2020 JSU Gala Journal

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Penny & Marc Alper

Ed Balk

Gloria Feldman

Diane & Paul Gallant

Dorit Daphna !ken & Harvey !ken

Leslie & Michael Litwack

Galia Movitz

Carol & Michael Staenberg



Dr. Richard Koflwff & Dr. Susan Godwin Kofkoff

Dr. Stan & Jean Margul


Jamie & Scott Berzon

Barbara Bianco

Debbie & Jeff Dalin

Shelley & Jeff Dean

Julie & Leonard Frankel

Lester Goldman

Julia & Aaron Gould

Judith & Ted Isaacs

Andrea & Ben Keller

Elise & Mark Krug

Lynn & Carl Lyss

Randi Mozenter & Larry



Joyce & Bob Olshan

Paulie & Rabbi Carnie Rose

Linda & Michael Rosenblatt

Zachary Rosenblatt

Selina Rovinsky

Debby & Ethan Schuman

Erin & Steven Schuver

Barbara & Amos Shamir

Tracy & Jeff Singer

Janet Weinberg

Carla & Leonard Weintraub

Lori Wishne

Mary & Rick Wolf

The link to join the virtual Gala will be made available in advance of the Gala.

For more information, contact 314-498-6279 or

gala@jsustl.org or visitjsustl.org/gala.

To ALL who participated

to assure the future of


a great big


and a special thank you

to the students who make

JSU the outstanding

organization it is.


Esther, z’l, and Harvey Greenstein


The Jewish Student Union of St. Louis (JSU) inspires teen’s to take

pride in their Jewish identity and to engage Jewishly by making Judaism

meaningful and relevant for all Jewish teenagers. In short, we facilitate

the teens self-discovery to answer the question of “Why be Jewish?”


JSU provides a variety of programs and services including: school clubs,

classes, scholarships, inspirational and Jewish identity strengthening trips

all to motivate Jewish youth and teens to increase their involvement in

Jewish activities and their connection to Israel. JSU’s long term goal is to

increase their engagement in the Jewish community as adults. JSU funds

programming via a network of generous donors whose support allows the

flexibility to be responsive to changing ways to engage teens. JSU is a

“powerhouse” in building teen affiliation with the Jewish community and

identification as Jews and with Israel in ways that are meaningful to each

individual teen.



By bringing weekly JSU clubs to the teens in their own school environments, JSU

has access to thousands of teens, over 75% of who are unaffiliated and underengaged

Jewishly. Despite the continued growth of this critical demographic, these

teens were virtually invisible to, and beyond the reach of, the Jewish community

prior to the advent of JSU. By providing Jewish teens the opportunity to view and

engage their Judaic heritage through a prism of modernity and relevance, they are

inspired to become more engaged Jewishly. By introducing them to the many Jewish

teen organizations and Jewish involvement opportunities available within the St.

Louis Jewish community, JSU facilitates their engagement in teen programming

within our community through BBYO, NCSY, JCC, USY, NFTY, Israeli Scouts and

other Jewish youth-oriented organizations. They develop a strong sense of Jewish

identity, relationship to the State of Israel and a connection to the broader Jewish

community. Upon graduation, JSU assists their smooth transition into Jewishly

active college life via our partnerships with Hillel, Maimonides, and other similar

Jewish student groups on campus.

In addition to the regularly scheduled school club meetings, JSU sponsors the Galia

& Milton Movitz Senator John Danforth Israel Scholars course, the Jewish Scholars

Fellowship, the soon to be launched Anna & Andrew Rauchman Holocaust

Studies Course, Friday Night Live Shabbat Dinners and Onegs, Jewish Holiday

programs, the annual President’s Day Weekend Jewish Community Service Trip,

the Jerusalem Journey (TJJ) Israel summer experience (TJJ is a month long trip for

$999 all inclusive) and much more.


As a result of COVID, JSU “shifted into overdrive” and not only continued all of

our existing school clubs virtually, but launched a variety of programming to meet

the emotional and other needs of the teens and their parents. Between March and

August alone, JSU ran 150+ virtual programs resulting in over 1250 encounters with

teens. Most recently, we began the process of re-starting in person programming

(with social distancing and masks) while maintaining all our virtual programs.

JSU has reinvented the way Jewish teens can be reached and engaged to interact

with other Jews and build their own Jewish identities. JSU has truly become the

portal for these teens into the broader Jewish community, as evidenced by the

numerous community partners who rely on JSU for getting their information out

to this demographic. JSU is the key to Inspiring the Jewish future, by providing the

answer to the most fundamental question of Jewish engagement, “Why be Jewish?”

Everything that JSU is doing, could not be accomplished without your partnership.

So on behalf of the 800+ JSUers, we thank you again for helping JSU strengthen

and inspire a stronger and brighter Jewish tomorrow.


2020 JSU Annual Dinner Note from Chairs

The success of the JSU Annual Gala is largely due to the hard work and

dedication of Rabbi Mike Rovinsky, Rabbi Yitz Staum and Sam Zittin.

The impact they have on Jewish teens is extraordinary and invaluable

to sustaining Judaism. These individuals devote countless hours to JSU

throughout the year. We can’t thank them enough for all they do.

Our honorees, Harvey Greenstein and Esther Lyss-Greenstein, of blessed

memory, are such kind, generous and professional people. Their charitable

efforts throughout the Jewish community know no bounds and they’ve

touched countless lives in St. Louis. Harvey’s infectious smile never fades

and the warmth exuding from him is endless. He’s an inspiration to us all.


Jean and Stan Margul, and Sue Godwin Kofkoff and Rich Kofkoff


Remarks from JSU Chairperson

Paul Gallant

On behalf of the JSU Lay Leadership and the entire JSU Family is my honor

to welcome you to tonight’s special event in tribute to our very own Harvey

Greenstein and in memory of Esther Lyss-Greenstein. Harvey and Esther (a”h)

epitomize the overarching mission of JSU: Dedication to Jewish education,

Jewish identification and to Israel. These are the values that the JSU staff inspire

our community’s teens within their daily programs. On a personal level, being

able to honor Harvey and Esther during my tenure as JSU Chair is an extra bonus.

I have known Harvey and Esther for over 50 years. In fact, we initially met

volunteering for the Jewish Federation where we were indoctrinated with Jewish

Identification and the love for Israel, and we all became very close friends.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share what a privilege it is of being part of such a

transformational organization like JSU. The dedication and commitment that

our lay leaders demonstrate to ensure the continuity and strength of JSU is so

inspiring. The JSU professional team, led by our own, truly one of a kind, Rabbi

Mike, is one that is totally focused on inspiring the next generation of Jews and I

simply marvel at the lengths they will go to reach each and every teen whose path

they cross.

Then there is each of you, our JSU partners who share the JSU mission. Through

your partnership gifts, you are providing the means by which JSU is able to

have the success that it does. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that JSU

accomplishes are your accomplishments. WE are all a team! We are all family!

So even though we may not be together in person tonight physically, we are still

all together under one umbrella, with a unified mission of creating a stronger and

brighter Jewish future.


Paul Gallant

JSU Chairperson


Harvey Greenstein &

Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein

“The Greensteins are the epitome of the definition of mentsch. Harvey’s

smile is contagious and he is always ready to do what he can to make a

differ-ence in the future of our People. Harvey and Esther’s generosity

have helped shaped so many of the im-portant institutions of our

community,” said Paul Gallant, JSU Chairman.

Esther and Harvey began a friendship in the late sixties when a small

group of young Jewish couples formed a chavurah, a Jewish study group.

In the early nineties, their spouses, Stanley and Enid, passed away.

Esther and Harvey married in 1997.

Esther, an Atlanta native, came to St. Louis to earn a BS at Washington

University/Central Institute for the Deaf. After serving as a deaf

educator for multiple years, Esther earned a Master of Education at

Emory University. Harvey grew up in Collinsville and began attending


Sunday school at B’nai Amoona in 1939. He graduated from the

University of Illinois School of Business.

Each of their early involvement in the St. Louis community focused on

education. Esther taught at CID, created a program at Shaare Emeth

which enabled deaf students to be mainstreamed into the religious

school program in partnership with hearing teen volunteers, and she

developed programming for deaf teens at the Special School District.

Her multiple talents included co-authorship of children’s books, job

placement for individuals with special needs at JEVS/MERS, Program

Director at Temple Emanuel, art dealership owner, inventor and patent

holder and early advocate for the Reform Jewish Academy. Together

Esther and Harvey tutored at Clark, Cote Brilliant and Tillman schools.

