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Meet the Deputy


2020 Graduation

Marymede master


Marymede medalist

and Marian award



I hope all our wonderful Marymede Community enjoy reading

this edition of Mary’s Way and join me in reflecting on the

College’s experiences in 2020. There is no doubt COVID-19

had a significant impact on our College Community and

disrupted lives in ways previously unknown and unexpected.

I am very proud of how everyone in the Marymede

Community adapted to these extraordinary circumstances.

I would like to thank staff for the way they quickly embraced

the challenge of delivering engaging lessons online and were

responsive to students’ individual needs. Thank you also to

parents for juggling personal and professional requirements

to support your children throughout this difficult year.

The energy and life our students bring to campus was greatly

missed for much of the year. It was wonderful to speak to

students upon their return to school late this year about their

different experiences and thoughts about online learning. I

am proud of the way our students adapted to online learning

and were prepared to develop IT skills which will hopefully be

maintained and serve them well in later life. The silver lining

of this tough experience is the strengthened partnership

between school and home. We can rejoice in the gift of unity

and pray that this connection remains strong going forward.

While COVID-19 limited co-curricular activities in 2020, we

were able to run several events at the start of the year before

government restrictions began. These included the Opening

School Mass, House BBQs and the Parents & Friends Colour

Run. Secondary students enjoyed supporting their House at

the Swimming Carnival, Year 10s attended a fun challenge

camp and Year 12s reflected upon their years at Marymede

and life ahead during their Retreat. Unfortunately, the Year 7

Camp was cancelled a few days before it was scheduled to

begin; however, we have an exciting Year 8 camp planned

for students in 2021. We were also pleased to convert

some planned co-curricular events to online experiences:

it was wonderful to see Year 11s engage in an online

retreat and students enthusiastically participate in online

House Feast days.

Our Primary students made the most of their time on campus

in Term 4, celebrating Book Week with a costume parade

and promoting numeracy through fun, educational activities

during Maths @ Marymede Day. We are grateful that our

Grade 3 Students were able to complete the Sacrament of

Reconciliation and look forward to fostering the growth of

their and all students’ faith commitment. It has been a tough

but ultimately successful year at Marymede. I am grateful

for the hard work of all staff, students, parents and friends in

the College Community who have travelled with us on this

experience. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, safe holidays

and look forward to seeing you in 2021.

— Mr Michael Kenny




About Marymede Catholic College

Marymede Catholic College is a Catholic faith community

which aspires, in the way of Mary, to give students a passion

for life, a love of learning and a determination to be of service

to others. We are committed to the principles of freedom of

religion, freedom of speech and association, equal rights for all

and the values of openness and tolerance.



Master plan


Marymede is a Catholic co-educational, Prep to Year 12

Archdiocesan school located in the northern suburb of South

Morang, and servicing the areas of South Morang, Mernda,

Doreen and Whittlesea. Founded in 2006 our College has been

providing outstanding opportunities for our students, ensuring

that we cater for the diverse educational, physical, social and

spiritual needs of each young person in our care.

We are a young and vibrant school with outstanding facilities

and vast opportunities. As a Prep to Year 12 College we are

in a unique position to provide your son or daughter with a

COMPLETE education. An education that reinforces your

family values in a dynamic, supportive and caring environment.

An education that incorporates the latest technology, delivered

by teachers who truly care about student learning and an

education that stimulates and actively encourages excellence.






Captain’s messages

Our College places a strong, dual emphasis on personal

endeavour and pastoral care, which guides our graduates

towards responsible, mature adulthood. As a College we

aspire, in the way of Mary, to give students a passion for life, a

love of learning and a determination to be of service to others.


Meet the Deputy Principals

Marymede Catholic College

60 Williamsons Rd, South Morang VIC 3752

(03) 9407 9000



Marymede Medalist and

Marian Award

Meet our Year 3 team





First aid saves a life

Master plan


A global pandemic has not stopped a myriad

of improvements and new buildings forging

ahead at Marymede this year.

Nicholas Musto – Class of 2014

“A little kindness in life

really does go a long way”

In 2017 the College commenced its journey towards

implementing meaningful solar generation across the

growing South Morang campus and 2020 saw an additional

217 solar panels installed. The College now has 1198 farm

solar panels and has increased its electricity generation

to 348kWh.

