Young Storykeepers Volume V


To celebrate Cruinniú na nÓg, Great Lighthouses of Ireland and Fighting Words invited 7-12 year-olds to become Young Storykeepers. Your lighthouse-inspired stories are incredible!

Fighting Words and Great Lighthouses of Ireland have devoured every single one of the 1,256 stories, poems, illustrations, song lyrics and even stop-motion animations submitted for the Young Storykeepers initiative.

With so many entries, these wonderful works were showcased in a multi-volume Young Storykeepers digital magazine over six months.








Cecile Goggin


Caoileann Fitzpatrick

Fionnáin Birt

Greta Lavery

Evan Leavy

Elena Murphy

Jacob Sheils

Tadhg Cronin

Anna Curtain

Timur Bakirov

Annie O’Sullivan

Leo Reihill

Annelise Conlan

Ferdia Cooke

Zara Nolan

Bella Sweeney

Patrick Phelan

Aisling Gordon

Daniel Ogiemwonyi

Saidbhín O’Toole

Layla Campbell

Art Macedo

Cillian Sandhu

Saoirse Griffin

Victor Bernhard

Arthur Bernhard


Rosa Tottenham

Adam Greally

Rosie Farrell

Danny Bermingham

Patrick Regan

Jonathan Ryder

Colleen Ewertowski

Oisín de Fréine

Ann-Marie Moore

Eve O’Reilly

William Scott

Karina Creanga

Amber Horgan

Liam McCormick

Conor Murtagh

Carla Dines

Sam Watson

Sophie O’Connor

Adam Collins

Isobel Carville

Jonah Keeling

Alexander Murphy

Hannah Byrne

Dónal Hoare

Lucy Gaynor

Robyn Wilson

PJ O’Halloran

Sophia Mantu

Éabha Twomey

Muireann Laird

Ava Manning

Siena Gallagher

Eoghan Foley

Tabitha Carroll

Róisín Ní Dhondúin

Sarah Kennedy

Conn Moriarty

Sarah Kelly

Alice O’Reilly

Kate O’Meara

Patrick Bennis

Jasmine Blair

David Rutledge

Seán Purcell

Sofia Cleary

Abby Rigley


Aifric Sheridan

Caoimhe Sheridan

Kyle Murphy

Eva Power

Caitlin Amy Jia-Er Ong

Sadhbh McMullan

James Foley

Caoimhe Hardy

Sophie Scully

Katie Smith

Luke Walsh

Victoria Tecza

Lola Stephen Ojo

Leonard Solej

Sofia Tsoneva

Leila Filimova

Lena Sak

Camille Goggin

Jasper Zwaan

Isla O’Donnell

Filip Skroban

Ethan Norton

Cliona Nolan

Maisie Tunnicliffe

Mia Crilly

Daniel Carroll

Madison Lei Western

Muiris Gallagher

Olivia Johnson

Oisín Coleman

Rachel Conway

Marcus Carter

Lucy Blackmore

Emelie Galvin

Aoibhin Howard

Kajus Patriubavicius

Babette Gonzalez Blodau

Ross Micallef

Lile-Grace Mullan

Matthew Clarke

Caela Houlihan

Sadie Gibson

Lily O’Donnell

Zoe O’Brien

Aoife Breathnach

Tomas Jackson

Anna Bennis

Lily Rutledge

Hannah Walsh

Oran Farrell

Heidi Groarke

Fionn Locket

Lucy Lynch

Ben Lynch


Gabrielle Hamilton

Eva Kelly

Lily Corbett

Tomás Hooper

Eoin O’Hara

Reiltín Walsh Moloney

Hannah Oswiecinska

Alice Farrell

Aoife McPolin

Niamh Mullen

Calum Byrne

Aaron Rowney

Laura Kerrigan

Cillian McLoughlin

Emily Johnston

Sophie Tyndall

Rory McCormick

Emer Mulvey

Zélie Ryan

Kathleen McInerney

Doireann Flannery

Riddhima Haresh Manyar

Inara Fioraso

Ciarán Kelleher

Neva Fitch

Bobby Greenan

Lily Donagh

Laoise O”Gorman

Colette Halloran

Aaron Conroy

Aine McMahon

Aneesh Garg

Leah Furey

Millie Clotworthy

Anoushka Prakash

Noemi Varga

Enya Grew

Baltazar Allende

Rebecca Tumelty

Eamonn Leonard

Aoife Carty

Eleanor McKavanagh

Siena Ryan

Siobhan Molloy

Antoine Carmody-Portier

Alexandre Carmody-Portier

Jessica Daly

Zach Briody

Christian Kerr

Ben MacAleenan


Rohan Horgan

Grace Daly

Áine Murphy

Charlie Knight

Fernando Luna Ferrezuelo

Colman Ó Curraoin

Mia Maguire

Lauren May Bei-er Ong

Danielle Keogh

Áine de Fréine

Esshay Verma

Ruby Horan

Dylan O’Hagan

Aoife Fadian

Rojha Hezari

Eve Bourke

Isabella Kessie Kehoe

Luke Walsh

Katie Murphy

Aine McPolin

Sarah Goggin

Seán Ó Laocha

Laura de Burca

Lauren Gaffney

James Quinn Markey

Safia Dahma

Georgia Dane

Mia Kelleher

Kate Veale

Evan Hardy

Maya O’Donnell

Brona Rose Comiskey

Aoife McGrath

Aoife Keegan

Francesca O’Halloran

Grace Fanning

Jill Guiney

Tom Dowling

Eva Orla McGuire

Róísín Breathnach

Saoirse Barron

Eva Duffy

Iseult McGovern

Éabha Dillon

Tom Egan

Connie Griffin

Aisling Downing


Rachel Murphy

Eilidh Ní Churraoin

Enya Silkena

Archie Finch

Deirdre McHugh

Donnacha O’Cathail

Ciaran McGovern

Fionn Leonard Murray

Laura McElwain

Katie Notley

Roisin Hackett

Suzel Gonzalez Blodau

Colm Walsh

Michael Kelly

Slaney O’Brien

Aideen McDonnell

Érin Byrne

Aaliyah Boyd

Sarah Ogiemwonyi

Seán Bermingham

Aidan Monaghan

Amelia White

Kate O’Connor

Sophie Ryan

Emilia Bennis

Lucy Goodman

Eva Regan

Jamie Blakeman

Mia Kelly

Eva Duffy

Fiachra Robinson

Lilykate Bonar

Róise Nic Ruairí

Nathan Reilly

Cillian Ó Tuathaigh

Patrick Arnold





Irish Lights – Great Lighthouses of Ireland and Fighting

Words decided early this year to collaborate on a story

writing project that has turned out to be a wonderful

experience for our two organisations. The idea

behind Become a Young Storykeeper was to invite

children aged 7–12 years of age to write imaginative

and creative stories about Ireland’s lighthouses. The

symbolism of the lighthouse – bright, magical, brave,

mysterious – offers so many exciting possibilities.

Then the covid-19 lockdown invaded our lives, and a

whole extra dimension was added. Social distancing

– the need to stay away from those we love to keep

them safe – draws instant parallels with the lighthouse,

which essentially pushes ships away to keep them

safe. Our lighthouses are a powerful symbol of loss,

hope and light and it’s incredibly exciting that so many

hundreds of young imaginations have tapped into

them in this collection of stories. We are delighted

and proud to have been part of this great adventure.

Seán Love

Executive Director,

Fighting Words

Yvonne Shields O’Connor


Commission for Irish Lights

The Creative Ireland Programme are delighted

to collaborate and support this new initiative to

encourage children to create inspirational stories

about Ireland’s lighthouses as part of Cruinniú na

nÓg 2020. Developed by The Commissioners of

Irish Lights’ (Irish Lights) tourism and community

partnership, Great Lighthouses of Ireland, and creative

writing organisation Fighting Words, this creative call

to action demonstrates how, together, the ambition to

support and encourage children and young people to

become more resilient using the creative practice of

writing and storytelling can be achieved.

We are overwhelmed with the level and quality of

entries from around the world and salute the originality

and joy of the work of the nearly thirteen hundred 7 –

12 year olds who responded to the call.

Ireland is the first, and only, country in the world

to have a national day of free creativity for children and

young people under 18. Cruinniú na nÓg is a flagship

initiative of the Creative Ireland Programme’s Creative

Youth plan to enable the creative potential of children

and young people, to celebrate their creativity and to

ensure creativity becomes part of how they become

successful shapers of their own lives. Become a

Young Storykeeper has achieved just that.

Tania Banotti

Director, The Creative Ireland Programme

Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht




There are many coloured days in the life of a lighthouse

They can be BLUE and BRIGHT

They can be scary RED and icky GREEN like the coronavirus

They can be YELLOW like the sun

They can be ORANGE like the sunset

They can be PINK like blossoms….

The lighthouse stands strong…

The lighthouse shall always bring light for those lost at sea…

Cecile Goggin

Co Cork




One day Kara went for a walk by the sea,

she always goes for this walk. There was

also a lighthouse on this walk. She had

always wondered who it belonged to.

“Mum,” said Kara. “Who does the

lighthouse belong to?”

“It is your great-grandfather’s,” said her


“Is he still alive?” asked Kara.

“No” said her mum. “My family own it


“Can we go into it?” asked Kara.

“No, I don’t have the keys,” said her


“Where are the keys?” said Kara.

“Your Granny has them.”

“Can we go and get them?” asked Kara

“Okay,” her mum said. So they did.

When they got the keys, they went

to the lighthouse. There was also a threestorey

house beside it. Kara went into the

lighthouse. She saw photos of her greatgrandfather.

They were old, dusty and rusty.

Then she went into the house. There were

four bedrooms. In one of them, there were

lots of old books and there was another

picture of her great-grandfather.

Kara went back into the lighthouse.

She pushed on a wall. It moved! There was

a secret room! It was where Kara’s greatgrandfather

wrote stuff but before he died,

he hid his diary in a secret room. Kara had

found the diary! She started to read it. An

hour later she had read the whole diary. One

of the pages said the lighthouse was ancient!

Kara went back to looking at the

lighthouse. She went to the top of the

lighthouse. The light was so big! Then,

she went into the house to tell her mum

about the diary and secret room. But then

she remembered that the diary said that if

someone found it, the person could not tell

anyone. So, she did not say anything to her

mum. Her mum told her that they would

move into the house. Kara was very excited!

She decided to write her own diary and to

put it in the secret room too. So she did!

Caoileann Fitzpatrick

Co Dublin


The lonely lighthouse,

By the sea,

Shines its bright light,

For all to see.

Fionnáin Birt

Co Derry


(Illustration, right)

Greta Lavery

Co Antrim



The Lighthouse keeper trapped the

dinosaur in a cage to save himself.

The Granuaile came to take the dinosaur away.

Sam decided to invite his dinosaur friend to a tea party at the light house.

They were going to drink hot chocolate and play games.

Guided by the lighthouse, Super Sam came to the rescue.

But Sam was too busy and forgot

what time it was.

The lighthouse keeper was scared when

he saw the dinosaur coming.



Evan Leavy

Co Dublin

Sam explained that the dinosaur was really friendly and they all had a tea party together.

Afterwards, the dinosaur went back home. Sam likes to go visit him with the

lighthouse keeper now that they are all friends.

Deep deep down in the ocean, there lived a beautiful mermaid called

Charlotte, with beautiful yellow hair, a nice rainbow hairband and a

nice purple tail. She had two best friends - Sheila the Dolphin,

and Cormac the Starfish.

One day, the mermaid was swimming up to the shore and

suddenly, she turned into a person and she said, “WOW! This

is awesome!”

Charlotte was walking across the beach and she met two

people. One was called Elena and one was called Matthew. They

were brother and sister.

They said to Charlotte, “Hello, my name is Elena and my name

is Matthew. What is your name?”

“My name is Charlotte.”

“Do you want to walk along the beach with us?”

“Yes,” said Charlotte.

Off they went, walking across the beach. They saw an old boat and

said, “Let’s turn this old boat into a NEW boat and go to a lighthouse

called Ballycotton.”

So, they gathered up seashells and Charlotte turned back into a

mermaid and got some seaweed and shiny stones underwater. Then the

boat was all done.

Off they went, sailing across the sea. The sea was rough. Charlotte introduced Elena

and Matthew to Cormac the Starfish, and Sheila the Dolphin.

“WOW!” said Elena and Matthew.

“Can they talk?” asked Elena.

“Yes,” said Charlotte. So Sheila and Cormac came with them

and they saw fish. Then they looked up and they saw the


They said, “Yeah! We made it.”

So they got off the boat and went inside and saw a

man called James. He was really nice. Everybody said,

“Who are you?”

“My name is James what are your names?”

“My name is Charlotte.”

“And my name is Elena.”

“And my name is Matthew, we are friends.”

James said, “Well, would you like me to give

a tour around the lighthouse?”

Everybody said, “Yes, we would love that.”

So they had the tour. They said, “Thank you so much! We should go

home now. Bye bye, James.”

James said goodbye, and they all went home.

Elena Murphy

Co Down



Once upon a time there was a man called

Dara who was a sailor.

Dara told his wife that he was going to

sail the sea for one week. When he got to

the bay, he put his boat into the water and

jumped on. The sea was calm and he sailed

off. He was enjoying the lovely weather and

watching the dolphins jump.

When nighttime came it was getting

windy and very stormy, Dara was very afraid.

He saw the light shining from the lighthouse

and he decided he would follow it home.

Next thing, the light went out.

“Oh no!” Dara was now very, very scared.

Then he had an idea! He remembered that

he had two flares on his boat. He took one

and shot it upwards. It made a big explosion

of light in the sky.

Back at the bay, John and his two

friends who owned the Rescue Boat saw

the flare. They knew that a sailor was in

trouble. They quickly got into their boat to

go save Dara.

When they reached Dara, he was so

happy to see them. The helper boat pulled

Dara and his boat back to safety in the bay.

It turned out the lighthouse had been

hit by lightning in the storm but John and

Dara fixed the lighthouse so no more sailors

would get into trouble in the sea.

Jacob Sheils

Co Dublin



Light shining

Warning, visiting, exploring

I am very interested

White house

Tadhg Cronin

Co Cork

Hermy the Crab lives with his

mum and dad and sister and

brother. But he does not want

to live with his family.

When Hermy made a sandcastle, his sister Helli stepped on it.

When Hermy was fishing at a rock

pool, his brother Hemi scared the

fish away.

This made Hermy upset. So Hermy

waved goodbye to his family

And off he went to live

with his friend Sammy the

Seagull at the lighthouse.

But when Hermy was going

to sleep, the light from the

lighthouse was too bright.

So Hermy went off. But the tide

was coming in and Hermy got swept

away out to sea.

He swam to a buoy tied to Sally

the Starfish’s boat. But when he

was going to sleep the sea was

very rough. So Hermy said,”I am

going to live with my family.”

Sally brought him near the shore.

On the beach he saw his family

waiting for him. Hemi had a warm

cup of seaweed juice for him and

Helli had a towel.

Hermy was happy again. So happy

he clapped his crab claws. And he

said “I’ll never leave like that again.”

Everyone clapped their crab claws.

Anna Curtain

Co Dublin




Three friends called John, Jack and Kia lived

in a lighthouse.

One day while the three friends went

out for a walk around their lighthouse, five

pirates dropped into the lighthouse. They

spotted a treasure chest. They got it quickly

and ran away to their ship called the Lightning

Shark. They were proud of their dark, scarylooking

ship because it was painted red,

black, brown and dark blue.

The pirates opened the treasure chest

and instead of gold, they found yummy food

from different countries. The pirates were

very happy to find all this delicious food and

they ate it happily. They went back to their


John, Jack and Kia came back from

their long walk and they were starving. “Let’s

pick our favourite food from our treasure

chest!” shouted John.

They looked everywhere but could not

find their treasure chest. Kia cried, “I think

those nasty pirates have been here. Do you

remember we saw their scary boat nearby

when we were out walking?”

The three hungry friends went to the

shop together. They bought some more

food. They put their extra food in a secret

place in the lighthouse.

Jack said proudly, “If those mean

pirates ever sneak into our lighthouse again,

they will not get any food.”

The pirates did return another day when

the three friends went out for their walk, but

they could not find any food.

Timur Bakirov

Co Dublin

Once upon a time there was a little dolphin called

Sandy. She loved to swim along the rocky coast with

her pod.

One night, Sandy went on a swim beside the

rocky coast as always. SUDDENLY she saw a

predator chasing a sea lion. The sea lion knocked

into the rocks and one of the heavy rocks fell down

and trapped Sandy’s tail!

“Oh no, I can’t get out! Help help!” cried Sandy.

Her family heard her and tried to lift the rock up but

it was way too heavy.

Just then, a helper vessel was going to check

if the lighthouse was locked up after a long day of

helping. The light from the lighthouse shined over the

dolphins trying to help Sandy.

“I think something is wrong,” said one of the

helper vessel people. “Quick, get changed into your

wetsuits and we’ll go see what’s wrong. This is our



They all jumped in. Then they saw… a baby

dolphin’s tail trapped under a rock. The dolphins

were afraid of the humans so they were about to

snap at them, but before they could they saw the

humans were trying to lift up the rock.

“Humans are actually being nice to us dolphins,” they

said. The dolphins and the humans worked together

to push the rock up.

A Few Minutes Later…

They eventually lifted the rock and the dolphin

was free! She was so so happy.

“I want to give them a gift to say thank you for

helping us,” said Sandy. The helper people were

going to swim away but before they could Sandy

nudged into them and pointed her nose the other

way meaning she wanted them to follow her. They

kind of understood what the dolphin wanted them to

do. They followed them to a giant clam shell.

When they opened the shell, there was a giant

drop down to a secret room that only dolphins knew

about. They all swam into the room and there were

treasure chests, jewels and coins everywhere. The

dolphins lifted a chest with their noses and gave it to

the people. They understood that it was a gift. They

were delighted! They swam back up the steep tunnel

and back onto their boat.

The dolphins swam away happily together to

their home. They have been visiting each other ever

since the day the dolphin got stuck.

Annie O’Sullivan

Co Dublin




Leo Reihill

Co Tyrone




King Of

The Ocean

Everyone to

the lifeboats!

One day…


sign of


I can’t


It’s so



a big ship was setting sail.


captain, sir.


Have you

been enjoying


Little did the

crew know…


is on






worry! We will

be home in two

and a half



Once, there was a little girl called

Annelise. She lived on an island. The

island was called Cape Clear. She

lived in a lighthouse. There was a

beautiful view with flowers across the


One night, there was thunder

and lightning and it woke up Annelise.

She looked out the window and

saw the light on the lighthouse was


Annelise knew the boats needed

the light and she ran up the stairs to

the top of the lighthouse and turned

on the light.

Annelise crept back to bed and

she was happy. She knew that now

the boats would be safe.

Annelise Conlan

Co. Dublin

Let’s hear it for the

lighthouse crew! __

Land ahoy!

They all lived happily ever after.

I woke up and smiled – it was the morning

of our family holiday to Wexford. We got

dressed, had breakfast and were on our way.

The drive to Hook Head was very enjoyable

and we made lots of stops along the way.

When we got there, we set up camp

in front of the lighthouse. It was evening

now so we had our dinner, it was spaghetti

bolognese. After that we lit a campfire and

toasted marshmallows. We talked about

soccer and trains and then we went to sleep.

At two thirty (or, as I call it, “tooth-hurty”),

we were woken up because Oisín had a

toothache and we couldn’t go back to sleep

because he kept groaning!

Suddenly, we saw the lighthouse

wobble a little bit. Then it jumped and two

legs popped out. It started running around

the field and we all shouted, “Haunted


Finally, after a really long night, it

was morning. We went into Wexford

Town Amusements and had a great time.

Afterwards, we got ice cream and then went

back to Hook Head. We arrived at Hook

Head, but the sat nav mustn’t have been

working because - the lighthouse wasn’t

there? We pulled out a map that said we

were in the right place, but we couldn’t see

the lighthouse anywhere! We were all very


Then, we saw it, the lighthouse, strolling

back from its holiday in Wexford town! When

it reached its field, it lowered itself down,

the legs disappeared and it settled into its

crater. We got out of our car really quietly to

investigate. The door of the lighthouse was

locked. We needed to figure out why the

lighthouse had been wandering around.

The lights started flickering, we got

a bit freaked out but then, it just stopped.

We looked up and we saw a little window,

we all thought the same thought. We were

going to climb up and try to get through the

window. Our dad was elected to go first. He

made it and pulled all of us up. We did loads

of exploring to see if we could find any clues.

We couldn’t see anything but some chopped

up doggie biscuits.

“Why would there be dogs in here?!”

we all exclaimed. Oisín said that maybe

the lighthouse keeper had a pet and we all


Then we heard thunder and looked out

the window and saw a lightning bolt. Then

we went up another level to the light. We

heard a bark and looked behind us, to our

surprise we saw a tiny, little magic dog. He

was even able to speak. He told us that he

could add legs to the lighthouse and move it

with a control panel! That way, the lighthouse

could go on adventures and didn’t get bored

from being in the same spot for hundreds of


“Ha, ha, ha!” we all laughed. We knew

this was a holiday we would remember


Ferdia Cooke

Co Waterford




Zara Nolan

Co Dublin

Princess Zara lived in the Royal Palace with her family and her pet dog,


One day, Princess Zara and Buddy went for a walk in the nearby forest.

They didn’t realise they were in terrible danger.

The Bad Witch Brie came out of nowhere, she gave an evil laugh,

“MUAHAHAHA!” She waved her magic wand, ZAP!!

“Where are we?” shivered Princess Zara when they woke up together

on a cold, hard floor. “Oh Buddy, I can hear waves crashing against rocks

outside.” She looked around her and thought, We must be in a lighthouse.

Princess Zara felt like she was in a fairy tale, locked away in a high

tower. Princess Zara cried and cried. Buddy tried to snuggle in to make her

feel better.

After a little while, Princess Zara realised she was going to have to try

and save herself and Buddy. She thought, Maybe there is a phone or some

other way to signal for help.

Bad Witch Brie had sent them to a very old lighthouse. There was no

way to light it up and there was nothing in it apart from hundreds of stairs.

“WOW! Buddy look at this view! I can see land there in the distance,”

said Princess Zara.

They wandered outside and found another door at the bottom of the

lighthouse. Inside, they found a wooden raft and it even had oars!!

“Perfect, this will help us get home.” Princess Zara and Buddy jumped

on the raft, and Princess Zara started rowing.

They were travelling well when they saw a huge black storm cloud

appear. After five minutes, the storm hit and it was very windy and rainy.

The waves were getting bigger, and the raft was now going in the wrong

direction. Princess Zara was so scared.

“HOLD ON, Buddy!” she screamed.

Next, a huge bolt of lightning hit the raft. It was so strong it threw them

into the sea but they managed to swim to a close buoy and hold on tightly.

The storm went and now Princess Zara and Buddy were stuck on the


“I’m so scared Buddy. What are we going to do?”

Suddenly, there was light. The Good Fairy Sam appeared like a vision.

“Don’t worry! I will go and get you help,” the Good Fairy Sam said.

In no time at all, Princess Zara saw a vessel in the distance, it was

moving really fast. It was the famous ILV Granuaile.

Captain Kevin called out, “You’re going to be okay. I’m going to rescue

you and bring you home.” He got in the rescue helicopter and dropped them

a ladder to climb to safety. They were saved!

Princess Zara and Buddy were so glad to be back home. Her maid,

Hannah, helped her get warm clothes to wear and little robe for Buddy.

Butler Thomas brought them all their favourite foods: little sandwiches,

chocolate fudge cake, hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and

kibble cake for Buddy.

“That was so scary! I am so glad to be home,” said Princess Zara.

Once upon a time, there was a girl her

name was Saoirse and she was five years


Saoirse lived in a lighthouse on the

coast of Wexford. On the beach she found

a ladybug (but this wasn’t any ordinary

ladybug). This ladybug was pretending to

have a sore wing but she didn’t have a sore

wing. Saoirse picked her up and all of a

sudden BOOM!

The ladybug suddenly turned into

a wasp and stung poor Saoirse three

times: on the forehead, the leg and on her

hand. Then the ladybug flew away to her

own lighthouse where she had a team of

ladybirds that could turn into wasps as well.

Saoirse went into her lighthouse and

told her dad. Her mom was at the shop

the whole time and when she came home

she said, “Aaaaaahhhh! What happened to


Saoirse explained the whole story to

her mother and father. Then they all went

to the doctor and the doctor put a plaster

on all the stings. Then they went home to

the lighthouse again.

They were so distracted about poor

Saoirse getting stung by a wasp three times

that her father forgot to turn the light on in

the lighthouse at the same time a ship was

coming and it was really dark. The ship

crashed and the captain of the ship got really

mad at Saoirse’s father.

Saoirse’s mother and father then forgot

that they had to give Saoirse her dinner. It

was 11pm before poor Saoirse got her

dinner. After that, they all went to bed with

the light turned on in the lighthouse.

The captain of the boat was happy and

they let the captain sleep in the lighthouse.

They got a tow boat to come and take the

boat away and they got a new boat. The new

boat was really big and fancy.

In the morning the captain got a big

surprise, he really liked his new boat. They

had breakfast in the lighthouse and then the

captain sailed back to his own lighthouse.

Saoirse, her parents and the captain

lived happily ever after.

Bella Sweeney

Co Sligo



The lighthouse shines to help us home

Along the blue and fishy foam

Our boat rides high across the waves

We see a light beyond the caves

The light beams brightly on a loop

To scare off those sharks that want us for soup

The waves grow stronger

We can wait no longer

Three more miles and then we’re home

From then and there we will not roam

Along the blue and fishy foam

The lighthouse shone and got us home.

Patrick Phelan

Co. Dublin


On the way to the lighthouse, the girls went

to the tea shop to get some tea and goodies.

When they got to the lighthouse, the door

was open. They could see teddies and coats

upon entering the lighthouse.

“Why are there teddies and coats here?”

asked Aisling. The girls looked for clues.

“Oh, look! There’s a boat coming to the


“Miriam is in the boat too,” said Sarah.

“Let’s see if we can find out who put

the teddies and coats in the lighthouse and

why,” said Aisling.

The next day the girls got up very early.

“Oh no!” said Sarah.

“All the teddies and coats are gone.”

“Miriam is back in her bed,” said Aisling.

“Let’s have a breakfast tea party with

Miriam,” said Aisling. And that’s what they


Aisling Gordon

Co Kildare


Once there was an old fisherman who

was on his boat. He was tan and he had a

beautiful body. When the sun was dim and

the moon was rising, the fisherman fell off

the boat. He did not know how to swim so

he was stranded there.

Then his friend Timmy - he was a good

friend – showed him how to do the shimmy.

It was funny.

He went to his house with was a

lighthouse and it was really big. He rang the

sirens. The people thought it was a trick but

they saw and came quick and swam and

lifted the fisherman.

They helped and because of his friend

who did the shimmy to celebrate. They loved


There was a happy ending. They all


Daniel Ogiemwonyi

Co Dublin



Once upon a time there was a little

princess. She lived in her faraway castle.

She went outside on her third birthday.

She was so excited that she went

wandering in the forest and met an old

lady. The old lady looked like a witch – she

had a witch’s hat, a black cat, a black robe

and, the scariest part of all, even had a

little wand.

The princess was only three though,

so she didn’t know the rules yet. The

witch said, “If you come with me I will give

you a pet frog, and I will also give you ten

lollipops.” The princess was so little that

she fell for this and went with the witch.

One hour later her mammy called her

– she thought she was just playing with

her friends. When she called, the princess

wasn’t there, so the mammy and daddy

asked her friends where she was. “Was

she playing with you?” they asked. The

children said, “She never came to play with

us.” The mam and dad started to worry.

The witch had taken the princess.

After an hour, they arrived at a lighthouse.

In the lighthouse there was a witch’s

cauldron, and a cat cauldron that the cat

slept in. There were also types of potions,

like a big-head potion, a make-yousmelly-potion,

a potion that would make anybody into

whatever you wanted them to be and even a slave.


The most dangerous potion of all was the one

that turned someone into a flower because somebody

could pick you and you would die. The witch thought

she might give the princess the flower potion and

put her in the field with all the daisies so her parents

would never find her, but she wanted to keep her for

herself so she kept her in the lighthouse instead for

years and years.

One day the princess’s father came along.

He heard the princess singing. He knew the song

because she always sang it when she was little.

The king thought that he might actually get his

daughter back. He knew that love was one of the

most magical powers. The witch was gone so he had

a good idea - he sang the exact same song, then

the princess, now almost 15 years old, recognised the

song and wandered out of the cave.

“It has to be my dad,” she thought. “I can’t believe

I fell for that trick when I was little. I’ll go and check

just in case.”

Ten minutes later she found her dad. The king

called the queen and said, “I found our princess!” They

were all delighted and had a big party – luckily they

were in time for her 15th birthday.

As for the witch, the king let her sit down in the

castle for the party but he gave her a drink that was

actually the flower potion! She popped into the field

where the princess found her and picked her and that

was the end of the witch.

Saidbhín O’Toole

Co Kildare


One day, I went to the beach with my

older brother and her mum and dad. I

was so excited. My mum said, “Lucy

dear, can you get ready?”

I said, “Okay, Mum.”

We were at the beach. I put

sunscreen on. I went in the water.

It was warm. I saw something

splashing. It was a whale. It could

talk! It was called Ellie.

She said, “I can’t find my way

home. Can you help me?”

I said, “Of course.”

It was nighttime. I spotted a

lighthouse. The light guided Ellie

home. We were best friends.

Layla Campbell

Co Dublin



Once lay a lighthouse on a little island.

Legend has it that the lighthouse contained

a lighthouse, but nobody believed it. But it did

make sense, since the owner died long ago and

the light still flashes.

The island is known as the Little Lost

Island and there have been lots of sightings of

UFOs, dragons and more fantasy monsters. It is

called the Little Lost Island because it is always

moving around in the deep blue sea. Whenever

ships sail by, the light flashes off, on, off, on.

One day two people had had enough.

Their names were Max and Lilly. It was a

stormy night out and they had snuck out of

the house and were on the pier. But one thing

was in their way. A great big bulldog was

sleeping and drooling, blocking the way

to the boat. So as quietly as possible they

tiptoed past but were not quiet enough.

The enemy lunged forward. They dashed


to the boat, leaped in leaving the angry dog


As Max and Lilly were sailing, tentacles

came out of the water and they were off! The

battle was intense, but in the end, squid won

and the pair were carried out to Little Lost

Island by the waves! They wandered into the

lighthouse and they went to the basement, but

no ghost was in there. Soon they went up to

the top. It took a very long time, but they made

it to the top, and there was a ghost, sitting in an

armchair, like he was waiting for them.

Max and Lilly told the ghost about the

squid. He flew away, defeated the squid and

brought them back to their families. And that

is why not many people have a pet giant squid.

Art Macedo

Co Galway

Once upon a time there was a lighthouse. Some people lived there. Their names were

Jack and Owl. They were lifeguards. They loved chocolate so much that they built a special

chocolate room in their lighthouse.

One day a storm came. Parts of the lighthouse were very dangerous and the floor

started to break. The bedrooms were not safe. The lounge was dangerous, with large


The wind went WHOOSH and broke the door.

The glass broke where the chocolate was, while Jack and Owl where in their beds fast

asleep. When they woke, they went downstairs. They found chocolate on the water!

They cleaned it all up and put it back in the glass.

In the lounge, there were sea creatures coming in everywhere. There were sea

creatures floating all over the lounge! On the piano, on the lights, on the rug and on the

cushions, even on the TV! They cleaned everything up.

Then there was a giant octopus. He smashed the walls. The alarm went off. Jack and

Owl were unsure what to do, so they dried everything off until all the rooms were all tidy and

fabulous. Jack and Owl invited their friends over. They went to the playroom and played.

Jack and Owl had to go in their lifeboat because somebody was stuck in the sea. So,

they went to rescue them. But the sea got higher and higher and higher. So they quickly

built a deck on their boat and then they steered the boat away from the high sea.

Then they went to rescue the people.

After that it was late. Their friends in the lighthouse were getting bored. They decided

to leave without waiting any longer for Jack and Owl. After a day they felt a bit sad and then

they went back to meet each other again.

Jack and Owl and their friends had a lovely big feast in the lighthouse. They

had sausages and crabs. The kids had colouring to do and the adults had

word searches. They had a lovely time. Jack and Owl lived happily

ever after.

Oh, and we forgot

about the extra special

chocolate room, where all

the chocolate was green

because that was their

favourite colour! Jack

and Owl went to sleep

and had lovely dreams.

Cillian Sandhu

Co Dublin




The lighthouse keeper went to

turn on the light but then there

was a tiny…

The lighthouse keeper lived at

the other end of the island. It only

takes nine minutes to get there.

Don’t be afraid. There is a boat

in trouble. Is it going to sink?

…dot. Phew! It was just his fairy


Then suddenly the two friends

saw a ghost who was driving a

bus. They were shocked.

“Save that boat!”


Her name was Rosie. Rosie

lived next to the lighthouse.

The bus was at the lighthouse.

The ghost was dropping off the

people. The lighthouse keeper

and Rosie became friends with

the ghost.

We saved the boat!

On a bright, sunny morning, Maple the Dog

woke up and leaped out of bed. After she

ate her food and drank her water, she went

for her morning walk. Then she went back

home and went for a long nap, waking up at


Maple played with Lolly the Cat for

thirty minutes and then went to the garden

to destroy some plants...well, at least she

tried to, but my mom said no. So Maple went

to get a big tasty snack.

The next day, Maple was very keen

on going outside because she had spotted

another dog eating treats! She was barking

at the door and trying to open it at the same

time. My dad finally came, opened the door

and took her outside.

Maple was running out of the house

when her lead snapped in half. She ran to

get treats from another dog’s owner and she

managed to get a big bone. My dad didn’t

notice because he was looking at Twitter,

holding the other half of the lead and thinking

Maple was still there.

Maple was so excited with the bone that

she ran to the top of the nearby mountain.

When Maple had finished her treat, she

realised that she was lost. She barked

and howled sadly. Maple went down the

mountain, hoping someone would help her.

She saw something that looked like a house

and dashed to it, but it was a rusty shed that

was so dirty she thought it looked like it had

been built five hundred years ago.

Maple was still searching for someone

to rescue her when she spotted something

that was tall and seemed to be in the middle

of the ocean. It looked like some building

so Maple dived in the ocean and swam fast

to see if she was right. She was - it was

a lighthouse! She was wet, exhausted and

hungry and went in to see what was inside.

At the entrance, Maple saw a spider. She

barked at it and scared it away. Then, she

accidently flicked a dirty lever with her tail.

The light from the lighthouse went on. It was

so bright it was hard to see. Maple dashed

out of the lighthouse, right when a big weirdlooking

boat appeared.

“Rescue that dog!” said the captain to

his crew.

One of the crew leaped out of the boat

and swam for the dog. The sailor held her

and brought her inside the boat. Maple was

so happy that she ran around the boat three

times in a row! When the boat finally arrived

at Dublin Port, Maple’s saviour took her

along and went knocking on every door to

find her owner.

It took a while, but finally he knocked

on the right door! My mom was so happy

and told everyone inside that Maple was

back. We made a huge cake only for Maple!

It took Maple such a long time to eat it.

Victor Bernhard (9)


Arthur Bernhard (7)

Co. Dublin

Saoirse Griffin

Co Dublin




Rosa Tottenham

Co Dublin

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called

Anna. Although her family were rich, they

lived in an extremely old lighthouse, where

her father was the lighthouse keeper.

There were only two things that they

did not know about lighthouses:

1. There were at least five families of fairies

in every lighthouse

2. In every lighthouse, there is a button

which makes the lighthouse shoot

384,400 kilometres into the air and land

on the moon.

The problem with this button was that it

looked exactly like the Turn-On-Light button.

So if you accidentally pressed this button –

well, you know what would happen.

This story is about when Anna pressed

the Take-Off button. It happened one

evening when Anna’s father asked her to

press the turn-on-light button. She went

downstairs and pressed the take-off button

by mistake. Well, the lighthouse shot up

384,400 kilometres into the air and landed

on the moon. Anna and her mummy and

daddy had a strange feeling, as though they

were hurtling through the air, so they peeked

outside. And then they saw the aliens.

The aliens looked very strange indeed.

They were big, furry creatures with red

faces, but their ears were green, and their

noses were yellow. They had no necks or

arms, their bellies were striped black and

blue, and they had rabbit ears with eyes at

the top, purple legs and orange feet.

Now, you might have thought there

was no oxygen on the moon. Well, you were

wrong. The moon has as much oxygen as

the Earth. So, Anna and her family came

out of the lighthouse, and went out onto the

surface of the moon. The aliens were scared

but interested, so they ran away to hide but

they watched what Anna and her parents

were doing. Anna was puzzled.

“What are they and what are they

doing?” she asked.

“I think they’re aliens, but I don’t

know what they’re doing,” replied her

mother. Suddenly, they heard a noise

behind them. They looked around, and

what did they see: seventeen families

of fairies flying out of the lighthouse!

They were scattering fairy dust as

they flew.

Anna was a bit surprised. So she

said, “Where on Earth are we?”

“We’re not on Earth,” replied her

father. “We’re on the moon.”

“How did we get here?’ Anna

asked. “I just pressed the Turn-On-

Light button.”

Anna’s mother had an idea.

“Anna,” she said, “could you show us

the button you pressed?”

“Okay.” Anna showed them the button

she had pressed.

“Could you press it again?” asked her


“Sure,” said Anna, and then she

pressed it.

Sure enough, when she pressed the

button the lighthouse jumped off the moon,

landing back in its normal place. And so they

went back to their normal lives.

But now, whenever they look at the

moon, they think about the aliens that they

know are up there. And maybe one day they

will go back and make friends with them.


Jim was coming inside one evening with the wheelie

bin after playing football with his friend Dave. Dave

had gone home to his house. Jim was very tired after

a long day. When he came inside, his dad had supper

ready for him. It was his favourite, pancakes! Jim ate

them all up and went upstairs to get his pyjamas on.

Suddenly, everything seemed a lot darker than

before. Jim felt an electric trickle go down his spine

as he shivered in the blackness. He turned on the

light and looked out the window. The lighthouse light

seemed to! But how could it be off, or what

was the problem??

Jim ran downstairs to get his dad.

“Dad! Dad!!” shouted Jim as he ran downstairs.

“The light is gone out at the lighthouse!! We need to

fix it or ships coming in to dock will crash!!”

“Well then, let’s go! What are we waiting for?!”

asked Dad.

“We’re waiting for me to get dressed again, that’s

what! I’m wearing my pyjamas!!” answered Jim.

“I’ll pack up the boat. Meet me outside,” said Dad.

Dad walked rapidly outside to get the boat ready

while Jim rushed upstairs to get dressed. By the time

Jim was downstairs in his clothes, Dad was finished

packing the boat.

“Are we all set for our trip, Jim?” asked Dad.

“Yes!” declared Jim.

“Then let’s go!” answered Dad.

“Okay,” replied Jim.

While they were sailing on the water, Jim could

hear the noise of the waves rushing up to the sides

of the boat. When they reached the lighthouse, Dad

parked the boat at a little inlet at the island. Then

he and Jim got out their tools and set to work. The

lighthouse keeper helped.

It took a long time but at last they were finished.

The lighthouse keeper thanked them and they went

back home. Now, everybody was happy.

Adam Greally

Co Longford


Rosie Farrell

Co Longford



Ping and Kitkat were on holiday in Summer

Cove. It was a sunny day, so they went to

the beach. They played with a ball and wool

and built sand mice. They had never been in

the sea.

“Oooh. What’s that?” they wondered,

as they watched the waves. They crept

closer but got soaked when a wave splashed

on them!

They sat down to dry off. Ping saw a

really high tower with a light going all around

it, like a siren.

“What’s that?” asked Ping.

“It’s a lighthouse!” replied Kitkat. “Let’s

check it out.”

They ran to the end of the beach and

out to the bottom of the lighthouse. When

they got close, they saw a fox who went

inside the lighthouse.

“Kitkat, did you see that? A fox opened

the door and went inside the lighthouse. I

want to see inside too!”

They opened the door and went in.

They were at the bottom of the stairs.

“There are so many steps!” cried Kitkat

but Ping had already started to go up.

It took them a long time to climb up.

When they got to the top, they saw the fox

standing next to the light.

