everyday life

like, ‘it bit me’. Another thing I noticed

is that they call football rugby. At

first I thought it was a name but then

I realized it was the English way of

saying football.

-Ohemaa, Grade 5

My first prompt is the difference and

similarities about British football

and American football. One difference is that in American

football you mainly use your hands. However, in British football you use your feet. A

similarity is that both sports have an offense and defense. But in American football

the offense and defense are on the field at different times.

Another difference is the

shape of the two balls. The

American football is an

eye sort of shape just in

3D. The British football

is a sphere. Another

similarity is that they

basically have the same

concept, but American

football is about

reaching touchdowns

and British football is

about kicking a goal.

In conclusion I think

that a similarity is

that both sports are

special in their

own way.

-Parker, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Travel How?

Keep Calm and Travel How?

When I got here, I had never seen

as big an airport as Heathrow.

First thing, well second thing, my Mom

and Dad said to me and my sister was

“hold on to my hand tightly, girls”

firmly, but at the same time very

sweetly. I knew that second I should

follow their directions, or I would be

risking my safety.

When you get here, you definitely need

to follow your parents directions, and wear what you want, but don’t wear anything

that shouts ‘WE ARE AMERICANS!’ You can still be proud that you are Americans,

but if you wear things like that, someone might not like

that and target your


Keep Calm and Travel How?

family. But, don’t be scared. It does not happen a lot, but like I did in the airport, I

don’t think you want to risk your safety. Try to blend in as much as you can.

Also, notice that lots of people around you (outside the base, and sometimes inside)

will have English accents. Don’t make fun of them. They might sound a little funny,

since you might not have heard them before, but what if they did that to you?

Hmm… you would not feel good about that, unless you like to be laughed at and

looked at in a weird and criticizing way.

These are some ways you can be safe, and a kid like me won’t know all of them,

but the biggest thing is to listen to your parents and have a plan if you are lost

or in trouble. If you are in trouble and need the doctor, police, firefighters, or any

emergency service, don’t use the number 911 to call them, it is 999 here. If you

can’t hang on to the emergency services, make sure you know your Mom and/or

Dad’s phone number. That could also be part of your plan if you are lost. Here are

some more examples. Me and my parents say that if I ever accidentally went onto

a subway train without my parents, I would immediately get

off at the next stop and wait for my them

(and my sister, if she’s there). I wouldn’t

talk to anyone, or go anywhere with

anyone, even the police. All I would tell

them would be “I am waiting for someone

(my parents).” La u ra, Gra de 5


Keep Calm and Travel How?

When you travel in the States you might wear your favorite baseball shirt, but when

you live here they don’t have baseball. It isn’t your best bet to wear sports jerseys.

If you are coming from the States then you might have a lot of stuff that stands

out and will draw attention from people here. You could also buy clothes from a

local store so people might think “Oh okay”, and it might draw less attention. Of

course you can’t change your voice/accent and that’s okay. When you travel don’t

be loud or obnoxious because the surrounding people might think you are mad. The

security is different from the average in the States because some travel in car-vans

and it almost resembles an American ambulance.

If you are in London always know where your people are so if you end up by the

London Eye but were supposed to be on the other side of the river by Big Ben have

a meeting place so once they realize you’re missing you and the family can meet

there. Just make sure you can walk around and enjoy the culture without attracting

loads of attention. -Gabby, Grade 5

You have to know about the crowds. I have faced a bunch of crowds in London and in

some other places in the UK. The reason there are crowds are for the people doing

show/street performances. People will stand in the way and not leave or move for

a while until they either get bored or the person is done doing whatever they were

doing. - K ia ra, Gra de 5

Americans do want to fit in. They do that by not acting like a fool and they want to

find some way to read the restaurant menu. I think the best way to do that is Google

translate. It is efficient and I can trust it, unlike most apps. Another way to fit in is

by dressing like them.

Some ways to stand out is by acting a complete fool. Also getting a rental car. So far

the only place that I have gone where we have gotten a rental car was Germany. But

in most places there are no car rentals because they take the train.

