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DSHS | The 2020 edition



We were looking forward to celebrating another auction


with you this year. However good things come


to those who wait. In the meantime we


share our stories with you.

The DSHS Magazine 2020. Enjoy the ride/read.


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Dutch Championships 2020 7

Emile Hendrix dubbed as the Godfather

DSHS Ambassadors 8 - 9

Established pride and joy in the international arena

Heroes of our Time 11 - 13

Ludo Philippaerts is ready for the next chapter

28 - 33 At Home With

Pieter and Caroline Devos

34 - 35 Limburg Foal Auction

An online celebration of the 20th anniversary

37 - 39 Stal Hendrix Baarlo

The Next Generation: Timothy Hendrix



Column: Sjeng Schalken 15

'The principles are the same'

In Pictures 16 - 21

Ireland: the country that has racing in its blood

40 - 41 DSHS Ambassadors

Rising stars in the international arena

42 - 43 Meet the Locals

Henrik von Eckermann & Janika Sprunger

34 - 35



16 - 21


Sponsor Highlight 22 - 23

Roelofsen Horse Trucks: All in the family

A Familiar Face 24 - 25

Erik Jerneld: a man of many traits

45 Fun Facts

The auction lots that create a buzz

46 - 47 The Robber

From not wanted to most wanted



Youngster and Horse of the Year 26 - 27

This year's awards are for Iberlina and Hello Senator

49 Save the dates

See you next year!

37 - 39


16 - 21



DSHS | The 2020 edition 5

DUTCH Championships 2020

When the Dutch pull

together nothing

is impossible

Emile Hendrix

Training • Showjumping • Quality sales

When an idea results into something greater than the

sum of its parts, there is good reason to be proud. The

Dutch are already known as a proud nation, orange

colours and all. But given the chance to collectively contribute

to an otherwise unridden championship, the Dutch really pull

together. With unprecedented teamwork and a magnificent

winning podium the Dutch Championships showjumping were

without a doubt an absolute highlight of 2020.

Traditionally the Dutch Championships showjumping are held

in spring in the village of Mierlo. However due to the Covid-19

pandemic they were inevitably cancelled. Emile Hendrix was

not willing to give up and at the first glimpse of competitions

being able to resume he pitched an idea. To organise the

championships in the middle of summer at an alternative venue

in Kronenberg. At Equestrian Centre the Peelbergen where

Stal Hendrix is also part of the founding members and Emile a

member of the board.

The show will go on

“I had been toying with the idea for a while, but the timing

needed to be right. I really wanted to create an opportunity for

all showjumpers but mainly for the youth riders. Pony riders,

Juniors and Young Riders that might be in their final year and

would otherwise miss out on competing in their respective

categories.” With the help of the KNHS (Royal Dutch Equestrian

Federation), after informing the original organising committee

and in collaboration with the team of Equestrian Centre de

Peelbergen the sign was given that the show could go on.


“I did not want this to be spare championships. It had to be

worthy of the name and the riders. That meant that we wanted

to make sure we could financially piece it together and provide

the same amount of prize money to compete for. The idea was

also to give top riders some perspective again. To allow them to

measure themselves against each other and provide a stage for

their horses.”


“The sheer enthusiasm of the people that wanted to help lift this

championship in the saddle really made me proud. Thankfully,

there were many equestrians that wanted to contribute

financially. Even people I had never asked for anything before

sympathised. Even to the point that some donated more than

requested. With another few top sponsors we all made it

happen. And as a result we got awe-inspiring performances by

the best riders of the Netherlands.”


“Under normal circumstances the senior riders that now topped

the podium might not have even competed at the Dutch

Championships. That is not due to a lack of patriotic pride, but

there are usually many other shows that provide a much larger

sum of prize money and additional opportunities. In this case

all together it resulted in a truly worthy championship with all

the usual ingredients that make it a success: perseverance,

fantastic sport, for some disappointment and for others great

joy, a thriller of a finale and a well-deserved winner. I have

nothing but great pride and gratitude for everyone who made it


Speaking of thrillers: the new

champion - Marc Houtzager –

fittingly called Emile the Godfather

of the Dutch Championships 2020

Bronze medal: Jeroen Dubbeldam Gold medal: Marc Houtzager Silver Medal: Harrie Smolders

yveshoutackers Yves Houtackers y.houtackers@gmail.com


DSHS | The 2020 edition 7




Over the years a fair number of horses

have developed into true ambassadors

of our auction. It is our pleasure to shine

a spotlight on some of the super stars

sold at the Dutch Sport Horse Sales

between 2009 - 2017.

1. Apart

Larino x Burggraaf

Pieter Devos (BEL)

Successful at CSI5* 1.60m level

2. Kamara van 't Heike

Epleaser van 't Heike x Carthago

Eric van der Vleuten (NED)

Successful at CSI4* 1.45m level

4. Elisabeth

Applaus x Colman

Pal Flam (NOR)

Successful at CSI5* 1.45m level

7. Hello Senator (prev.: Everest)

Carambole x Indoctro

Scott Brash (GBR)

Successful at CSI5* 1.60m level

9. Private Life (prev.: Gibraltar P)

Verdi x Voltaire

Scott Stuart (USA)

Successful at top Hunter level

11. Gamble (prev.: Gino)

Vingino x Indoctro

Connor Swail (IRL)

Successful at CSI 5* 1.45m level

3. Coronado (prev.: Charlie Grey)

Cassini I x Accord II

Francisco Pasquel (MEX)

Successful at CSI4* 1.50m level

5. Glamour Girl

Zirocco Blue VDL x Caletto I

Henrik von Eckermann (SWE)

Successful at CSI5* 1.50m level

6. Chica B Z

Canturano x Berlin

Martin Fuchs (SUI)

Successful at CSI5* 1.60m level

8. Crocus de la Sillardiere

Conrad x Caldero

Charlie Jones (GBR)

Successful at CSI3* 1.45m level

10. Constable II (prev.: Cloe)

Harley VDL x Lupicor

Laura Kraut (USA)

Successful at CSI 5* 1.55m level

12. Shangri-la (prev.: Grapje)

Cardento x Goodwill

Alise Oken (USA)

Succesfull at CSI 3* 1.50m level



DSHS | The 2020 edition 9





As a top rider Ludo Philippaerts can look back on a very impressive career. He participated

successfully in four Olympic Games, won over 45 Grand Prixs and World Cups and represented the

Belgian team many times. As a father of four talented sons, he is now facing the challenge to give

each of them the possibilities and horses they need. Besides the ups, Ludo also knows everything

about the downs which are inevitable in the equestrian sport. All his knowledge, experience and

achievements make him a ‘Hero of Our Time’.

Text: Jenneke Smit | Photography: Remco Veurink

Philippaerts – We live horses. The name of the stable already

says it all. This is where their hearts lie, this is their essence.

Talent and passion have thrived for decades in and around

the stables of the Philippaerts family. After a riding career of

fourty years, Ludo Philippaerts knows exactly what our sport is all

about. Which challenges it brings, how

much hard work is necessary to achieve

great results and about the dependence

on good and sound horses.

