December 2020

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DEC/JAN 2021<br />



Integral blinds are not<br />

just for bi-folds<br />

Our integral blinds fit windows from 300mm to 2500mm in size,<br />

which makes them perfect for all types of windows and doors<br />

(including bi-fold and sliding doors).<br />

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Tel: 0113 277 8722<br />

Email: info@morleyglass.co.uk<br />

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Morley Glass & Glazing Ltd, Unit 3, Leeds 27 Industrial<br />

Estate, Bruntcliffe Way, Leeds LS27 0HH

Editor’s Comment<br />


EDITOR<br />


01892 732047<br />


The end of the year is traditionally a time for reflection and <strong>2020</strong> has<br />

certainly been challenging. Despite cautious optimism that we will<br />

gradually see a return to pre-Covid ‘normality’ in the coming months<br />

thanks to the discovery of a viable vaccine, it is quite possible that things<br />

will never be the same again.<br />

While many sectors, not to mention individuals, have suffered immensely, the<br />

glass and glazing sector, on the whole, has been lucky.<br />

“Back in March, when the coronavirus lockdown was announced, I don’t think<br />

anyone expected that [this year] would also turn out to be a hugely successful<br />

one for many UK glazing businesses,” says Window Ware’s Sam Nuckey, on page<br />

16 of this issue.<br />

But despite the booming sales and strong consumer demand, it’s been far<br />

from plain sailing, with social distancing measures, extended lead times and<br />

materials shortages putting “well-established working relationships” to the<br />

test, as highlighted by Aluplast’s Ian Cocken on page 34.<br />

Only time will tell what 2021 has in store for the fenestration sector – and the<br />

wider economy – but this issue of Total Fabricator is packed with examples of<br />

an industry that strives to make progress through continued adversity.<br />

On that note, I would like to wish all our readers and contributors a very merry<br />

Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.<br />

I hope you enjoy the issue<br />

Sophie<br />

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DEC/JAN 2021 TF 3

Contents<br />


34<br />


Jack Aluminium explores residential projects<br />

from a commercial angle<br />

34 STICK OR TWIST?<br />

With availability of foiled product still<br />

causing headaches for fabricators, should<br />

they wait for demand to subside or make a<br />

more difficult decision about their current<br />

supply agreements?<br />

42 ‘80S EXCESS<br />

Mila takes a trip down memory lane to the<br />

‘crazy days’ of the 1980s as it celebrates its<br />

40th anniversary<br />

42<br />



With <strong>2020</strong> a surprise success story for the glass and<br />

glazing industry, Window Ware expects more of the<br />

same in 2021<br />


Aluplast comments on some of the challenges faced<br />

by PVC-U recyclers in light of an EU ban on lead stabilisers<br />


AluK demonstrates the versatility of its BSF70 bifolding<br />

door system with an impressive application at<br />

a luxury spa<br />


Emmegi explains why choosing a third-party repairer<br />

for machine servicing might be a false economy<br />


Elumatec explains the lengths its people go to offer<br />

the best service possible<br />


Carl F Groupco explains why collaboration with<br />

fabricators is essential when it comes to supply issues<br />




18 TAKE FIVE<br />

<br />

Veka Recycling’s Simon Scholes answers five<br />

questions on PVC-U recycling<br />


Arkay Windows explains the features and<br />

benefits of the two new versions of its UniFold<br />

bi-fold<br />


18<br />

DOORS<br />



Mila’s Richard Gyde cautions that a ‘perfect storm’ is<br />

brewing when it comes to freight capacity<br />


Manufacturers Veka, Exlabesa and Victorian<br />

Sliders are among the latest companies to confirm their<br />

participation at the FIT Show 2021.<br />

26<br />


36<br />

HARDWARE &<br />


42<br />

13<br />


DEC/JAN 2021 T F 5

Industry News<br />



The Contractors Health and Safety<br />

Assessment Scheme (CHAS) is calling<br />

on the construction sector to encourage<br />

eligible EU workers to apply for ‘settled<br />

status’, to ensure they can continue to<br />

work legally in the UK once the Brexit<br />

transition period is complete.<br />

The British government has indicated that<br />

anyone settled in the UK for more than five<br />

years as of exit day (31st January, <strong>2020</strong>) –<br />

will likely to be able to gain ‘settled status’,<br />

which will grant them the same rights as<br />

British citizens. Those who do not meet the<br />

five year criteria may still be able to gain presettled<br />

status which will allow them a grant<br />

of limited leave to remain for five years.<br />

Eligible EU nationals have until 30th June<br />

2021 to submit an application – after which<br />

if they haven’t done so and they continue to<br />

work in the UK they will be doing so illegally.<br />

The application can be accessed at: www.gov.uk/<br />

settled-status-eu-citizens-families/applying-forsettled-status.<br />

For further info on recruiting from<br />

the EU via sponsorship, visit: https://migrate-uk.<br />

com/sponsor-licence-applications-uk-2021/<br />

The managing director of a hardware<br />

company has warned that a ‘perfect storm’ is<br />

brewing when it comes to freight capacity.<br />

In a letter to Total Fabricator, Mila’s Richard<br />

Gyde (pictured) wrote: “Even without the<br />

Coronavirus pandemic, this is peak<br />

season when it comes to importing<br />

freight from Asia. Black Friday,<br />

Thanksgiving and Christmas combine<br />

to drive huge spikes in demand, and<br />

logistics businesses across the west also ramp up<br />

their orders to cover Chinese New Year shutdowns.<br />

“However, this year there’s something of a<br />

perfect storm brewing [and] it has the potential<br />

to impact on every single business which relies<br />

on goods coming into the country – and not just<br />

fenestration hardware.<br />

“Essentially, we are now seeing massive cuts in<br />

air, rail and sea freight capacity with resulting<br />

delays and a surge in prices, just at the point<br />

when worldwide demand for many goods has<br />

reached record levels.<br />

“Our logistics partners and our sourcing<br />

office in China both tell us that market rates<br />

for sea freight have shot up in recent weeks<br />

as competition has increased for space on<br />

containers. At the same time, many carriers are<br />

Find more industry news at: www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


avoiding the UK altogether or have introduced<br />

a UK Port Congestion Surcharge because of the<br />

operational difficulties and slow turn around<br />

at UK ports. And this is before we even start<br />

to factor in any impact that a no-deal<br />

Brexit might have.<br />

“At Mila we are obviously doing all we<br />

can to secure sufficient space for the<br />

huge orders we have on the way from<br />

our Chinese suppliers. But, along with<br />

every other major UK hardware supplier, we face<br />

having to pay double, treble or even quadruple the<br />

cost for that space if we want to bring those orders<br />

in on time. One logistics company has described<br />

the situation in Asia as ‘total meltdown’ and it<br />

seems likely that we will see prices in the UK have<br />

to rise if we are to have any chance of restoring<br />

product availability to normal levels early in 2021.”<br />

Richard concluded:“I am not scaremongering,<br />

and I can assure Mila customers that we are<br />

very much ahead of the game when it comes<br />

to securing the freight capacity we need<br />

from what is available. However, I do think<br />

the hardware industry has a duty to warn<br />

fabricators and installers of what might lie<br />

ahead and sound a responsible note of caution<br />

so that they can start to factor in yet another<br />

consequence of the pandemic.”<br />


The National Association of Rooflight<br />

Manufacturers (NARM), has launched a new<br />

campaign to support the requirement for<br />

laminated inner panes on glass rooflights for<br />

important safety reasons, bringing pressure<br />

on the British Standards Institute for a<br />

regulatory amendment.<br />

Current British Standards define that inner panes<br />

on rooflights must be laminated in applications<br />

more than 5m above floor level (increased to<br />

13m in limited circumstances) or are located<br />

over water (e.g. swimming pools). However,<br />

the relevant standard permits use of toughened<br />

glass inner panes in other applications, if a risk<br />

assessment is carried out and confirmation<br />

provided that this does not present additional risk<br />

to those below the rooflight.<br />

NARM asserts that the term ‘toughened’ implies<br />

a degree of safety which in the case of rooflights,<br />

is misleading. Toughened glass inner panes<br />

actually bring a risk of shattering and falling into<br />

the room beneath and it is this fact that NARM<br />

is addressing with its campaign, following<br />

a number of worrying reports of potentially<br />

dangerous incidents involving poorly designed or<br />

installed rooflights.<br />

The NARM campaign will focus on a new ‘tick’<br />

symbol, designed to draw attention to the<br />

need for a laminated inner<br />

pane. This will be promoted<br />

to professional and end-user<br />

audiences, together with<br />

detailed information regarding the dangers of<br />

inappropriate glass specification in rooflights.<br />

Ian Weakford, NARM’s marketing committee<br />

chairman, said: “It’s important to note that a great<br />

looking rooflight isn’t necessarily a great rooflight.<br />

Our aim is that this work will increase awareness<br />

of the importance of laminated glass inner panes<br />

and give reputable rooflight manufacturers the<br />

opportunity to differentiate the products from<br />

inferior offerings in the marketplace.”<br />


Get Ready For 2021<br />

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Industry News<br />




Yale is urging fabricators and installers to<br />

ensure they are ready for the new UKCA mark,<br />

which is replacing CE marking for products<br />

sold in Great Britain.<br />

Find more industry news at: www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />

Products such as panic exit devices<br />

will need to be UKCA marked<br />

Dekko, the supplier of high-end<br />

glazing products, has expanded its<br />

manufacturing capacity with a new<br />

aluminium factory.<br />

The 25,000ft 2 facility, located close by the<br />

fabricator’s main base in Greater Manchester,<br />

will allow Dekko to significantly ramp up<br />

production of its celebrated Räum range.<br />

First launched five years ago, Dekko reports<br />

that the Räum range has benefitted hugely<br />

from the soaring interest in premium<br />

aluminium glass and glazing products in<br />

recent years.<br />

Consistent high demand has led Dekko to<br />

invest in the new factory, which is allowing it<br />

to scale up production, hold more stock and<br />

therefore, cut lead times.<br />

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking<br />

is the new product marking system that will be<br />

used for goods being placed on the market in<br />

Great Britain. It covers most goods that previously<br />

required the CE mark.<br />

From 1st January 2021, all new products launched<br />

in Great Britain must be UKCA marked, with the CE<br />

mark no longer being recognised in the UK from 1st<br />

January 2022. For existing CE marked products,<br />

there will be a ‘coexistence’ period until 31st<br />

<strong>December</strong> 2021, where these goods can continue<br />

to be sold in Great Britain until then.<br />

During this timeframe, it is expected that<br />

manufacturers will take steps to ensure existing<br />

CE marked products will have the UKCA mark<br />

applied in time for 1st January 2022, when the CE<br />

mark will cease to be recognised in the UK.<br />

UKCA marking must be undertaken by a UKrecognised<br />

‘approved body’. An EU notified body,<br />

which would previously have been called upon for<br />

CE marking, cannot be used for UKCA marking.<br />

Paul Atkinson, sales and commercial director for<br />

Yale, said: “Keeping up to date with the new rules<br />

and regulations surrounding the UKCA mark, and<br />

the deadlines when CE marking will no longer apply<br />

for products sold into Great Britain can be a lot for<br />

fabricators and installers to get their heads around.<br />

As such, we want to reassure our customers that<br />

they can have every confidence that our products<br />

will be properly certified to the appropriate UK<br />

product marking standards, meeting the fastapproaching<br />

UKCA and UKNI deadlines.”<br />

“Nevertheless, it is everyone’s responsibility<br />

throughout the supply chain to ensure that<br />

properly certified products are specified. As such,<br />

we would urge our customers to make sure they<br />

do have a solid understanding of what the correct<br />

product marking entails and the timescales that<br />

are being worked towards.”<br />


Edgetech’s Super Spacer has played a crucial<br />

role in the construction of one of the Middle<br />

East’s most spectacular new buildings, having<br />

been used to deliver the stunning 5,500m 2<br />

glass façade of the Qatar National Library.<br />

The 42,000m 2 structure is home to over a million<br />

books and 500,000 digital editions. The library’s<br />

most valuable volumes are kept in a 6m deep, glassceilinged<br />

room reminiscent of an excavated labyrinth.<br />

Its diamond-shaped facade area has been<br />

designed to filter out the glaring Middle Eastern<br />

sun, while still letting in enough light to illuminate<br />

the library interior.<br />

The facade has been designed without any<br />

metallic elements, ensuring there are no thermal<br />

bridges to conduct heat into the building – a crucial<br />

consideration since Qatar routinely experiences<br />

summer temperatures in excess of 40ºC.<br />

Its double glazed IGUs are curved, ensuring that the<br />

facade is both self-supporting, and exceptionally<br />

resistant to wind and other strong weather.<br />

A low-e coating and a solar control coating filter<br />

and reflect sunlight, and a grey grid of 3mm<br />

metallic dots, with a precise 6mm spacing, was<br />

burnt into them in order to reduce radiation<br />

transmission even further.<br />

The need for both exceptional thermal<br />

performance and a product that was compatible<br />

with the building’s curved IGUs made Super<br />

Spacer TriSeal Flex an ideal choice.<br />





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Horizon Heights, Student Accommodation || Liverpool<br />

