Maida Vale School Prospectus

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<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> <strong>Prospectus</strong><br />

A co-educational independent school for 11 to 18 year olds


<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> opened its doors to students for the first time in September 2020.<br />

It is the fourth school to be founded by the Gardener <strong>School</strong>s Group (GSG) following<br />

the establishment of Ravenscourt Park Preparatory <strong>School</strong> in 1991, Kew Green<br />

Preparatory <strong>School</strong> in 2004, and Kew House <strong>School</strong> in 2013.<br />

We can achieve<br />

the highest academic<br />

results for each pupil,<br />

without creating<br />

“examination<br />

factories”<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> was founded to<br />

meet the demand from parents and<br />

students for a modern, innovative<br />

and caring school, that puts the<br />

students at the centre of the learning<br />

experience.<br />

As part of the successful Gardener<br />

<strong>School</strong>s Group, <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

is founded on clearly defined values<br />

that guide and inform everything<br />

we do:<br />

• Each student is treated as an individual and is inspired<br />

and motivated to achieve their full potential.<br />

• We engender confidence and develop self-esteem,<br />

which leads to intellectual risk-taking and creates a love<br />

of learning.<br />

• We cultivate core tenets of respect, compassion, tolerance<br />

and responsibility.<br />

• We strive for excellence in all areas of learning and<br />

exploration.<br />

• Our approach is holistic, uniting head, hand and heart<br />

in the learning journey.<br />

At <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> we have an ‘open door’ culture,<br />

whereby parents can come to the school and speak with<br />

staff about their child’s progress and well-being at any time.<br />

We believe that a child’s educational journey is shared<br />

between the school, parents and the child themselves,<br />

a co-curation of their education that gives agency and<br />

ownership to all involved.<br />

When at full capacity, <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> will have a roll of<br />

600 boys and girls aged 11 to 18. Small class sizes and closely<br />

supported tutor groups mean that students receive individual<br />

attention and feel valued and recognised for who they are.<br />

Many other senior schools remain modelled on traditional<br />

19th century values of industrialised learning that prioritises<br />

the school before the learner. At <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> each<br />

student is respected as a valuable and emerging individual,<br />

and teachers and staff work in partnership to achieve success,<br />

happiness and well-being.<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> is an energising, challenging and nurturing<br />

environment. We look forward to welcoming you through<br />

its doors.<br />

Magnus Bashaarat<br />

Head, <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

Part of the<br />

2<br />



<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> takes a modern and<br />

pioneering approach to every aspect of<br />

school life. These are the key characteristics<br />

upon which <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> is founded:<br />

Individualised attention<br />

With a broad curriculum, a vast enrichment programme and<br />

an extended school day, <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> has the variety and<br />

flexibility to enable pupils to develop their individual talents<br />

and fulfil their potential. Our small teaching and tutor groups,<br />

combined with the importance we place on communication<br />

between home and school, allow us to provide the highest<br />

level of pastoral care.<br />

Selection criteria<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> seeks to recruit intelligent pupils with a<br />

confident sense of identity and an original approach to learning,<br />

problem solving and creativity. Whilst <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> uses<br />

assessments to select its pupils, we give equal weighting to<br />

interviews, achievement in all areas and school references. We<br />

believe that talent and potential should not be wasted. Each year<br />

group is selected as a cohort in which children with different<br />

aptitudes and personalities inspire and support each other.<br />

Ethos<br />

We welcome pupils with varying academic profiles, searching<br />

out and encouraging the individual abilities of each child,<br />

placing emphasis on confidence, self-esteem and creativity.<br />

We believe this approach produces high levels of achievement<br />

for each pupil. We operate a true “open door” policy,<br />

welcoming parents and members of the wider community<br />

to become a part of school life. <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> seeks<br />

to cultivate the feeling of a family and social hub that offers<br />

emotional support and security for all pupils and employees.<br />

The curriculum<br />

We provide a rich and broad education for all pupils from<br />

age 11 to 18. The Gardener <strong>School</strong>s Group track record<br />

shows that we can achieve the highest academic results for<br />

each pupil, but without creating “examination factories”.<br />

Community involvement<br />

Our school is outward-looking, taking full advantage of the<br />

wide variety of cultural, scientific and business organisations<br />

in London as a resource. Our locality also provides opportunities<br />

to serve the local community. We continue our practice of<br />

welcoming prominent visitors to hold seminars, lectures and<br />

workshops at the school.<br />

Modern and innovative approach<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> takes a fresh approach to all areas of school<br />

