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Help for TB hospital

Gift of the Givers delivers water and PPE, and plans to help broader Port Alfred community as well


Pleas from concerned Port

Alfred residents to Gift of

the Givers were too loud

to be ignored and, as a result, on

Monday afternoon the

charitable organisation made

Marjorie Parrish TB Hospital

their first port of call, delivering

much-needed support in the

form of personal protective

equipment and water.

When Dr Imtiaz Sooliman,

ch a i r and founder of the Gift of

the Givers (GotG), was asked

how the organisation found out

about Port Alfred’s water crisis,

he said: “We have been getting

calls from residents that there

has been no water in town for

quite some time.

“Apparently there is only 2%

of water left in the dam. That is

what we were told.“

Knowing that Port Alfred has

a TB Hospital, GotG treated the

report about water shortages as

a matter of urgency.

Sooliman said Port Alfred

was already on their list of

hospitals to be visited and

supplied with PPE but, after

getting calls about the lack of

water in the area, they phoned

the hospital, which confirmed

the crisis.

The PPE donated by the

GotG to the TB Hospital

included 3,000 three-ply

surgical masks, 1,000 KN95

face masks, 200 gowns, 100

shoe covers, 10 boxes of gloves,

five thermometers, five pulse

oximeters, 100 face shields,

100l of sanitiser and 40 scrubs.

They also filled up some JoJo

tanks with water.

Sooliman said interventions

in Port Alfred were already part

of their plans.

“Secondly, we knew that

Port Alfred has a TB Hospital, so

as part of our standard, we have

been going to different hospitals

to supply PPEs. Port Alfred was

on our list last week,” he said.

He said it was coincidentally

discovered that the TB Hospital

was about to open a dedicated

facility for Covid-19 cases a day

after the donation.

“We said, let us come today

WELCOMED VISIT: Marjorie Parrish TB Hospital receives desperately needed support in the form of water and personal protective equipment from the Gift of

the Givers on Monday. Carrying the PPE are, from left, front row, Gift of the Givers Eastern Cape co-ordinator Corene Conradie and project manager Ali Sab l a y,

with, standing, Marjorie Parrish staff members Lindelwa Ndalase, Mzwamadoda Tukulu, Mureedah Jones, Neliswa Mbeki, Gift of the Givers chair and founder Dr

Imtiaz Sooliman, Racheal Rinyana, Dr MI Botha and Unathi Mafeje Picture: TK MTIKI

[Monday], meet the

management and see what the

facility is all about and what

they require.

“That is why we are here to

bring PPE, water and see this

facility for Covid-19,” he said.

Sooliman also said they

were planning to help the

broader Port Alfred community.

“I have spoken to my

hydrologist to see if he can

source boreholes here,” he said.

He mentioned that the

hydrologist would arrive next

week to assess the area.

He added that they were

aware there were a l r e a dy

existing boreholes which had

not been used for quite some


“We can open those

boreholes and make water

available to the hospital and to

the town.

“If necessary we will drill

new ones. That is the project,

but it is not going to happen

immediately. But it is on the list

because there is a queue,” he


Sooliman said they would

have to use a borehole for the

hospital and a separate one for

the community.


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MINGLING: Sisters,

from left, Alana and

Louise Stiglingh

chatted to Shannen

Kethro at the Kowie

Striders’ y e a r- e n d

function and prize

giving at Joba Café in

the Heritage mall last

Saturday night P i c t u re :


SEAFOOD SNACKS: Tyde Venter and her mom Marinda are

among the guests invited to sample some of the snacks at

Ocean Basket’s soft opening last Wednesday night, before

the restaurant officially opened last Friday Picture: JON HOUZET


SUGAR RUSH: Lions Ladies Zelda Elliott, left, and Paula Stander, right, received a donation of diabetes information brochures

and promotional items and flanked Nikki of Roche Pharmaceuticals who came from Port Elizabeth to be present at the World

Diabetes Day screening at Rosehill Mall on Saturday

CHEERS TO THE YEAR-END: Kowie Striders, from left,

John Howden, Alastair Blake and Pauline Weed enjoy

socialising before the start of the club's year-end function

and prize-giving at Joba Café in Heritage Mall last Saturday

night Picture: JON HOUZET

Surprise as QFS gets RO plant tender again


Ndlambe Municipality

has appointed Quality

Filtration Systems

(QFS) as the contractor

for its sea water reverse

osmosis (SWRO) plant

project – the same

company which was

awarded a R100m

tender declared

unlawful and

overturned by the

Grahamstown high

court earlier this year.

Judge Phillip Zilwa

found a number of


29 Miles St, Port Alfred

PO Box 2871, Port Alfred, 6170

046 624 4356 / Fax: 046 624 2293

Chiara Carter,

Jon Houzet,

Anneli Hanstein,

Chris van Heerden,


irregularities with the

tender, among them

that the municipality

had asked QFS to

submit an amended

bid, long after bids had

closed, and the paper

trail of correspondence

revealed inexplicably

varying amounts for the

price of the project.

The municipality

had also corrected the

QFS bid, by adding

maintenance costs of


Zilwa found that

Ndlambe had fallen

foul of the provisions of

its own Supply Chain

Management policy.

He found it

“shocking and difficult

to comprehend” that

the municipality had

rushed to pay QFS

R20m on May 25,

before a written

contract had been


Though the judge

said QFS would have

to repay the R20m, the

company said it was

not obligated to.

That aroused a




Talk of the Town subscribes to the Code of Ethics and Conduct for South African Print

and Online Media that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair and balanced.

If we don’t live up to the Code, within 20 days of the date of publication of the material,

please contact the Public Advocate at 011 484 3612, fax: 011 4843619. You can also

¿ or lodge a complaint on our


response from the DA

in August, which said if

the municipality did

not initiate legal action

for recovery of the

money, the DA would

not hesitate to lay

criminal charges

against the directors of

QFS for theft of

municipal funds.

The DA had

already laid a charge

against municipal

manager Rolly

Dumezweni for his

role in the unlawful

t e n d e r.

The investigation is


The municipality

then had to begin the

tender process from

scratch again, and this

week announced that a

new contractor had

been appointed for a 2

megalitre (ML) plant.

After TotT learnt

that QFS had again

been appointed, we

asked DA constituency

leader MP Kevin

Mileham for comment.

“The DA notes with

concern that Ndlambe

Municipality has again

awarded the tender for

the Port Alfred reverse

osmosis plant to QFS,”

Mileham said.

“While we

understand that an

independent panel

comprising of officials

from national and

provincial government

adjudicated the tender,

we remain convinced

that this outcome was

set up from the start.

“The fact that QFS

refused to pay back the

R20m paid in advance

for the original tender,

despite a judgment

requiring them to do

so, but rather chose to

give Ndlambe

equipment to that

value – and in fact

charged Ndlambe an

additional R10m for

the equipment – ra i s e s

enormous questions in

our minds, and must

surely result in an audit

disclaimer for the

m u n i c i p a l i t y,” he said.

He said QFS was

also responsible for the

installation of the

problematic Bushman’s

River Mouth RO plant,

which took nearly a

year to get operating at

the 3.5ML nameplate

c a p a c i t y.

“Nonetheless, the

water crisis in

Ndlambe is now

critical, and an RO

plant must be installed

as a matter of urgency.

“We can no longer

afford any delays.

“The DA will

24 Hours: 0861 046 046

Office Hours: (046) 624 3708




therefore be

monitoring this project

closely, to ensure that it

is completed speedily

and on budget.”

TotT asked

Ndlambe Municipality

for a statement last

week, providing

reasoning for the

appointment of QFS,

but we have as yet

received no response.

We also do not

know the cost of the

current project.

It is, however, not

the 5ML project

envisaged in the

original tender.

In its update on the

water crisis last

Thursday, the

municipality said it was

anticipated that the

plant would be in

production by the end

of January 2021.

The feasibility of

new borehole sites was

also being investigated.

Meanwhile, the


announced a revised

water schedule for Port

Alfred and Bathurst late

on Thursday, which

was revised again on

Fr i d ay.

It advised that

supply would be shut

off to the entire Port

Alfred area for 24-hour

periods every second

day due to critically

low water levels at the

Sarel Hayward Dam,

the town’s main supply.

However, the

schedule, which TotT

posted online, came

under fire from

frustrated residents as

most parts of Port

Alfred have had no

municipal water at all

since November 25.

High-lying areas

were affected first, but

the CBD area still has

water in the pipes.

Tanks have been

placed at certain points

on the east and west

bank for residents to be

able to collect water.

Tanks had already

been placed in Nemato

and Station Hill.

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Model makes Empress SA semis

Port Alfred beauty appeals for residents' votes so she can bring crown home


APort Alfred beauty, 21-yearold

model Jennita Gongota,

has been shortlisted as a

semifinalist in the Empress SA 2021


Gongota is appealing to the

public to vote for her by smsing

“Je n n i t a ” to “35334” so she can

bring the crown home to Port Alfred.

She says voters can vote as many

times as they want – each sms costs


Gongota, who is originally from

Elliot and attended Masikhuthale

Secondary School, fell in love with

modelling when she entered Miss

Elliot 2017 and won.

“Th a t ’s how my journey of

modelling started,” she said.

She explained what Empress SA

is all about.

“Empress SA is an online women

empowerment contest, using beauty

with brains and the purpose of its

platform is to empower young

women to grow and develop

themselves by making a positive

impact in their communities,” she


Gongota mentioned that taking

part in a contest that comprised of

participants from all nine provinces

had helped her grow in confidence.

She added that she drew

inspiration from the 2020 winner of

the competition.

“In this pageant I have gained

more confidence in myself and I

have been inspired by our current

winner, her supreme majesty

Annikie Rabohlale, Empress SA


“She is a very intelligent and

inspiring woman, and with the effort

and dedication it takes to win this

contest one would naturally be

inspired by her. As a semi-finalist I

am so proud of myself for making it

this far in the competition,“ she said.

“I have embraced my beauty in a

unique way, and also this contest

made me unleash the eagle in me.”

Emphasising her plea she said:

“Please help me bring the crown

h o m e .”

“Empress South Africa as a brand

is in its second year, and also is the

largest, first ever online beauty with

brains and purpose contest in world

history as they have hundreds of

contestants spread out across all

nine provinces in South Africa,” she


According to Gongota, the

Empress SA 2021 pageant winner

will be announced at the Sandton

Convention Centre on January 29



model Jennita Gongota, 21, is a semifinalist

in the Empress South Africa 2021

competition, which has hundreds of

contestants taking part. To vote for her,

members of the public can sms Jennita to


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The Ndlambe Library on Causeway reported a

break-in just after 9am last Thursday.

Thieves gained access through the kitchen

window, after having forced it open and cutting

the burglar bars.

It appears the thieves (or thief) did not gain

access to the building but managed to pull out a

variety of groceries and a kettle. A case was

opened with the SAPS.

Another break-in occurred late on Thursday

night at Tony’s Jazz Inn in Runeli Drive. The Atlas

Security control room informed the Nemato SAPS

just after 1am on Friday morning.