Not only do the solar panels demonstrate the College’s

commitment to sustainability and the environment as well

as an awareness of our global footprint, they contribute to

an electricity consumption saving of approximately 60%.

The College’s long-term objective is to install batteries to

store excess daytime power for use during the night, and

ultimately generate more solar power than consumed.

The $4.2M Materials and Digital Technology Centre was

also completed in Term 2 this year. The building comprises

of two Woodwork workshops, a Textiles workshop, an

Innovation and Prototype Lab and a Digital Design hub.

Students in both the primary and secondary school have

loved the new facilities.

Next year a $3.45M State Government grant will go

towards extending the College’s Performing Arts area with

a purpose-built centre. With so many students involved in

dance and drama in the school, a dedicated facility will allow

students’ talents to be showcased. The facility is expected to

be finished for the start of the 2022 school year.

As I write this piece, it amazes me that six years have

passed since I completed Year 12 as my memories of

Marymede are still so fresh and fond. Back then, everyone

knew Italian was my passion. That passion grew and drove

me to not only enrol in a Bachelor of Arts degree at La Trobe

University (majoring in Italian and English) with an additional

Honours degree in Italian Studies, but inspired me to move

to northern Italy in order to teach English, as an English

Language Assistant.

During my time at Marymede I was heavily involved in

many different activities, including Marymede Feast Days,

lunchtime games clubs, school productions (Grease, Cabaret,

Hairspray and Annie) and even San Carlo Age Care volunteer

work. I was driven by a fervent curiosity and a desire to make

the most of my experience at Marymede.

Looking back at the teachers who inspired me, I consider

Mr Jeremy Guzman a mentor. It was he that instilled a

passion in me for a subject in which I was initially not even

supposed to be enrolled. His final words to our Year 12

Media class have accompanied me to different corners of the

globe; “A little kindness in life really does go a long way.”

Such a phrase may seem clichéd (apologies, Mr G), however

I sincerely believe that even the simplest phrase can have the

greatest effect on us if the person delivering the message

lives by their words. And Mr G. does.

The global pandemic forced me to depart Italy for South

Morang where I have hit the ground running by applying for

many different jobs, one of which is the opportunity to teach.

Over the next two years, I will be teaching Italian whilst

simultaneously studying for a Master of Teaching.

I harbour no regrets about my time at Marymede however,

were I to have it over again, I would focus less on that which

is not meant to be; Mr G.’s words would ring true every day;

I would make it my mission to live justly and share happiness

with all those around me.

— Nicholas Musto

Mary’s Way 2 3




In what seems like a lifetime ago, Marymede

welcomed 130 Preps, nearly 100 new students

in Year 7 and a large number across all other

year levels to the College at the beginning of

the year.

Although there were tentative smiles as our new students

arrived at the College on their first days, it was difficult to

know who was more excited, our new students or their

parents. It did not take long for our new students to become

confident in their new surroundings and make friendships

that may go on to last a lifetime.

The Marymede community can take great pride in the way

it welcomes new family members. In what has been an

extremely difficult year for new students, families and staff

to commence at a school and make meaningful connections,

our community has embraced our new family members with

open arms.

26 students from Prep - Year 12 have also joined the

Marymede community during 2020. Although these new

students have spent much of the year learning from home,

we know that they will have already experienced some of the

Marymede community spirit.

Despite the challenges of remote learning, Marymede

Catholic College students still enjoyed a rich co-curricular

program. Some activities, such as Primary Choir, Dance

Club and SRC, moved completely online with Zooms and

videos replacing the usual face-to-face gatherings of these

enthusiastic students.

The cast of the 7-12 school musical, High School Musical,

persevered with online rehearsals and are currently putting

together a filmed version of the whole show in lieu of a live


A new program, Co-Curricular @ Home was developed with

weekly activities for students to learn new skills, show off

their talents and get active!

This year will see the presentation of the first ever House

Shield for Co-Curriculum and many House points were

earned for colouring competitions, step-a-thons, scavenger

hunts, digital portraits and cooking, among others.

Mary’s Way 4 5

Captains’ Messages

“Enjoy the little things, for

one day you may look back and

realize they were the big things”

– Robert Brault.

