BDAA ACCESS (Winter 2020)

Featuring an exclusive, in-depth interview with art agency founder, Bam Douglas. This bumper edition of BDAA ACCESS also introduces its readers to the talent of Kim Tabay, Michelle Carmen Gomez and Yunus Surtie. Along with great features on the agencies very own Jimmy Bamble, Zak Perez, Tibbs and AbEx star, Jamie Hawkins.

Featuring an exclusive, in-depth interview with art agency founder, Bam Douglas. This bumper edition of BDAA ACCESS also introduces its readers to the talent of Kim Tabay, Michelle Carmen Gomez and Yunus Surtie. Along with great features on the agencies very own Jimmy Bamble, Zak Perez, Tibbs and AbEx star, Jamie Hawkins.


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<strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong><br />

Featuring: Jamie<br />

Hawkins, Jimmy<br />

Bamble, Zak Perez<br />

and Tibbs<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong><br />

Guest edited<br />

by<br />

Jamie Hawkins!<br />

WHAM, BAM!<br />



In Focus: shining a<br />

spotlight on Kim Tabay,<br />

Michelle Carmen Gomez<br />

and Yunus Surtie<br />

Produced and Published by <strong>BDAA</strong>

Art. Done Differently.<br />

visit www.bdaa.art to find out more

Introduction<br />

“Hey everyone!<br />

Firstly; I’m absolutely chuffed to be guest editing the <strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2020</strong><br />

edition of <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong>.<br />

I’m also delighted that “The Boys” a.k.a, Jimmy Bamble, Zak Perez and<br />

Tibbs not only sent me the work they’re most proud of. But also each<br />

selected an artist they admire to include in the In Focus section of the<br />

magazine.<br />

I hope you all enjoy the interview that I did with Bam. It was a blast to<br />

ask him some intimate questions and make him sweat in front of the<br />

camera for once!<br />

As guest editor, I thought I’d also cheekily pop in my own greatest<br />

creation!<br />

Wishing you all a very magical Christmas and a Happy New Year!<br />

Loads of Love<br />

Jamie xxx”<br />

Jamie Hawkins - <strong>BDAA</strong> Artist | Guest Editor<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 3

Contents<br />

6 Feature Interview: <strong>BDAA</strong> Founder, Bam Douglas, opens up<br />

about art, life and man-crushes!<br />

14 Zak Perez: The Orange County artist discusses his most<br />

important work to date<br />

16 Jimmy Bamble: Check out the coolest street art on canvas<br />

work you’ll EVER see!<br />

20 In Focus: Introducing you all to the works of Kim Tabay,<br />

Michelle Carmen Gomez and Yunus Surtie<br />

37 Tibbs: Check out the latest work from our very own Enfant<br />

Terrible (and guess what? It’s available!)<br />

38 Jamie Hawkins: The AbEx star, and guest editor of this<br />

edition of <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong>, shows us her greatest creation<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 4

Advertisement<br />

1st Floor, 1 Minstergate, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 1BN<br />

Tel: 07565 195 555<br />

Instagram: @stevezombie_tattoo

THE<br />

LAST<br />


<strong>BDAA</strong> founder, Bam Douglas, opens up about<br />

art, life and doing it differently.<br />

Interview and images<br />

by<br />

Jamie Hawkins<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 6


Jamie Hawkins: How do you feel about being the cover star of your own magazine?<br />

Bam Douglas: Well, first of all I hate having my picture taken and so that was probably the first time I’d actually<br />

posed for a photograph since about 1977! Ha! Ha!<br />

But being serious for a bit, it was strangely emotional. It kind of hit me as we were doing the shots just how<br />

much I’ve put into this agency over the last two years. Literally no days off. No social life. Nothing. Just pushing<br />

the agency and the artists as hard and as often as I could.<br />

I think I can hand on heart say that I’ve sweated blood these past 24 months. And whilst we were shooting the<br />

fatigue from that effort probably hit me properly for the first time.<br />

And I think the photos show that. I’m 46 now but look about 56 in those shots! [bursts out laughing].<br />

JH: Tell us about ‘you’ and how the agency came about.<br />

BD: In a nutshell; I grew up incredibly poor in the East End of London. My mother raised me by herself and until<br />

I was 5 years old we lived in a refuge for battered women. I say ‘refuge’ - it was in reality a condemned building<br />

that had been taken over by women escaping abusive relationships.<br />

From there we managed to get a proper home and my mum worked several jobs just to keep us from starving. I<br />

remember that there wasn’t always enough food for both of us and so there were plenty of nights my mum went<br />

to bed hungry.<br />

I definitely think that’s where my drive and work ethic comes from. To make sure that all those sacrifices that my<br />

mother made were not all for nothing. To live more than an ordinary life. And to some extent I have.<br />