The front door of the establishment was forced

open, and the owner pressed the panic button.

It was reported that nothing had been stolen

and the owner decided not to open a case.

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PA water crisis mismanagement:

’My heart’s sore’


Longtime Port Alfred

resident Ed Simes raised

the concerns of many

when he met with Ward 10

councillor Ray Schenk last week

to seek some answers for the

water crisis.

Speaking on behalf of a

group of local residents with

whom he meets regularly, Simes

said the main factor which led

to the present crisis appeared to

be mismanagement by the

m u n i c i p a l i t y.

“My heart is very sore about

wh a t ’s happening.

“Mismanagement has been

very bad,” said Simes, who has

lived in Port Alfred for 60 years.

“The municipality waits for

things to break down and we

run out of water.

“I have friends who are

Longtime resident talks to councillor over issues

leaving town because of this.”

He asked Talk of the Town to

accompany him to the meeting

with Schenk.

“What power does the DA

have, and you as ward

councillor?” he asked Schenk.

Schenk explained that there

were 20 councillors in

Ndlambe, 13 of which were

ANC, one EFF and six DA.

He is the only DA ward

c o u n c i l l o r.

“We have about 30%

representation. We can talk a

lot, give input, but when it

comes to a voting situation, we

are outvoted,” Schenk said.

“We try to influence and

lobby people, rather than push a

situation to a vote where we’ll

lose anyway.”

Simes said he wanted

municipal officials to apologise

for the water shortages.

“I’d like to see the

responsible officials say, ‘We

mismanaged, we buggered it

up, we’re sorry’.”

Schenk said: “Yo u ’ll never

get that.”

Simes brought up the issue

of the pumps not functioning

properly at the weir when the

Kowie River was flowing

strongly and fresh water was

going out to sea.

The municipality had missed

out on opportunities to pump

water to the Sarel Hayward

Dam, which is now empty.

“Since 2018/2019, I have

heard things like the pump was

not working, the responsible

employee was not there – that’s

m i s m a n a g e m e n t ,” Simes said.

Schenk said from a planning

point of view, or lack of it, one

needed to look further back

than the past two years, back to

the 1990s.

“When the political scene

started changing and rural

people started an influx into the

towns. And little municipalities

were amalgamated into larger

municipalities, like Ndlambe, in

2000,“ Schenk said.

“At that stage already, they

should have looked ahead – that

in 20 years time that [water

supply] won’t be enough.

“If you look at the township

[Nemato] today, it’s far bigger

than it was in 2000.

“The population has

outgrown the water supply.”

He continued: “Yes, the

municipality did err in

2018/2019, when water flowed

over the weir.

“There were issues with

pumps and they didn’t maintain

them. Over the years they

should have kept the dam full.

“We were also in a drought.“

However, Simes said one of

the members of his group, who

kept a record of rainfall figures,

said more rain had fallen this

year – more than 600mm – than

in the previous few years.

“We can’t excuse the

m u n i c i p a l i t y,” Schenk agreed.

“Now they’re waking up,

now they’re looking into things

they should have looked at 15

years ago.”

Simes raised other matters

over the pumping at the weir.

“Rumours abound, but

they’re well-founded, that the

[circuit breaker] trips when it

rains, so the pumps don’t come

on. And an employee went on

leave and he had the

pumphouse key with him.

“What are the

consequences of this

mismanagement?” Simes asked.

Schenk said the trip switch

was being attended to.

As for allegations of neglect

and dereliction of duty, he said

people needed to come to him

with the facts, so the DA could

check them out.

Simes said: “Four of my

friends have left town, they’ve

moved to Plett and Keurbooms.

“Why? Because of this

municipality. People are gatvol.

“People won’t come here on

holiday because there’s no

water. And this town needs the

revenue of holidaymakers.”

Attempted rape of child:

man gets 8 years


A Port Alfred man has

been sentenced to eight

years in prison for the

attempted rape of a 10-

year-old girl in 2019.

Sarah Baartman District

commissioner, Brig Jo h n

Lebok, commended the

investigating team for

their dedication and

meticulous investigation,

which ensured a

conviction and that a

fitting sentence was

handed down to 32-yearold

Steven Goliath.

Goliath was found

guilty of attempting to

rape the child on

December 26 2019.

On the day of the

incident, the 10-year-old

victim, from the Port

Alfred area, had been

sent to a shop close to

her home by her mother,

to purchase something.

The ch i l d ’s mother

wa s getting ready for a

part-time job that she

holds in town, and then

went to work.

On returning from

work at about 11am the

same day, her daughter

approached her and told

her that while returning

from the shop, Goliath

had told her that she

must accompany him to

the location.

The child did not

think anything wrong

with the request and had

gone with him.

Along the way,

Goliath said they should

take a short cut and took

the girl into the bush at

Thornhill location.

In the bush, he told

the child to undress,

which she refused to do.

He then pushed her

to the ground, took off

her pants and underwear

and climbed on top of

h e r.

When the child

started to cry out aloud,

Goliath allegedly had a

change of heart. The girl

then got up and ran


During the trial,

Goliath, a first offender,

pleaded guilty and saved

the child further trauma

by reliving the events of

the horrific incident in


In passing sentence,

magistrate Lionel

Lindhoor commented as

f o l l ow s : “Society is

crying out for justice

against perpetrators of

violence against women

and children.

“Your actions are

appalling and

horrendous, but don’t fall

into the maximum

sentence category.”

He further added: “If

you did not plead guilty I

would have imposed 15

years but, because you

did, [you] prevented

more traumatic suffering

on the victim.” Lindhoor

said: “A rapist does not

kill his victim, instead he

kills her self-respect and

damages her feeling of

physical and mental

i n t e g r i t y. “

In addition to the

eight-year imprisonment,

three orders were also

imposed: In terms of Sec

50(2)(a) of Act 32/2007,

Goliath’s particulars are

to be included in the

National Register for

Sexual Offenders; in

terms of Sec 103(1) of

Act 60/2000, he is

automatically deemed

unfit to possess a firearm

and; in terms of Sec

103(4) of Act 60/2000,

the court ordered the

search and seizure of any

firearms, ammunition or

licences in his



Sue Houston thoroughly

enjoy sampling the platters

and salads at Ocean Basket’s

soft opening last Wednesday

night, before the restaurant

officially opened last Friday



14 on Hallier Street

Port Alfred

046 624 2983

067 771 0924

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UNITED FRONT: Working together in a collaborative effort in the fight against crime, Hi-Tec Security, the SAPS, and members of Night Watch and the Anti-Poaching Unit are making Kenton-on-

Sea and surrounds safer for all residents Picture: JON HOUZET

Joining hands to tackle crime

Voluntary Night Watch initiative needs financial assistance, as the busy festive season approaches

Hi-Tec Security Coastal is

very proud to operate a

state-of-the-art locallybased

control room, which also

incorporates a 24-hour CCTV

monitoring centre.

This control room is

manned 365 days a year at all


Besides monitoring and

responding to customers’ alarm

needs, the control room also

offers many value-add services

such as keeping customers’

keys, escorting customers to

their houses and facilitating

access to premises by various

service providers.

A dedicated CCTV

monitoring team is constantly

on the lookout for any untoward

behaviour, which is relayed to

response units in the various

areas for appropriate action.

Hi-Tec's local 24-hour

control room situated in Kentonon-Sea,

employs a team of 12

dedicated security personnel

from the area, who h ave

intimate knowledge of both the

community and the area, which

has proven invaluable over the

ye a r s .

The team includes 17 armed

response officers who operate

four response vehicles 24/7.

Hi-Tec's partnering with the

Gardmed private ambulance

service, provides additional

peace of mind.

When a Memorandum of

Understanding (MOU) is

entered into between the SAPS,

the local Community Police

Forum (CPF), the local Night

Watch team consisting of local

residents and Hi-Tec, this makes

for a very powerful alliance

which cannot be ignored.

It is a very influential factor

for any investors in the area,

when considering the current

level of crime.

Members of the Night Watch

do it on a voluntary basis,

without any compensation.

The area where the Night

Watch is active has experienced

relatively low crime rates during

the last few months.

The recent increase in crime

though happens each year as

the festive season approaches.

Due to the vigilance of the

Night Watch and CPF, this rise

in crime is kept under control.

The Night Watch is grateful

to residents who have assisted

f i n a n c i a l l y, through the

generous donations of

equipment, and finances.

The Night Watch is again

requesting assistance.

The Bushman’s River

Ratepayers Association

(BRRAG), a registered NPO

which is fully audited, has

agreed to receive voluntary

donations on behalf of the Night

Wa t ch .

BRRAG will manage these

funds solely for the purpose they

are intended for.

In terms of Clause 3.1.9 of

the BRRAG Constitution,

BRRAG is empowered to

collaborate with other


To make a donation, please

use the following banking

details: Electronic payment to:

Standard Bank, branch code:

051117, Kenton-on-Sea,

account no: 281116393.

Payment reference: “N-

WAT C H / N a m e ”. Please use this

reference so that payment can

be allocated to the correct


An exciting new

development from Hi-Tec and

its partners is the launch of the

new Buzzer Community Safety


Buzzer is live in our area

namely - Kenton, Ekupumleni,

Bushman’s River, Riversbend,

Marselle, Harmony Park and

surrounding farms.

Buzzer provides a personal

SOS button on a smart phone.

All one has to do is hold

down the SOS button on the

app for at least three seconds

The three second rule is to

prevent accidental activation.

The app automatically

geolocates one's position and

activates a response.

One does not need to type

anything or say anything.

Within seconds, the control

room at Hi-Tec Security will

contact you and a whole team

of responders will be aware of

the situation.








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GotG’s help

in crisis

When Gift of the Givers offers their

help for interventions in Port

Alfred’s water crisis this time

around, we hope wiser heads prevail at

Ndlambe Municipality.

The charitable organisation has a stellar

track record of helping communities across

SA in similar predicaments.

But when they came to Port Alfred in

January – in the early stages of what has

turned out to be a year-long fiasco – the

municipality was ambivalent about the help

GotG was offering.

Knowing municipal officials had met

with members of GotG about the water

crisis, and that GotG had already delivered

water in tankers to Nemato, TotT asked a

question at a well-attended public meeting

in the Port Alfred Civic Centre.

“What further help is GotG offering?”

The answer from infrastructure director

Noluthando Vithi-Masiza was that GotG

had also offered to dig boreholes, but this

would cost money.

“If drilling boreholes is not for free, they

must submit a quotation. If they are more

expensive than local suppliers, then we are

not going to use Gift of Givers,” she said.

In the light of the emergency, which has

become even more dire since then, it was

an incredible answer.

GotG is a NPO, they’re not in it for the

money. And in an emergency, there is

allowance for bypassing supply chain

management policies, which Ndlambe is

well-versed in doing.

No doubt our officials were thinking

about what happened in Makana when

GotG came to the aid of the people there.