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Environmental<br />

Window Energy Rating software (WER)<br />

BREEAM guidance<br />

BRE Green Guide A+ rated products<br />

Life cycle analysis<br />

Sustainable products<br />

Responsible sourcing<br />


Industry News<br />



Halsall Glass has more than doubled its<br />

turnover in less than a year, driven by<br />

‘customer acquisition post lockdown and<br />

exponential growth in demand’.<br />

The glass processor said that it had won<br />

a number of new contracts while existing<br />

customers had also seen growth.<br />

Rob Halsall, managing director, Halsall Glass,<br />

said: “We came back early in comparison to<br />

our competitors because we could socially<br />

distance very easily and because the demand<br />

for glass was still there.<br />

“That meant we picked up a number of new<br />

customers, who we’ve retained, while as<br />

more of the industry came back, it fed into<br />

that demand. We’ve doubled in size on this<br />

time last year.”<br />

The company says software from Clear<br />

Thinking Software – including the Glass<br />

Office operational management tool for the<br />

glass processing and IGU sectors – has been<br />

‘instrumental’ in managing demand and<br />

safeguarding its profitability.<br />


RegaLead has hit out at<br />

companies producing what<br />

it says are ‘dumbed down’<br />

‘copycat’ versions of its<br />

decorative glass designs.<br />

While it is said that ‘imitation is<br />

the sincerest form of flattery’,<br />

RegaLead’s Guy Hubble wrote<br />

in a letter to Total Fabricator:<br />

“Whilst we have no objections to healthy<br />

competition, which drives innovation and delivers<br />

value, we fail to see how these tactics drive the<br />

market forward in any way. Isn’t this ‘flattery’, in<br />

fact, theft?”<br />

He added that “as with many things in life, there<br />

will always be someone who can ‘do it cheaper’,<br />

but at what cost? The dumbing down of a glass<br />

design not only reduces the aesthetic value, but<br />

its performance too. We have invested time,<br />

technical development and significant money<br />

into our decorative glass designs to make them<br />

look fantastic and perform well, so that the glass<br />

unit is not the weak link in the door. After all, a<br />

composite door warranty is only as valid as the<br />

weakest link.<br />

“This includes ensuring that our IGUs are<br />

According to RegaLead’s Guy Hubble, “there is always<br />

someone who can ‘do it cheaper’, but at what cost?”<br />

Document Q and Document L compliant and<br />

tested to EN1279, so that customers can CE<br />

mark with confidence with access to complete<br />

documentary evidence. We also operate the<br />

ISO:9001 and deliver consistency in design for<br />

the whole door system, with suited sidelights<br />

and toplights.”<br />

Guy concluded: “When installers and fabricators<br />

are buying decorative glass, they shouldn’t<br />

assume that because the glass looks similar<br />

that it will perform the same. They aren’t just<br />

buying the aesthetics that help to sell doors.<br />

They are buying the performance, the testing, the<br />

compliance, the certainty, and the confidence<br />

that the glass being fitted isn’t the weak link in<br />

their composite door.”<br />


Industry machinery expert Haffner Murat<br />

and Warrington-based fabricator Sterling<br />

Windows, Doors and Conservatories have<br />

made a combined £5,000 charitable donation<br />

to Hope House Children’s Hospices, which<br />

provides palliative care for children with life<br />

limiting conditions.<br />

Dave Thomas, managing director of Haffner Murat,<br />

said: “As devoted supporters of GM Fundraising<br />

and Hope House Children’s Hospices, both Haffner<br />

Murat and Sterling Windows were well aware of the<br />

negative impact the pandemic had on the charity<br />

this year. As such, we wanted to donate some<br />

much-needed funds to support the charity at this<br />

critical time.”<br />

Dave continued: “We recently sold some new<br />

machinery to Sterling Windows, Doors and<br />

Conservatories. Instead of agreeing on the typical<br />

machinery discount, Andy Wells, director of Sterling<br />

Windows and I decided to donate £2,500 each to<br />

Hope House Children’s Hospices instead.”<br />

Gary Morton, founder of GM Fundraising, said: “A<br />

huge thanks to both Haffner Murat and Sterling<br />

Windows for this generous donation. The impact<br />

the pandemic has had on our charity has been<br />

significant and this donation will really help.”<br />

Hope House Children’s Hospices has faced a<br />

significant shortfall in <strong>2020</strong> with their various<br />

fundraising events being cancelled or postponed.<br />

As a result of their donation and ongoing support<br />

to the charity, both companies will become<br />

official GM Fundraising Champions.<br />

Gary concluded: “Despite a difficult <strong>2020</strong>,<br />

people’s desire to continue to support GM<br />

Fundraising and Hope House remains unchanged<br />

– as the generosity by Haffner Murat and Sterling<br />

Windows shows.”<br />


Find more industry news at: www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />



Window Widgets has launched a new trade<br />

counter network, which it says is already<br />

looking to boast over one hundred partners<br />

in the first few months after launch, and in<br />

time will spread across all areas of the UK.<br />

Already a business with an unrivalled product<br />

range of consumables and ancillaries, Window<br />

Widgets says this strategic plan to drive new<br />

sales through trade counters will help support<br />

installers, builders and fabricators with a more<br />

localised and immediate supply of products.<br />

There’s already a dedicated landing page at<br />

https://tcn.windowwidgets.co.uk and a direct<br />

link on the home page to help visitors find local<br />

trade counters within a 20-mile radius.<br />

The search facility returns the best contact<br />

details for Window Widgets’ range of UK<br />

manufactured products, many of which carry<br />

CE Marking under its factory process control<br />

and certification to EN1090. Leading industry<br />

names such as Dekko Window Systems,<br />

Midland Building Plastics, SUN Trade and<br />

Tradelink are already listed on the website,<br />

and Window Widgets are actively looking for<br />

further trade counters to join the network,<br />

as they look to expand to over one hundred<br />

across the UK in the coming months.<br />

Adrian Clare, technical sales executive at<br />

Window Widgets, said: “With all the factors<br />

affecting the industry at present, there’s<br />

never been a better time to find trusted<br />

business partners, and that’s why so many<br />

trade counters have joined us in the first few<br />

months.” windowwidgets.co.uk<br />


Manufacturers Veka, Exlabesa and Victorian<br />

Sliders are among the latest companies to<br />

confirm their participation at the FIT Show 2021.<br />

Systems supplier Veka has signed-up for a<br />

‘substantial stand and significant brand<br />

presence’ at the event, where it is<br />

also set to sponsor the VIP Lounge.<br />

Neil Evans (pictured right), who<br />

assumes the role of managing<br />

director at the turn of the year,<br />

following the retirement of Dave<br />

Jones, said: “We will exhibit product but<br />

more importantly it’s the social element. We saw<br />

that the last time at the FIT Show. The vast majority<br />

of our customers wanted to come and talk, to come<br />

and socialise, to continue to build relationships and<br />

that is what we plan to focus on.”<br />

Commenting on the participation of manufacturer<br />

Victorian Sliders, group managing director, Andy<br />

Jones, said: “Covid-19 has posed a huge challenge,<br />

but despite that, the fenestration industry is<br />

booming. The FIT Show this May is set to be a huge<br />

Following the purchase of its new twoacre<br />

warm-edge production site in<br />

Wigan, Thermoseal Group has invested<br />

significant additional funds in the extensive<br />

reconstruction of the building to accommodate<br />

a raft of new equipment to further automate<br />

and increase its Thermobar and Thermoflex<br />

warm edge spacer production capacity.<br />

The new site on Challenge Way, Martland Park in<br />

Wigan, which is a stone’s-throw from Thermoseal<br />

Group’s main manufacturing and warehouse sites,<br />

will now be the Group’s ‘Centre for Innovation<br />

and Manufacturing’. With Brexit imminent, it has<br />

also become a primary site to house increased<br />

stockholding of raw materials and finished goods.<br />

The group now operates from over 400,000ft 2<br />

across its four UK locations.<br />

Thermoseal Group’s managing director, Gwain<br />

Paterson, said: “This Challenge Way site is an<br />

success, and we’re delighted to be attending.”<br />

Elsewhere, Kevin Warner, sales director at<br />

aluminium systems company Exlabesa, said:<br />

“Despite the challenges we faced due to Covid-<br />

19, it’s been a successful year for Exlabesa<br />

Building Systems, and we’re really<br />

looking forward to exhibiting at the<br />

FIT Show next May.<br />

“We’re excited to show off our<br />

new products, and we will have<br />

experts on hand to showcase these.<br />

It’s going to be a great stand.”<br />

Following Veka’s commitment, FIT Show event<br />

director, Nickie West, said: “I cannot thank the<br />

industry enough for their unwavering support for its<br />

flagship event. To add Veka to our ever-expanding<br />

and exciting lineup for FIT Show 2021 is a further<br />

sign that the market is more ready than ever to<br />

reconnect with the industry face-to-face at FIT<br />

Show next May.”<br />

FIT Show returns to the NEC from 25th – 27th<br />

May 2021, taking place in Halls 2 and 3.<br />


exciting development for us, not just in allowing for<br />

increased production and stockholding capacity,<br />

but also for expansion of our Technical Centre<br />

and EN1279 test facilities. The site also has room<br />

for further expansion and has been designed to<br />

provide the best environment for our staff. With<br />

two new laboratories and a variety of additional<br />

test rooms kitted out with the latest equipment for<br />

developing a wide range of IG products to EN1279<br />

requirements, our technical team have everything<br />

they need to ensure we supply the best products at<br />

the highest quality standards every time.”<br />


DEC/JAN 2021 TF 13

The Business Pilot Barometer<br />


Will consumers emerge from the Covid crisis with a new desire to spend – as they did following<br />

WW1? Neil Cooper-Smith, senior analyst at Business Pilot, provides his latest analysis...<br />

Business Pilot Barometer, Edition 11: September/October/November <strong>2020</strong><br />

“The latest Business Pilot Barometer shows that window and door sales fell by 27% in<br />

November compared to October, reversing the 4% increase seen in October on September.<br />

November also saw a drop in new enquiries, down 17% on October, while rates of conversion<br />

also fell away by 5%.<br />

“Average lead to sale times, however, increased by 12%, suggesting retailers were still fighting<br />

their way through the backlog of demand seen in the summer and autumn. The results,<br />

nonetheless, suggest that the market for new windows and doors cooled significantly during<br />

‘Lockdown 2.0’.<br />

“The question is, how much can this be attributed to the impact of lockdown, Covid and job<br />

losses; how much to seasonal adjustment going into Christmas; or with vaccinations starting, a<br />

shift in homeowner focus away from home improvements to the planning of summer holidays?<br />

“The answer is probably a combination of all three. The drop-off before Christmas is a normal<br />

part of the window and door sales cycle, and we would expect sales to pick up again after we<br />

come back from the break, particularly as those cashing in on Stamp Duty relief come through<br />

the holiday and focus on improvements to their new purchases.<br />

“And while headline economic forecasts remain gloomy – official forecasts, for example,<br />

suggest the pandemic cost the UK three years economic growth – others point out that many<br />

household balance sheets have improved during the crisis.<br />

“The Think Tank, the Resolution Foundation, has drawn a comparison with the ‘Roaring<br />

Twenties’, when consumers emerged from the constraints imposed upon them by WW1 and<br />

Spanish Influenza, with a new desire to spend.<br />

“This is an analysis shared by the Institute for Fiscal studies, which suggests that the financial<br />

scarring caused by the pandemic will be far less severe than the 2008 banking crisis.<br />

“We’d suggest ‘locally’ in the window and door industry demand will hold up Q1 and Q2, but<br />

trading conditions may toughen going into the second half of the year as window and door<br />

companies find themselves facing increased competition for the consumer’s wallet.<br />

The Business Pilot Barometer offers a monthly analysis of the key trends<br />

defining window and door retail, drawing on real industry data collated<br />

by the Business Pilot customer relationship management system (CRM).<br />

“Maximising sales in the early part of the year will be key in building cash reserves...<br />

Have a Happy Christmas an prosperous New Year!”<br />

www.businesspilot.co.uk<br />

www.businesspilot.co.uk/barometer<br />


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Industry View<br />


It’s safe to say that <strong>2020</strong> has been an extremely challenging year, but despite the huge<br />

upheavals that tackling a global pandemic has brought about, Window Ware managing<br />

director Sam Nuckey argues that 2021 is likely to be a strong year for UK glass and glazing.<br />