Fellow members of the Marymede community,

We thought we would begin our final address with the

quote above as it perfectly reflects our journey this year,

one that was ripe with spontaneity and unprecedented

challenges. Having completed most of our learning this year

at home has made us realise that, even the smallest things we

often took for granted, such as sitting in a classroom beside

our friends or being able to go to the canteen at recess and

lunch, are in fact privileges that are undervalued and for

which we should always be grateful.

Despite the tremendous hardships faced by our community

over the past year it is vital that we continually reflect upon

all that we have accomplished. For some of us, getting

though our first year at the college, the struggles of making

new friends in a different environment, learning to open a

locker, hopping into the pool for the first time, and getting

through our first ever lot of assessments and exams. Whilst

these may not be particularly grand or exciting at first glance,

it is important to recognise that every time we overcome a

challenge, big or small, it is something to be proud of.

We are all so very fortunate to be a part of such a diverse,

caring and enriched community of talented individuals

who can achieve whatever they set their minds to. As we

mentioned in our very first address, each and every one of

you are capable of making this world a brighter and better

place-not only for yourself, but also for every one of you. So,

once again in the words of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, we urge

you to “speak your mind. Put your desires forward, as if you

had a right to them - at least the same right as others. Walk

tall and gaze forthrightly ahead. Dare to be dangerous”.


— Ann Anil and Dimitrios Bachos

College Captains 2020

This year has been tough but we made it through!

Everyone can be proud of themselves on making it through

these tough times and working really hard. Personally, I

used this year as an opportunity to learn in a different way.

Some of us found it easy and others did not. I wanted to

congratulate all the people who found home learning difficult

but kept trying during the year. I would also like to thank all

the teachers that worked hard in planning for this new way of

learning on such short notice.

— Sahib Khangura

Primary Leader

It has been a brutal year for everyone around the world with

the twists and turns COVID-19 has thrown at us, but we have

dealt with it incredibly well and have managed to get back to

some normality.

I am very proud of the achievements and fun we managed to

experience this year while dealing with the pandemic. I admit

that I found it difficult motivating myself to get out of bed in

the morning, knowing I wasn’t going to school. Yet I realized

that this was our new normal and adjusted my life to this.

Overall, we have learnt many different things this year and in

the future, we will be able to tell much younger people that

we survived COVID-19.

— Rebecca Kouts

Primary Leader

Mary’s Way 6 7

Meet the Deputy


Marymede welcomed two new Deputy

Principals to the teaching staff this year.

Throughout the year, both Jessica Hall and

David Broadbent have experienced the

strength of the Marymede Community and

extend their thanks for giving them a warm


Jessica Hall

Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning

Tell us about your schooling. What was your worst and

favourite subjects at school and why?

I always enjoyed Maths and Science, loving that light bulb

moment when a problem was solved. Drama was difficult

as I was extremely introverted and the thought of performing

was terrifying.

Why did you go into teaching?

I wanted to work with young people, build relationships and

have an impact on their lives. Teaching allows me to do that.

I strive to be that teacher that students talk about years later

that had high expectations, pushed them to be their best but

was their biggest advocate along the way.

If you could go back in time, what piece of advice would you

give the young you?

That it’s ok to be unsure about one’s purpose in life.

Everything happens for a reason and things will work out the

way they are supposed to. Just work hard, have faith and the

rest will take care of itself.

What is your favourite family tradition?

I love everything about Christmas! Every year we go to the

Myer Christmas Windows and this is something I did growing

up for as long as I can remember too. Every Christmas Eve

we have new PJs and get excited for the next morning.

What are some of the challenges you think that our students

will face in the future?

After this year I’m not sure there is any challenge our

students couldn’t face. The resilience they have shown

has been extraordinary and the independence and

commitment they have shown really will hold them in

good stead in the future.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

Every day I try to take a moment or two, to be mindful and

acknowledge what I’m grateful for. I feel so fortunate for so

many of the opportunities I’ve been given personally and

professionally. Even on the hardest of days taking time to

show gratitude tends to turn things around. My family and

friends are always such a source of support and love and for

that I am most grateful.

David Broadbent

Deputy Principal Staff and Operations

Tell us about your schooling. What was your worst and

favourite subjects at school and why?