Ok now let’s go back to the whole restaurant thing. If someone like your waiter asks

if you want a drink don’t say ‘yes ma’am’ or ‘yes sir’. They consider that is calling

them old and not being respectful. So let’s just say if you travel a lot here in the UK

be careful that you don’t embarrass yourself, your family, or America.

-Addisyn, Grade 5

When you are traveling if someone gives you something you say thank you. If you

bump into someone you say sorry to the person you bump into.

-Joshua, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Culture On?

Keep Calm and Culture On?

When I first moved here I was

very confused about English

culture but not entirely because I

looked at some books about England.

It helped me. Anyway, I had a hard

time adjusting because everything was

different but I had my family to help

me. After a while I got used to all the

currency, all the pounds, and pence.

And the language, it’s the same, well

they have different accents and they

have different ways of saying things. Like they call fries, chips and they call chips,

crisps. And you might have trouble finding your right shoe size. You might have to

look it up. Well just remember to stay calm and keep cool. And remember you can

conquer anything with your imagination.

-Julia, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Culture On?

Here in Great Britain, there are

many different rules. Like if

you go to a British school, you

have to wear a uniform. Also,

you would need to show good

manners to adults. In America

they have dollars and cents,

but here they have pounds and

pence. There are also many

old buildings and castles, and

if you wanted to visit them

you would have to drive on

the left side of the road. They

also celebrate some different

things. Also, there are

many different languages, like British, German, French,

and Spanish. If you ever visit somewhere you will go through many farmlands.

Farmlands are very big here. You can find them anywhere.

-Isa, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Culture On?

Keep calm wherever

you are because you can

explore and you can see

new animals and bugs.

Then you can make new

friends, you can eat

new foods and find new

stores. You never know

what you might see or

encounter and you get

to see new movies and

go to new schools.

-Adrian, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Visit Where?

Keep Calm and Visit Where?

In the UK I have traveled to Wales, London and

Cambridge. One place that I have been to in the UK

and I really liked was going to Wales. What I love about

Wales is the beaches, the food, watching my Dad do the

Ironman or triathlon, and the hotel me and my family

stayed in.

-Eliana, Grade 5

I went to Scotland, and we went to a castle. The castle

was on a big hill. We were staying in a hotel so we took a

bus, but we still had to walk up the hill. We watched someone shoot a cannon and it

was loud! We also went on a tour around the castle. Then we took a bus back to the

hotel and went to sleep. We woke up the next morning, everyone went to the castle

while my Grandma, my Cousin and I were at the zoo that was next to our hotel.

That was my vacation to Scotland.

-Riley, Grade 4

I have traveled to

Scotland, Wales, Ireland

and much more! In

Scotland I saw a bunch

of mountains and sheep,

sometimes there’s

even sheep ON the

mountains. In Wales

they speak Welsh, but

there were no WHALES

in Wales. In Ireland

there were a bunch of

flags and trees. Out of

these three places I

choose Scotland as my


-Alex, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Visit Where?

I have traveled to Dover and what I saw

was cannons, a castle, and I also went to

the Dover cliffs. I have also traveled to

London and I went on the London Eye. I

also went to Big Ben and Big Ben is a big

clock. My favorite is Big Ben because it

glows at night.

-Jack, Grade 4

I have travelled multiple places,

but the ones I can remember are:

Stonehenge, The London Zoo,

Buckingham Palace, Ely Cathedral,

Dover Castle, The London Eye, a wax

museum, Oxford Castle, Windsor

Castle and Cambridge. My favorite

place I’ve been to is Windsor Castle,

because there is a lot of things to

do, and it is big and old. I also like

the State Apartment and the Queen’s Dolls’

House inside Windsor Castle.

-Mackenzie, Grade 4

Where I have been in England that I really liked was Great Yarmouth. I really liked

it because I had many great times, like going to fairs with lots of rides, or having a

shot at carnival games, and winning prizes from them. And one time I got one giant

bunny rabbit.