life and is not bound by current conventions and practices which<br />

no longer seem useful. Whilst retaining the core traditional<br />

values established in our schools, we continue to make bold<br />

decisions about the curriculum, timetabling and the length<br />

and shape of the school day.<br />

Creativity and excellence<br />

The school promotes individual and group creativity both<br />

academically and in extracurricular activities, allowing talent<br />

to blossom. We encourage individuality of thought and<br />

self-motivation in all areas of study and exploration.<br />

The ability to problem-solve and to be creative will become<br />

increasingly important for young people entering employment<br />

in the 21 st century.<br />

4 5

facilities<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> is a large, airy Victorian<br />

building situated in its own secure grounds<br />

within a residential neighbourhood of<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong>.<br />

During morning break, at lunch and after school, pupils are<br />

free to use the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA), basketball<br />

court, table tennis equipment or simply relax with friends in<br />

one of the landscaped areas.<br />

The Victorians believed in light-filled classrooms with high<br />

ceilings and large windows and <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> certainly<br />

benefits from this. We have, however, taken the school into<br />

the 21 st Century and <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> is fitted out with cutting<br />

edge facilities and equipment including:<br />

MVS is fitted<br />

with cutting edge<br />

facilities and<br />

equipment<br />

• Multiple Science laboratories<br />

• Music suites<br />

• Computing laboratory<br />

• Theatre<br />

• Dance studio<br />

• Fitness studio<br />

• Art studios<br />

• Food and nutrition room<br />

• Design Technology room and CAD design area<br />

• Restaurant & parent café<br />

• Library<br />

When the <strong>School</strong> opens to Sixth Form, <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> will<br />

have an innovative, ILC (Independent Learning Centre) as well<br />

as a garden roof terrace.<br />

The use of technology in the <strong>School</strong> and in the curriculum<br />

is at the heart of all teaching and learning. All pupils have a<br />

laptop and access to Microsoft 365 suite of apps including<br />

Teams, OneNote, ClassNoteBook for the delivery of all<br />

lessons both within school and remotely.<br />

6 7


We provide a rich and broad education to all pupils whatever their specialism<br />

pursuing excellence in all areas. We know that our approach to learning and<br />

achievement works – excellent exam results must go hand in hand with the full<br />

development of each pupil’s potential as a young person.<br />

Pupils are able to enjoy a wide range of opportunities, including an increasing number of option choices that augment<br />

the core curriculum. This range of subjects expands further at sixth form level.<br />

The basis of the timetable is six taught hours per day. Most schools teach five hours a day - this means that the timetable<br />

provides an entire extra days’ worth of taught lessons. In addition, the extra-curricular programme includes a large<br />

number of academic, non-academic and sports-based clubs.<br />

Our “Individuals in Society” (IS) course focuses on emotional, practical and intellectual personal development<br />

throughout each pupil’s life at the school via regular, timetabled sessions and extensions of the school day. The IS course<br />

ranges from political philosophy, global economics and sustainability to ethics, emotional intelligence and nutrition.<br />

Years 7 & 8<br />

In Years 7 & 8, each pupil explores a wide range<br />

of subjects, including Modern Languages, Design<br />

and Technology, Music, Food and Nutrition and<br />

Art along with the Humanities, Maths, English and<br />

Science. This breadth of subjects enables pupils<br />

to make informed choices about exam options as<br />

they move further up the school.<br />

Years 9, 10 & 11<br />

In Years 9, 10 & 11, the core curriculum remains in<br />

place but an extensive range of challenging and<br />

stimulating subject options are available. Options<br />

choices for GCSE take place towards the end of Year<br />

8 and are managed as part of a careers guidance<br />

programme which supports our pupils in making<br />

informed subject selections. The three year GCSE<br />

programme enables some pupils to ‘fast track’, if<br />

appropriate.<br />

8 9

“The pursuit of<br />

excellence in all<br />

areas of study<br />

and exploration<br />

is our hallmark”<br />

Sport & Wellness<br />

Sport and well-being form an important part<br />

of the curriculum at <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong>.<br />