The beginning

Horses have always played a role in

Ludo’s life. As a toddler, he was always

to be found in the family stables, heavily

impressed by his noble four-legged friends. “My father had his own

stable and did quite some trading together with Ton Hendrix, the

father of Emile and Paul. Ton bought many horses from my father.

I used to do show jumping and dressage until I was 18 years old, at

'I was determined to

become a professional


that point I have continued with jumping. Once a week I came to

Baarlo to train with Emile. Every Wednesday morning we started

with mucking out and then he helped me with the training of

the horses”, tells Ludo Philippaerts. “Already at a young age I was

determined to become a professional rider. After the high school

I have worked part-time in a furniture

factory for one year. In the afternoons

I was riding my horses and during the

evenings I was giving trainings. My

career developed well so I continued as

a fulltime rider.”

In the eighties Ludo crossed the

path with the horse which name is

inextricably linked to him: Darco. “I

start riding him at his breeder and owner’s stable, Stoeterij

Lindehof of Tinus Paesschen, and later on he came to my stable. It

was a horse of a lifetime, with him I have won my first World Cup

in 1988 and I owe a lot to him.”


DSHS | The 2020 edition 11


The Belgian ambassador Darco gave massive

momentum to Ludo’s career and

was his partner in the Olympic Games

of Barcelona in which they finished in

the seventh place individually. They have

won several World Cups, competed in the

European Championships and became a

regular in the Belgian Nations Cup team.

In 1990 they ended up on the sixth place in

the World Championships in Stockholm.

“Darco is still very important for me. We

achieved great results and afterwards I have

been successful with his offspring such as

King Darco, Parco, Winningmood van de

Arenberg and Otterongo.” In total Ludo has

participated in four Olympics, the first with

Darco, the second with his son King Darco,

the third with the Darco-son Otterongo

and the last aboard Parco (by Darco).

“Also in the first years with Darco I have

frequently trained with Emile Hendrix.

Most of the times he came to my place.

But I still think that the fries and beef my

mother always used to make for him, were

the reason he came so often. Emile loved my

mother’s cooking skills”, laughs Ludo. “And

of course he is a great trainer, already back

then. He also helped my brother and sister

with the training of horses.” Ludo has also

learned from George Morris. “But the most

of all, I have learned to watch other riders at

the international competitions. To see how

they do their flatwork, how they jump their

courses, you can learn a lot just by watching


Ups and downs

The list of Ludo’s successes is endless but he has also faced many

disappointments, disillusions and misfortunes. “In the equestrian

sport you cannot escape bad luck. I had many setbacks, which

comes together when you work with horses. Injuries of the horses

have often kept me from success, and I had also some bad injuries

myself. Some horses got sold while I had great future plans

with them. My career definitely endures both ups and downs,

and I had to show my mental resilience.” Ludo represented the

Belgian team in more than 130 Nations Cup competitions and

claimed ten victories. He has won more than 45 Grand Prix’s

and World Cups, became champion of Belgium six times -with

six different horses- and competed in four Olympic Games, seven

European Championships and one World Equestrian Games.

In the last decade he found himself face to face with young

'I still get goosebumps

when I think of that moment'

talent, especially in his own sons Olivier and Nicola. “The year

2012 has been very special to me. In that year, Nicola has won

his first five-star Grand Prix in Falsterbo and a few months later

Olivier claimed the victory in the prestigious Grand Prix of Spruce

Meadows -as the youngest rider ever- and I finished third. That

was an outstanding moment, I still get goosebumps when I think

of it. Sharing the stage with my son, I couldn’t have been happier.”


In 2015 it was time for Ludo to pass the torch. With not only his very

successful sons Olivier and Nicola, who have both been in the top-

30 already, but also future talents Thibault and Anthony coming

up Ludo committed himself entirely to coaching his four sons. “I

am happy that I could make my childhood dream my profession.

It was a difficult decision to end my riding career but it takes a

lot to help my four sons achieve their goals. It’s a fulltime job

to coach them and to find the right horses. Nowadays you need

quite some horses which is a serious challenge for us. Our oldest

two sons are part of the company and our accommodation is

too small to serve four riders, so we are making plans to expand

our stable on the neighbour’s ground that we have bought. Of

course I feel really lucky that all our four sons want to continue

as a professional rider. They follow my dreams and set their own


And I have to say that I cannot pick one of the four with the

most talent, they all have talent, they work hard and are very

committed to the sport and horses. Time has changed a lot and

I am the one who had to build up everything myself. My sons are

stepping in on a higher level, but they also know what it takes

to become a top level rider. It’s a challenge to have a stable with

four ‘first’ riders, I have also talked about it with others such as

Emile and Paul. Since they also have sons who are part of their

company. But they are more focused on trading, while we have

full focus on performing on the highest level in the sport. That’s

never easy, especially when you have four competitive riders in

your stable.”

Riders as pilots

As another setback Ludo mentions the Corona virus. “This might

have the greatest impact on our sport in history. But, like every

disadvantage has its advantage it can also bring some good

things. In recent years it is all about money in showjumping

and the top-level riders turned out to be true pilots. Getting in

and out the airplanes, the sky was the limit. In our stable we

also had to pull out all the stops to manage everything, going

from show to show. I think certain people will have their feet

back on the ground when this is all over. But I also hope it won’t

take long until we reach that point. Because although I am not

in the saddle myself anymore, my ambitions are still like in my

glory days. With taking the best care of the horses, the finest

management and coaching of our four sons we hope to continue

our successes in the future”, concludes Ludo Philippaerts.

heroes of our time

'I still think that the fries

and beef my mother used

to make was the reason

Emile visited us so often'

Born in Genk



1963 Start

own stable

First World Cup

victory in London

with Darco


1988 7th place Olympic

Games of


with Darco

Birth of twin sons

Olivier & Nicola


1993 Moved to



Competed in the

Olympic Games of


with King Darco



4th place in

Olympic Games of


with Otterongo

Birth of son



2001 Silver medal at

the EC in Arnhem

with Otterongo

Birth of son



2003 4th place in

Olympic Games of


with Parco

Son Olivier wins

GP of Spruce


Ludo placed 3rd


2012 First 5*-GP

victory for

son Nicola in


Ludo's retirement

as a top rider


2015 Full focus on

coaching his four



DSHS | The 2020 edition 13



‘Wheter it is tennis or showjumping

the principles are the same'

When I compare the start of my own sports career to my daughters,

who are both avid showjumpers, I see many similarities.

With discipline being the common denominator. I believe that

success in any sport comes down to having the basics covered.

As a former professional tennis player and in my current role as

an advisor to the KNLTB (Dutch tennis association) I know the

road to success is not an easy one. And while I am by no means

an expert on equestrian matters, to be perfectly honest horses

make me a little uncomfortable, I know that getting back on the

horse (literally and physically) is the only way forward.