Harvey has served as chair of Jewish Federation’s Leadership

Development Council, President of CAJE and of B’nai Amoona. He

was the founding Chair of the Brodsky Community Library and served

as a board member of the Jewish Federation, JCCA, Solomon Schechter

Day School, JFRC and served on United Way’s Budget Committee. In

the sixties, Harvey man-aged and taught sales training classes for IBM

in Israel. Presently, Harvey serves with distinction on the JSU Youth


It was Harvey and Esther’s love for youth, education, Jewish engagement

and continuity that inspired them to join the JSU Family so many years

ago. In 2017, JSU recognized Esther and Harvey for the important role

they played in the success of the JSU Torah of Unity Campaign in

which they dedicated one of the 5 Books of the Torah.

Their combined family consists of six children and their spouses,

sixteen grandchildren and their spouses, and four great-grandkids. Sadly,

Esther (a”h) passed away this year from complications due to Alzheimer’s

disease. Her zest for life and dedication to Jewish continuity lives on

through Harvey, their children, grand-children and great-grandchildren.


The success of this year’s Gala is more important than ever to meet

the needs of the teens participating in JSU programs. “JSU has shifted

into overdrive. In addition to all JSU’s existing school clubs which are

being run virtually, JSU has launched a variety of experiences to meet

the emotional and other needs of the teens and their parents. Since the

onset of COVID-19, JSU has run close to 200 virtual pro-grams resulting

in more than 1,600 encounters with teens.” said Rabbi Yitz Staum, JSU

Director of Institu-tional Advancement.

“JSU has significantly increased the number of touchpoints and services

we are providing to the teens of our community. More than 800 teens -

those who will shape the future of the Jewish People - are counting on

us all. We must empower our teens with the inspiration, motivation and

tools to develop a strong Jewish identity and a sense of responsibility for

their vital role in shaping our community – both now and in the future,”

said Rabbi Mike Rovinsky, JSU Director.

To pay tribute to Harvey Greenstein and to the memory of Esther


Lyss-Greenstein visit www. jsustl.org/gala to invest in the strong

future of our Jewish Peoplehood. (All donors will receive a custom JSU






Learn about Israel from a a historical

and modern perspective

Learn about the Israel-Palestinian conflict

Analyze and understand media bias


Develop Israel advocacy skills


Learn Learn to to answer answer difficult difficult questions questions about about Israel


JCC 2 Millstone Campus

St. Louis, MO 63146

Pizza and Refreshments

will be served!

Pizza and Refreshments

will be served!



Thursdays, 7:15-8:45 pm


Classes begin November 28


Upon completion of the program, students will receive $350

towards any JSU-affiliated Israel summer program including

TJJ (The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey).











Tuesday Monday nights, nights, 7:15-8:45 7:15-8:45 pm pm

Classes begin November 75

“As Diaspora Jews and and People of

the of the Book, Book, we we have have the the

responsibility to gain knowledge

and speak about Israel from a

place a of of knowledge. Taking this

course this course provides provides us with us with


history the history of the of State the State of Israel of Israel


motivates and motivates us to us speak to speak about about

current events in in Israel only

after knowing the the facts. I I hope hope

and wish that many other other adults

and teens in in our community

Cost: $350

Cost: $250

take *Scholarships available

advantage of of this this course.”

*Scholarships available

- Galia

Galia M.


Apply today at at tinyurl.com/IsraelScholars2017


JSU is funded JSU is funded in part in by part the by Jewish the Jewish Federation Federation of St. of Louis, St. Louis, The The Kranzberg Foundation, Lubin-Green Foundation Staenberg Foundation, The

Martin Silk The Foundation, Martin Silk and Foundation, NCSY, along and NCSY, with generous along with donors generous like donors you. JSU like is you. a program JSU is a program of NCSY of which NCSY is which an agency is an agency

of the Orthodox

of the Union, Orthodox a nonprofit Union, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) organization (EIN/tax ID (EIN/tax number: ID number: 13-5623717 13-5623717

For more information, contact Rabbi Mike Rovinsky at at 314-498-6279 314.498.6279 or email danforthisrael@gmail.com


Senator John

Danforth Israel

Scholars Program

Galia and Milton Movitz


A JSU program in partnership with the Center for Jewish Learning of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, NCSY and Jerusalem U

Learn about Israel from a historical and modern perspective

Learn about the Israel-Palestinian conflict

Analyze and understand media bias

Develop Israel advocacy skills

Learn to answer difficult questions about Israel



Grades 9-12

United Hebrew Congregation

13788 Conway Road

St. Louis, MO 63141

Thursdays 7:00-8:30pm

Classes Begin November 14th

Pizza and refreshments will be served.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive $350

towards any JSU affiliated Israel summer program

including The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey (TJJ)

Apply today at tinyurl.com/IsraelScholars

For more information,

contact Rabbi Mike Rovinsky at 314-498-6279

or email at danforthisrael@gmail.com





JSU is funded in part by the Jewish

Federation of St. Louis, The Kranzberg

Foundation, Lubin-Green Foundation

Staenberg Foundation, The Martin Silk

Foundation, and NCSY, along with generous

donors like you. JSU is a program of

NCSY which is an agency of the Orthodox

Union, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization

(EIN/tax ID number: 13-5623717


Galia & Milton z”l Movitz Senator

John Danforth Israel Scholars Program

Although just 1/8th of 1% of the

Middle East and smaller than the

State of New Jersey, the country

of Israel receives 75 times more

news coverage than any other

area of equal population and 10

times more than other nations in

armed conflict. Israel has been

and remains at the cutting edge

of medical and technological

advancements that are

enhancing and saving the lives

of millions of people around the world on a daily basis, yet it is embroiled in ongoing

political and military battles for its very survival.

In this course, you will be introduced to the history of Israel beginning with the ancient

and medieval eras. We will then focus on the development of modern political Zionism

in nineteenth century Europe, going into discussion of the historical background

leading to the establishment of the state of Israel and the history of Israel until present,

culminating with the relationship between Israel and the Arab world. Students will

identify and explore the circumstances leading to the development of modern and

political Zionism. We will delve into the historical events in Europe that led to the Zionist

ideological foundation of the state of Israel, Herzl’s vision of the State for the Jews,

the early immigration prior to the establishment of the state of Israel, their contribution

to the establishment of the Yishuv (the Jewish settlement) and their political agenda

under the British Mandate.

The second part of the course explores the history of Israel from its establishment in

1948 to the present day. It highlights the centrality of immigration in determining the

characteristics of the society and the emergence of ethnicity and religiosity and its

influence on the socio-cultural, economic and political center-periphery structure of

the society. The third part deals with the relationship of the State of Israel to the Arab

world and, in particular, to its neighboring countries, including the many attempts for

peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors and why some succeeded and others

failed. The fourth and final part of the course will focus on the historical relationship

between Israel and the United States based on the shared visions and shared values

of both countries, the contributions of Israel to the world in the arena of medical and

technological advancements, the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions)

and the rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment on the university campus and

around the world.


Galia & Milton z”l Movitz Senator

John Danforth Israel Scholars Program - cont’d


Upon successful completion of this course, student should be able to:

• Identify the historical origins of Jewish Peoplehood and define the concept of

Jewish identity.

• Be familiar with the history of ancient Israel and the various conquests over the

past 3600 years of what is presently the Land of Israel.

• Identify and articulate the religious connections of Jews, Christians and Muslims

to Israel.

• Understand the concept of a “narrative” and be able to articulate Israeli and

Palestinian narratives.

• Explain the concept and use of Revisionist History

• Explain the concept of Zionism and identify key dates and the founders of modern


• Identify and explain key historical events and documents leading up to the establishment

of the State of Israel, including: Dreyfus Affair, First Zionist Congress,

WWI, Balfour Declaration, British Mandate, Evian Conference, WWII, White

Paper, Arab Revolt Against British, Peel Commission, End of Mandates, Partition

Plan and Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

• Explain the causes for the Arab and Jewish Refugee crises following the War of

independence and what was or wasn’t done for each refugee group.

• Identify the causes and the results for all parties to all of Israel’s Wars (Independence,

1956, 1967, War of Attrition, Yom Kippur, 1st Lebanon War, 2nd Lebanon

War, etc.)

• Explain the birth and development of the PLO, Hamas and Hezbollah and their

role in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

• Identify the historical background of Palestinian national identity.

• Define the source of the term “Palestinian” and how it was/is applied.

• Explain the evolution of the peace process between Israel and Her Arab

neighbors including the complexities of peace in the region, the key dates and

parties involved in the peace process, and the ability to identify key issues under

negotiations and articulate each sides position and reasons.