This year, <strong>2020</strong>, has probably been the<br />

strangest, most difficult year in a generation<br />

– but back in March, when the coronavirus<br />

lockdown was announced, I don’t think anyone<br />

expected that it would also turn out to be a hugely<br />

successful one for many UK glazing businesses.<br />

When restrictions were first eased in the summer,<br />

firms throughout the sector cautiously started to<br />

re-open under Covid-secure guidelines including<br />

stringent social distancing measures, and<br />

gradually bringing employees back from furlough.<br />

But the big challenge was that no-one could<br />

accurately predict business volumes; would<br />

demand have disappeared over the long three<br />

months of lockdown? Would homeowners really<br />

be thinking of home improvements in a time of<br />

national crisis?<br />

The concern was understandable – but in<br />

hindsight, we needn’t have worried.<br />

When the first national lockdown ended, UK<br />

fenestration returned to massive interest in<br />

windows, doors and conservatories – so much<br />

so that many businesses, Window Ware included,<br />

went on to enjoy several record-breaking months<br />

in a row.<br />

So where did that huge demand come from?<br />

Changing behaviour<br />

In the beginning, many suspected that the rush<br />

of orders and enquiries fenestration businesses<br />

were receiving were just the result of pent-up<br />

demand from the three-month lockdown.<br />

When that backlog was cleared, they expected<br />

business to slow significantly. In actual fact, the<br />

demand didn’t disappear – and the summer and<br />

autumn months went on to be some of the busiest<br />

and most successful in the industry’s recent history.<br />

Lockdown forced millions of people to spend more<br />

time indoors than ever before – and it seems that<br />

made home improvements jump up their list of<br />

priorities. Combined with travel restrictions that<br />

took the possibility of foreign holidays off the table,<br />

thousands of homeowners have clearly decided to<br />

divert their disposable income into windows, doors,<br />

conservatories, extensions and more.<br />

What lies ahead?<br />

Sam Nuckey<br />

“The concern was<br />

understandable – but<br />

in hindsight, we needn’t<br />

have worried”<br />

Now, as <strong>2020</strong> comes to a close, the question the<br />

industry is asking is ‘how long will this last?’<br />

Is it a temporary phenomenon that will start to<br />

tail off in the early part of 2021? Or does it reflect<br />

a permanent shift in consumer behaviour?<br />

Personally, I think the best way of understanding<br />

it is as an acceleration of a trend that had already<br />

been picking up pace for years now.<br />

Once, people looked at windows, doors and other<br />

home improvement products in mostly practical<br />

terms – they wanted something that was<br />

affordable, and that worked.<br />

Since the turn of the millennium, driven in part by<br />

the rise of aspirational TV shows like Channel 4’s<br />

Grand Designs, that’s changed – and now people<br />

are much more discerning.<br />

They want quality products that reflect their<br />

own sense of style and the look and feel of their<br />

homes and the surrounding areas.<br />

In my view, coronavirus is only going to reinforce<br />

that trend. Even when the pandemic is over, I<br />

suspect that many more of us will be working<br />

from home than ever before – which is only<br />

going to increase demand for garden offices,<br />

loft conversions, rear extensions, and, more<br />

generally, home environments that are just<br />

pleasant to spend time in.<br />

Window Ware – here to help<br />

At Window Ware, we’ve worked extremely hard to<br />

serve our customers throughout this challenging<br />

year – and we’ve been delighted to see so many<br />

enjoying success after what we know has been<br />

an extremely stressful period.<br />

We’re confident that 2021 will be a positive<br />

one for them and the rest of our industry – but<br />

regardless of how it turns out, we’ll be here doing<br />

our utmost to support the brilliant businesses we<br />

work with.<br />

Contact Window Ware:<br />

01234 242724<br />

www.windowware.co.uk<br />

@WindowWare<br />


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Insurance backed guarantees<br />

Bespoke & commercial IBGs<br />

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Performance bonds<br />

Customer finance<br />

Fast-forward to clear, easy<br />

IBG and insurance cover from a<br />

broker who’s on your side.<br />

020 7645 3744<br />

info@installsure.co.uk<br />


Take Five<br />


With waste reduction a rising priority, Simon Scholes, managing director of Veka Recycling,<br />

answers five questions on PVC-U recycling, from moral obligation, to why non-recycled<br />

products should not be cast as the ‘poor cousins’ of the cause.<br />

1When it comes to the inclusion of<br />

recycled material in new window profiles,<br />

you’ve previously suggested that the<br />

window industry had been dragging its heels<br />

(up until recently). Why was the industry<br />

initially reluctant to include second-hand<br />

material it its products?<br />

There is a perception that ‘second hand’ – we<br />

prefer ‘recycled’ – material is just that; it has<br />

been used and is therefore sub-standard.<br />

Fortunately that perception is changing and<br />

significantly so. Despite society generally<br />

accepting and practicing recycling on a wide<br />

scale, some in the window industry have<br />

perpetuated the belief that homeowners would not<br />

accept anything other than virgin material in their<br />

window frames. This is entirely counter-intuitive,<br />

as most other consumer-facing industries have<br />

embraced sustainability as a positive way to<br />

promote their products and services.<br />

2A number of the big systems houses<br />

have made sustainability one of the<br />

key tenets of their brand<br />

in recent years. What was<br />

responsible for the shift<br />

in priorities to place<br />

sustainability front<br />

and centre?<br />

I believe that they have<br />

simply caught up with<br />

other sectors. They have<br />

realised consumers see<br />

sustainability and especially<br />

recycling, as a positive. But we still<br />

have some way to go with this. For many window<br />

and door companies at all levels, recycling<br />

remains an afterthought, rather than it being a<br />

key point of their overall company philosophy and<br />

of their marketing strategy. They are missing a<br />

trick: our industry is usually so alert to messages<br />

that sell windows and doors to homeowners,<br />

and yet so few discuss this in any form in their<br />

messages to homeowners.<br />

3<br />

How does our use of<br />

recycled material in the UK<br />

compare to other European<br />

nations when it comes to<br />

window manufacture?<br />

It varies from country<br />

to country and much<br />

depends upon the<br />

policies of national<br />

governments. In Germany,<br />

for example, it has long<br />

been illegal to ground-fill<br />

PVC-U. It must be disposed of<br />

responsibly and the obvious way to do<br />

that within the law is to recycle the material and<br />

produce something new from it.<br />

I believe we recycle the majority of the old<br />

window and door frames removed in the UK.<br />

However, not all of it is used to manufacture<br />

new window profiles. But the important point is<br />

that it is used extensively and in a variety of new<br />

products, including electrical accessories and<br />

trunking, building materials such as cills and<br />

trims, and a whole host of other products.<br />

4How does sustainability make commercial<br />

sense for the PVC-U framing industry?<br />

It makes sense financially and morally. We<br />

must first grasp the concept that the real value<br />

of PVC-U is as a material. A material that brings<br />

us an energy efficient window and a material that<br />

may be re-used over and over with little loss in its<br />

primary properties. It should never be confused<br />

with single use plastics.<br />

“There are those out<br />

there that are still<br />

determined to paint<br />

PVC-U as the<br />

devil material”<br />


I believe that we will benefit as an industry<br />

by including advice and marketing material<br />

to homeowners about the value of PVC-U as<br />

a material; about how their old windows and<br />

doors – which will inevitably be PVC-U – will be<br />

taken away and recycled and become brand new<br />

products within weeks of being removed from<br />

their homes. I believe this should be an accepted<br />

standard across the window industry.<br />

There are profile houses in the market who do<br />

not use recycled content and as a recycler of<br />

PVC-U windows I am very keen for them not<br />

to be cast as the poor cousins to the recycling<br />

cause. I would prefer them to keep going but to<br />

design their products with recycling in mind so<br />

my company, and others, can recycle them when<br />

they reach end of life.<br />

I feel the recyclability of PVC-U is its major selling<br />

point. As an energy efficient window it brings us a<br />

warm and dry home for a cost effective price. Once<br />

we get our hands on an old window it becomes<br />

source material – ripe for recycling and rebirth.<br />

“I feel the recyclability<br />

of PVC-U is its major<br />

selling point”<br />

Morally, of course, we all have a duty to protect<br />

our environment and, with PVC-U such a core<br />

part of the product offer from our industry, we<br />

have a responsibility to demonstrate respect and<br />

appreciation for it, so others may also feel that way.<br />

5In an article you wrote for Total Fabricator<br />

earlier this year, you hoped that <strong>2020</strong><br />

would see the industry unite to promote<br />

the sustainability credentials of PVC-U<br />

and move to distance it from the negative<br />

connotations associated with single use<br />

plastics etc. Has this been achieved in <strong>2020</strong>?<br />

Well, the focus overall may have been slightly<br />

deflected during <strong>2020</strong>.<br />

However, the fear of many that PVC-U window<br />

and door frames may be tainted by the awful<br />

images of single use plastics floating in the<br />

seas, is probably unfounded as most people<br />

are intelligent enough to make the distinction.<br />

However, there are those out there that are still<br />

determined to paint PVC-U as the devil material,<br />

that it has no redeeming qualities and should be<br />

universally banned.<br />

This is patently ridiculous but we will always need<br />

to do more to counter these extreme views. As a<br />

plastics industry we are still not fully aligned, and<br />

that concerns me.<br />

Log onto www.total-fabricator.co.uk for an<br />

extended version of this interview, where Simon<br />

shares his thoughts on rogue waste contractors,<br />

Veka Recycling’s new Wellingborough HQ and<br />

the future of PVC-U recycled windows....<br />

Contact Veka Recycling:<br />

01933 427750<br />

veka-recycling.co.uk<br />

@VekaRecycling<br />


DEC/JAN 2021 T F 19

PVC-U Recycling<br />


With a European ban on lead stabilisers in recycled material and the UK likely to follow<br />

suit in the short-term, Aluplast’s Keith White talks to Total Fabricator about some of the<br />

challenges faced by PVC-U recyclers...<br />

In February, the month before Covid-19 turned<br />

the world upside down, the PVC-U recycling<br />

industry was turned upside down by a decision<br />

by the EU which effectively banned the use of<br />

recycled product containing lead stabilisers.<br />

This flew in the face of the widely held belief that<br />

recycled material would secure an exemption<br />

from REACH regulations.<br />

This was based around proposals to permit the use<br />

of recycled material containing lead as long as the<br />

maximum concentration of the product as a whole<br />

did not exceed 2% by weight of the total material in<br />

rigid PVC, and 1% in flexible PVC products.<br />

Toxic substance<br />

That wasn’t enough however, to convince MEPS<br />

who noted in their response ‘that lead is a toxic<br />

substance that can seriously affect health,<br />

including irreversible neurological damage, even<br />

in low doses.’<br />

“It’s an enormous decision for the recycling<br />

industry,” says Keith White, managing director,<br />

Aluplast. “At a time when sustainability is at the<br />

forefront of the social and political agenda, the EU<br />

effectively imposed a ban on recycling any postconsumer<br />

PVC-U installed before 2015, the point<br />

at which the ban on lead stabilisers came into<br />

force, unless you can evidence that that product<br />

didn’t use it.<br />

“That’s something that is obviously very difficult<br />

to do and could send hundreds of thousands of<br />

tonnes of post-consumer waste to landfill. It’s<br />

simply counterintuitive.”<br />

This analysis is shared by many on either side<br />

of the Channel, with the European Chemicals<br />

Agency (ECHA) concluding that recycling is<br />

currently the best waste management option<br />

for PVC waste product and the additives and<br />

“Short-term, the ability<br />

of UK recyclers to<br />

recover post-consumer<br />

waste is limited unless<br />

it’s from known sources”<br />

Keith White<br />

stabilisers within it.<br />

While also recommending maximum<br />

concentrations of 2% (rigid) and 1% (flexible), it<br />

said that further safeguards could be put in place<br />

by ensuring that ‘lead-containing recycled PVC<br />

should be entirely encapsulated within a layer of<br />

virgin material’.<br />

“Since then, we’ve had Covid, the exponential<br />

growth in demand, the challenge of supply and<br />

the general chaos of the last eight months to<br />

contend with,” continues Keith.<br />

There are a number of underlying issues<br />

that make recycling of post-consumer<br />

waste in PVC-U manufacture, problematic<br />

according to Keith White, left<br />

As things stand, the Withdrawal Act includes<br />

plans to create a ‘UK REACH’, adopting and<br />

carrying across the ‘key principles of the EU<br />

REACH regulation’. This, however, assumes that<br />

we leave with a deal, something that (at the time<br />

of writing) appears far from guaranteed.<br />

Under a ‘no deal’ scenario, the UK would not be<br />

committed to a regulatory alignment with Europe<br />

in the medium to long term – but short-term, it’s<br />

expected to follow regulations set out by it.<br />

“Things are about as clear as mud right now but<br />

it remains likely that regardless of what happens<br />

with Brexit, UK REACH is going to look more or less<br />

the same as EU REACH and anyone exporting to the<br />

EU will need to be aligned to it,” Keith continues.<br />

“Will the UK adopt a different approach on lead<br />

stabilisers in recycled PVC? It may well do in<br />

time. There is a very strong argument that Europe<br />

Continued on page 22<br />






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DEC/JAN 2021 T F 21

PVC-U Recycling<br />

Continued from page 20<br />

should revisit the decision and may come under<br />

pressure from its remaining member states.<br />

“Short-term, the ability of UK recyclers to recover<br />

post-consumer waste is limited unless it’s from<br />

known sources and they can prove that it doesn’t<br />

contain lead stabilisers.”<br />

According to the latest figures from VinylPlus,<br />

the PVC industry sustainability programme,<br />

the collective efforts of the PVC industry has<br />

contributed to an all-time high PVC-U building<br />

product recycling rate of nearly 740,000 tonnes<br />

– 92.4% of the VinylPlus <strong>2020</strong> target while<br />

cumulatively, almost 5 million tonnes of PVC have<br />

been recycled since 2000<br />

“There are a number of other underlying issues<br />

that make recycling of post-consumer waste in<br />

PVC-U manufacture, problematic in addition to its<br />

lead content,” Keith continues.<br />

“If material was extruded in the ‘80s it’s likely<br />

to have used barium cadmium, the industry’s<br />

stabiliser of choice before the switch to lead.<br />

The point is that you cannot possibly know<br />

what you’re getting in recycled content and you<br />

consequently can’t predict product performance.”<br />

The strategy adopted by the window and door<br />

industry (in line with ECHA) has been to apply a<br />

skin of ‘virgin’ material to recycled content. Even<br />

this, however, Keith argues, can be problematic<br />

simply from a production and product quality angle.<br />

“The origin of post-consumer waste is ‘unknown’<br />

and variable, it can be very difficult to control the<br />

substrate, which in turn can have a significant<br />

impact on surface gloss and consistency of finish,<br />

skinned or not,” he says.<br />

According to Aluplast, this is where its model of<br />

recycling delivers a significant advantage over<br />

those which simply ‘skin’ recycled product with<br />

virgin material.<br />

Ecotech from Aluplast uses only post-production<br />

material from known sources containing calcium<br />

organic stabilisers – this means there’s no lead<br />

or cadmium.<br />

Aluplast also isolates this recycled material away<br />

from structural elements of the profile and the<br />

surface, guaranteeing manufacture to exacting<br />

tolerances and surface stability.<br />

This is delivered in part through the use of<br />

artificial intelligence to monitor the co-extrusion<br />

process, tracking it to exacting tolerances and<br />

guaranteeing performance.<br />

“Ecotech provides a unique commercial platform<br />

for our customers. We can guarantee that it’s<br />

free of lead; performance and surface stability<br />

are guaranteed at the same time as bringing<br />

hundreds of thousands of tonnes of material back<br />

into use in a new generation of low maintenance<br />

and energy efficient products.<br />

“Going into 2021, while a lot remains uncertain,<br />

the importance of product sustainability to the<br />

end-user is beyond question.”<br />

“You cannot possibly<br />

know what you’re<br />

getting in recycled<br />

content and you<br />

consequently can’t<br />

predict product<br />

performance”<br />

Keith White<br />

Contact Aluplast:<br />

01684 273401<br />

aluplast.co.uk<br />

@aluplastsystems<br />


Window Updates<br />

For further info on all these window updates and more, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