GotG had come at Makana’s invitation

because of their water crisis, and brought

tankers and drilled boreholes.

But the extent of the problem was far

greater than anyone envisaged.

GotG drew up a rescue plan and

commenced the process of “saving the city”

i m m e d i a t e l y.

They advised the municipality that the

cost to solve the problem was in the region

of R23m, requiring government funding.

Manaka Municipality said as the area

had been declared a disaster in the

government gazette, they would receive

emergency funding with which they would

remunerate GotG.

GotG brought in hydrologist Dr Gideon

Groenewald and drilled 15 boreholes. They

tested the water at huge cost, brought in

special filtration systems, and delivered

bottled water and water by truck.

However, when it came to time to pay,

the department of water affairs told GoG

that only companies from Makhanda could

be paid for the drought intervention.

In an astounding and wholly unjust turn

of events, the government paid R10m to

private contractors for work that GotG did.

Jon Houzet

BIG SCHOOL NEXT: The Grade R pupils of Happy Hours Pre-primary School in Port Alfred celebrate their graduation a little differently this year,

because of Covid-19 restrictions and concerns. The graduation was held in the parking lot outside the school, while parents and family members

cheered, clapped and took photos from across the road. Principal Tracy Lloyd said she remained interested in the graduates of her little school

throughout their lives. The school celebrated its 40th anniversary this year Picture: JON HOUZET

HAVE YOUR SAY Letters to PO Box 2871, Port Alfred — or e-mail to h o u ze t j @ ta l kof t h e tow n .co. za

This is an open forum for readers to express their opinions. However, the publishers reserve the right to shorten letters. Those printed are not necessarily the views of Talk of the Town. Although noms de plume

may be used, letters must be signed and have an authentic contactable address & telephone number. Talk of the Town reserves the right to not publish letters. Please limit letters to 250 words or less.

ANCYL relieved RO plant

to finally come to fruition

The ANCYL in Ndlambe subregion is

vindicated by the news reported in the

Talk of the Town dated November 27

2020 that the process of awarding the

reverse osmosis (RO) plant is


The procurement process was

handled with independent bodies,

including the department of water &

sanitation. It was awarded to the same

service provider, Quality Filtration

Systems (QFS).

The ANCYL is pleased that there are

no appeals this time around and the

people of Bathurst and Port Alfred will

eventually get water.

The ANCYL would like to reiterate its

views that the ANC’s opposition in

Ndlambe Council uses cheap political

expediency [instead] of principle.

In the process, they mislead

innocent people to gain votes for the

2021 local government elections. The

ANCYL is disappointed in the DA

councillors who are micro-managed by

Kevin Mileham.

He is controlling them and they are

now losing their rational[ity] in the face

of the public due to their fear of this

individual who constantly intimidates


Once more, we want to appeal to

the DA councillors and the Ndlambe

Ratepayers Association to liberate

themselves from abuse by this

individual and apply their independent


The ANCYL would like to appeal to

the municipality and the service

provider to accelerate the actual work in

order for the people to get work and

ultimate[ly] communities to get water.


Ndlambe subregional coordinator

Thanks for help with

Christmas cake campaign

The Port Alfred Lions Club wishes to

thank the public of Port Alfred and

surrounding areas for their fantastic

support with the Lions Christmas cakes

f u n d ra i s e r.

You have certainly helped us in

assisting the less fortunate in our


The cakes have sold out.

We also wish to thank the

management of the Heritage and

Rosehill Malls for their assistance.

Finally, our appreciation goes to

Talk of the Town who always provide

us with outstanding coverage.


Guard your heart

against jealousy

“Above all else, guard your

heart, for it is the wellspring of

life” (Proverbs 4:23).

We need to guard our hearts

against envy. Jealousy and envy

are sometimes used

interchangeably, though there is

a difference between the two.

Jealousy can imply


Speaking about Israel, God

says to them concerning idols:

“You shall not bow down to

them or worship them; for I, the

Lord your God, am a jealous

God, punishing the children for

the sin of the fathers to the third

and fourth generation of those

who hate me …” (Exodus 20:5).

Excessive jealousy in a

marriage can be stifling and has

been the cause of divorce and

even murder.

It is an extremely strong and

over-powering emotion.

Proverbs 27:4 says, “Anger is

cruel and fury overwhelming,

but who can stand before


Being envious of other

people’s possessions and

achievements has a very

negative connotation in the

Bible. It could be the cause of

covetousness and selfish


Solomon, in all his wisdom

wrote, “I saw that all labour and

all achievement spring from

man’s envy of his neighbour.



Pastor Theo Snyman

This too is meaningless, a

chasing after the wind”

(Ecclesiastes 4:4).

“Where you have envy and

selfish ambition, there you find

disorder and every evil practice.

But the wisdom that comes from

heaven is first of all pure; then

peace-loving, considerate,

submissive, full of mercy and

good fruit, impartial and

sincere” (James 3:16, 17).

Love does not envy, but

rather rejoices with those

experiencing good fortune.

Godliness with contentment

is great gain.

“Keep your lives free from

the love of money and be

content with what you have,

because God has said, “N e ve r

will I leave you; never will I

forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).

Proof there are honest, kind people - thank you all for finding wallet

I have been here in South Africa for several years

and have heard, many times, that crime in the

area is prevalent and that I must be careful.

So, I am aware of this to be sure. Since my

adolescence I have suffered from severe memory

loss and so sometimes find life difficult.

Last week, I was shopping at Heritage Mall

and, unbeknown to me, dropped my wallet from

by handbag. It contained all my paper money

and credit cards.

When I discovered it was gone, I was

naturally very upset and tried to retrace my steps.

Fortunately I have several good friends who

rushed to my side.

After several phone calls, news of my

problem soon got around.

I was amazed to hear that a holidaymaker (I

hear from India) had picked up my wallet.

I would like to thank the girls at Pam Golding,

Kim Gardner, Margie Seegers and Bernette

Pieterse. It was just a short while before I got my

wallet back with all the contents intact.

So, who says that most people are dishonest?

I now believe the reverse is true. There must be

another reason why some people choose the

wrong track.

Thanks to everyone who helped, my friends

and even strangers who I had never met, but they

must have felt sympathy and felt genuinely

moved by my distress.

So thank you and God bless you all.


Em e rge n cy N u m b e rs

TideGuide courtesy of the South African Navy

Da t e High Lo w Da t e High Lo w

Port Alfred hospital........... (046) 604-4000

Police station..................... (046) 604-2001/2

N ov 3 0523 1731 2350 1128

7 0832 2148 0202 1453

Multi-Security ................... (046) 624-2508

4 0558 1805 ---- 1204

8 0959 2227 0317 1631

Chubb Security ................. (046) 624-4810

5 0638 1845 0025 1246

9 1128 2358 0450 1801 Sky Alarms ........................ (046) 624-2806

6 0727 1935 0107 1339

10 1239 ---- 0612 1907

NSRI ................................... 082 - 990 - 5971

Electricity .......................... (046) 624-1111 (a / h )

Gardmed ............................ 0 8 2 -759 - 2 13 4

EMS (Emergency

Medical Services) ........... 10 17 7

Holistic EMS ...................... 063-460-0042

Fire Department................ (046) 624-1111

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FACE 2 FACE with /

Face 2 Face with Tom McGhee

Covid and beyond…


QTell us about your


AI am currently the president

of the Rotary Club of Port

Alfred for the year 2020/21.

I am a retired geologist who

spent most of his life exploring

for diamonds for De Beers.

What is the most satisfying

aspect of the work you do?

Being in a position to help the

less fortunate members of the

community of Port Alfred,

especially during this difficult

period we are currently


What is the one tourist aspect

you would recommend to a

visitor to the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast and

surrounding areas played a huge

part in the tapestry of South

African history.

There are many interesting

sites in the area that cover the

history of the 1820 Settlers and

how they struggled under very

harsh conditions.

If you have a bucket list, what is

the top item you would like to


Travel coast to coast over

Au s t ra l i a .

What is your motto in life?

Same as Rotary’s – “Service

before self”.

What keeps you motivated?

So much to do and so little time

to do it.

With the high unemployment

rate in our country, what do

you think could be done to

address the situation?

G ove r n m e n t - s p o n s o r e d

apprenticeships with a view to

creating more self-employed

people is needed in our country.

Do you think enough is being

done to reduce our carbon

footprint on the planet? If not,

what do you think could be

done to change it.

Not around the planet.

We need to harness more

natural energy, through wind,

the sun and the ocean.

Architects should design

self-sustaining buildings that are

totally off the grid.

What is your favourite music of

all time?

Moody Blues – Nights in White


What is the one item that is

always in your fridge?

Cold fruit juice.

If you could be president of SA

for one day, what would be the

top three things you would do

for your day in office?

Make a positive start to end

corruption (more than a day’s

wo r k ! ) .

Food security for the less

privileged and elderly.

Open a circus, so all the

politicians would have job


There are currently two different

types of Covid-19 tests

ava i l a b l e :

1 To diagnose an acute


This is done via a PCR

nasal/pharyngeal swab which

test for the actual genetic

material of the virus.

This test can already show a

positive result between day two

and day five after exposure. This

means that you should wait at

least 2-5 days after being

exposed before you go for your

PCR test.

If your symptoms are mild, it

is not necessary to be tested, but

consult your doctor for advice.

If, however, you have been in

contact with other people and

you are unsure if your symptoms

are due to SARS-CoV2 or not,

testing is recommended to avoid

further spread and inform all


2 The other test may be done

to show a previous infection.

These are antibody tests of

which two possibilities are

available. One is done via a

blood test and sent to the

laboratory, the other is a rapid

test done via a finger prick at

your pharmacy. These tests are

NOT to diagnose SARS-CoV2

and has no place in acute

settings. Antibodies are

produced over days to weeks

after infection with the virus.

The strength of antibody

response depends on several

factors, including age,

nutritional status, severity of

disease, and certain

medications or infections like

HIV that suppress the immune


Current data suggest that

antibodies only positive from

day 10-12 onwards.

This implies that tests done

before this timeframe, may have

false negative results.

Antibody detection tests

targeting Covid-19 may also

cross-react with other

pathogens, including other

human coronaviruses and give

false-positive results.

If your antibody test is

positive, it means that you have

had SARS-CoV2. If your

antibody test is negative it does

not mean that you have not

been exposed.

So what do I do if I have

been exposed to a positive

Covid patient?

1. If you are 100%

asymptomatic, self-isolate for 7-

10 days. If still no symptoms on

day seven, than chances are

very small that you have been

infected, no test needed and can

resume normal activities

without a Covid test.

2. Should you develop

symptoms during these seven

days, and they are mild, you can

contact your doctor for advice,

and discuss the need for a Covid


Mild symptoms may be

treated at home with no Covid


3. If you develop moderate

to severe symptoms including

shortness of breath or difficulty

breathing, or have co-morbid

conditions which may put you

at higher risk of complications

(such as hypertension, diabetes,

over 60 years old, increased

BMI), then contact your doctor

and a test is recommended.

