PCI Media - Annual Report 2019

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<strong>Annual</strong><br />

<strong>Report</strong><br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />


Who We Are<br />

Positive changes happen when people are captivated by new narratives<br />

that reveal better ways to live.<br />

We combine the power of storytelling, technology, and community<br />

to inspire action for a healthier, more sustainable and just world. We<br />

partner with local organizations to produce culturally resonant radio<br />

programs, social media, and interactive communication campaigns<br />

that achieve local, national, and global impact.<br />

<strong>PCI</strong><br />

media<br />

values the right of every being to live a self-determined life on a healthy planet<br />

envisions a healthy. sustainable, just world where people author their own lives<br />

inspires creativity, action and change<br />

promises collaboration, authenticity and quality<br />

contents<br />

2 Letter from our President<br />

4 A few of our Partners in <strong>2019</strong><br />

5 How We Work & Footprint<br />

7 Our Programs in <strong>2019</strong><br />

9 Social Justice<br />

11 Health<br />

13 Environment<br />

15 Awards<br />

17 Staff, Board, Supporters<br />

19 Financials

Letter from our President<br />

Dear <strong>PCI</strong> <strong>Media</strong> Friends,<br />

In <strong>2019</strong> I served as <strong>PCI</strong> <strong>Media</strong>’s Executive Director.<br />

I am proud to serve as President. My<br />

experience in and passion for education will<br />

continue to support our mission to improve<br />

lives using the power of Entertainment-Education<br />

and creative communications.<br />

As we reflect on our successes and programs in <strong>2019</strong>, we thank our<br />

many partners for making positive change possible. Whether providing<br />

funding for a new production, subject matter expertise, or<br />

broadcast support –our partners make it possible for <strong>PCI</strong> <strong>Media</strong> to<br />

produce the stories that touch people’s hearts, expand their minds<br />

and generate action for a better world.<br />

Across the globe, the challenges we face require more than technical<br />

solutions—they demand learning, shifts in mindsets, and meaningful<br />

cultural changes:<br />

• Climate change is beginning to impact how we live in ways we are<br />

only starting to experience and understand. It is imperative that<br />

communities adapt or they will perish.<br />

• Increasingly, pandemics like Ebola and COVID-19 underscore the<br />

need for better sanitation practices, health literacy, nutrition, and<br />

awareness of the health impacts of illegal trade in wildlife.<br />

• Patterns of economic and social inequity and instability continue<br />

to be replicated when girls, women, boys, and men are denied access<br />

to basic human rights.<br />


The time for change is now. We are already in crisis—a climate crisis,<br />

health crisis, and social justice crisis. We must widely implement effective<br />

communications channels to make a significant impact.<br />

Two of the stories you’ll read in our programs section address the<br />

COVID-19 pandemic. It was the work that was done in <strong>2019</strong> and before<br />

that allowed us to quickly and effectively adapt to communities’<br />

needs during the pandemic. The profound changes the world needs<br />

now requires strategic communications at all levels of society - individual,<br />

family, community, and government. We’re proud to be in<br />

the business of producing change, one story at a time.<br />

The healthy, just, and sustainable world we want to live in is possible,<br />

and I look forward to continuing to create that world with all of our<br />

partners, supporters, and audiences around the world.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Meesha Brown<br />


A few of our Partners in <strong>2019</strong><br />


How We Work:<br />

The Entertainment-Education (EE) Process<br />

Coalition Building & Formative Research<br />

We identify and partner with a diverse group of local coalition members to drive<br />

formative research in its cultural context.<br />

Training & Program Design<br />

We host in-country workshops with coalition partners to analyze formative research,<br />

provide training on EE methodology and initiate campaign development.<br />

Mentoring & Production<br />

We mentor coalition partners. We help them develop and produce scripts and media<br />

materials using available radio, television and digital platforms.<br />

Broadcast & Community Mobilization.<br />

With our partners, we broadcast and implement all components of the program,<br />

including interactive radio and TV call-in shows and community action campaigns.<br />