• Know facts and figures of the Oslo Peace Accords including identifying the

commitments made by both parties at Oslo and each party’s compliance with its


• Identify other peace attempts including Madrid Peace Conference, Israel-Jordan

Peace Treaty, Camp David II, etc. and their results.

• Articulate the history of Israel’s connection to Gaza, the withdrawal from Gaza

and aftermath.

• Identify and articulate the historical relationship between Israel and the United

States, including shared vision and values.

• Identify and articulate Israel’s history of being at the forefront of providing disaster

assistance around the world.

• Be familiar with Israel’s medical, technological, and agricultural contributions to

the world.


Galia & Milton z”l Movitz Senator

John Danforth Israel Scholars Program - cont’d

• Define and articulate the goals of the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment and

Sanctions) and the potential impact on both the Israeli and Palestinian societies.

• Understand the concept of media bias and how it impacts our perception and

understanding of all news events.

• Define the historical concept of apartheid and effectively articulate whether the

State of Israel would qualify as an apartheid state.

• Identify the historical rise in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activity on university

campuses and identify the difference between “legitimate criticism” versus

“anti-Semitism” by demonstrating effective use of Natan Sharansky’s 3D’s

framework for determining when anti-Israel activity crosses the line into anti-



Unit #1:

Origins of the Jewish Nation: Historical origins of Jewish Peoplehood and

Jewish Identity

Unit #2:

History of the Land of Israel: From Biblical Abraham through 18th century

(Persian, Syrian Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Christian Crusades, Muslim

counter Crusades, Mameluke and Ottoman Empires).

Unit #3: The Birth of Zionism: (1896-1922)

Unit #4: Conflict of Creation: (1920-1948)

Unit #5: Israel: The Early Years: (1948-1967)

Unit #6: Israel: (1967-1993)

Unit #7

The Peace Process: (Part 1 - Understanding the parties, the issues and the


Unit #8:

The Peace Process: (Part 2 - Settlements, Refugees and Security)


Galia & Milton z”l Movitz Senator

John Danforth Israel Scholars Program - cont’d

Unit #9:

The Peace Process: (Part 3 - The Oslo Accords, other peace attempts and

the Intifada)

Unit #10:

The Gaza Disengagement:

Unit #11:

Shared Vision Shared Values & U.S. & Israel Political Systems: (Understanding

the historical relationship between United States and Israel

based on mutual values and vision, as well as exploring the history of the

development of the U.S. and Israeli political systems: similarities and differences,

practical advantages and disadvantages for effective governance.)

Unit #12:

Media Bias: (Media interpretation of Israeli and Arab history and current


Unit #13:

Israel Gives Back: (Israel’s contributions to the world via technology,

medicine, humanitarian efforts and more.)

Unit #14:

Israeli Innovations: (The role and impact of Israeli innovations to our daily

lives and the history and impact of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions)

on Israelis and Palestinians)

Unit #15:

Crossing the Line: (The history of anti-Israel campus activity, the 3D’s,

A.R.M., and legitimate criticism vs. anti-Semitism)





at the JCC Staenberg Campus

Learn about Israel from a historical

and modern perspective

Learn about the Israel-Palestinian conflict

Analyze and understand media bias

Classes Develop meet Israel Thursday advocacy evenings

skills Pizza and

November Learn to 2 answer -December 8 th - January

1. THE JEWISH difficult 14 , 24 2017


HISTORY questions TIMELINE about Refreshments Israel

at the Jewish JCC Staenberg Federation Campus Building

will be served!

This class will give a general

overview of the Jewish history

timeline spanning over 3500 years.

It is meant as a starting point for

further discussion and exploration







Classes meet Thursday evenings

November 2 -December 14 , 2017





will be served!

JCC 2 Millstone Campus


St. Louis, MO 63146

First Semester - Course Topics




Although comparatively small in

numbers, Judaism is still considered by

the world to be a major religion. In this

class we will explain howthe other

monotheistic religions really have

Judaism at their foundations and the

Jewish view on how these religions

Pizza and Refreshments

will be served!




This class will give Thursdays, a general Understand 7:15-8:45 CHRISTIANITY the special days pm/ in JUDAISM the

Tuesday nights, 7:15-8:45 pm

This class will give a general overview of This class


will discuss the






overview of the Jewish history Jewish calendar, Although and comparatively learn about small 5. ANTI-SEMITISM in


Classes begin November 2



begin November 7

timeline the Jewish spanning history over timeline 3500 how years. the spanning Jewish numbers, calendar over Judaism was is still perseverance considered JEWISH by THOUGHT of the Jewish people. Great Anti-semitism has been around

It 3500 is meant years. Upon as a completion It starting is meant point of as the developed. for a program, starting the Explore students point world the to will nature be a receive major of historians $350 religion. Anti-semitism In and this authors has been have around wondered for as how for as long as there has been a

“As Diaspora Jews and People of

further for further discussion towards discussion any and JSU-affiliated exploration and our exploration calendar Israel class summer being we of a will Lunar program explain and including howthe this phenomenon long other as there has is the even been a

Book, possible. Jewish nation.

we have the Jewish nation. Learn some ideas

of our rich TJJ past. (The Anne Samson Solar Jerusalem hybrid, monotheistic and Journey). contrast religions that really Learn have some ideas about why, and how to

our rich past.

responsibility to gain knowledge about why, and how to deal with

with the Gregorian Judaism and at their Muslim foundations deal and with the anti-semitism - from classical

4. JUDAISM AND THE and ORIGINS speak about OF Israel from a

2. THE JEWISH CALENDAR AND calendars. Jewish view on how these religions Torah sources.

anti-semitism - from classical

place of knowledge. Taking this


course provides us with the

Understand the the special special days 3. days MIRACLE in the in the OF Jewish


history small of in the numbers,


State of Israel and

Jewish calendar, and learn about This class 5. will ANTI-SEMITISM discuss the unlikely THROUGH CHRISTIE

calendar, and learn about how the Jewish Judaism


is still considered motivates by the us world to speak to be about 6. JEWISH LAW AND

how the Jewish calendar was perseverance JEWISH of the THOUGHT Jewish people. SANDY

calendar was developed. Explore the nature a major religion. In this current class events we will in explain Israel only

developed. Explore the nature Great of historians Anti-semitism and authors has have been around This for class will discuss a decision that


after knowing the facts. I hope

our of our calendar calendar being being a Lunar a and wondered Lunar and how long Solar this as there phenomenon has been how is a Jewish the Governor other nation. monotheistic Chris Christie made religions during really This class will explore government

and wish that many other adults

Solar hybrid, hybrid, and and contrast contrast that that even with possible. the Learn Gregorian some ideas about have why, Judaism Hurricane and how at to Sandy, their and foundations and compare

teens in our and it with

community the policies Cost: $350 and decisions through the

with the Gregorian and Muslim deal with anti-semitism what the Torah approach to such a

and Muslim calendars.


- from



on how these take advantage religions developed.

of this course.” lens *Scholarships of Jewish available law.



First TEEN Semester CLASSES

- Course Topics


This class will discuss the unlikely

perseverance of the Jewish people.

Great historians and authors have

situation would have been.

- Galia M.

Pizza and


To SANDY register, visit To register, tinyurl.com/JSFSCL

visit tinyurl.com/JSP2017

Apply today This class at will tinyurl.com/IsraelScholars2017

discuss a decision that

wondered how this phenomenon is

even possible.

Torah sources.





Governor Chris Christie made during

Hurricane Sandy, and IN compare COLLABORATION it with IN COLLABORATION WITH:


what the Torah approach to such a

situation would have been.

Students who complete two semesters

will earn a $350 stipend to be used on a

JSU-affiliated Israel Summer Program.

JSU is funded part by the For more information, For Jewish contact more Federation information, of St. Louis, info@jsustl.org contact The Kranzberg or info@jsustl.org Foundation, call Rabbi Mike or Lubin-Green Foundation Staenberg Foundation, The

at call 314.498.6279 Rabbi Mike or 314 Rabbi 498 6279 Yitz or 314.712.5963.

Rabbi Yitz at (314) 712-5963.

Martin Silk Foundation, and NCSY, along with generous donors like you. JSU is a program of NCSY which is an agency of the Orthodox

To Union, register, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) visit organization tinyurl.com/JSP2017

(EIN/tax ID number: 13-5623717


For more information, contact Rabbi Mike Rovinsky at 314-498-6279 or email danforthisrael@gmail.com

Students who complete two semesters

will earn a $350 stipend to be used on a

JSU-affiliated Israel Summer Program.