I had no idea we lived in the centre of an equestrian hotspot until

my family got involved with horses. We live just across the Belgian

border in between Sentower Park and Equestrian Centre de

Peelbergen. Which is quite convenient my wife and daughters tell

me. I try not to meddle too much in the day to day horse side of the

business, but I am there for the mental support. Which happens to

be one of the four pillars that I consider the basics of top sport.


These four pillars are the mental, physical, technical and the tactical

side of being an athlete. No matter if you are a professional or an

amateur, if you have the basics covered, you've got a good thing

going. If you want to improve and make it to the next level then I

believe in a no-nonsense approach. My former coach, Willem-Jan

van Hulst, tough me that. He was as straight forward as they come.

If you want to achieve the maximum result you have to work for it.

Hard! It was not just a matter of training on the court, but about

getting everything right. Being in the right frame of mind, in the

right physical condition with the right equipment to perform. But

most importantly, you need to know how to play the game.

An athlete state of mind

This next analogy applies as much to showjumping as it does to

tennis. In competition there are about four to five shows a year where

everything goes as planned and goes your way. The rest of the time

you simply have to get on with it. No wins, no triumphs, all you get are

lessons learned. That is also part of the game which teaches us that

top sport comes with highs and lows. When it comes to pressure, we

all have different ways of dealing with it. But the pressure to perform

is a mental state you can manage. You cannot let it affect your

performance. You have to focus on the goal and make your mind

work for you instead of against you. And that is just when it comes

to tennis. With showjumping your state of mind also effects the

way your horse performs, so in that respect it is twice as important.

Sjeng Schalken

Pro tennis player

from 1994 - 2007

of which ten years

a member of the

Davis-Cup team

6 ATP wins (doubles)

9 ATP-title wins (singles)

Grand Slam semi-finalist

US Open (singles & doubles)

Create your own luck

Showjumping is a complex sport. You are not just dealing with

yourself, but also with another athlete, the horse. It really is a team

sport in my opinion. Not just between you and the horse, but also

the people around you are a part of the key to success. For example,

my wife Ricky accompanies our daughters Jackie and Marie to the

stables of the Riossa family where they train or as I like to think

of it receive their horse education and she drives the 'horse bus' to

shows. Ricky also helped with setting up our clothing brand, Sjeng

Sports, that we started after my tennis career. When you surround

yourself with the right people and have the basics covered then all

there is to making your hard work a success is getting the details

right. In sports and in business. Whether it is on the tennis court or

in a showjumping arena it is the little things that make the biggest

difference. If you get it right, you can create your own luck.


DSHS | The 2020 edition 15



in pictures

The Irish have an innate

understanding of horses that

is grounded in centuries of tradition


DSHS | The 2020 edition 17

in pictures

If you want the rainbow,

you've got to put up with the rain


DSHS | The 2020 edition 19

in pictures

Today, Irish horses, breeders, trainers,

and jockeys are recognised among the

most accomplished on the planet and

consistently excel on the world stage.

There are twenty-six unique racecourses in Ireland, spread

throughout the country. Races are run on the flat and over

jumps, primarily on grass. Some of the world’s most prestigious

and valuable Group One races are staged in Ireland, including

the Irish Derby and the Irish Champion Stakes. Ireland is

also famous for its lively racing festivals such as Galway

and Punchestown, which attract crowds of over 100,000.

Despite Ireland’s small size and population of just over 4.9

million, it is the largest producer of thoroughbreds in Europe

and the third largest in the world behind the United States and

Australia. Irish-bred horses consistently celebrate international

success at the highest level. For example, in 2020 Irish-bred

horses won Group One races in five continents, including the

Epsom Derby, Melbourne Cup, and multiple Breeders’ Cup races.

Irish thoroughbred sales have long been a source of topquality

racing and breeding stock. As a nation steeped in the

tradition of trading bloodstock, Ireland offers a vast selection

of quality thoroughbreds, to suit all tastes and budgets.

There are over 6,000 registered breeders in Ireland, with some

of the most successful breeders in the world choosing to

be based here, including Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al

Maktoum, HH The Aga Khan, and Coolmore. The establishment

of such high-profile stud farms has resulted in some of the

best stallions in the world standing in Ireland. In 2020, eight

of the top 10 stallions by winners in Europe stood in Ireland.

Photo credits: Irish Thoroughbred Marketing, Racing Post, Alex

Cairns. For more information visit: www.itm.ie


DSHS | The 2020 edition 21

sponsor highlight


HORSE TRUCKS: All in the family

Roelofsen Horse Trucks is a well-established household name in any equestrians’ home. Since the brand started in

1987 its creations have travelled many miles and offered many a home away from home. The range of horse trucks and

other transport solutions have developed and expanded over the years. With high-end custom horse trucks firmly at the

core of the business that still has its headquarters in Raalte, the Netherlands.





Back in the early days the company’s director Jonny Roelofsen

would still help to assemble the trucks himself. In 1990 the first

of his two daughters was born, and during their upbringings

these little ladies were found rummaging around the workshop

every now and again too. Thirty years on much has changed.

Jonny Roelofsen no longer gets his hands dirty and he is

by now a grandfather. What hasn’t changed is that his two

daughters can still be found at the Roelofsen headquarters.

Both Dominique and Fabienne have grown into the family

business and are steering the company along with their father.

In the saddle

Both ladies jumped quite successfully in their younger years. But

they had to finish their education before being allowed to pursue

a career in showjumping explains Dominique. “When I finished

my marketing & economics study I always had the possibility of

joining the family business in the back of my mind. I decided to

set a goal for myself and see how far I could make it as a rider. I

allowed myself three years to do so, but I think I already made up

the balance after two. I wanted to learn more about the business,

and I joined the firm.”

Behind the wheel

“I am really happy I did, and I look back with great fondness

on that period. I got to explore all the departments. From the

workshop to the purchasing department, to the sales division and

so on. I got the full tour and really got involved. I learned what a

truck is really made of and how the assembly process worked for

example. I even handled some tools and helped out. Nowadays

that really helps for instance when clients call me to ask about the

trucks or when we are at a show and people want more detailed


Learning curve

Not only Dominique, but also Fabienne works in the family

business. Which she combines with managing the Roelofsen

stables and showjumping. “Fabienne divides her time 50/50. She

works parttime in our finance department and over the past year

she has had quite a few top results with our stables horses. It

has been a learning curve for both of us. But I believe that our

experience with competing at international level and travelling

with the horses to shows really helps with knowing what clients



“The transition into the company was an interesting period for

me too. People need to know what you can do for them. Before it

was just my father, my uncle and the sales managers that helped

them and I had to find my way.” Three days a week Dominique

works as the head of marketing and back-office and helps with

the sales. “I am, as many business owners will relate to, available

24/7. But officially the other days of the week my business card

reads: mum of two lovely children. Which is really also a fulltime

job, but you know what I mean”, Dominique says with a smile.

Natural order of things

“By no means do I want to give the impression that we are taking

over the reins of the company, but it is really nice working together

as a family. Quickly pitching an idea or hearing another person’s

take on something is easy when you know each other well. That

also applies to our clients. What I am experiencing now is that

people of my father’s generation still call him or my uncle. But

some the riders that I used to jump the circuit with now choose

to call me. I am glad that is the natural order of things and we get

to contribute to the company in a way that suits everyone best.”

