2018 Annual-NOV 25 (002)


Cape Cod Pilgrim

Memorial Association

Annual Report 2018

Table of Contents









Courtney Hurst, President

Betsi Corea, Vice President

Michael Glasfeld, Treasurer

Jan VonFlatern, Secretary

Joseph Collins

Paul deRuyter

Brian Johnson

Arthur Parker

Charles Roberts

John Jay Wooldridge

K. David Weidner, Ph.D., Executive Director


Nominating Committee

Michael Glasfeld, Chairperson

Chris King

Melanie Lord

Arthur Parker

John Jay Wooldridge


Joseph Collins, Chairperson

Stephen Desroches

Laurel Guadazno

Richard Lacasse

David Mayo




John Jay Wooldridge, Chairperson

Betsi Corea

Patrick Flaherty

Courtney Hurst

Allan McKinnon

Charles Roberts

Sally Rose

Leslie Sandberg


Paul deRuyter, Chairperson

Joseph Collins

John DeSouza

Bill Gannon

Mike Glasfeld

Heather Rogers

K. David Weidner, Ph.D.




Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial Association Mission Statement

The Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial Association is a private non-profit, educational 501(3)(c) organization.

Our mission is to:

• Maintain the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum buildings and land (the “PMPM”)

to accommodate its libraries and collections.

• Commemorate the history of the Mayflower Pilgrims, culminating in their arrival and stay in

Provincetown Harbor and the signing of the Mayflower Compact.

• Collect, preserve, research, exhibit and publish archival materials on all aspects of Provincetown

history, including the contributions of the Wampanoag and other indigenous peoples whose presence

in the region predates the arrival of the Mayflower, the rise of the whaling industry, the advent of the

Portuguese fishing community and the evolution of Provincetown as a center of tolerance, art and

theater in the 20th Century, including the important role of the LGBT community in that evolution.



Message From the Executive Director

You might be wondering why you are receiving our 2018 Annual report now. Our membership

will recall that in December 2018, we changed the organization’s bylaws to reflect a more

relevant and mission driven association that holds the annual membership meeting in the

last quarter of the calendar year. Thus, we are illuminating our program successes in the

past-tense. Our membership will see that we are building upon a solid foundation to create

sustainable growth. In 2018, our institution continued to grow in the amount of donors and

the value of increased donations.

Highlighting our commitment to the arts, we purchased a new piano for use in

our museum and to launch our new Chamber Music program. In October 2018,

we launched the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum presents Chamber

Music for the Outer Cape. Our first year drew over 200 patrons, donors, and

attendees. The aim was to provide unique and diverse programming for our local

community during the off-season. The program continues to attract new musical

talent, new patrons and donors.

In 2018, the Pilgrim Monument took over the leadership of Provincetown 400,

commemorating the Mayflower Pilgrims landing in Provincetown on 11 November

1620, meeting the native people the Wampanoag, and signing the Mayflower

Compact. Over the course of the next year, we will be working with our partners,

the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, to create a once in a life-time event.

We will welcome the Mayflower II to Provincetown for a statewide commemoration

10-14 September 2020 with a Gala on the grounds of the Pilgrim Monument.

Tickets are on sale now for this event.

The creation of our “new front door” establishing the connection to the Town of Provincetown

with the Pilgrim Monument was in full-swing during 2018. The Bradford Access Inclined

Elevator Project received the necessary local and state approvals. Our application for a MA

Cultural Council facilities grant provided us with a $200,000 award. In 2019, we will complete

our design and development plans with construction and fund raising occurring during 2020.

This conveyance will enable pedestrian traffic and those with physical impairments to easily

access the grounds of the Pilgrim Monument.

Our new mission statement highlights an institution rooted in history by acknowledging

people looking for tolerance and acceptance. It also identifies us as an institution that

substantially embraces diversity and celebrates differences. The historical context of the

native Wampanoag living in what we now call Provincetown is for the first time finding a

voice in our institution. The advent of the Portuguese fishing community, the rise of the

whaling industry, and the evolution of Provincetown as a center of tolerance, art and, theatre

in the 20th Century, including the important role of the LGBTQ community in that evolution,

are positioning our institution for the future.