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve tried my hand at a LOT of different things over the years. Some have worked<br />

amazingly well. And other less so. I’ve flown all around the world doing multi-million pound deals in expensive<br />

tailored suits, been a successful fashion photographer. Twice! And I’ve also worked minimum wage factory jobs<br />

and once had to take work as a cleaners assistant! Which was ‘character building’ to say the least! Ha Ha!<br />

I’ve also experienced homelessness on more than one occasion and that for sure has made me incredibly<br />

grateful for even the small, everyday things.<br />

In terms of the agency and how it came about; I’d worked with you (abstract expressionist, Jamie Hawkins) in<br />

the fashion game for years and we’d become really good friends over that time.<br />

We were both very jaded with the fashion industry by the time I first suggested you try painting and from that<br />

first work I remember being completely blown away and thinking that this could be a new direction for us both<br />

to take. You as the artist and me as the agent.<br />

And here we are, two years later having achieved so much in such a short space of time! It’s funny how life works<br />

out sometimes.

JH: Tell us your future plans for the agency and the artists you represent.<br />

BD: I definitely want the agency to have a much bigger online presence in 2021. With the whole COVID thing, I<br />

think it’d be very naive to believe that we’ll ever go back to how things were before and that whole, purchase in<br />

person, not online, attitude.<br />

And that, I feel, is especially true for the art market. Which in all honesty, was already way out of step with the 21st<br />

century in terms of the internet, social media and how people purchase and consume even before the<br />

Coronavirus pandemic occurred.<br />

As for the artists. I have closed the books for new signings in ’21. I want all the focus and resources we have at our<br />

disposal to ensure that Jamie, Jimmy, Tibbs and Zak see progress that they can touch, see and feel in a very real<br />

sense.<br />

We’re a very small group of people. But then again, so are Navy Seal Team Six! I’d much rather push a handful of<br />

artists to a very high level of success than represent 30+ artists and they never get any real sense of support or<br />

genuine attention on THEM.<br />

I have extremely high standards, both personally and professionally, and I value quality over quantity every single<br />

time. It’s like cars, watches and hotels: not all are equal! The artists that I represent now each have the talent to<br />

make it on a world class level and that’s very much where my focus is for the foreseeable future.<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 9

“With the whole COVID thing, I think it’d be very<br />

naive to believe that we’ll ever go back to how things<br />

were before.”

JH: What has been your worst moment since starting <strong>BDAA</strong>?<br />

BD: Without doubt it’s been the art market itself. Or rather the people that inhabit it! I’ve done top end<br />

international sales, worked in the shark infested waters of the fashion industry, the cut throat world of elite sport<br />

and still wasn’t prepared for the amount of lies, false promises and backstabbing that I’ve experienced over the<br />

last two years. It’s been truly amazing to witness the level of disingenuous behaviour that seems almost de rigueur<br />

in the art world.<br />

JH: Any particular people or moments stand out?<br />

BD: Er, I’ll ‘take the fifth’ on that one! Ha! Ha! But yeah; for sure there’s a few people on my shit list that ain’t EVER<br />

coming off!<br />

JH: If you could go back and do anything different, what would it be?<br />

BD: For sure it’d be to bring more things in house sooner and to protect the end-to-end control that comes with<br />

that. It’s understandable, I guess, when you’re new to an industry to look to the people and ways of working that<br />

are already there and try to mimic that. As you have no other frame of reference. But it was only when I started<br />

following my own instincts and turned my back on the ‘establishment’ that we started to make serious inroads.<br />

I mentioned earlier that I’ve done a lot of different things. And it’s weird, because most of what I’ve done before<br />

has actually become of use in terms running the agency. Whether it’s destiny, irony or pure coincidence my past<br />

work experience has been invaluable in building a business that actually works.<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 11

JH: What are your highlights and most exciting bits so far?<br />

BD: Getting Jamie’s ‘Galaxies…’ painting on display at The Saatchi is definitely the highlight so far! And the fact<br />

that the business has built year on year. Despite all that’s happened globally this year, we’ve actually blown 2019<br />

out of the water in terms of sales and value of sales. Which I guess somewhat compensates for the huge, dark<br />

circles under my eyes and almost non-existent sleep and rest for the past two years! Ha! Ha!<br />

JH: I know you said earlier that you weren’t looking to sign any more artists in ’21, but how big do you see the<br />

agency becoming ultimately?<br />

BD: Honestly, I think it’ll always be quite a small agency. Is there room for more artists medium to long term?<br />

