Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020


12 | WINTER 2020




English teacher Jennifer Evans holding two of her four rescued kittens during a Google Meet interview.

It has become increasingly common in State

College to find stray cats outside. They may

be wandering around a neighborhood, hiding

underneath a shed or bench, or sleeping within

dense shrubbery. These animals are in serious

danger of starvation, disease, and other harsh

environmental conditions. While feral cats can

be brought to shelters like Centre County PAWS

for treatment and adoption, members of the

State College community have the ability to

help. That’s exactly what a group of teachers at

State High did.

English teacher Jennifer Evans was one of the

major players in rescuing these stray cats. She

and her boyfriend have already volunteered at

PAWS, so they have much experience in getting

stray and feral animals the care that they need.

She decided to do something about the recent

rise in the number of feral cats.

“In May, on the Facebook Greentree page,

someone posted: ‘Hey there’s a kitten wandering

outside my house. Does it belong to anyone?’”

Evans said. “So I texted Ms. Rito (English

teacher), and she said ‘I just saw, I was going to

walk down’ cause it’s only a few blocks from

her house. So, I got a box and some food and a

string, like a toy. I got in my Jeep, I had a mask

on, and I went to her house, and we went to the

area where the kitten was supposed to be.”

When they got to where the kitten was

supposed to be, they heard a faint meow coming

from a lilac bush in the surrounding area. Evans

and Rito managed to pluck out a black kitten

who Evans now owns and has named Bandy

(pictured above).

From here, Evans and Rito found Bandy’s

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