2019 and 2020 are going to be intensely busy for the Pilgrim Monument. The construction

of the Bradford Access Inclined Elevator and the commemoration of the 400th landing of the

Mayflower Pilgrims will take planning time and financial resources. We will need your help in

order to continue our growth. Please consider joining with us to make sure we reach our goal.

Thank you for your membership and your commitment to our future.


K. David Weidner, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Events and Programming:

In 2018, the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum was filled with new events and

community engagement programs. The PMPM season again extended into December and

included a FADO concert and Fireworks Reception on First Light Weekend. These events,

new and old, were hosted to deepen the connection with our broader community.

• Spring Egg Hunt

• Free Wednesday Admissions June through August

• Free Admission for Mothers on Mother’s Day

• Free Admission for Fathers on Father’s Day

• Chamber Music Concerts and Fundraisers

• Star Gazing on the PMPM Grounds

• Heroes in Transition

• Run to the Top

• Ragnar Relay

• Book presentations by Cynthia Fowler, Carolynn Fischel,

David Thompson, Jeanette DeBouvoir

• “Reel Visions” movie series

• Concerts by Julie Wheeler,

Terry Conte, Kathi and Wendy

• HBO Concert

• Fourth of July Monumental

Picnic and Fireworks

• GLAD Summer Party

• Family Equality Clambake

• New York Opera Society

Performance Fundraiser

• Carnival Grand Opening

• Del Deo Exhibition Reception

• Cape Cod Chambers of Commerce

Annual Joint Meeting

• Women’s Week Programming including “Herstory tours,”

concerts, discussion panels, and workshops.

• Provincetown Trunk or Treat

• Don Wilding’s “Shipwrecks of Cape Cod” Historical


• Annual Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument

• Holly Folly Reception with Boston Gay Men’s Chorus


• FADO Concert

• First Light Reception with champagne and fireworks

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Securing our Future… The Bradford Access Project

Expanding our Horizons… Chamber Music for the Outer Cape



2018 saw a number of significant milestones as the association made progress towards

the completion of this vital link to the community. Notable achievements included:

• The Association received a $200,000 state grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council

for design and construction of the inclined elevator.

• Required Town Regulatory approvals were secured from the Historic District Commission,

Conservation Commission and Planning Board.

• The Development and Construction Team includes Jay Cashman, Inc. of Quincy, (founded by

Jay Cashman whose ancestor was involved in the building of the Monument from 1907 to

1910. Cashman is donating his firm’s services to the project. ) Coastal Engineering Company

Inc. of Orleans, Hawk Design, Inc. of Sandwich, Brown, Lindquist, Fenuccio & Raber of

Yarmouthport, Safe Harbor Environmental Consultants of Wellfleet, McMahon Transportation

Engineers & Planners of Taunton, BOLD Lighting Design Firm of Los Angeles and

New York City; Outdoor Engineering Inc. of Colorado and Switzerland; and Elevator Service

Company, Inc. of Torrington, CT.

• Initial Donations received as of year end 2018 total close to $400,000.

• Groundbreaking anticipated January 2020; completion in late 2020.

Commemorating our Past…

In late 2017, the Association took leadership of the Commission formed to

execute commemorative activities during 2020 worthy of the importance

of this 400th Anniversary year of the Mayflower Pilgrim’s arrival in America.

A new task force was curated and met regularly to envision the events and

narrative that tells an inclusive story of the arrival of the Pilgrims and their

encounters with the Wampanoag. A concerted effort was launched to start

fundraising, secure sponsorships and create public support.

Significant events:

• Members of the Task Force attended the MA State House Official Kickoff

of the Plymouth 400 State Delegation, which coordinates all 2020 commemorations.