More than likely. But if you look at any entity that truly sets the bar highest and is held as the gold standard of<br />

what can be achieved, then it’s always a small, elite group.<br />

There are almost 55,000 infantry in the U.S. Army but just over 1,300 listed by Seal Team Six. And even within big<br />

organisations like the Mercedes F1 operation, there’ll be a team within a team. A ‘skunkworks’ group that<br />

operates at that Tier 1 level and drives the rest.<br />

This agency is about taking something that already exists and making it the gold standard by which all others are<br />

judged. Mass production just isn’t my thing.<br />

JH: What advice would you give to any artists out there looking to be signed to <strong>BDAA</strong> one day?<br />

BD: I learned a very long time ago about the concepts of ‘emotional currency’ and ‘emotional credit’.<br />

If you take Jimmy Bamble as a prime example; he’s followed our social pages from day one, liked every single<br />

post we put up, shared, commented and messaged encouragement and congratulations. Never asked for a<br />

shout out. A mention. And never asked to be signed to us. He just saw what we were trying to do and genuinely<br />

appreciated it.<br />

That meant that he’d taken the time to build a real, genuine relationship with us and so it was a no brainer to<br />

make him our first expansion signing. Because he’d taken the time to build up that emotional credit with us. His<br />

talent was undeniable, but his ATTITUDE was the separator.<br />

I get more than a dozen emails a week from artists asking to be signed and it’s almost always universally the<br />

same. They send a single unsolicited email, follow none of our social accounts, or any of the artists we currently<br />

represent, like, comment and share nothing and don’t even send a follow-up email. And then wonder why we<br />

won’t sign them! And then they’re off to the next agent, or agency, looking for that ‘silver bullet’ solution that’ll<br />

miraculously make them bigger than Banksy overnight. Hint: there are NO silver bullets!<br />

So my advice would be this: spend ’21 following our social accounts and that of our artists. Like, comment, share<br />

and contribute something that means you’re in emotional credit with us come 2022.<br />

JH: And finally; tell us one thing about Bam Douglas that no one knows!<br />

BD: I have a huge man-crush on Ryan Gosling! Hahahahaha!!!<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 12

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 13

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 14

MY MOST<br />


WORK…<br />

BY<br />


"This piece, "Back to Basics" (2015), marks a pivotal moment in my artistic direction and development.<br />

Having created art nonstop since about four years old, and having done so professionally since 2010, I<br />

approached this painting differently than I had ever done before. This was the first time that I used this layering<br />

technique, which is now my go to method for almost all of my paintings.<br />

This technique has become a vehicle for the deeper message behind the art I put out into the world—a message<br />

of faith, of love, of slowing down and tuning in to Spirit. This was also the largest piece that I had created at that<br />

time, 24" x 36" and it opened my eyes to the impact of scale. That was a turning point where I began to gravitate<br />

towards creating larger scale works, which opened the way for me to begin creating murals, often in collaboration<br />

with other artists.<br />

This canvas is a prime representation of the things that I hope to achieve as an artist. First and foremost, I hope to<br />

guide the viewer's mind to reflect on their own personal beliefs of a higher power and faith.<br />

The cross predominantly featured as the main focal point anchors all of the texture and motion contained on the<br />

canvas and serves as that invitation to the viewer to reflect.<br />

Through the layering, subliminal messaging is woven into the background. If you look closely, you can see<br />

phrases such as: "make love not war", "back to basics", "pray" and "faith". This is a tactic of conveying positivity in<br />

a subtle manner, which impacts the viewer on an energetic level, even if they are not consciously aware of it. The<br />

layering creates depth, which draws the viewer closer as they attempt to wrap their minds around the<br />

meaning and order contained within the chaos. I find that this causes people to spend more time looking at<br />

the piece as they search to see what else they can find hidden within."


THE<br />

BEST<br />

OF<br />



Advertisement<br />



<strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> FOR THE FOLLOWING RATES:<br />

HALF-PAGE AD: £50.00<br />

FULL-PAGE AD: £100.00<br />


WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 19

IN FOCUS<br />

As part of our philosophy of doing art<br />

differently, each edition of <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> will<br />

give artistic talent we believe in a free<br />

platform from which to show their work.<br />

In this edition, Zak Perez, Tibbs and Jimmy<br />

Bamble each select a talent that they believe in.<br />

Please note that Kim Tabay, Michelle Carmen<br />

Gomez and Yunus Surtie are not represented by<br />

<strong>BDAA</strong> and there is no financial or commercial<br />

benefit to the agency for these features.<br />

It’s simply an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’<br />

and provide opportunities that the rest of the<br />

art world is either unable or unwilling to do.