All in a day's work

Dominique is among other aspects responsible for the marketing

and communication of the company. “For example I’ve

been involved in aligning some of the communication processes.

To make them more efficient and optimize the processes

to the benefit of our clients.

I’ve also worked with the team that has given the website a

make-over and I oversee the social media of the company.

The latter is more something that my generation feels comfortable

with. Instagram and Facebook are fairly new marketing

tools and even though my father knows what these platforms

are, he is more than happy to let me handle that process.”


24 DSHS | The 2020 edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM 24 25

DSHS | The 2020 edition 25

a familiar face




Erik Jerneld is a man of many traits. Besides being an accomplished showjumper the Swedish

native also runs a trading stable with his wife Jill, manages a high-end equestrian (web)shop,

and he is one of the founders of the Swedish Select Horse Sales auction. The DSHS has the

pleasure of welcoming him at the auction yearly, where he and his business partner Fredrik

Spetz are always on the lookout to add talented youngsters to their string of horses.

From his stables in Motala, situated Select Horse Sales. The concept of the without trying him. We were sold the

in between Gothenburg and

SSHS is different to the DSHS. We only moment we saw the video. This horse

Stockholm, Erik happily answers our have three-year-old horses that jump Amsterdam (Ajonc Jr. x Gran Corrado)

questions and candidly speaks about loose up for auction. They are all either ended up placing third in the Swedish

his experiences with the Dutch Sport Swedish bred or sourced. But there are Championships for five-year-olds. He

Horse Sales. “To be honest for me the also many similarities with the DSHS. also did really well at the Young Horse

auction is one of the highlights of the We also aim for an all-encompassing World Championships in Lanaken. It

year. It is not just about buying wellselected

and talented young horses; it is provide our clients with an evening well auction and it did not make it all the

experience with a nice dinner and to was not the most expensive horse of the

the whole evening and the runup to the spent. Our clients are predominantly way to the top, but he was a top horse

event that make it something to look Swedish tough. There are a few

for the people that ended up buying him

forward to. It is a grand event, but it international buyers, but we are lucky to from us.”

also has a familiar touch to it.”

have very loyal clients that try to keep

the horses in their home country."

What makes a good investment at an

Can you tell us how you got to know


about the DSHS?

“I’ve studied economics, so I am aware

“I've known Yves Houtackers and the 'It is a grand event, of the financial returns one might

Hendrix family for as long as I can

question. But horse auctions are about

remember. I am the second generation but it also has a more than good investments. When

of the Jernelds to do business with

I explain it to people outside of the

them. We've traded quite a few horses familiar touch to it.' equestrian world, I compare horses with

over the years. Many of them in

art. There is also an emotional value

collaboration with a good friend of my

attached. The feeling it gives you, the

family, Fredrik Spetz. We are very close, What do you believe makes a good prospects, the history, the association

even though Fredrik is still very much auction horse?

with something great. In general the

actively competing internationally, and “Firstly at an auction you know that a sport horse market has no limits. I know

I can't even remember the last time I sat stringent selection process has taken that at an auction bidders can get a bit

on a horse. But I refuse to announce my place. Only the top horses make it to carried away sometimes or make an


the actual auction. Regarding the DSHS emotional purchase."

Erik Jerneld is a Swedish showjumper,

all the horses are either bred by them

horse trader & equestrian entrepeneur.

How do you divide your time with all or bought as a foal or as a young horse. "The difference at an auction is that you

your different ventures?

They are all schooled by the riders can be sure you are buying a quality

"Running the business of the webshop

and being the only distributor of

Antarès Sellier in Sweden takes up a

lot of time. There are also our stables

and trading horses that require my

attention, next to the time I spend

with my family. Also few months a

year I am very focused on the Swedish

of Stal Hendrix or Yves Houtackers.

You know the quality is exceptional

to begin with. Also the characters of

the horses are well-known, and the

selectors can perfectly tell you if the

horse is what you are looking for. They

know them inside out. My family and I

once bought a young horseat the DSHS

horse that meets certain standards.

A lot of the hard work in sourcing the

horses and developing them for the

sport has already been done. As long

as you do your homework and stick to

your budget, you can rarely make a bad

investment at an auction like the DSHS."

dshs awards

DSHS awards

And the

award for

Horse of the

year goes to...


Carambole x Indoctro

And the

award for

Youngster of

the year goes to...


Vittorio x N-Aldato

The Carambole offspring Hello Senator has developed in to one of the best ambassadors for the Dutch Sport Horse

Sales. After winning the bronze medal at the World Championship for young showjumpers with Luc Steeghs, this

Dutch bred horse got successfully introduced to his current rider Scott Brash. Together they have already achieved

outstanding results and that’s why Hello Senator is the 2020 DSHS Horse of the Year!

In last year’s auction, the Vittorio mare Iberlina was part of the promising collection of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.

It is remarkable to see what she has accomplished since then. Under the saddle of Carpe Diem Equestrian Team

stable rider Lisa Candin this seven-year-old mare has claimed already ten international victories and that is why

she deserves the prestigious title ‘DSHS Youngster of the Year 2020’.


Winner 2019

Cassini x Acord II

Chica BZ

Winner 2018

Canturano x Berlin


Winner 2017

Larino x Burggraaf

Hello Senator was formerly known as

Everest and was bred by Bart Henstra

from Drogeham. Together with his

partner Pytrick Adema he trained the

Carambole offspring for the KWPN stallion

approvals, where he caught the eye

of Paul Hendrix. Everest could not make

an impression on the stallion committee

and where one doors closes, another

one opens. Paul was able to purchase

this diamond in the rough.


Michel Hendrix still remembers the feeling

that Everest gave as a four-years-old.

“He was definitely a horse with a lot of potential.

At that age he was still a bit green

but because he gave such a good feeling,

we have selected him for the Dutch Sport

Horse Sales.” Monah Hechme from Libanon

purchased Everest in the auction and

she made him continue his training at Stal


“Luc Steeghs and Timothy were riding

him in the international classes and also

Monah did a couple of shows with him.”

In 2016 he took part in the World Championship

for seven-year-olds and took home

the bronze medal.

Top rider

A few months later, by mediation of Nick

Skelton, Everest was sold to Scott Brash’s

sponsors Lady Harris and Lady Kirkham.

Under his new name Hello Senator he debuted

with his new rider in Oliva 2017.

“Since then, Hello Senator has made a lot

of great advertisement for our auction. We

really enjoy all the good performances of

Scott and Hello Senator. Such as his victories

in the Grand Prix and other classes of

Saint Tropez, a second place in the Rolex

Grand Prix of Geneva and a third place in

the World Cup of Stuttgart”, tells Michel

Hendrix. “It’s amazing to see such a good

horse ending up in the hands of one of the

best riders in the world. We are grateful to

have been part of Hello Senator’s journey

and can’t wait to see what the future brings

for our DSHS Horse of the Year!”