Governor Charlie Baker, Senator Vinny deMacedo of the

Plymouth and Barnstable District; John “Jim” Peters, Executive Director of

the Massachusetts Bureau of Indian Affairs and Senate President Therese

Murray were present. Representative Sarah Peake of Provincetown shared

the history of Pilgrims’ first landing in Provincetown Harbor and how

excited Provincetown is for the commemoration.

• The Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum forms a partnership

with Bassetlaw District Council in North Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom,

home to the Mayflower Pilgrims.

• Mayflower II is officially announced to be coming to Provincetown in

September 2020.

• Provincetown 400 Website officially launched; media press conference.



A volunteer advisory group led by Artistic Director Dr. Craig Combs spearheaded this programming

initiative to provide a new level of community engagement at PMPM. Fundraising efforts began

immediately and a program of three concerts per year was planned. With immediate support, the

group began searching for an appropriate replacement for the existing piano in the museum.

Highlights of the year included:

• PMPM Chamber Music for the Outer Cape is dedicated to

adding the dimension of chamber music as a vital part of life

in our community. We envision a chamber music concert series

consisting of three concerts per year presented off season—

fall, winter, and spring.

• Purchase of a Yamaha G5 concert piano in early 2018.

• Define the content of the program… Chamber Music is music

with an intimate character in which there is one player to a part,

each of which is equal in importance to the others. Chamber

music is usually written for two to ten players without a

conductor. Modern variations of chamber music include

classical, jazz, world music, folk music, blues, bluegrass,

FADO, and a myriad of other types of international music.

• Publication of a program for the Concert Series with significant

advertiser support.

• Inaugural Concert, “The Undiscovered” on Saturday,

October 20, 2018.

Developing Deeper Connections with the Community…

Significant Collaborative Events

In 2018 we opened our

doors to events that

previously had not used

the Museum or Grounds

and provided cooperative

incentives to introduce

these new audiences to our

mission and our facility.

• Host Venue for the Provincetown International Film Festival – 20th

Anniversary Gala.

• Host Venue for the Fine Arts Work Center Summer Awards Celebration.

• Partner with PIFF and HBO to present a groundbreaking Concert on the

Monument Grounds.

• New York Opera Society and PMPM Joint Fundraiser presenting

The Great American Songbook.

• Host Venue Joint Cape Cod Chambers of Commerce Annual Meeting.




Financial Results Memberships



– 2018













Admission & Retail

Admission Museum Parking & Retail

Museum Donations Parking & Membership

Donations Grounds Rental & Membership Income

Grounds Rental Income

Admissions and Retail $911,593

Museum Parking $224,457

Admissions Donations & and Membership Retail $911,593 $216,902

Museum Grounds and Parking Rental Income $224,457 $96,313

Donations Total & Membership $1,449,265 $216,902

Grounds and Rental Income $96,313

Total $1,449,265


$32,621 $57,132 $65,870

2016 2017 2018


$69 $129 $119

2016 2017 2018










Program Related Services

Program Administration Related Services




Program Related Expenses $723,259

Visitor Experience $378,647

Program Museum Related & Expenses Curatorial $64,403 $723,259

Visitor Museum Experience Shop & Admissions $378,647 $280,209

Administration Museum & Curatorial $64,403 $204,491


Museum Shop & Admissions $95,319 $280,209__

Administration Total $204,491 $1,023,069


$95,319 __

Total $1,023,069

8 16 21

2016 2017 2018


6 47 49

2016 2017 2018







Total Assets (dotted line

illustrates the 55%/45% split

Total of this Assets section (dotted between line Total

illustrates Net Fixed Assets the 55%/45% and Total split

of Current this section Assets) between Total

Net Fixed Assets and Total

Current Assets)

2018 Total Net Liablities

2018 Total Net Liablities

Total Assets: $4,895,627

Total Current Assets: $2,280,651

Total Assets: Total Net Fixed Assets: $4,895,627


Total Liabilities: Total Current Assets: $65,682 $2,280,651

2018 Total Net Assets: Fixed Assets: $2,614,976


Total Liabilities: $65,682

2018 Total Net Assets: $4,829,945

2017 Total Net Assets: $4,561,025

2018 Total Change Total Net in Assets: Net Assets: $4,829,945


2017 Total Net Assets: $4,561,025

Total Change in Net Assets: $268,920










2016 2017 2018








2016 2017 2018









2016 2017 2018






Thank You

With sincere appreciation from The Board of Trustees and Staff of

the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum to

all of our Donors, Sponsors, and Members throughout 2018.