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A l f re d BUSINESS FORUM Keeping you up to date on the local business front

graphic © vadym yesaulov /

Silver Creek Mountain

Band legends to reunite

‘70s group founders to join for

‘Better Than Ever’ perfor mance

at the Wharf Street Brew Pub

When Rod Dry and

Dennis Schultz

founded the Silver

Creek Mountain Band back in

the ‘70s, little did they realise

they were creating something

which would become a

cornerstone of the folk rock/

country/bluegrass music scene

for decades to come.

It was some 10 years later,

when Schultz gave up his fulltime

membership of the band -

but by then he and Dry had

ensured Silver Creek Mountain

Band was so well established -

that it would go on to entertain

generations of music-lovers for

the next 40 years.

Dry continued to lead the

band, and he and Schultz

maintained their special

personal relationship over the

ye a r s .

Now, these two music

legends have got together once

again, and are creating the style

and quality of music which

made Silver Creek a household

name over the years.

Dry and Schultz are

combining for a few special

Better Than Ever performances,

and are rolling back the years, in

true Silver Creek Mountain

Band style.

Their next performance is

on Saturday December 12, at

the Wharf Street Brew Pub.

Dry said he and Schultz

were excited to be playing in

this historic venue, emphasising

that the band had lasted for

almost as many years as the

building in which they would be


Space is limited, and so

bookings are recommended,

and these can be made by

calling 061-037-6077 during

business hours.

Tickets will include

entrance, a meal and a drink,

with an “early bird” discount

available to anyone who books

before December 7.

Speaking about what to

expect in their show, Dry said

“there is many a good tune

played on an old fiddle”.

He said with him and

Schultz back together again, the

Silver Creek Mountain Band

would “definitely be better than

e ve r ”.

“We ’re going to rock, and

roll back the years,” S ch u l t z


Healing Hands focus

on holistic approach

A new addition to the Kinetic

Health Centre in Port Alfred is

Healing Hands, which is aimed

at promoting holistic wellbeing.

Caryl-Anne Austin offers

various services that include

massage therapy for stress, sore

muscles and relaxation.

In addition, she also offers

Reiki and Acudetox.

Acudetox is based on the

same principles as acupuncture

but just focuses on the five main

points in each ear.

All disease of the body is

caused by the presence of a

toxin: physical, emotional or

meta-physical (belief system),

she says.

Physical consists of

chemicals, narcotics,

pharmaceuticals, metals,

bacteria, viruses, and so on.

Emotional consists of

thoughts, memories and

traumas, whereas meta-physical

includes beliefs, values and

p a ra d i g m s .

Acudetox helps to cleanse

the body on different levels,

i m p r ov i n g physical and mind


The treatments, which differ

depending on each individual's

requirements, help with stress,

anxiety, PTSD, weight control,

bi-polar disorder, ADD and

ADHD, pain management,

quitting smoking and


Austin, a familiar face in the

area, is a NADA (National

Acudetox Association) certified

Acudetox specialist.

See the advert for contact

details to make an appointment

at Healing Hands, situated in

Hill Street at the Kinetic Health


BACK IN BUSINESS: Ocean Basket Port Alfred officially

reopened under new ownership last Friday, welcoming back

almost the entire staff that had not been working since the

national lockdown started in March. Manager Claire Pretorius

said everyone had quickly resumed their routines and

whipped up mouth-watering platters and salads from their

summer menu which customers were specially invited to

sample at a soft opening last Wednesday night, along with

welcoming glasses of wine Picture: JON HOUZET



Tel: 046 624 3142 24 Hour: 046 624 2806





20 years

serving PA

Sky Alarms, based in Port Alfred, have been in

operation for the past 20 years.

With a new fleet of vehicles, the security

company is ready for any emergency.

Sky Alarms supplies 24-hour guard patrol

and has access to all emergency responders

such as plumbers, electricians and doctors.

Security cameras installed by Sky Alarms

in Forest Downs are monitored 24 hours a day

and owner Louis Oosthuizen, said s e ve ra l

more were to be installed in town to ensure

the safety of all residents.

Oosthuizen said Sky Alarms could be

contacted for obligation-free quotations and

that they responded not only to their paying

clients, but to non-clients as well.

Their WhatsApp number to contact,

should you not have airtime in an emergency,

is 084-444-7910.

Oosthuizen is available on his cellphone

24/7 and is committed to serving the

community as Sky Alarms has been doing

since he started the business.

He would like to thank his staff for their

loyalty, as well as their clients for their

continuous support.

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Dry taps take

tiring toll on all


TotT readers air views on prolonged water cuts


TotT’s Facebook question

was: As a resident, or in

business, what do yo u

find difficult to do because of

water restrictions and prolonged

water cuts?

In response, Sally Claasen

said: “Run my five self-catering

guest houses – no water no

guests. The whole town loses

out. We have rainwater tanks

but need rain,” she said.

Joan Delport said the water

bill remained the same despite

the water restrictions.

“Never water available and

still get charged for availability

[and] drought water [tariffs].

“All that comes through

pipes is air. Buggered up my

solar geyser and I am constantly

now on tank water. Never had a

bath for years.

“Alexandria, don’t hold any

hope for our forgotten, rotten,

supposed municipality.”

Arthur Hinde said: “We

have three issues in Port Alfred:

sewage smell, rotten water and

equally rotten corruption. All

s t i n k s .”

Robin Collett associated the

water situation with lack of skills

and political will within the

municipality. “Understand why

this mess hasn’t been sorted out

for years and years. Have we no

people in this municipality who

have got any skills or care or

brains to sort this mess out. It’s

time for big change,” she said.

Unaware of the long-delayed

reverse sea water osmosis plant

project currently underway,

Megan Grundling asked: “W hy

can’t the municipality invest in a

desalination plant that can

convert sea water into fresh

wa t e r ?

”If electricity is an issue then

get a couple of wind turbines.

We have plenty of wind.”

Cheryll Williams Lewarne

said: “Start harvesting rain water

and use that. All the old folk

used to have water tanks.

“One cannot rely on this

administration to supply

anything, least of all a working

infrastructure. It is not a lack of

rain, it is a lack of competent

municipal leadership and

rampant theft of funds.”

Ronel Wilken said it was

difficult having to fetch water

from a tank, which was running

low, for bathing, cleaning, doing

laundry, and so on.

“What about businesses, the

staff, what do they do if they

can’t use the bathrooms? They

can’t flush and can’t wash

h a n d s ,” she asked.

Dominique Hechter Pattie

also said she was finding it

difficult to do dishes, flush

toilets and bath.

Colleen Pansegrouw said it

was difficult to accommodate B

& B guests.

Eve Folley said: “Having to

plan on when to do washing.

Th a t ’s now out the window, and

alternatives need to be found”.

Lara Cowley said the East

Bank had not had water since

Wednesday November 25. She

said some areas had been

without water for about 10 days.

Megan Grundling said:

“Same on West Bank. We don’t

have clean tank water so have to

buy water for dishes, etc.”

Lynne du Plessis said she

was still paying a water

availability charge.

Magda Mügge said:

“Running a guesthouse [is]

impossible. Bed linen, towels,

etc. I’m forced to close until we

have water again.”

Noelene Lee said: “We are

in the middle of a pandemic and

there is no water for

handwashing. I find it difficult to

see a happy ending in this.”

COLOURFUL CREATIVITY: Port Alfred High School Grade 2 pupil Ethan Greene proudly shows

off his artwork in the last days of term four, in what can only be described as a tumultuous

academic year. The school has closed for 2020 due to the spike in Covid-19 cases in the

community and will reopen on January 27

















T’s & C’s



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E-mail Rob Knowles at or fax (046) 624-2293

or drop in at 29 Miles Street from 8am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday

CHRISTMAS is coming and the goose is

getting fat.

It is almost time for businesses to close

down in anticipation of the upcoming

festive season holidays.

However, being 252 days into the

national lockdown, there are three really

big issues that need to be resolved before

we start celebrating.

This year has been brutal to so many

businesses in the area, but one of the

worst affected is the hospitality industry.

My father was a chef and he used to say

that everyone needed to eat, which I

presume was a good motivation to get

involved in hospitality at the time.

But my father could never have

imagined the Covid-19 lockdown where

eating establishments have been

prevented from operating and can still

only allow a certain number of patrons.

If these restaurants and cafés are to

survive, they need customers.

So, it is up to the locals to help out and

visit local eating places as often as your

wallet will allow. Hopefully, those brave

holidaymakers who visit us will help keep

these businesses afloat.

Aside from the lockdown, the Eastern

Cape has been identified as a coronavirus

hotspot and this may well deter visitors

this holiday season. This is unfortunate

and will mean a general lack of revenue

for the town this year.

The other serious problem is the water

situation. It appears most people forgot

that Ndlambe (in fact, the entire Eastern

Cape) is a water-scarce area, and carried

on using water as though it would never

run out, even after the warnings.

Now there is no water in the area

(particularly those fed predominantly

from the Sarel Hayward Dam) and severe

water rationing has been implemented.

Yet, there seem to be mixed messages

regarding cut-off times. It is normal that,

when water is cut off, the low-lying areas

(Kowie flats) will be the last for taps to run

dry, and the first t to receive water when

the valves are turned back on.

High-lying areas (most of the east and

west bank, Forest Downs, and so on)

would be the first taps to run dry and the

last to receive water.

But, if we are already suffering, how

will our visitors handle the situation?

ON a more positive note, for those who

are lucky enough to still be working, what

is your company or office doing for your

Christmas party this year?

At Talk of the Town we have a “Dirty

Santa” gift exchange. All presents are

under R50 and are placed together, and

each member of staff, in order of a

number picked from a hat, gets to choose

whatever present they want from the pile.

The “dirty” part is that, once opened,

the next person can swap their gift with

you, and this blatant pilfering continues

until the last present has been selected.

It’s lots of fun.

We must remember though to think

local this Christmas and make the most of

the holiday break. We all need it.

PEOPLE of Bathurst, be aware that the

Lions Bike Rally will be held this weekend

(Friday through Sunday).

You have been asked for your patience

over the weekend and the bikers (who do

an excellent job of fundraising for

charities) have promised they will keep

the noise down to a minimum.

IT was World Aids Awareness Day on

Tuesday December 2. With all the hype

around Covid-19, many have forgotten

that Aids is a very real problem in SA.

About 7.7 million people, about 20%

of the population, are HIV-positive. This is

a far greater problem than Covid-19 (just

under 800,000 cases reported).