The Joinery Network has launched a new website to support UK joinery manufacturers looking to<br />

manufacture PAS 24:2016 Document Q ready timber windows and doors.<br />

The new website has information on The Joinery Network’s range of fully tested, accredited timber<br />

windows and doors, Lignum, and is live at www.thejoinerynetwork.co.uk.<br />

Owen Dare of O T Dare Joinery Consultants, and one of the founder directors of The Joinery Network, said:<br />

“We launched the new website to make it easy for joinery manufacturers to see the range of fully tested<br />

timber windows and doors that are available, exclusively, for them. There is also lots of information on<br />

which tests our product range has passed. With this information, joinery manufacturers can choose the<br />

products they need, get licences for each product against each test result, and cascade the data to use as<br />

their own. This transparency means that both big and small joiners, offering a full or selective range, can<br />

fully comply with regulations without worrying about falling foul of the law.” www.thejoinerynetwork.co.uk<br />


More than 250 Profile 22 Optima flush tilt and turn windows were manufactured and<br />

installed in a new-build contemporary apartment block in Shirley, West Midlands.<br />

Fabricated and installed by Profile 22 Approved Contractor, Kingfisher Windows, the development<br />

comprises of 27 two-bedroom apartments with expansive views overlooking Shirley Park.<br />

The project specified flush tilt and turn windows manufactured in 7016 anthracite grey to deliver<br />

the streamline contemporary aesthetics required.<br />

Optima flush tilt and turn windows are suitable for large windows in medium or high-rise<br />

buildings and the opening sash sits inside the window frame, creating its ‘flush’ appearance which<br />

was crucial to deliver the modern, ‘clean’ aesthetics. www.profile22.co.uk<br />


Jonathan Crohill (pictured left) has joined the Garnalex technical team as a Sheerline project manager, where he<br />

will be responsible for delivering further innovative Sheerline products.<br />

Jon said: “The research and investment Garnalex has put behind Sheerline is exactly what aluminium needed. The<br />

substantial manufacturing facility also shows a real commitment, giving a great deal of confidence to fabricators and<br />

installers. I’m excited to be joining at such a key phase of growth for the company as I have no doubt it will be a success.”<br />

Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn added: “The Sheerline system has been designed to be easier and faster to fabricate.<br />

We’ve invested in the design team to ensure we continue to innovate and deliver groundbreaking aluminium products for<br />

the industry. Jon plays a vital role in our ongoing commitment to transforming the aluminium market and I’m delighted to<br />

have him on board.” www.sheerline.com<br />


Approved Spectus fabricator, Sidey, recently manufactured and installed more than 200 flush<br />

tilt and turn windows for a low-rise, contemporary new apartment block in Edinburgh.<br />

Forming part of Places for People’s Waterfront 3 development, the project was designed by Reiach<br />

and Hall Architects and was built using a mix of traditional and timber-framed modular construction.<br />

Spectus flush tilt and turn windows were chosen for the project because they combine contemporary<br />

looks and large aperture with high-performance, including low U-values of 1.4 W/m²K.<br />

Spectus Window System’s SER certification also provided evidence that the glazing meets the<br />

relevant structural integrity codes of practice, which was needed for the warrant stage.<br />

www.spectus.co.uk<br />


Introducing the ultimate marketing blueprint.<br />

Only from Purplex - the PR, digital and<br />

creative agency for ambitious companies.<br />

Discover why more companies choose Purplex as their marketing<br />

and digital partner. Book a Zoom call, telephone 01934 808 132,<br />

email grow@purplexmarketing.com<br />

or visit purplexmarketing.com<br />

Scan here to book your<br />

free Zoom marketing<br />


Commercial Doors<br />


Ash Pearson, sales manager at Jack Aluminium, talks about approaching residential<br />

projects from a commercial angle.<br />

W<br />

ith the announcement from<br />

government in early summer that<br />

there would be a consultation on the<br />

future of home planning, it was good to see the<br />

inclusion of easing of restrictions for changing<br />

the use of commercial buildings into residential<br />

properties. Over the last few years, we have seen<br />

a trend for transforming old mills and factories<br />

into modern, industrial-style living spaces and<br />

many of our clients have been utilising our highperformance<br />

commercial glazing systems to<br />

achieve the specifications set by architects for<br />

these transformational projects.<br />

It’s always fantastic to see old, disused buildings<br />

brought back to life. With the sad situation of the<br />

high street in decline, and the success of working<br />

from home for many companies this year, we predict<br />

that there will be more opportunities to turn old<br />

commercial properties into residential developments.<br />

This gives a great opportunity for both fabricators<br />

and installers.<br />

Getting into commercial<br />

Jack Aluminium’s roots are in commercial<br />

glazing, so we approach product development<br />

from a commercial perspective, which is proving<br />

invaluable. We understand the intricacies<br />

of the commercial market and the stringent<br />

specifications that need to be met.<br />

Every system has been designed, adapted and<br />

developed to meet these stringent needs and we<br />

have ongoing investment in testing our products<br />

with bigger sizes, different configurations and<br />

specialist hardware combinations to ensure<br />

optimum performance.<br />

This makes it easier for fabricators to get the<br />

windows and doors right for these change-of-use<br />

conversions, because our commercial range is<br />

easily adaptable to this high-spec market.<br />

TD68 commercial doors featured<br />

in a residential lobby<br />

Openings for windows and doors on these existing<br />

commercial buildings are usually bigger than on a<br />

standard domestic property, but our commercial<br />

systems already have the performance values<br />

and test data ready for fabricators to deliver<br />

larger doorsets and windows at the right spec.<br />

Lobbies and communal entranceways need to<br />

be kept secure and offer high thermal efficiency,<br />

as well as being robust enough to withstand<br />

the harsh everyday use that these high-traffic<br />

entrances receive. Our TD68 thermal commercial<br />

door system has been tested to PAS24 standards<br />

with a range of remote opening options, which<br />

perfectly lends itself to newly residential<br />

apartment blocks and dual-purpose buildings.<br />

TD68 thermal commercial doors<br />

It’s been more than 10 years since we first<br />

launched the TD68 commercial and shopfront<br />

system to the market and it has proven to be<br />

one of the most popular commercial doorsets<br />

on the market. Straightforward to fabricate and<br />

easy to fit, it’s designed to perform superbly<br />

and has been installed in all kind of commercial<br />

properties, from schools to hospitals, care<br />

homes, leisure facilities and sports clubs.<br />

It has also featured in a range of conversion<br />

projects, including the transformation of an<br />

Edwardian Mill into 89 modern apartments in<br />

Leeds and a former solicitor’s office into 28<br />

eco-friendly apartments in Manchester.<br />

Adding commercial doors to your range<br />

For fabricators who are being asked for<br />

commercial glazing options for large conversion<br />

jobs, we make it simple and straightforward to<br />

offer TD68 thermal commercial doors.<br />

We offer a cut-length service on door stiles to<br />

reduce waste and we deliver fast. Single-colour<br />

powder-coated profile is delivered in fiveseven<br />

working days whilst dual colour is available<br />

in 10-15 working days.<br />

Doors are PAS 24 and Secured by Design<br />

accredited, even on motorised and magnetic<br />

remote locking door configuration options, for<br />

the utmost security standards and high levels of<br />

thermal performance.<br />

We also have our TW70 TruEnergy window<br />

system that is suitable for both residential and<br />

commercial applications and offers the same high<br />

specifications.<br />

We predict this relaxed planning will offer many<br />

more opportunities for fabricators and installers<br />

in 2021. If you’re not involved in the commercial<br />

market at the moment, Jack Aluminium’s TD68<br />

thermal commercial entrance door is the perfect<br />

entry-level product.<br />

Contact Jack Aluminium:<br />

02476 467449<br />

jackaluminium.co.uk<br />

@Jack_Aluminium<br />


NEW<br />


10%<br />


QUOTE REF:<br />

TI-B01<br />

Aluminium<br />

Bi-Fold Doors<br />

MAKE THE<br />


CHOICE<br />

Quote turnaround<br />

within hours<br />

Up to 1200mm sash<br />

widths<br />

Stock colours:<br />

White, Black, Grey,<br />

Grey on White<br />

FROM<br />

ONLY<br />

£345<br />

per leaf<br />

Including<br />

delivery<br />



TODAY<br />

*<br />

Call: 01642 610799<br />

www.madefortrade.co<br />

* Per leaf price is unglazed and may vary depending on size and specification of the<br />

door. Lead time is based on a standard colour.<br />

Postcode restrictions apply<br />

find us on facebook<br />

Half Page L/scape Glass Times Ad.qxp_Layout 1 17/06/2019 13:57 Page 1<br />

INSTALLER_Half_BIFOLDS_<strong>2020</strong> 10%.indd 1 21/08/<strong>2020</strong> 09:34<br />

Inox<br />

Hardware<br />

a re<br />

Transforming<br />

Composite Doors<br />

Custom<br />

Sidelights<br />

New!<br />

Grey<br />

Woodgrain<br />

Stain<br />

New!<br />

Alucame<br />

Decorative<br />

Glass<br />

Urban<br />

Glazing<br />

Cassette<br />

Colorline<br />

Matching<br />

Frame<br />

RegaLead Limited<br />

Columbus House I Altrincham Road<br />

Sharston I Manchester M22 9AF<br />

Telephone 0161 946 1164<br />

Email sales@regalead.co.uk<br />


Product Focus<br />


Arkay Windows has upgraded its UniFold bi-fold. Below, the company explains the features<br />

and benefits of the two new versions, with feedback from an array of happy customers...<br />

Arkay Windows has launched two upgraded<br />

versions of its hugely popular slim bifolding<br />

door.<br />

As a contemporary aluminium bi-fold, the<br />

UniFold and UniFold+ offer market-leading<br />

performance in many areas including modern,<br />

narrow sightlines, thermal efficiency, security<br />

and ease of installation, with the UniFold having<br />

a traditional construction, and the UniFold+<br />

offering a fully adjustable jamb for rapid fitting<br />

and adjustment.<br />

Commenting on the launch, Raju Radia, managing<br />

director of Arkay Windows, said: “In direct response<br />

to customer demand, the improved UniFold and<br />

UniFold+ bi-folding doors have been designed to<br />

offer installers and clients the choice between a<br />

traditional bi-fold or an adjustable-jamb bi-fold,<br />

both with market-beating pricing. The UniFold and<br />

UniFold+ are a fantastic proposition for companies<br />

“As everyone’s profit margins are increasingly<br />

squeezed, we need to find ways to increase<br />

our competitive advantage without<br />

compromising quality”<br />

Balraj Virk, United Windows & Conservatories<br />

installing bi-folds in the highly-competitive<br />

residential market, without any compromise<br />

made on quality, security or aesthetics.”<br />

Both doors have the same slim sightlines, suited<br />

colour-matched hardware and the capability to<br />

create extremely large and heavy panels, all at what<br />

Arkay describes as a ‘market-beating price point’.<br />

Nick Paraskeva, sales director at Arkay Windows,<br />

commented: “At Arkay Windows, we are focussed<br />

on continually evolving and investing in our<br />

products, processes and people. Our brand has<br />

come to be known for being at the forefront of<br />

innovation, and with the new range of UniFold<br />

and UniFold+ doors, our customers can now<br />

choose the bi-fold installation method and pricepoint<br />

that suits them, all with the support and<br />

rapid lead times they have come to expect from<br />

Arkay Windows. Both doors offer the same slim<br />

sightlines, colour-matched hardware and<br />

ultra-smooth, heavy duty running gear,<br />

and both products are<br />


capable of achieving extremely large panel sizes,<br />

fully-openable corners, and can meet PAS24:2016<br />

for high-security.”<br />

As Marcus Bernard, director of 1st Folding Sliding<br />

Doors, commented: “The UniFold+ bi-fold door<br />

with fully adjustable jambs is really popular<br />

with our residential customers. It’s also very<br />

competitive and affordable.”<br />

Balraj Virk, managing director of United Windows<br />

& Conservatories, added: “As everyone’s profit<br />

margins are increasingly squeezed, we need to<br />

find ways to increase our competitive advantage<br />

without compromising quality. Despite the<br />

economic uncertainties around Covid and Brexit,<br />

we never cut corners. Offering high-quality<br />

products like the UniFold with its competitive<br />

pricing is even more important for us. Every<br />

little helps. All our in-house fitters are very<br />

experienced – we never sub-contract and all our<br />

work is based on recommendation only. Being<br />

able to offer this competitively priced slim bifold<br />

which delivers consistently high quality has<br />

become important for our business.”<br />

M.T, director of a company based in the London<br />

Home Counties region added: “Aluminium bifolds<br />

are increasingly popular for households. The<br />

UniFold+ is a really affordable, yet premium bifold<br />

that we provide as part of our overall offering.<br />

The adjustable jamb option on the UniFold+<br />

enables our installers to fit in high volumes<br />

without compromising on installation quality.<br />

Choice is important for us and Arkay Windows<br />

consistently listens to and responds to changing<br />

customer demand.”<br />

Arkay Windows is one of the UK’s largest<br />

aluminium fabricators with more than 45 years’<br />

experience of supplying high end, premium<br />

aluminium glazing solutions to some of the<br />

country’s biggest retail companies, contractors<br />

and commercial installers in the London/home<br />

counties/South East region. It supplies leading<br />

brands such as Aluk, Schuco, Cortizo, Pinar,<br />

EdgeGlide, InfiniGlide and InfiniLight.<br />

Contact Arkay Windows:<br />

01923 803 923<br />

ArkayWindows.com<br />

@arkay_windows<br />


DEC/JAN 2021 T F 29

Case Study<br />


AluK has demonstrated the versatility of its BSF70 bi-folding door system with an impressive<br />