A. Christian Fredrick A. J. Bowman Account Ability Consulting Inc. Addison Art Gallery Ahmed Aziz Alan Flint Alan

Goostray and Bill Ward Albert Pylinski Alex Uram Alice Lenhart Alix Ritchie Allan E. Toy Allan MacKinnon and Steve

Cook American Tent and Table Amy Raff Amy Unikewicz and Tom Sladek Andrea and Keith Asman Angel Foods Ann

Madden Ann Marie Hannon Ann Murphy Annabell McElroy Anne and Ed Fitzgerald Anne Packard Annemette Cliggott-Perlt

and Douglas Cliggott Anthony Fuccillo and Fred Burke Ari Karpel and Alan Poul Arlene Arado Artemis S. Pinkerson

M. D. Arthur Parker Arthur R. Blake and Michael S. Vitulano Jr. Art’s Dune Tours Ashwin Gollerkeri Ask1Expert

Computer Services Audrey Stoddard and Jesselyn Tobin Audru Humel Barbara Wood and Robert Vivian Barbour Realty

Group Barrie Atkin Barry Milton Bary Ray Bay State Cruise Company Bayside Betsy’s Benson, Young & Downs Bert

Belliveau and Albert Sheman Bertram and Marla Perkel Beth and Richard Wood Beth Singer Betsey Stevenson Betsi

Corea Betsy Conroy Betty Humphrey Billie Drew and Ralph Fleischmann Billingsgate Associates LLC Bo Harris and Paul

Breen Boatslip Beach Club Bob Duncan and Ira Grolman Bobbi Palma BOLD Brian Orter Lighting Design Bonnie J. Fraley

Boston Gay Men’s Chorus Boston Harbor Cruises Boston Harbor Cruises/Provincetown Ferry Brad Brown Brad Carlson

Bradley Sage Brandon Hunter and Benjamin Templar Brandy Christos Brian and Janice Larkin Brian Cummings Brian

Farley Brian Johnson Brian N. Michaelan and John Gedrettas Brian W. Pontius and Violette Paragas Bride Pride Brooks

S. Thayer Bruce Allen Burt Lazarus Cape Air Cape Cod 5 Foundation Cape Cod Celebrations Cape Cod Oil Cape Cod

Pirate Adventures Cape Codder Guest House Cape Quality Plumbing and Heating Cape Tip Seafood Inc. Carmelo Rao

Carolyn A. Webb Cassandra Benson Cassandra Mills Cathy Curby Celia and Guy Novo Chad Wolfe Household Charles

and Helen Silva Charles and Sheila Thompson Charles Berardesco and Jeff Thurston Charles Carr Charles Confer Charles

Nichols and Christine Niles Charles Sumner Bird Foundation Charles Westcott and Mary Fry Chatham Nauset Lions Club

Inc. Cheri and James Armstrong Cheryl Andrews Cheryl Stewart Chip Capelli Chris Patterson Christian Charette and

Richard Fitzsimmons Christina Skerry Christine and Edward Ebert Christine Andrade and Adam Hobbs Christine Coakley

Christopher Baker Christopher Colbert Christopher Sidoli Chuck Vassallo and Daniel Booth Cindy Pilarsk Clambakes Etc.