Evaluation<br />

As communicators, we focus on understanding the audience’s needs as they evolve<br />

and change throughout the program, and adapting our interventions accordingly.<br />

foot<br />

print<br />

23<br />


34<br />

years<br />

65<br />

countries<br />

33<br />

languages<br />

active programs<br />

and campaigns<br />


Prog<br />

Our Programs in <strong>2019</strong><br />

Social Justice<br />

Hea<br />

• Strong Women, Strong Choices, Bolivia (Anonymous<br />

Donor)<br />

• My Choice: Our Choice, East and Southern Africa<br />

(SAfAIDS)<br />

• Let’s Talk! Early and Unintended Pregnancies, East<br />

and Southern Africa (UNESCO, SAfAIDS, Save the<br />

Children Sweeden, UNFPA)<br />

• One Community, Many Voices, Caribbean (European<br />

Union)<br />

• Icche Dana, Bangladesh (UNICEF)<br />

• Comics Uniting Nations (UNICEF, World’s Largest<br />

Lesson)<br />

• Familiando, Peru (Weeden Foundation)<br />

• Fotebol da Forca, Mozambique (Grand Challenges<br />

Canada)<br />

• Immigration Reform, USA (Anonymous Donor)<br />

• Small Arms and Light Weapons Safety, Somaliland<br />

(Mines Advisory Group)<br />

• Kindness Campaign (World Vision)<br />

• Good Family, Strong Natio<br />

• Love and Care for Every C<br />

• Cocina Con Causa, Peru (W<br />

• Sri Lanka nutrition progra<br />

• Shining Chef, Bangladesh<br />

• WFP Assistance Programm<br />

(WFP)<br />

• Stronger with Breastmilk<br />

Africa (UNICEF)<br />

• Communication for acute<br />

(WFP)<br />

• Ouro Negro, Mozambique<br />

• Hair Salons, Mozambique<br />

• HPV Global Communicatio<br />

• Maternal Infant and Young<br />

(UNICEF)<br />

• ECD Communcations Pac<br />


ams<br />

lth<br />

Environment<br />

n, Tanzania (UNICEF)<br />

hild, Laos (UNICEF)<br />

FP)<br />

m (WFP)<br />

(UNICEF)<br />

e, Chemba, Mozambique<br />

Only, West and Central<br />

malnutrition, Mozambique<br />

(Multiple Donors)<br />

(Grand Challenges Canada)<br />

• Switch Africa Green, 6 African countries (UN<br />

Environment)<br />

• Wild for Life, Global campaign (UN Environment)<br />

• West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Chante<br />

(WABiCC), (USAID, Tetra Tech )<br />

• IWEco Ecosystems Managementl, Caribbean (GEF, UN<br />

Environment)<br />

• Ozone Heroes Comic Book animation (UN<br />

Environment)<br />

• Nature for All Global Campaign (Multiple Donors)<br />

• Invasive Species Documentary, USA (Department Of<br />

Interior)<br />

• Punta Fuego, Belize (Wildlife Conservation Society)<br />

• 34 UN Environment Programme contracts<br />

ns (UNICEF)<br />

Child Feeding, Ethiopia<br />

kage (UNICEF)<br />


Ju<br />

Social Justice<br />

Every day in developing countries, 20,000 girls under age<br />

18 give birth.<br />

United Nations Population Fund<br />

Finding New Ways to Connect and Mobilize in the Face of COVID-19<br />

When girl children give birth, their lives and their futures are at risk. But because of persistent<br />

social norms, cultural beliefs, and policies, millions of girls experience the diminishing effects<br />

of early pregnancy. COVID-19 has compounded the problem, and we are proud to work with<br />

partners that are serious about finding solutions that arise to the challenge of the moment.<br />

About “Let’s Talk!”<br />

“Let’s Talk!” is a 21-country campaign to reduce early and unintended pregnancy (EUP)<br />

across Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA). The campaign uses a multimedia design to spread<br />

awareness of the impact of early and unintended pregnancy, early marriage, gender-based<br />

violence, lack of access to education, and to encourage discussions among audience groups.<br />