-Devon, Grade 4

I’ve traveled to London where there is Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace,

and really good restaurants. I loved the London Eye because my family and I went

on the London Eye, and it was BEAUTIFUL! The Buckingham Palace inside was

amazing too. I also went to Wales with my family and we loved it! We went to a pizza

place there and their pizza was really yummy. I wish I made that type of pizza. My

family and I went in Buckingham Palace and we liked the palace because we really

had nothing to do in our house.

-Rylie, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Visit Where?

Wales and

London. London

was my favorite.

In London there

was tons of food

that I had never

had before. I

went on tons of

rides like The

London Dungeon,

an aquarium and

the London Eye. I

stayed at a hotel for

three days. Right

next to the hotel

was Starbucks and

a hospital that was

made in the 1900s.

London was full of interesting things.

-Eric, Grade 5

Well one place I have traveled was Ireland which was cool. It has beautiful

mountains there. And really cool castles.

-Cailin, Grade 4

I have traveled to Dover Castle, Bury St Edmunds, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, London,

Camden Town, Brighton, LEGOLAND etc. One place I liked that I’ve visited is

LEGOLAND because of one of the rides in the Ninjago section towards the end of

the park. It was challenging so it was fun. You have to swipe your hand on a board

to throw ninja stars. The line was long but it was worth it. We had to wait on some

stairs for five minutes and they were jumbo sized stairs. When we got to the top I

got to fulfill my dream to become a ninja. But seriously the ride was AWESOME! I

had a great day at LEGOLAND.

-Camden, Grade 4

My favorite place I’ve traveled was Scotland! We had our Grandma and Grandpa

with us but the place I hated the most in Scotland was the WHISKEY factory!

That place SMELLED! It was the worst place ever. My Mom said, “STOP plugging


Keep Calm and Visit Where?

your nose it’s rude” I mean how is plugging your nose RUDE! After the whiskey

factory we went to a restaurant not far from the factory the restaurant had the best

MAYONNAISE ever! While we were at the restaurant I was doing a word search. By

the way the place we stayed in had a tree swing in the backyard! I went on it several

times but I kept begging my brother to do it with me, and the TV was one of those

channeled TVs. Our drive to get here took SIX HOURS, BUT thank goodness there

was a TV in the car. The best thing about coming to Scotland was that we came in

December and went to Mr. Santa Claus’s den! And got a present I promised not to

open until Christmas. But during those days in Scotland we went on a hike up a

mountain but my brother, my Grandma, and my Mom were trying to find their way

back down with a ‘short cut’ and eventually found us. I’m very sad to leave Scotland

but me and my brother got a donut from Mom and Dad and it was an Oreo cream

filled donut YUMMY! URGH! Another six hours AGAIN! It was a fun trip though

and one day you might be able to visit Scotland too.

-Elyse, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Visit Where?

Where I traveled in the UK is Scotland, I went to Edinburgh. Edinburgh was a big

place, at night the castle was lit up with different animations and we went to this

souvenir shop that had an armory down stairs that you can visit. When we got out

of the shop we went to this illusion place. It was cool.

-Jesus, Grade 5

One place in the UK that I’ve gone to is Hampton Court, it was so fascinating! The

best part was all the history, but the best part out of all the history was about his

six wives. I couldn’t believe that I was in a 500 year-old palace, and at first I didn’t

even want to go! The creepy thing was the eavesdroppers. They really scared me,

but it was OK. I really want to go back because it was really fun and interesting. I

got to walk in the hall where Catherine Howard begged for her life, the ballroom

where Henry and Anne Boleyn danced, and where Jane’s heart and lungs were


-Addie, Grade 4

I have traveled to France, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Wales, Spain, and Italy. One

place I really liked was Spain.

I like Spain because it is really

hot and has beautiful beaches.

The second best one I like is

Croatia. I like Croatia because

it is a beautiful place and has

many beaches as well.