“What are you doing?” asked Ping?

“Oh, hello! I’m fixing the lighthouse.

Sometimes the light gets stuck and stops

spinning.” The fox brushed the dust out with

his bushy tail. Suddenly, the light began to

turn. The fox ducked down and moved away.

The light was spinning again!

“Yay! You fixed the light!’ cheered

Kitkat and Ping.

“It’s getting dark. Would you like to stay

over and have a midnight feast?” asked the


“Yes please, that sounds fun. But we

didn’t bring anything to eat.”

“No worries,” said the fox. “I have lots I

can share. Do you like ice cream?”

Kitkat chose vanilla and Ping picked

strawberry. They ate ice cream and looked

out of the lighthouse window. They saw lots

of boats and a whale.

In the morning, they said goodbye to

their new friend. It had been the best night

ever. Every time they went to the beach,

they would visit their new friend and help

look after the lighthouse.


Today I went to the beach with my family

because it was sunny. I built sandcastles and

went into the sea but then Mum said it was

time to go for a walk.

So I went strolling down the beach.

Then something caught my eye…it was a

cave! I went into the cave, right down to the

back. There was a strange light back there.

It was a door and it led out of the cave onto

another beach.

“WOWZA - a lighthouse and a puffin!” I

exclaimed. “How lucky can I get?”

“Hi, I’m Polly the Puffin,” said the

puffin. “I’m sad because I can’t find my baby


“Oh no!” I shouted.

“Can you please help?” asked Polly.

“Of course,” I replied. “But how can I

help you?”

“If you run around the lighthouse three

times, you can fly for one day,” said Polly.

So I ran around the lighthouse three


“Okay, now you need to focus,” said

Polly quietly.

Wow, I was flying! It felt brilliant.

“Let’s look for your baby,” I said to Polly

and we searched the beach together.

“Wait, is that your baby at the top of the


“Yes, it is!” Polly shouted with joy.

“Pippy, Pippy! It’s Mammy! Are you okay,

sweet love?” yelled Polly to her baby.

“I am, Mammy, but me foot is stuck.”

Polly and I flew straight down to her.

Between us we gently pulled Pippy free. We

all flew back down to the entrance of the

cave. Polly and Pippa gave me big puffin

hugs and kisses. Polly thanked me for

helping to save Pippa.

“Flap your wings three times while

running backwards around the lighthouse

and you will turn back to yourself,” said Polly.

I did what she said and it worked, I

was back to myself, I ran back into the cave

waving at Polly and Pippa

“Bye, bye!” I shouted.

It was a really great adventure but I was

glad to be back to myself and with my own

family but I will never forget flying around the

lighthouse with my puffin friends Polly and


Danny Bermingham

Co Dublin


In a small lighthouse in County Mayo, there

lived a boy called Liam. He lived with his

mom and dad - their names were Tom and


One morning, Liam woke up and got

changed. Just when he was putting on his

last shoe, he saw a grey dot on the shore.

He ran down the stairs like a bullet. He

was so fast he couldn’t hear his mom say

good morning, he didn’t know what she

was saying. He opened the door and looked

around. Liam saw the grey dot, it appeared

to be a grey seal!

Liam saw that the grey seal had a cut

flipper. He ran inside and looked in the press,

he took out bandages and ran outside again.

The seal didn’t move a bit. Liam put the

bandage on the cut seal and he went inside

to get food. Liam checked a lot of presses

and finally found some smoked salmon, he

took three strips and fed it to the seal. Once

Liam fed it the seal looked a lot better.

Liam ran inside, looking for his dad. He

always knew that his dad was an expert in

seal knowledge. He found his dad sitting

iin the armchair, watching the news. Liam

told his dad about the seal. Tom paused the

news and ran outside. He found the seal in

front of him. The seal managed to drag itself

forward a bit. Tom went towards the seal.

“Is it okay?” asked Liam.

“He’s fine,” said Tom.

“So, the seal’s a boy?” asked Liam.

“You should name him,” Tom replied.

“Okay,” said Liam, “Hmmm… what

would be a good name for a seal?” Liam


“I know!” Liam shouted excitedly,


“Okay,” said Tom.

“Can we keep him?” Liam asked his


“Yep,” Tom replied.

“Yay!” Liam shouted. The lighthouse

was growing darker and Liam realised it was


“I think we need to bring this guy in,”

said Tom, “But, where are we going put


“I know!” shouted Liam. “The bath!”

“Okay,” said Tom.

Tom heaved Grey up and carried him

towards the bathroom. Liam filled up the bath

and put Grey into the water. Grey splashed

when he just went in and didn’t splash much

after that.

The next day, the storm had passed

and Grey’s flipper was healed.

Now that Grey was able to swim again,

Liam put on his wetsuit and all day they

played and played, until the lights on the

lighthouse flashed on in the dark.

Patrick Regan

Co Dublin



One day in Dún Laoghaire, a little boy named

Jonathan and his dog, Bobby, were looking

out the window of their house. Jonathan was

eight years old and Bobby was nine. Bobby

had a few names: he was called ‘The Bobby

Doggy,’ ‘The Bobster’ and ‘Cotton Bobby

Socks.’ He was fluffy and white.

Jonathan and Bobby noticed that there

were lots of clouds in the sky that day and it

was getting very windy.

Suddenly, there was a huge bang and

the windows blew open. A big gust of wind

came into the room and Jonathan and Bobby

were sucked out of the window and went up

high, high into the sky. Jonathan held onto

Bobby as they flew through the air.

“Wooh, Bobby, hold on tight!” said

Jonathan. “We are going to have an


They went up higher and higher and

they could almost touch the clouds. As they

were blown across Dublin Bay, they could

see an airplane. It was white with a green

shamrock on it. They bumped into the wing

of the plane and went flying downwards

passing a scared seagull on the way. Then,

all of a sudden, the wind became lighter and

they started to go down slowly to the ground.

They looked around and saw they had landed

at a big lighthouse. It was black and white,

and there was a little white cottage beside it.

“Let’s go and knock on the door, Bobby.

Maybe the lighthouse will help us find our

way home.”

A man called the lighthouse keeper came

out and said, “Who have we got here?”

“I’m Jonathan, and this is my dog. We

have been blown away from home and now

we are lost.”

“Oh dear, come with me, and we’ll see

what we can do.”

They entered the lighthouse and looked

up. They couldn’t believe how many steps

there were all the way up to the top. “Let’s

go up,’’ said the lightkeeper, so Bobby ran

up, as he loved steps.

When they got to the top, the

lightkeeper said, “This is the lantern room.

Maybe you can see your house from here.”

Jonathan and Bobby were amazed, and they

looked outward toward the sea.

Jonathan shouted, “I can see my house,

but how on earth will we get all the way back

over there?”

“Don’t worry,” said the light keeper. “I

have a plan.”

The light keeper flashed the light

three times and a big ship called Granuaile


“Wow! That’s magic,” said Jonathan.

“You are in luck. Granuaile is going to

Dún Laoghaire today and she will bring you

home. The lights of the lighthouse will guide


“Hoorah!” said Jonathan and “Woof!”

said Bobby.

“All aboard!” said Captain Dermot.

They sailed to Dún Laoghaire and

waved goodbye to the lighthouse. Bobby sat

on the bow of the ship with the wind blowing

in his furry coat and Jonathan laughed,

“You have a new name now, Bobby the

Lighthouse Doggy.”

Jonathan Ryder

Co Dublin


On a bright summer day there was a big, shimmering, aqua blue fish. It

wasn’t an ordinary fish - it was a checkered fish! The name of the aqua

blue fish was Cael.

Cael was swimming in the ocean and in the blink of an eye, Cael

saw a bright light that he had never seen before. Then Cael noticed he

was in Northern Ireland! Behind him there was a bright yellow and dark

black lighthouse! When Cael was looking around, he heard someone

calling his name. Suddenly, someone tapped his tail and behind him were

two fish: a goldfish with blue eyes and a big tail, and another goldfish but

with pale pink scales and purple eyes.

“Who are you?” said Cael.

“We’re your family,” said the pale pink goldfish.

“But my family died many years ago,” said Cael.

“We almost died. We were caught in a fisherman’s net but managed

to get out of it. When we got out, you were gone,” they said.

The pale pink goldfish then said, “I’m your sister Katie and beside

me is your mom, Lily.”

Cael then asked, “But if you’re my family, then where is my dad?”

“He went looking for you four months ago and never returned,” Lily


Cael said, “I will find him. I promise.”

All of a sudden, Cael heard something. “I have a friend who can

help you,” he heard another fish with light pink scales say.

Cael asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m Aura. My friend Clover, a human girl, can help you,” she said.

“Cael, we have to go, but meet us in the cave right beside you.”

said Lily.

“Yes Mom, but she is a human. Can she talk to us?” said Cael.

“Yes, she can,” said Aura.

“But how?” asked Cael.

“Let’s stop talking and help your dad,” said Aura. When Clover

came, they found a human who was wearing a black jacket.

“That is your dad in the bag. We have to save him. I will get the

keys.” said Clover.

When Clover was looking for the keys, she noticed that the they

had dropped from the man’s hands and so she ran and got the keys.

Then she unlocked the lighthouse. Cael’s dad was in the yellow and

black lighthouse and when they unlocked it, they found him!

Clover took Cael’s dad and put him back in the ocean. Then the

family was reunited again and they lived happily ever after.

Colleen Ewertowski

Co Dublin



A long time ago, there was a little boy called

Pete. One night, there was a spooky shadow

shining on the wall of Pete’s bedroom.

“Aaaa!!” shouted Pete. But then, he

looked closer at the shadow. He couldn’t

tell what it was, so he tiptoed really quietly

out his bedroom, down the stairs, trying to

miss the creaky stair. It made a little sound,

but it wasn’t too loud. He opened the front

door and went out onto the street. He went

down to the sea and saw a lighthouse. There

were a lot of birds, including a weird type

of magical bird. That wasn’t the only weird

thing. The weirdest thing was the lighthouse

was flying. He jumped into the water, swam

across to the lighthouse and tried to get in,

but there was no key. He turned around to

look for the key and saw something in the

distance that was very strange.

“What are you?” Pete said.

“I am a hippocrapoopee,” said the


“Wow!” Pete said astonished, “You can


“Of course I can!” said the

hippocrapoopee. “I’m magical.”

“There’s no such thing as magic or a

hippocr- whatever you said.”

“A hippocrapoopee.”

“Yeah that’s the one,” said Pete

“If you don’t believe in magic, let me

show you that lighthouse.”

“I can see it,” said Pete

“Ah, but you can’t see the inside, can

you?” said the hippocrapoopee.

“Of course I can’t. There’s no key to it!”

said Pete.

“Yes, there is, I’m the key.” replied the


“What do you mean?” asked Pete.

“Just stick me in that massive keyhole

and you’ll see,” replied the hippocrapoopee.

“Well, I suppose you are a very odd

shape.” answered Pete. Then he opened

the door.

“Incredible! So many animals, or should

I say weird animals. Who do they belong to?”

“This crazy man over here who is a bit

like Willy Wonka,” said the hippocrapoopee.

“Oh that man! I saw him on the street

one day, but I didn’t know he was magic!

Let’s go upstairs.” said Pete.

The lighthouse was even cooler

upstairs. There were so many cool birds, a

bit like hummingbirds, but magic. They were

eating some weird flower. From upstairs,

Pete could hear, “I do it like this and I do it

like that, everything like that.”

“He really is crazy,” said Pete.

The weird man came and said, “You

can have a bird.” It was Pete’s lucky day. He

loved the birds.

“Thank you so much,” he said. “That’s

incredible!!” Then he looked at his watch.

“Aaaaaaaaaaa!! I better get home! My

parents could be waking up any second


He ran downstairs, swam across the

sea while the magical bird flew above him.

He ran up the stairs and tiptoed back into

bed. The hippocrapoopee had also come.

“Bye,” said Pete.

“Bye,” said the hippocrapoopee. “I hope

you come back soon and I hope you had a

fun night.”

“The fun has only just begun,” said


Oisín de Fréine

Co Antrim



Once upon a time, Darragh the Dolphin was

playing with his family and friends.

“Bedtime,” said Mum. So they went to


That night a fisherman got lost at sea

and asked the lighthouse keeper to turn on

the big light at the lighthouse. Darragh, saw

the light shining and thought it was morning,

so he went to get some fish for his family.

When he got to sea, there was a

big shoal of fish in the coral reef nearby.

Darragh’s wish was to eat fish all day, but

the thing Darragh feared the most was

a shark. Just when he getting lots of fish

for his family, a hammerhead shark came.

All the fish swam away and the shark saw

Darragh all alone.

“Ahhhhh!” said Darragh. The shark

came racing after him.

Darragh got back to the place that his

family were staying in for the night, but they

weren’t there. The shark was getting closer

and closer. Suddenly, his family and friends

started whacking the shark with their tails

and he threw up! Very annoyed, the shark

quickly swam away. The dolphins enjoyed

their feast. Darragh said, “Thanks for saving


His mum hugged him tightly and said,

“I love you.”

Suddenly, a big storm came and the

shark came back with his friends. But this

time they didn’t come after the dolphins,

they came after the fisherman on his boat.

“Help, help!” the fisherman screamed.

The shark started to circle the boat.

Two hours passed and the engine

was running low. Tears started rolling down

the fisherman’s face. He was thinking he

was going to die and his family would be


The sharks started jumping up trying

to chomp the boat with their teeth. The

fisherman was so nervous he turned red. All

of a sudden, the big light from the lighthouse

shone on his boat. All the sharks swam away

quickly, except for the biggest one who

was brave. The massive shark tossed the

fisherman out of his boat. Frightened beyond

belief, the fisherman swallowed a bucket full

of salty water. He swam as fast as he could

towards the lighthouse. Unexpectedly, a

large wave crashed into him, and he began

to sink down slowly into the dark, freezing


Darragh saw what was happening and

rushed with his family to save the fisherman.

His friends pushed the fisherman onto

Darragh’s back and Darragh brought him

safely to shore. The fisherman woke up on

the sand and saw all the dolphins swimming

in the water.

“Thank you for saving my life,” the

fisherman said. Slowly, he started to walk

up the path to the lighthouse. The lighthouse

keeper rushed out and checked if he was


The next day, the fisherman went down

to the shore and saw the dolphin again.

Darragh started to show off doing forward

and back flips for the fisherman. “I think I’ve

made a life saver friend.”

Ann-Marie Moore

Co Dublin


Once there was a girl called

Emily. She went to Mayo to see

her grandparents. Not far from

her grandparents’ house was a

lighthouse. She decided to go by

herself because she had heard a

story about lost treasure.

Emily went to the lighthouse

one evening. She went up all the

stairs but it turns out that she was

standing on a trap door and she


She was in a cave. There

was water in the cave and Emily

was scared, but she saw the

treasure boxes. But she couldn’t

open the treasure boxes.

Emily dragged the treasure

boxes home and opened them.

Inside were the crown jewels.

She delivered them back to

where they belonged.

Eve O’Reilly

Co Dublin



On an island far away

lived a lighthouse.

Ten years later, the lighthouse

went on fire.

Stop the story. I’m scared, so bye…

I’m back

and read the





So the firemen came

and so Bllaa made best

friends with Mister Lighthouse.

The fireman came.

See those dots? The firemen

accidentally put them there

Okay, let’s stop. If you

find this scary just go to

the next page.

Okay, back to the story

So I’ll tell you about the dot.

It can make things move.

William Scott

Co Limerick

So now the lighthouse is not

on fire, so he went to the city.

So there he met an apartment called Bllaa. So Bllaa saw Mister

Lighthouse and BOOM.


Once upon a time, there was a girl called

Rose and she was popular, smart and very

nice to people.

Every day she would read her books.

One day, she read a book that she had

found inside and old lighthouse.

She opened the book and suddenly

she had magic powers! She told her mom

and dad about it and they couldn’t believe

it when they saw that she had learned how

to fly.

Rose then made her sister Sophia

magical as well and they both flew around in

the air together!

Karina Creanga

Co Dublin



Once upon a time, there was a little boy called

Jack. He had a pet wolf.

One day they went exploring and found a

lighthouse that was haunted! When they went in,

they heard footsteps coming their way.

Jack hid behind a cupboard, but his wolf just

stood their barking. A few minutes later he looked

at his wolf and he was gone! Jack went crazy. He

ran back home to tell his mom! It took four hours

to calm down.

Two days later, Jack grabbed a plastic sword

and a toy shield. He set off to save his wolf. When

he entered the lighthouse, he heard growling and

barking. He climbed slowly up the stairs and found

a ghost.

His wolf was cornered. Jack found a bucket of

water and threw it at the ghost and it disappeared.

They went home and lived happily ever after.



Once upon a time in a fairy village, a young fairy called

Amber wondered how they could safely bring their

fairy boats to shore at nighttime. She decided to make

a tall tower with a light in it. Then she set off to build

her idea. She called it the Galley Head Lighthouse.

From here, the story begins on a lighthouse not far

from here called the Galley Head Lighthouse.

Once when a little girl was out walking with her

dog one morning, she saw the little fairy turning off the

light for the day. She came back that night wondering

if the little fairy was still there. The little fairy was and

she saw a shiny path leading to the lighthouse and

followed it. Under a mat was a small key. She grabbed

it and unlocked the heavy door. It opened up into a

huge room which surprised her. She spotted the fairy

going up the winding rainbow-coloured stairs. At the

top she saw the fairy lighting the lamp.

The fairy turned and winked at the little girl and

said, “Don’t tell anyone the magic of the lamp!”

They became best of friends and the secret of

Galley Head Lighthouse was never told!

Liam McCormick

Co Dublin

Amber Horgan

Co Cork



Once upon a time, there was a man named Mr

Shrop-Shrap. Mr Shrop-Shrap thought crazy

things. “I don’t know much, but I do know one

thing. Lighthouses are very useless things,” he

said one day.

Today Mr Shrop-Shrap decided to go on a

ferry ride. It took him two hours to get to the coast

where the harbour was. There was only one ferry

left when he arrived there, as it was quite late in

the day. However, that didn’t stop Mr Shrop-Shrap

going on his trip because he was a very stubborn

person. Once he had made up his mind to do

something, he would just do it.

He hopped onto the ferry in a flash. It was

about dinnertime when they got out to sea. Mr Shrop-

Shrap was very hungry and wanted some food. It was very

hard to decide what he wanted. He finally ordered some fish and

chips. At around eight o’clock, Mr Shrop-Shrap went to bed on the ferry, but at nine o’clock

he woke up and got out of bed. He thought he had heard a party happening, but it was

actually a big storm.

The captain came from the bridge of the ship with news. “We are approaching rocky

shore,” said the captain in a worried voice. Mr Shrop-Shrap started shouting, “Swim for your

life!” He was a very bossy person and usually overreacted.

Of course, nobody else agreed with Mr Shrop-Shrap. They got into an argument about

what they should do. Another passenger asked the captain why he was not steering the ferry

to safety. Mr Shrop-Shrap shouted, “It’s no use! It’s too dark and foggy outside!”

The captain shouted for everyone to calm down. “Don’t worry, I can see the lighthouse

ahead!” He swung back onto the bridge, steering and dodging the ferry away from the rocks.

Mr Shrop–Shrap asked, “How is that lighthouse going to help

us?” (Remember that Mr Shrop–Shrap thinks that lighthouses are

useless things.)

One of the passengers told Mr Shrop–Shrap that

the purpose of a lighthouse is to keep you away from the

dangerous rocks and show you where they are using its giant

light! Mr Shrop–Shrap was very surprised by this news!

The captain came out again and shouted, ‘We’re here!”.

A big round of applause and cheering started among the

ferry’s passengers. When everyone got off the ferry they all

went to celebrate.

Mr Shrop-Shrap learnt a very important lesson in life that

day and that is that every lighthouse is very useful indeed!

Conor Murtagh

Co Tyrone



Once upon a time a boy and his dad were

walking downtown. Then the boy saw a

lighthouse and he asked if he can go to the


The dad said yes. So they went to the

lighthouse. When they got there, there was an

old man.


“Why do we always get in trouble?” said Lucy,

cleaning up the glue on the wall.

“I don’t know, but you should stop testing out

your inventions on the school,” said Tom, squirting

more air freshener around.

“Done,” said Sam.

“Me too,” muttered Ella.

“I’m done now too!” snapped Lucy.

Just before everyone went home Ella showed

her pet fox around.

“Wow!” said Sam. Then everyone went home.

The next morning, eight parents were shocked

to find four children missing! The children were early

for school and a dragon took them.

“Aaah!” screamed Lucy.

“Help!” shouted Ella. The dragon had taken

those four at random.

They all woke up. Lucy saw a little old man. She

ran to him half shouting half screaming.

“Help! Where are we? How do we get back to

Leitrim? You know, on Earth!”

The old man giggled.

“This is no time for giggling,’’ said Lucy.

“Yeah,” said Tom. The others had caught up.

Ella’s fox started scratching the old man.

“I can’t help you,” said the man. He handed Lucy

a leaflet. “But maybe this can.”

“A magic buoy?” mumbled Lucy.

“Let’s give it a go!” said Tom.

They took a seat in a train. They saw a weird

plant out the window. When they finally got out of the

train, they had to sail out to sea in a boat.

“We’re here!” said Tom, Ella, Sam and Lucy. The

fox just squeaked.

They jumped into the water. When they all

touched the buoy, somehow they were back in school.

Just in time too.

The teacher said, “What’s your fox doing here Ella?

And why are your clothes dripping wet?”

Ella replied, “I have no idea!”

“You should be wearing dry clothes and no pets

in school. Detention!”

Carla Dines

Co Galway

Then the dad asked the man can we go inside.

The man said yes.

Sam Watson

Co Dublin

When they went inside the man locked the door.

But there was a wave coming. So they climbed

out the window.




No one really believes in magic; they just

think it’s only in stories. But that doesn’t

mean you can’t believe magic is real, plus

that’s what this story is about. Let’s get


Once there was a beautiful woman

called Rose. She had a husband called

Zack. Nobody knew that Rose and Zack

were friends with a magic lighthouse. They

were dying to have kids.

When they had twins, Rose and Zack

called them Aaron and Lilly. Aaron had

peach skin, blue eyes, rose red lips, freckles

and brown hair. Lilly, on the other hand, had

rose red lips, brown hair, blue eyes, freckles

and peach skin (in the water it’s sort of

tanned). The parents asked the lighthouse

to take care of Aaron and Lilly if anything

bad happened. The lighthouse agreed.

One night there were robbers. These

robbers stole Aaron and Lilly when they were

babies. The robbers’ names were Rebecca

and Ben. Now, as well as wanting to have a

child, Rebecca and Ben also wanted slaves.

When Aaron and Lilly were seven, they

didn’t remember being robbed as babies.

So, when Aaron and Lilly grew older, they

were good, but Rebecca and Ben grew

more and more cruel.

A few years later, Rebecca had a baby.

She called him Rupert. He had green eyes,

red hair, light pink lips and he was fat as a

pig. Aaron and Lilly thought he was super

ugly (but never told anybody, only each


One night, Aaron and Lilly were lifted

up out the window into the sky by the

lighthouse’s magic. They landed in the

middle of a forest. Why would a lighthouse

be in the middle of the forest instead of

guarding ships on an island?

Aaron was scared and puzzled at the

same time. Lilly, on the other hand, knew

what to do and ran straight into the walls and

into the lighthouse. Aaron looked for a door

but there was none, so he too ran straight

into the wall.

“Wow,” said Lilly.

“Lilly, it’s not safe,” said Aaron.

“You don’t know that. You have only

been in here three seconds,” she said.

“Well, I’m your older brother,” said


“Oh, look who’s turned into a scaredy

cat,” said Lilly.

“I’m only taking care of you!” screamed


“Scaredy cat, scaredy cat, scaredy


“Shut up and hide!”

“Why?” said Lilly.

“Hide,” Aaron said.

“No,” said Lilly.

“Hide,” he said.

“No,” she said.


screamed Aaron.

“I’m asking you a question, Aaron, why,

why, why?”

“Because, I said so,” said Aaron.

Lilly walked towards the window.

“LILLY, NOOOOOOOO!” Aaron shouted at

her. Lilly ignored him.

“Look, a magic wand,” said Lilly.

They stayed a few days. One day they

heard the lighthouse talk to them. They

became best friends. They went back to

their proper home and every free moment

they had, they spent it on each other.

I love a great happy ending.

Sophie O’Connor

Co Cork


One upon a time at Galley Head, there was a gannet

named Gerry. Gerry lived on his own.

When Gerry was out fishing one day, he found a

pearly egg on the ledge of a cliff. There was no other

nest in sight, so Gerry took the egg home with him.

Now, when Gerry was having a fishy lunch, a

rather extraordinary thing happened. The egg was

hatching! Out popped a puffin chick!

“Are you my mommy?” asked the puffin chick.

“No,” said Gerry.

“Where is she, so?” said the cute chick.

“I don’t know, I found you on a cliff,” said Gerry.

“Okay,” said the Puffin.

“I am going to give you a name,” said

Gerry, “Your name is Piffy the Puffin.”

Gerry fostered the puffin and took good

care of him until one day...Gerry met a couple

of puffins. They had been searching for their

chick since last year, they told Gerry.

Gerry brought them to Piffy and instantly the

puffin family was reunited. Piffy knew he was going to

miss Gerry… and Gerry knew he would miss Piffy….

So Piffy’s mummy said that Gerry could live next

door to them at the Galley Head Lighthouse. They

could see each other every day.

They all lived happily together in the safe light of

the Galley Head Lighthouse.

Adam Collins

Co Cork


Isobel Carville

Co Antrim

Jonah Keeling

Co Wicklow


Once upon a time there lived a grouchy old

man called Frank.

Frank lived in a lighthouse all by himself.

One night, he woke up and saw a shadow

on his bedroom wall. Frank got out of bed,

turned on the light, but there was nobody

there. The next morning, he went down to

the kitchen and found it was wrecked. And

most of the things were gone.

Then he heard a voice. “This is my

lighthouse, get out!” Frank turned and saw a

very old man standing beside him.

Frank said to the man that the lighthouse

was his and the man asked what year it was.

“2020,” said Frank and the man looked


“I was the lighthouse keeper in 1920,”

he said.

“I didn’t know that,” said Frank. “Why

are you here now?”.

“I am back to get my gold and silver.”

He ran past Frank and up to where the

lighthouse beam was switched on.

“Gold and silver?” said Frank.

“Yes, the beam from this lighthouse

is coloured gold and silver and needs to be

seen by everyone! You have been forgetting

to do it! You must always shine the light for

everyone,” he responded.

“Yes,” said Frank, “I’m lazy, but I’ll make

sure I do it in the future.” And they watched

the light shining out across the sea.


Once upon a time, there was a lighthouse.

One day, the light stopped working.

The ships were in trouble, they could

not see anywhere. Luckily, a builder had just

come to the island. He went up the stairs

and then he saw the problem. One of the

wires had been eaten by termites!

The builder didn’t have a termite

stopper, but the person in the lighthouse

had anti-termite spray. He sprayed it on the

termites and they disappeared! The builder

fixed the wire, but the lighthouse light did

not turn on.

One of the termites had eaten another

wire! The builder did not have enough things

to fix this. But on the floor of the lighthouse,

he saw something that could fix it. It was

a soldering iron. He picked it up and fixed

the wire. The lighthouse light turned on, but

boat had come so close to the island that it

was about to crash in. The builder threw out

some rubber to stop the boat breaking.

Then everything was back to normal.


There was a girl called Mira, who was out

having a walk. She saw a lighthouse and

she went in. It was very dark in the lighthouse

and full of cobwebs.

“I wish there was a torch!” said the

girl and suddenly a torch appeared out of


“Where did that come from?” asked

Mira. Then she went up the stairs.

“I wish there were no cobwebs!” and

then the cob webs disappeared. “Cool!” said

the girl.

Then she saw a broken light. “Fix it!”

and the light was fixed.

She said, “Home!” and a door appeared.

She went in and went home. She went to


The next day, when Mira was having

breakfast she said, “I want to go back to the


She went there and said the word,

“Monkey.” A monkey jumped out the window.

She loved the monkey and went home with it

and lived with it.

Alexander Murphy

Co Dublin


Once upon a time, on a mushroom island,

lived a man called Jack and his two

granddaughters; Emily and Samantha. The

island got its name because it was made

completely out of mushrooms. Jack had a

very important job on Mushroom Island as

he took care of the lighthouse and they all

lived in it. It was a funny sort of lighthouse as

it was the colour pink with white stripes and

was shaped like a pig.

One day, they really wanted to get pizza

for their dinner, but they couldn’t because

there was no pizza anywhere on Mushroom

Island. They went on a trip to try to find

some pizza and followed a map for a place

called Pizza Island. It sounded like the most

amazing place ever and they were very

excited to go there.

It took just two minutes to get there

due to their supersonic speed ship. The

first person they met when they got off their

ship on Pizza Island was a postman riding a

chicken. The postman told them where they

would find the very best pizza on the whole

island. It was at Number 54E on Margherita

Street. A lady called Hannah owned this

take-away, and she made the best pizzas

in the whole world. People travelled

from everywhere to try them. The pizzas

were so nice that some people even fainted

with delight!

They went straight there and ordered their

pizza. As soon as it was ready, they went

back to their ship so they could eat the pizza

at home while it was still hot.

On their way back, they were travelling

so fast that they almost crashed into an

iceberg. The lighthouse on the island saved

the day because it was shining so bright that

they could see the ice sparkling, and they

narrowly avoided it.

Samantha had been sneakily eating

some pizza during the journey because she

didn’t want to have cold pizza. She was

supposed to be on the look-out for any

icebergs, but was so busy eating pizza that

she didn’t notice until it was almost too late.

When they got back to their home, they

all enjoyed the rest of the pizza.

Hannah Byrne

Co Kildare



I am Solas, the guardian of the lighthouse. I have lived in this lighthouse

for three hundred years. I inherited my job from my grandfather, as he

did from his. Everybody knows my job is to lead the ships away from the

rocks surrounding the beach, but I used to have a secret.

Before I came, my grandfather had become deaf and his eyes had

rusted. They could only look in one direction, so anybody could sneak in

and this is what happened. One evening, a gang of smugglers went up

to the lighthouse and turned the light so that the ships would not know

where to go. They were only looking for one particular ship, though. It

was a special ship. It was carrying magic pearls in its cargo bay.

When the ship crashed, they ran up to it and stole the pearls. They

then put them in a chest and hid it inside the lighthouse at the very top,

above the light. The smugglers planned on coming back one month later

to retrieve the pearls. They were doing this so that they wouldn’t run

into any police investigating. But when they went back, they had no idea

there were police guarding the lighthouse so as soon as they walked in,

they got caught.

Five years later, I moved into the lighthouse. At that point, I too did

not know there was treasure within. In one of my many days of looking

around the lighthouse, making sure I knew every nook and cranny, I

found the chest. I opened it up and saw the magical pearls. I knew what

they were because my grandfather had told me great stories about them.

Some of them could control the ocean, making waves and tsunamis,

while others could control the wind and weather. But they all belonged to

one person, a demi-god named Xar.

For years after, people tried to steal the pearls from me, but I

protected myself by shining my light into their eyes and blinding them.

Without the pearls, the ocean and weather were terrible. There were

storms every day and nobody could go out for a safe swim anymore,

so I set out on a quest to return them. I separated my body from the

lighthouse and flew across the ocean, dodging all the whirlwinds and

waves until I got to The Edge, where I found Xar. He told me that he had

been in a battle and been banished by his father, the God of Elements,

for breaking the rules. He had been living there for over one hundred

years and the pearls, his only way of escape had been stolen by Dark

Force and thrown on to the ship to frame the crew.

I returned the pearls to Xar and he broke out of The Edge. Together,

we battled the Dark Force and banished it to the Departed Realm. From

then on, the ocean and winds returned to normal and the Dark Force

never returned.

Dónal Hoare

Co Dublin


Once upon a time there was a boy. His name was Liam. This boy was

scared of everything: fish, bananas, wardrobes and even dresses (that last

one probably sounded really weird). Anyway, Liam had four friends - Mike,

Ray, Tom and Bo and they helped Liam get through his fears.

One day at school Tom said, “My dad won a lotto, and it turns out the

prize was a fishing trip. My dad said that he and I were going to go tomorrow

night. He said I could bring a few friends, so I was wondering if you guys

would like to come?”

Mike, Ray and Bo said yes right away, but Liam was not so sure about

it. So Liam said, “I’ll check with my mom tonight.”

So, that very night Liam asked his mom if he could go. His mom said,

“Yes, as long as you are back in the morning.”

Liam was very happy. He picked up the phone and rang Tom, then

Mike, then Ray and then Bo. They were so happy too. The very next night

Tom, Mike Ray, Bo, and Liam were all ready to go on to the boat. When

they stepped on, there was no going back. Tom was about to board the boat

when Tom said, “Would you like to go first, Dad?”

Dad said, “Sure, why not?”

The boys were too scared to go first. After Dad, Mike went, then Ray

went, then Bo went, then Liam went, and finally Tom went. It was bumpy at

first, but then they got used to it and it was smooth sailing. Until they hit a

rock, and the boat went side to side, up and down, round and round while

the boys held on for dear life. They were so scared, until they hit a piece of

land. They were very relieved, but when they looked at the land they realised

it was an old lighthouse. They went inside. It was very quiet inside and there

was cobwebs everywhere. It was very dark. There were bats.

Then Dad said, “If I could get the light started, then I could shine it

on our solar powered boat to get the engine started and we can get out of


“Okay, Dad,” Tom said. “We will come with you.”

“Oh no, Tom you can’t come with me.” his dad said. “It is too dangerous.”

“Fine,” Tom said. “We will stay downstairs.”

But what they did not know was that the lighthouse was haunted. A

long time ago, there was a group of thirty teenagers, and they wanted to

find a safe place to smoke cigarettes away from their parents. So they set

sail and they came to the lighthouse. They went inside. They started to


Then, out of nowhere, a GIANT CAT had appeared and killed them all.

Suddenly, the GIANT CAT appeared. He killed Dad and all of the boys but


Lucy Gaynor

Co Kildare




“Dear Mummy, I miss you…”

Ann’s mum was away for work in Hollywood.

She’s a popstar. Ann has a great life, rich with

experiences. Ann is eight years old. She has

ten horses and lives in a lighthouse. She has a

big heart.

One day, she heard her father calling for

help. He was calling and calling. Ann was not

sure what to do. She entered the living room.

Ann’s father looked ill, very ill! Ann was scared,

she was the only one there to help him. Ann got

him to his feet. They stood on the top of their

lighthouse. Ann prayed he was still alive. She

heard a voice and it made her a little bit scared.

But Ann replied, “Hello?” Then she said in

a small voice, “My father is very ill. Please help


The voice replied, “It is me, your lighthouse.”

Ann was in shock. “I think I can help you.”

Suddenly, there was smoke everywhere and

pink flames. Ann’s father stood up and he was

better! Ann was gobsmacked.

Her father said, “Ann, how did you cure


Ann replied, “I think I will keep that a secret.”

Robyn Wilson

Co Dublin


My father and I lived in a lighthouse on the west coast of Ireland, in Galway. My family

had worked and lived in the exact same lighthouse for generations and the lighthouse

was so old the paint was wearing out.

One stormy night my father and I climbed the spiral staircase up to the top of the

lighthouse. My father turned on the light and we were half-way down the staircase when

a bolt of lightning hit the bottom of the lighthouse and cut right through it, then the

lighthouse - with us still inside - fell into the ocean.

Suddenly an underwater current pulled us out to sea. We ended up in a mysterious

part of the ocean where hundreds of shipwrecks lay on the seabed. My father whispered

to me, “We’re in Davy Jones’s locker.”

My father had told me about this place before. It is where dead sailors and sunken

ships go, but we were still alive, weren’t we?

I looked down at my hands, I could see right through them. This could only mean

one thing -we were ghosts!

We are now trapped here, so whoever you are, please come and save us ....

PJ O’Halloran

Co Dublin




Sophia Mantu

Co Galway

“Bagel, come back or you’ll get hurt!” shouted

the girl. But Bagel couldn’t stop running. He

had to save those kittens!

The storm had taken everyone by

surprise. The thunder and lightning had

scared the kittens away.

Bagel had just about saved the kittens

when he got struck by lightning. “Quick, bring

him to the vet!” was the last thing he heard

before the sound faded out.

When Bagel woke up, he noticed a

bandage around his paw and heard his owner

say, “From now on, you’ll be a house dog.”

But one day, Bagel decided to show

who he really was. So he set off to the

world’s oldest lighthouse. After two days

of continuous walking, Bagel fainted of

tiredness. When he woke up, he saw the

most beautiful Irish red setter.

“Bagel, if you are going to the lighthouse,

you’ll need me,” she whispered to him.

“How do you know my name and where

I am going?”

“I know your name because I was a

friend of your sister’s.”

“I had a sister?”

“You didn’t know? She was very nice

but went to live far away.”

“And how did you know that I was going

to the lighthouse?”

“I was just hoping you would... I’ve

always wanted to go there...”

“Why didn’t you then?”

“Because I heard that once someone

went in, they never came out.”

“Why were...never mind. Let’s just set


After many days, they finally saw

the lighthouse in the distance. As they

approached it, they heard whimpers coming

from inside. They nearly wanted to turn back

but something was telling them to go in.

When their eyes got used to the dark inside,

they spotted five beautiful little puppies

cuddled together for warmth.

From that day on, they made the

lighthouse their home and lived happily with

their five pups, Light, Lumina, Luce, Lumière

and Léas.

Éabha and Cathal love going to their uncle’s

house. He owned a lighthouse by the beach

and his house was next to it. In the summer

holidays they always visited.

“Pack up,” said their mum. “You don’t

want to be late.”

“I can’t wait!” said Éabha.

“Time to go!” said Dad. They raced


After three hours they arrived! Cathal

rang the doorbell.

“Come in,” their uncle said. “Have some

hot chocolate.” Then they went up to bed.

“Wake up!” said Cathal. “It’s 7am!”

They had breakfast - their Uncle Pat made


“I will take you to some shops, eat up!”

Off they went! The weather was nice.

They went to a clothes shop and bought

some t-shirts.

Then Éabha and Cathal saw the little

toy lighthouse. They bought it, but as soon

as they put it in a bag a man came running

after them.

He said, “I will give you double the

amount you paid!”

“It isn’t for sale,” said Cathal and they

walked away. “I don’t know what that was

about!” he said.

Uncle Pat had said to meet him in the

coffee shop, so they went there but they

were not hungry.

They went to bed but didn’t sleep! They

went to the lighthouse! They saw the man

from the shop. He was heading for their

uncle’s house! He went in. They dashed

back to their room and there was a small

hole in the toy lighthouse. They figured out

some clue must have been there!

When the morning came, they set off

to find the man’s house. They figured out

where he lived and waited until he left. They

found an open window and climbed in. They

searched everywhere and made a mess!

“We have to tidy it,” said Éabha. But

too late!

They hid behind a chair, but the man

just got his coat and went. Éabha asked,

“Did you check his coat?“

“No!” said Cathal. They checked the

other coats and found the clues. They tidied

up and went just in time - the man came


Éabha and Cathal went home to their

bedroom to figure out the clues. After two

hours they solved the anagram! It spelled


So they went to the lighthouse. They

looked and finally found a map! It led them

to the beach, onto the rocks and into a cave.

They found the treasure, but they stepped in

a trap and a net came down!

At the bad man’s house, he saw the clues

were gone, but he had written them down

and figured it out. He was on his way to the

lighthouse! He found the map and went to

the cave! He saw Éabha and Cathal trapped!

He laughed, but by accident he stepped on

a trap!

Cathal saw a sharp rock and cut them

free and they got the treasure!

They called a policeman called Cormac.

Their mum picked them up. They had a

great time!

Éabha Twomey

Co Cork


Muireann Laird

Co Dublin


The Sharper family had come to stay in a

lighthouse on Inis Meáin. The lighthouse was

freshly painted with red and white stripes.

Rebecca Sharper (the cheekiest Sharper)

woke up dazed on a sunny Saturday

morning. Her best friends Tom and Elise

were sprawled out on their beds, snoring

away. Their snoring interrupted Rebecca’s

daze and because her friends were still

asleep, she could not help playing a trick on


She started making ghost noises


“Agggghhh!” screamed both Tom and

Elise as they woke up.