Text: Jenneke Smit

What a year it has been for Iberlina! She

did her first international competitions

in November 2019 and took the victory

in Kronenberg right away. Also, at her

second show with Lisa Candin, Iberlina

was able to take the lead. Followed by no

less than four winnings in January 2020

and a total of ten international victories

so far.

It’s all in the family

Last year the Youngster of the Year award

was presented to Istinov (s.Ustinov) and this

horse has the same breeder as his successor

Iberlina. Both horses were bred by Jean

Dresen from Valkenburg, from which Stal

Hendrix buys foals on a regular base. Iberlina

was bred out of one of Stal Hendrix’s first

breeding mares Aberlina (N-Aldato x Rigoletto),

who has emphatically proved herself

as a producer of quality offspring. Among

those are Marc Bettinger’s Grand Prix showjumper

Barino (s.Larino) and the international

1.45m showjumper Blast Off (s.Lester).

Several family members of Iberlina have

been sold in previous editions of the Dutch

Sport Horse Sales and have also developed

well. Such as Aberlina’s grandsons Dino (s.

Vingino), one of Brian Cournane’s Grand

Prix showjumpers, and Marlon Zanotelli’s

1.45m performer Golia (s.Bustique).

Very competitive

Besides the good performance genes on the

dam’s side, Iberlina has also inherited qualities

from her sire Vittorio. He produces

modern, light horses with a lot of blood. His

offspring have a good jumping technique,

carefulness and great rideability. “We have

bought Iberlina as a foal and produced her at

Stal Hendrix. She is a very competitive mare

and we are happy to see her doing so well

with Lisa Candin in the saddle”, tells Michel

Hendrix. “The international victories and

many placings definitely prove this Vittorio

mare is a natural winner. That is why she

earned the Youngster of the Year award. As

a seven-year-old Iberlina has a bright future

ahead and we expect to see her next year

stepping up to the two star shows.”

Text: Jenneke Smit


Winner 2019

Ustinov x Vegas


Winner 2018

Starpower x Larino

Chica B Z

Winner 2017

Canturano x Berlin



DSHS DSHS | The | 2020 The 2020 edition edition


DSHS | The 2020 edition 26


DSHS | The 2020 edition 27



at home with

An ‘at home tour’ at Pieter Devos makes clear where hard work, determination, very strict

management and a lot of talent can lead to. The Belgian top rider has not one, but two successful

careers and he combines them at his place in Bekkevoort. Under his inspiring leadership both the

family’s fruit company and his showjumping stable flourish. And in the latter the DSHS Horse of

the Year 2017 plays an important role.

Text: Jenneke Smit | Photography: Remco Veurink

The home of Pieter Devos and his wife Caroline

Poels-Devos is based in Bekkevoort, somewhere

in the middle between Antwerpen and Maastricht. The

34-year-old is the best Belgian rider on the most recent

Longines Ranking list (placed 5th), won many titles,

championships and Grand Prixs.

Devos Group

Where most riders struggle to stay at the top for years,

Pieter Devos manages to do it even as a part-time rider.

“In my younger years, I have been successful with the

ponies and in the Junior and Young Riders classes and

championships. The passion for horses was transmitted

through the genes, both my parents have been riding

themselves. I’ve always liked competitions and I just

went with the flow”, reflects Pieter on the beginning.

“It’s not that I was always determined to become a

professional rider.

On the contrary, my parents had a fruit company and

when me and my younger brother Wouter were about

16, 17 years of age they asked us if we would like to

continue their business. Without any hesitation, Wouter

and I agreed on that. Just like my riding career our fruit

business started small and we’re now on top level with the

Devos Group. I combine both jobs with the same passion

and professionalism, I really feel privileged to share my

two passions in life.” As a commercial director, Pieter is

responsible for the purchase and sale of the fruits, mostly

apples and pears. He built up the trade department of

Devos Group himself and created a good team around

him, including his right-hand man Louis de Cleene. He

is a well-known equestrian speaker and learned all the

tricks and traps about the fruit business from Pieter. “A

chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I would never

be able to do what I do without having the right people

around me. In the fruit company and in the stable.”

‘I feel very

privileged to share

my two passions in life.’


DSHS | The 2020 edition 29

Great facilities

To combine his both jobs as efficient as possible, the stable is based

on the same site. “Twenty, twenty-five years ago we’ve started with a

couple of stables and an indoor on the other side of our fruit company.

My brother is working fulltime for Devos Group and rides horses in his

spare time. We still use our old stables for the young horses, the smaller

indoor is perfect for the breaking in and free jumping. But to train horses

for the top level, we needed better facilities and a bigger indoor.” That’s

why the Devos family decided to build a completly new accommodation

in 2012. “It’s really something we still enjoy every day. In a short period

of time we had to make the design of our stable.

The main reason for our rush was that we could get grants for the use

of solar panels, if we were able to finish the building before a certain

date. It was a matter of days and luckily we already had in mind which

conditions our barn had to meet. For us the welfare of the horses is

really important and that’s why our 40 stables are spacious, they all

have a window and there is a lot of light. We

also have a lot of daylight in our indoor, where

the front side is made of glass. Our indoor

of 80 by 32 meters is very practical since

we use it with several riders. The washing

places and tack up area are at a central point

in our barn, also there we have a lot of light

and space. Those things were important for

us when designing this accommodation.”

Family matters

After living in the apartment in the barn for years, Pieter and Caroline

and their two kids Lisa (3) and Vic (1) have now moved to a wonderful

new villa next to the stable. With not only a wide view on the fruit

plantations but also on the stable and the higher located outdoor arena

of 100 by 50 meters. Next to it, Pieter and Caroline intend to make a big

grass arena. “We have been living in this new house for over a year now.

It’s an amazing residence, a beautiful place where our children can grow

up. From the house we can be in the stable within a few steps, but it also

provides a lot of privacy. I am normally away from home 48 or 49 weeks

a year, from Thursday till Sunday. And although I miss the frequent

international competitions a lot, I also enjoy the time I can spend at

home and with the family now. Family is very important for us and we

all work together to reach the same goals. My parents, my brother and

his wife, and of course my wife Caroline: we all are fully committed

to our fruit company and stable. There is no distinction between both

companies, and I am proud of how we work together as one family.”


Devos Stables is a breeding farm and training stable for horses that

are prepared to be launched in international top-class sport. In recent

years, the Devos family breeds 20 till 25 foals a year. “It’s very hard to find

the right horses for top level. I experienced it

myself, after successful years in the Junior and

Young Riders levels I didn’t had the right horse

to step up to the Senior level. Luckily Tekila D

came my way and with her I was able to win

my first Belgian championship. She’s now one

of our breeding mares, which are housed in our

farm two kilometres away from here. There we

have our foals, breeding mares and recipient

mares. When the young horses are ready, we take them to our old stable

here. And then we can continue our strict selection, to hopefully provide

our sport stable with the best homebred horses”, tells Pieter.

‘Family is very

important to us and we

all work together to reach

the same goals.’