I always loved history and still do! I’ve always found it

fascinating to learn of how humans lived at different points in

time, how and why they made their decisions. My favourite

history quote is attributed to Mark Twain: “History doesn’t

repeat itself, but it often rhymes”. My worst was Wood tech;

I could never be precise enough with my hands.

If you could go back in time, what piece of advice would you

give the young you?

Don’t worry as much: nothing is ever as bad as it seems, and

you will always find a way to enjoy life (and Collingwood will

eventually win one of those Grand Finals: just wait for 2010

when you’ll be there – twice!)

Can you speak another language?

Un poco & en peu

Do you have any hidden talents?

Well, they won’t be hidden if I tell you.

What’s on your bucket list?

Travel throughout Europe and Russia, with extended

stays in rural France, driving around Ireland and through

the Swiss lakes.

What is your favourite family tradition?

Annual holiday with my extended family (over 50

Broadbents!) to the NSW south coast.

What are some of the challenges you think that our students

will face in the future?

Being able to ‘pivot’ when the unknowable occurs, whether

climate or pandemic or [insert unknown event]-related. 2020

has been a prime example of the unforeseeable, from the

devastation of the summer fires through to the ongoing

adaptations under COVID-affected life.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

My family and my country. I’m blessed to have a loving

wife, whom I’ve shared my life with since my teens and

three intelligent, forthright and morally-centred daughters.

Among the daily ups and downs of life in Australia it is easy

to forget that we truly live in a privileged position - socially,

economically, politically, ethically and culturally: not perfect,

always able to improve, but very much privileged.

Mary’s Way 8 9

Marymede Early

Learning Centre

St Mary’s School

for the Deaf

Just as life has been different for students this year within

the College, the ELC also took a different approach to allow

the 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old kinder groups to participate

in a remote learning program via SeeSaw that replicated the

planned on-site learning program.

The children enjoyed taking part in set tasks and activities

and were given the opportunity to upload their learning

experiences using videos and photos.

The return to normal in Term 4 was a much-needed blessing.

The classrooms were again full of laughter, excitement and

learning with the children and staff as joyful as each other to

be back together again.

Remote learning certainly provided a share of challenges for

the Marymede St Mary’s team to overcome.

Whilst masks may have been uncomfortable for some of us,

they have been a huge challenge for the St Mary’s students

who utilise lip reading as an extra way to understand. Equally

challenging have been online Zoom sessions where the sound

is distorted. Staff and students embraced the new technology

and made use of chat functions, emoticons and captions

where possible. Students focused on mental and physical

wellbeing alongside their studies.

The time apart this year has provided an appreciation on how

important social interaction is for all human beings.

Book Week celebrations were a fun way to welcome the

children back to on-site learning. It was wonderful to see

the children dressing up and celebrating together.

In preparation for Prep next year, our 4YO groups have

participated in two Gearing Up for School (GUS) sessions run

by the Marymede Prep Transition team. The ELC children

took part in these sessions during their own kindergarten

program time, in addition to our own classroom preparations

for those moving on to Prep in 2021.

With the end of the year upon us, we are thankful and

grateful to all of the ELC families for their commitment and

encouragement throughout our home learning period. We

look forward to the upcoming celebrations that will take

place within our classrooms, celebrating the children for their

resilience and hard work within the last few months.

Mary’s Way 10 11

Swimming Carnival

Marymede Medalist

and Marian Award

The Secondary School Swimming Carnival was held at the

Oak Park Aquatic Centre early in the year on Monday 2

March. The Carnival was one of only a handful of school

events that occurred this year due to the pandemic.

Although the weather was less than ideal for a day of fierce

and friendly competition between Houses at an outdoor

pool, plenty of students braved the elements to dive in and

make some waves. The camaraderie between competitors

demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and competitors were

well supported by much cheering from their peers.

Our annual Term 4 Awards season saw the announcements

of our 2020 Marymede Medalist and Marian award recipients

across both Primary and Secondary years.

The Marymede Medal is presented to one student each year

for exemplary contribution to the core values of Marymede

Catholic College, whilst the Marian Award is presented

to one Primary and one Secondary student for exemplary

modelling of Christian Service ‘In the way of Mary’.

Congratulations go out to all students who competed

and especially those in Chisholm House who won the

event overall.