In-person meetings have been an integral part of the campaign for both driving policy<br />

changes and reaching young people.<br />

Through our “Let’s Talk!” campaign—in partnership with UNESCO, Save the Children, UNF-<br />

PA, and SAfAIDS—<strong>PCI</strong> <strong>Media</strong> is changing the way governments, communities and families<br />

protect girls from unplanned pregnancies. In our second year, because of the pandemic, we<br />

had to shift our approach from public conversations to a digital approach that encouraged<br />

conversations within families at home.<br />

Rethinking Personal Connections and Community Mobilization<br />

Through classroom and public conversations, teachers and local advocates connected with<br />

young people to talk about sexual and reproductive choices without judgment or discrimination.<br />

Being able to speak to adolescents in accessible spaces was paramount to changing<br />

knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors around contraception, child marriage, gender-based<br />

violence, and access to education.<br />

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made these outlets inaccessible<br />

while gender-based violence and teenage pregnancy<br />

has increased during this time. According to<br />

the United Nations Population Fund, 7 million<br />

additional early and unintended pregnancies<br />


stice<br />

in low income and developing countries could<br />

result from COVID-19 disruptions. The need<br />

for targeted messaging, information,<br />

and resources for young people has<br />

become even more critical.<br />

We were able to pivot the program<br />

in three major ways to respond to<br />

COVID-19.<br />

We increased the campaign’s<br />

strong social media element to<br />

boost messaging around issues of<br />

access to family planning products,<br />

service, and advice during lockdowns.<br />

The tagline changed from “Let’s Talk!” to<br />

“Let’s Talk at Home.” Since March, we’ve increased<br />

our social media following by 500%.<br />

Let’s Talk! Campaign launch in South Africa<br />

In November, we launched a youth-led webinar series, Say It Louder. The six-part webinar<br />

series addresses issues of adolescent health and education from multiple vantage points<br />

as moderators, speakers, and youth come together from different countries and contexts<br />

across the region.<br />

To reach these audiences where radio is more accessible than the Internet, we’ve created a<br />

6-episode radio drama and call-in show, “Say It Loud.” In lieu of in-person discussions and<br />

workshops, the dramas and shows inform and entertain the public about EUP issues, foster<br />

informed conversations, and encourage key behavior changes to reduce EUP, especially in<br />

the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.<br />

To-date, “Let’s Talk!” has launched in 10 countries, supported through <strong>PCI</strong> <strong>Media</strong>’s consultation<br />

on sessions, feedback and advice on using or adapting materials.<br />

We’re continuing to support campaigns in an additional 3 countries with implementation<br />

planning, coordination, and advice. “Let’s Talk!” social media channels have over 10,000 followers.<br />

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we’re committed to finding new ways to<br />

adapt and serve our communities and our partners.<br />

“Let’s Talk!” <strong>2019</strong> Zambia<br />

Country Launch<br />


Health<br />

Response<br />

How Investing in Communications Improves Emergency Health<br />

Since 2015, <strong>PCI</strong> <strong>Media</strong> has partnered with UNICEF Mozambique and Radio Mozambique<br />

on a 360-degree communication initiative, Ouro Negro (Black Gold), to address a range of<br />

issues— including maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health (SRH), gender-based<br />

violence (GBV), nutrition, gender equity, and others. At the heart of Ouro Negro<br />

is an Entertainment-Education (EE) Portuguese-language serial drama (accessible to<br />

low-literacy audiences) that reaches predominantly rural communities. The highly popular<br />

radio drama has over 2 million listeners.<br />

Broadcasting Critical COVID-19 Messages through Ouro Negro<br />

Because Ouro Negro has been a trusted source for public health information among its listeners,<br />

when the COVID-19 pandemic happened, we were able to use Ouro Negro to share<br />

essential prevention messaging to an already engaged base.<br />

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the live call-in programs have been transmitting messages<br />

on the pandemic including answering live questions on air from listeners and partnering<br />

with local health authorities. There are also numbers to text to get up-to-date health information.<br />

We’re broadcasting a new Ouro Negro mini-series using existing characters from the original<br />