During the week, the management of the sport stable is in hands of

Caroline Poels-Devos. She rides and produces some young horses herself

at home with







DSHS | The 2020 edition 31

at home with

and takes care of the management of Pieter’s horses. “Teamwork makes

the dream work, that’s definitely how it works for us. Everything has

to be very well organized for me, otherwise I cannot combine my

two jobs. My best horses I like to train myself as much as possible,

also because I believe it’s of crucial importance to have a good bond

with the horse. Once I am on the horse, I am completely focused on

them. But I always get like twenty, thirty phone calls about the fruits.

That’s sometimes hard when I am at a show. It’s something I am

used to, but I would still like to improve, that I can take a bit more

distance from the fruit business during international competitions.

Luckily, my assistant Louis knows where it’s all about in our sport.”






One of Pieter’s first-class horses is the well-known Larino offspring

Apart, bred by Stal Hendrix. He started his international career with

Caroline and has developed into a frequent prize winner. “My family and

the Hendrix family have always had a good connection, since we’re both

based in the Dutch Limburg area. I still remember that Paul approached

me and said that he had a really good, but a bit special horse for me. That

was Apart, and he turned out to be exactly as how Paul described him”,

tells Caroline.“

Apart was sold in the Dutch Sport Horse Sales as a four-years-old

but eventually came back to Stal Hendrix. His temperament is not

for everyone, he can be very spooky and his canter is a bit special. In

the beginning he was quite a handful but once we made the click,

Apart started jumping clear round after clear round. In no time

I was able to ride my first Dutch senior championship with him,

in which we ended up on the 8th place as the best female rider.”

Caroline and Apart achieved good international results but he was

her only horse for the higher level. “After consultation with the

Hendrix family, I asked Pieter to take over the reins of Apart in the

beginning of 2016. He could be a great strength to his string of horses.”

‘Apart is one of the best horses

in the world. He is extremely

smart and competitive'.

Stal Hendrix Baarlo

Napoleonsbaan Zuid 32

NL-5991 ND Baarlo

The Netherlands

phone +31 (0)77 4771556

e-mail info@stalhendrix.nl

Stal Hendrix Kessel

Rijksweg 45

NL-5995 NT Kessel

The Netherlands

phone +31 (0)77 4620428

e-mail info@stalhendrix.nl


And the rest is history. The magical pair won the 5*-Grand Prix of

Bordeaux, the World Cups of Stuttgart in 2018 ánd 2019, 1.55m classes

of LCGT Paris and Mexico City, and many others. “Apart is one of the

best horses in the world. He is extremely smart and competitive.

Although he is 15 years of age, he sometimes still feels like a four-yearsold.

At home he can be very lazy but at the show he can turn in to an

extremely bloody horse. Apart is very special and he means a lot to me.

I am very grateful that the Hendrix family gave us the opportunity to

eventually buy him, because if it would have been just a matter of money

they could’ve easily made other decisions a few years ago. I have a lot of

respect for that, because as a rider you can only wish for horses like him.

My feeling says that Apart can continue for at least two more years, so

I’ll try my best to keep him happy and fresh. That’s how we like it here!”



DSHS | The 2020 edition 33

limburg foal auction

Limburg Foal Auction 2020

An online

sales market

LText: Jenneke Smit | Photography: Digishots

After 19 successful editions of the Limburg to cancel the traditional auctions this year.” The

Foal Auction, first in Weert and since 2016 in carefully selected foals attracted an international

Kronenberg, the organization had to decide to sell buyers network. Foals have been sold to South

the foals through an online auction this year. Due Africa, the United States, Finland, Ireland, Germany,

to the special circumstances in this Corona year the Canada, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain and Sweden.

20th edition could not bring the atmosphere “In Limburg, the south-east of the Netherlands, we

and conviviality that we had in mind, but have a very strong breeding area with many serious

luckily the transition from a live to an online breeders. I still find it remarkable that we are able,

auction had no negative

effects on the with only one central selection moment, to come

sales results.

Buyers from all over the world showed their

interest in the 77 foals, which raised an average

price of € 8,650. The foal collection was sold online

in groups over three days. On the final day, the 25

foals even reached an average price of € 9,684. “We

are very satisfied about the results of the Limburg

Foal Auction. We have quite some experience in

auctioning foals but it was new for us to sell so

many foals through an online auction, a decision we

had to make because of the special circumstances

this year”, tells Paul Hendrix. “Over the years, the

Limburg Foal Auction has proved her value. In our

auction, buyers can purchase future international


Top sellers

Two foals bred by veterinarian Edwin

Enzerink topped the list. The genetically

interesting Pegasus (Berlin out of the

Grand Prix mare Absie) remains in

the Netherlands for € 18,800, while the

promising Tobago Z son Trinidad ended

up in South African hands for € 18,500.


Tobago Z x Casall


high-quality foals

with great potential'


Berlin x Corland


The online auction turned out to be a success.

“Despite that, I would still prefer a live auction

where people can meet each other and see the foals,

the mares and the breeders. The Dutch Sport Horse

Sales and the Limburg Foal Auction are events that

we always look forward to, unfortunately we had

up with so many high-quality foals every year. That’s

why I am convinced that we have not only served the

breeders but also the buyers of these foals. They have

great potential.”


DSHS | The 2020 edition 35

the next generation

Timothy Hendrix

focuses on trading,

management and


The CSIO3* in Drammen, in May 2019, was the last international show where Timothy Hendrix performed in

the international arena. Due to different reasons he has shifted his focus from riding to trading, managing and

training. Since two years Timothy is owner of the Stal Hendrix location in Baarlo, where he trains other riders,

rides some horses and concentrates on trading and the ever expanding HX events.

For the last one year and a half, Timothy (35) his white breeches remain

in the closet. “It wasn’t a preconceived plan to stop my career as an

international rider. A few months earlier I became official owner of our

stable in Baarlo and I had already expressed my ambitions to focus more

on the training of other riders, which I do with great pleasure. At that

point I had a couple of nice horses but they didn’t give me the feeling

they could grow into 4* or 5* performers. Another reason is that the

trading of horses is an important element at Stal Hendrix and I have

always experienced that people don’t ask often for the horses when I

am riding them myself. Maybe because they think the horses are not for

sale? I don’t know the exact reason. So at that point I’ve decided to give

my horses to our riders Oda Charlotte Lyngvaer and Sophie Hinners.

And they got sold in no-time, which confirmed my assumption and it’s

better for our business.”

Venice Safety Design

Text: Jenneke Smit | Photography: Remco Veurink


DSHS | The 2020 edition


the next generation

Very Nice

Timothy can look back on a riding career with many highlights

in various Grand Prix. “I am grateful for all the experiences and

opportunities I have had. Such as winning several 2* Grand Prixs,

competing in the Nations Cup competitions of Hickstead and La Baule,

and ending up second in the Grand Prix of Jumping Indoor Maastricht.