“Rebecca!” Tom began, but before he

could finish his sentence, Rebecca’s older

sister Mary shouted from the next bedroom.

“Hey, come listen to this!’

Tom, Elsie and Rebecca rushed into the

room, where Mary sat on her bed scrolling

through her iPad (as usual). “The lighthouse

we are in right now is in a legend of Irish

mythology!” Mary said, pausing to take a


“Go on,” urged Elise (who loved Irish

myths and legends).

“Legend has

it that a mythical

creature called the Self Creator roams the

lighthouse when there is a full moon.... and

there is a full moon tonight!’ said Mary.

“We had better keep an eye out so!”

said Rebecca.

They decided to go exploring, so off

they ran down the winding lighthouse stairs.

They entered a room which was completely

bare and walked around it silently until

Rebecca stumbled over a trap door. The

children gathered around, pulled open the

trapdoor and peered inside where there was

a rope ladder.

Rebecca, Tom and Elsie all climbed

down and when they got to the bottom, they

crept along a gloomy passage until they

came to a hidden doorway which led into to

a room. At one end of the room there was an

unsteady table with a large book lying on it.

Suddenly, the door clanged shut. They were

trapped. The book on the table sprang open

and out jumped a creature. It had a goats

head, the body of a dragon, eagle claws as

front legs and lion legs as back legs.

The children were amazed and a little

frightened. Elsie whispered “it’s the Self

Creator”. The Self Creator spun around and

floated towards them “what are you doing

in my lair?”it hissed. The children trembled

with fear but had nowhere to run. They were

trapped. Rebecca began to scream. The

dazed feeling came over Rebecca again

and she looked around the room and saw

only Tom and Elsie, sprawled on their beds

snoring away.

“Phew! It was all a dream! There was

no Self Creator.”

That night, as Rebecca was getting

ready for bed she looked out the window

at the beams from the lighthouse

as they shone across the sea.

It was then that she saw there

was a full moon in the sky. With

the beam of the light shining,

she could just about make out

the Self Creator and it was smiling

at her. Then it floated up and away into the

full moon.


During my summer holidays last year, I went

on a day trip with my brother and mom and

dad. We met my cousins Ann Marie and

Jack at the carpark of Red Strand in West

Cork. Red Strand is a really long beach with

loads of sand dunes and great hiding places.

While Mom, Dad, Auntie Sandra and

Uncle Martin were having their picnic, we

decided to go adventuring and crossed

the road without our parents seeing us

We started to climb up the hill across from

the strand. At the top of the hill, there is a

cross - known as the Devil’s Cross - where

the ghost of Jack Albatross roams the hill,

looking for his revenge.

As we reached the top of the hill,

the weather changed suddenly. The hill

was covered in fog, with spooky shadows

and shapes. We were all very frightened

as we could not see the way to get down.

Everywhere we looked, we thought we saw

the ghost of Jack Albatross.

Suddenly we heard a strange noise,

we thought it was the banshee and Jack

Albatross fighting, but chomh tapa le splanc

(as quick as a flash), I remembered our visit

to the Galley Head Lighthouse a few days

before and my Dad telling me how a foghorn

was used to warn ships that they were close

to rocks.

I turned my head to the direction of the

sound and through the fog I could make out

the faint flash of light, from the lighthouse.

Chomb sámh le liamhán greine (as calm as a

basking shark), we followed the light and the

sound which brought us to the safety of the

car park and our relieved parents.

I remember thinking to myself on the

way home that evening that the lighthouse

which saves ships from the rocks, saved

me, my brother and cousins from Jack

Albatross’s revenge.

Ava Manning

Co Cork


Once upon a time there was a lighthouse

and in that lighthouse lived a man and his

dog. Fifteen years later the dog got sick and

his owner got scared so he called the vet.

Bip! Bip!


“Oh, help my dog please!”

“Okay, I just need an address.”

“My house is Rockabill Lighthouse.”

“Okay, I can come in an hour if that


“It does.”

An hour later, ding dong! went the


“I’m coming!” said the man.

“Okay, where is the dog?”


The vet looked up. The man and his

dog were gone!

“Woooooaaaahhh!” cried the vet.


A new family has moved into Rockabill, and

what they don’t know is that the lighthouse

is haunted by a chau chau - the old owner’s

dog. This family had two kids and the kids

were very smart! They were called Gwen

and James.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this

place,” Gwen said to James when they

moved in.

“Me too,” said James. “How many

stairs are there?”

“I don’t know,” said James.

Soon they started to see things, like the

ghosts. Over time they made friends with the

ghosts and played with the chau chau until

the family moved out in 1989.

Siena Gallagher

Co Dublin


Eoghan Foley

Co Limerick


One thousand years in the future there

are ten robot pirates: Bones the Leader,

Scar, Boots, Sabre Tooth, Two-Gun Billy,

Rockface, Cannonball, Knuckles, Chua-Poo

and Starboard.

They were in the middle of planning

a robbery when they heard voices arguing

about who crashed a spaceship. All ten

pirates turned to see two aliens called Mike

and Bobby. They started screaming at the

sight of the pirates.

The pirates started screaming too!

Suddenly Bones shouted, “SHUT UP!”

The room fell silent.

Bones said, “We are in the middle

of planning a bank robbery and you are

making too much noise so you are now our


Mike the Alien said, “You’re not the

boss of us. So we’ll make you a deal.”

“We will?!” asked Bobby.

“Yes,” replied Mike. “We will help you

rob the bank on one condition.”

“Well, what is your condition?” Scar


“You build us a rocket to fly back to our


“Deal,” replied Bones.

After planning it all out, they decided to

rob the bank on Saturday at midnight. The

time finally came. They were prepared for

anything. Or so they thought.

But what they did not think through was

the lighthouse right beside the bank. The

light from the lighthouse would blow their

cover! They had to quickly find a way to shut

down the lighthouse. It was meant to be the

hardest lighthouse in the world to get into

so that nobody would be able to turn off the

light and cause a ship to crash. The pirates

and the aliens decided to try anyway.

Bones said, “Bobby, you are the

smallest. You can go through a hole and

open the door for us.”

“Everybody - look for the biggest hole

you can find,”ordered Scar.

“Yes, sir!” said everybody, apart from

Bones. Nobody tells Bones what to do!

Pirate Chua-Poo found a hole big

enough for Bobby the alien to squeeze

through. Bobby ran up the steps of the

lighthouse, panting as he got to the top. He

shut off the light.

The pirates and the aliens then carried

on with their plan to rob the bank. They

got a total of £100,000,000 and hid it in a

treasure chest with all their other treasure.

Once they were safely out of the bank,

Bones said, “Bobby, run up and turn back

on the light so no sailors crash.”

“Why do I have to do all of the running?”

moaned Bobby.

“Because I am the boss of you tonight

and I tell you what to do!” said Bones. With

that Bobby did as he was told and turned

back on the light. So no sailors died that


The aliens had helped the pirates to rob

the bank and now the pirates did their part

and built a rocket for the aliens. The aliens

went back to their planet and lived happily

ever after.

As for the pirates, they hadn’t thought

about CCTV cameras and were caught redhanded…


My Great Granny Ashie comes from

Blacksod Bay.

We go there on our holidays but it’s

very far away.

It’s right beside the lighthouse with

Achill far beyond,

But there’s a fun spot at the front of the

house, which is the Winkle Pond.

Lift the rocks and you will find all that

you could wish.

Crabs, shrimp, anemone and lots of

little fish.

My grandad has a boat and he sails

across the bay.

We even get to meet some dolphins

along the way.

When we are sailing and it gets dark,

we never feel alone.

The lights of Blacksod Lighthouse are

there to guide us home.

We make some time to stop and fish

out beside the bouy.

Then we head home with fish for dinner,

land ahoy!

Tabitha Carroll

Co Limerick



“Scéal eile, a Dhaideo!” Bhí Saoirse Ní Mháille

ar Oileán Acla ar saoire lena seanathair ar feadh

seachtaine sa samhradh. “Bhí an-spéis ag Saoirse sa

seoltóireacht, bua a tháinig tríd an gclann ó Ghráinne

Mhaol, an foghlaí mara cróga!

Rith Saoirse go deireadh an lána, áit a raibh

Caisleán Ghráinne Mhaol. Stop sí chun iomáint in

aghaidh an bhalla. Plimp! Go tobann thit seanchloch

den bhalla. D’fhéach sí suas sa spás a bhí fágtha.

Chonaic sí rud éigin ag gobadh amach. Shín Saoirse

suas chun é a fháil. D’oscail sí an scrolla go fiosrach.

Seanmhapa lámhdhéanta a bhí ann! Chuir sí é ina

mála go cúramach agus lean sí uirthi chuig an gcuan.

Shuigh sí ar charraig mhín chun mionstáidéir a

dhéanamh ar an léarscáil.

“Bfhéidir go bhfuil tasice le haimsiú?” a dúirt

Saoirse lei féin.

Thóg sí amach a feadóg stáin agus thosaigh sí

ag seinnt “Óró “sé do Bheatha Bhaile” ag macnamh

faoin léarscáil agus an taisce! Bhí na súile dúnta aici

ach chuala sí faoileáin agus glór na mara. D’aithin sí

fuaim eile. Tháinig rónnta isteach ar na carraigeacha.

Thuig Saoirse ansin go raibh uirthi taisteal go

Cliara. “Will you take me to Clare Island?” leis na

Saw Doctors an t-amhrán a bhí á chanadh acu, an

t-amhrán ab fhearr le Daideo!

Rith Saoirse ar ais go teach Dhaideo. Thóg sí

amach an mapa le sceitimíní agus mhínigh sí dó faoi

amhrán na rónta. “Seolfaimid go Cliara láithreach.

Caithfimid an mapa a leanúint!” D’fhéach Saoirse

ar shuaitheantas Uí Mháille thuas ar an mballa.

Smaoinigh sí faoi Ghráinne Mhaol agus an mapa.

Réitigh siad an bád. Chabhraigh an ghaoth

taobh thiar díbh leis an bád a stiúradh. Bhí Teach

Solais Chliara i bhfad uathu ach níorbh fhada gur

shroich siad an t-oileán. Shiúil siad go tapa suas chuig

Mainistir Bhríde. D’aimsigh siad tuama Ghrainne

Mhaol. D’aithin Saoirse an long a bhí snoite sa

chloch agus rianaigh sí an cruth lena méar. Chroith

an talamh agus léim sí siar le hiontas! Phioc sí suas

seaneochair mheirgeach ón talamh.

Thaispeáin Daideo na siombail ar an mapa di -

crosóg don mhainistir agus eochair in aice le teach

solais. “An Teach Solais!” arsa Daideo.

Ar aghaidh leo i dtreo an tí solais. Chas Saoirse

an eochair agus d’oscail an doras dearg le díoscán!

Dhreap siad suas na céimeanna. D’éirigh Saoirse

tuirseach ach lean sí uirthi go diongbháilte. Ar bharr,

chonaic siad gainéid bhána ag tomadh san Atlantach


Faoin lampa ollmhór glioscarnach bhí cloch a

bhog Daideo. I bhfolach taobh thiar de, bhí claíomh

galánta maisithe le seoda áille agus compás miotal

maisithe le rúbaí dearg!

Scrúdaigh Daideo iad. “Chuala mé ó mo

sheanathair féin go raibh an taisce ar strae le fada.

Rachaimid ag an Ionad Oidhreachta - ba chóir go

mbeadh an taisce ar taispeántas do chách.”

Síos leo ag an Ionad Oidhreachta, áit a bhuail

siad le Seán Ó Grádaigh, an bainisteoir. Ba bheag

nár thit an t-anam as. “Wow! Cár aimsigh sibh iad?”.

D’inis Saoirse an scéal ar fad dó.

Roimh seoladh ar ais go hAcla, bhain siad sult as

uachtar reoite! Amuigh ar na tonnta, d’fhéach Saoirse

siar ar an teach solais ag soilsiú ag deireadh an lae- lá

nach ndéanfadh sí dearmad air riamh!

Róisín Ní Dhondúin

Co Baile Átha Cliath


Lighthouses are bright and steady, looking over the sea

Inside the human breeze blows

Glowing over the wavy water and rugged rocks

Homes for families years ago

Time to light up the sky

Helping one ship stuck in a storm

Ocean waves go to and fro, watching as the sailors go

Until the sun rises and I stand alone

Shining a light to keep ships safe

Elegant waves look up to a tall bright tower that stands in the dark cold night

Sarah Kennedy

Co Antrim



Cornelius the lighthouse keeper arrived at his new home. It was windy and the sea

was rough. Before closing the door, he turned and saw a big wave crash over his

boat. Cornelius thought maybe this happened when a boat was in rough seas, so he

went inside and unpacked. It was dark and he searched for the light switch. There

were two levers - one labelled FORBIDDEN and the other blank, so Cornelius pulled

this one. The light flashed in his face but quickly went round the other side. Cornelius

went to bed after a long day.

The following morning, Cornelius rose early to explore. As his boat was damaged,

he went birdwatching instead and spotted fifty seagulls and swans. He made bagels

for breakfast before going outside to read and thought about what happened had

happened the previous day. It was suspicious but probably nothing to worry about.

Another week passed and the boat was beyond repair. Cornelius called his

brother, but he couldn’t help because he lived in Spain and the lighthouse was in

Northern Ireland. Cornelius considered contacting the police but decided maybe he

could live there in the peace and quiet. There was a long deck, perfect for fishing,

and he had a rod. This could be a brilliant beginning to the second part of his life.

The next day was his birthday. Cornelius was excited but there was a problem.

Yesterday, he had baked a cake. The room was decorated. Something was missing.

What was it?

“GUESTS!!” screamed Cornelius. He didn’t mind there were no presents, but

no guests?! Cornelius spent his special day alone, so sad that he went to bed at

4pm, without eating any cake! He didn’t even have a pet to comfort him. Could

Cornelius live like this forever?

Two years later, Cornelius knew people must be wondering where he was.

Would he be here forever? Things got even worse until Cornelius woke one dark

and gloomy morning. Still sleepy, he reached out to turn on the light and accidentally

pulled the forbidden lever! What had he done?! The lighthouse jolted, then slowly

elevated. Arms shot from the sides, a steering wheel burst out in front and a leg

stepped forward!

“Where do you need to go?” boomed a voice.

“Home…” said Cornelius. “... to Belfast.”

“Okay,” replied the lighthouse. “You need to steer!”

This was the best day of his life. Cornelius was finally going home! They waded

through the sea but after one mile, they got stuck on a pile of rocks. Fortunately, a

clever whale came along and smashed the rock. They were free!

“Thank you!” said Cornelius. He wasn’t sure the whale understood but as this

world was unexpected and magical, it did!

“You’re welcome!” the friendly whale replied. They travelled until nightfall.

Cornelius turned on autopilot and slept soundly. When he woke, he saw people

on the beach and felt excited. Cornelius ate breakfast and returned to steering. They

arrived in Belfast at noon. His family were so happy, they ran into the water to greet

him. They went home and enjoyed lunch together.

Cornelius quit his job so that never happened again.

Conn Moriarty

Co Antrim




Sarah Kelly

Co Dublin

Once there was a family who loved to camp by the lighthouse beside the sea. Their names

were Milly, Aria, Mum and Dad. Milly was six and had brown hair, green eyes and loved pink

and toys. Aria was twelve and a bookworm. She had blondy-red hair and had the same red

jumper and jeans on her usually (well, the jumper was different from time to time).

“Mummy!” shouted Aria.

“What?” asked Mum.

“Where are my swimmers?!”

“In the car,” said Mum, rolling her eyes. “Get out of the book, we have to go!”

They all hopped in the car with joy.

“Mummy, can we stop and get a snack?” said Milly.

“When we get there!” said Mum as she drove the car down towards the coast.

“Okey dokey!” said Milly.

“We’re nearly here,” said Dad, looking up from his book.

“Dad?” said Aria.


“How come you can read in the car?” laughed Aria.

“I don’t know,” said Dad. “It’s easy once you get the hang of it!”

Mum finally stopped the car beside the lighthouse.

“Yay! We’re here! Hip hip hurrah!” Milly said as she hopped out of the car in joy. Mum and

Dad started to put up the tent, which took a while.

“Sissy!” said Milly to Aria. “Play dolls with me!”


“Yippee!!” They played for a while until the tent was up.

“Daddy, can we go to the lighthouse?” said Milly.

“Let’s go to the lighthouse,” said Dad.

When they reached the lighthouse, they climbed to the top and looked out at the sea. Dad

took out his binoculars.

“I see a rare bird,” said Dad.

“Not very rare, it’s a pigeon, Dad” said Aria.

“Hello, Mr Whale!” waved Milly.

“‘Ello” Said Mr Whale.

“Let’s get down and go for a swim,” said Aria. They climbed down and Aria went back to

the tent and put on her swimmers and she started to swim around in the sea.

“Silly goose!” said Milly. After toasting fluffy marshmallows, they all got into bed. A few

hours later, they woke up to a flashing light. It was so colourful.

“Oh no!” said Aria. “I may have seen something about this before.” She opened her book

to check.

“That’s it! Get the lighthouse key, Dad!” said Aria. “Okay, now open the door and press

number 1263. Then turn the normal light off and on, repeat that five times and then lock the

door and run!”

Dad was already running to do it. He opened the door and did as Aria instructed and then ran

back towards the tent.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! It was like fireworks - it suddenly stopped and the lighthouse

went back to sleep.

“Now I think it’s time for us to get some sleep after all these adventures,” said Mum.

“That was scary,” said Aria. “I knew my books would be helpful to bring on a camping trip!”

Alice O’Reilly

Co Dublin



“What a super lighthouse!” Kate Shirley said

to herself as she bounded up the seventytwo

steps of Fanad Head lighthouse. “I bet

it’s really old!”

As she got to the top of the spiral

staircase, Kate noticed some information

boards. It was a very old lighthouse indeed!

It was built after the HMS Saldanha sunk

nearby in 1812. Kate was fascinated to

learn that the only survivor was the ship’s

parrot, which had “HMS Saldanha” inscribed

on its silver collar. Imagine, thought Kate. A

parrot flying around Donegal!

Reading on, she learned that in 1917

the SS Laurentic sank during World War I.

It hit two mines in Lough Swilly and sank

quickly, with over 300 lives lost. The next

line had Kate enthralled: the ship had a

secret cargo of gold bars and twenty two

remained missing!

She went out on to the viewing area

that looked on to the calm, blue sea. She

heard an engine. Holding on to the shiny,

red railing, she leaned forward and saw a

little, blue boat near the lighthouse.

Heading back to their holiday home

near Mulroy Bay, across the Harry Blaney

Bridge, Kate saw the blue boat again. Oh,

how she wished tomorrow would come

when she and her dad would go out on their


Kate skipped the rest of the way home.

“Hi Kate!” her dad called. “There’s yoghurt

in the fridge.” “Thanks!” She ate her yoghurt

then went upstairs. From her bedroom she

could see the bay; she looked out and what

she saw gave her a shock.

She ran downstairs swiftly. “Dad,

there’s a blue boat at the same spot at

sea since I was at the lighthouse. I think

someone’s in trouble.”

“Okay, let’s get our diving gear,” said

her dad. They changed quickly and Kate’s

dad rang the lighthouse keeper to tell him.

Meanwhile, the owner of the boat was

indeed in trouble. He had gone diving to

try find the twenty two missing gold bars.

He had spotted a gold bar behind a railing

that had fallen off the shipwreck into heavy

seaweed. He had forced his hand between

the rails to get the gold bar, but as he

turned to swim back to the surface, his leg

wouldn’t move. It was tangled in the thick

seaweed and wouldn’t budge. He had to do

something, and fast… his air was running


Just as he was using up the last of

his air, Kate and her dad dived down. They

worked swiftly and easily since Kate’s dad

had brought a knife. They quickly chopped

through the seaweed. He was free!

They swam to the surface and got out.

The man gratefully said, “Thanks…I’m Joe.”

“Hi Joe,” Kate grinned. Getting back

onshore the lighthouse keeper shook their

hands, “Great job guys! Joe, I think you’ll

have to share your gold!”

As Kate got into bed that night, she

said to herself, “Today’s been brilliant, I

wonder what tomorrow has in store for us?”

Kate O’Meara

Co Sligo



One day there was a lighthouse and he was

bright red. He thought to himself that he

wanted to be a different colour.

“Why do lighthouses always have to be

stripey or red?”

He had heard of different lighthouses

around the world: one was shaped like a

horse, one was pink, one was haunted and

there was even a candy cane lighthouse.

Then a rainbow appeared and the

lighthouse said to himself, “I want to be the

same as that rainbow.”

And then he decided he wanted to

talk to someone and that person was a


He flashed his light to the fisherman

and the fisherman came in his boat and said,

“What’s wrong, my beautiful lighthouse?”

The lighthouse asked the fisherman to

paint rainbow colours on him, as he wanted

to be the best, most fun, and coolest

lighthouse in the world. And he wanted to be

the first rainbow lighthouse.

“Why does my light have to be white?”

he then thought. Then he asked for rainbow

disco lights for his lamp at the top and a

music machine to blast out music. The

fisherman did what he said and got paint and

worked hard and painted him that night.

The whole of Dublin woke up and saw

his new rainbow colours, saw the disco lights

flashing and heard the music and said, “This

is amazing. Wow!”

Everybody loved it. The boats, people,

tourists, and birds going by loved the music

and the new colours and started dancing.

More and more people walked down to see

him every day. He was never lonely.

“What a cool lighthouse you are,”

everybody said to him and the fisherman.

They were very proud.

“I’m not Poolbeg anymore - I’m

Coolbeg,” and he loved his new colours

against the blue sky.

Patrick Bennis

Co Dublin




Jasmine Blair

Co Dublin

Once upon a time, there was a female dog.

She was a stray. To keep herself warm, she

stayed in a cosy lighthouse that had been

abandoned. One day she started to put some

weight on. She was pregnant with puppies.

Finally, in July, they were born.

Every night the puppies would cuddle

up in the corner of the lighthouse with one

blanket. One night their mum went hunting

for food for her pups. After a while, her pups

got suspicious, because she normally was

back by noon.

The dog had been captured by farmers.

Her pups were scared. Then the oldest

pup got up with courage and slowly tiptoed

across to the exit door. His six sisters and

his three brothers followed him down the

dark and deep corridor. They all followed the

oldest pup; they don’t have any names.

The oldest pup said, “We are in this


He had an idea.

He said, “There are nice pups in town.”

But one of the sisters said, “The town is very


The oldest pup did not listen and started

to negotiate. He said, “Maybe those other

pups or dogs could help?”

At first, they all said,


Then the oldest pup said, “Mother

would have done this.”

Suddenly they all said yes. So the

adventure to find their mum began.

First, they went over the mountains,

under the bridge and then into the river. They

came across a lighthouse. It looked exactly

like their lighthouse. They thought that they

had gone around in a circle but they just

went very, very far. They started to whimper.

One of the boys thought he was going to his

favourite place in the lighthouse but it was

nowhere to be found. He told the other pups

that he could not find his favourite place.

They did not know what was going on.

The oldest pup said, “Let’s all go to our

favourite place.” They could not find their

favourite place either. The oldest said, “This

mustn’t be our lighthouse,” he said happily,

“so let’s be off once again.”

So they left and finally reached the


Meanwhile, their mum had escaped

from the farmers and she was on her way

to the lighthouse. But the pups were in town

and they met a little girl and she took care of

them. She gave them all names. She called

the oldest Bailey, then there was Mudbud

the dirty one, then there was Butterball, the

one who loved food, an Rosebud for the

smart one and Buddy, who was a friend to

everyone. There was Blue, who loved the

colour blue, and Belle, who liked Princess

Belle. There was Bonnie, who was quiet and

shy, and Butters, who was golden. Finally,

there was Blossom, who ate flowers.

Their mum arrived at the lighthouse and

they were nowhere to be found. She asked

the stray neighbours. They said, “I see them

right now!” in shock.

The pups ran to her. They said, “We

have NAMES!”

The Haulbowline Lighthouse is at the mouth

of Carlingford Lough in Co. Down, Northern

Ireland. It is on the sea border between

Northern Ireland and Éire. It was built in

1824 on the Haulbowline Rock, which you

can see very clearly when the tide is low. The

word Haulbowline comes from an old Norse

word meaning ‘haunt of eels.’ The present

lighthouse was built to help ships sail safely

into Carlingford Lough because the channel

through the sea rocks is only two hundred

seventy-five metres wide. The old lighthouse

was there before this new one fell into the

sea. It was not built in a good place and ships

couldn’t see the light to get safely through

to the ports of Newry and Greenore, so it

wasn’t a very useful lighthouse.

The Haulbowline Lighthouse is thirtyfour

metres high. It is like a tall tower and

is handsome to look at. All of the materials

had to be taken out by the builders in boats

at low tide. It was a very difficult job and a

great achievement when it was finished. It is

very important for ships and ferries to have

a lighthouse. The light from the lighthouse

helps the captain to keep the vessel safe.

There was a big tragedy that happened

on a stormy night in November 1916 on

Carlingford Lough. Two vessels, the SS

Retriever and the SS Connemara, ran

into each other. The lighthouse keeper on

Haulbowline was on watch and he could

see what was about to happen. He sent off

a warning to the two captains, but it was

too late. The ships sank and ninety-seven

people lost their lives. There was only one

person who survived and he lived the rest of

his life in Warrenpoint, where he was from.

In August of last year, 2019, the

Haulbowline Lighthouse was lit up on the

outside as well as the inside for the whole

month to remember all of the people who

lost their lives in the sea of Carlingford

Lough. The sea looked calm on a sunny day

but there are many dangerous currents on

the lough.

Nowadays, there is no need for a

lighthouse keeper on the Haulbowline

Lighthouse as the light works automatically.

I still like to see the lighthouse as it makes

me feel safe. I hope it will keep sailors and

their vessels safe too.

David Rutledge

Co Down




That evening at sunrise, Sam saw

a boat and then looked at the

lighthouse. It was getting dark and

foggy and no light was coming from

the lighthouse and no sound of a

foghorn. So Sam went to see what

was going on.

One day, when it was wet and

rainy, Sam was inside looking out

his window and found something

out in the dock. Mum came in and

said, “Bedtime!”

“What is that beside the sea?”

Sam asked.

“It’s a lighthouse,” said Mum.

When he went out, he saw the

owner of the lighthouse who looked

freaked out.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sam.

“The lighthouse bulb cracked

and I dropped the fog horn into the

water,” said the owner.

“I have a spare bulb in my

house,” said Sam, “but I don’t have

a foghorn.”

“Eeeeek,” said the owner.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it,” said

Sam and he jumped into the water.

He could see the boat up ahead.

Sam was so inspired by the

lighthouse. So, that morning he

made a project on lighthouses.

But in school, everyone didn’t like

him and he wanted to prove them


When he was about to get the

foghorn, Sam saw a piranha

fish coming at full speed. It got

intense. Sam got there in time,

but the piranha fish bit hairs off


So Sam got washed out on

shore and went home to get the

bulb. He got to the lighthouse

on time and the ship turned in

the nick of time. The famous

lighthouse of 2020 was saved.

Luckily all of Sam’s class saw it!

It was night and everybody was in bed except Edward. Well,

Edward never went to bed because he was a lighthouse and

lighthouses never sleep. They had an important job to do:

keeping everyone on the sea safe. Edward was no ordinary

lighthouse. He had eyes and a mouth! Edward loved looking

out at the sea and the waves.

Suddenly, Jake, the lighthouse keeper, came along.

Jake was walking towards Edward when there was a sudden

shout. He shouted, “Telescope!” to Edward and a telescope

grew out of Edward’s eye. Jake ran into the lighthouse and

looked through the telescope. He saw Rose, his friend,

stranded on Ireland’s Eye.

Quickly he ran outside, jumped into his lifeguard boat

and sailed to Ireland’s Eye. Once he was there, he jumped

out of the boat and ran to get Rose. She was soaking wet

and shivering. Jake wrapped her in a blanket and asked,

“What happened?”

Rose explained everything. She was lying down on her

towel at the beach, when a big wave came over and swept

her out to Ireland’s Eye, where she was stranded until night


“I’m so glad you found me, Jake,” said Rose. “I was getting

very hungry and found a crab to eat. I lit a fire and roasted

the crab.”

“You were lucky that I found you. We should get you

back home and warm and dry,” said Jake.

He brought Rose to the boat and they sailed home

safely. When they got back to the lighthouse, Edward told

Jake there were clothes in the cupboard upstairs. Once Rose

was dry, Jake said, “You should be getting home now. Please

come back and visit me and Edward soon. Remember to be

careful near the water.”

Rose climbed down the lighthouse stairs and waved

goodbye. Jake didn’t stop waving until she was out of sight.

Jake said to Edward, “Thanks for your help. Edward. I need

to get some sleep now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful

lighthouse that stood tall on the west coast

of Kerry. It was a gorgeous sight to see. It

was red and white.

So one day I decided to have a look

around. It felt just like home! It had a kitchen,

two beds, a bathroom, a living room and a


While I was there, I saw a little girl

called Melissa. She was about five years

old. I asked her what she was doing here

all by herself. I could also tell that she was

from England, so she had come a long way!

When I asked her what she was doing, she


“My grandparents told me that there

is hidden treasure here!” she said in a cute


I said, “Since I am eight, which is three

years older than you, how about we look for

it together, Melissa?”

She said, “All right. Let’s go!”

Although it took about three hours, we

got there in the end. We saw the big shining

light. It was exhilarating, but the light was so

shiny that we could not see the treasure. Oh

no! But lucky for us, we had brought a pair

of sunglasses each!

Then I opened it and Melissa and I

became rich and lived happily ever after.

Seán Purcell

Co Dublin

Abby Rigley

Co Dublin

Sofia Cleary

Co Dublin




First and second class went to Hook Head

for their school tour. While the boys were

playing soccer, the principal asked the rest

of us if we needed the bathroom. Several of

us did and we ran there, without a care in

the world…

After a few girls had finished, we began

to wonder what was keeping the person in

the other cubicle. They had been in there

for AGES so we waited to see. After what

seemed like hours, the lady burst out of the

toilets. Except she wasn’t a lady… well, she

was more a MONSTER!

Her legs were tanned and her sandals

went half way up her thighs. She had white

frilly socks that stuck out of the gaps.

She was huge! She was covered in hair

that stood out all over her body. Her eyes

were bulging and bright red. She looked so

cross that we were terrified.

“Why are you all being so noisy?” she


Amy nervously whispered a joke and

we all burst out laughing.

“Stop laughing!” she boomed. “It’s not

funny!” Her voice was louder than thunder

and it rattled like stones in a plastic tub.

“Be QUIET!” she bellowed. “I’ll turn

you all into statues and you won’t be able to

make a sound!”

Leah was the only one who escaped.

She went straight to the phone and rang the

Gardaí. Luckily, they came straightaway, but

by the time they arrived the monster had


“That’s funny! I remembered Hook

Lighthouse as much smaller than this!” said

a Guard.

They ran inside, where Leah was

waiting impatiently.

“I don’t understand!” she cried, “One

second she was there, the next second she

was gone, and the lighthouse had doubled

in size!”

“Okay. Well. Had we better do


“Daddy!” cried Leah. “Of course you

have to do something! Come in and look! All

my friends! They’ve been turned to stone!”

“Ah, now Leah. Don’t be silly, pet. You

were daydreaming. Yes, that’s just like you.

You and your silly daydreaming!”

But of course, when they got inside, they

saw it was true!

One guard yelped.

“Magic happenin’; dark magic, black

magic, right before me very own eyes!!!”

The cleverest Guard decided he better

do something. He rooted around in his

enormous pockets and pulled out a hammer.

Each guard had a turn at hammering the

statues until they found all the girls inside!

“Let’s go!” the Gardaí shouted, but

Alyson stopped them.

“The monster is still here!”

“Oh! I nearly forgot,” said the Guard

and he pulled an old leather spell book out

of his pocket.

Leah gasped. “Wow! Where did you

get that?”

“I found it at the library. I thought it was

just a silly legend, but it might be some use


He flicked through it and recited some

strange words. The monster was caught

and is now safely behind bars, so be careful,

and always be quiet in the bathroom!

Aifric and Caoimhe Sheridan

Co Waterford


Once upon a time there was a lighthouse

keeper called Larry the Lobster. He worked

in a lighthouse by the sea. Every day, he had

to look after the light and the lighthouse and

monitor the weather. Also, the plants had to

be watered as well.

One cold day there was a rainstorm and

the water was high on the ground. There was

a bottle with paper in it. When Larry opened

the bottle, he saw a map and it said there is

a special stone on the map you have to find

to stop the rain. But he wondered how he

was going to get there with no boat.

Larry realised that he could make a boat

with some wood from the lighthouse. When

he made the boat, he asked his worker Sam

the Seal to look after the lighthouse. When

Larry started his adventure, he did not know

where to start.

When he looked at the map, it said he

had to pass the Lost Sea, then pass the

Lake of Doom and more and more. First he

went to the Lost Sea. There was paper and

smelly cheese, which slowed the boat down.

Larry thought that this is why they call it the

Lost Sea.

Meanwhile, Sam the Seal did not know

what to do. He put too much water on the

plants and did not look after the lighthouse.

Larry turned right and got past the Lost

Sea. Now he went to the Lake of Doom.

When he got there, he saw a big tsunami and

it hit the boat. Larry got so scared that he did

not know where to go but he remembered

that the lighthouse was on!

He actually found the special stone! He

found it floating on the water. He built another

boat and went back to the lighthouse.

Kyle Murphy

Co Cavan



Once there were ten cats in a lighthouse.

One day an evil real estate agent tried to sell

the lighthouse for lots of money, but he was

allergic to cats, so he kept sneezing and he

fell off the roof.

Then another one tried to sneak into the

lighthouse in the night, but the cats attacked

him. Then another one came in and stole a

cat because he liked cats and didn’t want

to sell the lighthouse. He wanted to make

it nice for the cats, but the others didn’t like

that idea.

The next day they all came back and

put a ‘For Sale’ sign up but the cats knocked

the sign down. Then the nice real estate

agent told the others to bug off and bought

the lighthouse and operated it and painted it

and lived with the cats.

Eva Power

Co Dublin


Up on Poppy Hill there was a little lighthouse

that shone for the passing ships. The girl

who took care of the lighthouse was called

Saskia, but her grandmother owned the

lighthouse. They called it Adventure. Even

though Adventure was small, it lit up the

stars in the night sky and in the morning it

stood out over all the other buildings in the

town. It was beautiful.

In Adventure, there were thousands of

books and nothing more. It was wonderful.

Most of the books were fairy tales and there

were also morals, romance, mystery, detective,

fantasy, horror and Saskia’s favourite:


Then one day when Saskia was reading,

she heard a strange noise, so she started

looking around. And then she leaned

back on a bookshelf and it spun around.

“AAAAHHH,” she screamed. She was

terrified. She didn’t know what to do.

She couldn’t get back the way she

came so she decided to look for another

way out. She looked around and

thought she saw something and then she

saw it again. Saskia didn’t know what it

was, but she was scared of it. She closed

her eyes, took a deep breath and opened

her eyes again. When she opened her eyes

again, there was a boy standing one inch

from her face.



she screamed,

knocking the boy to the floor.

After the boy fell on the floor, he was

still smiling yet Saskia didn’t know why. A

million questions were racing through her

head like, Who is this boy? Why is he in Adventure?

And why was he still smiling?

Saskia started running and running and

she didn’t stop but the boy just kept following

her. When she finally stopped the boy

said, “Well, aren’t you in a hurry!”

That just made Saskia scream. “WHAT


LIGHTHOUSE?!” She was a little surprised

by her own tone.

“Well, I’d ask the same thing to you,”

the boy said. Saskia didn’t know what he

meant because, last time she checked, this

was her grandmother’s lighthouse, not his.

But then it hit her. A family lived here before

her, the Blacks, but then they sold the

house to buy a new one.

So Saskia quickly asked “What’s your

name?” The boy shrugged. “You heard me,

what’s your name?” Saskia asked again.

So the boy lifted his chin, cleared his

throat and said “Ethan Eli Black.”

“I was right!” But she was kind of sad for

Ethan. She didn’t know why, so she asked,

“How long have you been here anyway?”

“As long as you’ve lived here!” he answered.

Saskia’s mind was blown. “My name

is Saskia,” she said, gesturing her hand so

he could shake it. Well, he shook it and they

sat down on the floor.

Saskia wanted to know more about

Ethan so she asked him the one thing she

wanted to know most. “How did you survive?”

He looked kind of guilty when Saskia

asked that, so he took a deep breath and

said, “I kind of take the food you keep in the


Saskia just burst out laughing, “So you

survived on baked beans alone!”

They were happy and over the years

they became good friends and that just

proves that a little lighthouse like Adventure

can hold the biggest surprises.

Caitlin Amy Jia-Er Ong

Co Antrim


Lily sat on the beach and listened to the soft

sounds of the sea, as she read her favourite

book about Granuaile. From time to time,

she would look up and smile to herself when

she saw the seals joyfully playing in the

water. Lily always felt relaxed and calm in

this place. Suddenly, she felt like she heard

somebody gently whisper in her ear, but she

couldn’t see anyone. Puzzled, she tried to

ignore it but it was calling to her.

The whispers said, “Lily, follow us.”

Intrigued, Lily stood and followed the voice.

The whispers led her to a shipwreck.

She explored the wreck for a while when

unexpectedly the whispers said, “I am

Granuaile, the famous pirate queen, and I

am trapped in the dungeon of my castle.”

Lily asked where but she got no

answer. Lily thought to herself, My auntie

told me that the ruins of Granuaile’s castle is

up where the lighthouse is today.

So she ran as fast as her legs could

carry her to the lighthouse. Lily walked

around the ruins of the old castle and she

came across an ancient circular stone. Lily

placed her hand on the stone and then a

wave of dizziness came upon her.

When she came to, she looked around

and found herself in an old, dreary castle.

There seemed to be nobody around. Then

she remembered what Granuaile had said,

so she rushed down the stone stairs to the

dark, damp dungeons and heard banging

and shouting coming from behind a thick

wooden door.

Lily looked around in hope that she

would see Granuaile and she found that the

door was locked. She noticed that there

was an old, metal key hanging on a hook

beside the cell door. Lily grabbed the key

and unlocked the door. Suddenly before her

was a tall, beautiful woman with red hair. It

was Granuaile! The hairs stood up on the

back of Lily’s neck. Granuaile thanked Lily

and gave her a gold coin.

Lily felt dizzy again and when she

came around, she found herself back on the

beach. She said to herself, “That was the

strangest dream I’ve ever had.”

Then Lily slowly opened her hand to

find a gold coin…

Sadhbh McMullan

Co Antrim



Lighting up the night is its job,

Its keeper looks after it every day.

Guiding ships across the sea,

Helping sailors find their way.

The light is seen from miles away, like a

Halo shining on crashing waves and

On the rocks across the bay.

Using electrics to power its rays,

Saving lives along the way,

Each lighthouse is unique.

James Foley

Co Limerick


A long time ago, in the depths of the sea near

the old lighthouse, there lived a rare species

of sea spirits - beautiful but dangerous to

humans. There were many different forms

of spirits: air spirits, living all around us in

the sky and atmosphere, land spirits, living

in the trees, forests and sands, and last but

not least, the sea spirits, living in all kinds

of water. Each spirit was beautiful, but

dangerous in its own way. For this reason,

the spirits could not live together…

Or could they….?

There was a terrible storm one night

and that’s when it happened: Thunder was

born. The daughter of Lightning, Thunder

was strong and kind but when she was born,

she fell into the sea with the sea spirits and

was lost from the air.

The sea spirits loved Thunder but they

were worried. As Thunder was an air spirit,

she would have to return to her own species

otherwise she would eventually turn evil,

because air and water spirits cannot live


After many years, Thunder became

stronger and stronger. As the sea spirits saw

her strength, they knew she would soon

have to go back to the air spirits. A sea spirit

called Sarah volunteered to bring Thunder

to a human called Doopu, who would tell

Thunder where the portal was to go back to

the air world.

This would be a dangerous journey

for Sarah and Thunder because they would

have to cross land and the land spirits do not

like sea spirits. Sarah and Thunder travelled

through sinking sand, strong currents and

sticky seaweed until they met Doopu sitting

on the sand.

They asked him, “Where is the portal

that leads to the air world?” Doopu refused

to tell them so they asked him again.