Marymede Medal

— Jacob Leddin

Year 12

Marian Award

— Chloe Falzon

Year 12

Marian Award

— Marnie Carton-Rigney

Year 6

We congratulate and acknowledge Jacob, Chloe and Marnie

for their contributions to Marymede Catholic College in 2020.

Mary’s Way 12 13

Vista 2020 Year 11




Vista provides students with an alternative way of learning for

those who may find mainstream classes a challenge. In 2020,

the continuous change in conditions for pupils presented

many hurdles for valuable learning within a predominantly

home centred environment.

The year began with the Year 9 group preparing to

create a stall for the College Open Day; this included a

giant cardboard cut out of the Principal, a montage of

photographs and an Instagram competition to win a voucher.

They also assisted in the well-being of others by creating

packs of resources for a Respectful Relationships promotion.

During the school closure, students were lucky to have some

opportunities to be on campus where they were able to

access the College Trade Centre and sharpen their practical

skills. Another major activity for the Year 9 group was to

design and construct a Billy Cart for use in a showcase for the

Year 6 students to enjoy later in the year -they also had some

brief hands-on time exploring a unit on Robotics.

The Year 10 group began the year designing a more effective

and inviting space within the current Chill Zone area – this

included repurposing overgrown garden beds into sand pits

and upcycling materials into fun products for their younger

peers. At home, they were delivered boxes of groceries

to compete in a ‘Bluett Burger’ competition where they

had to follow a recipe and create a meal of burgers for

the family. Final results were determined by the incredible

photos submitted of some very mouth-watering creations.

In addition to this, they were also delivered a basic flat-pack

kit to challenge their DIY skills at home – the bonus was

they each acquired a piece of furniture for their room and a

physical reminder of the flexible learning that took place at


The Year 11s were fortunate to be able to experience a

‘Retreat@Marymede’ in August this year in their House

Groups. Our retreat leaders created an environment of

stimulating discussion on Christian Service Leadership with

activities and input from our Principal, Mr Kenny, guest Youth

Minister - Josh Angrisano, breaking open the word with Fr

John Murphy and challenges and games led by our Year 11

Gamechangers. Many students commented that they didn’t

even feel like that were ‘at school’! Here are some further

reflections from our Year 11s.

I found the year 11 Retreat to be a wonderful experience

filled with many faith-filled and enjoyable activities. My

favourite part of the retreat was the session that we had with

Christian rapper Josh Angrisano, who gave an inspirational

and motivating talk. His discussion of leadership and how he

found faith in God during the hardest points of his life, was

truly eye-opening. The experience that we were able to have

with him was something that resonated with me personally

and it was the main thing that inspired me to step out and try

for a leadership position myself.

— Annrose Gigimon

By completing the Year 11 Leadership Retreat I ultimately

got a greater understanding of how to lead from behind

the flock, rather than in the spotlight as a role model. I was

taught how leadership is truly about building the confidence

of those within the community, encouraging them within their

own endeavours, and enabling those around me to be the

best versions of themselves as they possibly can be.

— Jarnai Brancaleone

This year the Year 11 retreat was prepared COVID style but

was still such an amazing experience which I got to share with

all the Year 11s. What resonated with me was discovering

the different types of leaders and seeing leadership in action

by the students in Chisholm house throughout the games,

activities and sessions.

— Nuwin Fernando

It’s official! Year 12 student Indiana Bodley has signed with

the University of Louisiana (USA) at Lafayette, to study and

play basketball in the NCAA Division 1 and heads to America

next year.

Beginning her basketball career in Under 8s, Indiana has

played basketball for the Eltham Wildcats, Whittlesea Pacers

and Coburg Giants. The question of College was raised after

Indiana led the youth league women’s Division 2 competition

in points per game and was nominated for Most Valuable


With her sporting career put on hold in 2020 due to

COVID-19 restrictions, Indiana is looking forward to playing a

season of basketball in Australia before heading to the USA

at the beginning of the US school year in August 2021. She is

excited to continue developing her skills and learning more

about the game she loves as well as explore the United

States and experience a new sense of independence.

Indiana hopes to one day play basketball professionally in

the WNBL. We wish Indiana the best of luck in this and all

her future endeavours.