That show is something special for me, as it is the most prominent

competition in the Limburg area and since last summer I am member

of their board. Of all the horses I have competed, Very Nice has been

the most important one. For example, with him I was able to jump two

clear rounds on the final day of the Dutch championship -as the only

one- and we have a special bond. All the experiences I gained as a rider,

not only the good but also the bad, definitely made me a better trainer.”

Timothy’s horse of a lifetime Very Nice (s.Cantos) is now retired and

enjoying his days in the fields at the stable. “We like to take good care

of our horses and I am happy to have him near.”

One team

Nowadays, Stal Hendrix has three different locations. “We all work

together under the flag of Stal Hendrix, it’s our family business. It has

started with my grandfather in Heel and later on at our place in Baarlo.

In 2005 we’ve built a new stable at my uncle Paul’s yard three minutes

away from here in Kessel. Since this year, my cousin Michel has his

own stable in Kessel and we really work together as one family, as

one team. Every week we have a family meeting and then we discuss

everything about the horses, HX events and other plans. We have a lot

of horses together, some are standing in my stables, others in Kessel”,

explains Timothy.

“I took over the location in Baarlo from my dad and he is still very

much involved. He loves to train his students and he is always willing

to give his opinion or advice. He is a great example for me and I

discover more and more to have the same characteristics. We both

have strong opinions and know exactly how we want things to be

done. Every morning Emile is here in our barn, he rides one or two

horses and he trains Sophie or the other riders. Here and in Kessel.

He is like a cornerstone in our barn and in our family. It’s amazing to

work together with him for all those years. Since I took over the stable,

“We have the

same vision

and goals”

I take care of the day-to-day management but for the rest not much has

changed. We have the same vision and goals.”

Training possibilities

In recent years Timothy has invested in the accommodation and

expanded it with new stables, a big outdoor arena and parking lot.

“During the year we now have 15-20 boxes available for clients who

like to ride or train with us. That can be students for long or short term,

or riders that want to spend the winter or another period of time here

in the Netherlands. It’s my ambition to help more students, together

with my dad Emile and girlfriend Oda. Besides that, I am focused on

the trading of the horses. When I am helping other riders at the shows

it’s also easier for me to keep an eye on other horses, to see if there are

some undiscovered talents that could join our string of horses at Stal

Hendrix. That’s harder when you’re riding yourself too.”

As part of the third generation of the Hendrix family, Timothy is also

involved in the organization of the HX Events such as Jumping Peel

& Maas, Dutch Sport Horse Sales and the new HX Auctions. “These

events are an important part of our business and I really enjoy working

together with my cousins Michel and Janou. In our family we all have

our own qualities and insights, and together we can do so much!”

Facilities Stal Hendrix Baarlo

The barn is located in the wooded

area of Baarlo and has been

upgraded over the years. Stal

Hendrix Baarlo includes now the

following facilities:

• 45 stables

• Indoor arena 25x55m

• Outdoor arena 35x75m

• Second outdoor arena 100x60m

• Grass arena 80x80m

• 10 grass paddocks

• 4 sand paddocks

• Walker

• Lunging circles indoor & outdoor


DSHS | The 2020 edition 39




We continue from page 8 - 9 with

another collection of ambassadors.

Sold at the Dutch Sport Horse Sales

between 2017 - 2019 these are all still

relatively young horses, but all making

their mark and performing at the top of

their levels.










13. Immanuel R

Echo van 't Spieveld x Roven

Johan-Sebastian Gulliksen (NOR)

Successful in CSI-YH classes

17 18

15. Jive Z.G.

Zinedine B x Diamant de Semily

Michel Hendrix (NED)

Successful in CSI-YH classes

18. Harvard HX

Bustique x Calido

Shane O'Maera (IRL)

Successful in CSI-YH classes

20. Ibeau SMH

Quasimodo Z x Tygo

Joy Lammers (NED)

Successful in CSI-YH classes

22. Jean Couture

Arezzo VDL x Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve

Shane O'Maera (IRL)

Successful in CSI-YH classes

14. F. Kalyana Dreams Z

Flying Dream x Orthos

Susanna Granroth (FIN)

Finish Champion 5yo in 2020

16. Iberlina

Vittorio x N-Aldato

Lisa Candin (ROU)

Successful in CSI-YH classes

17. Isabella HX

Diamant de Semilly x Libero H

Sanna Backlund (FIN)

Successful in CSI-YH classes

19. Golia (prev. Goliath)

Bustique x Coriano

Marlon Modolo Zanotelli (BRA)

Successful at CSI3* 1.45m level

21. Ici

Douglas x Lux

Shane O'Maera (IRL)

Successful in CSI-YH classes

23. Naomi van het Keizershof

Cardento x For Pleasure

Jessica Springsteen (USA)

Successful in CSI-YH classes



DSHS | The 2020 edition


meet the loclas

project of building a new barn is not something we were

familiar with. Luckily, we had many parties, like the building

team for example, that have been a great help in advising us.”



Janika Sprunger and Henrik von Eckermann do not really need an introduction. The highly successful riders

have, at a relatively young age, made their mark in the showjumping world. And at this moment their story

presents itself like a modern-day fairy tale. The couple started their romantic relationship a few years ago,

they got engaged in 2019, this year their adventure of building a new company and home is starting to take

shape. In between numerous equestrian successes this pair has been planning the construction of their new

stables for quite some time. And seeing the buildings of Cyor Stables rise in the Limburg countryside really is

a sight for sore eyes.

The next chapter of Janika and Henrik’s story is set

to take place in the Netherlands. To be exact in the

Limburg town of Kessel. The location is no coincidence,

for the pair bought the plot from the Hendrix family.

Situated in the middle of the Stal Hendrix stables in Kessel

and Baarlo there is a modern barn - suited to everything a

horse could desire - being erected.

Small milestone

Each week the couple drives from their current stables

in Germany to Kessel to inspect the progress of the work

on their new home base. When Janika and Henrik arrive

on the building site the construction of a small tower is

being lifted on top of the middle section of the stables.

“Great, isn’t it?!”, Janika says to the builders who are

also happy with this small milestone. It is one of many

building processes that are currently taking place. The

floors of the horse stalls have just been poured and there

is also work being done on the large indoor arena. “Seeing

everything take shape is very exciting, but this has been a

long time coming”, Henrik adds to the words of his fiancé.

Years in the making

“On the 6th of June this year, the first pole went into

the ground. But there has been a lot of planning that

preceded this moment. We’ve been busy with this

project for over 1,5 years. However it all started with

a conversation we had with Emile about three years

ago. Initially me and Janika discussed the options of

staying in Germany, in our current yard or moving to

an existing accommodation in the area. During that

time we ran into Emile at a show in Oplgabbeek and

had a chat about our situation. That’s how it all began.”