The school houses spacious studio facilities for dance, yoga<br />

and ‘HIIT’ (high intensity interval training) classes.<br />

We are also fortunate to be situated in a convenient location<br />

for access to a number of nearby sports grounds and<br />

facilities.<br />

Paddington Recreation Ground is within walking distance<br />

from the school and offers Astroturf pitches, hockey and a<br />

state of the art running track. Willesden Leisure Centre is<br />

used for netball, badminton and basketball. Regent’s Park,<br />

only a fifteen minute coach journey from the school, provides<br />

superb pitches for all grass team sports and tennis.<br />

Queen’s Park<br />

(9 min walk)<br />

KENSAL<br />

TOWN<br />

NORTH<br />



Kilburn High Road<br />

Carlton <strong>Vale</strong><br />

Saltram Crescent<br />


Kilburn Park<br />

(13 min walk)<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong><br />

(15 min walk)<br />

Warwick Avenue<br />


H<br />

St. John’s<br />

Wood<br />

Wellington Road<br />

A505<br />

Regent’s<br />

Park<br />

Westbourne<br />

Park<br />


Westway<br />

Royal Oak<br />

Edgware<br />

Road<br />

10 11

Performing Arts<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> offers a rich performing<br />

arts programme including music and drama.<br />

The Performing Arts department offers a wide variety of<br />

drama and musical opportunities for all our pupils ranging<br />

from whole school plays and productions, orchestras,<br />

jazz bands, rock groups, choirs, to workshops and regular<br />

concerts for all ensembles.<br />

The ability to perform in public is crucial in pupils<br />

determining their future success, it is through performing<br />

arts that young people can develop their self-confidence,<br />

resilience and show the sophistication that employers are<br />

often looking for.<br />



Pastoral<br />

At <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> every member of staff, no matter who<br />

they are, has a responsibility for the pastoral care of every<br />

individual pupil. For us, effective Pastoral care and a focus<br />

on pupil wellbeing are at the heart of ensuring success<br />

for young people. Here, the Personal Tutor Group system<br />

contributes greatly to this – the Personal Tutor remains with<br />

the pupil throughout their time at school and the groups<br />

are vertical, meaning that pupils across all year groups are<br />

in each set. In time the older pupils will act as role models<br />

for the younger pupils to follow. The Personal Tutor Groups<br />

meet every day and are the gateway for communication<br />

between school and home. This approach means that we<br />

know what is happening in your child’s life, what makes them<br />

tick so that we can provide appropriate care and support at<br />

all times so that they can achieve to the best of their ability in<br />

all areas of their life.<br />

In addition, the value of our Open-Door Policy means<br />

parents are welcome at any time at the school in the Parent<br />

Café and that the personal tutor and teachers will always be<br />

available at short notice to both pupils and parents.<br />

Learning Support<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong>’s Learning Support Department works<br />

closely with pastoral and tutorial staff to identify needs at<br />

an early stage and provide the support required to enable<br />

each pupil to thrive within the curriculum. Teachers trained<br />

in Special Educational Needs will work with pupils internally<br />

but, where appropriate, parents may be referred to external<br />

agencies for further support.<br />

12 13

Enrichment<br />

Enrichment of the pupil day, and the huge<br />

amount that takes place beyond the formal<br />

curriculum at <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong>, sets it apart.<br />

Taking advantage of the school’s location close to the heart<br />

of London, <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> makes use of the city as a<br />

resource. The school utilises already established links with<br />

local and city-wide organisations, including businesses,<br />

community groups, arts foundations, scientific institutes and<br />

museums, and will be outward-looking to life beyond the<br />

school gates.<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> invites guest speakers and visitors into<br />

school to inspire the pupils. Workshops and interactive<br />

sessions are held during the main school day, after school,<br />

during the school holidays and at weekends.<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> pupils are able to take part in residential school<br />