application at a luxury spa...<br />

Ragdale Hall Spa in Leicestershire has just<br />

opened its glamorous new Twilight Bar,<br />

which showcases AluK’s BSF70 bi-folding<br />

door system in an innovative way.<br />

Installer, Fearns of Carlton, have used the AluK<br />

system to create open-out bi-folding windows for<br />

the new 1920s themed cocktail bar and lounge.<br />

These can be opened up completely on two<br />

sides to let guests at the destination spa enjoy<br />

uninterrupted views of the adjoining garden.<br />

The slim profiles and elegant lines of the windows<br />

complement the luxurious, art-deco styled<br />

interior of the Twilight Bar, which features lots of<br />

scalloped prints and shapes, velvet seating, fringed<br />

lampshades and brass fittings. The exterior of the<br />

bar is clad in oxidised copper and the green finish<br />

of the copper has been designed to contrast with<br />

the anthracite grey of the windows.<br />

Fearns of Carlton worked closely with the design<br />

and build contractor, Concorde BGW Group, on<br />

the project, advising on how to use AluK’s BSF70<br />

system most effectively to achieve the inside/<br />

outside look they wanted and to add to the<br />

architectural character of the space.<br />

Jak Fearn, from Fearns of Carlton, explained: “We<br />

recommended the AluK BSF70 system because<br />

it met the criteria that Concorde had laid down –<br />

simple operation, clean lines, bold colour and a<br />

quality finish.”<br />

Concorde BGW Group have been rewarded for<br />

their outstanding design work and attention to<br />

detail on the project with a nomination in the Bar/<br />

Club/Lounge category in the 2021 International<br />

Hotel and Property Awards.<br />

The installation demonstrates the versatility of<br />

the AluK BSF70 system, which can be used for<br />

either open-in our open-out windows or doors<br />

with individual panels up to 1200mm wide x<br />

2400mm high. The innovative, flush line pop-out<br />

handle allows panels to stack flush when they are<br />

fully open, adding to the sense of openness that<br />

can be achieved.<br />

The art-deco themed interior of<br />

Ragdale Hall’s new Twilight Bar<br />

featuring AluK BSF70 bi-folds<br />

“The AluK BSF70<br />

system offers simple<br />

operation, clean lines,<br />

bold colour and a<br />

quality finish”<br />

Jak Fearn, Fearns of Carlton<br />

AluK bi-folds used in Ragdale<br />

Hall’s new Twilight Bar<br />

Contact AluK<br />

01291 639 739<br />

uk.aluk.com<br />

@AluK_GB<br />


Door Updates<br />




CWG Choices, the trade supplier of<br />

windows and doors, is standardising<br />

on Ultion premium locks as “Ultion is<br />

synonymous with security”.<br />

CWG Choices managing director, Chris<br />

Powell, explained why the company has<br />

decided to use Ultion as standard: “As the<br />

leading trade manufacturer of windows<br />

and doors in the UK, one of the reasons we<br />

switched to Ultion was the brand awareness<br />

for both our consumer and trade customers.<br />

We know Ultion gives comfort and credibility<br />

to consumers, and our partnership is at the<br />

forefront of security.<br />

“Ultion has all the security accreditations<br />

and provides a guarantee for any break-ins<br />

as a result of lock failure. To date we have<br />

not had a claim.”<br />

Brisant, the hardware house that created<br />

Ultion, Sweet, Lock Lock, and Ultion Smart,<br />

has supplied CWG Choices for four years<br />

and will now be provided as standard<br />

following an increase in demand for their<br />

trade network. Brisant and CWG Choices<br />

are partners in a mission to provide<br />

homeowners with robust security.<br />

Nick Dutton, Ultion CEO, said of the<br />

partnership with CWG Choices: “We’re<br />

very pleased CWG Choices has made the<br />

decision to switch to Ultion as standard.<br />

Installers can be confident that they’re<br />

fitting doors with the robust security<br />

homeowners expect. And a solid guarantee<br />

to back it up!”<br />

Above: Chris Powell (left) and Nick Dutton<br />

The news that three quarters (76%) of<br />

fire doors inspected last year by the Fire<br />

Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS) are not fit<br />

for purpose highlights the challenges the<br />

industry faces to ensure fire doors do the lifesaving<br />

job they are supposed to.<br />

That’s the view of Howard Trotter, business<br />

manager of Shelforce, which specialises in<br />

providing high-quality PVC-U and aluminium<br />

windows and doors to Local Authority building<br />

projects and recently launched its new compliant<br />

Fireshel 30-minute fire, smoke, and security<br />

resistant door.<br />

The FDIS data, which refers to more than 100,000<br />

inspections in more than 2,700 buildings across<br />

the UK, showed that nearly a quarter (24%) of<br />

fire doors that were third-party certificated were<br />

correctly installed and maintained, 40% of thirdparty<br />

certificated fire doors were condemned due<br />

to poor maintenance and 36% due to both poor<br />

installation and poor maintenance.<br />

Installation failures included excessive gaps<br />

around the door and the use of non-compatible<br />

foam, while maintenance issues included smoke<br />

sealing and poorly adjusted door closers.<br />

Howard said: “The installation and maintenance<br />

of fire doors is as life critical as the product<br />

specification itself.<br />

“It doesn’t matter how good the door is – it will<br />

not prevent the spread of fire when it counts if it<br />

has been installed incorrectly or not maintained.<br />

The correct specification, installation and<br />

ongoing maintenance of a fire door can mean the<br />

difference between life or death for occupants, so<br />

it’s vital that building owners take responsibility<br />

and ensure that their fire doors are regularly<br />

inspected and maintained.”<br />

To help provide Local Authorities with everything<br />

they need to ensure fire doors are performing to<br />

their maximum every time, Shelforce is offering a<br />

comprehensive fire door package with its Fireshel<br />

system, ranging from fabrication through to<br />

installation, maintenance, and emergency repairs.<br />

Howard added: “It’s important for Local<br />

Authorities and building owners to be provided<br />

with the right information about fire doors.<br />

“While third-party certificated fire doors provide<br />

crucial specification information and proof of<br />

performance, they must be installed by thirdparty<br />

accredited installers who have completed<br />

additional enhanced training at the door<br />

manufacturer.”<br />

The Fireshel door set solution has achieved<br />

all the new stringent recommendations set by<br />

the MHCLG, and has proven 30-minute fire<br />

resistance consistency having been fire tested<br />

from both sides many times to EN1634 -1,<br />

achieving 49 minutes fire resistance. It has<br />

also been PAS 024 Security tested and Q Mark<br />

3rd Party independent audited for both fire and<br />

security compliance. And all components have<br />

been tested and approved against the new <strong>2020</strong><br />

Q Mark 170 Scheme Fire and Security Composite<br />

door Set requirements. www.shelforce.com<br />


For further info on all these updates and more, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Systems manufacturer, Wicona, has designed<br />

a high-performance, unitised facade system<br />

incorporating two new door innovations for<br />

Newfoundland Tower, the tallest residential<br />

tower to be built within the Canary Wharf Estate.<br />

Developed to perform well in challenging highrise<br />

conditions, the doors feature unrivalled<br />

weather performance, reduced sightlines and are<br />

aesthetically pleasing without detracting from the<br />

overall design intent of the building.<br />

Newfoundland Tower is the first tall building<br />

to be designed and built by HCL Architects. Its<br />

slim flattened diamond plan responds to the<br />

narrow footprint of its tight site and the diagonal<br />

alignment of adjacent streets.<br />

The tower’s distinctive diamond pattern created<br />

by the external structure, provides lateral stability<br />

and is the most efficient way for a tall building to<br />

withstand wind forces.<br />

The unitised facade system was designed as a<br />

bespoke solution by WICONA’s project engineering<br />

team in partnership with its client, Schneider GB.<br />

Wicona’s bespoke project service, which involves<br />

collaborating closely with architects on a projectby-project<br />

basis, meant that it was well placed<br />

to design two innovative door solutions that<br />

integrated seamlessly within the unitised facade<br />

and provide comfort to the users, whilst managing<br />

the challenging high-rise conditions of this building.<br />

The first of these innovations is Wicona’s ‘Pull<br />

Slide’ opening mechanism to a sliding double<br />

glazed door with integrated Juliete balcony. Unlike<br />

a conventional sliding door, when opened, this<br />

easy to use bespoke, aluminium framed system<br />

pulls the door 8mm internally before it slides<br />

quietly and smoothly along its track. The action<br />

of turning the door handle releases pressure<br />

from the perimeter gaskets integrated around the<br />

door opening. When closing the door, the highly<br />

engineered mechanism compresses the door<br />

against the gaskets tightly sealing it and providing<br />

exceptional high wind and water performance.<br />

Wicona has also developed an inward opening<br />

Juliete balcony door that won’t slam shut in strong<br />

winds. The key to this innovation is the new<br />

two-stage turn limiter designed by Wicona. This<br />

integrated safety feature provides an anti-slam<br />

function, which is necessary where doors are<br />

installed at height and exposed to potential high<br />

pressures. www.wicona.com/en/uk/<br />


The Stellar aluminium bi-fold door has<br />

proved popular with fabricators and<br />

installers ever since it came to market last<br />

year. Its innovative, quick-fitting design<br />

has seen a growing number of installers<br />

fitting Stellar, and this appeal looks set<br />

to increase as a result of the new bi-fold<br />

hardware which allows for wider door<br />

apertures.<br />

Paul Booth, design director – Aluminium<br />

Products, explained: “The new Stellar bi-fold<br />

door hardware allows for an increase in sash<br />

sizes of 1200w x 2500h with a maximum<br />

height plus width of 3500.<br />

“This allows the Stellar bi-fold to be used in<br />

wider door apertures which are very much ontrend<br />

with consumers at this time.”<br />

As you would expect from an Epwin Window<br />

Systems’ product, the new bi-fold hardware<br />

meets all quality and testing standards. The<br />

hardware is PAS24:2016 compliant, meets BS<br />

6375-2 accreditation for the operation and load<br />

strength of internal/external doorsets and has<br />

undergone all weather, security and cycle testing<br />

at the new larger door sash sizes.<br />

The door hardware range is available in black finish<br />

as standard and 7016 anthracite grey is available<br />

to order too. www.stellaraluminium.co.uk<br />


DEC/JAN 2021 T F 33

Talking Point: Foiled Products<br />


With availability of foiled product still causing headaches for fabricators, should<br />

manufacturers wait for demand to subside or make a more difficult decision about their<br />

current supply agreements? Aluplast’s Ian Cocken talks to Total Fabricator.<br />