Mary’s Way 14 15

Meet our Year 3 team

This year the Year 3 teaching team have

created some fantastic videos for their

students to assist with their home learning,

co-curricular activities and the return to

school after lockdown. So, just who are these

teachers and what do they think about some

important issues…

Meet Luisa Coppola

Meet Simona Fazzolari

Who was your favourite teacher at school?

Mrs Chalker - I had her for 3 years during primary school and

she was the perfect mix of discipline and fun!

What is one food you could never bring yourself to eat?

When I was in France I couldn’t eat frogs legs.... they just

looked too much like a leg.

Which are better – Dogs or Cats?

I prefer dogs - I like how they can sense your mood and tend

not to be moody like cats can be.

What was your favourite toy growing up?

My imagination. I didn’t grow up with a lot of toys but there

was a tree in my backyard that was a tree that would be a

pirate ship one day or plane the next day. I had

many adventures!

If you could time travel, when would you go to and why?

If I could travel in time I would either go back to the roaring

20s - I love the music and fashion of that era or back to

the 1500 in England when Henry VIII ruled - I have such a

fascination with this particular part of history. I would just

hope I would get to keep my head!

When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make

yourself feel better?

I listen to music - it could be anything from pop, to punk to


Why did you become a teacher?

I love working with children, making a difference to their lives

and it is by far the most rewarding job! Also, growing up with

two older sisters we always played ‘school’ and my oldest

sister became a teacher and I always wanted to be like her!

Who was your favourite teacher and why?

My favourite teacher in high school was my Year 12 English

teacher – why? Because I am pretty sure I was her favourite

student & now we work together at Marymede!

What was your favourite toy growing up?

My sky dancer – one of the only toys I took with me when I

moved to Australia and I still have it today!

If you could time travel, when would you go to and why?

If I could time travel it would be back to my childhood in New

Jersey in America in the 80s and 90s. I love living in Australia,

I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else, but there is no place

like home. I often think of my childhood home, my friends

and my family and a white Christmas.

If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would

you pick?

If I could pick another name it would definitely be based on

convenience. Every time I order from a café or restaurant,

Simona just seems impossible to say correctly the Italian

way! Now, I always say Samantha to avoid the confusion. It’s

definitely become my go to name when I order a coffee or a

boost juice!

Meet Peter Dunstan

What was your worst subject at school and why?

Music, but not for a lack of trying. I love enjoying music and

I love playing classical guitar, but a few weeks into learning

the recorder, I was relegated to the “percussion section” and

handed a triangle with a thing to hit it with!

What would your perfect holiday look like?

Hiking with a pack and a tent somewhere very remote.

Which are better – Dogs or Cats?

As a kid, there was never a time when we had less than 4

dogs. We drove to Tweed Heads in a Honda Civic as a family

of four with clothes, and bedding, and four dogs. We now

own a Moodle and a Chihuahua. When you come home

even after just two minutes outside the house, your dog

desperately needs to tell you how much they’ve missed you,

but your cat takes one look and then comes out with, “So?

What do you want, a medal?”

If you could time travel, when would you go to and why?

The sixties for the music – The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Cream,

Hendrix the list goes on (and a little of the fifties as well),

the Renaissance for the architecture, the Elizabethan Era to

hear Shakespeare and probably some others that I haven’t

thought of.

If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would

you pick?

Who – then I’d be guaranteed a position as First-Base on

pretty much any baseball team in the world!

Meet Carla Conte

Why did you become a teacher?

Being a teacher is just who I have always been. I grew up as

the oldest sibling and cousin and I was always eager to teach

them everything I had learned at school.

Who was your favourite teacher and why?

My Year 3 teacher, Miss Hickey gave my responsibilities in the

classroom that helped me realise that I could be a leader. My

Year 6 teacher, Mr Cenzato introduced me to musical theatre

and my favourite musical Hairspray. Although she was never

technically my teacher, Marymede teacher, Ms Angie Bedford

helped me realise one of my dreams of performing as Tracy

Turnblad in the college production of Hairspray. All these

teachers believed in me, inspired and continue inspire me to

be the teacher I am today.

(Continued next page)

Mary’s Way 16 17





What was your favourite toy growing up?

I had a cookie monster plush toy that went with me

everywhere, I still have him in my wardrobe but the stuffing

has gone clumpy and his limbs floppy. The signs of a truly

loved toy.