Doopu said he would tell them if

Thunder gave him the green amulet Thunder

was wearing. Thunder gave him the amulet,

but wondered why would Doopu want a

green amulet?

The magic portal to go back to the air

world was the lighthouse. Thunder had to

go by herself if she wanted to go back to

the air world. Thunder found the portal, but

it wouldn’t let her in. She tried many times

until she realized the green amulet was the

key to the portal. Thunder was so sad, but

then an air spirit jumped through the portal

and grabbed Thunder. She had found her


In the air world Thunder was happy, but

she couldn’t really fit in as she had already

spent so much of her life with the sea spirits.

Thunder asked if she could live with the sea

spirits instead. The chief air spirit said yes,

because she had already lived half of her life

there and gave her a special power so she

could travel between both worlds. She was

the happiest spirit.

After this, the spirits realised that they

could live together in peace and love, so a

new world began called Earth.

Caoimhe Hardy

Co Mayo


One morning I went to the beach with my sister

Emily and my dog Charlie. We had borrowed

our parents’ boat and were sailing to Shenick

Island. We were looking at the big lighthouse

on the island and I said that the lighthouse had

been here for hundreds of years.

“Where is Charlie?” said Emily.

“She’s over there barking at something,”

I replied. We went over and saw it was a very

big hole.

Emily said, “I’m going to try and crawl

down the hole.” Before I could stop her, she

was already halfway down the hole so I had to

follow her.

As we got further down the hole, it turned

into sort of a tunnel. We walked some more

until we came across three different paths. We

said that Emily would go down one with Charlie

and I would go down another one and we would

meet and go down the last path together.

I went down the path and as I got further

down, I saw a bright light. I kept on going and

I saw that there was lots of gold and jewels

scattered everywhere. I realised that I was

inside the lighthouse and remembered that

there had been a big robbery recently and that

this must have been where they hid the loot.

I rushed back to Emily and told her about

the lighthouse and the jewels, she gasped and

said that her path was just a dead end. We

decided that we would go down the last path

together and soon realised that we were inside

the old, abandoned warehouse, which is how

they must have brought the jewels into the


We ran back down the tunnel and headed

for the boat but then we saw the robbers coming

towards us so we darted back down the tunnel

and called the Gardaí. They arrived quickly and

took the robbers away. We went back home for

a celebratory meal.

BUT…there was still someone out there,

waiting for the right time to get their revenge…

Sophie Scully

Co Dublin


Katie Smith

Co Dublin


Molly and Alan Jeffers were a happy

couple but also lighthouse keepers. They

were both sitting outside on a sunny day

in early March, beside their lighthouse

Port Head.

“Would you like a drink of water,

Alan?” asked Molly.

“Yes please,” replied Alan.

Molly got out of her seat and set

off towards the lighthouse. When Molly

got inside Port Head, she turned on the

radio eagerly, as she always needed the

latest news. This is what she heard:

BREAKING NEWS: The coronavirus

has spread into Ireland. Here is Leo

Varadkar with more news on this

shocking event. “Covid-19 has spread

over many countries already but now

it has spread to County Mayo, County

Cork and Dublin. Everyone must go into


Molly had just finished getting Alan

a cup of water when she realised that,

along with this shocking news, that the

loving couple were running low on food

supplies. She rushed outside and told

Alan about the coronavirus and the low


“What are we going to do?”, asked


“Don’t worry, honey. The supply

boat is coming tomorrow, and we will get

some food then,” said Alan.

“A… A… Alan” said Molly, sobbing

quite hard.

“Oh, what is it Molly?” asked Alan

as he gave her a hug.

“A…a…a storm is coming,” said

Molly, pointing at a big grey could in the


“Oh no,” murmured Alan.



the alarm clock in Molly and Alan’s


“Uh,” said Molly, only just getting


“Come on, dear,” said Alan. He

was already dressed. “The supply boat

is coming at ten, so get dressed and

I will make breakfast,” continued Alan

and he scurried out of the room.

“Uh,” repeated Molly. A few

minutes later Molly walked down the

wooden stairs to be greeted by Alan

and a nice bowl of porridge.

“Dear?” said Alan.

“Yes hun?” replied now fully awake


“The supply boat manager just

called,” continued Alan. “You were right.

She, she, well, she said that the supply

boat will not be able to come because

of the upcoming storm!”

“Oh…” said Molly.

Luckily Alan had a hobby for

science and had an underground lab

next to Port Head, so he and Molly

thought they could maybe create a

vaccine against coronavirus.

So for the next two weeks, while

the storm raged outside, he worked

really hard to find a cure for Covid-19.

When the storm eased off, the supply

boat finally came and finally Alan had

a vaccine. So Molly and Alan packed

their bags and set off on the boat to the

mainland. Alan made tons of vaccines

with his science friends and that is how

they saved the world from Covid-19.

Molly and Alan went back home to

Port Head with their prizes and supplies

and lived happily ever after.


Chapter 1: Starting the Match

There were two lighthouses that told

each other jokes like,

Q: What is the lightest house.

A: A lighthouse.

They were also goal posts in soccer

and football. Animals and people

came to watch. People also live in the

lighthouses as well, so it’s like they get

free tickets. But the downside is it is

hard to go to sleep because of all of

the noise.

Chapter 2: I’ve Had It

Okay, that’s enough. I’ve had it with all

the noise. I’m moving somewhere else.

No one can stop him. Nothing can stop

him either. Can anything stop him?

Maybe, maybe not. But we can’t stop

him. Who can stop him? We can’t.

Chapter 3: New Home

The lighthouse keeper moved to the

library. Now he is a librarian. “It is

quiet in the library,” said the lighthouse

keeper. “Perfect. I will stay here. I just

need to get my stuff…”

Chapter 4: The End

The lighthouse keeper got his stuff from

the lighthouse. He said his goodbyes.

“I’ll miss you, but it is a lot quieter in the


Two days later…he was robbed

by a robber. He got away but…with a

tracking device on him.

The robber knows where he is.

But he went for a shower and the

tracking device was dead.

Luke Walsh

Co Cork



Once upon a time, there was an old, tiny island with a bumpy surface. Oddly, this tiny island

was in the middle of the sea with no surroundings. There were no buildings except for a tall

red and orange lighthouse! It had a flat roof and, not surprisingly, it had very mossy walls. It

has been there since the 1600s.

One foggy day, a lost, skinny sailor with golden ponytails was sailing in her oak boat

near the island. Since it was so foggy and the lighthouse’s light was broken, the oak boat

crashed into the lonely island. The skinny sailor was scared when she saw a big hole in her

boat. She was very unsure about what to do so she went into the lighthouse.

It was a unique lighthouse. There wasn’t just a bright light and an old set of stairs,

there were old, dusty books about magic and history! There were no good tools to fix the

boat though. They were all broken.

She decided to explore the lighthouse and read books about magic, which was when

she saw a glowing book. It was glowing in different colours. The small sailor hesitated for a

second. She frantically pulled the glowing book off the old bookshelf and opened a secret

passage. She went in and to her surprise, a ghost was making a sword.

The pale ghost looked at the wide-eyed sailor and the sailor asked, “Who are you, and

what are you doing here?”

“I’m Grace O’Malley,” she replied. “I was locked in here in 1603 for being the only girl


“Wait.” said the sailor. “You’re the real Grace O’Malley? The only girl pirate? The

awesome pirate who met Queen Elizabeth? The pirate that…”

The overexcited sailor forgot what she was going to say, so she kept her mouth shut

even though thoughts kept popping in her smart brain as fast as the ticking of a loud clock.

She let the ghost of Grace O’Malley speak.

“What are you doing here?” asked Grace.

“My boat crashed here and I don’t know how to fix it. There are no good tools so I can’t

fix it,” replied the sailor.

“I know where they are. If you get me out of here and make a special potion, I will fix

your small boat and get you to your cosy home?” offered Grace.

“Okay,” said the sailor.

The kind sailor followed Grace out of the secret room and found a book titled The

Magic Book of Potions. The smart sailor went through the ripped pages and finally found

the secret recipe. She made the potion and the happy ghost of Grace O’Malley drank it and

came back to life!

“Good!” said Grace. “Should we fix your boat?”

“Yes!” said the sailor.

Grace went upstairs and opened the old light. There were a lot of good tools and oak

planks. They took the items downstairs and fixed the oak boat. They took an old map and

sailed away together.

Victoria Tecza

Co Dublin


On a Sunday morning, Mia and her mum were going to see a lighthouse. They got into the

car and drove off to the lighthouse. After Mum parked in the parking lot, she got out of the

car and saw a man in a red and blue work uniform. Mum went to the man and asked if he

worked there.

“Hello,” said Mum. “Do you work here?”

“Hello, Miss. I do work here and I will be your tour guide today,” he replied.

“Oh, how lovely,” said Mum. Then Mum went to get Mia in the car.

When Mia got out of the car she said to Mum, “WOW! What a tall red and white

building!” She was amazed as they walked inside it.

When Mia got inside, the only thing that caught her eye was the white long spiral

staircase which went all the way up to the top of the building. Mia asked Mum if she could

go up the stairs.

“Yes,” said Mum, “but we need to be careful. There are other people here.”

Mia walked up the stairs step by step. She looked down and saw how high up she was.

Mia started to shout for help. Then she looked down and slipped! Her legs were hanging

from the stairs! Luckily her hands were on the stairs. She shouted again for her mum’s

help, but Mum was on the phone talking to her friend. Mia was worried.

Just then a teenager was walking up the stairs too and when she reached where

Mia stopped, she could see Mia’s hands on the stairs holding it so she would not fall.

The teenager called for help rushing down the stairs. A lot of people came to help.

Then Mia was thinking of how much people came just to help her. When Mum saw her, she

was terrified.

She froze!

Some people got her legs and hands then they started to pull her in. One man

was able to carry Mia safely down. Everyone looked at the man going down the stairs.

Mia was fine and Mum said, “How about I go up the stairs with you this time?” Mia said yes,

then Mum took Mia’s hand as they walked up the stairs together. Suddenly, Mia started to

feel worried.

Mum said, “Don’t be worried. You will be all right.”

Eventually they made it to the top and they saw the tour guide again. They asked how

he had been there. The man said that he took the secret way. Mia asked what the big light

was for and the tour guide said it is for the boats that come at night time. The big light lets

the boat know where they are going.

Mia took pictures with Mum’s phone. The tour guide finally took them to the gift shop

and Mia had saved some coins to buy the lighthouse plushy. Finally, Mia and her mum went

home after their adventure at the lighthouse.

Lola Stephen Ojo

Co Dublin



Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Many years ago, there lived a sea monster under a lighthouse. No one had ever seen him, but

they had felt him moving. In the full moon, the monster would wake up. The lighthouse had

almost been crushed by the sea monster. The people had been injured so the lighthouse was

closed. It had been forgotten. The people built a new lighthouse and three girls called Lola,

Elly and Sofia lived there with their mother. The monster moved under the new lighthouse.

The three girls felt movement, so they went to look at what was making it move.

Chapter 2 - The Mystery Under the Surface

The girls went for a dive into the water. They saw something move so they swam under the

lighthouse. They saw a giant octopus with three eyes and a big mouth with sharp teeth. Its

body was as thick as a diamond and its skin was glowing. Lola, Elly and Sofia were very

scared of the giant octopus. They hid behind a big rock where they saw more sea creatures


“Remember the story Grandma told us about the sea monster that lives under a

lighthouse?” Elly said.

Lola and Sofia nodded their heads.

“Well, that is the sea monster,” said Elly.

The girls were shaking in fear and went up to land. They told their mother, but she

didn’t believe them.

Leonard Solej

Co Dublin


There was a small island in the middle of

the sea. There was nothing on it but one

lighthouse. For hundreds of years, this

lighthouse helped seafarers to find their

way. He was very useful, but also very sad.

He couldn’t talk to anybody, couldn’t see

anything interesting and was very bored.

One day the sailor Sam, and his friend

Pat went to sail the sea, but they got lost.

Suddenly, a storm arrived and the sailors

were in danger. Fortunately, Sam saw a

light in a far distance. They started to sail

towards the light and when they got closer,

they saw a lighthouse. The lighthouse led

them ashore.

Sam and Pat docked safely and were

very happy to have soil under their feet. Both

were very thankful and decided to restore

the old lighthouse. They gave it new lights

and colours. Sam and Pat gradually began

to build buildings on the island. They created

parks where beautiful trees started to grow.

Other people found out about a lovely

new place and they moved to this island.

They called it Ireland. The lighthouse was

no longer bored and was delighted to see

so many nice people and beautiful places

around him.

The lighthouse continued to help ships

at sea and everyone in Ireland lived happily

ever after.

Chapter 3 - The Full Moon

It was the full moon. The ground was shaking again. Their mother thought it was an


“Girls, go hide under the desk. I will check outside,” their mother said. When she went

outside, she saw only the lighthouse was shaking. She ran back inside and told the girls to

go outside.

“The monster…” Sofia whispered to Lola and Elly. They nodded their heads.

“Mom, can Sofia, Elly and I go for a dive?” Lola asked.

“Yes, but be careful,” Mom replied.

The three sisters went for a dive and saw the monster. This time the monster was

awake. His eyes were glowing red. The girls went back up to their mom.

“How will we defeat the monster?” asked Elly. Then they saw their Grandma, who had

heard about the lighthouse.

Chapter 4 – Move In

The girls’ grandma went for a dive and saw the monster. She gave the monster a special

syrup that made the monster small. The monster stayed small for the rest of his life. He

wanted to move in with the girls.

Lola, Sofia and Elly thought he was cute, but their mom said no. But he did move in

after a while and Mom also liked the little monster.

They all agreed his name should be Diamond because of his skin colour. Diamond likes

to eat glowing mushrooms, but he only wakes up at the full moon.

Sofia Tsoneva

Co Dublin



Once upon a time there was a family. There

was a mom, dad, a little girl and a dog. They

lived near the big blue sea. The girl’s name

was Isabelle and she had a dark blue ribbon

in her hair. Her hair was a dark oak type of

colour and she had blue eyes.

They lived near a lighthouse, and every

night Isabelle looked out the window to see

as the light became bright. The lighthouse

was tall and it had curly stairs. It was very

big. Isabelle’s parents didn’t let her go to the

lighthouse. They always said the stairs were

too dangerous, or the light was too bright.

Isabelle was tired of listening to her

parents, always the same word every time.


Isabelle was dying to know what was up

there. She decided to go up to the lighthouse

one night. So earlier that day, she packed

up some stuff in her pink backpack. She

went down the stairs and tiptoed down the

hallway, trying not to wake up her parents or

dog. She managed not to wake any of them

up and she was on her way to the lighthouse.

When she got there, she went up the

curly stairs and went up and up. When she

was almost at the top she tripped! She fell

down the stairs.


Down the stairs she went, all the

way down, but then she saw her dog Max

through the tiny window and she shouted,

“Max? Max! MAX! Come here, boy!”

Max heard Isabelle in the lighthouse.

Max saw her coming down the stairs and ran

to save her, but Isabelle crashed into Max

and they both fell into the sea instead!

That night, to make things worse, there

was a big storm! Isabelle and Max were both

kind of blinded from the bright light, so they

tried to avoid the light by going under the

water, but it didn’t work. The only thing to do

was to wait for their parents, or a lifeguard,

or at least someone to come save them.

After a while it was quiet. There were only

waves crashing into them and it was all a

blur for Isabelle and Max. It was five in the

morning, so they were in the water for six

hours until their parents woke up.

When Mom and Dad woke up, they

made Max’s breakfast and they called, “Max!

Come on boy!” but there was no answer or

bark. They thought he was outside, so they

called Isabelle instead but again, there was

no answer.

Mom and Dad looked everywhere in

the house, but still they couldn’t find them.

They looked outside at the water and spotted

them! They rushed out and got them out of

the water straight away. They were cold, wet

and sad so they went in the house together

to get dry, and Isabelle got hot cocoa.

Leila Filimova

Co Dublin



Far, far away by the ocean, there was a big

lighthouse. The big lighthouse was shining

so bright so all the ships passing by could

see it. In the lighthouse, there lived an old

man. He had a long white beard and white

hair. He lived there with his furry big brown


One day the old man and his furry dog

were hungry, so they went fishing in their

small brown boat. Suddenly, the old man

realised that he had forgotten his fishing rod!

The only thing the poor old man could do

was to go back into the lighthouse. Halfway

back, he spotted an old fishing rod under the

seat that he had there all these years and he

decided that it was time to use it for the first

time. He got it out, cleaned it and he was

ready to catch a nice juicy fish. He didn’t

have to wait too long!

When the old man caught a fish, he

was very surprised and disappointed, as it

was a really small fish. It was not what he

was expecting and it wasn’t enough for

dinner with his big furry friend. The old man

decided that he will let the little fish go and

try again.

Suddenly the fish began to speak.

“Wait, wait, wait!”

The old man was terrified and surprised.

“I have lived here a long time and I never

caught a talking fish before!”

The fish began to talk again. “I am a

really rare fish that can give you anything you

want but with only one wish!”

The old man was so surprised that he

didn’t know what to say. He got a big smile

on his face and he felt really lucky. Next, the

dog started barking happily. The old man

and his furry brown dog were not hungry

anymore because of the rare goldfish. The

old man put the fish in a jar of water and they

went back to the big lighthouse.

He sat down on the ground and started

thinking what he wanted the most. The old

man told the goldfish he wanted a golden


“Your wish is complete!” the fish said.

The old man looked at his lighthouse

and it was all made of gold! The old man

with his long white beard then said, “I want

only one more thing.”

The goldfish said, “Okay, go on!”

So the old man said, “I want my

lighthouse to be famous and so bright that

everyone will see it.”

“Okay,” said the fish, “but only if you

give me your dog.”

The old man was confused as he

thought he had only one wish, so he asked,

“How many wishes can I have?”

“Just one,” said the fish, “but I can

make an exchange: a wish for your old furry


“No, I won’t give away my only friend,”

the old man replied.

So the fish said, “You don’t want to be

famous and your lighthouse to be bright?”

“No. Friends are more important, you

can even make my lighthouse normal again,”

said the old man.

The goldfish was very shocked that the

old man decided to keep his dog and not the

wishes that he could have.

“Well,” the old man said, “It is better to

have friends and not be rich and famous,

than to be rich and famous and have no


Lena Sak

Co Dublin


There once was a girl called Meribella,

a beautiful star of the sea. She lived in a

magical lighthouse called Ireland’s Teardrop.

The Fastnet Rock Lighthouse was her home.

Mum and Dad lived inside the lighthouse too

it was their job.

Meribella loved the sounds of the

splashing waves and the smells of the


Her home was surrounded by beautiful

birdlife and amazing rockpools.

Meribella’s favourite animal was a noisy

seagull. She had great fun giving bread to

the seagulls. Meribella particularly liked one

bird that she named Feathers. She often

spent hours sketching the flock of birds that

surrounded her home.

One night, Meribella woke up to the

frightened sound of someone in trouble on a

fishing boat, in the raging waters outside her

bedroom window. Thankfully, the lighthouse

beacon guided the boat to safety and all on

board were safe.

Meribella’s lighthouse home ensures

the safety of all those at sea.

Camille Goggin

Co. Cork




Jasper Zwaan

Co Dublin

There is a beautiful little island that has a lovely, big lighthouse. Beside the

lighthouse is a house where the lighthouse keeper’s family lives. He and

his wife have two boys named Paul and George. Paul is the smart one and

George is the active one.

One day, Paul and George had an idea, which was to have a sleepover

at the top of the lighthouse. So that night, Paul and George asked their mom

and dad if they could have a sleepover there.

“Yes, why not? Great idea boys!” they said. Paul and George were

cheering so they packed up their things and went to the lighthouse.

Before they ran to the lighthouse, Paul asked if they could bring a

phone with them.

“No, you boys are too young to have a phone,” said Mom.

When they reached the lighthouse, the first thing they did was look out

of the window. Paul and George couldn’t believe their eyes. A deadly storm

was coming straight at them and they saw a man clinging to his boat, which

had flipped over! Paul and George were thinking of ways to save the man.

They had to think very fast. As they weren’t allowed to bring a phone with

them, Paul had a thought.

“Maybe if we turn the lighthouse light on and shine it onto the man, the

lifeguard will see it.”

George thought about it for a minute and then said, “But the light

doesn’t work, remember?”

“Yes, but maybe they were wrong!” replied Paul.

Paul and George argued for ten minutes. “We can’t be arguing for ten

minutes, we have to think fast!” said Paul.

George was doing push ups and wasn’t focusing.

“Come on George, what are you doing? The man is in trouble!” shouted


“Why not just leave him? The lifeguard will see him anyway,” said


“Of course not, George! The lifeguard is inside the rescue station

because of the deadly storm. Think, George, think!”

George said, “But if you try to turn on the lighthouse light, the whole

lighthouse might explode!”

But Paul thought it would work, so he tried to turn the light on while

George was trying to stop him. But it was too late, Paul turned the light

on and it worked! George was shocked to see that it actually worked. Paul

pointed the light to the man clinging on to the boat.

The lifeguard saw the light and thought, “How is this possible? The light

is actually working again!”

The lifeguard went up to the lighthouse and saw Paul and George. Paul

and George told everything about the poor man and his capsized boat. The

lifeguard went on a boat out in the deadly storm to save the man.

He brought him back to land and Paul and George saved the day. They

were the heroes!

One summer’s day, four kids took a boat out to a lighthouse. Their names

were Mia, Amelia, Noah and Mason. There was something they didn’t know

about the lighthouse…IT WAS HAUNTED!

When they went inside the lighthouse it was dark and dusty. “Let’s find

a switch to turn the lights on,” said Mia. They all agreed.

Noah said, “Did anyone bring a flashlight?”

“I always bring one everywhere,” said Amelia.

Amelia handed the flashlight over to Noah and he turned the flashlight

on. After a few minutes of searching, Mason found the switch to turn the

lights on. Mason was very proud of himself but Mia, Noah and Amelia all

shrugged and walked away. Amelia wiped her finger on the table. When she

looked at her finger it was so full of dust you could barely see her skin.

“We should go explore!” said Noah excitedly.

They all agreed but Mia was the only one who had a bad feeling about

this. “I don’t think we should explore. I get a creepy vibe from this place,”

she said.

“Oh, stop it, scaredy cat, we’re just trying to have fun,” replied Mason.

Amelia then said, “Yeah, we’re bored and just want something fun to


Noah said, “Well we’re going to explore now, you can stay down here

if you want.”

Mia nodded her head. Everyone except Mia went up the stairs with light


Mia took out her phone and began to search the lighthouse that they

were in. Mia found one storybook about the lighthouse. The story was

about a family who rented out a boat to have a picnic on the island with the

lighthouse on it. After the family got there, they set the picnic up and ate

some food. The wife went for a swim in the ocean. While she was swimming,

a big tide came in and she sank to the bottom of the ocean. The husband

realized what had happened and five minutes later got in the boat and rowed

the boat back to tell people on the mainland what had happened. The legend

is that at night, when there’s a full moon you can see her swimming back to

shore. After Mia read that, her eyes were wide open.

“That’s not true, is it?” she said in a shaky voice. All of a sudden, she

heard a scream that sounded like Amelia.

Mia jumped and said, “What was that? I should go investigate to

see if she’s okay.”

Mia rushed to find Amelia and found her at the very top of the

lighthouse. Noah and Mason followed Mia shortly after.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mia.

Amelia, shaking in fear, pointed towards a ghostly pale

lady swimming in the ocean under the moonlight. The four

of them started to scream and ran to the boat.

They all swore that they would never go back to

the lighthouse ever again.

Isla O’Donnell

Co Dublin



Hi! My name is Keeper and I am just a playful, frisky, little

brown dog. I’m here to tell you a story, a story that is hard

to believe but it really happened.

Some time ago, when I was just a little puppy, I lived

on top of a mountain on the edge of the biggest cliff I’ve

ever seen. I lived in a lighthouse with my master, an old

man named Stewart. He had a good heart and he always

made sure I had food in my bowl.

One day, Stewart got terribly sick and his life

was slowly fading away, like the light in the forgotten

lighthouse we lived in. I didn’t know how to help Stewart

until I heard him speaking in a dream. He kept repeating

himself over and over again, “Go and find the secret

passage, it brings you under the sea. Then go and find

me a light that will set all of us free.”

I decided to take it seriously, so I began to look

everywhere, but I didn’t have any luck. I started thinking

that there is no such thing as a secret passage. The

same night when the last wooden log died out, I felt a

cold breeze coming from the fireplace. I looked in and I

couldn’t believe my own eyes. Behind the fireplace there

was a slide. Without any hesitation I went down the slide.

I felt scared going down, but I knew it was the right thing

to do. It took me a while to land on the ground under

the sea. Suddenly, I realised that I was in some kind of

a magical world. It was really beautiful there. I saw all

shades of blue, many kinds of fish and sea creatures that

I had never seen before in my life. I started playing a bit

because I always liked water, but then I realised I needed

to focus.

I knew I didn’t have much time, so I started looking

for the light everywhere. Somewhere between a cave

and a shipwreck I noticed a person singing a beautiful

song. I went closer to say hello.

“Hello. I’m Saoirse, Queen of the Sea,” she answered.

“Your Majesty, my name is Keeper. I am trying to save my master Stewart. I’m looking

for a light that helps him to get better,” I replied.

“Oh, you must look for the light from the sacred tree. Take it and bring it to your

master, run as fast as you can!” she told me.

I ran fast up the stairs. I put the light into the lighthouse and went to bed. The next

morning, I looked at my master and he was young and healthy again. He felt so good that

he even trained with weights! He looked happy again, and the lighthouse was shooting the

light into the horizon, helping lost ships and their sailors safely home to their families.

Filip Skroban

Co Dublin


Once upon a time, there lived a small boy whose name was Rob. His parents’

names were Jimmy and Lisa, and his little sister’s name was Sophie. His family

expected him to keep up the family tradition of being a carpenter, except deep

down Rob was always drawn out to sea and he himself wanted to become a the

owner of an amazing lighthouse. But, the boy was always nervous about telling his

family because they might take him as a failure.

Anyway, our story begins on a nice summers evening.

Rob had just finished his exams to go to secondary school and was lying on

the sofa in his house playing on his Xbox, when his sister bursted in and shouted,

“Pizza, pizza, come quick it’s on fire!”

“What?” Rob shouted back, jumping up and starting to run to the place where

the fire extinguisher was and staring at Sophie, “It’s not there.”

“Oh, I know, I already told Mam, she’s almost done putting it out. I just thought

you’d like to know,” she said back smugly and skipped off.

When Rob arrived at dinner later it was to find spaghetti bolognese on the

table. Still fuming, he left the table ten minutes later and went back to his Xbox.

The next morning, Rob jumped out of bed at 4am and went to his sister’s room

and put some Lego in her shoes. Then he got some string and made a tripwire just

outside her door and set up two cameras around the room so he could catch all the

action. She would never see it coming!

Later that morning, at 7.30am, the prank worked and Sophie was found on

the ground by Lisa. By no surprise, she zoomed up to Rob’s attic bedroom, except

Rob wasn’t there. He was actually collecting the footage of the prank.

When he went down to the table for breakfast, it was to find an entire family

frowning at him.

“What did you think you were doing?!” spat his mum from across the table.

“It was just a little prank,” Rob said back defensively, “You know, a little


“Well, on a different note, we would like you to go down to the summer camp

booking shop and pick and pay for a summer camp, OOKAAYY?” said Rob’s dad.

After breakfast, Rob went down to the shop with the money his dad had given

him and looked at the poster outside the shop. He saw to his delight, a summer

camp for people who would want to have a job at the beach just like Rob. When he

returned, he rushed up to his bedroom to pack, the start of camp was the following



Rob had already left for camp before anyone else even woke up, he really

enjoyed the first day at camp. On the last day of camp, they all did some tests to

find out whether you were worthy of being whatever you wanted. Rob did amazing

in his test and passed. Ten years later he became the owner of a lighthouse and

his family was proud.

Ethan Norton

Co Dublin




Eily Kelliher was out fishing with her father. She lived in the lighthouse near the bay, along

with her two brothers and baby sister. Her mother had died giving birth to her last child.

Eily’s two brothers Tom and Michael were out playing hurling and the baby, Beth, was

asleep. Eily helped her father cast out the nets. She caught glimpses of small silver fish

darting around in the crystal clear water.

“Miss Kelliher, are you listening?” hissed a furious voice in her ear. Eily sighed, so

much for daydreaming about her new fantasy life, she thought. She turned around to face

her teacher, Ms Harstick.

“Of course I’m listening,” she said, trying to look as innocent as possible while fumbling

with the straps on her lifejacket. Ms Harstick raised her eyebrows.

“That’s two detentions you’ve got, Eily. I really thought, well, I hoped, you’d start to

behave this year.” She shook her head.

“Sorry, miss,” mumbled Eily in a small voice, “I just can’t help it.”

Miss Hardstick raised her eyebrows one more time and swept back to the fisherman

who was telling the class about lighthouses and his career as a lighthouse keeper. The boat

gave a sudden lurch and Ms Harstick had to put her hand on the railing to steady herself.

The class were on a school trip to visit Fenit Lighthouse. They were on a small sailing

vessel and Eily could see the rest of the class in another vessel a bit behind them.

Eily’s imagination took flight again as she could see the large statue of St Brendan the

Navigator towering over them. He had been born in Fenit Island. He was a voyager and Eily

and her class had been learning about him and his great voyage to America.

Soon the two boats were docking at Fenit Lighthouse. “Everybody out!” called Ms

Hardstick. She handed out worksheets to everyone. “I want all of them answered!” she

called into the throng of students.

They all trooped up to the lighthouse and started the long climb to the top. When they

finally got to the top of the lighthouse, Eily gasped as she took in the beautiful view, she

could see the Slieve Mish Mountains, the windmill at Blennerville, the long sandy coastline

of Camp that stretched towards Dingle, the beehive huts that nested under St Brendan’s

gaze and miles of sea that enclosed Tralee Bay.

Eily thought of the lighthouse and of the many lives it had saved. She looked down at

her worksheet and doodled a sketch. As she looked up she noticed a statue of a fisherman

casting his nets out to sea and felt sad for a moment thinking of the lives the lighthouse

couldn’t save. She got to work on her worksheet and hoped it wouldn’t be long before she

visited another lighthouse.

One week later….

“Well done Eily! Your work on lighthouses was inspirational.”

Top marks, Ms Harstick.

Cliona Nolan

Co Kerry

Ever heard of a lighthouse that can talk? No,

me neither because they don’t exist, right?

One winter afternoon, Emma and her

younger brother Josh were going on a walk

through the forest.


feet. “Could you please stop that?” asked

Emma, trying to tie his laces.



“Forget it!” said Emma crossly.

Suddenly they stopped.

Standing in front of them was the

biggest lighthouse they had ever seen.

“Wooh!” said Josh. “Epic.”

“Get real, Josh. It is only a lighthouse,”

said Emma. “Come on, we have fifteen

minutes before Mummy and Daddy want us

home for lunch...”

Before she could finish her sentence,

Josh ran to the door, opened it and ran up

the stairs.

“Josh!” cried Emma.

When Josh was at the top he found a

glowing light and poked it. “Ouch! Ahhhhhh,

what was that?” he screamed.

In that moment Emma came up

the stairs “I heard you scream,” she said


“It... i i t t”, stuttered Josh.

“It what?” asked Emma.

“It can talk,” said Josh.

“Don’t be silly,” said Emma, looking a

bit worried.

“Actually I can talk. My name is Lily the

Lighthouse and that was my eye he poked.”

The children screamed.

“I have one question for you,” said

Lily. “Do you like reading detective books?

Because I do.”

Before the children could answer, the

wind blew so hard it knocked them out of

the lighthouse and it got hold of Lily. The

wind blew Lily over the sea and out of sight.

“What do we do?” asked Josh.

“There is only one thing to do,” replied

Emma. She started making seagull

sounds. “KAW! KAW!”

To Josh’s amazement, a friendly

looking seagull came out from the sky.

The gull put the children on his back and

flew off.

“Woo hoo!” screamed Josh. “I can fly!”

Emma took out her binoculars and

could see Lily in the distance. “We are

almost there,” she shouted.

“Doh, you are looking through

binoculars!” said Josh.

“Oh yes,” said Emma. “Oh no, Lily is

drowning! I am going to phone Daddy and

ask him to bring his cranes.”

“Well,” said Josh, “what did Daddy


“He said we are crazy, but he will do it

for us.”

“Nice job,” said Josh.

When Daddy arrived, he got the crane

ready and it pulled and pulled and pulled and

finally Lily was safe.

Daddy went over to Emma and

whispered something in her ear. Emma

walked over to Lily and wrapped her arms

around her.

“I love you Lily,” she said.

“I love you too,” said Lily.

“Do you know what my Daddy just said

to me?” asked Emma. “He wondered if you

would like to be our new house?”

“Yes please!” said Lily. “I would love


Everyone was very happy. Josh and Lily

talked and talked and talked about detective

books all day every day.

Their parents still don’t know, though,

that Lily can talk and they never will.

Maisie Tunnicliffe

Co Dublin



The summer holidays were coming to an

end for Kyla, Jack and Chloe.

“Can you believe it?” asked Jack, “Only

one week left and our summer holidays will

come to an end. We haven’t even gone on a

family holiday yet.”

“Oh cheer up,” exclaimed Kyla.

Just at that moment, before the kids

began fighting their dad Bill came in with

their three-year-old sister, Chloe. “Surprise,

we are going on a family sailing trip to the

coast of Donegal!” shouted Chloe with

excitement. “Get ready now!”

In no time the family were in the car

on their way to board their boat in Dún


“Who is excited?” gushed Mum.

Everyone raised their hands, it really was

going to be an exciting trip.

The kids were full of joy because all

they wanted to do when they got to Donegal

was visit a lighthouse. When they reached

their destination, the boat anchored off the

shore and the kids could see a beacon of


“We will sneak out at midnight, swim

across the clear blue waters, and explore

the glittering-looking lighthouse,” explained

Jack. Kyla nodded in agreement

Before that, there was some fun to be

had! The kids could hear the birds flying and

singing songs, the waves were splashing

against the boat and the dolphins were

putting on a show. At one point Jack was so

obsessed with the dolphins, he jumped in to

swim with them!

At midnight, Kyla switched on her torch

and she and Jack quietly ran into Chloe’s

room to tell her their secret. “Come with?”

whispered Jack.

“Are you crazy?” said Chloe in her cute

baby voice. “Of course I am coming!” They

swam across with the light from the tower

guiding them.

The lighthouse sparkled in the night

and was shaped like a tall cylinder with a

spiral staircase just inside the door.

“Let’s go and explore each room,”

mumbled Jack.

“Look over here,” said Kyla, “It’s a note

and it reads Clues To Treasure.”

“Let’s start looking,” said Chloe.

The clues took them all around the

lighthouse, from an old fridge, to a brick in

the wall, and to the tower. Eventually they

found the last clue, which said, “Tic Tok Tic

Tok.” They rushed over to the old wooden

clock and there they found thousands of

glittering jewels!

“Congratulations!” said a voice inside

the clock. “You found the treasure! I will

send you on your way back to your boat,

and when you get home from holidays some

treasure will be waiting for you under your

bed,” echoed the voice.

In a flash, the kids were back in their

beds on the boat before morning time came.

The magic of a lighthouse!

“We may have waited all summer long

to go on holidays, but it sure was worth it in

the end,” exclaimed Kyla.

Everyone should visit a lighthouse when

holidaying in Ireland – you never know what

you might find!

Mia Crilly

Co Dublin


Our story begins when my three best friends

and I bought a yacht. Their names are Cian,

Kyle and Michael. We all agreed to go to

Venice for the summer.

We left the dock at 1:30pm. Michael

said the journey would take three days. On

our trip, we saw lots of animals: seagulls,

dolphins, whales and even sharks! At one

point, we thought we saw a big yellow

submarine too.

We did lots of stuff to entertain

ourselves. We went scuba diving, and in the

evenings, we played cards. When we got

to Venice, we parked our yacht in the dock.

When we reached the house that we had

rented, a big surprise was awaiting us.

There was a lighthouse beside our

house and the owner of the house owned

the lighthouse! The owner of the lighthouse

was called Deirdre and she gave us a tour


The view was amazing and the

lighthouse was very tall so it took a while

to get to the top. I was very tired after. The

next day we went to the village. We looked

around for a bit, then we got some ice cream

from a market- it was delicious!

We stayed for three weeks. We did

lots of things in Venice but here are my two

favourite bits of the adventure: the first one is

when we went down the canal in a gondola-

It was so peaceful and nice. The second one

is when we got a helicopter ride over Venice.

The tour guide told us about their historical

buildings. It was super cool! After all our fun,

we went home and sold our yacht. We had

lots of fun in Venice and hope to go another

time. Until next time, BYE!

Daniel Carroll

Co Dublin


My family and I have just moved into this

lighthouse. A strange place, you’re probably

thinking, but my mummy and daddy thought

it was a good idea to live near the beach. I

like being close to the beach, but I miss being

close to fields of flowers and my school.

The lighthouse was about thirty feet high

and it looked like the French flag with the white,

blue and the red colours. The light inside was

so bright, it was brighter than the sun.

The first day there, I said, “Mummy!

Daddy, I’m going upstairs!”

I heard Mummy and Daddy saying,

“Okay,” so I walked upstairs.

Suddenly a little door opened up, I walked

down and saw a huge blue light. I walked a bit

closer and saw a big blue orb. When I looked

beside it, I saw a little sign that said ‘Heart Of

The Sea’. My heart was going faster than a

machine gun and I could not move. The orb

shrunk down into a tiny blue marble so I put it

in my pocket and took it with me.

The next day, I went to splash in the water,

but when I stood up, I slipped and went under.

Then found out I could breathe underwater. I

remembered that I had the Heart Of The Sea

with me. I then realised that it was magic! I got

out of the water and dried myself off quickly so

Mummy and Daddy wouldn’t get suspicious.

When I got back home, I decided to put

the Heart Of The Sea away and make sure no

one got into the secret room. I knew it was my

job to protect the heart and I will… always!

I was beginning to like my new home. I

felt that my heart was happy here and I felt I

was happy here.

Madison Lei Western

Co Antrim




But he never came. But

when Napoleon died, his

ghost went to a tower and

he’s been haunting it ever

since, terrorising English

people there.

Then, after several years,

they got ghost busters to

handle him.

Muiris Gallagher

Co Dublin

Once upon a time, in a

land one hour away, in

1815, Napoleon fought in


But then one day, he

started stealing money from

the English, around 1857,

around April 13th. He got

clothes from Thug Thug


After they caught him, they

put him in ghost jail.

A few months later, the

English in Ireland were

afraid that he might come

again, so they built towers.

And one day he scared a

lighthouse keeper ¾ to

death. He retired and sold

the lighthouse to a robot

for €100.

Then they danced – the

English, the Irish and that

lighthouse keeper.

In a small hole in the wall of a lighthouse

lived a family of four puffins. There was

Mum, Dad, Pip and Nugget.

Every night Mum told Pip and Nugget

stories of pirates and shipwrecks and

treasure lost beneath the waves. However,

at the end of all the stories, she warned

them never to fly in the middle of a storm.

Nugget was small and scared of nearly

everything, so she always listened to her

mother’s advice. Pip was older and more

adventurous and he wondered what would

happen if he disobeyed his mother and

flew into a storm...

A few weeks later, a storm rolled in

late in the evening. Nugget was scared

so Mum comforted her. After dinner,

Nugget and Pip went to bed and soon

afterwards their parents went to bed

too. In the middle of the night a clap of

thunder woke Pip up, scared, he sat up

and looked around. When he saw that

it was just the storm that woke him he

calmed down and settled back down into

the nest. Just as he was about to drift off

to sleep he noticed a lovely light shining

from the water. He tried to get back to

sleep but the light was just too beautiful

- he decided to check it out.

Forgetting all about the storm, he

flew out across the stormy water towards

the light. When he got to the light he saw

that it was just a reflection of the light

from the lighthouse. By now he was very

tired from all that flying and suddenly

he found himself falling into the waves.

However, Pip wasn’t able to swim and

he found himself bobbing in and out of

the choppy water, gasping for breath.