have had to accept<br />

significantly extended lead times from<br />

“Fabricators<br />

their systems companies. There’s<br />

a big difference, however, between accepting<br />

something because you have to and being happy<br />

about it. There are lots of fabricators who are<br />

reviewing all of their supply arrangements and<br />

with justification,” says Ian Cocken, sales and<br />

marketing director, Aluplast.<br />

“<strong>2020</strong> has presented a unique set of challenges<br />

to the industry, and it would have been extremely<br />

difficult for anyone, at the start of the year, to<br />

have to accurately predicted the position we are<br />

coming through,” he continues.<br />

“What it’s exposed is the ability of systems<br />

companies to react, adapt and maintain<br />

acceptable levels of service – which many<br />

clearly haven’t,” he adds.<br />

High levels of demand over the summer,<br />

specifically from the retail sector, have provided<br />

an unexpected boost for the industry since<br />

lockdown measures were eased. Many companies<br />

have reported consecutive months of record yearon-year<br />

sales, and some installers are even said<br />

to be booking jobs far into next year.<br />

Discontent<br />

On the flip side, however, for all the positive<br />

news regarding growth and sales, there has been<br />

increasing discontent when it comes to quality<br />

of supply, including glass and hardware, but in<br />

particular foiled products.<br />

With rumours that further consolidation in<br />

system’s supply could be imminent, and with<br />

demand showing no real signs of slowing down,<br />

Cocken argues that fabricators may need to<br />

consider reassessing their current supply<br />

agreements in order to minimise the impact to<br />

their business and reputation in the long term.<br />

“Well established working relationships are really<br />

being put to the test at the moment, but with<br />

questions now being raised over the longevity of<br />

certain systems companies, can fabricators really<br />

afford to ‘ride it out’ in the hope that things might<br />

get better a few months down the line?<br />

“Current levels of output, which could very well<br />

be bolstered by a fresh wave of demand from<br />

record levels of activity in the housing market,<br />

would suggest that difficult decisions might need<br />

to be made,” continues Cocken.<br />

In stark contrast to several other leading systems<br />

houses, Aluplast says it has managed to buck<br />

the trend of extended lead times by continuing<br />

to supply stock foils on a rapid turnaround. It<br />


also adds that the investment made in its foiling<br />

facility has allowed it to manage lead times on<br />

non-standard and dual colour foils effectively.<br />

This has been made possible by virtue of the<br />

fact that the German owned company operates<br />

on a global scale. It processes 150,000 tonnes<br />

of PVC-U in Europe, annually. To put that into<br />

context, that’s roughly 75% of the UK and Irish<br />

markets combined.<br />

As a family-owned concern, Aluplast says it also<br />

has an immediate advantage over system houses<br />

that have to answer to venture capitalists, with<br />

sustained investment in product development,<br />

growth and manufacturing facilities as a result.<br />

This includes significant investment in foiling at a<br />

13-hectare manufacturing facility in Poland. State<br />

of the art automated foiling lines and CNC foiling<br />

technology mean a huge step up in efficiency<br />

compared to traditional manual techniques –<br />

Aluplast says it can foil over 90,000m of product<br />

each day.<br />

With corresponding investment in Germany,<br />

Cocken says it gives Aluplast the scope to deliver<br />

growth through into the next decade.<br />

“Our foiling capability means that we have<br />

“Can fabricators really<br />

afford to ‘ride it out’ in<br />

the hope that things<br />

might get better a few<br />

months down the line?”<br />

Ian Cocken<br />

actually been able to increase capacity and<br />

manage service levels despite the huge growth in<br />

demand experienced in the UK, since the end of<br />

lockdown,” continues Cocken.<br />

“Stock colours, including anthracite grey on<br />

white, anthracite grey on both sides with our grey<br />

substrate, our smooth options – these have all<br />

remained ‘in stock’. It’s been in the UK and ready<br />

to go throughout the summer. That’s put our<br />

customers at a big advantage.”<br />

Aluplast offers more than 30 standard foils,<br />

recently adding smooth anthracite grey across its<br />

Ideal 4000, Ideal 70 and Smart-Slide patio door. It<br />

also offers Woodec, the ‘next generation’ foil that is<br />

designed to deliver the look and feel of real timber.<br />

“Until recently, we have often operated as a<br />

‘second system’ for larger fabricators, as part<br />

of a dual supply arrangement, but this dynamic<br />

is changing,” explains Cocken. “Our growing<br />

reputation is one reason, our product innovation<br />

is another.<br />

“Our new Smart-Slide inline slider, for instance,<br />

is technically superior to any other PVC-U patio<br />

door on the market. It can span 4.5m with just<br />

two panes and offers installers the opportunity to<br />

up-sell against other PVC systems, or even as a<br />

genuine alternative to aluminium.<br />

“Our flush fit casement, which was developed<br />

specifically for the UK market, is another example<br />

of the innovations that are winning over new and<br />

existing customers.<br />

“Great products are one thing, being able to<br />

deliver them is another. What summer has shown<br />

is that fabricators need stability of supply more<br />

than ever before – and the fundamental areas of<br />

weakness within their business models.<br />

“Short-term ‘sticking plaster fixes’ are no<br />

substitute for sustained investment”<br />

Contact Aluplast:<br />

01684 273401<br />

aluplast.co.uk<br />

@aluplastsystems<br />


DEC/JAN <strong>2020</strong> T F 35

Repairs & Maintenance<br />



Wayne Hunter, service and operations manager at Emmegi (UK), explains why choosing a<br />

third-party repairer for machine servicing might be a false economy.<br />

When budgets are tight, it’s<br />

understandable to want to reduce costs<br />

and save money. But saving money by<br />

turning to unauthorised third-party service agents<br />

rather than sticking with the Original Equipment<br />

Manufacturer (OEM), can actually end up costing<br />

fabricators more in the end, and here’s why.<br />

Firstly, only the OEM will have access to technical<br />

data, systems, drawings and guaranteed original<br />

spare parts for every single machine in their range.<br />

Secondly, only the OEM will have access to the<br />

latest software and safe system updates which<br />

are essential to the efficient running of any<br />

machine. These are identified and provided during<br />

routine maintenance and repairs; but won’t be<br />

available to any third-party.<br />

Emmegi has a team of highly<br />

trained engineers operating<br />

across the country<br />

“Like so much in life,<br />

if it looks too good to<br />

be true, then it almost<br />

invariably will be!”<br />

And thirdly, only the OEM will have a team who<br />

can guarantee that all works will be carried out to<br />

their pre-defined standards.<br />

It’s not a question of OEMs deliberately excluding<br />

third-party repairers to gain some kind of<br />

commercial advantage. I think customers will<br />

appreciate that the only way we can warranty our<br />

machines and our components is if we know that<br />

they have only been worked on by technicians<br />

trained by us.<br />

Beyond that though, there are risks and potential<br />

pitfalls associated with using a third-party which<br />

many fabricators might not even have considered.<br />

The biggest risk comes from a health and safety<br />

perspective. If an accident were to happen<br />

involving any piece of equipment and machinery,<br />

the HSE will want to see the training records<br />

not just of the users of the machine, but also of<br />

anyone who has carried out any maintenance<br />

or repair. The onus will be on the manufacturer<br />

to show that the equipment was being operated<br />

and maintained in accordance with the OEM’s<br />

recommended periods and processes and also by<br />

persons with the relevant skills and training.<br />

If you are tempted to use a third-party service<br />

agent, you will need to ask them to provide the<br />

necessary evidence before they start work.<br />

And, when it comes to costs, it’s important to look<br />

beyond the hourly charge. If a third-party repairer<br />

can’t complete the work quickly or they don’t<br />

follow the correct procedures, then the actual<br />

costs can be much higher than you expected.<br />

If they have to wait for a part for example, then<br />

the downtime costs for the machine will almost<br />

invariably outweigh any saving you might have<br />

made. Like so much in life, if it looks too good to<br />

be true, then it almost invariably will be!<br />

Highly-trained engineers<br />

Emmegi has a team of highly-trained engineers<br />

operating across the country and a warehouse<br />

in Coventry fully stocked with spares, so we will<br />

always be able to dispatch one of our team to<br />

carry out repairs quickly and efficiently. We can<br />

also, of course, schedule in routine maintenance<br />

at times to suit customers. Added to that, if<br />

demand surges for any particular reason, we can<br />

even draft in engineers from Italy to keep our<br />

response levels high.<br />

We do our best to keep our servicing costs<br />

down and our quality and response levels up.<br />

Fundamentally, what we want is strong and<br />

positive relationships with our customers, and<br />

the key to that is providing an outstanding service<br />

which means our customers simply don’t want to<br />

go anywhere else.<br />

Contact Emmegi:<br />

02476 676192<br />

www.emmegi.com<br />

@emmegi<br />


AL-220/70 Aluminium Machining Centre –<br />



Undertakes all sawing, milling, drilling and marking operation<br />

Key Features:<br />

• Stacking of 10 profiles (max 6.5m length)<br />

• Automatic cutting in all angles between<br />

30° and 150°<br />

• High speed precision thanks to 7 axis<br />

controlled by servo motors<br />

• Ability to open drain slot routing, drilling<br />

and milling at variable angles<br />

• Operates with data from various<br />

window production software ensuring<br />

minimum wastage<br />

• Safe production facility via threedimensional<br />

collision and error control<br />

system<br />

• Finance options available*<br />

Computer controlled technology<br />

Tel 01785 222421<br />

www.haffnermurat.com<br />

The Accolade Building, Common Road, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 3EQ<br />

* Subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

Customer Care<br />



Neil Parton, managing director, Elumatec UK, explains the lengths its people go to ensure<br />

Elumatec customers receive the best service possible – and it doesn’t stop at the sale...<br />

I<br />

n a year that’s had us reeling,<br />

it’s been a timely moment to<br />

reflect on how we got here and<br />

understand whether we can rely<br />

solely on what we produce, or is<br />

there more to it?<br />

It doesn’t take much soul-searching<br />

to realise we wouldn’t be where we<br />

are without wrapping our service in<br />

multiple human layers; layers that<br />

add value, technical expertise and a<br />

friendly voice when things go wrong<br />

(it happens sometimes!).<br />

At Elumatec we want the end-to-end service<br />

experience to be compared to the efficient,<br />

seamless service customers receive at Rolls-<br />

Royce, or the joy of buying a brand-new Mercedes<br />

knowing you’re in safe hands. It’s about being<br />

proud of the name on the product and wanting to<br />

stand by it, even after the sales and installation<br />

are complete.<br />

Like most manufacturers, we put a high level<br />

of craftmanship into our machines and adopt<br />

innovative engineering solutions to create<br />

machines that are built to last. So, we don’t<br />

just want to sell our creations. We want our<br />

customers to understand them inside and out and<br />

use them to their full capacity.<br />

Red carpet<br />

If we had a red carpet, we’d roll it out every<br />

time we made a sale. A great example of this is<br />

a Wales-based client who has been with us for<br />

more than 20 years. The client is an international<br />

specialist in the design and manufacture of bus<br />

shelters, wayfinding and street furniture, and with<br />

over 30 years’ experience, they need products<br />

that won’t let them down.<br />

A workshop full of Elumatec machinery is<br />

testament to their appreciation of our products,<br />

Elumatec set up this Covid-safe<br />

training classroom on the shop<br />

floor for one of its clients<br />

including three SBZ 130 profile machining<br />

centres, one of which is over 19 years old and<br />

still going strong. This client recently purchased<br />

our flagship SBZ 151 machine, a great piece of<br />

machinery that will give them more flexibility to<br />

manufacture the wide range of products they deliver.<br />

It’s easy to celebrate a purchase and think that’s<br />

the end of it, but that’s not how we do things at<br />

Elumatec. And it’s not how we keep satisfied<br />

customers and functioning machinery, for nearly<br />

two decades.<br />

We believe it’s our multi-layered service that<br />

makes us stand head and shoulders above other<br />

manufacturers. For our Wales-based client, our<br />

team of engineers spent two weeks on site. One<br />

week was spent installing the machine and a<br />

further week was dedicated to delivering bespoke<br />

training to the operatives.<br />

It’s this face to face contact that makes all the<br />

difference. And with years of experience installing<br />

and delivering our machines, we’re quick to adapt<br />

to our customers’ needs and the environment<br />

we’re working in, and <strong>2020</strong> has certainly provided<br />

a few challenges.<br />

At one point, in Wales, there were eight members<br />

of staff on-site who needed to be trained. That’s<br />

Contact Elumatec:<br />

01908 580 800<br />

www.elumatec.com<br />

@elumatecUK<br />

no mean feat in the time of the<br />

coronavirus, so we worked closely<br />

with our customer to make sure<br />

social distancing was adhered to<br />

at all times. The result was a new<br />

training classroom on the shop<br />

floor, and what a great space to<br />

be – sandwiched between the<br />

new SBZ 151 CNC and new DG<br />

244 double mitre saw. A perfect<br />

location for training and all<br />

completely Covid-safe.<br />

The standard of training we offer<br />

never falters. We sent one of<br />

Elumatec’s dedicated applications engineers to<br />

Wales to hand over the SBZ 151 and explain the<br />

features and software in detail. And now that the<br />

installation and training is complete, the same<br />

engineer will remain on-call for any future needs.<br />

We even provide remote assistance by dialling<br />

directly into the machines and fixing issues from<br />

a distance. A great initiative, which has become<br />

so much more significant in the wake of Covid,<br />

and the social distancing measures which have<br />

now become the norm.<br />

At Elumatec, we believe the human element is a<br />

key part of our manufacturing process. We stand<br />

out from the playing field because we don’t just<br />

sell our machinery, we share it. We want to see it<br />

work, we design it to last and we’re proud to keep<br />

working with it after installation.<br />

From beginning to end, our service is geared<br />

towards quality, trust and longevity. Even in an<br />

era of social distancing, while the machines take<br />

the starring role, it’s the people who make it.<br />


DISC<br />





PERF<br />

RM<br />

WITH<br />


Insight Data helps businesses in the fenestration and construction<br />

industries discover and connect with the best prospects for their<br />

services and products. Our digital solutions help them to perform,<br />

grow and succeed. Contact us now to find out more.<br />

502 Worle Park Way, Weston-super-Mare, BS22 6WA<br />

Scan the QR code with your<br />

smart phone to contact us now<br />

01934 808 293<br />

hello@insightdata.co.uk<br />

@insightdata<br />


Machinery Updates<br />


For further info on all these updates and more, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


CMS Facades’ investment in an Emmegi Quadra L2 fully automatic cutting and machining centre in<br />

November 2018 doubled its aluminium capacity almost overnight. Two years on, the company says the<br />

payback on the machine is coming from the number of large-scale projects it is now winning.<br />

Stephen Anderson, CMS Facades director, said: “We were the first company in Scotland to acquire a Quadra L2<br />

and it has definitely given us a real competitive advantage when it comes to façade projects. We can now quote<br />

for projects using bigger sections than we could have done previously and we’re building an impressive portfolio of<br />

commercial and public sector installations as a result.”<br />

When CMS purchased the Emmegi Quadra L2, they had already been awarded the façade contracts at Cala<br />