If you could time travel, when would you go to?

I would to travel in 1692, Salem, Massachusetts to witness

the Salem Witch Trials. I definitely would like to watch this

from a distance as participation may land me in a sticky


Do you have any hidden talents?

I can do the splits and tap dance.

Meet Joanne Cheer

What was your worst subject at school?

Biology because I didn’t like dissecting a mouse.

What would your perfect holiday look like?

Sunny, lazy days by the pool.

What is one food you could never bring yourself

to eat?

Brussel sprouts.

Which are better – Dogs or Cats?

Definitely dogs.

What was your favourite toy growing up?

A Spinning top.

If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what

would you pick?


When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to

make yourself feel better?

I would go for a long walk.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Oil Painting, particularly landscapes.

College Captains 2021

Jarnai Brancaleone and Nuwin Fernando

Primary Leaders 2021

Anna Mathew and Karthik Arumugam

The easing of COVID restrictions meant that the Class of

2020 were able to celebrate their graduation together.

The final day of school for Year 12s incorporated a COVIDsafe

breakfast prior to the Costume Parade followed by a

Mock Assembly.

Later that afternoon, the Year 12s came together as a cohort

for their final Graduation Ceremony which was streamed live

to families at home. Spectacularly dressed, students arrived

early for photos before processing into the Fitness Centre in

House groups lead by their House Captains for one final time.

The Class of 2020 will be remembered as the cohort that

rose to the challenges of a global pandemic. We wish them

a brilliant future.

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100 days of Prep First aid training

saves a life

The first year of schooling for Preps this year was not what

would have been imagined and although they spent more

days learning from home than in the classroom, they have not

only flourished but developed resilience and adaptability that

we can be proud of.

The milestone of 100 Days of Prep and was reached in term 3

and celebrated, albeit virtually, with students dressing

up and participating in a range of ‘100’ themed activities.

Activities included a ‘If I had 100…’ writing task, sets of

sporting exercises adding up to 100, creating and decorating

‘100 Day’ crowns and making the number 100 in many

different ways.

“None of the adults

there knew how to do

CPR, so I stepped up”

Even though learning from home came with challenges,

Preps have still learned how to read, write and count… and

their technology skills have increased immensely.

Over the course of the year students have shown their

learning and understanding in a various and creative ways

and the Prep Team could not be more proud of how far they

have come!

Year 9 student Veronica Leon-Vizcaino has stepped up to

help save a life.

Veronica was on a family trip to Paddy’s River Falls in

Tumbarumba NSW over the Queen’s Birthday weekend

when a fellow visitor to the falls collapsed. Veronica said

the man’s wife called out for help and asked for someone

to perform CPR.

“None of the adults there knew how to do CPR, so I stepped

up,” she said. “I wasn’t really nervous as the adrenaline was

rushing through me.” Veronica said she performed CPR for

about 15 minutes before an ambulance arrived to take the

man to Wagga Wagga Base Hospital.

Veronica said she had the confidence to help the man after

learning CPR while in Grade 6 at Marymede, even though

this was the first time she had put her training to use.

(Article courtesy of Star Weekly, photo by Damjan Janevski)

Mary’s Way 20 21

VCAL 2020

In 2020 remote learning presented a variety of different

challenges for the students studying the Victorian Certificate

of Applied Learning. The students accepted the challenges

and forged ahead to endeavour to complete their studies

from home.

In Year 12 Personal Development Studies, the classes

involved the development of community-based projects.

This task became challenging for the students because the

planning needed to be conducted via Zoom.

Hands on and creative learners always find a way to achieve

success. True to that motto the VCAL students brainstormed

what they could do and how they could go about doing it.

The Year 12 students were keen to make an impact on

their own school community, so their planning focused on

some fun activities designed to raise everyone’s spirits. The

students created an online scavenger hunt for Prep to Year

12, including building a website, devising activities, tallying

scores, publicity and promotion.

Concerned about mental health, the students created

an executed a variety of resources for RU OK? Including

running a Religious Education Seminar, creating activities

for parents and students and devising a comprehensive athome

program which included meditation. They also created

lessons for Year One. These excellent initiatives raise

the community spirit and celebrated the creativity of the

Year 12 VCAL students.

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