-Lilly, Grade 5

The places I’ve been to

are Audley End House,

Dover Castle, a Robin

Hood festival, Stonehenge,

and Sherwood Forest in

the United Kingdom and

learned all about the

history plus folktales

back when kings ruled or

cavemen even existed,

having fun with my

family along the way.


Keep Calm and Visit Where?

Sometimes I wondered how their

buildings were made or what else they made with

building material such as dirt or mud. Mom and Dad would always tell me and

my brothers about back then. One place I really liked was a tiny barn that is right

next to a duck-pond with baby ducklings living in it following their mother (which

I thought was adorable!) and a little playground in the back. At the barn we could

ride on a horse or feed animals such as pigs or goats. We could also go on an egg

hunt since it was the day before Easter. The only problem was that there were a lot

of nettles at the barn and I have a worse reaction with nettles than others because

my skin is sensitive, but, other than that, it was perfect.

-Ella, Grade 4

I have never been anywhere in the UK. The only thing I have been to is Center

Parcs. It was the best place. First we went to the cabin and unpacked and then we

had to babysit for a long time until four o’clock. The next day my parents were gone

and we had to wait for my parents so we could go to the pool, then when my Mom


Keep Calm and Visit Where?

got back we got in

our bathing suits.

Then, we went on

the rapid ride.

It was fun. We

went bumping

into each other

and then we all

fell down into

the pool. After

the pool we left

to go for a treat.

We got so many

candies and

then went to go

eat. We ate and



Gra de 4

I have been in

England for a long time now, almost six years

and I have seen a lot of places. They are really interesting and seeing different

cultures is the best thing to do when you are somewhere else from home. I have

been to Scotland and Wales, Scotland has been the best culture I have ever seen.

Scotland has had the best culture so far because they are festive with their own

type of dancing and clothing. I cannot forget about all the souvenirs they have and

you can even buy their kind of clothing.

The third place I have been in England is London, all of you must know is that

London is very busy with all the streets and apartments filled with people! If you

are planning to visit, they are not really like other places I have been to. They don’t

have festivals every week or so, they have maybe once a month. If they do have a

festival or carnival, I am telling you amazing advice! They have the most amazing

food there and a lot of rides. Thank you for listening, I hope I gave you good advice.

-Zoey, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Respect On?

Keep Calm and Respect On?

The English folks have beliefs about

different values, kings, queens,

princesses, you name it all. Be careful

what you say because a lot of people

that live in the UK might think it’s an

insult. On the news there have been

terrorist attacks that happen in the

UK. So be aware about that.

If you need to ask someone where to go,

then ask someone near you and don’t

worry, it’s normal to ask someone where to go, like the subway, train, restaurants

and more! Make sure you’ve got a lot of pounds in your wallet because you’re going

to have to pay the taxi. Want to go on a double-decker bus? Well, today is your lucky

day! There are lots of buses. Food to eat? Well you’ve got fish and chips or pizza,

gelato (ice cream) and more! Well my friends I am off on my adventure, bye!

-Charlotte, Grade 5

What I have experienced is that I have to keep calm when people say ‘ay mate

watch where you’re going!’ Their food here is quite interesting. They are not big on

spice so they do not have much spicy food. They are really big on fish they use it a

lot. Their foods are really good. They have stuff like fish and chips and bangers and

mash. Their sweets are amazing but they do not have much sour candy though.

My favorite candy in the world is Toxic Waste.

There are a lot of vapers and smokers and the

air pollution is bad.

-Bra den,

Gra de 4


Keep Calm and Keep in Touch?

Keep Calm and Keep in Touch?

When people move, they usually

miss friends, family, neighbors,

or any other special people they might

have left behind. That is normal for

many other people who are about

to or are in the process of moving.

Don’t worry though, because there

are ways you can keep in touch with

those special people. One way is to

communicate through devices. You

could get their phone number and

call them. You could also Facetime or text them. Another way to communicate is

through letters. You can write a letter or even a postcard to your friends and family

members. Another fun choice is to send pictures and packages if you want to give

something to the people you moved away from.