For more information, contact info@jsustl.org or call Rabbi Mike at 314 498 6279 or Rabbi Yitz at (314) 712-5963.


The Anne and Andrew Rauchman

Holocaust Studies Course

JSU is pleased to announce

the launch of our 3rd college

accredited course for high school

students: The Anne and Andrew

Rauchman Holocaust Studies

Course. Observing the increase of

antisemitism, holocaust denial, and

overall lack of knowledge about

the Holocaust amongst people in

general and today’s teenagers in

particular, JSU began the process

of developing a unique type of

Holocaust course that would

focus not only on the important

history, but on the relevancy of the

Holocaust on our teen’s lives today.

The course is being named in

memory of the parents of Dr.

Michael and Dr. Arian May

Rauchman. “I am grateful to Rabbi

Rovinsky and JSU for giving me the

opportunity to honor my parents by

endowing this important program

in their memory”, said Rauchman.

Michael’s mother, Anne Rauchman,

was born in Czernowitz, in the

Bukovina region of Romania to

Regina and Ulrich Preshel. At the age of 12, Anne along with her parents were transported

to a concentration camp in Transnistria. After the Germans were defeated, Anne and her

family returned to Czernowtiz, which was occupied by the Soviets. They were smuggled

outside the Soviet zone and made their way to Paris, and in 1948 immigrated to Montreal,



Michael’s father, Andrew Rauchman, was born in Zdana, Czechoslovakia to Moritz and

Katarina. At the age of 18 he was taken to a Hungarian forced labor camp along with his

elder brother, while his father, mother and younger sister were transported to Auschwitz.

His father and siblings did not survive. He left Czechoslovakia on a Guatemalan visa to join

his mother in Vienna. In 1950 he immigrated to Montreal, Canada. At that time, Montreal

was home to the second largest community of Holocaust survivors outside of Israel.

Anna and Andrew met in Montreal and married in 1953. Michael recalls growing up hearing

the stories of his parents and their friends who survived the Shoah. More than 70 years

later Holocaust studies is an academic discipline and there is a push to make this discipline

“relevant” by generalizing its lessons about genocide and man’s inhumanity to man. “As

children of survivors, Ariane and I see it as our obligation to pass on the personal stories of

survivors to the next generation of Jews. Our hope is that through this program, the current

generation of high school students will see the Shoah as not just one of many tragic events

in world history, but a particular story of the Jewish people, part their own story.”

The course content is being developed by noted educator Rabbi Yitz Staum, in collaboration

with JRoots, US Holocaust Museum and the Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum, and with

guidance from Dana Humphrey, Dan Reich, Warren Rosenblum, Rabbi Tzvi Sperber and

Rabbi Berel Wein among others.

JRoots is one of the primary Holocaust education organizations with whom we have been

closely working. They have developed curricula specifically for teens and young adults

complete with live (via zoom) tours of the places about which the students will learn.

Another beneficial aspect of collaborating with JRoots is that we can tap any of their expert

educators to teach different parts of the course.

Goals of the Course

• To provide accessible, engaging, inspiring and meaningful Holocaust education to

public schools through JSU.

• To provide the students with an approach to the Holocaust through a uniquly

Jewish lens.

• To familiarize students with basic events and facts about the Holocaust.

• To humanize the story of the Holocaust in the eyes of students.

• To encourage students to pursue their engagement with Holocaust education, in

school or beyond.

General Notes

This course is designed to be modular and can be restructured and or tweaked to meet the

different needs of the JSU students or the student body makeup of other organizations with

whom we either teach the course or share the curriculum including number of classes in the

semester, age of the students, religious identification of the students, etc.


Tentative Class Topics


The course will commence by “touring” the path from our ancestor’s arrival to

Eastern Europe, through the Golden Age of the 16th-century, meeting some of the

giant personalities along the way. The road continues all the way through to the

development of Chassidut and Zionism. This “visit” will allow us to peer into the

Jewish life that developed in shtetls and cities as Poland became the largest Jewish

community in Europe on the eve of the Second World War.


Through the eyes of children during the 1930s students will explore how life in

Germany, and eventually in the whole of Europe, changed as the Nazis rose to power

and as the Second World War broke out. This unit will set the stage to understand the

development of the Holocaust and some of the key terms we will encounter. Optional

Extension Activity: Changing Through Pictures

An extension to this class will have the students encounter artwork created before

the war and revealing the stories that it tells. Students will create their own artwork

relating to a child’s testimony of life in Nazi Germany.


Students will familiarize themselves with the Map of Europe, and develop an

understanding of who is fighting whom. They will also develop and understanding of

the lexicon of the Second World War and the Holocaust.


Students will explore the concept of ghettos across occupied Europe and dealing with

daily life. They will identify the major challenges of ghetto life as well as discovere

some of the ways in which Jews battled for freedom within the ghettos, as well as the

challenges and dilemmas of continuing ‘normal life’ in such horrendous surroundings.

We will cover topics such as: Defining and Understanding Resistance: A Daily

Challenge, Judenrate: Protectors or Accomplices - A comparative Study of 4 Jewish

Councils, The Role of the Zionist Youth Movements, Jews Helping Jews: Stories of

Heroism & Inner Strength.

An “on location” guided tour of Lodz, as an example, will tell the story of the life of a

Jewish community and the deportation to the ghetto. The tour will show sites of the

ghetto as well as the train station from which the Jews were eventually deported.

We will follow the journey of Jews from Lodz seeing the places they lived and

encountering individual stories of both tragedy and resilience.



“Travelling” from the idyllic lakeside villa in Wannsee where the Final Solution was

discussed to the heart of Operation Reinhardt, students will learn the stories of

towns destroyed through Operation Barbarossa and the work of the Einsatzgruppen.

They will learn about Jedwabne and many other shtetls to ask the question “Willing

Executioners or Ordinary Men”? Students will then use court records and testimony

from perpetrators exploring some of the most challenging questions of how it was

humanly possible to attempt to murder an entire nation.

Students will visit the sites of extermination themselves to encounter the places which

changed the face of history. They will grapple with some of the toughest questions and

uncover hidden stories which are only just being discovered.


Using survivor testimony, satellite images and computer reconstructions students will

learn the story of the development of the Final Solution, moving from the invasion of

Russia in 1941 to the establishment of death damps such as Treblinka.


This “on location” guided tour of Auschwitz will bring students inside one of the most

infamous symbols of the Holocaust. Our visit will help students understand Auschwitz

within the context of the Holocaust as well as bringing the voices of survivors to hear

first-hand accounts of life inside the camp.


Using photographs of life before the war together with photos from the Auschwitz

Album taken in 1944 students will gain a deeper understanding of Auschwitz and

some of the personal stories of the martyrs and survivors.


In this unit, students will meet survivors from across the globe to hear about their

return to life and what it means to be a survivor. They will talk about their survival and

how they rebuilt after the war. Survivors will share the messages they have taken from

their ordeals and how they have incorporated them into their lives. Our journey into the

lives of survivors will address the tough questions they grapple with about hate, love,

revenge and their purpose in life.

Together with the survivors, students will hear from JSU staff and students who have

made the journey to Poland who will speak about its impact on them and how they

have taken messages and action points into their lives. We hope this will inspire

students to join us on the JSU TJJAP summer trip to Poland and Israel.



The first part of this unit will explore how our Rabbis responded in real time to the

ethical, moral and religious questions posed to them during the Holocaust. Students

will explore the actual texts of the sermons, legal rulings and guidelines given for the

Sanctification of G-d’s Name.

The second part of this unit will focus on the Shoah’s aftermath. Students will explore

how many of our great leaders have grappled with the idea of how to rebuild the

Jewish Nation and its faith after such a tragedy. Students will be exposed to some of

the great philosophers who have written about this and also our leaders of today who

will add their voice to this topic.


In a world of diminishing survivors who saw this first hand. How do we take up the

challenge of making sure that the world continues to learn the messages of the

Holocaust and the ramifications if we don’t heed this call? In this class students will

develop the knowledge and skill set to combat the denial of the Shoah.


Students will explore the history of anti-Semitism from biblical to modern times.

They will develop an understanding of the varied types of anti-Semetism and anti-

Semitisms’ impact on Jewish life through the ages.



Using classical Jewish sources, students will develop an understanding of the Jewish

approach to the meaning of life and the role of human suffering in the purpose of life. This

class is not meant to answer the question of “Why the Holocaust”? As that is beyond

human understanding and therefore unanswerable. However, it is meant to develop,

understanding and, yes, even an appreciation of how to process the experience of human

suffering on both an individual and communal level and how to move on from it.