Zak Perez’s chosen artist<br />

Kim Tabay is an Artist from Southern California who is dedicated to fulfilling her Divine purpose by sharing her<br />

artistic gifts in both her original work and through interactive art experiences.<br />

It is in her understanding and belief that Art is a Vessel and instrument which encompasses the ability to<br />

empower and enlighten those who seek its spiritual truth and wisdom.<br />

Admiring her art is a reflection and mirror of your own beauty, the act of creating art with her is a reminder that<br />

you too are a Divine Creator.<br />

Her purpose is to create art and art spaces with soulful and spiritual intent to reflect, learn, evolve, and empower<br />

your inner artist.<br />

If we all embrace ourselves as divine creators, we all have a hand in creating a beautiful world.<br />

There's an Art to Life.<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 21

K<br />

I<br />

M<br />

T<br />

A<br />

B<br />

A<br />

Y<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 22

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 24

Advertisement<br />

"I'm convinced that for every person who reads and acts on this book the world will become that<br />

little bit better for all of us." - Sarah Ellis, Author of Sunday Times Bestseller The Squiggly Career<br />



#BeMorePirate<br />


Tibbs’ chosen artist<br />

Photo: Sartaj Randhawa<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 26

Michelle<br />

Carmen<br />

Gomez<br />

Like many who grew up in rural America, with its wide open spaces and unhurried pace, notable<br />

photographer and artist, Michelle Carmen Gomez is intrigued by place that still show signs of the<br />

vernacular past.<br />

She is infinitely fascinated by the profundity of ordinary moments. From her SMALLTOWN,<br />

AMERICA SERIES, shot in her hometown of Pleasanton, Texas to her NEW YORK SERIES,<br />

Gomez’s photographs capture the essence of a subject, location or study and accentuate the<br />

emblematic nature of our day-to-day.<br />

Her art, a kinetic blend of her serigraphs and freehand brushwork using vibrant acrylics on canvas,<br />

juxtaposes her classic photographic images against a more pop medium. Critics have commented<br />

that Gomez’s work is; “Warhol, without the cynicism.”<br />

A native Texan, Gomez earned her Bachelors degree in Journalism and Film from the University of<br />

Texas at Austin and has worked professionally as a fine art photographer, artist, film director, writer<br />

and actor.<br />

Gomez currently owns gallery GOMEZ in Los Angeles, a multi-use space where she curates shows<br />

for emerging mid-level artists, creates her art and offers creative workshops for underserved<br />

communities.<br />

Visit: www.aboutmichelle.com to find out more.<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 27

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 28

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 29

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 30

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 31


Jimmy Bamble’s chosen artist<br />

I’m Yunus Surtie , and I’m a Brisbane-based artist born and raised in East London, South Africa.<br />

I work mainly on graphic visual art to develop my my style through Surreal Narrative to create thought<br />

provoking visuals that question ones imagination.<br />

A self-taught artist, I’ve been very creative from a young age. Slowly finding my path to expressing my artistic<br />

views in multiple mediums.<br />

Art came to be the best way of expressing my perspective of the world, self-taught, continuously learning more<br />

mediums and perfecting my craft.<br />

Life experiences, nature and the unknown are the underlying influences for the art pieces. Inspiration flows from<br />

creatives alike and artists such as Jimmy Bamble, Banksy, Anish Kapoor and Alexander Calder.<br />

I like to portray visual expressions of life in all its complexity, mental illness, true connection, love, and popculture<br />

through images of models used to illustrate these stories.<br />

As an aspiring artist myself, I want to help other aspiring young artists gain more of a following and appreciation<br />

for their work to help boost their artistic careers.<br />

I’m currently developing a main fanbase through Instagram, with both an international and local fanbase, that’s<br />

dedicated to inspiring people to follow their passion and express themselves in a positive manner.<br />

I want to allow people to view my images and think; “what if” and imagine the scene playing in their minds.<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 32

ESCAPE REALITY by Yunus Surtie<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 3

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 34

LAUNCH PROJECT 2 by Yunus Surtie<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 35

JOTORO by Yunus Surtie<br />

WINTER <strong>2020</strong> <strong>BDAA</strong> <strong>ACCESS</strong> 36

Dr Pepper<br />

by<br />


My Greatest Creation: by Jamie Hawkins<br />

“It would’ve been so easy to include one of my biggest selling paintings for<br />

this, but the more I thought about it. The more I realised that my greatest<br />

creation isn’t one of my paintings. It is, by far, my wonderful and amazing<br />

daughter, Millie.<br />

Whatever I achieve as an artist will never compare to the love and pride I<br />

feel at being her mummy!”

So<br />

long<br />


And a Happy New Year!<br />

From<br />

Bam, Jamie, Jimmy, Zak and Tibbs


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