The strong current carried him

easily into the channel where many boats

were parked. As well as boats there

were buoys. So, seeing his chance, Pip

climbed onto a red buoy to shelter from

the waves. Pip wished he had listened

to his mother’s wise words and hadn’t

flown into a storm. He felt so stupid! Soon

he fell asleep on the buoy, but the storm

raged on through the night and eventually

finished up early in the morning.

Pip’s family woke up in the morning

and were very worried to find him gone.

They frantically searched the sea from the

sky and eventually found him sleeping safely

on the red buoy that had saved his life.

Olivia Johnson

Co Sligo



Not for the first time, Percy, of Number 28 Ross Road,

couldn’t sleep. He ended up going to sleep at 4am.

What felt like minutes later, Percy woke up and found

himself underwater, breathing! He looked at his feet. They were

flippers! He looked at his fingers. They were webbed! He felt his face

– he had gills! Percy looked around, then he realised he was in a seaweed

maze. He turned a sharp corner and to his right was a young man with the

same features as him, except he had no gills and was wearing scuba diving gear.

Percy tried to ask, “How do I get out of here?” but lots of big bubbles came out

of his mouth instead of words. The man held up a poster, which read: The only way

to get out of here is to find all the jewels in all the lighthouses.

The man laughed an evil laugh. Percy knew he would get no help from him. Percy

looked up – there were loads of big lighthouses with shiny colourful lights beaming from

the top of each one. They must be the jewels, he thought. He set off along the twisty,

turny path of the maze.

On his way he came to a wall of seaweed. Percy turned back and swam a bit

more, but he couldn’t. Something large was blocking him. He looked up - there was

nothing there. Out of the water came a grey pink and white octopus. The octopus said

in a deep menacing voice, “I am the Octopus of Invisibility.” He started spraying apple

juice out of his suckers.

Percy swam for his life!

Then up above him he saw a lighthouse. He swam towards the wooden, brown

door with a golden door knocker in the shape of an octopus. Percy pushed the door

open and started to climb the stairs. On the stairs he met another invisibility octopus

and that octopus turned invisible. This time he ducked under the octopus and

swam up the stairs. He grabbed the green jewel that was attached to the light

and slid down the stairs back to the maze.

Percy swam from lighthouse to lighthouse to collect each jewel.

There was one lighthouse left.

On his way he met a green and purple spider and a blue horse.

All of a sudden, the spider started shooting burgers from his

pincers and the horse started shooting chips from its hooves.

Percy knew he had to get out of there and swam. Lasers

shot at him from behind.

He reached the last lighthouse, guarded by an

orange and white dog there. Light came from the

top of the stairs. Percy swam as fast as he could to

get the blue lit jewel. He swam to a big banner up above

him that said FINISH. Then everything went black.

Percy woke up in his bed. It was all a dream, he thought.

But then he looked down. There was a blue jewel in his hand!

Oisín Coleman

Co Dublin


It was the summer holidays. Annie and Dan,

who are brother and sister, were very excited.

They were looking forward to going on holidays to

Spain. But unfortunately, at the last minute the flights

were cancelled due to a terrible storm. They were so


Annie and Dan’s grandfather had a great idea. He

was going to surprise them with a trip to a hotel and visit a

lighthouse. When Annie and Dan found out, they were super

excited - it was the best news.

Grandad John had another light bulb idea. He would collect them

in the middle of the night to add more excitement to their adventure.

Annie and Dan packed their things and off they went. The joy they felt as

they headed off was amazing. Their hearts were beating so fast they couldn’t

wait to get there.

On the way to the hotel, Grandad said, “You know we will stay overnight at the

lighthouse also?” They were off to Tory Island Lighthouse. Annie screeched for joy but

Dan was a little nervous about it. You see, Dan could never sleep very well at night because

he was afraid of the dark. He always needed the light on.

His sister Annie was very good to him. They would read stories late into the night and

this helped him them eventually fall off to sleep. He had a nightlight but this kept Annie

awake a lot, so it didn’t always do the trick.

They got to the hotel and were very tired but also too excited to rest. They had some

breakfast and then got ready to go. Looking out to sea, their grandad pointed to the

lighthouse it was way in the distance. It appeared to be black and white. Grandad John

told them they were meeting his friend the fisherman Ted and he brought them across.

As they crossed the water, it was a beautiful calm day with blue skies and the sea was

so still. Ted the fisherman was excited to show the children around the lighthouse. When

they arrived, the fisherman explained that the light was always on it never went out. Dan

was amazed to hear this. It would stay on all day and all through the night. They explored

the lighthouse and then went to the balcony, which seemed to go on forever. When they

got to the top they could see for miles and miles. The fisherman told them the lighthouse

was twenty-seven metres high. They could see loads of boats beneath them. The view was

breath taking.

It was coming to the end of the day and both Dan and Annie were very tired.

They went to bed. The light shone everywhere it never went out. Dan didn’t feel

scared of the dark anymore.

They went home the next day and told their mum and dad about their

adventure and how the light never went out on Tory Island. Dan told his

mum, “I’m not afraid of the dark anymore!”

Dan never needed his nightlight again.

Rachel Conway

Co Sligo




Once upon a time there was a goblin called Gobby. He lived in a very fancy house because

he loved to build houses and all sorts of fun stuff. He lived at the bottom of the Earth with

aliens. He disguised himself as an alien so he wouldn’t get kicked out of his land because

there was no place else for a goblin to live.

One day, when Gobby was flying on his hovercraft, he heard a noise. Her turned

around and saw something shocking. It was a scary disgusting sight.

It was a lighthouse! Gobby did not like lighthouses!


Gobby ran. It was too scary to look at so he went home.

The next day Gobby knew he needed a plan. He went to his planning room. It was hard to

think how to get rid of the scary lighthouse.

Then Gobby got an idea, although he had to get to the lighthouse again. His plan was

to put rocket boosters at the bottom of the lighthouse and fly it into space.


The day after he went into the lighthouse, as soon as Gobby

went in the door shut behind him. Gobby heard a noise. It was

a boy. He looked a bit like this…….

[GOBBY SPEAKING] “He also has a pet polar bear who looks

very gluttonous and like this (not an alien, a normal bear).”



“When I saw the bear I ran.

While I was running I bumped

into the banister. I got my

power drill (I have one!) and

found the bottom of the

lighthouse and strapped

the boosters on” [END OF



I haven’t mentioned it, but tomorrow is Christmas in

Gobby’s world, and he is very excited.

Now, back to the story. The same evening Gobby got

a leaflet which read:


Gobby thought he could fly the lighthouse in the air

while everyone was singing carols.

He decided to get an early night ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

He was excited for Christmas morning



(GOBBY SPEAKING): “The next day I made

a G.R.A.N.O.L.A. B.A.R. (Gobby’s Really

Annoying Noise On Lovely Animals, Bad At

Running) – it turns everyone into goblins. I

started my device yesterday and sure enough

everyone turned into goblins.

Since I am the First Goblin, they obeyed

me and made me king. Also the boy and his

polar bear lived happily ever after in space and

all thanks to a lighthouse!!”

Join Gobby next time for more spectacular


Picture 4: Gobby ( Self-portrait and much better

than the author’s!)

Marcus Carter

Co Dublin


Today is the day Gobby thought to himself (also I

haven’t shown you what Gobby looks like so here

he is)

Picture 3: Gobby ( Author Sketch)

Now back to the story again!

[GOBBY SPEAKING] “When they sing the first carol,

I will……. Hey I have just seen my picture above ….

I don’t look like that – this is me……..



(GOBBY SPEAKING): “Two days later, I am

very powerful. I’ll tell you what happened. So I

blasted the lighthouse into space and the boy and

his polar bear were inside it!”.




One stormy morning at precisely 3am, a

stray buoy was drifting through the vast

open ocean. This buoy had led many ships

and boats to their end at the rocky shores

of the abandoned lighthouse. Some say

the lighthouse was haunted. Others say the

keeper and his wife were murdered and their

ghosts haunted the lighthouse. But anyway

- on with the story.

Down at the harbour at 8am, a young

boy was shoving his way through the crowd

to get to his little rowing boat. His name

was Jamie and he was participating in the

competition to get to the old abandoned

lighthouse. Jamie didn’t exactly WANT to do

this, but his dad wanted him to, and when

his dad wanted something, he got it all right.

So Jamie was pushing through the crowd to

get to his boat when his enemy, Greg Walsh,

appeared in front of him. Greg Walsh was a

fifth year in secondary school and Jamie was

only in sixth class.

“So,” drawled Greg. “Ickle Jamie’s

gonna try win the competition.”

“Why can’t I?” asked Jamie.

“Because I’m doing it too, chump,”

replied Greg.

“Well, now, I want to do this even more,”

Jamie muttered under his breath. “But I am

SO gonna lose.”

Five minutes later, Jamie was absolutely,

completely, utterly lost. Jamie thought he

was done for until he remembered about

Google Maps. But then he remembered that

he didn’t have a phone. Jamie felt doomed

once again until he saw a speck of land in

the distance. He thought, Land! and started

to row towards the dot in the distance. He

was a about five metres from it when he

realised what it was.

“The lighthouse!” Jamie exclaimed. He

felt a mixture of emotions: fear, shock and

even excitement until, he realised he was

about to hit one of the rocks. Jamie braced

himself for the final blow. But it never came.

He opened his eyes and there, sitting in

front of him was the most beautiful mermaid

he had ever seen.

She said, “Hello, friend. My name is

Shelly. What is yours?”

“J-J-J-Jamie,” Jamie whispered. He

suddenly realized that he wasn’t in his boat

anymore. “Where am I?” he asked.

Shelly said, “You are beside the old

abandoned lighthouse.” Jamie then spotted

the buoy. It looked like it wasn’t attached to

anything. He picked up the old buoy and felt

a flash of light behind him.

He turned around. Shelly was smiling.

“You’ve done it,” she said, pointing upwards.

“The lighthouse shines again!”

Lucy Blackmore

Co Dublin


I am Grace and I’m twelve years old. I live near

an old deserted lighthouse in Connemara.

I was awakened by a loud BANG! What

was that? I thought. After waiting a little

longer, I could hear nothing else, so I tried to

go back to sleep. My curiosity got the better

of me though, so I slipped out of bed and

crept to the front door. I gently opened the

door so it wouldn’t creak, but it did.

“Great!” I muttered angrily.

“What was that?!” I heard my mother

cry. “Call the police!”

I sighed; my mum was a serious

worrier. I stuck my head out of the door, it

was freezing! I grabbed my coat and went

outside. I looked around, but I couldn’t see

anything. I decided it must have been my

imagination so I turned around to go back

inside, when I heard voices. I spun around

and I saw lights coming from the lighthouse.

I tiptoed closer until I could hear what they

were saying.

“There’s a strong wind tonight,” growled

a man.

“Shouldn’t be too hard to smash the

boat against the rocks.” piped up another.

“Which boats are coming in today?”

This sentence belonged to a menacing,

gruff voice that sent shivers down my spine.

“What is this about?” I whispered. The

voices carried on.

“There is the Peregrine Falcon coming

in with expensive goods or The Pearl III that

has passengers.”

“Which one, Master?” said a thin weedy


The gruff voice came again, “We will do

the Peregrine Falcon. Be careful, though,

not to damage the goods. I have an important

customer waiting.”

I gasped. Was this a gang of smugglers?

I leaned in to hear more but my foot snapped

on a twig. I prayed they hadn’t heard me but

they had.

“What was that?” growled a voice.

“Go out and search,” commanded their


“Come on, what are you waiting for!

Get on with it!”

I rushed back in and grabbed the

telephone to call the police. When they

answered, I told them, “There are smugglers

near my house, their headquarters are in

the deserted lighthouse. Come quick!” I told

them my address and they said they would

get there as soon as possible, but it might

not be for a while. I went back to my hiding

place and saw them smash the boat on the

rocks and steal all the goods.

I then followed them to their secret

hiding place very quietly so I wouldn’t make

any noise. I saw them put all their goods

into a hidden cave. I then realised that their

master was my dad!

Sadness overwhelmed me. I was so sad

that I did not see a police boat come into the

harbour, but I felt a hand on my shoulder and

the voice of a police officer saying, “Thanks

for the call. Go home, we’ve got this.”

The next day, I was in the newspaper.

Emelie Galvin

Co Dublin


There once was a little girl whose dad worked

in a lighthouse. He visited home often, but

it was not the same. The little girl was very

curious. She wanted to visit the lighthouse

all the time, but her dad said that it was too

dangerous due to the winds and the seas


As the years went by, she waited and

waited. When she was ten, she asked

her father again, “Can I please visit the


But again, her dad said, “NO!”

The little girl was very angry and

disappointed. She ran out of the house,

feeling very annoyed.

Her parents followed her as she headed

towards the pier near where they lived. She

then jumped off the pier and her parents

were in shock! Her mum saw a boat and

they got in and tried to follow their daughter,

but it was too late. She had disappeared!

In the distance they noticed a strange boat

speeding away!

Her dad quickly made his way to the

lighthouse where he set off the emergency

signal. The rescue boats and police boats

arrived and everyone set out in search of the

little girl.

Eventually, the little girl managed to

escape from the pirates who had kidnapped

her and she went to the lighthouse in a

rowboat that she had found nearby.

She could hear a strange noise in her

head and suddenly she woke up only to

realise that it was a bad dream. In fact, when

she went down to breakfast, her parents

were waiting there with their bags packed

and a picnic ready. They had a great surprise

awaiting her! They were all going to spend

the night at the lighthouse!

It was going to be the best birthday


Aoibhin Howard

Co Sligo




There was an old man as old as he can be...

He couldn’t jump or read, be out on his boat,

or fish out in the sea...

He lived in an old lighthouse, as old as could be,

Who couldn’t walk or run, or light up,

or swim out in the sea.

The lonely old man had no one he could exchange words with,

But he often listened to the wind that blew from the cliff.

He didn’t have TV, because his sight was very bad and

He spent all his days listening to the sea, feeling sad.

One day the man got a harmful burger bite and then, all his two teeth fell out.

Next day he woke up in the morning and heard a little sound,

The sound that came from somewhere,

So man got frightened out.

He waited for an hour and heard the sound again,

So he walked out-two hundred steps away...

When got back to his lighthouse and looked all around,

Here he could see two lighthouse windows were falling out.

Up, up to the top where the light flashed around,

He sat and listen the sea and its sounds.

He listened for an hour and after better view,

He knew what happened to him, had happened to the lighthouse too.

There was an old man as old as could be...

Who felt no more loneliness and was stress free.

He knew he had friend, and his happiness grew.

He could listen to waves...and the stories of the sea...

Kajus Patriubavicius

Co Longford

Joe was a scruffy old man. He lived in a lighthouse

with his granddaughter named Niamh.

She was short-haired girl and scruffy like her

grandad. Niamh had to go to school by boat and leave

her grandad with the lighthouse. She had been with

her grandad all her life because her mother and father

were killed in the


H e r

granddad found

Niamh dumped

in the heather

in the hills when

she was a year

old. Now she

lived in the

lighthouse. On

15 of December

2001, she was

on her way back

from school

in her red and

blue boat when

a great storm

started to rage.

The huge waves

were crashing

against the boat,

which pushed

the boat onto

the shore. Niamh

was on the way

back home and

it was so hard to

get back to the


Back at

the lighthouse,

Grandad was

very ill. He kept

an old radio

in the cupboard above his bed, which told him the

weather. His bed was an old mattress, a few sheets

and a pillow. Niamh came back a few minutes later.

She asked her grandad if he knew the doctor’s phone

number. He said with a frown, “I’ve forgotten.”

Niamh marched up and down the stairs and then

a light bulb went POP! in her head. In the lighthouse

they had an old emergency fog bell but there was only


“It doesn’t matter,” she said to herself. So she

ran up the stairs into the bell room, as she called it.

It was so hard

getting the big

bell through the

little door. Niamh

had to push as

hard as she could

but she finally got

it out.

The air was

cold and damp

and a bit misty.

She saw a strong

rope with a hook

at the end and

with difficulty

Niamh hooked

the bell on it. She

hit it with a bat.

The bell rang so

loudly that Niamh

had to stuff her

fingers in her ear,

after a minute or

two. Soon, Niamh

heard police boat

engines roaring

and doctors in the

boat. Grandad got

special medicine.

All the doctors

and police officers

said “Well done!”

to Niamh.

Two weeks

later, Grandad

got better and it was Niamh’s ninth birthday, so she

got a model of the lighthouse that she loved.

Babette Gonzalez Blodau

Co Limerick



Long ago, in a galaxy down the street and left of the chip shop, just behind

the harbour, lived a man called Joe. Joe had a very big moustache and lived

in a lighthouse. Joe told everyone that his lighthouse was magic, so all of the

people in the town thought that Joe was a little crazy, but everyone still liked

him because he was a nice person.

Every year Joe pulled the name of one lucky child out of his moustache,

to come and visit his lighthouse. Today was that day and this is how it went

for Harry.

Harry walked into the lighthouse and looked around – it was tall with

round rooms and lots of stairs as Harry expected, but he hadn’t expected the

control panel desk by the window. He asked Joe what it was for.

Joe told him that his lighthouse was a spaceship and he asked if Harry

wanted to take a trip. A spaceship hiding inside a lighthouse wasn’t the usual

thing you found in your town.

Harry thought he was joking! But he said “YES! I want to be an astronaut

when I grow up.” Before Harry could believe his eyes, Joe had pressed a

button, and the lighthouse had taken off. Harry was still in shock when Joe landed the

lighthouse on Mars.

Harry jumped out the door and looked around for signs of life: people, aliens, animals?...

But what he saw was much, much worse….

A monster who looked like he was about to destroy the place.

Joe and Harry knew they could not leave this planet to be destroyed. They had to help.

They went looking for people but could only find fifty. The rest had evacuated. Joe sprang into

action, he told everyone to come into his lighthouse. From the top of the lighthouse, they tried

to decide what to do. Joe noticed that when the lighthouse

beam shone on the monster, he roared and covered his eyes

with his wings. Joe realised that the monster was afraid of

the light.

They could defeat the monster with the power of the


Joe felt bad, though, that Harry’s visit had turned out

to be so dangerous. He asked him to get into the pod – a

wardrobe type thing by the door. Just before Joe was about

to point the full force of the Light onto the monster, Harry

found himself pushed into the pod, and next thing he was

back on Earth, wondering if he dreamt the whole thing. But

the lighthouse was gone and so was Joe.

Two weeks later, however, Harry was walking on the

headland and he heard a loud whistling noise from overhead.

He looked up and saw something long falling from the sky. It

was the lighthouse. It seemed to slow down and landed safely

on the ground. The front door opened and Joe walked out.

He had a big smile on his face and the tooth of a great

monster in his hand!

Ross Micallef

Co Wicklow



Etty, Tommy and Izzy were climbing in the rocks.

Suddenly Etty spotted an old rusty abandoned

lighthouse. “Hey! Do you guys want to go over to

check that old lighthouse out?”

“I don’t mind,” agreed Tommy. “What about you,


“Well, I don’t know why not,” Izzy replied.

“Wonderful!” shouted Etty as the three of them

ran to the edge of the rocks.

“How are we going to get across?” asked Izzy.

“We will jump,” ordered Etty.

Izzy quivered; her legs started shaking. She

squatted down and leapt up in the air. Her legs

were out in front of her ready for her landing. She

had landed on her two legs! Etty and Tommy both

gasped together in shock. Tommy ran back,

jumped and he too landed on his two legs. Last was

Etty. He soared through the air leaning back to land.

His legs stretched out and he also landed on both two


“All right then, let’s go in,” Etty said. Tommy

agreed and they all walked up to the giant metal rusted

Lile-Grace Mullan

Co Dublin

door. Etty knocked loudly. The door slowly creaked

open all by itself. It was a miracle!

That did not matter to any of them at the moment.

A small set of spiral stairs lay at the back of the tiny

room. The three friends looked at each other and

walked up the stairs.

“Do you think it is safe?” whispered Tommy.

“Why not...”

Suddenly, they heard a giant growl. The three of

them reluctantly turned around and saw an open hatch

in the floor. Etty turned to Tommy and they nodded

to each other. They ran to the hatch and climbed in.

Soon after they met Izzy down there. All of a sudden,

they spotted a giant beast.

“RUN!!!” Etty shouted.

They all screamed and ran to the hatch. Just that

minute as they reached the hatch the door slammed.

They were trapped...

Matthew Clarke

Co Dublin



David watched as the sun fell into the

horizon. Tonight, the lighthouse did not shine

that bright happy light.

David said, “STOP THE SHIP! No

lighthouse tonight. We are lost!”

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!” said a man who

had gone fishing with David. His name was


“Stop panicking,” said David.

“Yeah, David’s right.”

Out of hiding came a girl with dark hair.

Her name was Sally.

“Sally,” said David.

“I know. I know,” she said.

Suddenly a submarine emerged out

of the water beside their boat and a hatch

opened at the top. CREAK! CREAK!

David, Phil and Sally couldn’t see

well in the darkness and then someone or

something arose from the hatch. Suddenly,

they heard a soft voice coming from the


“I can help you,” a woman said.

They felt relieved that help was here.

“Okay,” they said.

She said, “Hop into the submarine and

I will bring you to safety.”

So David, Phil and Sally all clambered

into the submarine. She brought them to a

small island to stay the night.

She said, “We will all camp here for the

night and, in the morning, I will bring you all

home safely.”

They spent a wonderful fun-filled night

of adventure on the strange island and in the

morning, they were home safe and sound.

The End… or was it?

Dear reader, what do you think

happened next?

Caela Houlihan and Sadie Gibson

Co Dublin


Once there lived a fish called Frederick, but

everyone called him Freddy for short. So

anyway, Freddy was like, totally afraid of

fishing boats because of what had happened

to his dad when he was a baby fish.

When Freddy was three months old, he

had been just swimming along with his mom,

Linda, his dad, Paddy and his little baby

brother, Joe. While they were swimming,

they saw a fishing boat above their heads!

His dad didn’t hear Freddy when Freddy

cried out, “Look out, Dad!” So, he got hit by

the propeller and before he realised…Paddy


I know, I know, I should’ve warned

you I was going to say that. So, because of

this tragic situation, Freddy was terrified of

fishing boats.

One foggy evening, Freddy was

swimming with his briefcase under his fin to

his job in the lab. Out of nowhere, Freddy

heard from loud shouting coming from a

fishing boat above his head. Freddy was

really scared, because it reminded him of his

dad’s accident. He decided he was going

to use all his bravery and started to swim

upwards. When he reached the surface of

the water, he could see two men frustrated

with each other and shouting:

“It’s all because of you!”

“You dropped the map into the sea!”

“Now we’ll never get home!”

Freddy shouted, from the top of his

gills, “HELLO!”

The two men stopped shouting and

looked down at the water. One of the men

screamed and jumped into the other man’s

arms. He had never seen a talking fish


The first man calmed down and finally

said, “Oh, hello little fish.”

Freddy replied, “Do you need any help?”

He swam hard to keep up with the fishing

boat (while trying not to get too close).

The men explained to Freddy that they

couldn’t find their way home. Freddy thought

for quite a while and eventually said, “I think I

know how to help you!”

Freddy stretched his fin, pointing

towards a distant light in the fog. The two

fishermen looked towards the light, which

started to flash. “Is that… a lighthouse?”

exclaimed one of the men.

Freddy replied, “Yes, it is. That’s how

you can find your way home!”

The men squealed and jumped excitedly

and said “Thank you so much, little fish. You

saved our lives. We’ll never forget you. We

are so grateful that we’ll never fish in this

area again!”

They were about to leave when Freddy

shouted, “WAIT! What are your names?”

One of the men replied, “This is Max

and I’m Sam. And what’s your name, little


Freddy answered, “I’m Freddy. Want

to become friends?” The men said happily,

“Yes, please. We should meet up again.”

Freddy said, “I always swim near the

lighthouse, you can find me there anytime

you like.”

The boat sailed off towards the

lighthouse, which guided them home safely.

Freddy was happy to make new friends and

was no longer afraid of fishing boats.

Lily O’Donnell

Co Dublin


Zoe O’Brien

Co Dublin



Once there was a boy and there was a village.

The boy lived in the village. There was a river

that flowed through the village, called the

Red Wolf Hound River, that the boy went

over by crossing a bridge that happened to

be called the Red Wolf Hound Bridge.

The reason he crossed this bridge was

because he could not go to school without it.

All the townspeople loved the bridge, but the

boy found it disappointingly dull. That is why

this story is so important…

One day, the boy was racing to school

because he was very late, like one hour late.

But when he got to the bridge, he stopped.

Here we are again, he thought, hoping

something amusing would happen. Nothing

here, again. Just like every other boring day.

He started to run across the bridge,

but he stopped abruptly when he saw this.

There was a reflection of a lighthouse that

was never there before. He turned around

to see that there was no lighthouse behind

him. He rubbed his eyes just to make sure

he wasn’t hallucinating because of how dull

the bridge was. He was not.

Got to get to school, he thought.

He tied his shoe and was about to start

running again, but he couldn’t. It was too

exciting to leave. The reflection hadn’t been

there before and who knows where it could

go when he was at school.

The boy thought, Okay, I’ll just stay for

a few minutes and try to find the lighthouse.

So he ran around the village for any

trace of a lighthouse. None. The minutes

then turned into hours, and by the time

school was over, he was still looking! So he

tried something he had been avoiding all day.

“Okay, I know this is dangerous, but I

really want to find out where that lighthouse

is,” he said to himself.

He grabbed a rock from the ground and

hurled it, hoping that there might be a slight

chance it was invisible, and you could only

see it in water, like in his comics. There was

no invisible lighthouse. The rock went all the

way around the world and came back at him.

“Owww!!” he said. “Definitely no

invisible lighthouse!”

So he thought, and thought, and


Then he thought of something. He ran

to his house and came back to the bridge

with his scuba diving outfit and his snorkel.

In we go! he thought.

He plunged into the deep waters of the

Red Wolf Hound River. It was dark but his

scuba diving outfit happened to come with

an underwater torch so that was surprisingly

lucky. Then, what he saw was so mindblowing

that he dropped his torch.

There, under the bridge, was a


“There is a lighthouse under the dullest

bridge in the history of bridges,” he said in


There happened to be a fish living in it.

“I just moved here from the Pacific

Ocean,” said the fish. “I heard it from a

sparrow, that heard it from a robin, that

heard it from a dove who said that this place

was great, so I moved.”

“Well welcome,” said the boy. So they

had a big party and invited everyone in the


Now, the boy loves crossing the bridge

more than anyone else, because that is

where his exotic best friend lives: in the

lighthouse under the bridge.


Once upon a time, a little girl called Barbara

lived in a gingerbread house…

Borrring, try again.

Once upon a time, Princess Barbara…

Stop! I HATE princesses. Try again or I

won’t buy the book!

Once, a girl called Barbara Riley

was riding her new horse. He was a light

chestnut and eight years old. Barbara had

lived in Middle Meadow Town all her life and

now, she had moved to Seal Cliff Farm so

her dad could follow his dream and become

a farmer.

How’s that?

Good, keep going.

Inside the farmhouse, Mrs Riley had

just left a loaf of bread on the windowsill to


“Barbara!”’ she called.

Barbara left her horse in the stable and

ran inside.

“Yeah?” she said.

“Tomorrow is your first day at school,

so you’ll need to be going to bed soon,” said


“Okay,” Barbara said, as she ran

upstairs to her bedroom.

Barbara had short curly hair and green

glasses. Her bedroom was in the attic and

she had bookshelves specially fitted for

the slants in the wall. Her walls were bright

yellow and the window was slightly open.

Barbara looked out the window and saw

the cows’ field. Beyond that was the pigs’

field, beyond that was the corn field, and

beyond that was the sea and Puffin Island


Barbara wondered what her school

would be like. Would her teacher be nice?

Would she make friends? Would…?

“Barbara! Dinner’s ready,” Mum called


Barbara went downstairs and had her

dinner of homemade lasagne, then went to


When Barbara woke up, the sun was

shining in through the gap in the curtains.

She jumped out of bed, got changed into

her new school uniform and opened the

curtains. Light streamed into the room.

Barbara stared at the lighthouse. It

seemed to be beckoning her to it. She ran

downstairs and had breakfast.

Barbara and her mum came into the

school together and stopped off at the

principal’s office to see what classroom

Barbara was in. In the classroom, her

teacher, Mr Swift, introduced her to the

class. Two girls called Zoe and Katie were

told to look after her. The first class of

the day was history.

“Today, we are going

to learn about Puffin Island

Lighthouse’s history,” Mr.

Swift announced.

Everybody was very excited

because Mr. Swift’s history

lessons were very fun

and, at the end of the

topic, he would always

get the class to act out

a story to do with it.

“Puffin Island

Lighthouse was built in

1896. This year is 2020.

Can anyone tell me how old

the lighthouse is?” asked

Mr Swift.

Zoe’s hand shot up.

“Yes, Zoe?” said Mr.


“The lighthouse is

125 years old,” she said.

Aoife Breathnach

Co Dublin


Tomas Jackson

Co Dubin



About fifty years ago, a quiet young boy

called Darren lived in Killybegs, Co. Donegal.

He loved to fish with his dad but was warned

never to go sailing near Rotten Island, where

the haunted lighthouse stood. Darren was

very curious about the redbrick lighthouse

and didn’t think it was haunted. It looked

perfectly normal to him. But his father said

that it was haunted and he nearly always told

the truth.

One cold winter’s day, Darren was

walking home from school, daydreaming

about what could be in the lighthouse, when

he bumped straight into the school bully,

Rodger. Darren usually avoided this street,

as Rodger lived there, but that day Darren

was obsessed with the lighthouse and

wasn’t thinking straight.

Rodger noticed Darren’s gaze towards

the lighthouse. He folded his arms smugly

and a menacing smile shot across his face.

“Bet you are too scared to ever go to

the lighthouse!”

He leaned closer towards Darren.

“Well, Dim Darren, how about you prove

you are not a scaredy cat? I want you to get

me a red brick from Rotten Island tonight.

If you don’t, I would love to wash the dirt of

your freckle-faced sister down the toilet!”

Darren didn’t want his sister to be hurt.

He knew he had to accept the challenge. So

that misty dark night, he snuck out of home

and set sail for the island. He didn’t want to

stay long. He creaked open the heavy door

and picked up a red brick. It was then that

he felt a hand on his left shoulder. He turned

and screamed into the face of an old man

with a missing tooth.

Darren was surprised when the old

man offered Darren a seat by the fire and

was nice to him. They had a long chat. The

man had been hiding on the island since the

war. He was a German soldier called Otto

but he didn’t agree with Hitler and ran away

in 1943. He hid from his fellow Germans for

a year. One day he saw an opportunity for

freedom. He provided the Resistance with

German secrets and over time he had made

friends with an Irish man called Seamus

Ryan. Seamus helped him escape and

brought him to Donegal.

“Wait a second! My dad is called

Seamus Ryan,” gasped Darren.

Darren explained that his dad told

everyone that the lighthouse on Rotten

Island was haunted. The old man chuckled.

“He has always minded me!”

From that night on, Darren enjoyed lots

of visits to Otto with his dad. Rodger stopped

picking on Darren when he produced the red

brick at school the next day. To this day, no

one knows that an old German man on the

run lives on the island.



Once upon a time in Poolbeg, there was a

lighthouse. The lighthouse was bright red

and it was very proud to support boats and

birds in the fresh sea air of Dublin.

Every year, the Brent geese would

arrive back in Ireland from Canada and the

red lighthouse made sure to check that they

were on time.

One year, things were very different. It

was April and the Brent geese were getting

ready to leave again for a very long time.

“Be careful!” Poolbeg Lighthouse


“Don’t worry,” the Brent geese shouted

and off they flew. Their journey had begun.

They would stop over in Iceland before landing

in Canada. “We’ll see you in October!”

The summer came and went. Families

swam in the sun at the Half Moon Club and

had fun on the South Wall and Shelly Banks.

Soon it was October. Poolbeg

Lighthouse couldn’t wait to see the Brent

geese. Suddenly the foghorn blew hard.

I hope they’re okay, he thought.

Meanwhile the Brent geese were flying

over tall mountains and green fields, looking

forward to seeing Poolbeg again.

“I’m hungry,” said Betty.

“Are we nearly there?” called Brendan.

“Just you wait. This rain will clear soon

and we’ll be at the first stopping point in no

time!” shouted Ben. Ben was very old and

wise. He had been on this journey many


“Keep it down back there!” exclaimed


It was now midnight and the Brent

geese had flown over frozen Greenland. They

were at their first stopping point in Iceland.

Poolbeg Lighthouse was waiting patiently,

counting all the waves that crashed up

against him. He flashed his light nervously.

Meanwhile the Brent geese were flying

hard into the night. The storm on the way

into Dublin Bay was getting worse, but they

had to keep going.

The little red lighthouse was getting

quite worried that they would not be able to

survive, but he had lots of hope in them as

they had gone on the journey many times

before and Ben could lead them very well.

“What if we don’t survive this last bit?”

asked Brenda.

“Come on. We can do it!” added Ben.

Their feathers were getting all wet, their

wings flapped and they dodged lightning

bolts. Meanwhile the little red lighthouse

knew they were late and knew this journey

might be Ben’s last, so he couldn’t stop


Slowly the storm cleared, and the little

red lighthouse could see the sun again. He

was never happier to see it in his whole life!

He looked into the distance to see if his little

friends were coming.

Suddenly out of nowhere, he saw mini

figures in the sky… the Brent geese were

back! He was bursting with pride. He was

so happy to see that they had all survived

and there were even new babies who were

all looking so well.

“I was so worried!” he called.

“No matter what happens, we’ll always

come back. You’ve always looked out for

us and we can’t thank you enough. Now

where’s that eelgrass? We’re ready for a big


Anna Bennis

Co Dublin






Most lighthouse keepers have quite the tales

to tell but I am going to tell you mine, which is

true, and it is one of the most unforgettable

tales you will ever hear.

It was a wild dark stormy night back

in November 1916, when I was on duty

as usual at the Haulbowline

Lighthouse at the mouth of Carlingford

Lough beside the Mourne Mountains.

When I looked out, I could see the SS

Connemara leaving the Port of Greenore

with its passengers and crew on their

way to Liverpool. Little did they know,

I could see an approaching ship.

It was the SS Retriever with a

cargo of coal for Newry. It was being

tossed around by the wind and a rough

sea. The two ships were heading for a

collision. I was beside myself with fear,

but I raised the alarm in hopes that one

of the captains could change course.

Alas, it was no use. It was too late. The

ships collided because the channel was

too narrow for them to pass.

The boilers exploded and the

two ships sank within minutes. It was

a nightmare to watch. I could hear

screams and the smell of the burning

fire was carried in with the wind as I

watched the exploding flames. Then

there was just darkness. Awful.

Onlookers had gathered on the beach

to try to help but there was only one

survivor. He lived locally until he was

an old man. Ninety-seven people

were lost that night in the terrible

tragedy. Even now, the wrecks are

at the bottom of the channel.

Last year the Haulbowline

Lighthouse was lit up and could

be seen all over the Mourne

countryside for the whole month

of August. It was in memory

of those who were lost in

Carlingford Lough and for

the ninety-seven poor people who died that

dreadful night long ago. Songs have been

sung and poems recited about the disaster

of the SS Connemara and the SS Retriever.

I am pleased that people keep remembering

because I will never forget that terrible night

when I was a young lighthouse keeper at the

Haulbowline Lighthouse.

Lily Rutledge

Co Down


“Are you ready, Emily?” shouted Ben.

“Almost,” Emily replied. “I just have to

get everyone, finish packing my bag and get


The five children and their dog Billy

were going to Ballycotton Island for the

summer holidays. Now that Emily had finally

finished packing, she went to get the others.

She found Joe first. “Joe! Joe! It’s time

to get to the boat!”

“Yes!” said Joe excitedly. “I’ll get the

others. Is Ben at the boat?”

Emily nodded. She was too exited to

speak. Joe let out an ear-piercing whistle

and almost immediately Richard, Lucy and

Billy came running from the back of the

house. “Come on!”

Ben was waiting on the boat for the

others and he was thinking, How could

anything be better?

They were going to stay in a little house

down at the end of the island and the farm

there would give them plenty of food. Ben

was the oldest and in charge. Suddenly

everyone arrived and a man started the boat.

Soon they were at the island. They had a little

swim and then it was time for bed. Nobody

stayed awake for long. They had a busy day!

That night Lucy woke around eleven

o’clock to find Billy nudging her with his


“What is it, Billy?” she asked. She woke

the others and then Billy sniffed. Then he

ran out of the house. The children followed.

Billy was no where to be seen.

“Where is he?” said Emily anxiously.

Ben shone his torch around and suddenly

saw Billy! He barked and the children

came over to where he was standing. They

gasped. Billy had found the entrance to the

Great Ballycotton Caves!

Only a few people knew where it was

worldwide. Now six more people knew where

it was! Billy unable to wait until everyone

was down, jumped into the hole with a joyful


Soon they were down and Ben said,

“Stay behind me, I don’t want any of you

to get hurt!’’ Then all the children and their

dog went on their way. They walked around

corners and bends and then they came to a

dead end.

“No! No! No!” said Emily. “Our adventure

is over before it got really exciting.”

“No, it isn’t,” said a very exited Richard.

“See? There’s a little door over here. It’s

brown like the walls so people won’t notice


They all rushed around and Ben slowly

opened the door. Behind it was some steps

going upwards and a small hole at the top of

the cave.

They all came up and they got a

surprise because they were in the lighthouse

basement! In front of them was an old chest!

Inside was a map. What fun they would have

reading and following it.

But they were very tired and Lucy found

it hard to keep her in eyes open! “Come on,”

said Ben. “Lucy’s almost asleep!”They all

hurried out of the cave and went to bed,

looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure…

Hannah Walsh

Co Cork

Liam the lifeguard was on night duty. He

was closing the lighthouse when some

men dressed in black silently came up and

pushed him into the sea.

Liam had no idea what was going on

or who these strange men were. He woke

up on the rocks with a bleeding leg and he

did not know where he was. “Help, help!”

he screamed.

There was a man with his dog on

the beach who saw Liam. He ran to the

lighthouse and then called Sea Rescue.

Liam and the man with the dog became

good friends.

They lived happily ever after and were

friends forever.

Oran Farrell

Co Dublin



There was once a girl called Pia. Pia was

eleven years old and she had light brown

skin, dark brown afro hair and caramel

coloured eyes. She lived beside a beach on

a hill in a small house with her dad. Her mum

had died the year before and all Pia had left

of her was a spot beside a big rock where

they used to have picnics at the beach.

So that’s why Pia went there today.

She walked down the hill onto the soft sand,

put a towel down beside the rock and lay

with her eyes closed, thinking about the

memories she had with her mum. But after

about five minutes she heard a rustle in the

water. “Hello?” Pia called out. “Is anybody


There was silence for about seven

seconds and then:


A dinosaur or dragon or something

jumped out of the water! Pia didn’t get a

good look at its face before it dove back in.

Instead of trying to get a good look at it, she

had grabbed her towel and ran home.

“Why’re you home so early?” her dad

asked as Pia rushed through the door.

“Dad! You’ll never believe what I saw!”

she said. “I- - -” But then she paused.

What was she going to say? Hi Dad, I

heard a loud noise and a monster came out

of the sea.

“I- I found a really pretty seashell!”

“Ooh, can I see?”

“No,” said Pia.

She ran up the stairs and chose a

book from her shelf. It was called The Sea

Dragon. It was about a magical water dragon

guarding an ancient lighthouse. She stopped

at one of the pages. It was a picture of what

she had seen at the beach. She read on

a few more pages. It said if she defeated

the dragon and got to the lighthouse, the

keeper would grant her one wish! Maybe I

could bring Mum back to life! Pia thought.

And with that she jumped off the bed, the

book fell onto the floor and the cover fell off

it. She picked up the cover and saw that it

was a map.

Pia decided she would get to the

lighthouse, so she picked up her bag,

stuffed the map inside and set off through

the window and into her dad’s boat. She set

off into the night. The journey wasn’t too

rough and soon she finally saw the dragon.

She grabbed her dad’s old harpoon gun.

As she approached it, the dragon took

a low swipe at her, so low that she climbed

onto its back and shot it. The dragon gave

a yelp of pain and sunk into the sea. Pia

jumped onto the rocks and opened the

lighthouse door. Inside she saw an old man.

“You have defeated the sea dragon. I will

grant you one wish,” he said.