Students will explore how people, communities and artists have chosen to remember

the Holocaust. Students will discuss why the memory is important and how they can

make what they have studied relevant and memorable for themselves. Students will

create mini memorials based on their discussions.

In addition to the main units above there are many other topics available to expand the

breadth and depth of this course, including:

• Children’s writings from the Holocaust

• The Hidden Children

• Holocaust & The State of Israel

• Nuremberg Trials - Holocaust and Law

• Writings of Eli Weisel and Viktor Frankel


JSU’s Hy C. Miller & Meira Bresler Riemer

Scholarship Funds

Make Israel Summer Experiences

More Accessible

The Jewish Student Union of St. Louis is grateful for the opportunity to

have been chosen as the stewards for both the Hy C. Miller and the Meira

Bresler Riemer Israel Scholarship Funds. It is no coincidence that Mr. Miller

and Meira were cousins. Although they were separated by many decades in

age, both Hy and Meira had an unyielding love and passion for Judaism and

Israel. The Hy C. Miller Fund was established by his son and daughter in law

Yale and Gail Miller well known community leaders.

“With the assimilation and intermarriage rate being what it is today, the need

to reach and inspire the next generation of American Jews is greater than

ever”, explained Miller. “It is for this reason that Gail and I have focused our

financial support and community involvement primarily on the institutions

and organizations that educate and inspire the youth of our community and

abroad. A number of years ago, the Jewish Student Union’s activities caught

our attention. We have seen its tremendous success in reaching unaffiliated

and under engaged Jewish teens throughout the community and inspiring

them to take responsibility for their own Jewish identity and their connection

to Israel. JSU is a modern day extension of the goal and dreams of my father.

It is for this reason that we elected to memorialize him with the Hy C. Miller

Scholarship Fund furthering the mission of JSU”.

The Meira Bresler Riemer Israel Fund was established by her husband Danny

along with her parents Murray and Eva Gail Bresler last year. “Meira was a

dynamic and inspirational young leader who exuded love for Judaism and

Israel. Her magnetic personality and her love and acceptance of all Jews

made her the Pied Pipper of Jewish youth literally around the world”, said

Rabbi Mike Rovinsky Director of St. Louis JSU.

Both these funds will be used to enable teens to participate in any of

JSU’s Israel summer programs the mission of which are to provide unique

opportunities for teens to explore their own Jewish identity and develop a

sense of responsibility for that identity and for their relationship with Israel.

Both of which personified the personal missions of these two outstanding

Jewish leaders.

For more information on either of these funds or the Jewish Student Union

contact JSU Director, Rabbi Mike at rabbimike@jsustl.org or 314 498 6279.


The Hy C. Miller

Scholarship Fund

Hymen C. Miller, known to all as Hy, was a communal leader

and activist all of his adult life. He began his heartfelt work in

outreach during the late 1920’s in Detroit, Michigan. Always

a man with a vision, Hy, along with others, realized that the “old time”

shul, with the Yiddish speaking Rabbi and a congregation not in tune

with the American bred teens in their midst, was not able to cater to

the community’s youth. Consequently, he helped form youth groups and

related activities to begin to develop the next generation of loyal Jewry.

After he married Esther Waldman in 1932, Hy moved his outreach

efforts to Esther’s hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. He began youth

services in the back of any synagogue that would entertain the idea. Hy

persevered by utilizing his unbridled optimism and vision. He realized

that Jewish American teenagers needed caring, attention and activities

sculpted to their needs in order to develop an interest in their Judaism.

Above all, he knew that they needed to connect to Judaism in a new

way, an American way. He knew that if he and his friends could make a

significant contribution to inspire the next generation of Jewish youth,

then American Jewry would flourish for many more generations.

“With the assimilation and intermarriage rate being what it is today,

the need to reach and inspire the next generation of American Jews

is greater than ever”, explained Miller. “It is for this reason that Gail

and I have focused our financial support and community involvement

primarily on the institutions and organizations that educate and inspire

the youth of our community and abroad. A number of years ago, the

Jewish Student Union’s activities caught our attention. We have seen

its tremendous success in reaching unaffiliated and under-engaged

Jewish teens throughout the community and inspiring them to take

responsibility for their own Jewish identity and their connection to

Israel. JSU is a modern day extension of the goal and dreams of my

father. It is for this reason that we elected to memorialize him with the

Hy C. Miller Scholarship Fund furthering the mission of JSU”.


Meira Bresler Riemer

Scholarship Fund

Meira Bresler Riemer

was the type of person

you come across only

once or twice in a lifetime. Meira

possessed a rare character, courage

and compassion for others both

physically and spiritually. In her

short life of 28 years, Meira impacted

the lives of literally 1000’s of young

Jewish souls all across the globe.

Meira was larger than life and her passion and fire for Jewish Identity

and connection to the Land of Israel inspired everybody around her.

Beginning in elementary school, Meira showed tremendous leadership

skills. Over the years, those skills, combined with her love of her fellow

Jew and Israel enabled her be a leader among leaders and serve as a role

model to so many youth and teens in JSU, Camp HASC and NCSY.

There was no barrier or obstacle that was insurmountable to her if it

meant she would be able to inspire a disenfranchised or lost Jewish soul.

Whether it was leading buses of teenagers throughout Israel or running

summer camps for Jewish children in the Ukraine, Meira’s singular

mission in life was to reconnect Jewish youth to their heritage and G-d.

Meira, at the age of 26, as a young wife and new mother of beautiful

18 month Elianna was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, a rare cancer.

Even during her battle with the cancer, Meira continued to inspire

those around her. Two years later in 2011, after becoming an Israeli

citizen, Meira returned her special soul to G-d. In order to keep the

fire and inspiration of Meira’s life mission alive, her family and friends

have created the Meira Bresler Riemer Scholarship Fund. All funds

raised will be used to enable Jewish youth to participate in programs

and trips that will strengthen their Jewish identity and connection to

our Homeland.


Marcy and Rick Cornfeld

Israel Engagement Fund

Deeply connected and

passionate about Israel,

Marcy and Rick, serve as

Co-Chairs of the AIPAC St. Louis

Council. As members of AIPAC’s

National Council they devote much

of their time travelling back and forth

to Washington D.C. meeting with

our elected officials on behalf of the

US-Israel relationship. In addition,

Marcy has been the chair of the United Hebrew Israel Committee (“Focus

Israel UH” ) since its inception over a decade ago, and has served on the

Jewish Federation Israel Allocations sub-committee. Together Marcy and

Rick served as the Lay-Chairs of Show Me Israel, the Federation’s first

community trip to Israel in almost 25 years. Marcy attributes her deep

love for Israel to having grown up as the daughter of Goldie Duhov and

Marlin Jackoway. “It’s in my DNA”, she says.

When not working to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship, Rick is

a lawyer with a solo practice bringing large class actions on behalf of

consumers who have been treated unfairly (including former season

ticket holders of the Rams; ask him about it).

In 2017, Marcy and Rick were the recipients of the JSU Israel Engagement

Award for all they have done and continue to do to strengthen the US

- Israel relationship. It was at that time they decided to establish the

Marcy and Rick Cornfeld Israel Engagement Endowment. Marcy and

Rick were inspired at all that JSU does to, not only inspire teens to take

pride in their Jewish identity and to engage Jewishly, but to learn about,

connect to and appreciate the centrality of Israel to the Jewish People.

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to provide scholarships for JSUers

to attend conferences and programs sponsored by the American Israel

Public Affairs Committee or other Israel related programs.


In recognition and appreciation

of the establishment of the

Gesher Eliyahu Scholarship Fund.

This scholarship fund was

created by Susie and Stuart Rosenblum

in memory of their beloved father

and father-in-law Lawrence Kent

whose hebrew name was Eliyahu.

The fund will provide

an annual scholarship

in the amount of $5,000

to a qualified JSUer

wanting to spend a

GAP year in Israel deepening

their appreciation for Judaism

and Jewish texts.

Rabbi Mike

Founder, Executive Director

Rabbi Michael Rovinsky

Following a successful career in

formal education and a stint

as COO during the launch

of Kiosite, a startup HR software

company, Rabbi “Mike” was

approached, in 2002, by local lay

leaders to help out “for a few months”

with the local NCSY chapter until

they found a permanent replacement.

He agreed and more than a decade

later he is still going strong.