However, antivirals, along with

polyclonal and monoclonal bacteria, are

now available that can make living with

HIV and even full-blown Aids virtually

normal. Yet, there is still no cure.


birthday greetings to everyone celebrating

a special day in the week ahead,

especially Jenny Kieck, George Bax,

Candy Oosthuizen, Marianne Fryer,

SHOWING OFF HIS CHEST: Always in good spirits, and having come

through surgery this year, Billy Futter, left, shows off his scar when receiving

the Vasbyt Award from Kowie Striders chair Sticks Stiglingh at the annual

prize-giving last Saturday Picture: JON HOUZET

Orme Burn, Ilse Wicks, Anita Thomson,

Deyzel Burger, Jen Elliott, Mary Lloyd,

Declan de la Mare, Jean Brummer, Derek

Phillips, Ryan Reynolds, John Moss,

Garner Rieger, Koleka Nkwinti, Annie

Pike, Charidene Malan, twins Keagan and

Ross Coetzee, Dylan Brown, Wanda

Kelbrick, Brad Taljard, Paul Griffiths,

Janine Groenewald, Stewart Evans, Rudi

van der Merwe, Loren Hilpert, Gary

Jones-Phillipson, Denise Gunn, Mike

Loewe, Nico Scheepers, Carol Behrman,

Daniel Ross, Gregory Gudmanz, Mia

Mary de Aroujo, Jean Botma, Donné

Piquet, Vivienne Reid, Akhona Qunta,

Yvonne Vermeulen and Donne Wentzel.

WELL done and continued success to all

businesses celebrating another

anniversary. Good luck for the future to

Ke n ny ’s Sports Bar.

THE good news is that there was a drop in

the petrol price as of midnight on Tuesday.

Mind you, there was a slight increase in

the price of diesel. However, with Covid-

19 showing resurgence around the world

and more stringent lockdowns being

announced almost daily, markets are still

v u l n e ra b l e .

Making things worse is the battle

between the EU and UK which is

inexorably heading toward a no-deal

Brexit, and the US/China trade wars are

still raging.

This is making investors uncertain of

the safest countries and companies in

which to place their money.

The announcement of several Covid-

19 vaccines had the markets bubbling a

week ago but their enthusiasm has

calmed significantly as the problems of

production, storage and distribution

became evident.

With 2019’s figures in brackets, the

Rand is trading at R15.33 to the Dollar

(R14.67), R20.44 to the Pound (R19.03)

and R18.36 to the Euro (R16.24).

Commodities are trading with gold at

$1,804.05 per fine ounce ($1,470.07),

platinum at $987.70 ($900.25) and Brent

crude oil at $47.48 ($60.96).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all

who are not well, having or have already

had tests, operations and treatments.

Sterkte Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries,

Jenny Groenewald, Jan Haig, Bev Young,

Fred Golombick, Graeme Sunny Hill and

Jenna Coetzee.

OUR heartiest congratulations and good

wishes for continued happiness to the

following couples celebrating their

wedding anniversaries in the week ahead,

especially Neville and Tilly Handley,

Chris and Irene Snyman, Trevor and

Melinda Linforth, Gerry and Wanda

Loxton, Russell and Kerry Bartlett, Clayton

and Kim Lloyd, Keith and Sherle Hackart,

Brandon and Alexa Calitz, Andrew and

Carlyn Smith.

THOUGHT for the week: “If you want a

limitless, abundant, loving life, make sure

that all that your beliefs are limitless,

abundant, compassionate and loving.”

BEST regards as always,

The Team


Complete this Sudoku and be in line to win a R50 voucher

from Wharf Street Fruit & Veg in Wharf Street.Entries must

be in by 3:30pm on Tuesday at the TotT office - 29 Miles St.

Winner to please collect voucher (must show ID) from TotT

offices before attempting to redeem prize. Last week’s winner

is Lynn Day.

Wharf Street


Tel No:...................................................................................................




Address:....................................................Tel No:......................................................

Winner of

last week’s




Voucher -

Hassan Mizar

– Winners to

please collect


(must show

ID) from TotT

offices before

attempting to

redeem prize.

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OFF TO BIG SCHOOL: The Port Alfred Pre-Primary Lions Class held a very special graduation ceremony where Grade R teacher

Melissa Tweedie, back right, and headmaster Nigel Adams wished them well for 2021 in Grade 1


5 pupil Ibenathi Kondile

presented his term 4 history

project which entailed

exploring Egyptian

technology. Each pupil had

to build a pyramid as well as

a shadoof, which is a lever

crane irrigation tool used in

agriculture by the early

Egyptians since 2000 BC

HOME STRETCH: Lilitha Veto and Erin Birch from El Shaddai

Christian Academy were all smiles while taking a breather from

writing their final exams

CSpa Wellness by Camelot at Royal St Andrews Hotel

046 604 5400 Ext. 5419

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Wednesday November 25: S i b u ya

Game Reserve/Arabella Wine

Individual Stableford, with 72

p l aye r s


1st: Ross Wright – 41, 2nd: André van Zyl

– 41, 3rd: Rick van Zyl – 39, 4th: Dallas

Cowie – 39, 5th: Mark Warren – 38.

2 Clubs:

6th: D Sinclair, R Pryce

8th: L Bohnen, N Nell

10th: D Painting

13th: C Poulton

Best Gross: 72 – Colin Mavuso

Best Nett: 67 – Ross Wright, André van


Nearest The Pins:

Fishaways/Debonairs – 6th: Simon


Galileo Risk – 8th: Charlie Poulton

Tekserve – 11th: Leon Nell

The Firm – 13th: Charlie Poulton

The Firmest Drive – 18th: Jason Sharrock

Remax Kowie - Nearest for 2 on the 1st:

Dave Hoets

Saturday November 28: Build It

Betterball Stableford, with 40 players


1st: Kevin Heny, Nigel Forrester - 46

2nd: Bobby Jones, Trevor Stötter - 46

3rd: Roger Acton, Leon Nell - 44

4th: Nathi Mbabela, Earl Tsolikile - 43

Two Clubs:

4th: E Tsolikile

6th: Roger Acton

Best Gross: 74 – Roger Acton

Best Nett: 66 – Trevor Stötter

Nearest The Pins:

Mooifontein Quarry – 6th: Roger Acton

Tekserve – 8th: Nigel Forrester

Sibuya Game Reserve – 11th: Lindy


Fishaways/Debonairs – 13th: Ian Moncur

The Firmest Drive – 14th: Roger Acton

Royal St Andrews - Nearest for 2 on the

1st: Ian Moncur

1820s GOLF

Monday November 23: Annual Ladies’

Day, 29 players in cool conditions

Winners on 37: Jenny Adair, Nic van der

Merwe, Eugene Erasmus.

Moosehead on 42: John Heather, Neil

Shaw, John Feather, Mo Marsay.

Good Scores: 49 - Dallas Cowie, Shirley

Heny, 48 - Maureen McGarvie, John

Feather, Sheena Warren, Sonia Reynolds,

Glynis Renecle, 47 - Pru Peacock, Jane

Bladen, Ted Baines, 42 - Jenny Adair.

Two Clubs: 8th Dudley Kieser, Dallas

C ow i e .

Thursday November 26: 19 players for

the Annual Awards Game

Winners on 40: Peter Rinaldi, Neal Shaw,

Patrick O’Kelly, Dallas Cowie.

Moosehead on 46: Bryan Robinson,

Eugene Erasmus, Stan Weyers.

Winners of the Dale Wisener Trophy –

(Most Mooseheads): Dallas Cowie.

Good Scores: 48 - Patrick O’Kelly, Dallas

C ow i e .


November 24

Playing in strong winds, 35 ladies

competed in the inaugural Juan Pretorius

Architecture Individual Stableford


Running out a clear winner, Sonia

Reynolds scored a fantastic 46 points to

take 1st place; 2nd place was taken by Jill

Lake on 39 points and she counted out

Helen Lockyear, also on 39 points, into

3rd place.

In 4th place was Ingrid Griffiths on 38


The longest drive on hole 9 was won by

Angela Trollip in the 0-21 handicap

division, while Jo-Anne Hilliar was

longest in the 22-onwards division.

Two clubs were made by Chante van

Zyl on the 6th hole and by Jenny Ralph on

the 11th.

Helen Lockyear was nearest the pin on

the 11th hole and Chante was nearest on

the 13th.

In spite of the conditions, there were

several good scores: Sonia Reynolds 62,

Jill Lake 69 and Helen Lockyear, also 69.

The competition on December 8 will

be a Viv Jordan Individual Stableford.


November 28

A small field of only 10 players took part

in Saturday’s Port Alfred Mixed


Starting off with an easterly wind which

calmed down to nothing and then picked

up again from the west, Tim Shanks, Greg

Shanks and Guy Cash put together a

creditable score of 90 (85+5) points to

win the competition.

Close behind, in second place were

Nick Oosthuizen, Kevin Lee, Derek

Sinclair and Heather van Harmelen.

The final three players, Len Bohnen,

Graham Finlay and Neal Shaw made the

longest walk by scoring 84 (79+5)


Kevin Lee was closest to the pin on the

8th and won a bottle of wine.

Tim Shanks’ two-club on the 11th

earned him a bottle of wine as well.

However, Guy Cash’s nett 69 was the

best nett of the morning and won him a

voucher from Fishaways.


November 29

The last Sunday Mixed Competition of the

year, organised by the ladies’ section of

the golf club and sponsored by

Continental Deli in Kenton, with the

nearest the pins sponsored by O’Neill

Insurance Brokers, was held on Sunday

November 29.

The format of a 4 Ball Alliance attracted

a field of 60 players to enjoy the

Christmas theme with two scores to count

on each hole, but with an added twist.

One of those scores had to be player A,

B, C or D but the covey only discovered

which player was included when they got

to the pin on the green.

Winners of the competition on 87

points were Margie Siegers, Craig

Griffiths, Kevin Lee and Sue Roll.

In second place on 83 points were

Chante and Andre van Zyl, Jo-Anne

Hilliar and Russell Warren.

Third place, on 81 points, was taken by

Shirley and Kevin Heny, Wendy

Counihan and John Wood, who counted

out Jane and Geoff Bladen and Sue and

Steve Kennedy.

The longest walk was made by Ingrid

and Paul Griffiths, Bobby Jones and Lindy

Wright, on 69 points.

Nearest the pins winners were Roger

Acton on the 6th, Sonia Reynolds on the

8th, Peter Thompson on the 11th and

Trish Barwick on the 13th.

Chante van Zyl was successful with the

straightest drive on the 1st to round off a

day thoroughly enjoyed by all


The next mixed organised by the ladies

is scheduled for January 31.


Tuesday November 24

Forecast early morning rain was absent

but the promised westerly wind was

present to add spice to the 32 players who

entered a Stableford Alliance 2-scores-tocount

la Portuguese.

Jimmy van Rensburg, Don Thomson,

John Abbott and John Dell took

conditions in their stride to post an

unbeatable 98 points to finish convincing


Some way behind, though still happy

with their return, Tom Tagg, Barrie Brady,

Andy Barnes and Paul Fryer took second

position with 91 points.

Sharing the Hamer en Sukkel at prizegiving

were Martyn Weaver, Brian Shirley,

Andy Manson and Eugene Erasmus, along

with Rick Hill, Derick van Harmelen,

Heinz Czepluch and John Muggeridge,

who were stunned to find that their joint

scores of 87 points had trailed the rest of

the field.

Don Thomson birdieing the 13th hole

captured the carryover pool for his covey.