Clambakes Etc. Clifford and Rita Santos Coastal Engineering Company, Inc. Colleen Higgins and Steven Wallace Complete

Care Chiropractic Conrad Malicoat Family Conwell Hardware and Lumber Cool As A Moose Cortile Gallery Cory Bernard

Cosmos Catering Courtney Hurst Craig W. Combs and Charles Roberts Crews Quarters Dan Romanow and Andrew Zelermyer

Dana Judge Dana Noble Daniel and Jean Marc DeSilva Spring Daniel J. Doherty and Raymond R. Ouellette

Daniel Paton and Laura Boccardi Daniel Squire Danielle and Jeff Maguire Dave Cook and Steve Tait Dave Drabkin David

and Cordelia Delson David and Cynthia Smith David and Wadeedah Pombo David Cappuccio David Cronin David Duddy

David L. Mayo David M. Datz and James V. Mauro David Nelson Burbank David Vignolo and Bill Mitchell David W.

Finn, MD and Brian D. Finn David W. Thibault David-Daniel and Barbara Klipper Dean Lester Debbie and Greg Sullivan

Deborah Cotter Deborah Downey Buckley and Amira Saunders Deborah Graeff Deborah McKown Deborah Meadows

and Sue Jungi Deborah Paine Inc Deborah S. Hoyt Ecker Deborah Sachs Deborah V. Brome Debra LaPierre Debra

Raymond Delis and George Remien Deloitte Denise Franco Peck Denise Shanahan Dennis and Eva van Laerhoven

Dennis Condon and Rob Cummings Dennis O’Connell Dennis Okin Dennis Public Library Devon Ducharme and Virginia

Buckles Diana Batchelor Diane Davis Diane Hall Dianna Stockton Dianne Robbins Dixon “Skip” Daniels Donald German

and Raymond Wiggs Donald Jillson Dorothy Kane Dorothy R. Herold Doug and Betty McGuire Doug and Jennifer Card

Doug Hughes Doug Leto Doug Walker Douglas Beaudoin Douglas Fiebelkorn & Andrew Hall Douglas Raymond and Paul

Donovan Dr. Angel and Kathy Morales Dr. Camille Motta and Marti Thompson Dr. Earle E. and Barbara Lee Dr. Gurpreet

Dhillon Dr. William Shay Droning Provincetown Dyer’s Beach House Eastham Public Library Ed Power Ed Schreyer

Edward and Jacqueline Coppola Edward and Debra Boyer Edward and Marie Boxer Edward and Megan Bloomfield Edward

Dusek and Paul Kelly Edward Flynn Edward Riordan Edwin M. Higgins, Jr and Constance Higgins Elena Hall Elizabeth

and Michael Venuti Elizabeth Brooke Elizabeth Hammann Elizabeth Klings Ellen Hickey Stone Emily Koenig Emily

Riley Emily Sieger Emmalou Weidner Emmet Meehan Enos Family Eric Aldrich and James Pearse Eric Dray Eric

Price Eric Swan Erika Hagberg Ernest Carreiro Eugene Dermody Eugene F. Kelly F.A. Days & Sons, Inc. Family Equality

Council Fanizzi’s by the Sea Fantasia Fair Fermin Rojas and Jay Kubesch Fine Arts Work Center Fire Road Media Group

Inc. Fireside Insurance Agency Francis Cronin Frank Maiellano Frank Pantano Fred and Nancy Ambrose Frederick and

Joy V. Long Frederick J. Heinrichs and David Heckert Gabriel Rilleau Gail Gibbs Garett MacCurtain Gary and Abbey

Koutnik Genevieve Martin Genilson Brandao George Kahkedjian, James Patterson and Brian Chapman Gerard Amann

Gerardo Reyes Gerry Brennan and Barbara Prato Get Married in Ptown Gillian Fraser Moran Gina Hodgen Ginny Rousseau

and Dennis Burnett GLAD Glenn and Joyce Harkness Glenn and Katherine Batchelor Glenn Shaw Global Gifts

Grace Ann Starkey Grady Jensen Greg Dumas and Janice McKeown Gregory Aldrich Gretchun Ciluzzi Gus and Arlette

Kayafas Gutzler Property Trust Halcyone Hurst Harry Palmer and Kathie Meads Hazel Warner and Klaus Betten Heather

Franc Heather McGowan Heidi Namiot Helen Addison Helen Donovan and Holly Nixholm Helga and Joerg G. Meixner

Heros in Transition Hollyhock House Home Advisor Howard Berman and Steve Littlehale Howard’s End Guest House

Hunter Draufganger and Kevin Hurysz Ph. D. Ira Joseph Jack Hornor and Ron Skinn Jacqueline Kroschwitz and Dolores

Desilets Jacqueline Perry and Michael O’Connor James Barrett James Doran James Golden James R. Bakker Jan B. G.