In 2003, he started JSU of St. Louis with a pilot club of 16 students

at Ladue High School. A combination of his passion for Judaism,

unconditional regard for all Jews regardless of affiliation and a great

deal of Divine Assistance, has enabled him to catapult JSU in St.

Louis to a dynamic organization of 15 clubs and the Senator John

Danforth Israel Scholars Program serving 800+ students. He has

a B.A. in Education from Adelphi University, MBA from Johns

Hopkins, Rabbinic Ordinations from Ner Israel Rabbinical College

and Kol Yaakov Torah Center, and a Masters in Education and is a

licensed therapist in mental health.

In addition, he is a Certified Mohel who travels the country

performing Brissim and serves as a consultant to mohels and doctors

around the country. His passions for Jewish education and Jewish

identity serve as his guide. He describes his wife Selina as “amazing”

and as “the one who makes everything possible!” They are the

proud parents of 4 children.


Sam Zitin

Associate Director

Sam Zitin

Hailing from Lower Merion

PA, Sam has experienced

the gamut of Jewish life.

After growing up fairly without

much Jewish engagement as a

teenager, Sam was thrown into

the active Jewish community at

Drexel University after joining

the Jewish Fraternity AEPi.

Sam later served as an Educational Leadership Consultant for AEPi

in both the West Coast and Northeast regions before becoming

AEPi’s Director of Information Technology. Sam and his wife

Jackie became involved with the Jewish community in Indianapolis

and began working with local youth as the Chapter advisor of

NCSY and City Director of JSU.

Sam has a deep passion for encouraging a love of Judaism and a

keen interest in the intersection of Science and Torah. Sam and

his lovely wife Jackie maintain an open home for St. Louis’ youth,

regularly hosting Shabbat dinners, Onegs and love simply providing

the youth the opportunity to come hang out and play Sam’s famous

board games and with their cute little girls, Devorah, Miriam and



Rabbi Staum

Associate Director

of Development

Rabbi Yitz Staum

Rabbi Staum is fun

engaging and energetic.

His love for peopleregardless

of their backgroundis

infectious and undoubtedly is

a key to his relating to so many

different people.

Rabbi Staum has been involved

with youth and adult Jewish

education for as long as anyone can remember. Rabbinical

ordination, a degree in Talmudic Jurisprudence, Training from the

NY based Merkaz Teacher training program, and a Certificate in

advanced Rabbinics from Touro College and the National Council

of Young Israel, provide a glimpse into Rabbi Staum’s educational


He and his wife Racheli are popular teachers in the St Louis,

Missouri area. Rabbi Staum gives classes for adults and children

in his Chesterfield community as well. Their summers are spent

in Camp Nageela in Fallsburg N.Y. where Rabbi Staum is Head

Counselor. His students, campers, and friends appreciate his

humor and charisma which make learning with him informative

and enjoyable. Rabbi Yitz and Racheli are the proud parents of 9



JSU Partner Agencies

The following organizations work collaboratively and/or cooperatively with

JSU in developing and implementing various programs to strengthen the

Jewish identity of the teens of St. Louis. To explore ways your organization

and JSU can partner for a stronger Jewish tomorrow, please contact Rabbi

Mike at RabbiMike@jsustl.org.


JSU Youth Commission

Paul Gallant


Elaine Pick Farkas

Immediate Past Chairman

Harvey Iken

Chairman Emeritus

Commission Members

Jennifer Baer

Doug Berson

Eldad Bialecki

Lisa Binowitz

Jay Englander

Diane Fredman

Harvey Greenstein

Margie Hartman

Randi Mozenter

Zach Rosenblatt

Selina Rovinsky

Erin Schuver

Barbara Shamir

Jonathan Shanker

Janet Weinberg

Dan Winograd



Your leadership in the

Saint Louis Jewish community

is second to none.

By supporting JSU, you are

positively impacting future Jewish

generations, making you truly

worthy of this honor.

Thank you for all you do.

Mazel Tov!


Stan and Jean Margul

Thank you

Rabbi Rovinsky,

Rabbi Staum and Sam

for your dedication

to ensuring a bright future

for the Jewish people.


Susan and Richard Kofkoff

Thank you to

Mr Harvey Greenstein and

Mrs Esther Lyss-Greenstein (a”h)

for their incredible support for the

St. Louis Jewish community.

Thank you so much to

Rabbi Staum and Rabbi Rovinsky

for their amazing efforts for JSU,

which is a vital program for the

St. Louis Jewish community.


The Mankowitz Family

Harvey and Esther z”l


on this well-deserved honor!

You are outstanding role models for:

· Appreciation

· Cheerfulness

· Generosity

· Humility

· Kindness

· Optimism

· Respect

· Support

You are an inspiration to many and we

strive to follow your example.


With affection,

Amos and Barbara Shamir


to support


and the

2020 Honorees

Mazel Tov

Harvey and Esther (a”l) Lyss Greenstein


Mazel Tov


Harvey Greenstein and

Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein

on this wonderful honor!

Thank you to

Rabbi Rovinsky, Sam Zitin,

and Rabbi Staum

for the terrific work that

you do with the

High School Students!


All the best,

Stan and Leila Biel

Mazal Tov


Harvey and

Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein.

Thank you to our

dear friend Rabbi Yitzie Staum

for your fantastic work

with JSU and for all you do

for our community.


Drs. Craig and Jackie Reiss

and family


In honor of Harvey and

in memory of Esther.

A couple who

lights up the world

with their contagious

smiles and passion for

Torah and Judaism.


With Love

Diane and Paul Gallant

In honor of Harvey Greenstein

and in loving memory of

Esther Lyss-Greenstein

Our community would not

be the same had it not been for your

dedication and generosity.

Thank You!

In special recognition of

Rabbi Mike, Rabbi Yitz and Sam.

There are few people who are so

dedicated to insuring that the next

generation develops a deep love and

passion for Torah and their Jewish

heritage. May Hashem bless you and

your families for all you do to care for His

children with continued strength and

good health for many years to come.


Gloria Feldman

In honor of

Harvey Greenstein

and in loving memory of

Esther Lyss-Greenstein

very special and unique people

who never stop giving.

Thank you for all that you do

for the Jewish community.


Mazal Tov

to this year’s honorees

and Yasher Koach

to the JSU staff

for their ongoing and successful

efforts to inspire Jewish youth

during these trying times.


Mark and Tammy Friedman

To Mike

and your crew

for all you do

for JSU.


Micki Kingsley

Thank you

to all the JSU supporters.

Mazel tov to

Harvey Greenstein.

A special todah rabah

to the dinner chairs

for their dedication

and hard work.


Ariane May & Michael Rauchman

Mazal Tov

to the deserving honorees.

We thank you

for your contributions

to our community.


Danielle and Eldad Bialecki

In honor of

Harvey Greenstein

and in loving memory of

Esther Lyss-Greenstein.

Thank you for all that you

have done and continue

to do for the

St. Louis Jewish Community.


Diane Fredman


to this year’s honorees

for all they do for


and the community.



Mazel tov

to tonight’s honorees

and thank you to

JSU for touching

the hearts and minds

of our teens

and inspiring them

to lead Jewish lives.


Howard and Jackie Oppenheimer

Thanks to


for honoring the


wonderful contributions

to our community!


Marcy and Rick Cornfeld

In loving memory

of my parents

Yetra & Izzy Goldberg.

You paved the way

for excellence in Communal

Building and Leadership.

Thank you for helping to make

the St. Louis Jewish Community

what it is today.




Mazel Tov to

Harvey Greenstein

and in memory of

Esther Lyss-Greenstein.

Thank you for all you do

for Jewish Youth!


With great appreciation to

Rabbi Michael Rovinsky

and JSU Staff and Advisors

for the important work you do for our

Jewish students.


Adinah And Heschel Raskas

Aviva An d M oshe Adler and Fa m i l y

Jonathan Raskas And Family

To our Funding Partners

of JSU of St. Louis.

We are grateful for your belief in

JSU’s mission and your ongoing support.

It is not an exaggeration to say that your

partnership enables JSU to continue

its mission in strengthening the Jewish

identity of the youth of our community as

well as their connection to Israel.

Jewish Federation of St. Louis

Kranzberg Family Foundation

Lubin-Green Foundation

Silk Foundation

Staenberg Family Foundation

With gratitude


Rabbi Mike,

Rabbi Staum,

Sam and the

JSU board

for their commitment

to Jewish teens.


Ariane May & Michael Rauchman

In honor of Ellen Hoffman

We are so blessed to

have you as part of our team.

Your dedication and passion

for all that JSU is and stands for

is an inspiration to us.