“I want my mother back!” said Pia. And with

a whack on the floor with his staff, Pia’s

mum was there, hugging her daughter.

Heidi Groarke

Co Dublin


Kevin and his grandad lived in a lighthouse

on a cliff overlooking the Irish Sea. This is

what it looked like:

The light was so bright that it could be

seen for miles around.

One day three people met in a

rundown bar in the village near Kevin and

his grandad’s lighthouse. They were all fed

up with the brightness of the great light and

were discussing what to do about it.

“We need to somehow dispose of that

lighthouse,” said Bert, the person who had

organised the meeting. “And do so without

drawing much attention,” he added.

There was an outburst of ideas,

including driving straight into the house in

Maseratis full of TNT. There was a murmur

of disappointment.

Then Bert had an idea. “Let’s pull the

place of the cliff!”

“But wouldn’t that cause a lot of

attention?” said Mark, one of Bert’s best


“Not if we do it in the middle of the night,”

said Bert.

“That might just work,” said Alex. They

agreed on a date, booked a boat and went


Meanwhile I shall introduce one more

character. Meet Policeman Paul, he’s the

best police officer in the area and he was

investigating an old boat that just happened

to be the boat that Bert had booked.

Paul was examining and old closet

when suddenly he slipped and fell inside. He

was knocked unconscious.

A few days later, it was the day of

the attack. Bert and his crew boarded the

ship that Policeman Paul happened to be

on. For some reason Paul did not regain

consciousness as the boat glided into the


Bert had left Alex on the shore to quietly

blow up the foundations of the lighthouse

so it would fall of the cliff without as much

sound. The boat soon got near enough the

lighthouse for Mark to throw a rope to Alex,

who wrapped it around the lighthouse and

blew up the foundations…


“I SAID QUIETLY!” roared Bert.

Luckily for Bert, no one in the little

village woke up, but luckily for us, Policeman

Paul did.

Why is the boat moving? he thought

to himself. And why is someone shouting? I

better go and to see for myself.

Bert heard all the racket and he went to

look around. As the two were now walking

around the ship in the middle of the night,

they bumped into quite a lot of things, and

eventually each other.

“What are you doing?” said Policeman


“Ehh, I’m not trying to pull the lighthouse

of the cliff,” replied Bert.

“Then if you’re not trying to pull the

lighthouse of the cliff why is a rope tied

around it and you’re pulling it towards the

sea?” Policeman Paul asked.

“How do you know that?” snapped Bert

“Because I can see out the window,”

Policeman Paul replied.

“Oh,” said Bert flatly.

After that Bert and his gang were

rushed off to the police station and the

foundations were repaired.

Surprisingly, Kevin and his grandad

slept through all of this.

Fionn Locket

Co Kildare



“Get up, get up,” snarled Kate’s master


If you are wondering, Kate was a

thirteen-year-old girl and a slave!

“I need you to go and collect some

water from the lake. Make it quick!” said


“Okay,” said Kate. She ran to the lake

and got some water, but before going back

to her master’s house she went to the beach.

There is something I haven’t told you

about Kate yet.

A few months ago, when she was on

an errand at the marketplace for Nero, she

had spotted a bundle on the ground. She

discovered that it was a book of legends.

She could not risk bringing the book to

Nero’s house, so she hid it on the beach.

The book was about a lighthouse

keeper, who was very rich as he had

once saved a king from drowning. The

king was so grateful that he had given the

lighthouse keeper a huge amount of gold.

The lighthouse keeper was planning to use

his gold to help people by getting a more

powerful light so people wouldn’t drown.

Just before he could, pirates formed a plan

to take the gold. Before the pirates could

steal anything, the keeper and the lighthouse

mysteriously disappeared!

Strangely, inside the book, there was a

map and a note. The note said, Come and

find it. Kate had two options: the first being to

stay a slave forever or secondly, escape and

follow the map. Which would she choose?

Suddenly, she knew. She ran to the docks,

jumped into a boat and she was off!

Kate had been on the boat for a week

and was almost at the end of the map.

Suddenly, she saw smoke in the sky. It was

The Pirates of Doom! She had to get out of

there fast, but where to go? All she could

see was open ocean. Just as the pirates

were upon her, she dove into the water. She

swam over to the pirate’s boat to hear what

they were saying.

They said, “The gold is here somewhere.

Split up and find it.” Kate knew she had

to find the gold before those pirates. She

swam around and around until she noticed

something peculiar. The deeper she went,

she found that she could actually breathe!

Kate knew the lighthouse had to be

here and then she noticed a figure. She

swam closer to him. The figure pointed to a

cave but did not speak. Kate went into the

cave and saw it, the lighthouse treasure! The

man smiled and said, “It’s all yours.”

Kate was now the new lighthouse

keeper. Also, the pirates were caught and

thrown into jail. Kate was very happy. She

also used the money to get a super bright

light to keep boats from being shipwrecked

and everybody was happy (apart from Nero

that is).

Lucy Lynch

Co Galway



Once upon a time there was an old man

who lived in lighthouse of Ballycotton.

Legend was that the lighthouse was magical

and indeed, the lighthouse did have magic.

However, the man did not know that yet!

People would come to the old man for

advice and wisdom. One day a man by the

name of Fionn arrived. Fionn was a member

of the Callan. “Callan” means strong in battle

(and this warrior certainly was). He asked

the old man if he knew about other worlds.

The old man knew nothing of such things

but lied and claimed that he did. This turned

out to be a grave mistake!

Fionn said fiercely, “I have been to the

mystic worlds beyond here. They are there

for us to conquer!”

The old man worried that Fionn could be

telling the truth and that he could be found

out as a liar, so he suggested, “No, best

leave them alone. They have power beyond

your wildest dreams. Don’t go looking for

them, they’ll kill you.”

“I’m the best warrior in the galaxy,

I assure you”, said Fionn angrily and he

walked away. The old man had persuaded a

Callan warrior not to follow his dreams. That

night when the old man was cooking, the

pots and pans suddenly burst into flames.

The old man was afraid.

Now the lighthouse spoke to him. “All

the people you have wronged will come

back,” it said. Suddenly and by magic, the

lighthouse turned into a boat and sailed


Part 2: The Real Adventure Begins

As they rounded the headland, he saw them

- all the people he had ever wronged. It was

not many, in fairness, but definitely enough

to overpower him.

“You will pay for what you have done,”

said a man in rags. His story goes like this.

Once the old man told the Gardaí that the

innocent man was a thief! Then Fionn of the

Callan appeared. “You have never been to

other worlds!” he said.

Fionn raised his sword and charged

at the old man. Suddenly the lighthouse

transformed once more, this time into an


The magic lighthouse said, “You must

make amends and prove you have a good

heart and then and only then will they leave

you alone.”

The old man agreed. Now the only

problem was getting a chance to talk to them

all and he knew he had to be courageous.

When Fionn’s sword went right through him

he knew for sure it was a test to see if he

had a good heart. Luckily, he did.

Many years later, he still has not told

a soul about his experience. However he

never ever lied again!

Ben Lynch

Co Galway




Once there were two brothers. One was called Tom, who was twelve and the

other was called Tim, who was ten. They lived in a town known for its useless

abandoned lighthouse on the beach.

One day they were playing on the beach and Tom said, “I dare you to go in

the lighthouse with me.”

“Okay,” said Tim bravely. So they went in.

Inside, everything was covered in cobwebs and dust. Lots and lots of bottles

of colourful, unrecognisable liquid were on the shelves. In one room there was a

big pot with firewood underneath.

“Ah!” they screamed. There was a clear white person, but it had no legs!

Instead it had a pointy twisty thing. On its head it had a pointy hat, like a wizard’s.

It also had a thick bushy beard.

“Hello. I’m the wizard who used to live here. I’m called Fred,” said Fred. “I’m

now a ghost. I can’t leave until someone makes a poison to lift the enchantment

from the lighthouse. Can you help me?”

“Why should we help?” asked Tom.

“Because otherwise when you die, you will be trapped here!” said Fred.

“Okay, we don’t want that!” said Tim. “We’ll help.”

“Good. The first thing you will need is an eagle egg from the nest on the

roof,” said Fred.

“Come on, Tom!” said Tim, as he ran to the stairs.

While they were on the roof, they noticed that time didn’t pass in the

lighthouse. Anyway, as soon as they touched the egg the mother eagle

appeared. They ran and ran but then they heard cracking eggshells. It was the

other eggs. Quickly, they seized their chance and dashed down while the eagle

was distracted.

“Good. Now crack it in the pot and get me a green spiderweb from the

basement,” said Fred

“Come on Tim!” said Tom after they cracked the egg in the pot.

In the basement there were a lot of boxes and normal cobwebs. It was like

a haunted house.

“There!” said Tim pointing at the green cobweb. Tom grabbed the stick from

a box and used it to grab the web and they went back to Fred.

“Good! Now light the fire and stir it all together,” said Fred. So, they did and

some pink smoke rose from the pot and it filled the lighthouse.

“Goodbye,” said Fred as he flew away.

“Goodbye,” they said. Then they went home like nothing happened.


The lighthouse stands at the end of the pier

Somehow I’m drawn to it

The calm white and the bold red

Glisten in the evening air.

The refection that hits the water

Is magical, it takes my breath away

I love looking at the lovey lighthouse

As it lights up the bay.

Eva Kelly

Co Dublin

Gabrielle Hamilton

Co Antrim



One dark stormy night, a boy named Jacob

was sent to his grandparents’ house because

his parents had just got married and they

were going on their honeymoon. As they

pulled up outside his grandparent’s house,

he said to himself, “This is going to be very


The garden was very overgrown and

the old cottage looked like it hadn’t been

painted in 20-odd years. As the boy opened

the gate and knocked on the old rusty door,

his grandparents, John and Anne, were

staring out the window at him. He waved

goodbye to his parents and stepped inside

the house. The first thing he noticed was the

weird smell of bacon and cabbage.

“Hi. I haven’t seen you in a while,”

Jacob said.

“Sshhhh! The RTÉ news is on. There

was a buoy stolen last night!”

“Don’t you own Valentina Lighthouse

down the road?” said Jacob.

“Yes,” his grandad said.

“Oh, well, can I go to the shop to get

cornflakes for tomorrow morning?” Jacob

said. “So I don’t have to eat broccoli and

carrots for breakfast,” he continued under

his breath.

“Yes, sure. Here’s a fiver,” said his


“Thanks,” the boy replied. Off he went

into the shop and back out again but Jacob

didn’t know where he was. He saw footprints

past Valentina Lighthouse into the forest and

he followed the footprints.

After walking for nearly half an hour,

Jacob found a hole in a bush. He reached in

and he found the stolen buoy! It was nearly

midnight and the weather wasn’t getting

better. He couldn’t find his way home, but he

knew how to get to the lighthouse and where

his grandad kept the spare keys. He wrote

down the directions on a sheet of paper, put

the buoy back and got home safely. At five

in the morning his grandad woke him up with

the sound of brushing his teeth. Jacob ran

after him straight away. There was a boat

sinking and no one could see the shore.

His grandad asked, “Where did the

buoy come from?”

“I found it last night,” the boy replied.

“You’re a lifesaver!” John said.

John put the light on and threw everyone

a buoy. Everyone was saved.

Lily Corbett

Co Waterford


Once in a bay, far far away, there lived a

humble buoy, a boastful lifeboat and an old

rusty lighthouse.

The buoy had been made in a factory

not long ago. He was new to life. He had

gone up and down all day doing nothing else

other than listening to the lifeboat and the

lighthouse squabble about who was more

important. The boastful lifeboat had been

made in the 1960s and travelled the world

from Miami to Perth to the west coast of

Ireland. He had been everywhere and wanted

everyone to know it! He had people, food,

cabins and amazing navigation equipment

onboard. He had a stylish paint job too.

Last but certainly not least was the

rustic old lighthouse. He argued with the

lifeboat and shone his light to the ships afar

by night. He had survived Oíche na Gaoithe

Móire, the Night of the Big Wind, in January

1839. He always stated in his arguments

with the lifeboat that he had been built in


One stormy night, they fought over the

height of the waves. Now to you and me,

this was a silly argument, but to them it was

like the biggest football match of the year.

Then the lifeboat and the lighthouse started

throwing insults at each other when the buoy

stepped in and said, “Oi! Those are lightenin’


They were shocked because they had

never heard him stand up to them. With that

there was a terrifying crash of thunder and

the top of the lighthouse was struck by a

bolt of lightning. A flash of lightning lit up the

whole bay.

Thankfully, there was a conductor on

the top of the lighthouse to save the day.

The boastful lifeboat and the old lighthouse

stopped, shocked and the lifeboat said, “You

are right buoy. I am sick of fighting all the

time, let’s make up right now!”

After this, the pair made up immediately

and they were now somewhat scared of the

buoy forever more.

Tomás Hooper

Co Dublin


As old Joe woke up, he felt annoyed that

he couldn’t go too far because he lived by

himself and a morning walk would be too

far away. He did not handle the Covid-19

very well. He went downstairs to get some

breakfast. After breakfast, he looked on his

map to see where he could go. He saw that

there was a seafront walk not too far from

where he lived. He got dressed and got

ready to go. He took the bus. Joe was very

careful, so he wore a face mask and sat on

the back of the bus.

Joe felt like it was an hour before he

was able to get off the bus. While he was

walking, the seagulls around him gave an

ear-piercing scream. Old Joe wasn’t too

happy about that, so he waved his walking

stick in the air. “Shoo, shoo!” he said angrily.

Old Joe liked everything to be perfect and

if everything wasn’t, he would get in a very

bad mood.

When Joe got to the stone entrance, he

scowled and stuck his head in to make sure

he wasn’t going to bang into anybody. As

he walked in along the seafront, the waves

crashed down. Old Joe loved the seafront,

he always used to explore them when he

was a kid. As he looked around, he saw a

lighthouse, so he walked over to it. It was

bigger than he expected, but he was still

able to get up and get to a ladder that led to

a door. Joe was anxious so he knocked on

the door.

After a few minutes a young boy came

out holding two bags full of luggage. “Hi sir,

sorry sir,” he said in a heavy Irish accent as

he struggled to get down the ladder, while

Old Joe was just standing there.

“Do you know who owns this place,

young lad?” asked Old Joe.

“Yes, I do, and by the way my name is

Jack. Jack Murphy,” he said.

“And I am Jack’s dad and Jack is the

boy who shouldn’t be talking to strangers,”

said a deep voice as a man came out pulled

Jack by the ear, and led him back inside the


As Joe turned to leave, he heard

shouting and then he heard a door slam

further up the lighthouse.

Eoin O’Hara

Co Dublin



AGE TEN | 121

THE MAGIC OF THE LIGHT the beginning there was a light. The most beautiful light of all

times. It had a power to create and power to answer for all questions,

make all wishes become true, but also to destroy anything. This light was

the most powerful thing of all the world and space. In right hands it could

make good things, but in wrong it could become the most destructive


When on the Earth there lived magical creatures,

dragons and humans at the same time, and all in peace

between each other, the light was free. None were above

the other and none were cruel. A perfect harmony.

One night when the moon was full, the fear was born.

It made a man who killed a dragon and started to destroy the

harmony. Humans were terrifying. All good and kind creatures had been

enslaved and killed. They became suspicious and angry. The magic light

disappeared. But the magic and mystery didn’t die. Nothing is really

dead in nature, it just changes the form and that’s what happened with

the light. It had hidden itself in the lighthouse and had been waiting for

many millions of years, until someone finally found it...

This was a legend that a curious orphan named Orlando heard from

his teacher, Gabriel. The boy was charmed by it and decided to make the

light free one day. He was growing with that thought, and year after year

he was becoming a stronger and taller man. When he grew up enough

to leave the orphanage, he didn’t know where to start. Orlando asked

some teachers about Gabriel. He had left teaching some time before

and decided to visit him before beginning his adventure.

Gabriel’s house was small and cozy. The man had become

very old, but still had great humour. They spoke for many hours

about the past. He told Orlando that he was the wizard, and he

knew how to get to the lighthouse but, he also told that the trip

would be long and dangerous. They had been thinking together

for a while and decided to prepare everything that same night

and leave the day after on the sea. The sea was calm, there

were no clouds on the sky and the wind was very delicate. In

the small boat they took only necessary things and food.

At the full sea, the old wizard started to sing the magic

spells and after few of them, the sky became dark, the sea

had changed and became angry, the wind started to blow

suddenly, the storm had begun. At the horizon, they saw the

island coming out from the fog and the shine from lighthouse on it.

They were struggling with the forces of nature for some hours and

suddenly, when they were close to the lighthouse, everything became

quiet. Orlando thought it was over and all went fine, but Gabriel knew

it was just the beginning of troubles. From the deep sea, the monster

went out to protect the light from those who wished to steal it. The most

terrifying sea dragon they had ever seen - it was the guardian.

The wizard was spelling and cursing it. Orlando was moving

slowly to the side, unseen by it, took his knife and decided to kill a

creature. The monster was hypnotising Gabriel, he spoke with the wizard

in an unknown language to Orlando. While the talk between guardian and

wizard was going forward, Orlando went behind the beast and stabbed

the knife in its head. The guardian was over.

They got to the lighthouse and found the brightest, most magical

light of the world on its top. They had almost forgotten the reason they

had gone there. The peace, happiness and hope filled their hearts and

minds. The light spoke to them quietly, that every one of them can have

one wish or one question. Gabriel had many questions that were flying

through his mind, and couldn’t decide which to ask first. So Orlando

spoke first. He wanted to know who his parents were and would there

be a chance to meet them? The light was surprised. It answered that his

mother had died few days after he was born and his father had never

known about his birth, but now he was standing right now next to him.

The old wizard looked at Orlando and began to cry. They held each

other with love, happiness and hope for the better future.

Gabriel decided to teach his son all he knew about magic, spells

and let him become a better wizard than he was. Suddenly, he realised

it was all he ever needed, a family. However, he didn’t want to make a

nonsense wish to the light. He asked then, to make all humans feel as

happy and complete as he feels now, even if it was for a short time.

The light was surprised again for the huge change of people from

the last time when it was free. Gabriel’s wish became true.

If you feel like the happiest person on the world at this moment, maybe

it’s because the light has filled you with wizard’s kindness.

At the beginning there was a light...the light is now in your heart,

you just must look around and find it…

Hannah Oswiecinska

Co Galway




As the waves crash, against the shore,

I turn to face, the awaiting door.

The deafening roar, of the tide subside,

As the walls of the lighthouse cushion me inside.

Up the stairs, round and round,

Hearing the waves, that serene sound.

The misty light, shining across the sky,

The tip of the lighthouse, up so high.

The light of protection, the beacon of warning,

Keeping sailors safe until the morning.

Circling the clouds, a seagull and dove,

Flying in the sky, so high up above.

Crabs are scuttling, fish are swimming,

The sun is going down, slowly dimming.

Down the stairs, towards a rocky ledge,

Peering down from the sheer-faced edge.

I sit on the cliff, staring out to the sea,

Wondering that one day, that might be where I’ll be.

Alice Farrell

Co Longford



Hi! My name is Rua and I’m a red setter (that’s the best kind of dog!) I

live with my master, Seamus Rodgers , lighthouse keeper on Tory Island.

I love it here on the Wild Atantic Way on peaceful, pleasant summer days

like today when the soft breeze tickles my body. Let me tell you the story

of why people here refer to me as “the setter that saved us.”

I will never forget that fatefull night,September 6th 1961. I watched

the seagulls leave for the mainland during the day -a sure sign a storm

was approaching. My master seemed nervous and spent most of the

day listening to his small radio. He was shaking his head and seemed

anxious. “Get them off as quick as you can. Forget the fish”, he shook

his head as he struggled to make himself heard over my barks,eager to

be fed. Why had Seamus not prepared dinner? “Out you go,” he said

as he opened the door and out I ran along my usual cliff path stopping

to bark at the Arranmore RNLI lifeboat pass by at such speed that their

seaspray drenched me.

I returned to the lighthouse, hungry, tired now cold and very wet!

I snuggled by the fire and could hear the whispering wind of earlier in

the evening become a howling raging gale. Seamus was at the window

glued to a distant object. I jumped up to see through the fog a small

orange boat approaching. It was the RNLI lifeboat returning. They would

not survive the sea to Aranmore - they were coming to Tory. Seamus

looked worried-the crew were unfamiliar with the “terrible tides “ and

treacherous rocks of Tory.

The next I knew we were plunged into darkness. The lamp had

stopped working.By candlelight Seamus scrambled frantically to light it

once more. George Halpin had said it would last forever!

I raced down the spiral staircase, nearly tripping on my tail. I had

to warn the lifeboat. I raced to the rock edge and barked with all my

strength. I could see the boat bobbing nearer and nearer to the rocks!

No! With one last bark that seemed to suspend in the sky I could see

through the sea foam the lifeboat in painstakingly attempt to change

direction. Slowly and steadily they avoided the Carraig Mór and were

turning into the sheltered harbour.

As they safely steered from danger the the lamp started flicking on

again. I raced back to my master and sheltered safely from the storm.

The storm passed and life returned to normal but local boatmen still

tell the story of that September night. Seamus never forgot to feed me


Aoife McPolin

Co Dublin


When it’s dark the lighthouse is bright,

It shines on through the entire night,

They help sailors get to shore,

So they can go out in their boats at night more and more,

In the sea you should wear a life vest,

Every lighthouse has a different signal so you can know if you’re at north, south, east or west.

Niamh Mullen

Co Kildare


Calum Byrne

Co Westmeath



It was a lovely evening. Stickman and

Moustache were sailing. Well, Moustache

was definitely having the worst Saturday

ever because Stickman was singing Row,

Row, Row Your Boat. AWFUL! Right?

After three hours of Row, Row, Row Your

Boat, they came across something that

calmed Moustache down, just before he was

about to feed Stickman to the shark.

It was a lighthouse two quadrillion

metres tall! They saw how big the stairs

were, so they had a plan to get up. They

thought their 2006 Toyota Yaris should be

able to get up, so they drove up.

Since the suspension of the car was

cracked, it fell off. Plan B was ridiculous.

They decided to ride coronavirus. Sadly, it

was sprayed and it died.

So they had one last plan: go to Mario

World, take super feathers and fly to the top.

It worked but when they got to the top

they fell and got eaten by the shark.


One day, John, Benji and Freddie were

hiking in a forest (that they considered to be

a jungle) when they spotted two men who

were acting strange and who seemed to be


The 10-year-old boys hid behind a

large leafy bush to listen. They overheard

the two men say something about a dragon.

The three friends were very curious but

afraid at the same time. They wanted to find

out more. They wondered what these men

wanted with a dragon? Was the creature in

danger or not?

The boys thought they’d like to save the

animal from the cruel hunting men. These

boys knew that dragons could breathe fire,

fly up in the air and were often left guarding

treasures, but that was just on TV.

Benji, the bravest, crept closer to hear

more but as he did he stumbled and let out

a shout. John and Freddie watched on in

horror as the hunting men turned around

and spotted poor Benji. The wretched men

grabbed him and shook him, but he stayed

quiet. Freddie and John decided they had

to follow and watched on as the men carried

their friend down to the beach where Benji

was put onto a very large boat. When the

men were starting their boat, John and

Freddie seized their chance and jumped on

board without being spotted. They hid out

of sight, waiting for the moment to help their


When the boat stopped, it seemed like

days had passed. The boys looked around.

To their great surprise, they could see a

steep mountain with rocks rolling out to

sea. In the distance was a lighthouse. They

were excited, but where was their friend

Benji and his kidnappers? They wondered.

They started to climb the mountain and they

came across a snoring dragon. Yikes. They

weren’t expecting that. The bad men had

been right all along. Just then, the dragon

woke and stared at them. Quick as a flash,

they looked straight back into the dragon’s

eyes and told him they needed his help to

save their friend, Benji. The dragon agreed

because he knew about dragon hunters and

wanted them stopped.

John and Freddie hopped onto the

dragon’s back and flew over the mountain

until they reached the lighthouse. The

dragon let the two friends down. The boys

could see the hunters and Benji inside. As

the sun was beginning to set, their new

friend, Sparky the Dragon, hurled a fireball

at the lighthouse door which sent the whole

place up in flames- no ship would sink

tonight, that’s for sure. There was fire and

smoke everywhere.

Quick as a flash, John and Freddie

ran inside to grab their friend. Benji was so

relieved to see his friends and he started to

cry. However, the tears soon dried up as the

boys jumped on board Sparky and flew up

into the night sky. Down below, the hunters

could be seen covered in dust and soot.

Aaron Rowney

Co Dublin



There was a lighthouse that lived with its

owner. Unfortunately, the owner was lazy

and did not care about it.

One day, a man got a call from the tax

people. When he ended the call, his face

got red, his temperament rose, his hands

started shaking and he ran to every room in

the lighthouse. He ran and ran until his body

collapsed on the chair and he shrank into

sadness. He searched for his money, but no

luck. The tax people came and the owner did

not have any money. The only option was to

sell his lighthouse.

The lighthouse was put up for sale and it

was sold to a new owner, who never came

to visit. Years went by until one day, a seagull

was passing by and flew into the lighthouse.

“Ouch!” complained the lighthouse.

And this is where all magic began. That

day felt like a lightning bolt had hit the

lighthouse. It felt like a magic spell, the

lighthouse was not lonely and dejected

anymore. The seagull’s visits became more

and more frequent. Each visit started with

a long conversation that went on and on,

late into the night, between the lighthouse

and the seagull. There were stories about

ships that never reached their shore. There

were stories about sharks and whales,

stories about no light in the lighthouse. They

became the best of friends.

One day, similar to every other day, while

chatting together, the lighthouse and seagull

heard a key turn in the door downstairs. A

man came in. He had short colourful hair,

which looked little bit silly for his age. He

held a fishing rod in his hand, showing he

was into fishing. Outside they could see a

big jeep parked just on the edge of the cliff

together with long trailer attached at the back

of it. It was full of boxes and all the stuff you

need for your house. He was a new owner

of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse got happy and was so

excited, but at the same time little bit unsure,

hoping the new owner will be more caring

and friendlier than previous one. The owner

cleaned the lighthouse and was going to

turn the light on.

No, it didn’t work. The owner left.

The lighthouse became very sad and scared

that new owner would be gone without

getting to know it. Hours later, the man

returned with new giant bulb in his hand. The

lighthouse could light the house at last. The

best day in its life.

From that day, the seagull, the lighthouse

and the new owner were friends forever.


One day there was a storm. Mam and Dad

had to keep a close eye out to make sure

that everyone was safe.

That night Aoife and Mam had just

fallen asleep, but not for long. There was a

BANG and they woke up. It came from the

top of the lighthouse. Dad heard it too.

It was the bulb. It blew. This was a

disaster. They were all stuck out in the

middle of the sea, it was the one thing that

no one in the lighthouse was prepared for.

Aoife said, “I had 10% left in my phone

and now I have 7% but I could call Joe. He

is on land.” Joe was their friend.

“Fine, but make it quick!”

As soon as Aoife was off the phone,

they could see lights flashing in the distance.

It was the Gardaí.

The next day, everyone in the town

came out to cheer Joe, the Gardaí, and

Mary, Jim and Aoife.

Gabija Patriubaviciute

Co Longford

Laura Kerrigan

Co Westmeath



One misty, gloomy night an old frail lighthouse keeper, sat slumped

in his rickety grey chair that was as old as himself. He wore a black

coat and some surprisingly short trousers, with an overgrown beard which

was buried into his stretched scarf.

The keeper picked up his favourite book, which was wrapped in tinfoil

for safe keeping. As he unwrapped the tinfoil, his book Life Guards revealed

underneath the flickering light of the wax candle, as if it was brand new. As he

turned the first page, a gush of wind blew straight through the open window, pushing

the brittle shutters open so fast that the wax candle extinguished. The wrinkled man

groaned loudly and began to slide off the grey chair and onto the ground.

Moving as slow as a snail, he climbed the magnificent stairs from window to

window, stair to stair. When he finally ascended the long winding staircase, there was

a surprisingly odd sight. The beacon of the lighthouse was so heavy that it smashed

straight through the wooden table, which was now in hundreds of pieces, just the

same as the smashed beacon.

Losing his balance in shock and almost falling down the stairs, he muttered to

himself, “Oh no! What about the fishing trawler?”

He turned around and slowly edged down the vast cascading staircase to the

bottom. Once he had descended, he slowly trudged across the thick, wavy grass to

the Life Guard station. He rapped on the large metal door with his ice-cold knuckles,

and the door opened revealing the fit team of lifeguards standing there. “What is the

problem, kind sir?”

The lighthouse keeper replied, repeating every sentence numerous times. “The

beacon of the lighthouse smashed and the fishing trawler out at sea is in grave danger,”

trembling on every word.

The lifeguards knew what to do straight away. They rushed out the door as fast

as they could leaving the lighthouse keeper in their wake, shouting back at him, “Meet

us at the harbour!”

The old man shuffled along the waving grass to the harbour, while the lifeguards

were getting their powerful torches and rescue boats. They sailed off into the

treacherous swell of the sea which threw them around in peril, but that didn’t stop

their determined search. They kept searching and searching through the heavy mist

and high tides until they glimpsed the trawler in distress. They navigated their boats

towards the trawler and began to guide it back to the harbour to where the lighthouse

keeper stood, much to the relief of the distraught fishermen.

Once they got back through the rough waves, the relieved fishermen thanked

the brave lifeguards and the old lighthouse keeper, as without his quick thinking, they

would surely have perished on the rocks. They all committed to help fix the beacon of

the lighthouse, and no problems ever came to them again.

The old lighthouse keeper is now a local legend and his memory lives on to

this day.

Cillian McLoughlin

Co Dublin


Finally, the day has come! I’m all packed and ready to head out the door. Dad will

drive us down to see my grandparents for a whole week. A WHOLE WEEK at the

lighthouse! I can’t wait!

It takes two hours in the car to get there and two minutes to say goodbye to Mom

and Dad. I rush at my grandparents with the biggest hugs. I know I’m going to have

a great week with them.

I busily unpack while Granny makes the tea and Granddad has a nap. I love my

room in the lighthouse because it has a nice view over the sea and the walls are an

unusual shape.

We have tea and play cards before I’m tired enough for bed. I walk slowly up

to bed after kissing my grandparents goodnight. I snuggle in with my teddy, looking

forward to a good night’s sleep and thoughts of lots of fun tomorrow.

I try to get some sleep but I just can’t. I can hear Granny and Granddad coming to

check in on me so I pretend to be asleep. Shortly after, I hear a noise from outside. I

look out my window and see a boy sitting on a rock. I can hear Granny and Granddad

snoring so I creep downstairs and go out the front door for a look. I realise the boy is

crying so I run up to him to ask if he’s okay.

With tears in his eyes, he mumbles, “I’m lost, can you help me?”

I asked, “When did you see your parents last?”

I discover that he’s from the island across the water and he had swum too far out.

Instead of waking my grandparents, I decide to use Granddad’s rowing boat to get him

back to the island. We jump in and row the boat while he tells me which direction to go.

I find out that his name is George and he likes to play football. After an hour, we

see the island in the distance. We pull in and George asks me if I want to see where

he lives. I say yes and follow him to his house. When we get there, I rins the

doorbell but George walks through the door. I realise that George is a ghost!

I get scared and run back to the boat. I jump in and row frantically.

After rowing for a while, I realise that I don’t know where I am. Looking

around, I see a faint light in the distance and as I row towards it, I

realise it is the light from the lighthouse.

I’ve never been so happy to see the light. After I docked up

the boat, I crept back inside so I didn’t disturb my grandparents.

As I laid down again, I suddenly woke up and realised that

it was all a dream.

As I lay in my bed, I saw the flashing light outside my

window and started to appreciate how that light has saved so

many people over the years.

Emily Johnston

Co Dublin



Once upon a time, my family went to a

lighthouse called Hook Head. It is black

and white and is located in the county of


It was a very windy day when we went in

for a lighthouse tour. The tour guide told us

that there were 115 steps in the lighthouse.

At the top of the lighthouse there was a

table with binoculars and we all got a pair of


We looked around with the binoculars

and I saw somebody’s camera falling into

the sea. Suddenly I saw someone fall off the

rocks below me.

I ran and called a lifeguard. “Someone

fell from the rocks into the water!” The

lifeguard raced over to the sea edge trying

to save them. He threw a life buoy on a

rope out and the person caught it and the

lifeguard eventually pulled them in.

The lifeguard then called an ambulance

to take the man off to hospital.

When the tour was over, we went

home. A few days later, the person who fell

from the rocks into the sea sent me a letter.

It said:

Hi, my name is Connor, thank you for

getting a lifeguard, I have a few scrapes but

I’m okay. Thank you for saving my life!

It made me feel happy that I knew that

he was okay and it was nice to hear from


Sophie Tyndall

Co Kildare



In the small town of Cormick, there was a

few houses by the sea. There was also an

old, abandoned lighthouse. Kids played on

the beach but never went into the lighthouse.

One day a few kids went to check it

out. Their names were Rory, Aaron,

Conner, and Maya. When they went

in, they heard footsteps coming. It

was a ghost. Maya quickly took her bottle

of water out of her bag and chucked it at

the ghost.

Relieved, the kids started at the stairs

it took them a long time to get up there

but, in the end, they did. When they got

up to the top, they found out the lamp was

broken and went home.

A few days later they returned but

THIS time with a new lamp. It took them a

while, but eventually fixed it they never told

ANYONE about the lighthouse, not ever

their parents. They used it as a secret base

and solved mysteries.

One of the mysteries was Rory’s

neighbour Mr Jones. Now, Mr Jones

was one of those people who was very

independent. When he knocked on Rory’s

door, Rory was very surprised. He said,

“My cat Coco is gone and I can’t find him


Mr Jones loved his cat very much he

had even bought him a massive house five

times the size of him! Rory called everybody

else and they all met up at the lighthouse.

In the end it was an easy problem to solve

but here is how he got lost.

Aaron knew that Coco liked chocolate

– the clue is in the name - so Conner had

an idea. He put a chocolate bar outside and

put a camera so it would see Coco. When

Coco came for the chocolate, the camera

will catch him.

It was a good idea, but Mr Jones did

not get any sleep that night watching the

camera. At about three in the morning, it

caught Coco on camera and Mr Jones was

so happy.

Guess what? The four kids have a

hundred mysteries solved! They had a party

to celebrate and some cake.

Rory McCormick

Co Dublin


Once there were two men who were the

best of friends but then turned to enemies.

All because one of the men, named Tom,

was amazing at sports and his best friend

Anthony got jealous. So, when Tom was

bragging about how he was going to be a

gold medallist., Anthony told him he was a

big show-off and started being mean to him.

They had a big fight and the only thing they

could agree on was to never speak again.

Years later, Anthony built a lighthouse

by the sea because that had always been his

dream job. But when he was almost done,

he saw Tom.

“What are you doing here?” asked


“Well, if you must know, I’ve been hired to be

a lighthouse keeper!” said Tom very proudly.

Now Anthony was not hired, he just decided

he would be lighthouse keeper. They argued

for a very long time until Tom said, “You know

what? I challenge you to a fight – whoever

wins gets to be a lighthouse keeper.”

“Challenge accepted!” said Anthony in

a very brave way.

“We will have it at midnight.”

So they both went home and grabbed a

sword and went the whole way back again.

One minute it looked as if Tom was winning,

the next minute it looked like Anthony was

winning. But they were so wrapped up in

the fight that they didn’t notice the ship that

was in the middle of the sea, about to crash

into the rocks.

Meanwhile, Tom and Anthony were still

fighting until the two swords hit the ground

so hard that rocks beside the lighthouse

started falling off the cliff and onto the ship.

The ship began to sink.

The two enemies ended up in jail all

because one got jealous of another!

Emer Mulvey

Co Cavan


It all started in a small village with a celebrated

lighthouse that everyone knew and loved.

Cliff-Edge Village it was called. The name of

the place made it sound sad and deserted,

however, it was quite the opposite. The

people were happy and the little village was

alive; there wasn’t a sad soul on the island.

Tonight was the forty-fifth anniversary of

the lighthouse’s first light. Everyone came

out to celebrate this occasion together.

Whenever the light shone out, they all raised

their glasses and cheered - a bit drunk they

may have been, but very happy nonetheless.

Then, all of a sudden, it stopped. The light

was broken. Was it really possible that after

all these years and on tonight of all nights

their precious light was gone?

Inside the lighthouse itself, the

lighthouse keeper ran as fast as he could

up to the top of the lighthouse to examine

the broken light. Then he heard it, the siren

of an approaching ship on the horizon. He

didn’t know what to do. If he didn’t get that

light fixed, the ship and everyone on board

would go down. Hearing shouting from

below, he hurried down to the bottom of

the lighthouse and opened the door. To his

surprise, everyone from the village had got a

lantern each and brought it up the hill to help

him. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

The people of the village had dropped

everything to come to the rescue. Some

people climbed the stairs of the lighthouse

and held up their lanterns while others

signalled from the top of the cliff, saving the

ship from crashing onto the rocks below.

The people of Cliff-Edge Village had all

become heroes. They didn’t have to do it but

by their action that night they saved the lives

of people they would never meet or know.

Zélie Ryan



Kathleen McInerney

Co Kilkenny


Once upon a time there was a lighthouse.

Unlike many things in the colourful village

nearby, it was black and white. A lighthouse

keeper lived there and his name was Joe.

He was a very friendly man who chatted to

everyone who passed.

One day Joe went down to the village

to get some bread and milk. When Joe got

to the shop, it was getting dark. He noticed

that the light in the lighthouse did not come

on as usual. Every evening the light would

light up when the sun was going down.

“Oh no! Why didn’t the light come on?”

Joe said to himself.

Joe took the bread off the shelf and left

without even paying. Orla the shopkeeper

said, “Whoa, Joe! You need to pay for that


Joe turned around. “Oh yeah, sorry

about that!”

“What’s wrong, Joe?” Orla asked,

looking concerned.

“Oh, it’s nothing, just something going

on at the lighthouse,” replied Joe.

And with that, he rushed out of the

shop. Orla knew something was up.

His friend Bob passed Joe as he was

on his way back up to the lighthouse. “Hi

Joe, how are you?” But Joe ran passed him

without saying a word. He had a worried

look on his face.

Then Joe passed Joanne. She waved

and said, “Hello Joe! How are you?” But Joe

still didn’t say anything. What’s up with Joe?

she thought.

Bob walked over to Joanne. “Why is

Joe so worried?”

“I think I know,” Joanne replied, looking

up at the lighthouse.

Joe ran into the lighthouse. He had to

fix this problem fast. If he didn’t fix the light

in the lighthouse before dark, the ship that

was due would crash into the dangerous

rocks. Earlier that day the ship’s captain

had called him and said the ship would be

passing by that evening. Joe said his light

would be shining. Now it was almost dark

and Joe was getting very worried. He could

just about make out the ship on the horizon

of the sea. He tried to fix the light, but it

wouldn’t work. What was he going to do?

Suddenly, Joe saw people from the

village walking up the hill towards the

lighthouse. Some of them had torches while

others had what looked like tools.

“Yes, yes!”, Joe cried as they climbed

up the steps of the lighthouse. Everyone had

a role to play. Some people tried to fix the

light with the tools while the other people

held up lights just in case it didn’t work.

Just then, the light flickered and lit up.

Everyone was so happy as they saw the ship

turn away from the dangerous rocks.

“Thanks guys, I couldn’t have done it

without your help!” said Joe.

“Well that’s what friends are for,”

Joanne said with a smile.

And the next day the people returned

and painted the lighthouse all the colours of

the rainbow.


The fluorescent light of the lighthouse

beamed all around, radiating the cheers of

the townspeople. Everyone was enjoying the

beautiful night outside in the seaside bars

and restaurants, all except for one.

Mr Black stared out from the tall,

towering lighthouse through the weatherbeaten

window and wondered at the

behaviour of the townspeople.

“How stupid they are?” he said to

himself. “Wasting their time partying and

most of them with their heads stuck in their

phones.” Maybe they thought he had wasted

his life stuck in a lighthouse, day after day,

growing old with just passing ships as


Suddenly, with a sickening click, the

beaming light stopped shining completely…!!

The old man gasped. He could just

about make out the outline of a ship, not

so far away, heading for the rocks. He had

to act quickly or it would be a disaster. This

had happened a few times in the past, but

Mr Black had been much younger and could

climb the twisty tiring steps to the top of the

lighthouse in no time. His eyesight wasn’t

what it used to be either and even with his

thick lensed glasses, he was now finding it

hard to see which of the fuses had blown.