Education-Entertianment radio drama. The series contains messages and scripts approved<br />

by UNICEF and the Ministry of Health on social distancing, prevention, quarantine,<br />

and hygiene. In addition, the live call-in shows featured local health personnel who answered<br />

listeners’ questions and concerns on the air. Ouro Negro also used social media<br />

channels and Ministry of Health-approved posts on Facebook.<br />

The radio drama changed my life because I started sending educ<br />

and also now I have many numbers that send me messages, even no<br />

forwarded because they are educational messages that help the ch<br />

and friends too, and the novel has helped a lot especially in this area<br />

double protection, and contraception.<br />


<strong>PCI</strong> <strong>Media</strong> was able to quickly implement these programmatic changes and disseminate<br />

information effectively for several reasons. To start, we have long-standing partnerships in<br />

Mozambique developed over many seasons, which enabled us to get scripts and messages<br />

rapidly approved. Also, the infrastructure of live call-in shows was already in place as part<br />

of the existing multimedia campaign<br />

and could easily be used to disseminate<br />

new critical information, particularly for<br />

audiences in hard-to-reach areas of the<br />

country. This allowed for two-way communication<br />

and authentic engagement<br />

with the audience that, as the situation<br />

evolved, ensured an avenue for a dialogue<br />

with audiences with a trusted and<br />

well-known program in the community.<br />

The pandemic did create challenges in<br />

producing the radio mini-series while<br />

respecting the health and safety of the<br />

writers, producers, and actors. We accomplished<br />

this through social distancing,<br />

recording voices one by one, and disinfecting<br />

the studio between each actor.<br />

While this affected the timeline and had<br />

budget implications, we are grateful to<br />

our partners for their flexibility in reallocating<br />

funds to these new activities.<br />

Ouro Negro Facebook post<br />

ational messages to my friends and family,<br />

w about COVID-19 and I have received and<br />

ange of behavior in my person, my family<br />

of condom use, reproductive sexual health,<br />

Lázaro Baptista, 26 years old, Chimoio/Beira<br />


Environment<br />

Creating a Strategy to Drive Change for Climate Action<br />

For the past five years, <strong>PCI</strong> <strong>Media</strong> has been leading the comprehensive communications<br />

efforts for the West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change Program (WA BiCC), funded<br />

by USAID and implemented by Tetra Teach ARD and its partners. West Africa faces many<br />

environmental challenges, including wildlife trafficking, low coastal resilience to climate<br />

change, and deforestation. Without significant changes in action from individuals, community<br />

members, and policy makers, climate change threatens the health, safety, and welfare<br />

of millions in the region.<br />

Why Big Changes Need Strategic Communications<br />

Producing powerful media across a variety of platforms to raise public awareness, shift social<br />

norms, and generate action has been a crucial component in driving change. As part<br />

of the strategy, we produced radio dramas, films, social media, comic books, community<br />

mobilization campaigns, and traditional advocacy to encourage audiences to take action<br />

and to promote sustainable behaviors. In order to do this effectively, our strategy engaged<br />

stakeholders at the individual, community, and policy level.<br />

Our two radio dramas, Watasay Ston, broadcast in 24 coastal communities, 3 languages, 4<br />

radio stations in Sierra Leone, and Forest Blessings, aired on 9 radio stations across Liberia,<br />

Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Côte d’Ivoire, increased people’s knowledge in forest conservation,<br />

alternative and sustainable livelihoods, related health issues, and the negative impacts<br />

of wildlife trafficking. Our monitoring and evaluation shows that over 45 thousand people<br />

participated in the campaigns that were promoted in these radio dramas. Callers repeatedly<br />

said communities need more awareness–raising activities, including radio programs like<br />

Forest Blessings in order to keep the conservation conversation going.<br />

In addition to videos and radio programs, <strong>PCI</strong> <strong>Media</strong> launched a digital campaign on social<br />

media and managed the website. Our efforts resulted in a total of 3.1 million digital media<br />

impressions.<br />


ent<br />

Community and Capacity Building<br />

Community involvement and capacity building are at the forefront of our core values and<br />

methodology. Through training and workshops, we help ensure that our radio programs<br />

are a path to sustainable change. These workshops train local community members, including<br />

radio hosts, in how to facilitate call-in shows and dialogue that have the greatest<br />

impact on people.<br />

Communications and advocacy training for the Coastal Chiefdoms Natural Resource Management<br />