Homes’ The Crescent development in Edinburgh and at BAM’s Atlantic Square commercial office development in<br />

Glasgow. The Quadra meant that the company could machine the 3m x 3m sliding doors and 300mm curtain wall<br />

sections required, and in timeframes up to 25% quicker than with their existing machine. www.emmegi.com<br />


With the SPEETEC non-contact sensor for speed and length measurement, SICK has added a compact,<br />

eye-safe laser surface motion sensor to its portfolio, which is able to measure a wide range of<br />

continuous, web-fed or cut-to-length plastic products down to a resolution of 4 µm.<br />

According to SICK, SPEETEC combines ‘unprecedented affordability’ with precision surface measurement for<br />

process control and quality inspection tasks used in the manufacture of plastic products including processes<br />

such as extrusion of plastic pipes or PVC-U profiles, and cut to length sheet materials. The Class 1 eye-safe<br />

infra-red laser light eliminates the need for special guarding or safety measures required by many conventional<br />

velocimeters. The SPEETEC uses the Laser Doppler principle to work at speeds between 0.1 and 10 m/s to<br />

measure directly on the material surface with an accuracy of 0.1%, and a repeatability of 0.05%. www.sick.co.uk<br />


Sternfenster has expanded the capacity of its state-of-the-art aluminium facility, with the addition of a new Schirmer<br />

ALU BAZ Composite Orbit-C machining and cutting centre.<br />

Representing a six-figure investment, the new Schirmer further expands Sternfenster’s aluminium bi-fold capability, while also<br />

increasing precision and product quality. As well as offering rapid and ultra-precise cutting and milling of bar length, the ALU BAZ<br />

Composite Orbit-C features a highly innovative machining module. This increases the speed of manufacture by combining linear<br />

and rotary movements along eight axes, so that drilling and milling tools always take the shortest path around the bar profile.<br />

Sternfenster’s Mike Parczuk (pictured left) said: “In bringing increased precision to how we cut and prep bar length, as well as<br />

supporting us in manufacturing product and shipping it more quickly, the Schirmer allows us to deliver a better product – but also<br />

critically, service, to our customers.” www.schirmer-maschinen.com/en/<br />


Apeer has invested £285,000 in machinery in the last 12 months, with even more planned for 2021.<br />

Among the new additions to its Ballymena facility is a waterjet cutter with a 3m x 2m bed, speeding up<br />

processing time for cutting laminated glass and giving Apeer the capability to cut all types of glass, as well as<br />

other materials, into any shape.<br />

A new Butyl extruder and hot glass press, along with a new large glass washer was also installed in November,<br />

while two additional jib cranes with vacuum lifters were introduced on site as part of Apeer’s commitment to<br />

protecting the health and safety of its employees while also improving production workflow. In addition, a second<br />

SCM Accord 25FX 5-axis CNC router will be installed in February, joining the first which was commissioned in<br />

January 2018, as part of an on-going machinery replacement and upgrade programme. www.apeer.co.uk<br />


This label is not a statutory requirement. It is a voluntary label provided as a customer service to allow consumers to make informed<br />

decisions based on the noise reduction performance of competing products.<br />

© Only to be reproduced by permission of British Fenestration Rating Council Ltd<br />

This label is not a statutory requirement. It is a voluntary label provided as a customer service to allow consumers to make informed<br />

decisions based on the noise reduction performance of competing products.<br />

© Only to be reproduced by permission of British Fenestration Rating Council Ltd<br />

the benefits with BFRC<br />

Noise Reduction Ratings<br />

Noise Reduction<br />

Noise Reduction<br />

Window<br />

Company Name Ltd<br />

PVC-U Casement Window<br />

A Rated Windows<br />

Noise Reduction (R w )<br />

(In accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2 or<br />

BS EN 14351.) Actual acoustic performance for a<br />

specific application depends on: the type and<br />

location of the external noise, the location of the<br />

window or door, and how the elements or fabric of<br />

the building perform.<br />

A ++<br />

A +<br />

A<br />

B<br />

C<br />

D<br />

E<br />

Correction for high frequency and low<br />

frequency (C,C tr )<br />

Licence No. 123456<br />

A ++<br />

Company Name Ltd<br />

Composite Door<br />

A Rated Doors<br />

Review Date: 03/08/<strong>2020</strong><br />

51<br />

(-1,-4)<br />

To verify this licence please contact<br />

enquiries@bfrc.org<br />

Noise Reduction<br />

Door<br />

A ++<br />

A +<br />

A<br />

Noise Reduction (R w )<br />

B<br />

C<br />

D<br />

E<br />

(In accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2 or BS EN 14351.)<br />

A ++<br />

51<br />

Licence No. 123456<br />

Review Date: 01/01/2019<br />

To verify this licence: enquiries@bfrc.org<br />

British Fenestration Rating Council<br />

Prove acoustic performance with BFRC ratings<br />

BFRC Noise Reduction Ratings let you prove the<br />

acoustic performance of your window and door<br />

products with our highly recognised ‘rainbow’<br />

rating label - independent, impartial, trusted.<br />

Homeowners no longer select new windows and<br />

doors simply based on price. They want to know<br />

what they purchase will improve their home’s<br />

comfort, so product performance is now a priority.<br />

Find out more at bfrc.org<br />

By using the renowned BFRC rating scale to<br />

demonstrate the noise reduction properties of your<br />

windows or doors, you can show installers and<br />

consumers the quality of your products.<br />

Your products will stand out from your competitors’<br />

and you’ll be able to avoid a race to the bottom<br />

on price. Sell using BFRC proven performance and<br />

leave your customers in no doubt.

Mila at 40<br />


As Mila’s 40th anniversary year draws to a close, managing director, Richard<br />

Gyde talks to Total Fabricator about the crazy days of the 1980s and how the<br />

company still remains, in many respects, a ‘family’ business.<br />

Mila has been operating in the UK since 1980.<br />

How did it all begin?<br />

Mila actually originated in Denmark. It was started<br />

by two guys named Michael and Lars – hence the<br />

Mi-La name and, after dipping their toes into the<br />

UK market with a stand at Interbuild in 1979,<br />

they decided to open a UK premises in 1980.<br />

Mila started out with just two staff, how many<br />

people does it employ now?<br />

Those first two staff were my father Ray and his<br />

PA Diana. Now, Mila employs a team of 70.<br />

You have been involved with the business<br />

since 1981 – why did you come on board?<br />

This was my first job straight from school and,<br />

with my father and then later my twin brother<br />

Robert working here, it almost felt like I was<br />

joining the family firm. My first job was painting<br />

the toilets though before I progressed to working<br />

in the warehouse, so there was definitely no<br />

special treatment!<br />

How do your weekly tasks compare – from<br />

then to now?<br />

When I joined in 1981, I was still driving our<br />

invoices to Luton airport every Friday evening<br />

so they could be flown back to Denmark. Even<br />

once we acquired a fax machine and our very<br />

own Texas Green Screen computer, we were still<br />

very reliant on manual processes, whereas now<br />

we’ve probably got some of the most advanced IT<br />

systems in the industry and weekly tasks which<br />

took hours just take seconds.<br />

You mention Mila’s ‘family’ mentality and<br />

‘sense of belonging’ for staff – many of whom<br />

have worked at Mila for decades. What is the<br />

secret to retaining people?<br />

We’ve got plenty of parents and children working<br />

at Mila, as well as siblings and couples, so it<br />

definitely has a family feel and I think people<br />

appreciate that as a business we genuinely<br />

care about their wellbeing. There’s no secret to<br />

The Mila team in 1989. Richard<br />

Gyde is pictured far left, front row<br />

retaining people in an industry which networks as<br />

extensively as this one does, but we really do put<br />

a value on experience, and invest in training our<br />

own team as much as we can.<br />

Exhibitions such as Interbuild have played a<br />

big role in the Mila story – do exhibitions still<br />

hold the same value for Mila today?<br />

I love exhibitions and Mila was a stalwart of<br />

Interbuild, Glassex and then FIT. The current<br />

crisis has shifted things obviously though, and at<br />

the moment, our marketing focus is on creating<br />

digital assets which our customers can use online<br />

either on their websites or as part of remote sales<br />

presentations... But of course, there’s no substitute<br />

for meeting people face to face and for hardware<br />

in particular, I know customers like to see and feel<br />

the quality of the product for themselves before<br />

they make any buying decisions.<br />

What would you have done to celebrate Mila’s<br />

40th anniversary in the UK this year if it hadn’t<br />

Early days of testing at<br />

the Mila Test Centre<br />

been for the Coronavirus pandemic?<br />

We were planning a big summer BBQ for staff,<br />

family and friends so that’s had to be postponed<br />

until next year.<br />

You describe the ‘80s as ‘crazy times’ for the<br />

window industry. Can you elaborate?<br />

I think the Open Day we held when we opened<br />



our current Daventry premises in 1986 probably<br />

sums it up perfectly. We were offering helicopter<br />

trips to customers around the site and we had<br />

a BMW M3 touring car which they could drive<br />

around a course we had set up in the carpark.<br />

There was no such thing as ‘too much’!<br />

What are the most significant changes for Mila<br />

– and the industry – since those crazy years?<br />

For Mila, operational efficiency has been<br />

transformed over the years. When demand<br />

outstripped supply in the early days, we used<br />

the volume of our back orders as a measure<br />

of our success. Now of course, with our huge<br />

investments in supply chain and logistics, we<br />

judge our success on our OTIF (On Time In Full)<br />

score, which in normal times, sits around 98%.<br />

For the industry as a whole, I think it was the<br />

shift from PVC-U profiles which were designed<br />

primarily for the German market to profiles<br />

designed and extruded here for the UK. The tilt<br />

and turn windows from the early days were<br />

replaced with casements and the hardware sector<br />

responded with locks and handles to match.<br />

What was the biggest game-changer – in<br />

terms of products – for Mila throughout its<br />

40-year history in the UK?<br />

I don’t think I could single out just one. I would say<br />

we’re constantly introducing game changers. Mila,<br />

for example, was the first company to develop the<br />

concept of ‘central locking’ for the home more than<br />

An Open Day in 1986 featured<br />

helicopter rides around the Mila site<br />

“We were offering<br />

helicopter trips to<br />

customers... There<br />

was no such thing<br />

as ‘too much’!”<br />

15 years ago and we introduced an anti-microbial<br />

composite window handle way back in 2015.<br />

Our Evolution door hinge is probably the standout<br />

development though because, even after 20<br />

years and a few regular enhancements, it’s still<br />

arguably the best on the market.<br />

What products were in vogue back in the ‘80s and<br />

how do they compare to what’s popular now?<br />

I’ve actually dug out the original Key catalogue<br />

from the Mila archives and it featured plenty<br />

of Ferco PZ70 four-roller door locks and Fuhr<br />

Infront patio door gearing, which probably won’t<br />

surprise many people. What might surprise them<br />

though is the prices and how they show just how<br />

commoditised hardware has become over the<br />

years. Cego window handles were £5.65 back in<br />

1980 and I see comparable handles being sold for<br />

around £1 today and multi-point door locks which<br />

were once £65 are now around £17.<br />

How has customer service and marketing<br />

changed over the years?<br />

The value of the customer service relationship<br />

never really changes in this industry which is why<br />

we still invest in recruiting and retaining the very<br />

best internal and external sales people. When it<br />

comes to marketing, we were already investing<br />

online but that’s been accelerated this year for<br />

obvious reasons…<br />

What is the secret to Mila’s success?<br />

It’s never just one thing. I think our product<br />

design and our supply chain set us apart from the<br />

rest and we’re an agile and adaptable business.<br />

Fundamentally though, the culture at Mila is to<br />

treat customers and suppliers in the way that we<br />

would want to be treated, and I think that’s what<br />

makes us special.<br />

What are your hopes for the future?<br />

I think we all just want to see a vaccine as soon<br />

as possible!<br />

The Mila stand at Glassex, 1983<br />

Contact Mila:<br />

01327 312400<br />

www.mila.co.uk<br />

@milahardware_uk<br />


DEC/JAN 2021 T F 43

Supply Challenges<br />



As the coronavirus crisis continues to present supply challenges across the industry,<br />