Although you may be

“behind the scenes”,

everything we accomplish

in the field is due to the support

you provide our team.

May Hashem bless you and your children

in return for all you do for His children.

Thank you for EVERYTHING!


The JSU Team

In special recognition

of my wife Selina.

You are the foundation stone

for all that is good

and beautiful in our lives.

Your dedication and devotion to

our family and Am Yisroel serves s a

role model and inspiration for us all!

Anything that JSU has become is,

in large part, due to your

mesiras nefesh on behalf

of Hashem’s children.

My greatest bracha in life is to

have you as my partner.


Love, Mike

Honoring JSU

and all present and

previous participants,


Ethan and Noah Belau.


Richard Senturia

and Nathanne Gitt

In honor of

Rabbi Staum and

Rabbi Rovinsky

who work tirelessly

on behalf of

our teens.


Michael and Charisse Treisman



on Celebrating


Chai Year!


Marc and Penny Alper

With sincere

appreciation to

Rabbi Mike and Selina Rovinsky

Rabbi Yitz and Racheli Staum

Sam and Jackie Zitin

for all they do to support

the JSU teens of St. Louis.

Thank you from

the bottom of our hearts.


The JSU Commission


Thank You

Harvey Greenstein


Esther (a “h) Greenstein

for your love and dedication to Jewish youth!

• Skilled Nursing Care & Rehabilitation Services

• Independent Retirement & Assisted Living

• Home Health Care

• Private Duty

• Specialized Care for Memory Impairments

• Medical Equipment & Respiratory Services

• Hospice & Palliative Care

• Wound Management

• Pharmacy Services

636.733.7000 • www.DelmarGardens.com

Family Owned & Operated Since 1965


In honor of our

wonderful cousin

“Smiling Harvey”

whose mere presence

illuminates any room

and all those present.

Mazal Tov!


Debby and Ethan Schuman




Rabbi Rovinsky,

Rabbi Staum,

and Sam Zitin

for your

tireless work!!


Rich and Maurie Axelbaum

With much appreciation to our

Honorary Gala Chairs.

Each of you play a special role in the

amazing “fabric” that makes up the

St. Louis Jewish Community

and we are honored to

have you as part of the JSU Family.

Thank you for all you do for JSU

and the broader Jewish Community.


Penny & Marc Alper

Ed Balk

Gloria Feldman

Diane & Paul Gallant

Dorit Daphna Iken & Harvey Iken

Leslie & Michael Litwack

Galia Movitz

Carol & Michael Staenberg

To an organization

that helps change

the world.


the energy required

to keep it going.


With Respect,

Diane and Paul Gallant

ט לזמ




Harvey Greenstein and his beloved

Esther (OB”M)

For this Well-Deserved Honor

Who both have been an Influence and

Inspiration as Positive Role Models

to us All

Harvey Iken & Dorit Daphna-Iken

and Family

Thank you


for enhancing

Jewish life

in Saint Louis.


Jonathan & Naomi Shanker

In memory of

Milton Movitz

who loved JSU

and believed that

our children are the future

of the Jewish People

and therefore,

we must do everything

in our power to

inspire them Jewishly.



Galia and Family

Mazel Tov

to Harvey on this

well-deserved honor.

Thank you to

Harvey and Esther

(of blessed memory)

for a lifetime of service

to our Jewish Community.


Susan and Alan Witte

It is an

honor to

partner with



Building a Brighter




Rabbi Mike and JSU staff,

for another year of providing our

Jewish teens the opportunity to

learn the joys of Judaism and

the importance of Israel.

The choice of honoring

Esther and Harvey is most deserving.

Their involvement and commitment,

particularly to Jewish education, and

all things Jewish, has been admired

and inspiring for us all.

We are happy to support this

important and successful organization.


Leslie and Michael Litwack

In honor of

Michael Rovinsky

for his tireless effort

in showing Jewish youth

the beauty

of their heritage.


Channie & Jonathan Spetner

Rabbi Rovinsky and Selena

Rabbi Staum and Racheli

Sam and Jackie Zitin,

Thank you for all you do for the

community and JSU.

We are all strengthened

by your efforts.


Elaine and Eric Farkas

Honoring Harvey Greenstein,

Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein,

all the Gala Chairs and

Committee Members

who worked to make

this event possible and thanks

to Rabbi Mike and Rabbi Yitz

for their unfading dedication

to our Jewish youth.


Greg Storch and Lisa Ring

Rabbi Staum

is a beacon of light,

not only to his JSU students

and families,

but to our Chesterfield

TICK community.

He inspires us all

with his love of

Torah and Mitzvos

and his

exemplary Middos!


Yehuda and Faigie Bienstock

To Harvey and Esther z”l:

Mazel Tov

on this well-deserved award.

You are mensches

above all mensches!


Eddie Balk

Thank you to the

JSU staff for all the hard work and

dedication you bring to the

St. Louis Jewish Community.

Rabbi Staum,

I continue to be impressed with

your unyielding effort to foster a love

of Torah and Judaism to others.

Mazal Tov to all the honorees.

I look forward to many more years of

success for this organization.


Sheara Fredman

In honor of

Michael and Selina

Rabbi Mike’s role

in the development of JSU,

as it has grown into the program of today,

is a testament to his perseverance and

visionary abilities.

With Love, Mom and Dad

Yasher Koach to the honorees

who through their support ensure

the success of JSU.

Shirley and Erven Rovinsky

Mazel Tov

to the Jewish Student Union

for reaching our children and helping

them grow in Yiddishkeit.

Mazel Tov also to

Harvey Greenstein

and Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein

for their many contributions to the

St. Louis Jewish Community.


Yale & Gail Miller


On behalf of the

Officers and Boards of the

Jewish Federation of St. Louis,

we congratulate

on its service to the Jewish community.

We join with you in honoring

Harvey Greenstein and

Esther Lyss-Greenstein, z”l

We look forward to continuing to

work with JSU to strengthen the

Jewish community for years to come.

With thanks

and love for all

Esther (a”h) and Harvey

have done

through the years.


Judith and Ted Isaacs

Congratulations to

Harvey Greenstein and in loving

memory of

Esther Lyss-Greenstein a”h.

Thank you to you and to all of JSU’s

partners for investing so much in our

precious teens.

What a privilege it is for us

to be part of such a

special team spearheaded by

Rabbi and Mrs. Rovinsky,

and that has us working alongside the

Zitin’s, Ellen Hoffman,

and of course Momma Judy!

Thank you to our youth

commission for guiding us!


Rabbi Yitz and Racheli Staum

and Family

In loving memory of

Milton Movitz z”l

Paul Mendelson z”l

& Bill Solomon z”l

Your effect on JSU

will be felt for many

years to come and

although we terribly miss your

warmth, guidance and friendship,

we take comfort in knowing you

are still impacting JSU from your

Heavenly abode.


With much love,

Your JSU Family

To everyone

who makes


a success…



Barbara & Mark Drazen

Mazal Tov

Harvey with gratitude

for all that you and

Esther have done

for the

Jewish people.


Randi Mozenter

and Larry Friedman

Mazel Tov to JSU!

Despite a pandemic,

you find your way

to inspire and connect

Jewish teens!

Mazel Tov

and much

continued success.


Dan & Melanie Winograd

In loving memory of our dear

Meira Bresler Riemer, A”H ,

whose passion to inspire our Jewish

youth knew no bounds.

Thank you to JSU

and programs like TJJ for

providing so many of our teens

the opportunity to be inspired.

Mazal Tov to Harvey Greenstein

and Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein on

this well deserved honor.


Murray and Eva Gail Bresler

and Family

Mazel Tov

to all the honorees!

Harvey, what a well

deserved honor for you & Esther (z”l).

Your commitment to all Jewish life,

including JSU and B’nai Amoona,

sets a high standard for all

to attempt to emulate.

Your smile warms our hearts.

We’re proud to call you our friend.

Mazel Tov!


Lenny & Julie Frankel

Mazel Tov to the Honorees

Harvey and Esther Lyss-Greenstein

Our wish would be to clone

Rabbi Rovinsky, Rabbi Staum and

Sam Zitin and send this dream team

all over the world inspiring

Jewish youth with love

for their precious heritage,

Torah and Israel!


With love and gratitude,

Rhonnie and Stanley Goldfader

Mazel Tov to our Honorees

Harvey and

Esther Lyss (a”h) -Greenstein


In memory of




Whose passion for Judaism & Israel

inspired so many.


Rita Bresler

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We salute the dedicated

spouses of our staff

Selina, Racheli & Jackie

You are our

Unsung Heroes for

providing our staff with the

resources to advance this

important work.