Network in Sierra Leone<br />

Training radio station presenters in facilitating meaningful discussions, Sierra Leone<br />

Communications and Advocacy Training for the Abidjan Convention and its partners<br />

In creating content, participant input is essential to ensure engagement and relevancy.<br />

Community members were consulted in the design of radio dramas and media to ensure<br />

relevancy and accessibility.<br />

Policy Level<br />

Buy-in from individuals and local leaders is essential to implement changes in behaviors<br />

and practices. But policies are also needed to ensure clear guidance on which activities<br />

benefit the community and environment.<br />

In 2015, <strong>PCI</strong> <strong>Media</strong> led Policy Dialogues in West Africa through our STEWARD program (Sustainable<br />

and Thriving Environments for West African Regional Development)—in partnership<br />

with US Forest Service and USAID—to create an important space for discussion and<br />

consensus among groups from different regions. These dialogues contributed to positive<br />

changes adopted by the Mano River Union (MRU), a group of four West African countries<br />

that share similar cultures, trans border forests, economic and security interests. Natural<br />

Resource Management is now a priority for MRU.<br />

Providing strategic communications about issues of biodiversity conservation and climate<br />

adaptation, creates the space to help individuals, communities, and leaders shift attitudes<br />

and behavior, and create policy that preserves both the environment and also the millions<br />

of people who depend on the natural resources of the West Africa region. We look forward<br />

to the opportunity to continue our climate work in the region.<br />

Coast of Liberia<br />


Awards<br />

November <strong>2019</strong><br />

Cinefish Award for Best Short Video/Film (less than 5<br />

minutes long), Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute<br />

‘Breaking Up With Plastics - Caribbean’ in partnership with<br />

UNEP<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

August <strong>2019</strong><br />

1x Sliver Award for an Integrated Campaign, Commward<br />

1x Silver Award for Efficacy, Commward<br />

1x Sliver Award for a Campaign for Women, Commward<br />

1x Silver Award for Harmony, Commward<br />

1x Bronze Award for a Social Campaign, Commward<br />

1x Bronze Award for Film, Commward<br />

‘Ending Child Marriage’ campaign under Bangladesh<br />

Brand Forum, in partnership with UNICEF and Asiatic<br />

August <strong>2019</strong><br />

1x Award of Excellence Special Mention for Use of Film /<br />

Video for Social Change, Indie Fest<br />

1x Award of Excellence Special Mention: Nature /<br />

Environment / Wildlife, Indie Fest<br />

‘Nature for All’ in partnership with Nancy Colleton, Pixeldust<br />

Studios, IUCN, CEC, and Parks Canada (USA)<br />

May <strong>2019</strong><br />

1x Bronze Telly Award: Social Responsibility<br />

‘Icchedana’ in partnership with UNICEF Bangladesh<br />

May <strong>2019</strong><br />

3x Platinum Hermes for Print <strong>Media</strong> & PR<br />

1x Gold Hermes in Print <strong>Media</strong><br />

1x Honorable Mention Hermes in Electronic <strong>Media</strong><br />

‘Nature For All’ <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong>; ‘Nature For All Connecting<br />