trips during their time at the school. These include activitybased<br />

courses in the UK as well as cultural experiences<br />

abroad.<br />

A wide variety of clubs including sport, robotics, dance,<br />

digital photography, theatre and film will take place before<br />

and after school, as well as at lunchtime.<br />

14 15

pupils have the opportunity<br />

to visit multiple countries<br />

world-wide<br />


Geography<br />

Belgium<br />

History<br />

Germany<br />

Languages and<br />

History<br />

SPAIN<br />

Sport and Languages<br />

Trips in the UK and beyond may vary from a theatrical troupe going to France to geographers visiting Malawi in Africa, from<br />

outdoor pursuits in Cornwall to art appreciation in Rome. Such trips are designed to bolster confidence and independence<br />

as well as to provide inspiration.<br />

Italy<br />

Music, Classics,<br />

Food Technology<br />

and Skiing<br />

LAOS<br />

Charity<br />

environmental<br />

work<br />

Barbados<br />

Sport (Netball)<br />

History trip to see Auschwitz Ski trip to the Italian Alps Charity work in Laos<br />

Switzerland -<br />

Cern<br />

Physics and Maths<br />

16 17<br />

FRANCE<br />

History, Music,<br />

and Languages<br />

Poland<br />



Curriculum<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> will open at Sixth Form in 2023<br />

as the school grows to this point. A wide<br />

ranging Sixth Form Curriculum will be<br />

delivered by experienced subject experts,<br />

teachers who seek to enthuse students with<br />

excitement and passion for their chosen<br />

areas of study.<br />

We guide students through the A Level selection process<br />

with a view to their ambitions post Sixth Form. We then add<br />

depth and breadth to these chosen subjects through quality<br />

and frequency of contact. <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> will provide a<br />

tailored Sixth Form education for each student. This will be<br />

reflected in a high number of one-to-one and small group<br />

sessions with teachers and the flexibility of the timetable<br />

and options choices. Our teachers possess track records<br />

of success in both A Level examination results and helping<br />

students achieve their post-school ambitions.<br />

18 19

Pastoral Care in the Sixth Form<br />

Our strong pastoral care system is at the heart of our ethos.<br />

All students are valued and supported. Sixth Formers have<br />

specific pastoral needs and we provide comprehensive,<br />

realistic, practical and in-depth support that enables students<br />

to navigate the potential pressures of their later teenage<br />

years. The Personal Tutor’s role, as described above, is crucial<br />

in this regard but the school will be a community with each<br />

individual taking responsibility for the well-being of the<br />

whole.<br />

Careers and UCAS Applications<br />

We provide our students with maximum exposure to careers<br />

related experiences and guidance meetings take place<br />

throughout Year 12. <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> will build on Gardener<br />

<strong>School</strong>s Group’s established links with local and city-wide<br />

organisations including businesses, community groups,<br />

arts foundations, scientific institutes and museums. A two<br />

week work experience placement in Year 12, contributes to<br />

students making informed decisions about the future.<br />

We will closely tutor and guide our students throughout the<br />

UCAS process over the course of the Sixth Form. Gardener<br />

<strong>School</strong>s Group has a track record of success at A Level with<br />

a high percentage of students gaining first choice university<br />

entrance.<br />

Our staff’s wealth of experience and contacts with universities<br />

ensure that our students know how best to apply for the<br />

country’s most prestigious institutions. We give careers advice<br />

and guidance in one-to-one tutorials as well as using outside<br />

speakers from universities and industry.<br />

Sixth Form Independent Learning Centre<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> Sixth Form students will benefit from having their<br />

own Independent Learning Centre. This area will reflect the<br />

fact that our students are approaching adulthood and will<br />

encourage independent study in an attractive environment.<br />

This will include a Sixth Form Café, library, social break-out<br />

spaces and quiet study areas. <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong> will also be<br />