Going forward

“We went to see the plot in Kessel soon after. Before, the

mares of Stal Hendrix grazed there. We really liked it but at

that time the building permit did not provide enough room

to build the facilities we wanted. We discussed this with

Emile, and he promised us to check with the municipality

what the possibilities were. And here we are! To be honest

going forward from that point on we had no clue what

would come next”, Henrik says. Janika adds: “The whole

Natural flow

“What we did know for sure is that we wanted to create a great

place for the horses to stay and for everyone on our team a

great place to work. With the space we had available we agreed

on a design that enabled all the horse stalls to have a window

hatch. In the middle of the stable we have a ‘workstation’. This

is where the wash and grooming stalls, the tack rooms and

such are situated. On each side there is a block of stables that

stretches out towards the outdoor arena. This is purposely

done to provide the horses with peace and quiet when they

are in their stalls. We want the flow of the building to work

for us and to have a natural feel to it. For us it will not only

be the place where we work, but an extension of our home.”


Both riders have travelled the world extensively and have

experienced many cultures. So far they think the Netherlands

will suit them well. “The area is very practical with for example

Equestrian Centre the Peelbergen close by. There are many

colleagues situated in the neighbourhood and Germany and

Belgium are ‘just around the corner’. The best part about

Holland though is that everyone speaks English and in the

region of Limburg a lot of people speak German too. We

see the Dutch as a hard-working nation. They are generally

not excessive in their way of being and very well-organised.

Not too different from the Swiss and the Swedes. Except

the Dutch cuisine, that is not one of my favourites”, Janika

concludes with a smile.


Another connection with the Hendrix family and the

DSHS is Glamour Girl (Zirocco Blu x Caletto). This

nine-year-old mare was sold at the DSHS of 2016 to

Francois Mathy. She competed successfully as a young

horse with Charlotte Bettendorf (LUX). Finishing 4th

in the seven-year-old finale of World Championships

in Lanaken and later scored her first Grand Prix

victory at CSI3* level with Richard Howly (IRL). Early

2020 Henrik took over the reins and after a rocky

start the pair have grown from strength to strength.

“Glamour Girl does her name proud”, Henrik smiles.

When the yard of Cyor Stables is

finished it will exist of:

• 26 stalls

• Large indoor arena

• Large outdoor arena

• XL grass arena

• Covered horse walker

• Multiple lunge pens

• Several paddocks and meadows

• Multiple groom and wash stalls

• Warm and cosy meeting area

• Several groom apartments

• A familiy home

'We want to create

a place where everyone

loves to work.’

“She can be a bit of a diva. I took me a while to figure out the best conditions to train and connect with her. She

is quite special, not just her character, but her potential too. It took me about six months until I found all the right

buttons. I also learned she is far less complicated once she is in the ring. She is much more easy-going when

she’s competing. Our connection has grown really strong and I am very happy with her now.” The pair started

with a few shows in Belgium this summer and afterwards the mare gained her first triumph with Von Eckermann

at CSI5* Grimaud in a 1.45m class. Two months later the duo scored another 1.45m win at the CSI4* of St. Lô.


DSHS | The 2020 edition 43

Fun facts


In the world of auctiononeering it is not just

high-potential horses that create a buzz.

Come fly with me

The most expensive pigeon sold at auction is named New Kim.

This two-year-old racing pigeon from Belgium sold for €1.6m ($1.8m) on

15 November 2020. Her new Chinese owner also held the previous record

of buying the most expensive dove (Armando - bought for €1.25m).

He hopes to start breeding

with the pair soon.

Double diamond

What's in a name?

This Texel





made a

fortune as

a prized

stud. It sold

for a record

amount of almost

half a million dollar


DUTCH colour champion

The most expensive Koi fish ever sold for

$1.8m, mainly due its colour. The value

of Koi fish increases by the beauty

of their colouring . A reddishorange

pattern is the



choice of



A camel can race at

a maximum speed of 65km/h. The

Sheikh that bought this camel could

go a lot faster for the amount of money

he spent. Auction price: $2.7m.

Same as 7 Ferrari's.

WHAT broke the camel's back?

At a camel race there are no

real live jockeys involved.

So what on earth is on top

of the camels back? A robot

jockey! They come equipped

with a walkie-talkie so the

camel can take directions

and a remote control

activated mini-whip.


DSHS | The 2020 edition 45



There is something about a story being told by the people who have

been there. Those who have experienced the challenges, overcame

them or in the case of The Robber lived to tell them. This special

grey-haired Anglo-Arabian horse was in more ways than one ahead of his

time. His rocky path to greatness during the 60s & 70s and how he has

played a part in the rise of renowned showjumping families is truly a tale

worth telling.

The Robber did not only make his mark as a top showjumper, but he also made quite an impact

on his handlers and riders. Being misunderstood as a young horse meant he was not always

treated kindly which inevitably left scars. At one point he seemed destined to be slaughtered

because no one knew how to handle him. Luckily, the tide turned, and The Robber is now part

of a fairy tale with a happy end and then some.

No stopping them

A smile stretches across Emile Hendrix face when he reminisces about The Robber. "By the time

I became part of the story this horse had been around the block quite a few times. Multiple riders

had tried and failed. Eventually Frans van Herten was contacted by his owner if he wanted to

try his luck. By the time Frans had earned his trust and figured out how to deal with the special

temperament and power of The Robber there was no stopping them.'

True potential

"His true potential was beginning to show, and buyers were lining up. That's when my father

Ton and a good friend of his, Cor Pauli, were able to purchase The Robber together with the

Van Herten family. Great successes followed and after twelve months Alwin Schockemöhle was

chomping at the bit to get hold of The Robber. That is how we got in contact with his family. I got

to spend my school holiday at the Schockemöhle stables and after finishing my studies I was

invited back to ride for the family. Which I did for 1,5 years. I never rode The Robber though.

I didn't dare to ask. My family made a lot of new contacs due to The Robber. To this day we still

The Robber & Alwin Schockemöhle

'The Robber has

been an integral

part of the success

of Stal Hendrix'

"One of my most special memories from back

in the day also involves The Robber. I replaced

his regular groom (Frans' wife Gerda) to help

out at Indoor Brabant. In those days we would

still sleep on cots in the stalls. It was quite

an experience. At that show I got to see The

Robber with Frans perform and next to that

witness Alwin Schockemöhle (The Robbers

future rider) win 8 out of 9 classes. It was a real

revelation for me to see such greatness unfold

on an international stage", concludes Emile.

List of honour

The Robber won numerous prizes with Frans

van Herten and he represented the Dutch

team in Aachen. It took Alwin Schockemöhle

a while to figure out the sensitive gelding

but eventually he won one Grand Prix after

another. A total of 32 to be exact! They

competed at various championships and

created a hype that resulted in the German

turning down an offer of one million dollar. "I

wouldn't sell him even for the double amount",

he famously said. The Robber finished his final

show, the Derby of Hamburg, in a grand fourth

place. A worthy end to an illustrious career.


The Robber and his final rider Franke Sloothaak.

The Robber & Frans are crowned as the Dutch National Champions

The story of The Robber is told by his first successful

rider Frans van Herten (80) and written by Peter van

Pinxteren. The Dutch version of the novel has just hit

the shelves. It can be bought at Bol.com, Bruna and

various other book shops. A translation is yet to be



DSHS | The 2020 2019 edition 47


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The following day, October 3rd, the

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Until we meet again, we hope you and your family stay safe.







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