The individual round of the morning

went to Arnie Schultz with his nett 67.

Friday November 27

A beautiful day, with a moderate wind

mostly from the south, saw 41 players

enter the draw to play a Stableford

Alliance 2-scores-to-count competition.

Enjoying the conditions were Don

Thomson, Dave Curran and Shaun (AKA

Johan) Uys, playing a three-ball tied with

John Abbott, Paul Parker, Ian Storer and

Paul Fryer on 93 points to finish in first


The Hamer en Sukkel eventually

resided with Mark Warren, Arnie Schultz,

Andy Manson and John Muggeridge with

their return of 79 points landing the

undesired trophy on their table at prizeg

iv i n g .

Birdies on the par threes were in short

supply and James Lobban's on the 6th

was surpassed by Bryan Robinson on the

11th to capture the pool.

Matt Chadwick's and Neil Loundar

both with nett 66 were the best rounds of

the day.

The highlight of the morning was Jenny

Ralph's eagle three on the par five 9th

hole to round off a thoroughly enjoyable

d ay.



Nico Human

How to survive 2021 and

beyond, with a family budget

The world will forever

remember the

devastating effect of the

Covid-19 pandemic.

At this stage, nearly

1.5 million people

worldwide have died

from Covid-19.

A further

d e va s t a t i o n

experienced by

millions is suddenly

becoming unemployed

or facing income cuts.

Many wellestablished


are closing their doors

and laying off a large

percentage of their

loyal staff.

During March

2020, the pandemic

became public

knowledge and

suddenly hospital beds

were filled with

critically ill people.

Medical staff all

over the world were

fighting to save lives.

Temporary hospitals

were built and

equipped in

expectation of the rise

in cases.

Suddenly, only

masked faces were

seen in shopping malls

and social distancing of

1.5m became the


Containing the

pandemic through

lockdowns saw

numbers decreasing, as

more and more people

started recovering.

Sadly, there are still

deaths though, and the

cases are increasing


U n f o r t u n a t e l y,

there are still those

who think only other

people will contract

the Covid-19 virus.

I wholeheartedly

agree we are living in

economically difficult

and uncertain times,

but I can assure you

that there are ways of

overcoming these


Now is the time to

involve the whole

family to try and

overcome the


Very few families

do a proper monthly

budget and that could

easily be the cause of

uncontrolled spending.

Don’t try budget in

your mind, but do it in

writing on paper.

An idea might be to

obtain a black

hardcover book and

name it your family

budget book.

The best way of

doing your family

budget is to involve the

whole family and get

the assurance that they

have all “bought into

the idea”.

Set certain targets

and if reached, reward

e ve r yo n e .

For instance, if you

can fully settle the

clothing account this

month, the family can

all go and enjoy a steak

at a restaurant.

You will be amazed

how positive the

reactions may be.

Firstly, in one

column, list all income

receivable for that

particular month and

add these together.

Now you have

established your total

household income for

the month.

Thereafter, create

another column, or

new page, with the

heading “Expenses”.

Now start listing

firstly all your fixed

expenses, followed by

essential expenses, and

thereafter non-essential


If a family can

work together towards

achieving goals,

whether economic or

health goals, you will

find a much healthier

family with fewer

medical issues, as well

as fewer financial


Let’s all say

goodbye to the terrible

year of 2020 and

welcome a prosperous,

pandemic-free, and

healthy 2021.

Wishing you and

your loved ones a

wonderful Christmas

and a healthy and

prosperous 2021.

Stay safe and have


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The city is renowned for its

educational institutions, for

being the national seat of

the judiciary and for its

cultural events


festival city


Send your news of local events

and achievements, or of any

issues you might be having to


or call (046) 624-4356

picture © bernard mackenzie /


Four years ago, the Rotary Club of

Grahamstown was approached by

Ntsika Senior Secondary School

principal Madeleine Schoeman for

assistance in refurbishing and

upgrading the school’s ablution

facilities, plus connecting the school to

the municipal sewerage system,

replacing guttering and supplying t anks

to harvest rainwater.

Once plans had been drawn up and

quotations obtained, it was learnt the

project would cost R2m, making it far

larger than any previous project the

service organisation had undertaken,

said Rotary spokesperson Belinda

Tu d g e .

Nevertheless, Grahamstown Rotary

gave the project the thumbs-up and

(the late) Bill Mills championed it.

In September 2018, members of the

Uttoxeter Rotary Club in the UK visited

Makhanda (Grahamstown) and were

shown around Ntsika.

“They enthusiastically agreed to

help finance the project,” said Tudge.

Other Rotary Clubs then came on

board, including Jackson Hole, Smith

Mountain Lake and Fort Collins Rotary

Clubs in the US, Port Moody in

Canada, plus others in Brazil and SA.

With the necessary finance raised,

construction was about to begin when

the Covid-19 lockdown resulted.

Tudge said: “It was only after

construction activity was again

permitted that contractor Multiworks

and MD Plumbers were able to

commence work.”

In the months that followed, all the

pupil and staff ablution facilities at

Ntsika were tiled and completely

refurbished, a scullery constructed and

the school linked to the municipal

sewerage system.

Importantly, gutters were replaced

and rainwater tanks installed.

“The need for adequate water and

sanitation is well-recognised by Rotary

as it is important for health and is a

matter of human dignity,” Tudge said.

Meanwhile, Rotarians Sally Terry,

Andy Long and Budgie Vassiliou

visited the school last week and were

shown around the upgraded facilities

by the principal.


Word got around swiftly last Friday that

the iconic Hotel Victoria, a New Street

landmark, had burnt down.

No, it was not ‘The Vic’ as such that

was ravaged by fire, but several flatlets

of Hotel Victoria Mews two doors

down from the hotel proper.

The hotel itself emerged unscathed,

but the Hotel Victoria Mews suffered

considerable damage. No-one was

injured in the blaze.

Despite the municipal fire station

situated just 300m away in Knight

Street being temporarily closed due to

a Covid-19 case within its ranks, fire

chief William Welkom alerted fire

fighters and the fire was extinguished

before it could spread to adjoining


A resident in the neighbourhood

said he was awoken by a “commotion

in the street” and saw flames reaching

skywards from the building and people

scurrying about.

For decades ‘The Vic’ was the

stomping ground of many a Rhodes

University student seeking to quench

his or her thirst.

Emily O’Meara wrote in the coffeetable

book Grahamstown Reflected,

published in 1995: “The Hotel Victoria

in New Street, scene of 1001 nights of

student roistering, more vividly

recalled by some Old Rhodians than

the hallowed halls of their Alma

M a t e r.”

Diagonally across the New

Street/Hill Street intersection, and just

100m from Hotel Victoria, was Bambi

Snack Bar, where students would buy

late-night Bambi Burgers from popular

owner Charlie Bambi, after spending

the night at ‘The Vic’.


While senior Makana Municipality

directors and officials were ensconced

in their respective City Hall offices last

week, and employees of the relevant

department were doing whatever they

do, Hi-Tec Security staff members were

in upper High Street doing a jolly fine

job repairing the potholed street.

I’m not sure how many local

residents have been aware of the

atrocious state of High Street in the

area of the Cuyler Street exit and in

front of the municipal finance offices.

Incidentally, Hi-Tec has also

repaired potholes in New Street, while

Makana Revive and other entities have

done the same in other parts of the city.

Thank you to all of them.


A total of 927 Makhanda pupils h ave

either completed their 2020

matriculation examinations, as is the

case with Independent Examination

Board (IEB) candidates, or are nearing

the end.

Local schools that have had

candidates in the 2020 matric exams

are: Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) –

84 candidates; Gadra Matric School –

202; Graeme College – 61; Khutliso

Daniels Secondary School – 37;

Kingswood College – 79; Mary Waters

High School – 62; Nombulelo

Secondary School – 95; Ntsika

Secondary School – 104; PJ Olivier

High School – 29; St Andrew’s College

– 90; and Victoria Girls’ High School

(VGHS) – 84.


The National Arts Festival (NAF) has

announced that there will indeed be a

festival in 2021, and has opened the call

for artists to submit their interest in

being considered for the festival,

expected to be held in July.

Artistic director of the NAF, Rucera

Seethal, said: “It is obviously difficult to

predict what will happen next year, but

we will be going ahead with a 2021

festival and will adapt our formula if

need be.”

The 2020 festival went entirely

virtual as the Covid-19 lockdown

made it impossible to host a live event.


I have been taken aback – no, let’s

rather say shocked – at the large

numbers of people I’ve seen out on

local streets not wearing masks.

The Covid-19 pandemic is, once

again, it seems, spiralling out of

control, what with its second wave.

Yet there are people who just don’t

care and refuse to, or are reluctant to,

wear masks. But that’s just one aspect.

Here in Makhanda, like other cities

and towns, people are attending

parties, concerts, night clubs and

celebratory functions in large

numbers, many not wearing masks and

not practising safe distancing.

The World Health Organisation

(WHO) calls these big events “super

spreaders” of Covid-19.

Clearly there are those who are

under the impression that the Covid-19

pandemic has disappeared into thin air

now that the nation is down to level 1,

and that life can carry on as before.

How wrong they are.

Continue to wear your masks,

continue to practise safe distancing,

avoid travelling to high risk areas, and

refrain, if at all possible, from attending

crowded indoor events. Stay safe!


Tim Dold (navigator) of Makhanda and

his long-time rally partner Brandon

Hattingh (driver) of Uniondale finished

third in their class and 11th overall at

the Heinesport Rally in the Longmore

Forests last week.

They were competing in Hattingh’s

1984 ex-works Toyota Corolla.

The winning car in their class was a

Datsun SSS.

The rally, organised by Algoa Rally

Club, attracted an entry of 18 cars, with

four retirements and 14 finishers.

Dold said after the event: “Th e

LOYAL TEACHER RETIRES: Principal of Good Shepherd Primary School, Manie Cronje, left, hands over a painting

of the Good Shepherd buildings to Katie Appollis upon her retirement after teaching at the school for 43 years


Longmore Forest is certainly made for

rear-wheel drive cars and it was

incredible to do a rally sideways!”


SPCA Grahamstown’s 2021 calendars

are available at R100 each from the

SPCA charity shop at 31 High Street

(cash or card), SPCA kennels in the

industrial area (cash or card), Hoof and

Hound in Pepper Grove Mall (cash

only), Grahamstown Vet Clinic in

Fitzroy Street (cash only) and Ikhala Vet

Clinic in the industrial area (cash only).

A SPCA spokesperson said: “Th e

calendars include a selection of stories

and photos of special animals that

crossed our path during the course of

2019 and 2020.”


The Covid-19 lockdown has not only

had a drastic effect on education in

2020, but is also reaching into 2021 as

educational institutions announce

revised programmes and calendars for

next year.

According to the Rhodes University

term dates for 2021, first-year students

will report on campus over the

weekend of March 6 and 7, whereas in

past years they arrived at the beginning

of February.