installing a roof deck for social break-out space and outdoor<br />

study.<br />

Enrichment – Beyond Examination<br />

Admission to the best universities and the most demanding<br />

courses in the country requires more than high grades alone.<br />

A successful applicant must stand out from the crowd and<br />

our enrichment programme will allow our students to do<br />

this. Our Individuals in Society course produces engaged<br />

young adults, preparing them for the real world and includes<br />

seminars on body language, emotional intelligence, nutrition<br />

and personal finance.<br />

We inform our students about the dangers of the adult world<br />

and how to make informed choices to survive in it.<br />

The Extended Study Project (EPQ)<br />

All students will be encouraged to complete the extended<br />

study project in addition to their A-Level studies. Students<br />

apply the independent learning skills they have been taught<br />

in a real-life context and cover an area of learning that they<br />

alone have decided upon. The EPQ can be used towards<br />

university admissions, counting as half an A-Level.<br />

Duke of Edinburgh Award<br />

The Duke of Edinburgh Award will be an integral part of<br />

the life of students at <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong>. The experiences it<br />

provides will be of huge value to them. We will encourage our<br />

students to take part so they can demonstrate to universities<br />

and employers that they can operate outside their comfort<br />

zones and can cope with any challenge thrown at them.<br />

Leaders in the Community<br />

Our Sixth Formers will be seen as leaders, treated as young<br />

adults and provide an example to the lower year groups<br />

of the school. Our Head Boy and Girl will lead a Sixth Form<br />

Headship Team which liaises with the <strong>School</strong> Council in Years<br />

7 to 11 to direct charitable activities and volunteering within<br />

the community. We will forge links with other local schools<br />

and charities which will allow students to help those less<br />

fortunate than themselves.<br />

We provide<br />

comprehensive,<br />

realistic, practical<br />

and in-depth<br />

support<br />

20 21

Registration<br />

& Admission<br />

We seek inquisitive, intelligent pupils<br />

who will engage with and enjoy the<br />

wide curriculum we offer.<br />

Although we use entrance assessments, greater emphasis<br />

is placed on interview, samples of work and the pupil’s feeder<br />

school report. The interview is a chance for pupils to talk<br />

about something they are passionate about and they should<br />

prepare for a presentation with the Headmaster or senior<br />

staff member.<br />

Each year group is selected as a cohort in which we strive<br />

to identify a balanced mix of boys and girls with different<br />

strengths and personal qualities who will support, motivate<br />

and inspire one another. We welcome children from all<br />

educational backgrounds and hope to see students and<br />

parents throughout the course of the year prior to entry.<br />

What next?<br />

Browse our website<br />

maidavaleschool.com<br />

Book a visit online at<br />

maidavaleschool.com/openevents<br />

Feel free to call us for further information<br />

020 4511 6000<br />

Complete online registration form<br />

maidavaleschool/com/register<br />

To register, please go online:<br />

www.maidavaleschool.com/register<br />

Any information given will be held confidentially. Prior<br />

to entry, the school will send you information regarding<br />

assessment and interview procedures.<br />

Registration will ensure that you are kept up to date<br />

with news, information and invitations to events.<br />

Full details of the admissions process can be found<br />

on the website.<br />


Queen’s Park<br />

(9 min walk)<br />

KENSAL<br />

TOWN<br />

NORTH<br />



Kilburn High Road<br />

Carlton <strong>Vale</strong><br />

Saltram Crescent<br />


Westbourne<br />

Park<br />


Kilburn Park<br />

(13 min walk)<br />

Westway<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong><br />

(15 min walk)<br />

Warwick Avenue<br />

Royal Oak<br />


H<br />

St. John’s<br />

Wood<br />

Wellington Road<br />

A505<br />

Edgware<br />

Road<br />

Regent’s<br />

Park<br />

<strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong> <strong>School</strong><br />

18 Saltram Crescent<br />

London<br />

W9 3HR<br />

Where we play sport/games:<br />

Paddington Recreation Centre<br />

Hockey, astroturf, tennis, running<br />

track and basketball<br />

Randolph Avenue, <strong>Maida</strong> <strong>Vale</strong>,<br />

London W9 1PD<br />

Moberly Sports Centre<br />

Swimming<br />

25 Chamberlayne Road,<br />

Kensal Green, London NW10 3NB<br />

Willesden Sports Centre<br />

Basketball, badminton and netball<br />

Donnington Road, London<br />

NW10 3QX<br />

Regent’s Park<br />

Football, rugby and more<br />

Chester Road, London NW1 4NR<br />

W: maidavaleschool.com E: admissions@maidavaleschool.com T: 020 4511 6000<br />


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