Synthesis’; Global HPV Communications and Risk/Crisis<br />

Management; ‘Gridiron Green’<br />

May <strong>2019</strong><br />

1x Award of Excellence for Use of Film / Video for Social<br />

Change, Indie Fest<br />

‘#CleanSeas Break-Up PSA: Christmas Edition - Home for<br />

the Holidays’ in partnership with UN Environment and<br />

Footage Films<br />

May <strong>2019</strong><br />

1x Award of Excellence for Reality Programming,<br />

Indie Fest<br />

‘Cocina con Causa’ in partnership with WFP Peru, TV Peru<br />

and Soledad Reality Peru<br />


28<br />

total<br />

February <strong>2019</strong><br />

1x Award of Distinction for Humanitarian work from the<br />

Accolade Global Film Competition<br />

‘#WildforLife Conservation Champions’ in partnership with<br />

UN Environment<br />

February <strong>2019</strong><br />

1x Outstanding Achievement for Humanitarian work<br />

1x Award of Excellence for Use of Film/Video for<br />

Social Change<br />

1x Award of Excellence for Reality Programming<br />

Best Shorts<br />

‘Cocina con Causa’ in partnership with WFP Peru, TV Peru<br />

and Soledad Reality Peru<br />

February <strong>2019</strong><br />

2x Awards of Distinction, Indie Fest<br />

‘Ending Child Marriage: Kazi’; ‘Ending Child Marriage: Bus’,<br />

a partnership with UNICEF, Asiatic MCL, and the Health<br />

Ministry of Bangladesh<br />

February <strong>2019</strong>,<br />

2x Outstanding Achievement for Humanitarian work,<br />

Best Shorts<br />

‘Ending Child Marriage in Bangladesh PSA: Anwar Hossain’;<br />

‘Ending Child Marriage PSA: Minoti’, in partnership with<br />

UNICEF, Asiatic and The Health Ministry of Bangladesh<br />

April <strong>2019</strong><br />

1x Shorty Silver Award<br />

1x Shorty Audience Honor<br />

‘#WildForLife’ implemented with UN Environment<br />

May <strong>2019</strong><br />

1x Award of Excellence for Reality Programming, Indie Fest<br />

‘Cocina con Causa’ in partnership with WFP Peru, TV Peru and<br />

Soledad Reality Peru<br />


Staff<br />

Board<br />

Supporte<br />

Staff<br />

New York Staff<br />

Meesha Brown, President<br />

Anthony Scala, Chief Financial Officer<br />

Emma Markham, Program Operations Officer<br />

Michelle Lanchart, Chief of Staff<br />

David J. Andrews, Director of Development<br />

Marco Rodriguez, Creative Communications Manager<br />

David Wood, Vice President of Global Programs<br />

Loretta Cheung, Environment Program Lead<br />

Amanda Brown, Associate Environment Program Manager<br />

Graciela Leal, M & E and Social Justice Program Lead<br />

Jocelyn Iverson, Associate Social Justice Program Manager<br />

Board<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

Lynne, Yeannakis Ed.D (Chair)<br />

Rita Fredricks Salzman (Vice Chair)<br />

Sally Timpson (Secretary)<br />

Richard Stone (Treasurer)<br />

Jon Kurland<br />

Robert M. Allen<br />

Paal Frisvold<br />

Terry Mollner<br />

Theana Iordanou<br />

Pamela Newman, Ph. D<br />

Paula Denise Patnoe-Woodley<br />

Jay Yu<br />

International Staff<br />

Fred Cohen (Chair Emeritus)<br />

Bennet Charles, Caribbean Communications Officer<br />

2020<br />

Javier Ampuero, Latin America Regional Program Manager<br />

Lynne, Yeannakis Ed.D (Chair)<br />

Johnny Anaya Lopez, Latin America Program Manager<br />

Rita Fredricks Salzman (Vice Chair)<br />

Monica Suarez, Latin America Program Officer<br />

Sally Timpson (Secretary)<br />

Chazz Pitts-Kyser, Communications Team Lead<br />

Richard Stone (Treasurer)<br />

Darius Barrolle, Senior Communications Specialist<br />

Brenda Campos-Nesme<br />

Fatmata Katta, Communications Officer<br />

Jon Kurland<br />

Eduzi Nyomi, Communications Specialist<br />

Robert M. Allen<br />

Patricia David e Silva Bettencourt, Country Coordinator<br />