Rhodes opens on January 4, while

2020 exam results will be released

between January 11 and 13.

Orientation Week for first-years

runs from March 7 to 11, continuing

students return to campus over the

weekend of March 13 and 14, and

undergraduate lectures begin on

March 15.

Meanwhile, the graduation

ceremonies have been set down for

April 28, 29 and 30.


Andrew and Claire Hunter – Dean and

Reverend respectively of the

Grahamstown Cathedral – announced

at a recent service that they will be

moving to Cape Town after 13 years at

the Cathedral.

Claire has been appointed Rector of

St Thomas Anglican Church in

R o n d e b o s ch .

They moved to Makhanda from

Cape Town in January 2008.



Last Friday, Brookshaw Home lost an

icon and wonderful character, Elaine

Andrews, who died earlier that day.

She once lived in a large Victorian

home in Caroline Close, and her

husband drove a Rolls Royce.

In the coffee-table book

Grahamtown Reflected, published in

1995, author Emily O’Meara wrote:

“Oatlands House – hidden by the

suburb which takes its name from the

original estate – was built in 1823 by

Lieutenant Colonel Sir Henry

Somerset, eldest son of the Cape

Governor, Lord Charles Somerset and

commandant of the frontier forces for

more than 30 years. He lived in it with

his wife Frances and their 13 children

until his posting to India in 1852. It was

the hub of the military and social world

in the Eastern Province.

“The current chatelaine, Elaine

Andrews, has recreated the past so

perfectly that it seems more real than

the outside world. A Victorian

gentlewoman personified, she has

always worn the clothes of that period.

“Oatlands House is a national

treasure in a proclaimed National

Monument which continues to be a

family home in the grand tradition.”


Here’s another of those ‘old time’

quizzes to keep (older) readers

occupied for a few minutes.

Appearing below are two sets of

names – the first is a list of local

businesses in the 1960s and 1970s,

and the second is a list of businesses or

organisations that occupy the same

premises today. Your task is simple –

match them up.

The 1960s/1970s businesses are:

Bambi Snack Bar at the corner of Hill

and Knight Streets; Westaway’s Motors

VW Dealership in upper High Street;

Helen Campbell Hairdressing Salon on

Church Square; Butterfly Snack Bar in

lower Beaufort Street; RET Butler’s

Pharmacy in Bathurst Street; Stone

Crescent Bottle Store at the corner of

New and Anglo-African Streets;

Beaumont & Rice Furniture Removals

in upper High Street; Parisian Bazaars

at the corner of High and Hill Streets;

Grand Service Station at the corner of

Hill and Huntley Streets; and

Wellington Stores at the corner of

Somerset and New Streets.

The 2020 entities occupying the

same premises are: River of Life

Church; Steers; Truworths; Mac’s Fast

Foods; Gary’s Refrigeration & Home

Appliances; Café Delizzia; Steers/

Fishaways; Sweet & Salty One-Stop

Munchies Shop; Debonair’s Pizza; and

Makana Tourism.

The answers are: Bambi Snack

Bar/Sweet & Salty; Westaway’s/Steers;

Helen Campbell/Makana Tourism;

Butterfly/Mac’s Fast Foods; Butler’s

Pharmacy/Steers and Fishaways; Stone

Crescent Bottle Store/Gary’s

Refrigeration; Beaumont & Rice/Café

Delizzia; Parisian Bazaars/Truworths;

Grand Service Station/River of Life

Church; Wellington Stores/Debonair’s

Pizza. Not so easy, hey?


The Settler City Toyota open at

Belmont Golf Club last Saturday, played

as a betterball, was won by Angus

McRae and Leard King.


Three Graeme College players –

Garwin Dampies, Aphiwe Mnyanda and

Sonwabile Tshona – have been

selected for the Warriors Cubs squad

to take part in the SA U19 cricket week

from January 10 to 14.


It ’s a double-header at Belmont Golf

Club on Saturday, December 5, when

the Hospice golf day will double up

with the club’s annual Captain’s team

versus President’s team clash.

The respective teams will be chosen

from the Hospice competition entries.

The betterball competition has a

9.30am shotgun start, and the entry fee

is R350.


Several PJ Olivier High School and

Primary School pupils have been

awarded gold, silver and bronze

certificates by the International

Afrikaans Expo run under the auspices

of the FAK (Federasie van Afrikaanse

Kultuur verenigings).

Those awarded certificates are:

Charlene Botha (Grade 11 – gold for

short story); Shirley Retief (Grade 11 –

gold for short story and gold for essay);

Carissa Henning (Grade 9 – gold for

poetry and gold for art); Madione

Heinen (Grade 4 – gold for art and

silver for poetry); and Carla Odendaal

(Grade 11 – silver for poetry).

In addition, FAK Computer

Olympiad bronze certificates were

awarded to Nikita Heinen (Grade 12),

Anschen Nel (Grade 7) and Liandri van

Vuuren (Grade 9).


More than 200 school pupils took part

in the Amakhala drawing competition

for a book to be published soon, and

among those whose work was chosen

for inclusion were four Graeme College

pupils – Ruben Bodenstein, Tristan Boy,

Corbien Hassim and Jedd Youthed.


Honours awards have been made in

their respective sporting codes to six

Kingswood College pupils – Zolani Booi

(basketball), Jenna Wright (tennis),

Dwayne Pharo (athletics), and Aidan

Chamberlain, Isabella de Bruyn and

Liam Lacey (all three waterpolo).

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Every Sunday, rain or shine.

8.30 - noon @ Just Off Centre

Enquiries: 074 370 0648


Services Offered



Contact Hendri

082 924 1362







of Decks, Roofs

and Paving.

081 430 3076


Removals & Storage



R700 per



082 565 8660

For Sale






in Port Alfred. Close to

the Rosehill shopping

Mall. 2 Bedrooms both

ensuite, dining room

cum study, lounge,

separate kitchen,

covered verandah

enclosed yard, specious

double garage with

generous cupboards

and laundry area. North

facing and enclosed easy

maintenance garden.

R1.5 million (R1 500 000).

Contact Rose Leach

072 522 7666 or Tim

Leach 082 600 5560


Home Maintenance










Carol van Tonder

082 304 3605


Garden Services

Tree Felling


Plot/Garden Clearing

Tim - 072 202 0138

Gys - 082 410 1905


Kennels and Pets

34 Atherstone Road

Port Alfred, EC

Dr H Brink

Dr L De Bruyn

Dr J Krüger

Dr W Jonck



Mon – Fri:

08:00 – 18:00

Sat and Public


09:00 - 13:00

Sun: 10:00 – 12:00

Contact us:

Tel: 046 624 1092

Fax: 046 624 2640

Emergency No:

082 566 3502



Expanded kennels

& Cattery


Misc. Wanted



Require stock for their

charity shop. We accept

anything including

furniture, crockery, cutlery,

kitchen and electrical

appliances, glassware,


linen, curtains, clothes,

toys, books, bric a brac etc.






ůĨĞĚTel: 046 624 4107


Misc. Wanted


Looking for old

Seagull boat

engines. Tel: Dale

083 655 5597




Employment Wtd.

JOYCE is looking for

employment as a caretaker

of a B&B, Guest House, or

Holiday home.

Phone: 063 946 1096

LORNA is looking for full or

part-time domestic work.

Phone: 073 568 1447

LYNETTE is looking for full

time domestic work.

Phone: 061 206 3848

NOMFUNDO is looking for

full or part-time work.

Good with ironing and

children. Hospitality experience.

Phone: 072 690 8808

OLIVIA is looking for

part-time domestic work.

Mondays and Thursdays.

Phone: 083 422 8651

PAIDA is looking for

part-time domestic work.

Mondays, Wednesdays

and Fridays.

Phone: 061 253 6836

RUDO is looking for

employment in Port Alfred.

Phone: 074 072 0160


Estate Agents




All Tenants are screened and

Credit checks are done.

We update payment profile

at the national credit bureau.

Contact us for professional

and Experienced property


Contact Arlene Du Plessis

at Remax Kowie

Tel: 046 624 1110




Accomm. Off / Wtd



40% off for Seniors B&B



(Valid until

15 December 2020).

Call: 042 233 8300




2 Fully equipped s/c









Holm 041 581 6308 or

083 495 2690

In the Estate of the Late DAVID LLOYD

MALAN, Identity No. 5406045128083

born 4 June 1954, who died on 5 June


RIVER MOUTH, 6190, married out of

community of property.

ESTATE NO: 001938/2020

Debtors and Creditors in the above Estate

are hereby called upon to lodge their claims

with and pay their debts to the undersigned

within a period of thirty (30) days from

4 December 2020.


Attorneys for the Executor




TEL: 046-6530005

(Ref: D Joubert/sn)



















TALK OF THE TOWN 3 December 2020 Advertising & Newsdesk: (046) 624-4356 Find us on Facebook 15



Kowie Bowling Club

Many of our club members do not realise the club is

very vulnerable as a conduit for the transmission of

the Covid-19 virus, and in an extended catchment


Just because nobody has, so far, been infected at

the club does not allow us to become blasé.

Continuous self-appraisal is essential in

identifying the weakest link in our viral control


The club usually hosts about 120 players at tabsin

per week.

At each session, the players spend three hours on

the green.

Wearing masks and assisted by the ubiquitous

breeze is in itself enough to disperse any

concentration of air-borne viruses.

On average, players then spend another hour

analysing the afternoon’s game at the pub – and

therein lies the rub.

They come off the green wearing their masks,

order drinks and remove their masks to sip.

They then forget to put it on again and, by so

doing, establish a chain of transference for the virus.

Let us not delude ourselves.

At some time or other, one of our players will

arrive at bowls having been in contact with a person

with C ov i d - 1 9 .

Only then will the efficacy of our defence

protocol be tested.

Last Tuesday’s bowls was well attended, with Rob

Owsley, Linda Mey and Rob Sandilands winning the

m e g a - b u ck s .

On Thursday, we had another full house and

some very tight games.

Jonty, with Glen Burmeister and Lina Woodard

dove-tailed very well and got awarded for their

consistency by winning with a full house from Peter

Mey and Martin Slattery.

Saturday was mega-bucks day – which was won

by Steve Minnaar, Dave Thomas and Sue Connacher.

Port Alfred Bowling Club

Last week, this scribe, ladies’ captain Elsabe

(Rodrigues) and former men’s club captain John

(Hodges) travelled to Kenton Bowling Club to finalise

the dates for the annual coastal competitions.

In the Estate of the Late KENNETH


Master's Reference No: 000542/2020

Notice is hereby given in terms of

Section 35(5) of the Administration of

Estates Act that the First and Final

Liquidation and Distribution Account will

lie for inspection at the Master of the

Supreme Court Grahamstown and the

Magistrate Port Alfred for Twenty-One

(21) days as from the 04th December


Any person objecting to the said

account must notify the Master of

the Supreme Court, Grahamstown in

writing before the expiry of the said




P O BOX 2083, PORT ALFRED, 6170



Notice is hereby given in terms of

Regulation 68(1) of the Deeds Registries

Act, 1937, of the intention to apply for


Transfer No. T59236/2006 passed by

Provincial Government of the Eastern

Cape in favour of Vuyo Vinson Mapekula,

Identity Number 730727 5717 08 2 and

Nomthandazo Olivia Mapekula, Identity

Number 770812 0643 08 6, in respect of

Erf 1547 Marselle, Ndlambe Local

Municipality, Division of Alexandria,

Eastern Cape Province which has been

lost or destroyed.