He raced to the very top, only stopping to

grab his toolbox.

Setting it down, Mr Black opened the

lens of the enormous lantern. He would

need to put it flat on the ground to examine

it properly. Lifting it up, he stumbled blindly.

Tripping over his toolbox, he struggled to

regain his balance. Mr Black felt the lantern


slipping out of his hands, smashing into a

gazillion little shards of glass. He turned his

head in dismay, towards the window. Any

minute now, the ship would crash into the

cruel sharp rocks below. He could hardly

watch, but was distracted by something


Incredibly, the old man saw a long trail

of powerful lights moving towards the cliff

edge. It was the townspeople walking, with

their smartphone torches, illuminating the

land. The hope in the darkness. The ship

turned sharply, narrowly avoiding disaster.

Mr. Black smiled, his trust in mankind was


Doireann Flannery

Co Cork

Grace Walsh

Co Kerry



Long ago, on Valentia Island, near Smuggler’s Cove, there lived a little girl in a lighthouse

called Lucy. She lived with her mother and father and little sister Annabelle. Father was a

lighthouse keeper. Every night, he lit the torch that would guide ships safely away from the

cliffs. Mother was a teacher in the local school. Sometimes, Mother would let Lucy and

Annabelle play on the beach.

It was just on one of these days that the sisters were playing hopscotch on the warm

sand, gazing into the Atlantic, when a mysterious object came floating towards them.

“Annabelle! Stay behind that rock over there, and don’t move. I’ll go and see what it is,”

shouted Lucy, pointing to a large boulder higher up the beach. She waded carefully into the

water. The water came right up to her knees. Lucy peered at the object before picking it up

and examining it.

“It’s a message in a bottle!” yelled Lucy.

“Open it!” shouted Annabelle.

“It’s a treasure map!” replied Lucy.

They burst through the door, gasping for breath.

“What’s the matter, girls?” asked Mother.

“Found…treasure map…” panted Annabelle.

“Girls, sit down and catch your breath!” said Father.

“We found a treasure map in bottle when we were playing on the beach,” explained Lucy.

“You what!” exclaimed Father. He jumped from his chair, grabbed the bottle and ran to

consult his current map. This showed all the changing currents of the world’s oceans. When

he came back, he told the others that the bottle had come all the way from America and that

the map showed the location of the Captain Magee’s Treasure!

“It’s legendary! We’ll be famous!” he screamed.

“Calm yourself!” said Mother. “Where is it?”

“Buried in the seabed!” yelled Father.

“Then what are we waiting for!” shouted Mother. “Get digging!”

The whole family rushed outside and started digging with whatever they could find.

“I’VE FOUND SOMETHING!” cried Annabelle. They found a solid object, dug it up and

gazed, spellbound, at it. Once they regained their senses, they heaved the chest into the

main room.

“Open it,” whispered Annabelle. They all grasped the lid of the treasure chest, and, in

unison, pulled. To their surprise, the chest burst open and filled the room with a heavenly

glow. Inside were riches galore, including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts,

gold, silver, platinum, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets and things beyond their wildest

dreams. After weighing the treasure on the kitchen scales, they immediately slammed the

lid of the chest shut and somehow managed to haul it to the nearest jewellery shop, while

calculating how much money their new find would be worth.

“How much will this lot be worth, Edward?” said Father.

“Twelve million, to be exact!” replied Edward the jeweller, after a bit of calculation. He

was never surprised by anything. He handed over the money.

The next morning, the money was distributed evenly among the population of Valentia

Island and then they all lived happily ever after.

Riddhima Haresh Manyar

Co Antrim


It was Friday, the last day of the school year. Michael and Jane walked out of their school

building. It was finally the summer holidays and they were going to a holiday house in Cork.

They couldn’t wait.

When they got home, Michael and Jane set to work packing their bags. They went to

bed early because they would be leaving at 4am. They couldn’t sleep. When it was time to

go, they were ready and got into the car and were on their way. Jane kept looking at her

watch and Michael kept looking out the window.

When they finally got there, they scrambled out of the car. Mummy and Daddy went to

unpack and get dinner going and Michael and Jane went around collecting rocks and building

sandcastles. Then it was time for tea, they were starving!

After tea Michael asked to go and visit the lighthouse over the shore.

“Yes, but make sure you’re back for dinner.”

“Yes, Mummy,” Jane said. She and Michael rushed off to the lighthouse.

When they got there, they gazed at it in amazement. It was so tall. They creaked open

the door to see lots and lots of stairs. They started climbing up the steps, but every step they

took they kept feeling like someone was watching them.

When they got up to the top, they were dazzled by the things there. There was an old

map and telescope and pieces of gold just lying around. But then they saw something white

going through the walls. Could it actually be a ghost?

In seconds Jane and Michael were out and down the stairs, out of the lighthouse and

back to the holiday house. Mummy was surprised to see them come back in such, a hurry.

“Are you okay?” Mummy said in a concerned voice.

“We’re fine,” said Michael, wearily.

“Okay,” said Mummy and sat them down for dinner.

That night, they were both thinking the same thing; We have to go the lighthouse and

find that ghost.

They got out of their beds and down to the Lighthouse. When they got there, they

started climbing and calling.

“Is anyone here?” said Jane, trembling.

“Ghost? Ghost?” shouted Michael.

They kept calling until…a voice replied.

“Who are you? And what are doing in my lighthouse?”

“This is not your lighthouse.” Michael said firmly.

“And are you a ghost?” whispered Jane.

“Well yes, I am a ghost. My name’s Spooky. What’s yours?”

“I’m Michael and this is Jane,” Michael said. “How come this is your lighthouse anyway?”

“I inherited this place from my grandfather, but I don’t really like it here, because it’s


“Well,” said Jane, finally getting her courage to speak. “We’ll be your friends.”

“Okay,” said Spooky.

And every day after that Michael and Jane would go and visit him. On the last day, they

promised to come back again next summer. They were sad to leave him, but they were happy

to have a new ghostly friend.

Inara Fioraso

Co Wicklow




I was relaxing in the sun when Ciarán and his

family opened the back of their metal box on

wheels. Naturally, I was curious so I hopped in

the back and hid behind a bag. A few minutes

later, everyone was in the metal box and we

started moving.

I was terrified of the noise the box was

making and after a bumpy journey we stopped.

As soon as the boot opened, I scampered out

before being seen.

Looking around I saw a large tower that

was on the edge of a cliff and ran over to it.

I saw old wooden barrels, fishing nets and a

twisting staircase. I carefully hopped up each

step and eventually reached another floor.

There I saw a large bed with a sign beside it.

I can’t read, obviously, but luckily Seán,

Ciarán’s brother, was reading it aloud: “Here is

the bed of the old man who used to live in this

lighthouse.” I didn’t know what a lighthouse

was, but I guessed it must have been the

name for the building I was in. Ciarán’s family

walked through a door, so I followed them.

They entered a room full of weird pictures of

ships, little statues of sheep and glass balls

with lighthouses inside. ““Ignore everything;

they are just tourist traps. Head for the exit,”

whispered Ciarán’s mum.

I continued hopping up the stairs, not

noticing my owner’s family leave. On the tip top

floor there was a huge circular glass window

with a large lamp in the centre. I peered down

at the ground outside and instantly felt like a

giant; everything was just so small from up

here. The metal box was the size of a mouse

and my owner and his family were like ants. I

looked out to the sea and saw colossal waves

crashing against the crumbling cliffs, and

a fishing boat just about noticeable on the

horizon. I looked again at my family and saw

Ciarán looking directly at me, I’d been spotted.

“Hey Mom!” shouted Ciarán, “I see


“That’s impossible Ciarán, we left her at

home,” exclaimed Siobhán. They turned and

headed for the metal box.

As I saw them enter the metal box, I

panicked. I didn’t know what to do! My

instincts took control, and I jumped on a metal

platform and started hitting buttons. A few

seconds later, a bright light started shining, I

ran for my life.

Down the stairs I scrambled, manoeuvring

through people’s legs who were ascending the

stairs. When I reached the door, I could hear

the metal box rumbling. Were they leaving

without me? Just then, Seán looked out the

window and saw me. The metal box screeched

to a halt and a door opened. I quickly jumped


“How did you get here, Wizzy?” asked

Ciarán, as he gently put me in the back of

the metal box. I curled up in a ball, purred

contently and fell asleep.

Ciarán Kelleher

Co Galway



Hi! I’m Holly. I’m eleven years old and I live

by a big lighthouse. This is a story about me



Oh, I forgot to tell you about my husky,

Snowflake. She is black and white with blue

eyes. Come with us, we have a story for you…

Part I

One day, Snowflake was scratching at the

door to go outside. I let her out and she ran

straight to the beach. Her ears pricked up.

“What is it, Snowflake?” I asked. She

stared at the lighthouse. “That’s just the old

lighthouse, you probably heard the waves,” I

said, admiring its blue and white stripes.

Snowflake pulled me by my shirt. “Okay,

I’m coming!” I said, stumbling after her.

“Rooh!” she barked.

“Did you find a bone?” I asked. She shook

her head and nudged me to the lighthouse


Then we heard voices, “I think we should

move them, sir” said one.

“NO! The guards will take care of that,”

replied the other. “Okay, sir,” the first said

timidly. Snowflake guided me to a hole she had

dug under the stairs and we listened quietly.

The metal steps groaned as people walked

overhead; we peeked through small grated

holes to see. There were two men, one was

small with glasses, the other was tall with a

deep voice.

“What if someone comes to visit?” asked

the bespectacled man anxiously.

“I TOLD you ALREADY Steve, the guards

can worry about that!” said the other gruffly as

they exited the lighthouse. My heart pounded

as Snowflake nuzzled me out from the hidden

passage and encouraged me to climb up the


I walked up and saw other holes she had

dug under the steps. At the top was a rotten,

wooden door with holes in it, so I peeked in.

Part II

There were two men standing in front of seven

cages with large white-tailed eagles squished

inside. My heart pounced to my mouth.

“Roof!” said a bark not belonging to

Snowflake and we hid in a nearby hole. “

“A guard dog was a great idea!” Steve

said to the tall man as they entered the room

with the cages. “Let’s go eat, this husky will

stand guard,” announced the leader. “YES

SIR!” said the guards. They all left, except for

the dog.

The door creaked as Snowflake entered,

followed by multiple barks. The door opened

again shortly, by a tired, but victorious

Snowflake. I assessed the room. The birds

looked frightened.

Searching my coat pockets I found

a wrapper, blu tack, a charm, three pins, a

chestnut… wait...that’s it, pins! Those lockpicking

classes finally paid off! Once all the

birds were free, I gave them all some jerky and

they squawked their gratitude.

We told the police; they found the four

men and arrested them. One eagle stayed

with me and I called her Pluma, which means

‘feather’ in Latin. Pluma and Snowflake

became besties and we all lived a long and

happy life together.

Neva Fitch

Co Wicklow


One stormy night when we were staying in

Clare Island Lighthouse, a tabby kitten called

Fluffy went missing.

We first searched the ground floor for

any sign of Fluffy. We didn’t find any, not even

a bit of fluff beside a few fish that we had

stored there.

We went up to the next floor, which had

a not-so-comfy couch, a gas stove which

we never used and a table. We left no stone

unturned but still no kitten, so we strode up

the spiral staircase to the kitchen floor.

It had everything you need in a kitchen

except that it was quite small and there was

only one window. We cleared away everything

but no sign of Fluffy. We did hear a meow

noise but it was just an old bell.

We continued to search on the next floor.

It was a store for gas batteries and oddly

enough food, but it was tidy enough to see

that there was no cat here.

We went up to the gallery floor. You could

see the seagulls blowing around in the wind

and then we saw Fluffy. We walked out of

the room out onto the gallery. The wind was

blowing so fast when we opened the door, we

nearly got sucked out but we managed to hold


I grabbed hold of Fluffy and ran back


Bobby Greenan

Co Dublin



It was the first day of the summer holidays and Izzy was on vacation with Daisy’s

family. Izzy and Daisy were best friends and never left each other’s side. They

were staying at a hotel by a beach with a big lighthouse nearby. They were

going to explore the lighthouse after breakfast and they could not wait!

Once they got to the lighthouse, they headed straight to the top. It was

very sunny up there and it had a great big window, which you could look out of

over the cliff edge and across the sea.

“Oh, look at those two men down there, Daisy,” said Izzy.

“It looks like they are having an argument,” said Daisy.

“Yeah. Oh look, one of them is pushing the other one off the cliff! Quick!

We have to call a lifeguard!” exclaimed Izzy.

Izzy and Daisy whizzed down the stairs and out to the cliff edge at top

speed! They called to a few of the lifeguards, who were down on the beach

below, to help.

“It’s okay, girls. We’ll find him,” one of the lifeguards said.

After hours of searching, they finally found the man, but he had drowned

and was now dead. Since there was no proof he got pushed in, everyone

thought he fell in by accident, except of course, Izzy and Daisy. Izzy tried to

explain what she saw, but she could see from the expression on the faces of

the lifeguards that her explanation fell on deaf ears.

“Daisy, this is terrible. Nobody believes us!” said Izzy.

“I know,” replied Daisy.

“Wait a minute! What if we find out who murdered that man?” exclaimed


“That is a great idea! Then people will finally listen to us!” said Daisy with


The girls decided to check the area where the victim’s body was found on

the beach at the bottom of the cliff to see if they could find any evidence which

might help them identify the murderer. Once they got there, the police had not

yet arrived and there were just a few lifeguards and a small crowd of people.

The lifeguards told the girls to move back but they found a way to sneak

around them. They started looking around where the body had laid on the

ground. For over thirty minutes, the girls scoured the area for evidence. Izzy

found some fresh breath mints and a bottle of shampoo with a rubbed-out note

stuck to it.

The girls gathered up the things they had found and put them in their

pockets. As they were walking back to the hotel, they noticed a piece of paper

dropping out of the pocket of one of the lifeguards who was walking just ahead

of them. They picked it up and read it. It was a list of people that had come to

the lighthouse between 9 a.m. and the time of the murder at twelve noon.

The girls knew immediately that it would help them to solve the mystery!

Excluding Mr Tennyson (the victim), Daisy, Izzy and Daisy’s family, the

names of the people on the list were:

1. Mr Stone

2. Mr Turnbull

3. Miss Parker

The note said that all three had been staying at the same hotel as Izzy and


The girls took all the evidence back to their room in the hotel to try and

solve the murder.

“Izzy, how about we check the rooms of the people on the list to see if we

can get any clues? The only thing is, I’m not sure how we are going to get into

their rooms,” said Daisy.

“Leave that to me!” answered Izzy and with that, she hit the fire alarm and

the sirens went off.

“What a great idea! Now you check Mr. Turnbull’s room, and I will check

Mr. Stone’s room. Quick! Quick! Quick! We don’t have much time!” exclaimed


After fifteen minutes of searching, they headed to search Miss Parker’s


“I found nothing except a shoe and a toothpick in Mr. Turnbull’s room.

What did you find in Mr Stone’s room?” asked Daisy on the way.

“I found a fancy suit and some fresh breath mints,” explained Izzy.

“Let’s look in Miss Parker’s wardrobe,” Izzy then said.

“Look at this fancy dress! It looks like she was going on a date!” exclaimed


“Wait! What if she was going to go on a date with the victim, Mr Tennyson?

But Mr Stone wanted her to go on a date with him, so when Mr Stone handed

the shampoo to the victim, the night before or that morning, there was a note

on it asking the victim to come to meet him on the cliff edge?” explained Izzy.

“Izzy, that’s genius! If we shade the note on the bottle of shampoo, we will

be able to see the writing!” squealed Daisy with excitement.

“Look, the note says, Meet me at the cliff edge beside the lighthouse at

twelve noon,” exclaimed Izzy after shading the note.

“Yay! We solved the mystery! Quick! Let’s tell the police!” said Daisy


They told the police everything and produced the evidence they had put

together. The Gardaí were very impressed with their detective skills and they

soon became known as the ‘Heroines of the Lighthouse!’

Lily Donagh

Co Dublin



Tilly was watching excitedly from her bedroom window, which had once been a watch room.

She loved living in the old lighthouse with her parents and her faithful dog Bonny, a loving

black Labrador.

Tilly was an adventurous girl with ginger hair who loved playing up in the Wicklow

Mountains. “They’re here!” she squealed excitedly as she rushed down the stairs, pushing

Bonny aside and opening the door.

“Tilly!” her cousins chorused. Bonny barked madly. First, Sarah came in. She had

blue eyes, blonde hair and a bubbly personality. Jack, who was brave and strong, followed.

He had emerald eyes and chocolate hair. Next came the eldest, Tom. He was not unlike

Jack but had blue eyes. Tilly’s mother appeared, welcoming them in.

Suddenly, Uncle Keith, who had been reading a letter, jumped up. “We have to go

now,” he said. “Saoirse is sick!” I’m so sorry children, but Annie and I need to leave for

a few days. Can you stay by yourselves until we get back?” The children looked at each

other and nodded excitedly.

It was getting dark, so they all went to bed, tired. The next morning, they ran to the

local beach. Bonny ran ahead to a piece of seaweed, picked it up carefully and ran back

to them.

“That’s not seaweed!” exclaimed Sarah looking closer. “It’s a fawn!” Tom gently took

the fawn from Bonny and they all raced back to the lighthouse. For four hours, Tom lovingly

nursed the fawn in the storeroom. He came down the spiral staircase and placed the

delicate fawn on the ground. The children were so relieved it was recovering. For the rest

of the day Bonny was like a mother to the little fawn and Sandy followed her everywhere.

Later that night, Jack woke up to hear rough voices. He couldn’t see out the window

because it was so dark. Frightened, he woke Tom up. “Who do you think it could be?” he


Tom shrugged. Just then they heard footsteps descending from the watch room.

Terrified, Jack shone his torch at the door. The two boys gave a sigh of relief when they

saw it was just Bonny!

“What are you doing?” hissed a voice. “Tilly?”

“Yes, it’s us!”

BANG! Sarah screamed!

Bravely, Tilly went down to see what it was. Tom followed nervously. She opened the

iron front door and shone her torch ahead of her.

“Smugglers!” whispered Tom.

“They’re taking the deer!” cried Tilly. Suddenly they saw a bright light appearing from

a large boat behind the rocks.

“Hide!” hissed one of the smugglers. They inched back into the lighthouse, calling

frantically for the others to get their torches.

“Put them in the old lamp,” panted Tom. Sandy was asleep, in the corner unaware of

the happenings. They shone their torches and pushed the lamp to shine a beacon towards

the smugglers. The boat approached and they saw it was the ILV Granuaile, tracking the


My lighthouse! Over two hundred years old and still saving lives!

Laoise O”Gorman

Co Wicklow


On the 1st of February 2020, my family stayed for two nights at St John’s Point

Lighthouse in Donegal. Mammy thought she was going to Mullingar or Athlone.

We told her that she needed to bring her swimsuit so we could go swimming.

She thought when we said that it meant that she was going to a swimming pool,

but the reason we said that was to trick Mammy into thinking she was going to

different place.

When we were on the narrow road to St John’s Point Lighthouse, we let

Mammy take off her blindfolds and have a look around.

Mammy was SHOCKED. We asked her to guess where she was. First,

she guessed Donegal but then we asked her, “Are you sure we might not be in

Galway or Clare?”

Mammy got confused. When we were nearly there, we saw a lot of cows

and had to honk the horn at one because they wouldn’t move.

After we got the luggage out of the car and into our beautiful little cottage, we

went for a long walk all along the coast. We saw one of the famous World War

II landmarks, Eire 70.

I said to Mammy, “Maybe they didn’t put a fada on it because people might

not understand it?”

Mammy took pictures of sun setting and lighthouse shining its light way out

to coast. We could see a little town across the water from the lighthouse with

loads of lights. It was called Killybegs.

The next day we got up early and went for a cycle at sunrise. It was really

cool and peaceful. The lighthouse light had just turned off. After lunch in the

cottage we went for a long walk. we saw many different things like rabbits, cows

and water splashing against rocks. We even went really close to the edge, but

the most amazing bit on that walk was seeing a narwhal.

A narwhal is a cross between a whale and a unicorn. I was happy. The

narwhal was navy with loads of glitter and a horn.

We then got on the narwhal’s back and we had a ride along the coast. It

was so much fun, but then we got lost. Luckily, Thomas remembered the funny

rocks so then we were able to get back to the cottage.

Daddy made dinner while we watched the lighthouse keeper checking the

light in the lighthouse was working properly. After dinner we had some cake for

Mammy’s birthday.

Before the walk we showed Mammy another surprise, which was the spa.

Mammy had told me that she would love a spa so I told Daddy. We brought some

music and Daddy brought lots of spa things. I also gave her a card. Mammy had

a bath in the evening while Thomas and I were reading.

At 5:00am we woke up to go back home because we had school and work

that day. We arrived home at 8:00am.

The best lighthouse stay ever.

Colette Halloran

Co Cavan




“Chirp, Chirp!” say the birds.

“Baa,” say the sheep.

“Ha ha ha,” say the children. This is the

peaceful life of the British on the beautiful

Falkland Islands!

And there she is: the lighthouse, on

the corner of Stanley. She is fabulous! Oh!

And there’s the mayor, Trevor Smith! He is

making an announcement.

“Hello everyone!” says the mayor.

“Does everyone remember the two people

that watch out for trouble in the lighthouse?”

“Yes,” everyone says.

“Okay,” says the mayor. “Forget them. I

fired them because they wanted to see their

families. Ha ha!” The crowd says nothing.

“So we got our new lookouts, Scott and


Scott and Amelia come out. “You’re

fired!” says the mayor because they had

stopped looking out to see if trouble was

coming. Then pirates from Valencia came!

Everyone runs to their houses, but the

mayor stays in the lighthouse to launch the

ships from the secret underground bunker.

They come out but get stuck. So the

Falklanders have to evacuate to Ushuaia in

Argentina, except for the mayor, who is in

his panic room with all the money.

Britain was annoyed and in a month’s

time they went back to the Falkland Islands.

Britain attacked and won by giving the pirates

loads of money. But before the pirates left,

they shot a cannonball at the lighthouse and

it collapsed, so the British couldn’t pay back

the money because they had given it all to

the pirates and the small bit that they had

was stolen by the mayor.

So what do we learn from this? Don’t

let Trevor Smith enter your country.

Aaron Conroy

Co Westmeath

It was a stormy wet night. We were out on

our small steamboat, heading home after a

tough day fishing. The waves began crashing

against the boat, almost turning us in the

opposite direction. Suddenly a big beaming

light shone down on our battered boat and

almost blinded us.

Then, out of nowhere, we could see

a strange little old man standing out on

the rocks. He threw out two life rings and

called for us to jump out of the boat. We

were frightened that the boat was going to

topple over so we did as he said and swam

to safety.

The old man whispered, “Come with

me.” We followed him up into the massive

lighthouse. There was so many stairs we

stumbled up them cold tired and now wet.

When we reached the top, Dad yelled,

“Mind the step!”I almost fell and when I

looked down, I couldn’t believe how high

up we were. I remembered from school that

lighthouses can reach up to two hundred

feet tall.

At the top, we went to the window to

see out into the ocean. To our surprise there

was a pod of whales charging towards the

lighthouse. They must have lost their way in

the storm. The lighthouse keeper was going

crazy as this was his home and he didn’t

want it to get damaged.

Then I stepped in and saved the day. I

grabbed the huge light and shone it towards

the oncoming whales, it must have stunned

them as the miraculously began to swim

away. The lighthouse keeper was so relieved

and suggested that we stay the night, this

meant getting to stay in this magnificent

lighthouse which was going to be so much


The storm began to calm so we went

into the village for some fish and chips.

Afterwards he showed us to his spare room

it was tiny but it didn’t take me long to get to

sleep we had an exhausting day.

We thanked the lighthouse keeper

before sailing back home the next morning

I chuckled, “We really did have a whale of

a time.”

Aine McMahon

Co Donegal


Dick and Julian packed their luggage

and sat in the back of the car. Both were

clever and smart children. Dick was always

into studies while Julian was very jocular

and could make you laugh in awkward


They were very excited to visit one of

Ireland’s most beautiful lighthouses. It was

a long trip from Sligo and they were tired

so the boys fell asleep. After about two

hours, their mother woke them up.

“We are here!” she exclaimed, tapping

their shoulders. They woke with a start.

“Where are we? “asked Dick stupidly.

“Fanad Head Lighthouse,” replied


When they got out of the car, they

were both awestruck by the beauty around

them. But hunger soon overtook their awe.

“I am starving,” complained Dick.

”Let’s find somewhere to eat,”

said Mum. They soon stopped outside a

seafood shop.

The boys ate like pigs and by looking

at them you would guess they had not

eaten for days. They had finished their

food before their parents even got to the

main course!

“Me and Dick are going to see the

lighthouse,” said Julian. And the boys

walked out the restaurant.

On the way it started raining so they

ran to the lighthouse. There was another

boy there, about their age.

“I am Jack. Who are you? “asked the


“I am Julian, and this is my brother

Dick,” replied Julian.

“I also happen to be the member of

the family that has been managing the

lighthouse for many generations,” said the

boy with a hint of pride in his voice.

“Tell us more!” said Dick excitedly.

“Well it’s a long story. My greatgrandfather

was a great diver and lived in

the village even before the lighthouse was

constructed. While working at lighthouse, he

used to maintain a journal which I have never

opened before. Do you want to see what’s

inside?” asked Jack.

“Of course,” said Dick and Julian


As soon as Jack opened it, a piece of

paper fell out.

“What’s this?” asked Julian.

“It’s a map,” said Jack picking it up.

“There is an X marked on the caves we

just passed by,” said Dick.

“What’s it for?” asked Julian.

“Let’s find out,” confirmed Jack.

Luckily the rain had stopped and they

hurried out to the same caves.

“Let’s look around for clues,” said


They switched on their torches and

looked around. Julian flashed the torch on

a wooden trapped door. He opened it and

beckoned the others inside. There were

narrow staircases leading down into a

chamber. In the far corner was a chest. The

children lifted it and peeked inside.

They were shocked. The next morning

the headline of the newspaper was: 200

Year Old Gold Lost From SS Laurentic

Discovered by 12-Year-Old Kids.

They all were famous.

Aneesh Garg

Co Dublin



“Do we have to?” asked Gemma.

“Yes, we’re going to the lighthouse no matter what!”

yelled Mrs. Burke.

“Ughhh!”said Gemma’s sister Katie.

The family had been told that the house was going to be sold and their father

had found a lighthouse off the coast of Kerry that they could live in for a while until

they got a house.

“Now start packing!” said Mrs. Burke. Katie and Gemma stomped into their

room and started to pack.

“At least it’s a lighthouse,” said Katie.

“Yeah,” said Gemma. But neither were too fond of beaches as they had always

lived in a town near Mayo.

They waddled into the car and after hours and hours they arrived.

“Ewww!” said Gemma. They were staring at a white and grey lighthouse with

flaky paint, broken windows, walls made of old greyish stone.

“Please tell me this is not our new house!” screamed Katie as they walked


But as they opened the wooden door, they noticed that the inside was the

opposite of awful. It had white walls and polished wooden tables with the smell of

the sea.

“Well, time for bed, c’mon, you two. It’s nearly ten o’clock!” They went up the

spiral staircase and found the most beautifully furnished bedroom, with a switch for

the light that spins round each night.

Katie and Gemma hopped to bed.

“Girls!” said Mrs. Burke. “I’m going into the village to get Dad. Would you like

to explore?”

“Yes!” they said.

“This is fun,” said Katie, as they strolled down the beach.”Wanna find Mum?”

“Sure,” said Gemma. They went up towards the village.

“Please! Just a slice of bread!” said a woman on the street. She was clearly


“No! You contaminate the streets and you think I shall give you food? Absurd!”

said a posh sailor.

“All right,” she said coldly. “But just know you will be punished!” He strolled

off, laughing.

It was nighttime and the girls had had a wonderful day.

They were asleep when they heard a floorboard creak, and as they

opened their eyes they saw the woman from the street. She was

headed towards the light switch that helped sailors find their


“That’ll teach him,” she muttered as she turned it off

and she slipped away

It was morning and they were in the village,

when they noticed fliers that read:



Please call 086 12345 67890

Thank You!

It was the posh sailor!

The woman was smirking. An ice cold thought went through Gemma’s mind.

“You don’t think that she switched the light off so the posh sailor would crash

into the rocks, do you?” The woman walked away and started toward the beach.

They followed her until…

“Pity about that boat that was found adrift, with nobody aboard,” she said coldly.

“It’s a mystery,” she hissed.

She shrieked innocently, pointing at the poster. “Oh, a sailor missing?” “Where

could he be? As the old sailor saying goes, between the devil and the deep blue


Leah Furey

Co Galway



Millie Clotworthy

Co Wicklow


This is based on a true story of my greatgrandparents.

Neil Desmond Clotworthy

was an engineer for Irish Lights. This story

starts when his clever expertise ended up in

a spot of bother.

The smell of the scones baking in the

oven filled the air while the children were

playing in the sitting room. Pauline sat down

at the kitchen table, beside where Neil was

sitting. Pauline and Neil had been thinking

about doing something that would make

passing food through the kitchen to the

other room easier.

“That’s a good idea. I’ll try and think of

something. I’ll get started after I finish fixing

this radio that’s driving me crazy,” replied

Neil, looking at the small mechanism he was

fiddling with in his hands.

The next day, after a plan had been

made up for the kitchen, Neil got started with

making a square hole through the kitchen

wall. Suddenly there was a call from the

lighthouse on Eagle Island. Something was

wrong with the lighthouse and Neil had to

go and see what it was.

He packed a bag full of water and a

scone, leaving Pauline with a pile of dusty

rubble in her clean kitchen while Neil said

his goodbyes and made his way to the car.

A few hours later, when Neil arrived on

the island, the wind picked up and it slowly

turned into a storm. Neil knew that he

wasn’t going to make it home that evening.

Days went by and Neil started to grow a

beard - an unusual beard at that. His dark

brown hair grew very long over the week

on the island but his beard however, grew

even faster - and red.

Eventually the stormy weather ended

and Neil could go home. When he did get

there, his family giggled at the Bearded


Once upon a time in a lonely little town with a tiny little

lighthouse lived a man called Jeff.

Jeff lived in the lighthouse with all his pet

animals. He was not a very social man and so he kept

to himself. He was a bit odd, as he talked to all his

animals and acted like they could answer. He looked a

bit crazy too, with his hair that looked like he had been

plugged into a light socket. Hardly anybody came to

this side of the beach and it was nice and peaceful

for Jeff.

But then, one day, a ship appeared on the

horizon. Now Jeff just ignored it like he always did,

which he didn’t do very often as no one ever came

near his lighthouse. He carried on as normal, but

the ship sailed closer and closer. Jeff started to get

concerned. He was eating his honey, bacon, peanut

butter and egg sandwich and drinking his cherry juice

when the ship was nearly at bay.

Now he had to do something, he thought. So he

grabbed his odd pop-gun rifle, and attempted to shoot

near the ship as a warning sign that it wouldn’t be a

good idea to settle here. However, Jeff’s aim being

terrible, he hit the strange little man standing on the


“HELP!” the man yelped, falling right off his ship

and landing in the water. He splashed about for a bit,

but then Jeff threw him an inflatable duck ring and got

it stuck tight around him.

Oh no, thought Jeff.

In the meantime, Gerald the pirate was stuck in

the duck ring and was floating. He was glad that he

was saved but did not know how to get out of it. It was

rather embarrassing, really. The waves were taking

him towards the lighthouse.

Now Jeff didn’t want to meet or talk to anyone,

so he tried to shoo off Gerald. Gerald did not have

control over where he was going and was drifting

slowly but steadily towards the lighthouse. Jeff got

frantic and shoots again using the pop gun in the

general direction not knowing what to do.

This time it hit the duck ring and it started to

deflate. Now Gerald flopped around frantically like

a fish, yelling at Jeff furiously. But then Jeff’s eight

macaws flew over and managed to grab Gerald. They

lifted him into the sky and flapped over towards the


Gerald yelped as he was lifted off the ground

and ascended higher and higher into the sky. He was

scared of heights, and this was high enough to count.

Jeff turned and ran up the lighthouse.


shouted, waving his short arms and legs around.

“Squawk!” replied one of the macaws, nearly

dropping him.


YOU’RE DOING!” he screamed, glad he didn’t fall,

but generally upset with the birds.

Jeff was all the way up the lighthouse now,

standing on the platform where the light was. There

was usually glass here, but he had modified it to his


He remembered that his macaws would come

to where he was and ran all the way down again,

towards the ship. The birds abruptly turned around,

nearly dropping Gerald again, and went after Jeff.

“Stupid birds,” Gerald muttered under his breath,

clenching his hands into fists. By now Jeff had climbed

onto the top deck of the wooden ship and called for

the macaws to come to him. Once they reached Jeff,

they dropped Gerald onto the deck, and he rolled off

towards the back room.

“HEY!” he yelled as he crashed into the door.


Jeff turned and ran back to his lighthouse. “Go away!”

he called, hoping that would do the trick.


EVERYTHING!” Gerald stood up, waving his fists at

Jeff and his animals. “AND I WON’T BE BACK!”

He grabbed the wheel and turned his ship towards

Norway, where he had come from. Jeff watched him

sail away as the sun set, glad he was finally alone

again. As the ship disappeared on the horizon, he

went and grabbed the leftovers of his honey, bacon,

peanut butter and egg sandwich from earlier that day

and the cherry juice.

He settled back down to eat what was meant

to be his breakfast for dinner instead and fed all his

animal friends.

Anoushka Prakash

Co Dublin



Once, not so long ago,

there was a tall lighthouse

on a giant rock surrounded

by a deep, sky blue ocean.

It had red and white stripes

and big, long yellow light

beams shone brightly

through the sparkling

ocean. There was an old

useless rope tied to the top

of the lighthouse hanging

down to almost the bottom

with a buoy fixed to the

other end.

There was a girl with

deep gold coloured hair,

grass green eyes, and

really tanned skin. her

name was Izzy. She loved

to swing on the buoy. She

lived with her grandfather

who ran the lighthouse.

Every day, he would turn

the light beams on for

five minutes in the early

morning and late at noon.

He had an old, rusty, bright green and purple

vessel, called The Shipwreck. His boat was

rusty because he used it to go to the city

market nearby and go fishing and he brought

food for the dolphins as well.

Izzy loved staring at the star sky before

going to sleep (that’s why she slept outside)

but tonight was different…

One night, Izzy was getting ready for

bed when she saw a shiny stream flowing

down to her, stepping stones appearing out

of nowhere on to stream. Curiosity filled her


Suddenly a huge wave lifted the girl and

carried her into a massive yellowy-orange

flame and threw her in. Then, everything

went black. She woke up with a straightface

water drop with big round glasses

floating above her face.

The moment Izzy’s eyes blinked open.

The water drop started rambling.

“Your lighthouse, you see, is affecting

our town,” said the sky-blue straight-face

water drop. “Our town hospital needs to be

right THERE!”

The drop stared at Izzy frantically.




Izzy gave the drop a very small but clear

wink. The water drop gave a deep sigh.

“Ahhh, okay. On the next three-ninths

moon (this is how drops count time), this

flame will appear again. We will expect you

to be done by then,” said the drop, with the

first smile since they met. Izzy turned to go

and magically found herself in her bed.

Izzy was planning to plant a tree and

build a tree house (meant to be a hospital) in

it underwater.

Eight Months Later

Izzy finally finished everything and was now

lowering the little wooden building on a tree

into the ocean. Her old, wrinkly grandpa

stood beside her smiling.

Every night the water droplets would

shine rainbow lights out of the ocean to

show their thanks.

Noemi Varga

Co Dublin


Today I was going to help my dad at the

lighthouse. I was staying for the night, so I

was packing to go.

On the way to the lighthouse, it started

to get darker and darker until it was nearly

pitch black. You could hear the loud scream

of rain and thunder. When I arrived I said

goodbye to my mum and hi to my dad.

The storm was getting worse.

In the darkness the storm was crashing

down and I could hear a loud howl that made

me grab with fear onto my dad.

The howling stopped! We went to try

and find out what it had been. Out the door

we went, a touch in one hand and a stick in

the other. Me and my dad found that it was

a dog who had no home. We took the dog

back to the lighthouse. It was starving and

we gave it something to eat.

Suddenly the big light that guides the

ships turned off. It never turned off. I could

hear the crashing of the waves and the

crashing of ships. It sounded like they were

at war.

My dad rushed with the torch to check

the wiring of the lights. Some of them had

been cut?!

Suddenly there was a loud BANG,

which sounded like a drum being hit.

In a second, the light had burst into a

million pieces. I started to scream, “Ghost!”

My dad was calming me down until…

he was lifted by nothing at all and he was

floating just above me. He had been pushed

of the side of the lighthouse into the was buy

this invisible creature.

I was screaming and screaming for

help. I knew my dad was a really strong

swimmer, he had been swimming since a

baby. But was he strong enough in these

awful conditions?

Thank goodness he made it, he

survived but he was so badly injured. Dad

was brought to hospital for treatment. Life

would never be the same again, when I got

home all I could think of was the invisible

creature and would it come back for me…

Enya Grew

Co Antrim



On a dark stormy night in 1920, a family of four called the Averells were sailing out on a

huge boat called the Marina. It was a winter night in November and everyone in the town

thought this family, and everyone on board, were mad to go on another big cruise ship since

the Titanic incident.

They were rich but not a spoiled family. Mr and Mrs Averell owned a car, which was

very expensive in those times. The youngest was six years old. She was called Ruth. The

oldest child was eleven and she was called Helen.

Most people on board the Marina were a little nervous, as they thought that night

would be exactly like the night the Titanic had sunk. The Averells were pretending that they

were not frightened and that everything was all fine, even when the captain announced:

“Do not be frightened, it looks like we may not make it through the night. Please stay

calm and make your way to the upper areas.”

As soon as the words “we may not make it through the night” came out of the radio,

everyone rushed up to the top floor. But Mr and Mrs Averell said to their children, “Don’t

worry we shall wait ‘till all this pushing and shoving is over.”

By the time the Averells got up to the top deck it seemed quiet.

“Look, look! Everybody is there!” shouted Ruth as she pointed to far off dots floating

away from the boat. They had been left behind.

Then Helen had a good idea, she asked hopefully, “Hey Father, don’t you know how

to steer a ship? You work at Titanic Quarter, so you know how it all works, don’t you?!”

Mr Averell thought for a moment. “Hmm… but aren’t the waters way too choppy?”

Mr. Averell then found a note from the Captain:

Good evening to all passengers,

There has been an oil leak which has caused the whole ship to stop. I have decided to

leave on one of our wooden lifeboats. There should be enough to take everyone.

I hope you all get back safely,

Captain Wells

“The boat has had an oil leak. There must be some spare oil here somewhere,” Mr Averell

said rather angrily. “Right. Helen, go into the control room. You can speak to us through the

radio. Ruth, your mum and I will search the boat for oil.”

They soon found three cans of oil each and within an hour they’d started the ship but

they had forgotten that they didn’t know the way home. Suddenly they saw a light. They

followed without even speaking as it was their only hope.

“Oh, oh it must be a lighthouse! I know I’ve read millions of books about them!” said


They were relieved to see a huge tall red and white building with an illuminating light

that you could see from miles away. As soon as they got close enough, they raced towards

the shore. Mr Averell explained what had happened to the lighthouse keeper and he willingly

agreed to let them stay as long as they needed to recover from what had happened.

Rebecca Tumelty

Co Antrim

Baltazar Allende

Co Dublin




One stormy night, a man called Thomas was in a lighthouse. It was his

first shift as a lighthouse keeper. Thomas was from Mullingar, but he had

moved to Wexford because he had relations there.

All of a sudden, Thomas heard a knock on the door. He walked over

to the door to see a little boy with ragged clothes on. The boy looked

hungry and pale. The little boy said he was on a small ship with his family.

They had seen the lighthouse and on their way, they had hit a big rock.

The little boy said he swam over here.

Thomas asked the boy what his name was and he said, “Sean

Loftus.” The two of them went out to see if they could spot the rest of

Sean’s family but the only light they had was from the lightning. The only

thing they could feel was the water splashing against the rocks. The wind

was so strong it pushed them back to the lighthouse. Sean and Thomas

both went to sleep feeling sad and empty-handed.