Paal Frisvold<br />

Francilia Zavane, Scriptwriter<br />

Terry Mollner<br />

Elena Colonna, Research and Message Manager<br />

Theana Iordanou<br />

Alberto Guambe, Accountant<br />

Pamela Newman, Ph. D<br />

Absalao Silindane, Logistics<br />

Paula Denise Patnoe-Woodley<br />

Hamida Momade, Project Manager<br />

Parag Mehta<br />

Carlos Anselmo, Radio Coordinator<br />

Fred Cohen (Chair Emeritus)<br />

Juvencia Lucas , Monitoring Official<br />

Felix Mambucho , Theater Coordinator<br />


Supporters<br />

Individual<br />

Albright, Adam<br />

Anonymous<br />

Anonymous<br />

Anson, Sally<br />

Bramble, Barbara<br />

Burnell, Roger<br />

Carter, Catherine<br />

Chace, James F.<br />

rs<br />

Conant, Elizabeth<br />

Cummings, John<br />

Field, Allan<br />

Goodman, Richard<br />

Greenberg, Susan<br />

Hansen, John And Halla<br />

Hartline, Peter<br />

Henning, Theodore<br />

Hirschi, John<br />

Houget-Neel, Constance<br />

Jensen, Joel<br />

Kenneth L. Henderson (General Counsel)<br />

Koldinger, Marjorie<br />

Lynch, Deborah<br />

Mr And Mrs Helm<br />

Salzman, Jeffrey<br />

Scala, Anthony<br />

Schreurs, Raymond Lavern<br />

Soboczenski, Edward<br />

Steele, Anne<br />

Steele, Richard And Elizabeth<br />

Stein-Sharpe, Deborah<br />

Tjepkema, John<br />

Foundations<br />

Anonymous<br />

The Aspen Foundation<br />

Lois La Boule Trust<br />

Jane Eldridge, Charitable Remainder Trust<br />

Humboldt Foundation<br />

The Shenandoah Foundation<br />

BT Rocca Foundation<br />

Tomchin, Cheryl<br />

Thornton Foundation<br />

Shenandoah Foundation<br />

Cappy Silver Foundation<br />

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner<br />

Robert Allen Foundation<br />

Jerry and Diane Cunningham<br />

The Aspen Business Center Foundation<br />

Forrest C. And Frances Lattner Foundation<br />

Weeden Foundation<br />

The Clayton Fund<br />

Wildlife Conservation Society<br />

World Food Program<br />

Bushrod H. Campbell And Hall Fund<br />

Leo D. Sears Memorial Endowment Fund<br />

Partners<br />

UNICEF<br />

European Commission<br />

Grand Challenges Canada<br />

Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO)<br />

Save The Children<br />

iWEco<br />

Unesco<br />

United Nations Population Fund<br />

SAfAIDS<br />

Moses Feldman Family Foundation<br />

Mines Advisory Group<br />

United Nations Environment Program<br />

Tetra Tech<br />

Sustainable Forestry Initiative<br />

US Department Of The Interior<br />


Financials<br />

<strong>PCI</strong>-<strong>Media</strong> Impact, Inc.<br />

Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets<br />

Tuesday, December 31, <strong>2019</strong><br />

Revenue<br />

Without<br />

Donor<br />

Restrictions<br />

With<br />

Donor<br />

Restrictions<br />

Total<br />

2018 Total<br />

Contributions and grants<br />

Investment return, net<br />

Other income<br />

Sub Total Revenue<br />

$609,351<br />

4,389<br />

44,254<br />

657,994<br />

$3,406,440<br />

-<br />

-<br />

3,406,440<br />

$4,015,791<br />

4,389<br />

44,254<br />

4,064,434<br />

$5,754,619<br />

7,748<br />

31,536<br />

5,793,903<br />

Net assets released from restrictions<br />

Total operating revenue and support<br />

3,427,623<br />

4,085,617<br />

(3,427,623)<br />

(21,183)<br />

-<br />

4,064,434<br />

-<br />

5,793,903<br />

Operating expenses<br />

Program Expenses<br />

Serial drama<br />

Global campaigns<br />

General program<br />

Supporting Expenses<br />

Administration<br />

Fundraising<br />

Total operating expenses<br />

1,992,827<br />

1,528,163<br />

414,314<br />

851,955<br />

315,246<br />

5,102,505<br />

-<br />

-<br />

-<br />

-<br />

-<br />

-<br />

1,992,827<br />

1,528,163<br />

414,314<br />

851,955<br />