Kelly Jan VonFlatern Jana L. Currier Jane and Mark Peters Jane Barber and Linda Rohler Jane Corbin and Kenneth Oxtoby

Jane Paradise and Frank Salvatore Digirolamo Janice Young and Judy Gale Janis Sommers Jay and Pamela LaFrance

Jay Cashman Inc. Jean De Silva Jeanne and Bruce Nettleton Jeanne Leszczynski Jeannette Bragger Jef and Dan Hall-Flavin

Jeff Mello Jeff Peters Jeffrey Corbett Jennifer and Dave Garofalo Jennifer and Fred Jacobs Jennifer McMullen

Jerelyn Fields Jeremy Crockford Jerry Wray and Christine Sarfati Jill and Howard Lester Jim and Kim Mollo Jim Brosseau


Jim Diggins Jim Mahoney Jim Taylor and Anthony Luongo Joan Lenane and Sally Rose Joan Worman Tufenkjian and

Dick Tufenkjian Joanne Gaffney-Livingstone Joanne Yasika Joe and Karen Walsh Joel and Lauren Gale-Napach Joel

Griessmeyer John and Betty White John and Estella Bologna John and Loretta Santos John and Marion McGinn John

Beck John Ciluzzi John Copell Jr. John d’Addario John DeSouza John Douhan III and William Rawn John Foley and Michael

Ciaglo John Gilbride and Walter Winnowski John Jay Wooldridge and Patrick Flaherty John Mandeville John P.

Murphy and Paul A. Hastings John Peak John R. Simmons John Riordan John Sumaj and Tom Sproat

John T. Boxer Jon and Beverly Fuller Jonathan Murray and Harvey Reese Joseph Carleo Joseph F. Collins Joseph F. Haley

and Eric Tingdahl Joseph Melone Joseph Spada Joy Esper Joyce Cirullo Joyce Garner Judd Proctor Judith Curby and

Gayle Smalley Judith Hoyt Goddard and James Goddard Judy Kinser Julia L. Perry June Cameron K. David Weidner, Ph.D.

and William E. Gannon, Jr. MD Karen DePalma Karen O’Connor Kate Wilson Peterson Katherine Farrior Kathi and Rex

Saul Kathleen and Kim Marrkand Kathleen and Lewis Taylor Kathleen Rogers and Rick Teller Kathleen Singleton and

Louise Pulaski Kathy Baumann Kathy Fazzone Kathy Meyers and Betsy Dorbian Kathy Phipps Katie Faria and Chris

O’Reilly Keith Olson Kellie Grogan and Robert Cortes Kelly Ashton-Welch Ken Colucci and Neil Vecchione Ken Halliday

and Mark Ault Kenneth J. Kruse and Donald E. Cote Kenneth Michael Kenneth Okin and Chester Fojas Kenneth Sormani

Kevin Luczkow and Michael Metivier Kevin Mooney Kevin O’Shea Kevin O’Toole and David Maxfield Kevin Paolucci and

Edward Ness Kieran Toivonen Kim Pike Kimber Billow and Chuck Griffeth Kirk Buchholz Kurt Reynolds and Michael

Stone Kurt Wootton L. J. Mitchell Larry Fisher and Chris Daley Larry Moodry Laura E. Koch Laura Herman Laureen

Prophett and Neil MacGillivray Laurie Delmolino Lea Cupples and Judy Bloome Lea Sinclair Filson Lee Alvord Leo and

Tracey Rose Leslie Sandberg and Kathleen M. Goodwin Lester Eastman Jr. Lester Murphy Linda and Ed Sargent Linda J.