John Crittenden, managing director of hardware distributor Carl F Groupco, explains why<br />

collaboration with fabricators is essential.<br />

T<br />

hese are unprecedented times for the<br />

industry and it is no secret that hardware<br />

supply has faced significant issues since<br />

the bounce back began during the summer.<br />

But we are managing the situation in a number<br />

of ways – we are working with fabricators to<br />

address panic buying and encouraging people to<br />

only order what they need, rather than stockpile.<br />

This is an important part that fabricators can<br />

play – we are asking customers to avoid buying<br />

excess stock to give everyone a fair chance to<br />

access what they need.<br />

Communication is key: it is hugely beneficial<br />

for fabricators to tell us if and when production<br />

is going to be increased or stopped so we can<br />

stagger shipments to help manage our stock.<br />

And, if you have a problem, do tell us – if we<br />

know, we can do everything in our power to sort<br />

it. These are busy, difficult times but we are here<br />

and making time to talk... we would much prefer<br />

to discuss your needs ahead of problems arising<br />

later down the line.<br />

We are constantly in touch with our fabricator<br />

customers, checking orders and working with<br />

manufacturers to keep flow through the system.<br />

There is no easy fix, a lot of handles are being<br />

shipped from China which means, if they are<br />

being transported by boat, that could take around<br />

a month to arrive then, on arrival in water ports,<br />

there can be delays in customs processing<br />

– everything is taking longer due to social<br />

distancing. For speed of delivery, a number of<br />

our suppliers have invested in air freight which is<br />

quicker but more expensive and not sustainable<br />

in the long-term.<br />

Every order is analysed to maintain customer<br />

deliveries and behind the scenes we are<br />

constantly working with our suppliers to fulfil<br />

John Crittenden<br />

“Transparency and<br />

honesty is key to<br />

manage the delivery<br />

challenges the industry<br />

is experiencing during<br />

the corona crisis”<br />

orders. Our experience and technical knowledge<br />

means that, in agreement with the fabricator<br />

placing the order, we can modify and rework<br />

products to fulfil requirements when necessary.<br />

We are adept at providing work-arounds to satisfy<br />

fabricators’ needs and we keep talking to all<br />

involved to find solutions.<br />

But I don’t want to paint an overly gloomy picture,<br />

we have excellent relationships with our suppliers<br />

and we are all moving heaven and earth, working<br />

around the clock to maintain deliveries… and<br />

succeeding.<br />

Due to social distancing, we have introduced new<br />

methods of communication with fabricators and<br />

this is another area of collaboration where our<br />

customers have adapted to using video calls to<br />

replace face to face meetings. I’d like to stress<br />

that, where necessary, we still meet fabricators<br />

where local restrictions allow – with safety our<br />

paramount concern for both our staff and our<br />

customers. We have built our business on the<br />

strength of our personal service and some face<br />

to face contact is essential. Our regional sales<br />

managers are available for pre-arranged visits;<br />

we are keen for you to know that we are still<br />

accessible.<br />

Working together<br />

Transparency and honesty is key to working<br />

together to manage the delivery challenges<br />

the industry is experiencing during the corona<br />

crisis. As part of this, we would like to reassure<br />

fabricators that we don’t ‘massage the metrics’,<br />

we measure by despatching a complete order<br />

– we know that sending all components except<br />

a handle is no use to the fabricator waiting to<br />

assemble a door.<br />

We don’t promise anything that we can’t deliver.<br />

Honesty and openness is essential from both<br />

sides. Now more than ever it is essential that<br />

we honour our policy of never over promising or<br />

under delivering.<br />

Continued collaboration is vital to managing the<br />

challenges of supply during the pandemic and,<br />

because we have built Carl F Groupco on our<br />

commitment to service, you can rest assured that<br />

we will do everything in our power to support your<br />

hardware delivery needs.<br />

Contact Carl F Groupco:<br />

01733 393330<br />

www.carlfgroupco.co.uk<br />

@Carl_F_Groupco<br />


John Mitchell<br />

Technical Manager<br />

Carl F Groupco<br />

Experts in<br />

Hardware<br />

“<br />

Carl F Groupco’s hardware<br />

support throughout<br />

PAS 24 testing has<br />

been invaluable…”<br />

Amanda Hale<br />

Roundbrand<br />

Get in touch and speak to one of our experts today:<br />

t. Peterborough: 01733 393330<br />

t. Cumbernauld: 01236 721557<br />

e. sales@carlfgroupco.co.uk<br />

w. www.carlfgroupco.co.uk

Hardware Updates<br />


For further info on all these hardware updates and more, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Hardware supplier, VBH, has added the Invicta shootbolt locking system for outward opening windows to its<br />

greenteQ range of premium quality window and door hardware and furniture.<br />

Invicta has been successfully tested to PAS24 on a number of profiles and is suitable for windows where a high-security<br />

locking system is required. The system consists of a gearbox, in a choice of industry standard 20 or 22mm backsets, and<br />

a series of extensions to cover sash sizes up to 1540mm. The extensions are connected to the gearbox and secured in<br />

place by an attractive central cover plate, which clearly announces the shootbolt as a greenteQ product. The shootbolts<br />

themselves can be set to project by 15mm through the striker plate and penetrate into the profile if desired, or to a lesser<br />

projection if preferred. A comprehensive range of night vent mushroom strikers and shootbolt strikers is available.<br />

VBH marketing manager, Gary Gleeson, said: “As well as being the name of the rampant white horse which is the<br />

symbol of our home county of Kent, Invicta is also Latin for unconquered or unvanquished, which is very apt when you see<br />

how well it performs during PAS24 testing.” www.vbhgb.com<br />


As Brisant-Secure approaches its 10th anniversary in 2021, it is paying tribute to the team at The<br />

Consultancy, who have been behind the company’s online presence from the start.<br />

Managing director, Nick Dutton, says that The Consultancy has almost become an extension of Brisant<br />

Secure’s own in-house IT department, helping to create a raft of market leading websites for its Brisant, Ultion,<br />

Lock Lock and Sweet hardware brands. He said: “It’s a mistake to think a website can ever be finished, so<br />

having The Consultancy on board gives us the ability to constantly add new features and enhance the user<br />

experience so that we are always driving the brands forward online.”<br />

Brisant Secure and The Consultancy say they are already working on the next web project together which will<br />

be revealed early in 2021. www.theconsultancy.co.uk<br />


A tech company has launched what it claims is the world’s first smart self-disinfecting door<br />

handle, which ‘can potentially eradicate millions of pathogens per building, save businesses<br />

thousands in cleaning costs and contribute to a post-Covid-19 way of life’.<br />

Swiss tech company, Tweaq launched its self-cleaning aluminium door handle, Touch 1, in November<br />

and customers can register their interest now, for delivery in 2021.<br />

When a user engages with the door handle, the Tweaq Touch 1 is activated as the handle is released<br />

and the peristaltic pump brings disinfectant liquid from the casing to the sponge inside the ring around the<br />

door handle. An internal system then drives the outer aluminium ring backwards and forwards once along<br />

the surface, eliminating 99% of bacteria and viruses in under three seconds. www.tweaq.co<br />


Yale says that it has broadened its communication opportunities to allow for its specification<br />

service to continue with new socially distanced working practices.<br />

Neil Rabbitts, specification sales manager at Yale DWS, said: “Like many people during this time,<br />

we’ve been swapping out our usual face-to-face meetings with virtual ones, using software such as<br />

Zoom, Teams and Skype to keep in touch with customers.<br />

“Connectivity is vital when delivering quality specification, and that’s why we’re making it easier<br />

than ever for customers to contact us directly. We’ve continued to carry out meetings to discuss<br />

project requirements and issues throughout lockdown, which has allowed us to specify to our usual<br />

high standard and overcome any obstacles along the way.” www.yaledws.co.uk<br />


SELL MORE with<br />

The<br />

Cutting Edge<br />

Consumer Guarantee<br />

Provided By<br />

Homeowners receive UP TO £8000 in the event of a break in<br />

VBH generate enquiries for Q-secure approved partners<br />

Q-secure helps fabricators and installers sell more<br />

Receive a Q-secure Approved Partner Accreditation<br />

Company listing on our NEW Q-secure website<br />

Offer Q-secure PREMIUM products at no additional cost<br />

Top quality products<br />

with a MULTI-BRAND<br />

security guarantee<br />

Join the Q-secure Network Today!<br />

qsecure.co.uk/join-our-network<br />

We are proud to offer the Q-secure hardware guarantee for our<br />

security tested products. Q-secure helps Approved Manufacturers<br />

& Installers offer the customer more, and SELL MORE.<br />

info@vbhgb.com<br />

www.qsecure.co.uk<br />

@vbhgb<br />

01634 263 300

Hardware Updates<br />


For further info on all these hardware updates and more, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Carl F Groupco is a stockist for Maco’s new MKV shootbolt. Developed and designed alongside<br />

fabricators and installers, the MKV provides advanced window security.<br />

Special features of the MKV include a slimmer, smaller 21mm universal backset to cater for all<br />

eurogroove depths, enhanced cam design and lower operating forces on handle movement. Testing<br />

standards are assured as the MKV has undergone assessments that exceed PAS24. Benefits include fast<br />

fitting as all screws are on one face. The shootbolt is available in telescopic or croppable versions.<br />

Hardware distributor Carl F Groupco and Maco have an established relationship dating back 26 years<br />

and the full Maco range is featured in the Carl F Groupco catalogue including espagnolette, shootbolt and<br />

tilt before turn gearing.<br />

The Maco MKV is suitable for use with aluminium, PVC-U and timber profiles: side/top hung casement,<br />

French casement and fully reversible windows are catered for. The MKV can also meet Disability Act<br />

(DDA) standards when using the REACH low handle height option. www.carlfgroupco.co.uk<br />


With a focus on extreme security and innovation, hardware house Brisant has<br />

announced two new locks: the Ultion 1* cylinder which is being launched now,<br />

and a new Ultion 3* product which will be launched in the new year.<br />

The new Ultion 1* cylinder has been tested by master locksmiths and is Sold Secure<br />

Gold accredited. The cylinder can be used with 2* security handles to achieve 3*<br />

security overall.<br />

Specifically developed in 2019, Brisant upgraded the original Ultion lock to the WXM<br />

with more molybdenum and the strongest key on the market. This 3*Plus solution<br />

delivers extreme durability for where locks are subjected to extreme stress. This change<br />

was evidenced by its cycle test, beating the 100,000 requirements by a further one<br />

million cycles. The marking on the lock is changing to show this achievement by displaying the 3*Plus.<br />

Then, in the new year, Brisant will be launching a new Ultion 3* lock to sit between the new 1* and the existing 3*Plus. The intention is for the lock to be<br />

TS007 3* rated and Sold Secure Diamond security rated.<br />

Uniquely, the new 1* and 3* Ultion locks can be keyed alike. So, with one single Ultion key, homeowners can access all areas of the home: a PVC entrance<br />

door with a 3* Ultion, a PVC panel inner door on a porch with 1* Ultion, a bi-fold door with a 3* Ultion, and even a garage door or shed.<br />

All Ultion locks are backed with the Ultion security guarantee against burglary by lock snapping. The guarantee does not ask the homeowner to report on the<br />

performance of the installer, as some guarantees do. www.ultion-lock.co.uk<br />


With routes to market challenged by the constantly changing pandemic, Titon will be exhibiting<br />

at Fenex, the UK fenestration sector’s first ever virtual exhibition aimed at the window, door,<br />

conservatory and glazing industry.<br />

Titon will be showcasing its range of window and door hardware products at Fenex 2021 in April next<br />

year. Rounding up the digital shows will be the Aluminium Expo to be held in July.<br />

Tyson Anderson, sales & marketing director at Titon, said: “We’re really excited at Titon to be taking<br />

part in the first digital exhibition in this sector, and are looking forward to seeing what this new show<br />

environment can bring us. The real benefit of virtual exhibitions is the flexibility it gives everyone in being<br />

able to attend whilst still remaining busy and at their place of work. There’s nothing better than face to face meetings, and we’re looking forward to the<br />

time when we can all get back to that, but there’s no doubt whilst we are restricted and the future is uncertain, a digital show helps us all.”<br />

For more information about Fenex, please visit: www.fenex.co.uk. www.titon.com<br />


We do things<br />

differently<br />

At Kestrel our approach to aluminium door and window<br />

manufacture is a little different. Not only do we stock<br />

an unrivalled range of sections in a wide variety of lengths,<br />

we also supply standard, half and quarter lengths too. This<br />

means the most economical option is invariably available<br />

for your project.<br />

Minimal waste and high sustainability in profiles of the<br />

highest standard from a company with a 30 year pedigree.<br />

For more information please call<br />

0121 333 3575 or email<br />

info@kestrelaluminium.co.uk<br />



www.kestrelaluminium.co.uk<br />

Tel: 0121 333 3575

Workwear<br />


Snickers says its 100% all-natural merino<br />

wool mid and base-layer clothes deliver<br />

optimal comfort for all kinds of working<br />

environments and leisure activities when the<br />

weather gets chilly.<br />

There are short and long sleeve t-shirts, as well as<br />

leggings and topwear that combine ‘superior wool<br />

warmth’ with body-mapping designs for ‘the ultimate<br />

base and mid-layer protection’ in really<br />

cold conditions.<br />

Designed by nature for excellent ventilation and<br />

insulation, merino wool is extremely soft and<br />

naturally odour-preventive for an ‘all-day fresh feel’.<br />

The material is also temperature-regulating, antistatic<br />

and repels water and dirt particles.<br />

With animal welfare in mind, Snickers also ensures<br />

that the wool it uses is ‘mulesing-free’.<br />

www.snickersworkwear.co.uk<br />


While fabric, functionality and fit are hallmarks of<br />

Snickers Workwear, Snickers says it’s the innovation and<br />

fabric technology in the design of its new FlexiWork neon<br />

fleece hoodie, jacket and gilet that really set these new<br />

garments apart.<br />

They’re great for working outdoors in the colder months. Delivering<br />

superior flexibility and comfort, these lightweight four-way stretch<br />

garments come in a body-mapping design and are made from an<br />

elastane/polyester fabric with a water and wind-repellent finish for<br />

comfort and durability.<br />

‘Street-smart’ and visibly striking with neon panels and reflective<br />

details for enhanced visibility, Snickers says they’re designed ‘for<br />

the fast-paced professional who’s always on the go and delivering<br />

top class work on site’.<br />

For professionals who rely on their gear in demanding<br />

environments, Snickers says the FlexiWork range is a must for<br />

those who want to be ‘visibly ahead of the rest’ on site this winter.<br />

www.snickersworkwear.co.uk<br />


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The new platform for digital content from the key players in<br />

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