315,246<br />

5,102,505<br />

2,081,415<br />

2,218,563<br />

580,983<br />

618,821<br />

290,405<br />

5,790,187<br />

Change in net assets from operations<br />

(1,016,888)<br />

(21,183)<br />

(1,038,071)<br />

3,716<br />

Non-operating changes<br />

Bequests<br />

Changes in the value of split-interest<br />

agreements<br />

Total non-operating Activities<br />

14,968<br />

-<br />

14,968<br />

-<br />

-<br />

-<br />

14,968<br />

-<br />

14,969<br />

292,436<br />

4,471<br />

296,907<br />

Change in net assets<br />

Net assets, beginning of year<br />

Net assets end of year<br />

(1,001,920)<br />

1,689,897<br />

$687,977<br />

(21,183)<br />

495,734<br />

$474,551<br />

(1,013,103)<br />

2,185,631<br />

$1,162,528<br />

300,623<br />

1,885,008<br />

$2,185,631<br />

1,528,163<br />

Global Campaigns<br />

Serial Drama<br />

1,992,827<br />

Administration<br />

General Program<br />

Fundraising<br />

851,955<br />

414,314<br />


Impact, Inc.<br />

Statement of Financial Position<br />

Tuesday, December 31, <strong>2019</strong><br />

ls<strong>PCI</strong>-<strong>Media</strong><br />

Assets<br />

Cash and cash equivalents<br />

Contributions and grants receivable<br />

Promissory Note Receivable<br />

Prepaid expenses and other assets<br />

Investments<br />

Leasehold improvements and equipment, net<br />

Total assets<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

$199,074<br />

536,454<br />

13,201<br />

38,291<br />

501,286<br />

229,860<br />

$1,518,166<br />

2018<br />

$165,263<br />

1,128,776<br />

24,525<br />

41,233<br />

819,269<br />

286,439<br />

$2,465,505<br />

Liabilities And Net Assets<br />

Liabilities.<br />

Accounts payable and accrued expenses<br />

Advances Payable<br />

Total Liabilities<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

$355,638<br />

-<br />

$355,638<br />

2018<br />

$258,471<br />

21,403<br />

$279,874<br />

Net Assets<br />

Without Donor Restriction<br />

Operating<br />

Board designated<br />

Sub Total Net Assets W/out Donor Restrictions<br />

With Donor Restrictions<br />

Time restricted for future periods<br />

Purpose restricted<br />

Sub Total Net Assets With Donor Restrictions<br />

Total net assets<br />

Total Liabilities and net assets<br />

<strong>2019</strong><br />

$178,948<br />

509,029<br />

$687,977<br />

-<br />

474,551<br />

474,551<br />

$1,162,528<br />

$1,518,166<br />

2018<br />

$870,295<br />

819,602<br />

$1,689,897<br />

60,000<br />

435,734<br />

495,734<br />

$2,185,631<br />

$2,465,505<br />


C<br />

Participatory<br />

Progressive<br />

Positive<br />

Proactive<br />

Playful<br />

Pivotal<br />

Communication<br />

Capacity-Builders<br />

Change<br />

Creative<br />

Curious<br />

Current<br />

International<br />

Imagined<br />

Informed<br />

Insight<br />

Intrepid<br />

Inspired<br />

MEDIA<br />

/pcimedia<br />

@pcimedia1<br />

@pcimedia<br />

/company/pcimedia<br />

pcimedia.org<br />

For more information, please contact Michelle Lanchart, Chief of Staff<br />

mlanchart@pcimedi.org<br />

<strong>PCI</strong>-<strong>Media</strong> Impact, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization with tax exempt<br />

status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. A copy of the complete<br />

audited financial statements represented here and/or a copy of the IRS form 990 may<br />

be obtained by writing to : <strong>PCI</strong>-<strong>Media</strong> Impact, Inc., 777 United Nations Plaza, 5th Floor,<br />

New York, New York 10017-3521 or to the Office of the Attorney General, New York State<br />

Department of Law, Charities Bureau, 28 Liberty Street New York, NY 10005

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