and Steven M. Lester Linda Quinn Linda Welter and Maria LoConte Lisa Corrin Lisa Fox Lisa Furtado and Cindy Guerra

Lisa Lapidus Lisa Nisbet and James Hately Lisa Westervelt Liz’s Café, Anybody’s Bar Lois Carlson Lori Nikolic Vasile Lori

Pressman Lorraine F. Pregenzer Louis Cataldo Louis F. Jordy Luco Realty Inc. Lyle and Joanne Ashby Lyn Ketterer Lynn

and Lee Williamson Lynn K. Swatland Lynne V. Swenson and James B. Williams Lyra Campbell and Paul Roderick Madeleine

Dorval-Moller Marc Babineau Margo and John Richter Marguerite Sagatelian Maria Lopez and Stephen Mindich

Marianne Barrett Marianne Clements and Kim Oliver Marianne Colalray Mark and Lynne Dowdall Mark and Sara Lenhart

Mark Berryhill and Michael Kelley Mark Bjorstrom and Joseph Spada Mark Bove and Bill Fraher Mark Phillips and Richard

Salmon Mark Wisneski and Ron Kollen Martha Clarke Mary Glasspool Mary L. Fischerkeller and Anna Marie Caffardo

Mary Moore Mary Smith Frye Massachusetts Cultural Council Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants Matt

and Jessica Douglas Maureen Hurst Maureen Malcolm Max Ultimate Food Megan Hannay Melanie and James Lord

Melanie Braverman Melissa McCarthy Michael A. Chute and Kalliope Egloff Michael F. Camardello Michael Hall Michael

James Michael Minore Michael O’Hanlon Michael O’Keefe Michael Peregon Michael Regier and Gordon Kendall Michelle

and Brice McKane Mike Glasfeld Mike Syers Mike Wright and Sheila Mc Guinness Miriam A. Collinson Moby

Dick’s Restaurant Molly Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Lang Nan Howes Nancy A. Brown Nancy Platt Dubrovsky

Nancy V. Shoemaker Nancyann Meads Nannette Dumas Nathan and Leah Church Nathaniel Drake Naya Bricher Neal

Boyle Ned Bradford Neil and Claire Lupton Neil Korpinen and Eric Erickson Nick Coppola Norma Shidlovsky Olympia

M. Ciliberto O’Neill and Associates, LLC O’Niel Myrie Oona H. Patrick Orleans Snow Library Outer Cape Health Services

Pam and Ron Fichtner Pamela Cochenour and Val Kokal Parker Wellington III and Cameron Sperance Pat Crofford Patricia

Brieschke Patricia Donohoe Patricia Mullally Patrick I. Patrick Patrick Oathout and Ross Lajeunesse Patrick Watson

and George Rogers Paul and Karen Silva Paul and Marilyn deRuyter Paul and Patricia Benatti Paul Goddu Paul Groipen

and Todd Satterlee Peggy and Steve Reilly Perry’s Wine & Liquors Peter Schamel Peter Okun Peter S. and Elizabeth

Brzezicki Polly and Woody Bryson Provincetown Antiques Provincetown Arts Provincetown Business Guild Provincetown

Chamber of Commerce Inc. Provincetown Community Compact Provincetown Dental Arts Provincetown International

Film Festival Provincetown Lions Club Provincetown Public Library Provincetown Stop and Shop Provincetown.

Com Ptown Scoop Quentin R. Corrie Rachel White Racine Oxtoby Ragnar Relay Rania Bratberg and Vijnan Mangalore

Shastri Rebecca Engard Rebecca Franks and Anne Stowe Rebecca H. Smith Relish Bakery & Sandwich Shop Rev. Cannon

Gregory Howe Rhonda Mulherin Rich Barletta Richard Bergman Richard C. B. Clark Richard Fipphen Richard Francis

Richard Halloran Richard Krupp Richard L. Wein, LCSW Richard Lacasse Richard Mayberry Richard Spada Rick May and

Jeff Tagen Rita Burke Robert and Elizabeth Daglio Robert and Pamela Anthony Robert B. Our Co., Inc. Robert Campbell