JSU Youth Commission

To Rabbi Yitz and Sam,

It is an honor

and inspiration to work

with you each and every day

to inspire the next

generation of Jewish leaders.

May Hashem

bless your children as

you tireless work so hard to

care for His children.



Harvey and Esther (a”h)

thank you for

all you do for

our community

and for lighting

the way for

future generations.


Love, Jennifer, Matt, David,

Alyssa and Mitchell Smith

In Honor of

Rabbi Rovinsky

for the

important work

you do on

behalf of

Jewish Youth!

Thank You!


Jill & David Mogil

Mazal Tov.

You are doing

Kiddush HaShem.


Mimi and Leslie Sabol

In loving memory


Meira Bresler Riemer.


Brenda Jappa

Mazel Tov to JSU on its 18th Anniversary!

Congratulations to our

very special and deserving honorees

Harvey & Esther

Lyss (of blessed memory) Greenstein.

Your leadership and support

of JSU is most appreciated.

Deepest Thanks to our wonderful staff/teachers:

Rabbi Michael Rovinsky,

Rabbi Yitz Staum and Sam Zitin

for your continued efforts in reaching

out to and inspiring our teens!

Warmest Wishes for

another wonderful year to one and all.


Janet Weinberg

Harvey and Esther z”l,

Mazel Tov

on this wonderful

award and thank you

so much for all the

good you have done

for the

St. Louis Jewish



Lynnsie Balk Kantor

Mazel Tov

to the honorees

Harvey and Esther (a”h)

Lyss-Greenstein for many,

many years of service

and commitment to

the St. Louis

Jewish Community!


Dr. Phil and Bonnie Levens

Thanks for the

opportunity to honor

our cousins

Esther and Harvey.

Their acts of chesed are

numerous and enduring.


Nick Riggio &

Lauren Buchsbaum

Mazel tov to the honorees

Harvey Greenstein and

Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein!

Yoshar Koach to Rabbi Mike

and Sam for their outreach to and

success with St. Louis Jewish

high school students.

Jackie and Alan Gerson

In honor of Harvey Greenstein

and in loving memory of

Esther Lyss-Greenstein

Lynn and Carl Lyss and Family



on another year

of great programming.

Bonnie & Garry Vickar

Yasher koach

to one of our favorite people,

Rabbi Staum,

for all the hard work

he does for our community!

With much gratitude,

Steve & Batya Wertman

The Eidelman family

loves and appreciates

Harvey and Esther!

David and Rachel Eidelmann

Young Israel of St Louis is proud to wish Mazal Tov to the

Honorees of this year’s JSU Annual Gala.

Harvey Greenstein &

Esther (a”h) Lyss Greenstein

Thank you for your dedication to JSU and it’s mission

to engage and educate our Jewish youth, thereby helping

to create a brighter Jewish future for all of them.

Moshe Shulman, Rabbi

Jonty Felsher, President


We love you!

From your cousins,

Aaron, Susie and Carey Fredman

Mazel Tov to our good friends,

Harvey and Esther (a”h) Greenstein,

on this meaningful and well

deserved honor by JSU!

You are an inspiration to the

entire Jewish Community!


Larry and Barbara Poger

Mazel Tov & congratulations

on receiving this well deserved award!

Harvey Greenstein


Esther Lyss-Greenstein (obm)

We are thrilled to be here

tonight to honor you both!

Carla & Leonard Weintraub

Mazel Tov to JSU

for another great year,

we can’t wait to see

what the next year holds!

We know it will be

nothing short of great!

Aaron and Julia Gould

Mazel Tov to the honorees!

Mazel Tov to the honorees!

Rabbi Dovid Rabbi Avroham Rabbi Shmuel

Fromowitz Goldman Wasser

bbi Dovid


Rabbi Avroham


Rabbi Shmu


In recognition of

Harvey Greenstein

and Esther Lyss-Greenstein

for all they have done to strengthen

Jewish Education in our community

in general and JSU in particular.

Rabbi Moshe and Baila Shulman

Congratulations to Harvey and Esther (a”h) Greenstein

for their outstanding dedication to the education of

Jewish youth and the Jewish community.

It is most fitting that they are honored

and remembered at the 18th Gala.

Mazel Tov.

Art and Lisa Weiss

Mazel tov to Harvey and Esther (a”h)

on this well deserved honor.

Recognizing a life long commitment

to our Jewish Community.

Hessie & Barry Needle

Mazel tov to Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein

and Harvey Greenstein on being selected the

JSU honorees of 2020 (5781).

Thank you for all you do for young Jewish teens!


Debra and Joel Spigel

Congratulations Harvey Greenstein

and thank you for all the good deeds you do to

enrich our Jewish community.

Fran and Harvey Cantor

Mazel Tov Harvey and Esther (a”h)

on a well deserved honor!

Thank you for all that you do

for our Jewish community!

With Love,

Debbie and Jeff Dalin

With gratitude to

Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein

and Harvey Greenstein

for their support of Jewish youth

and Jewish continuity.

Lorraine & Jordan Cherrick

Thank you Rabbi Rovinsky,

Rabbi Staum and Mr. Sam Zitin

for inspiring our teens!

Daniel and Marcela Morgensztern

Wishing continued success for JSU

as you reach your beneficial goals.


Joyce and Richard Becker

There are no better

role models for JSU to honor than

Harvey & Esther (a”h) Lyss-Greenstein.


Sue Matlof

Mazel Tov!

Harvey and Esther(z”l),

You have done so much for the

Saint Louis Jewish Community with your

caring. wisdom, and huge hearts.


Enid Weisberg-Frank and Bruce Frank

To Rabbi Staum whose devotion and dedication

to his work have reaped outstanding results.

All our best wishes and hopes for continued

success with the teens Rabbi Staum has such

a wonderful influence on.

Dov and Tiona Bin Nun

Mazel tov to Rabbi Rovinsky!

Keep the fire burning!

Moshe Danzger

We are inspired by the dedicated care

and tireless efforts of Rabbi Yitz Staum

and the entire JSU staff.

Rabbi Shmuel and Mrs. Chanie Wasser and family

Mazal tov to

JSU and Rabbi Rovinsky.

Phyliis Hyken and Jerry Nuell

Thank you for being a

source of inspiration for our teens

and for our community!

Daniel and Marcela Morgensztern

In Honor of

Rabbi Staum, Alayna Higdon,

Hannah Thiede, and Leah Rodin

Moshe Chaim and Tzirel Biron

In honor of

Gloria Feldman

Devy and Jerry Goldenberg

Thank You for all your

Jewish communal service and

Mazal Tov!

Andy Koshner and Ruth Asher

Mazal Tov to the Honorary Chairs!

A special tribute to Penny and Marc Alper

and Carol and Michael Staenberg

for this special recognition.

Bette and Ron Abeles

Mazel tov

to the honorees for your

exemplary service to JSU.

Jonathan Gordon

So happy to honor

Harvey and Esther z”l.

The definition of a gita neshama.


Susie ( Alan z”l) Broddon

Dear Harvey,

I have always been proud to know you.

Even from our college days, I knew that you were

special; someone who knew how to get things done

and someone who cared about others.

Take care, and stay well.

Gordon and Terry Bloomberg

In honor of

Rabbi Yitz Staum.

Rabbi and Mrs. David Fromowitz

In honor of Rabbi Rovinsky

for the important work you do on

behalf of Jewish Youth!

Thank You!

Jill & David Mogil

Mazel Tov

to you for all you have done

for Jewish youth!

Gerald Axelbaum and Ellen Shapiro

In honor of our dear friends and role models,

Rabbi Mike and Selina Rovinsky.

Thanks for all you do for the St. Louis community

and K’lal Yisroel. We are honored to be a part of

your extended “soul family”.

Skip and Liz Rosen

Dr. Laura and Jacob Rosen


to two very special people,

Harvey and Esther.

Phyllis Goldberg

Mazel Tov!

Thanks for all you do

Harvey and Esther (a”h) and all you have

done in and for the Jewish community.

Vivian and Larry Waldman

Mazel Tov to the Honorary Chairs!

A special tribute to Penny and Marc Alper

and Carol and Michael Staenberg

for this special recognition!

Bette and Ron Abeles

Warmest regards to a most

wonderful person Harvey Greenstein.

We hope you will be blessed with good health,

long life and much joy from your family.

Don & Judy Makovsky


Parkway North

Parkway West



Parkway Central

For more info,

visit www.jsustl.org

or call 314.696-0578


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