When Thomas woke up, he went to Sean’s room for another look for

his family but Sean was not there. Thomas looked all over the lighthouse,

but he still could not find him. He checked the road and town but still he

was nowhere to be seen. He went to report this to the Garda. Thomas

told him all about how they met and the shipwreck. Last of all he said his

name was Sean Loftus. The Garda replied, “Are you serious?”

Thomas said, “Yes.”

The Garda looked very worried.

Thomas said, “What is wrong?”

The Garda said the boy had died forty years ago. The boy was a

lost ghost from nearby Loftus House. Thomas walked home feeling very

odd. He went to bed and tried to forget it!! Impossible though, as it was

something he would not and could not forget.

Eamonn Leonard

Co Westmeath

It’s the first day of summer holidays, which means the lighthouse is open for tours


Ciara loves lighthouses and looks forward to the tour all year. She has been

going every year for as long as she can remember. This year Mum promised to bring

her the first day it opened for tours and Ciara has been counting down the days.

Unfortunately Mum has been called into work and knows Ciara will be so

disappointed if she doesn’t find a solution, but her boss has made it clear she needs

to put in the extra hours if she really wants to be considered for that promotion.

“What about if Tara takes you?” says Mum. Ciara dramatically rolls her eyes

- she knows her sister will not want to spend the first day of summer holidays

playing chaperone to her little sister, especially since she thinks she’s far too cool

for lighthouse tours. Tara prefers spending her time applying layers and layers of lip

gloss and taking a million selfies a day. Tara makes fun of her sister for her love of

lighthouses and she often tries to encourage Ciara to take an interest in fashion,

constantly showing her the latest craze some blogger on her Instagram is showing


Tara reluctantly agrees to go, but not without sulking the whole way there.

Even though the sun is shining the waves still look angry splashing against the

rocks. The wind as they make our way up towards little coffee shop is making it

harder to hear Tara’s constant complaining. Her hair is swishing around tangling up

and sticking to her lip gloss, and those “sliders,” as she calls them, were definitely

not made for walking.

She has an angry look on her face but Ciara can’t help but ignore her, there’s

something about this place that makes her go into her into her own little world.

Ciara wonders what it would feel like to be a lighthouse keeper here before

it was automated, tending to the fuel and the weather station and sending out fog

signals. This particular lighthouse is the second oldest operating lighthouse in the

world. Ciara loves when the tour guide tells stories about when the monks lived here.

They have painted the exterior since her last trip and Ciara stops to admire it

when suddenly she hears Tara gasp, “Who is THAT ?!!”

It’s Matthew the tour guide, he’s been working here for the past two years.

Suddenly Tara is looking a little more excited about our tour, and for a girl who

usually oozes confidence she’s now frantically trying to tame her windswept hair

and asking Ciara questions like, “Is my mascara running?” “Have I got lip gloss on

my teeth?”

The day goes by in a flash as usual and all too soon Mum’s car pulls into the


“How was your day, girls?” she asks. Before Ciara has a chance to open her

mouth Tara excitedly announces that it was the best day EVER!

Mum looks both shocked and bewildered at this announcement. The whole

way home Tara couldn’t stop talking about the day and how excited she is to go


Aoife Carty

Co Wexford



My grandpa worked at a lighthouse by our

house for twenty years. He is in a better

place now… I mean a beach in Hawaii is

such a better place! One day my little sister,

Lucy, sweet-talked me into bringing her

inside the lighthouse.

After a while exploring, we heard a faint

“meow”. To our astonishment, it was our

grandad’s old cat, Mittens. I was surprised

she was still alive after all these years. She

was called Mittens because she has white

paws. I went over to her, but she ran up the

stairs. I followed her, but she ran further. I

felt as though she was trying to show me

something and so I followed her until we

came to a room which I didn’t know existed.

On a table in the room sat Mittens, pulling

at something from a notebook… It was a


The map was one of those yellowy,

old-timey maps and showed the lighthouse

basement with a big red X. Now, I have seen

a lot of pirate movies and I know a treasure

map when I see it! How exciting! I always

thought that this lighthouse was boring.

Then it was 10:30 p.m… Oops! I am

in soooo much trouble, I thought. I grabbed

Lucy and ran the whole way home. I was

exhausted. I ran a whole twenty metres.

Way too far! When I told this to my mom,

she just laughed at me and then gave out

about my lateness.

The next morning, I set out to continue

my search (with some toast). Before leaving,

Lucy jumped up, “I want to go on a treasure


“Okay, okay,” I said. “Just count to

10,000 and then we can go.” She didn’t fall

for it.

“I want to come,’’ she said as she

grabbed my phone. “If you don’t let me, I will

smash your phone.

“Give it back!” I whined helplessly,

as she dangled it in the air. “Fine, you can


We went down to the basement looking

for clues and we found one behind a brick

that came out. No treasure. Just a riddle,

but one that only I would know the answer

to. The riddle read:

Who was the first grandchild to come

with me on the Explorer (his boat)?

It was me of course, his favourite! Okay,

turns out I wasn’t me. It was Mia, she’s

my cousin. I tried her name and a stairway

appeared. Hhmph. I was bummed.

The stairs led to a small room with

some writing on the wall. It read: What is my

favourite crisp flavour?

Well, I knew. It was salt and vinegar,

which I shouted, and suddenly a hatch on

the floor opened and brought us to our next

riddle. Why is Mittens called Mittens? Now

that was something I did know.

At last the treasure showed itself with

a note saying, Leave some for the next


My funny grandpa…

Eleanor McKavanagh

Co Galway



“This is a tale of sea scallies, silly sallies and

dilly dallies as Lucy and George embark on

an adventure to Grandpa’s lighthouse on

Valentia Island,” smiled Mum as she packed

George’s things.

“It’s so unfair,” whined George. “You get to

explore the Amazon while we are stuck on

Valentia Island.”

“I have great memories of exploring the

lighthouse when I was your age,” said Mum.

It was late when they finally arrived at

the lighthouse and George and Lucy were so

tired that they just had time to wave goodbye

to Mum before falling into bed.

It was a stormy night with thunder and

lightning. Lucy woke up with a start and

shook George awake. They both ran up the

stairs to the top of the lighthouse, where

the lantern room was located, to watch the

storm. Suddenly, they saw a silhouette of

a boat lying on the shore, but they knew

they would have to wait until morning to

investigate because it was such a bad night.

At the crack of dawn, the children

rushed down to the beach and saw an old

shipwreck washed up on the sand. They

found Grandpa searching the wreckage and

they decided to help him.

“Look, I think I found something!”

shouted George as he triumphantly showed

them an old wine bottle with what looked

like a scroll of paper inside. He uncorked

the bottle and shook out a faded piece of

parchment. It had just a few words in spidery

writing on it:

Treasures for those who know,

How to solve thy puzzles foretold,

That the Valentia Lighthouse beholds

Lucy turned over the piece of paper and

there was a map of Valentia Island with a

big X on it. She beckoned George and

Grandpa over. “I think the treasure must be

in the lighthouse,” said Lucy confidently, as

on the map the big X was so close to the


“I don’t think so. How could you bury

a treasure in a lighthouse?” asked Grandpa

wisely. They all had another look at the map.

“I think it must be next to the lighthouse

in that patch of wildflowers,” exclaimed


When they arrived at the flower patch,

the children began to dig and an hour later

with aching limbs and blistered hands, they

hit their shovels against a large metal case.

When they opened the case, they stared at

a white plant with bright green leaves.

“It is just a weird plant,” said George


Then they heard Grandpa muttering, “I

thought it was only a myth...” and explained

that it was an ancient Irish plant known as

an quinín bán, which roughly translates as

‘the white plant that cures all.’ It was widely

believed to have magical healing properties

and legend had it the plant could cure any


“Maybe it will still be able to heal people,

like it did hundreds of years ago and give

some hope to the sick!” said Lucy.

Siena Ryan

Co Kerry


There was once a lighthouse on a little island

in the middle of nowhere. An old, forgetful

lighthouse keeper lived there.

On the little island nothing ever

happened, but one stormy night the old

lighthouse keeper was going to bed when

he heard a big BANG!

What was that? thought the old

lighthouse keeper as he went up to the


When he got up there, he expected to

be greeted by a warm glow, but what was

this? There was no glow, only darkness. The

old lighthouse keeper now knew what had

happened, he had forgotten to turn on the

light before he got into bed and a ship must

have crashed on the rocks.

He turned on the light and he was right!

But what was this? There were people

stranded on the rocks. He knew what to do.

He ran, well hobbled, to his bedroom where

he called the police, an ambulance, and air

and water rescue!

They came and rescued all the people

and the police and the old lighthouse keeper

explained and talked about what happened.

The next day the old man found himself

moving to a lovely cottage on the coast and

he is still there to this day.

Siobhan Molloy

Co Westmeath




There stands the lighthouse, tall and strong

Shining its light all night long

This bright beam helps to save lives

From the great big rocks sharp as knives

There stands the lighthouse, courageous and brave

Fishermen in the storm, it does save

When the wild white horses crash on the rocks

The flash of the lighthouse guides them home to the docks

There stands the lighthouse, mighty and tough

Not caring about the waves so rough

Treacherous storms on perilous seas

That stretch on for infinity

There stands the lighthouse, fearless and proud

Resisting heroically under dark clouds

But the fiery beacon cuts through the night

Leading sailors safely home, thanks to its light

There stands the lighthouse, apart and alone

Except for the keepers, there on their own

Always watching and on lookout

To warn of the rocks, so there is no doubt

There stands the lighthouse, ancient and old

With stories and history still to be told

Magical secrets lost in the past

Legends and myths which will never last

There stands the lighthouse, silent and still

Away in the distance, pledging its will

That sailors who sail and go far out to sea

Will always be safe and always be free.

Antoine and Alexandre Carmody-Portier


There’s a little old lighthouse,

Sitting on a beach.

I’ve tried to swim up to it,

but it’s always out of reach.

The only thing that goes in and out,

Is a little black cat,

With a little pink snout.

Cause I have always wondered,

What could be inside?

So I borrowed a sailboat,

And went for a ride.

I pulled in my sail,

And then I set off.

But I didn’t go fast,

For the wind was too soft.

When I reached the lighthouse,

I scrambled through rocks.

I looked at a washing line,

And saw a pair of socks!

Does someone else live here?

Other than the cat?

I walked around the side,

And saw an old door mat!

I scrambled through the window

And tumbled to the floor

I don’t know why I didn’t think of knocking on the door!

I turned around and sitting there was a very old man

With a long grey beard and tea in his hand.

“Who are you?” I said in fear,

My name is Marbaly

I’m a friend of Dumbledore

Now sit down and have some tea.

He told me almost everything,

His adventures, curses and more,

Until it was time for me to go,

So he walked me out the door.

He told me I was welcome any time,

And to come and visit soon.

And that night from my bed

I saw his lighthouse flicker in the gloom.

Jessica Daly

Co Dublin



Mary and Johnny live with their mum and dad in a

cottage next to the lighthouse. Mary is fourteen years

old and Johnny is eleven. Their dad is the lighthouse

keeper, as was their grandad and his father before


The lighthouse is a tall thin building with a red railing at

the top where the light shines from. Mary and Johnny

love to go up to the top of the lighthouse with their

dad to turn on the light, even though they have to

go up over 200 steps to get to the top. As Mary and

Johnny live by the sea, they both love to fish and to

swim. They said they were the best swimmers in their

school because they are so fit from running up and

down the lighthouse steps and this gives them strong


One day, Mary and Johnny asked their mum if

they could go for a swim and she said they could, as

long they were back in two hours for dinner. Mary and

Johnny ran to the beach and into the sea, then they

decided to have a swimming race out to the orange

buoy. The sea was choppy and Johnny got caught in

a rip tide and it dragged him out to sea. Mary could

see Johnny was going further out to sea and shouted

at Johnny to come back, but when Johnny tried to, he

was pulled further out. Mary swam out to try and help

Johnny and ended up in trouble as well.

Mary told Johnny to stop trying to swim back in,

because he was only getting tired. They were both

very worried when they could not see the lighthouse

anymore. Mary tried to cheer Johnny up by telling him

that someone would come soon as mum would call

for help when they didn’t turn up for dinner.

Suddenly they saw some fins rapidly coming

close to them. They were sharks, four of them. Mary

and Johnny were very frightened and scared and

Johnny started to cry. Mary wanted to cry too but

put a brave face on for her little brother. Suddenly

some dolphins appeared and were jumping in and out

of the sea close to them. This stopped the sharks

from coming near them. The dolphins kept swimming

around them and after a while the sharks moved on.

The dolphins stayed close to them until they heard the

sound of a boat engine, then they swam away. As the

boat got closer, Mary and Johnny could see it was a

Coast Guard boat.

Mary and Johnny were so happy when they were

finally on the boat. The Coast Guard crew wrapped

them in tin foil and gave them hot chocolate to drink.

They were very relieved when they could see the

lighthouse, because they knew they would be home

soon. Mum started crying when they got off the boat

and when they told their mum and dad what happened,

Dad said, “The dolphins saved your lives.”

Zach Briody

Co Cavan


The fog was thick and our boat was swaying gently,

as if something was pushing us. The eerie silence

played tricks on our minds. It seemed that we were


The silence was broken as our captain shouted,

“Raise the sails!” We pushed forward towards the

sweet smell of dry land and felt the wind rush through

our hair as we made way and we felt good.

The fog was blinding us. Our captain commanded,

“Let out the sails!” We became becalmed in the middle

of the ocean. My friend Jimmy and I heard a noise in

the direction of the bow. The bosun said, “Go check

it out.”

We made our way to the lower deck where the

noise was coming from and then we saw it – a hole in

the boat and water rushing in. Just then we heard the

cry, “Light off the starboard bow!”

The ship raced through the waters towards the

light. When we made landfall, there was no sign the

light. Confused, we set up camp on the shore. The

next day when we woke, the fog had cleared and

there was a lighthouse towering above us. It was a


As we stepped inside, unaware of the danger

lurking beyond the door. Suddenly one crew-mate

was taken by a rope and hung upside down. In the

shock and confusion, he just vanished. The rope fell

silently to the ground.

The bosun suddenly became dizzy. He grabbed at

his throat and groaned, “The water, the water must be

poison.” As he fell to the ground, the bosun vanished

into thin air just like our other crew-mate.

We were all scared now but we continued to

climb the steps, one by one, towards the light. At

the top we saw an old man sitting beside the light

source. We said hello. He turned around slowly and

his face shone as bright at the sun. He was the light!

We freaked out as he suddenly rose from his chair,

reached out and grabbed two of our crewmates by the

neck. They vanished.

We turned to run but the staircase was somehow

blocked off. We would have to fight our way out so we

drew our swords. The old man knocked our captain to

the ground with one blow. His flashlight fell from his

pocket, it was on and it shone in the old man’s face,

blinding him. Our captain shouted, “The light! The light

blinds him!”

I grabbed the flashlight and shone it at the old

man’s face as we ran, I lost sight of the others as we

ran to escape.

I woke from a coma a week later in hospital. The

doctor told me that I had been found washed up on

the beach alone. I asked about my ship.

“What ship?” asked the doctor. “There was no ship.”

I told him the story about the lighthouse. He replied

that old lighthouse had been decommissioned a

hundred years ago after the lighthouse keeper was

found hanging from the light.

Christian Kerr

Co Dublin


I am Captain Ben and I have a story to tell. But before

I tell you anything, I have to tell you that I am seventysix

and I sailed a vessel called the Maleficent Two. I

sailed it in 1956 with my fellow crew members Bob,

Marley, Bill and Oisín.

We were on a mission to transport artefacts

from the underwater city of Atlanta, which included

paintings, sculptures, and statues, so scientists from

Washington University in America could study them.

They wanted to learn more about Atlantans and the

artefacts were also for display. So, we then set out

from where these artefacts were found in Atlanta.

On the first day, we had already covered twenty

miles of sailing and it was cloudy and humid, about ten

degrees. We were all quite content and we had Greek

salad for lunch and fish and chips for dinner.

The next day was quite similar to the last day

until lunch, when a heatwave broke out. All of us had

to stay inside for the rest of the day, even with sun

cream. This was bad because we didn’t get any time

to go outside and have some time by ourselves. At

this point in the day, we were nearly in America, but

we wouldn’t get there until the following day. The next

day we woke up showered in sunshine, although this

didn’t last very long because at lunch a storm broke

out with a crack of lightning.

We had almost arrived in America, somewhat

near a lighthouse, but we couldn’t see the lighthouse

or our travel course because of the stupid fog. Our

boat had somehow gone into manual override. My

crew and I tried to fix it, but nothing happened and we

couldn’t get it fixed. I went to my crew and said we

would have to leave the vessel. They asked when and

I said, “When we can see dry land.”

I then kept on trying to phone the lighthouse

keeper through the com but all I could hear was snoring.

When we saw dry land, we were all forced overboard,

so we jumped just in time to see our ship crash into

the lighthouse, possibly killing the lighthouse keeper.

We quickly phoned 9-1-1 and the Coast Guard came.

After a full police investigation, it was found

that sadly the lighthouse keeper had died, but all the

artefacts were found in perfect condition. This was a

sad event in my life.

Ben MacAleenan

Co Antrim




CRASH! BANG! went the sound of the waves, breaking against the piers in Glandore.

“If the waves are two foot here, then they’re fifteen foot there,” shouted Johnny.

Johnny was the skipper and the owner of the yacht that was going to take them

to Bream Reef. Himself, along with Alex the crewman and Kelly and James the

surfers, were all going to surf Bream Reef. Bream Reef was a wave that broke off

the big rock in the middle of Dirk Bay, east of Galley Head Lighthouse.

“We will be leaving at half past five and hopefully we’ll arrive at Bream Reef at

half past six,” Johnny had said to the rest of the crew the night before. “The forecast

predicts southernly swells and light offshores. If the forecast is right, there will be a

perfect righthander wave breaking off the reef. Now get some sleep!! We have a

busy day tomorrow!”

Next morning, Kelly, who wasn’t usually a morning person, was up and dressed

in five minutes. Kelly was a really good surfer and wanted to be a professional, but

so far he had no sponsors. By the time everyone was at the yacht, it was twenty past


“Right! No time to lose,” said James. “All aboard.”

On board, Alex and James helped push the boat out. It took a few minutes to

get out of Glandore and around the headland. It was still dark, so Johnny had to rely

on the navigation system and the channel buoys to get around the headland. Once

they had left the bay and went around the headland, the full force of the waves hit

them, ten to fifteen-foot waves breaking right in front of them. The waves were just

getting bigger and bigger the closer they got to Bream Reef. Ten-foot waves turned

into twenty-foot waves.

Alex was out on deck when suddenly, BOOM! A wave came crashing down on

Alex, knocking him off his feet. He was desperately trying to cling onto anything, as

the water drained off the back of the boat. Just as Alex was about to get sucked off

the back, James leaped out of the cabin and just about grabbed Alex.

“Wow, that was close,” yelled Alex over the roar of the waves. Alex stumbled up

to standing, “Now let’s get inside before another freak wave comes,” said James.

After another thirty minutes of big waves, they were nearing Galley Head. Only

the sunrise and the light of Galley Head Lighthouse was guiding them through the

waves. Johnny didn’t see Doolic Rock but Kelly did. Kelly raced towards Johnny, but

it was too late, another freak wave pushed them up against the rock.

“Quick, grab your boards,” shouted Kelly over the sounds of snapping wood.

Everyone jumped overboard and paddled as hard as they could to get away from

the rock.

With the light of the lighthouse guiding them in, they found a perfect wave,

Galley Head’s best kept secret!

Rohan Horgan

Co Cork


Grace Daly

Co Kildare


Claire lived with her two aunts. Aunt Edna

insisted that Claire had to clean every nook

and cranny. Aunt Edith got very, very cross

when Claire didn’t clean fast enough.

Claire hated it there with her aunts.

They lived in a lighthouse at the top of a tall,

grassy island, not too far from shore. Her

aunts often sailed to Dublin in their little

wooden boat, leaving Claire on her own.

Although it was a nightmare with her aunts,

the island was beautiful. Flowers and berries

of all kinds grew amongst the grass and


But it was one particular day that Claire

noticed its true abnormality.

The birds sang as Claire wandered down

the rocky path. All of a sudden, the island

began to shake. The tall rocks crumbled and

Claire hung on for dear life. To her surprise,

the island stood up and stretched its giant

arms. When it noticed Claire, the giant

paused, then lifted her gently up to his face.

Claire reached out to touch him. The damp

grass was cool against her hand. A familiar

yell knocked her back into reality. Her aunts

were coming back, so the giant quickly

moulded himself back into an island with the

little lighthouse perched on top.

After cleaning their boat and unloading

their goods, Claire once again looked for

the giant. A face appeared on the cliffside.

The giant told her about all the strange and

wonderful things he had seen and she visited

him every day. They trusted one another and

soon became the best of friends. But their

biggest challenge was still to come.

It was a cold, blustery day when they

heard the desperate cries of men coming

from outside and went to have a look. A

grand ship with bright red sails was crashing

helplessly over the violent waves. Without

hesitation, the giant began to stand up

straight, causing the little lighthouse to fall

into the rushing water below. The aunts,

confused and afraid, fled on their boat. The

giant strode through the intense current

and picked up the damaged ship in his

hand. Making sure not to hurt the crew, he

carefully laid the ship down on the soft sand.

Knowing that people would not accept the

giant, Claire and the giant walked off into the

distance, never to be seen again.

From then on, it was told that the crew

of the doomed ship were rescued by a nearby

cruise ship, but not all believed that. The

crew of the ship spoke of a giant, covered

in grass and rock, that came to life that day

and saved them from an untimely death.


I ran fast. I ran to the beach. I ran to my boat.

I ran from the presenter. Okay, I’ll explain

what happened…

I entered the pie-making competition

but my dog, Sausage, ate all the pies. Long

story short… I ran away. It’s not my fault.

They were chasing me! Okay, so now that

I was in my boat with Sausage, I decided

to row to the old lighthouse. My grandfather

used to be the lighthouse keeper, but the

lighthouse hasn’t been used in years.

I tied my boat to a post and scrambled

onto the island. I climbed the steps of the

lighthouse in awe. I had only ever heard tales

of this lighthouse before. “BARK!” barked

Sausage, who had reached the top. “BARK


“Okay, Sausage there’s nothing up

there…” My voice trailed off as I saw a series

of buttons. There were big ones, small ones,

red ones, green ones and the ones that beep

when you push them.

I saw an instruction manual, picked it

up and flicked it open. It was all blank except

for three words, scrawled across the page:


That was weird. ‘Don’t get seen?’ I

needed to know what that meant! I saw a

huge red button in front of me. It was so

tempting! I had to do it. I pushed it really

hard with my hand and the lighthouse made

a slow grinding sound, then started spinning.


Shaking, I got to my feet. Sausage

whined. What day was it? How long had

it been it spinning for? Was I still in the

lighthouse? So many questions, so few

answers, but little did I know I was about to

get a shock so big I would never forget. I

looked out the window and I saw… me.

Not staring in at me, but rowing towards

the island in my boat. The same boat I had

tied up on that island that very second! Then,

I realised what ‘Don’t Get Seen’ meant.

“I’ve gone back in time!” I screamed. I had

to get out of there before I saw myself. I

noticed a trapdoor above me, I scrambled up

and shut it just as I heard the other Sausage


“Phew,” I said before realising I was in

a giant light bulb. Another button was above

me. Hopefully it was the reverse button.

No! You have to light a candle under it

to activate it (I know my lighthouses)! I felt

something drop into my pocket. It was a box

of matches! I struck one but it blew out. The

lighthouse made a grinding noise. I didn’t

have much time…

Yes! I got a match onto the lamp and the

flame hit the button, but I can’t remember

what happened next.

When I opened my eyes, I was back on

the beach with Sausage like nothing ever

happened, I’m never doing that again.

But that was a long time ago and nobody

has been to the lighthouse since, so I guess

it’s the end…

Áine Murphy

Co Carlow


One day, a girl called Ava came upon an old

lighthouse. It was red and white. It was very

old. She ran back and asked her parents if

she could go inside.

“No, you can’t just go inside a strange

old lighthouse, especially not at night. Now,

up to bed. It’s well past your bedtime.”

Ava went up to bed and thought it wasn’t

dangerous. It’s just a lighthouse, it’s unlikely

that anyone is living there. After that, Ava put

her head down and went to sleep, thinking

about the lighthouse.

The next day Ava woke up at midnight

and she couldn’t help it - she ran down to

the lighthouse. But the door was locked.

She spotted a window and climbed through.

It was dark, very dark then all of a

sudden lights came on, and a voice said,

“Why are you here?”

“Who are you?” said Ava. Then from

behind a cupboard, a man and a dog


“Well me, I am the old lighthouse keeper

and eh, don’t mind me asking, but you got

any food for my dog?” said the man.

“Eh, well I do have this bar of choc-“

said Ava.

“Great,” he said and snatched it off her.

“Well, you better be going now young

girl, its six o’clock.” Ava ran home in time

for breakfast.

She went to school that day, and as

usual Ava was getting bullied. It was hard

at first, but she got used to it. The reason

was that her uncle was missing and on

Grandparents’ Day, everyone made jokes

about her. At half two, the bell went and she

went home on the 16 bus, but she only took

it as far as the beach. This time Ava got off

and ran to the old lighthouse but this time,

the door wasn’t locked so she went inside.

“I was expecting you to come and eh,

last time I didn’t get your name,” said the


“Oh yeah, my name is Ava Macalister.”

“Well isn’t that funny, I am Joe

Macalister, I’m your uncle!!”

Ava went to get her parents, she had

never been happier in her life.

Charlie Knight

Co Dublin



I woke up very excited. I grabbed the map

that we had taken from the library. The West

Bay Lighthouse was waiting for us. We

had already been there, but we liked it so

much that we wanted to go back. Alex and

Michael are my best friends - Alex is a super

adventurous guy and Michael is very brave.

We were packing up the bags when we

noticed something different about the map,

but we totally ignored it. When we were

on the way, the path started to get rocky.

We hadn’t remembered this from last time,

but we kept going anyway. After hours of

walking, we came across a few houses;

nothing there was familiar.

“Where is the lighthouse?” asked Alex.

“There it is,” said Michael, with a deep

surprised voice. What was in front of us

wasn’t the lighthouse we were expecting,

but an old, dark structure. On the door

there was a sign that said: NO ENTRY. Our

adventurous spirit kept telling us to go in and

explore. However, getting in wasn’t going to

be easy.

There were nettles on the door so there

was only one fair way to do this: rock, paper,

scissors. We played for the best of out three

and I was totally defeated. So, that meant

that I had to get the nettles out of the way. It

wasn’t fun, but it had to be done. We finally

got in and it seemed bigger from the inside

than on the outside.

We split up and started exploring the

inside of the lighthouse. I felt alone and

frightened. I assumed my friends were

feeling the same, so I tried to meet up with

them when… CRASH! There was a flash

of light that came from the lantern room.

Through the window I could see a shadowy

shape. Was it a ghost or was it Alex, whose

passion was engineering? I thought.

I tried running to the door but the door

slammed right in front of my eyes. I was

about to wet myself, but there was no time

for that. Just then, I realised we were locked

inside! Something grabbed my arm and I

let out a wild punch, not knowing what was

behind me. Miraculously, I didn’t hit anything

because it turned out to be Michael, scared

to death.

“What about Alex?” I asked. Like me,

Michael had no clue where he was.

The lighthouse started to shake. Oh no!

It was falling apart and we were stuck inside.

“Say goodbye!” cried Michael. We

thought it was the end until we heard a voice

coming from outside the lighthouse. It was

Alex! He was yelling that there was a little

hole that we could get out through. We got

out just as the lighthouse was starting to fall

apart. Thanks to Alex, we got out of there

safe and sound.

The next morning, you could read the

headlines of The Irish Times: “Ghost in the

West Bay Lighthouse.”

Fernando Luna Ferrezuelo

Co Carlow


Seo scéal mar gheall ar fear le croiméal

lúbtha agus folt mór dubh gruaige dárbh

ainm Fred a bhí ina chigire ar thigh sholais.

Thaisteal Fred timpeall an domhain go dtí na

tithe solais móra go léir. Ar an lá a thosnaíonn

ár scéal tá sé ag dul go dtí tigh solais sa

Tasmáin ar eitleán.

Ar an t-eitealáin chonaic sé fear ag

suí ina aonar, shúil sé thall chuige “cad é

do ainmse’’ a dúirt Fred. Freddy a dúirt sé.

“WOW” a scréach sé . “SSHH” a shh na

paisnéirí eile. “cad é do jab” arsa Fred. “Tá

mé i mo chigire ar thithe solais” arsa Freddy.

“Ar mhaith leat teacht go dtí tigh solais sa

tasmáin liom” arsa Fred, “oh ba mhaith” arsa

Freddy. Shuigh Fred in aice le Freddy ansin

agush bhí an-comhrá ar fad acu…. 24 uair a

chloig níos déanaí thuirling siad i Melbourne

na hAstráile.

Chuaigh siad ar bhád dárbh ainm an

“Tasmanian Devil ansan amach ó chósta

na hAstráile go dtí an Tasmáinn . Dúirt an

captaen Robert leo go raibh an tigh solais

lán le ainmhithe nach raibh ar eolas aige

ná ag éinne beo “WOW” a scréach Freddy

“SHH” a shh na paisnéirí . Nuair a tháinig

siad dtí i dtír ar an gcé . D’itheadar lón deas

i mbialann thíos ar na duganna, ansin shúil

Fred & Freddy suas chuig an tigh solais .

Bhí sé 6 méadar trasna agus 25 méadar

ar airde. Go tobann d’oscaill an doras “Heiló”

a dúirt fear beag go cairdiúil leo, “tar isteach,

tar isteach”. Shúil Fred thall chuige, “agus

cé hé tusa?” a d’fhiafraigh sé de, “Is mise

Gerald, anois suas libh” bhí siad leath slí

suas an staighre nuair a d’airigh siad glór

mór scanrúil - saghas idir drannaíl mhadra

agus búiríl leon. “TASMANIAN DEVILS”

a scréach Fred, ritheadar síos an staighre

bíseach, bhriseadar síos an doras ag an

mbun le h-eagla.

“Hello conas atá sibh” Gerald/Robert

a bhí ag caint agus bhí sé ag lasa buama.

Chaith sé é isteach sa tigh solas é . I gceann

nóiméaint beidh sé tré thine agus gheobhaidh

mé an stór agus maoin ar fad istigh ann . Go

tobann léim na gardaí as na crainn ,rith Fred

isteach sa tigh agus fuair sé an buama agus

chaith sé isteach san uisce laithreach bonn

é, chuaigh Gerald go dtí an phríosúin agus

chuaigh gach éinne eile abhaile agus scéal

iontach acu le neosadh lena gcairde go léir.


It had been stormy all week with wild waves

gnawing down against the lighthouse and

the cliff face, but it all seemed normal. Today

was different, though. I woke up at 6am,

as usual, to the clear sky on Flannan Isle.

It even looked like the waves had calmed

too. Almost like a soft, blue blanket was laid

down over the vicious sea that it once was.

I got out of bed, leaving it unmade with

the grey duvet partially on the floor before

getting dressed. I went to the small kitchen

to sit down at the table alone while the other

keepers, James and Thomas, fetched their

oilskin coats and went to get supplies from


I thought about this morning and

how calm the sea was. So, I took out the

lighthouse log, quickly grabbed a pen and

wrote in my brisk but neat handwriting:

Storm over. Sea calm. God is over all.

After putting the diary back in the

cabinet, I lazily looked over at the plain

grey window when I saw it coming. It was

massive. A giant wave was hurtling towards

James and Thomas, like a colossal grey

wall spraying its bricks out one by one.

The wave was like a ten-storey building but

bigger. Recklessly, I ran to save their lives,

knocking down my chair while doing so. Not

wondering if I would lose my own life in the


Yelling at the top of my lungs until I

thought my neck would explode from fear

for my life and the life of my friends.

“STOP! STOP! THE WAVE!” I cried,

but it was already too late.

Colman Ó Curraoin

Co Phort Láirge

Mia Maguire

Co Galway



Clara got off the boat. She stood on the sandy beach with a frown. Mum and

Dad enjoyed being near the sea, so they bought had the lighthouse on the island.

Logan was thrilled to be on the island. Meanwhile Clara was outraged. All her

friends were on the mainland and she had no cell reception.

“Do we have to stay here?” asked Clara.

“Why would we ever leave?” replied Logan, clearly enjoying making sand


“Come on, we better start unpacking!” shouted Mum.

Clara slowly picked up her bags and trudged up to the door. Mum, Dad and

Logan had already started unpacking. The beds were so small, and Clara and

Logan had to share a room.

“Goodbye, privacy,” mumbled Clara.

“Let’s explore the island,” suggested Logan.

“No thanks,” said Clara. “I’d rather not get bitten by a snake.”

“Okay,” said Logan.

While Logan was away exploring and Mum and Dad were unpacking and

tidying, Clara went down to the very bottom of the lighthouse. This would be her

new den. All she needed to do was get rid of the ugly rug and get a few hundred

cushions down there and it would be perfect. She started by removing the rug.

When she lifted it up, she found a trapdoor underneath it. Clara opened it and

found a flight of stairs. She went down the stairs and found a narrow passageway

with wet, rocky walls. She squeezed through the passageway. After about a minute

of walking, she came to a cave that must have led out into the sea. When Clara

looked closer, she saw fish swimming about in the water.

“Wow,” said Clara, “This will be my little secret.”

Later that night, when everyone was asleep, Clara silently got up and fished

out her swimming suit and goggles. She was going swimming. Clara crept

downstairs to her den. She lifted up the trap door and strode down the stairs.

When she reached the cave, she heard someone coming down the passageway.

Clara hid behind a rock.

“Clara?” shouted the person. Clara looked over the rock and saw it was only


“What are you doing here?” she hissed.

“Well, I heard you rummaging through your stuff and I was curious, so I

followed you down here,” explained Logan. “What are you doing down here?”

“I found this place when I was preparing my den,” she replied. She took a

step into the water. “If you want to come, get your swimming suit.”

Logan got his swimming suit and went in the water with Clara. They dove in

and swam all the way out into the ocean. They found the ocean calm. But there

was something out there. It was a dolphin! Soon Clara and Logan were swimming

with dolphins. They were diving in and swimming around the colourful coral.

The next day Clara was happy to be on the island and would see the dolphins

every day.



Danielle Keogh

Co Dublin

Lauren May Bei-er Ong

Co Antrim



My name is Mark Murphy. Yesterday my sister Chloe and I overheard our

parents saying that we might be moving to Howth in Dublin to live with

our Grandad Matt.

Chloe and I were both very excited because even though I am twelve

and Chloe is six we have never seen the sea before - our grandparents

always visited us. I was most excited about seeing Grandad Matt and

Nana Mary because we only get to see them twice a year, but most

exciting of all we had never seen their lighthouse before.

The next morning, Dad woke us up. “Guys, wake up I need to talk

to you about something very important. We are going to move to live with

your grandparents in Howth, Dublin.”

Just then I remembered that my best friend Shane O’Donovan had

just moved to Howth last week because his dad opened a fish and chip

shop along the pier. I was so excited I couldn’t speak to tell my dad how

badly I wanted to go.

I did some sort of weird dance, and then my dad said, “Okay, what

about you Chloe?”

She said yes but only because Emma lives there now (Emma is

Shane’s little sister and her best friend). Within the next two weeks we

were all packed up and ready to go for our drive to Dublin. We said

goodbye to Mullingar in Westmeath and off we went.

When we got there, we went for a tour of Howth Head with Grandad

Matt and Nana Mary and a tour of the pier with Shane and Emma. After

that we got free fish and chips from their dad’s fish and chip shop – it

was the best!

When it started getting dark, Shane and I went to help Grandad

Matt with the lighthouse then Shane and I had a sleepover in my new

house. In the morning Shane and I went up to the tiny hidden beach and

saw a man floating on a wooden board. We immediately called for help.

My dad came running over as quickly as he could and called the

Coast Guard. They said they’d be there soon, so my dad ran down to

the sea jumped in and swam to bring him to shore while Shane and I ran

up to the lighthouse. We had to get the warm blankets and towels that

were up at the top.

My legs ached as I ran up every step and as we were descending,

I heard the sound of a helicopter. When we got out I saw it right above

me. My jaw dropped. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I had to

hold on to Shane because otherwise I would be blown away. It was the

last time we ever heard from the man but I could tell it was going to be

exciting and interesting living here.

Brona Rose Comiskey

Co Dublin



Fadó fadó bhí teach solais ar oiléan Reachraí.

Ní raibh a fhios ag a lán daoine é ach bhí an

teach solais seo ábalta feicéail agus labhairt.

Chonaic sé gach rud ar feadh na mílte ach

rinne sé seo beagán brónach é mar gheall

nach raibh sé ábalta rith thart cosúil le daoine.

Lá amháin tháinig buachaill agus a

theaghlach le picnic a ithe in aice leis an teach

solais. Bhí spórt agus spraoi acu ag labhairt

agus ag gáire, ansin sheas an buachaill suas

agus thosaigh sé ag súgradh thart ar an teach

solais. Stán an teach solais ar an mbuachaill

ag iarraidh a bheith ábalta súgradh leis. I

ndiaidh tamaill bhí smaoineadh iontach aige.

“Labhróidh mé leis,” a smaoinigh sé. Rinne

sé go díreach sin. “Dia duit, is mise Teach

Solais, cé thú?” a cheistigh sé. Léim Dáire

amach as a chraiceann nuair a chuala sé an

teach solais ag labhairt. D’fhreagair sé, “Is

mise Dáire.”

“Dia duit a Dháire, tá brón orm má

scanraigh mé thú ach tá mé ag iarraidh

duine le bheith ag súgradh leis. Tá sé anuaigneach

a bheith i do theach solais,” arsa

an teach solais.

“Sea déarfainn go bhfuil,” a d’fhreagair

Dáire. “Ó, sílim go bhfuil mo theaghlach ag

imeacht. Tiocfaidh mé ar ais amárach le mo

mhadadh Taifí.”

An oíche sin bhí Teach Solais réidh lena

sholas a bheith curtha air. Bhí sé maith go

raibh sé curtha air mar chomh luath is a bhí

sé air, bhí air é a úsáid. Bhí bád i bhfad

róchóngarach don talamh agus chor a bheith

bhuail sé an talamh! Ach buíochas le Dia,

stop an bád sular bhuail sé an talamh.

An lá dar gcionn tháinig Taifí le Dáire

agus bhí craic den scoth acu le Teach Solais.

Chuir Dáire ceist ar Theach Solais an raibh

ainm fíor aige, ach ní raibh. Thosaigh Dáire

ag smaoineamh agus i ndiaidh bomaite bhí

ainm foirfe aige do…. “Cad é faoi Rocky?” a

cheistigh sé.

“Foirfe!” a scread Teach Solais, anois

Rocky. Thosaigh Taifí ag súgradh le Dáire.

Ach ansin tharla rud éigin uafásach. Thit

Dáire agus ní raibh sé ábalta bogadh. Bhí

Rocky an-bhuartha ach bhí smaoineamh

aige. Rinne sé iarracht labhairt le Taifí. Thuig

Taifí é go hiomlán. Chuaigh sé fríd doras

oscailte Rocky, suas staighre agus bhrúigh

sé an cnaipe solais. Tháinig solas an-gheall

amach as Rocky agus thosaigh sé ag

splancadh anuas ar Dháire. Tar éis tamaill

chonaic daoine é ach ní raibh a fhios acu cén

fáth ina raibh sé air. Chuaigh cuid daoine ó

Bhaile an Chaistil ar bhád agus shiúil daoine

ó Reachraí chuig an teach solais. Nuair a

tháinig siad, chonaic cúpla duine go raibh sé

ag splancadh ar bhuachaill. Scread siad ar

na daoine eile. Bhí mamaí Dháire ann agus

chomh luath ‘is a chonaic sí Dáire, ghlac sí

é go díreach chuig an ospidéal.

Ghlac na daoine uilig ó Reachraí rudaí

chuig Rocky an lá dar gcionn.

Mhair siad go sona sásta as sin amach.

Áine de Fréine

Co Antrim


Jeff woke up on the 9th of May 2020. “Ahh,