Robert Compton Robert Ferreira Robert Karcher Robert Littlefield Robert Raimo and John Vernon Robert Randall

Robert Winter and Andrew Cordonnier Rod Howe Ron and Karen Nickerson Ronald Vaughn Shelly Rose Acre Guest

House Rose Mary Buscaglia Rose Mary Campos Roz Diamond and Mike Harnett Run to the Top Russ and Nancy Braun

Ruth Watson and Becki Hullinger S. Mathew Sally Barnes and Marsha B. Griffin Sally Deane Sally E. Lawler Sally Walker

and Tom Gilmore Salvador R. Vasques and John Contratti Sam Groom Sam Stidham Sandwich Public Library Saverio

Fato Scott Allegretti Seaman’s Bank Shane Burhoe Shannon E. Harper-Bison and Michael H. Bison Sharlene Marchette

Sharon Barr Sharon Dunkle Shauna and Brian Downey ShireMax Inn Shirley French Shoal Hope Ciderworks, LLC Sidekicks,

LLC Sonia Vallianos and Nicola Vichert Stacy B. Hill Stan Sylvain and Bill Beacham Stephanie Cave Stephen Borkowski

Stephen Desroches and Peter Donnelly Stephen Duarte and Susan Williams Stephen Goveia Stephen Johnson

Stephen Osborne Steve Griffin and Frank Mockler Steven Miller Sunderland Printing Surfside Inn & Suites Susan Brown

Susan Contente Susan Evans Susan Goranson and Jennifer Brown Susan I. Dickson Susan Mikula Susan Quigley Susan

Schappert Susan Whitman Suzanne and Richard Vera Suzanne M. and David B. Frennesson Suzanne Morin Tamar

Brown Ted Parke and David Walnut Family Tennesse Williams Theater Festival Terence M. Welch and Kyle Conley Terri

Vorelli The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod The Gaslamp Bed and Breakfast The Inn at Cook Street The Lobster Pot The

Local Scoop The Mancini Family The Mews Restaurant and Café The Palette Fund The Provincetown Tourism Fund

Thomas and Carolyn White Thomas Delisle Thomas LaRosa Thomas Skinner Tim and Donna Driscoll Tim Everett and

Lucy Potter Tim Keane Timothy B. Coffelt, DDS Tobias Allen Todd and Kathy Binns Todd and Miriam Spencer Todd

Couchman Todd Wakefield Tom and Jayne Sullivan Tom Beaulieu and Rob Peters Tom Nichols and Dan Chadburn Top

Mast Resort Towanda de Nagy Tracey Campagna Tricia Fielding Trish Walsh and Alissa Leisser Truro Public Library

Vernon Diannah Porter Veronica Huston Vincent A. Amadio, Jr. Virginia Mucciaccio W. Scott Kerry and Moira Noonan-Kerry

Warren and Edith Bridges Wellfleet Public Library Wendy Cogdill Wendy Jolles Wendy Raymond Wes Slate and

Georgia Bills Whaler’s Wharf, LLC White Porch Inn Wildflower of Provincetown William and Debbie Duggan William

Black and John Blair William Ciffairy and Drew Sachs William Docker and Tom Stearns William G. Johnson William Groves

William Lawson Household William N. Jones and William C. Batlin William V. Decker Zachary Levon Zachary Robbins and

Scott Ehlen Zikai Chen



Thank You,

Seamen’s Bank

Our community bank, Seamen’s Bank has long been a partner with the

Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial Association and this annual report is no

exception. Lori Meads, President/CEO and John Roderick, Chairman

of the Board of Directors are pleased to support the good news of the

health of the Association by sponsoring this professionally designed

and published Annual Report. We thank both Mr. Roderick

and Ms. Meads for this generous gift to our membership.

Copyright © 2018 Cape Cod

Pilgrim Memorial Association

All Rights Reserved

This product is protected by copyright and

distributed under licenses restricting

copying, distribution and decompilation.

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Massachusetts 02657

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