All persons having objection to the issue

of such copy are hereby required to lodge

the same in writing with the Registrar of

Deeds at King William’s Town within two

weeks after the date of publication of this


Dated at Grahamstown on this 4th day

of December 2020

Brenda Campbell Attorneys

87 High Street



046 622 2757

Obviously Kenton were represented as well as

Kowie BC.

The meeting was conducted by Kowie club

captain Jonty and on the hour mark, the meeting was

over. Jonty doesn’t mess around.

Then this past weekend, three Port Alfred teams

travelled to the Albany BC in Makhanda

(Grahamstown) to participate in a Thelma du Preez

tribute day.

Thelma sadly passed away in March.

Trevor and his team of Mike and Joanne won two

and lost one, Mel and her team of Wim and Mike

Mpotenhauer won one and lost two, while this

scribe, his wife Mary and an Albany relative Dave

Robertson lost all three. Oh dear. There was better

luck for Hein Strombeck who turned out for an

Albany side after a late pull-out.

This team ended third. Well done Hein.

Greens and weather:

The greens were extremely fast, suiting some and

not others.

For example, one team, after the opposing skip

asked for the mat to be brought up found themselves

in trouble when both the lead and second landed all

their bowls in the ditch.










of 27 Settlers Park Port Alfred

IDENTITY NUMBER: 350820 5048 084

ESTATE NO: 3756/2020

All persons having claims against the

above Estate are required to lodge such

claims with the undersigned within thirty

(30) days from date of publication hereof.

DATED at PORT ALFRED this 24 th day

of November 2020


Attorneys for Executor

37 Campbell Street

Port Alfred


(Ref: S G McNaughton/Elizabeth)





NOTICE is hereby given that Management

has taken a decision to close all public halls

and public amenities (open spaces) with

immediate effect.

This decision is taken in an effort to curb

the increasingly high numbers of persons

contracting the COVID-19 virus within the

Ndlambe area.

This is implemented with immediate



30 November 2020 ADV R DUMEZWENI


GOOD WIN: Winners of the

Pam Golding sponsored

two-bowl trips played at

Kowie Bowls Club are, from

left, James ‘Foxy’ Fox, Gill

Armstrong and Dave Slater,

right, with Andrew Meyer

who presented the prizes. A

great day of bowling was

had by all who participated

The weather was great until late afternoon when

heavy drizzle dampened play, leaving many bowlers


A lot of work is being carried out on the greens

where last week B green was filled with top soil and

compost and as usual Trevor’s appeal for help from

members was amazing.

The same has to be carried out on C green, which

has already been scarified thanks to Trevor.

In this respect, Richard Henshall again showed

his valued kindness when he provided payment and

food out of his own pocket to two hired labourers

who lightened the workload.

When it comes to other sports, it’s hard luck

Proteas who lost the T20 International series to

England on Sunday and up the Bulls who edged the

Stormers in Cape Town.

Good bowling all.



Notice is hereby given in terms Regulation

68 of the Deeds Registries Act, 1937,

of the intention to apply for the issue


which has been lost or destroyed.

All persons having objection to the issue

of such copy are hereby required to lodge

the same in writing with the Registrar

weeks from the date of the publication of

this notice.


Primary Grade R pupil Dhayron Somerset

proudly wore his school tee shirt and

wasted no time demonstrating his

colouring-in skills while spending a morning

in his 2021 Grade 1 classroom at Port Alfred

High School. The visit to the big school was

a huge success; classes are full from Kittens

(toddlers) to Grade 3 for 2021

In the Estate of the Late WARREN


Reference No: 003950/2019, Notice is

hereby given in terms of Section 35(5)

of the Administration of Estates Act

that the First and Final Liquidation

and Distribution Account will lie for

inspection at the Master of the Supreme

Court Grahamstown and the Magistrate

Port Alfred for Twenty-One (21) days

as from the 04 December 2020.

Any person objecting to the said

account must notify the Master of

the Supreme Court, Grahamstown in

writing before the expiry of the said




P O BOX 2083, PORT ALFRED, 6170












Notice is hereby given in terms of the

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Regulations published in the Government Notice

No.R324 to R327 of 7 April 2017; in terms of section 24(5)

of the National Environmental Management Act (Act

No 107 of 1998), which Mrs. Pollos Purdon intends

carrying out the following listed activities which trigger

a Basic Environmental Assessment:

The proposed lifestyle estate development will

comprise of approximately 34 x 167m 2 s i n g l e

storey residential units, a 354m 2 clubhouse and 30m 2

gatehouse. The total footprint of the proposed

development is anticipated to be in extent of

approximately 6053m 2 . The total size of the property

is 20 761m 2 , while the coverage of the development

will be approximately 30% on completion with vegetation

clearing and bulk earthworks required. Internal

access roads and landscape gardens will further

form part of the activity. Bulk power supply will be

sourced from municipal supply (Eskom), while off

grid power options will be available. Water supply

will be sourced from bulk municipal supply, with

additional augmentation from rain water tanks and a


site by means a Clarus fusion treatment plant. The

proposed activity will further adhere to all National

In terms of the requirements of the EIA Regulations,

all Stakeholders and interested and affected parties

(I&AP’s) must be provided with opportunities to

participate in the EIA process. For further information,

and or to register as an I&AP, please contact:

Mr Warren Lange

Tel: 046 624 1522



Ta l kTow OF THE

CONTACT US WITH SPORTS NEWS: (046) 624-4356 (Jon Houzet)

Thursday 3 De ce m b e r, 2020

Sticks running on ahead



Kowie Striders holds prize-giving night


It was a bittersweet year-end function

and prize-giving for Kowie Striders’

Sticks Stiglingh last Saturday, as it

was his last as chair after five years at

the helm.

But Stiglingh is graduating to

become chair of the Port Alfred Country

Club, of which the Striders is one of the

member clubs.

The Christmas-themed function was

catered by Joba Café, but at outside

tables spread beyond the restaurant in

Heritage Mall.

“Thank you to each and every one

wh o ’s here tonight. And to those who

couldn’t be here because of Covid and

other reasons, thank you for making our

club the best club,” Stiglingh said.

He thanked their sponsors,

including Rosehill SuperSpar, Buco,

which sponsors the 27/10km run,

Remax Kowie for always helping with

the Boxing Day fun run (which cannot

take place this year), Heritage Mall

owners Western Gruppe for sponsoring

their 5/8km runs and for allowing the

Striders to hold their year-end function

there, and Talk of the Town for space

given to the Striders in the newspaper.

He said it was sad the club would

not be holding the popular annual fun

run/walk on Boxing Day, which draws

about 700 participants, but the decision

was made “after long deliberations” and

with Covid-19 in mind.

Thanks also went to Cathy

Momberg, Wimpy owner Mike

Wilcock, Anel Heyns of Woolworths,

club member Sarah Cohen for logging

the results, and Marietjie Robb for all

her help.

Stiglingh said their development

programme was growing and would be

named the Nemato Academy next year.

“Thanks to Foxy [outgoing country

club president James Fox] for

supporting the development

programme. If it wasn’t for Foxy and the

country club, we wouldn’t be here.”

In response, Fox said: “At the

moment we have 298 members at the

country club. It’s because of you

p e o p l e .”

Stiglingh awarded the chairperson’s

trophy to Zanel Venter, thanking her for

handling the club’s finances.

“After five years as chair, handing

over the baton is sad. It was not always

easy, I started with no committee.

“But people came forward and put

their life and commitment into it.

“These past five years were the best

years of my life as far as clubs are

c o n c e r n e d ,” he said.

Awa rd s :

Male walker – Jean Nepgen

Female walker – Carol Nepgen

Junior male – Lithemba Jekana

27km male – 1st Sizakele Dayimani,

2nd Xolani Mbeki, 3rd Zamile Xanti

27km female – 1st Shannon Kethro,

2nd Marianne Stiglingh, 3rd Nelly Phiri

Cyclist of the year – Ly n e t t e

H a r b r e ch t

Most improved – Sinethemba


Male runner – Sticks Stiglingh

Female runner – Avril Beyleveld

Vasbyt award – Billy Futter

EP certificates – Avril Beyleveld

(cross country), Sticks Stiglingh (cross

country and road running), Marlene

Wiese (road running)

Chairperson’s trophy – Zanel Venter

TOP OF THEIR GAME: At the Kowie Striders’ year-end function and prize-giving

held on Saturday, Avril Beyleveld receives the award for female runner of the

year, and outgoing chair Sticks Stiglingh for male runner of the year Picture: JON


Time Trial: November 24


1. Mike Varela 18:26

2. Dudley Emslie 25:00

3. Marietjie Robb 28:45

4. Alistair Blake 33:54

5. Melody Greeff 33:54

6. Sally Blake 34:17

7. Jenny Basson 34:17

8. Ray Basson 39:45


1. Sinethemba Jilieisi 15:22

2. Lithemba Jekana 17:28

3. Mpho Nxabuzi 19:01

4. Lime Valuvalu 19:35

5. Aliwa Mackay 20:25

6. Franco Klopper 23:17

7. Francois Klopper 23:33

8. Chris Roberts 23:50

9. Kevin Lee 25:57

10. John Jones 26:40

11. Gerald Greef 29:42

12. Kristine Greef 31:40

13. Patrick Knowles 32:33

14. Sarah Cohen 32:38

15. Elmi Jones 32:38

16. Lulu Mceka 32:52

17. Mike Momberg 33:15

18. Corrie Gouws 36:39

19. Cath Momberg 38:00

20. AnnaMarie Joubert 38:24

21. Stephan Gouws 38:20

22. Dianne Emslie 41:55

23. Charlie Joubert 43:00

24. Lesley Theunissen 45:00

25. Nicky Boslee 45:00

26. Billy Futter 45:42

27. Floss Howden 50:53

28. Sue Robertson 50:53

29. Zabrina Elliot 53:00

30. Lindsay Lupnow 53:00


Time Trial: November 28

The group may have been

small but that didn’t deter them

from their 5km run.


No runners


1. L u k h a ny i s o

Ntengu 26:48

2. Lindokuhle

Mpambani 26:48

3. Iviwe

Matyumu 26:49

4. Ross

Bedford 30:32

5. Colleen

Bedford 31:25


No runners


1. Siza Dayimani 30:20

2. Reon van Zyl 37:59

3. Shawn Burren 41:45

4. Sticks Stiglingh 43:08

5. Alex Weed 43:35

6. Shannon Kethro 43:35

7. Pauline Weed 01:19:00

8. John Howden 01:19:00

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