If you try to call, text, or Facetime, you have to keep time zones in mind. Some

different places have different times. Some time zones are the Baghdad time zone,

the Hong Kong time zone, and other time zones. You should choose to communicate

with others in another time zone when you know they aren’t in school or busy,

except if you write a letter.

You and your family could also plan to visit friends and family or have them visit

you. Some things to plan are what to pack, what the weather will be like, what you

will do at your destination, when and where you will go, and other details. You

probably should not go on a trip right away, and when you arrive just focus on

moving in.

Moving in can be very tough, but just try to stay calm. You may miss people, but

there are still ways to communicate with and see those people. You can talk to a

family member or somebody you trust if you have questions or concerns. Keep

calm and good luck!

-Kayla, Grade 5

I’m pretty sure everyone has been there and it is hard. It is hard because when

people move they will have to say goodbye to friends and family that live in that

place. I have been there. I was there two or more times, I was in the States with my


Keep Calm and Keep in Touch?

friends for two years but when it was almost time to leave it got emotional in the

neighborhood (most of my friends lived in the same neighborhood) and at school.

You also must have missed places like your old home and places that took you down

memory lane. I have been there too, I miss my school, my neighborhood that had

my friends and the arcade and more. If you miss your friends then try to game with

them. I haven’t tried it yet but maybe one day. You can also do pen pal letters. You

can also Skype. I have never tried that either. You can also send digital letters. I

think I have tried it before.

So those are the things you might have gone through. Also the things to keep you in

touch. So if you are lonely try this advice.

-Simon, Grade 5

When you move, you realize that you’re also leaving your friends and family behind,

which would be upsetting. You know that you love them all and wish you could go

back to them. You can always remember that they are in your heart and you can

still get in touch with them. If you have a phone, or your

parents do, you can


Keep Calm and Keep in Touch?

call them if you have their number. You can even Facetime then and catch up on

stuff! If you text them, you can send them pictures and videos of what life is here in

England (United Kingdom) and home, they might even do the same! You can also

play with them on games! Your friends would be delighted when you’re able to play

with them. You may have new friends soon, but your old friends will still be with

you. You can also learn about the United Kingdom and tell them what you learned

in your new home! Your friends will miss you but you’ll still be able to reach each

other. Your friends will be happy though that you’ve found amazing facts about the

United Kingdom, even if you are far away from them, like overseas. You can also

send them postcards of

the United Kingdom,

maybe even including

new facts about it!

Who knows, maybe

you’ll even shock

them on what you’ve

seen and learned

about in the United

Kingdom! You will

miss your friends

but when you move

away from them,

you can always stay

in touch with them.

Remember, keep

calm and stay in


-Kailyn, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Keep in Touch?

I’ve lived here for five years so I’ve got used to the time zones here. The time in

the USA is five hours behind our time, so living here was hard because I miss my

friends, but it’s ok to miss your family and friends because you can still keep in

touch. During holidays and the summer I visit my family. When it’s time to leave

I feel sad that I have to leave but I just say “I’ll be back soon” and somehow I feel

better. Soon you can meet more friends. The best way to make friends is to smile.

It’s amazing living off base because there are lots of places to go like the Abbey

Gardens and parks. I haven’t kept in touch with most of my friends but I still

have memories of fun times with them. Some ways to keep in touch are emailing,

Facetime, and messages.

-Mikayla, Grade 4

Even though I have a lot of fun with my family, I still miss my old friends and the

rest of my family back in Tennessee. Usually everyone calls us on Mom’s phone to

tell us something. Other times they come to see us. Very rarely we go to Tennessee

and it’s usually near someone’s birthday. Last time we went we went to a pool with

my Aunt and Uncle. Mom and Dad had their anniversary while in Tennessee so

they left us with the rest of our family while they went zip-lining and we played the

escape games on the hardest level.

-Ella, Grade 4

It might be hard to move from your home, but you still talk to your friends and

family. You could plan trips like cruises with your Mom and Dad and your whole

family could be there. Or you can video call your friends at any time. What my

family does is I go to my Grandmas’, or my Grandmas’ come to my house. My family

went on a cruise and my Aunts, Uncles, and Grandmas’. We went to Puerto Rico. The

best part about the trip was that I got to meet my Grandpa for the first time.

Taylor, Grade 5

One way to keep in touch is to get their phone number. But maybe they don’t have

a phone, so you could ask for their Mom’s phone number. Another way is to ask for

addresses. But time zones can be tricky like what if you accidentally call your friend

during school, uh-oh, he’s in trouble now. What if you want to visit your family? You

might have to leave behind a very special thing such as a bear or a favorite stuffed

animal you miss. Don’t forget it’s okay to miss anything you had to leave behind.

-Caeden, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Keep in Touch?

The way I keep in touch with my friends is Facetime and texting. You can plan trips,

your friend can visit for holidays or the summer. The way I keep in touch is gaming.

The games I suggest are Animal Jam, Dog Simulator, Cat Simulator, Roblox or any

other came you prefer. Hey, you miss your friends why not make more by making

friends with your neighbor or at the park, maybe even at school (most likely)

maybe even try having sleepovers or just going over to hang out with your new

friends. And don’t forget to keep calm and keep in touch.

-Chanel, Grade 5

You miss your friends don’t you? Well that’s ok. You can keep in touch by writing

letters, video chat, Skype, etc. I write letters to my BFF Ava and she writes back. I

write to her about what is going on, holidays, to ask questions, etc. It is ok to miss

your friends. I miss mine.

-Abby, Grade 5

The way I keep in touch with my family is by playing my favorite game my sister

showed me. It’s hard to call her though because my Mom works 2 to 6 or 2 to 9

o’clock. The time zone is wonky though because it’s a fix hour time difference. You

can do visits like my family because we set a date - December 18 2019 for them to

come and they came! While they were here we visited Dover Castle and Deal Castle.

Dover Castle is the castle by the white cliffs of Dover. We took a trip to the white

cliffs of Dover and I basically had a panic attack because there were no railings on

the side and I discovered I had a fear of heights.

-Carter, Grade 5

When you move to the UK, you will want

to stay in touch with friends. There are

many ways to stay in touch with friends.

You can use a computer to do this and

you can do email, text, and video chat.

You can also stay in touch using your cell

phone to talk, video chat, and text. There

are also non-electronic ways to stay in

touch. You can plan family visits if you

left some family behind. You can also mail

letters although it will take one week.

-Zachary, Grade 5


Keep Calm and Live Where?

Keep Calm and

Carry on Living in the UK

Being a US military kid

has its challenges.

I haven’t stayed in the

same house or school for

a very long time. I kept

moving house and going

to different schools.

So I didn’t have a lot

of friends. Some kids

would make fun of me

because of my skin tone.

Then I moved to Red

Lodge and I started

attending Lakenheath

Intermediate School.

I found friends that

wouldn’t make fun of

me, instead they were

funny and amazing

friends! They are

always be there for

me. My Dad and

I started rugby

and I did get some

challenges there a

few times but I worked them

out. I love England a lot now that I am used to it. I love being in

England but I have to move soon. It is so sad, but those are some more challenges

I have to face soon. I will be proud and happy when I encounter my challenges and

face them. Always know you can face any challenges if you put your mind to it! If I

can face my challenges, so can you. You can face challenges too.

-Maddie, Grade 4


Keep Calm and Live Where?


am honored and humbled by the work

that has gone into this book by the

students at Liberty Intermediate School.

This book has brought me such joy. I am

filled with pride for my students. They

have poured their hearts and knowledge

into this book. I hope that you learn from

them as much as I have.

-Andrea Sta nley,

Host Nation Teacher

at Liberty Intermediate School

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

-Joh n Ru skin


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