Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020


16 | WINTER 2020

AH: That kind of thing can be really exciting

when brought into street performances.

Do you guys include that element a lot?

ES: During rehearsals we often end up

messing around with those things. During our

performances it’s a bit more structured because we

know what we’re going to play.

Daniel Liu(DL): Sometimes when we’re

messing around we can discover how we want to

play something, like if something’s not quite right

we can tweak it and figure out how we want to

play it in the end.

JC: Adam has a loop pedal, so we’ve done a

live loop where you layer up chords and solo over


AH: When we first started out playing

we didn’t even use actual sheet music for the

arrangements—we just sort of told each other our

parts, because we mostly play pop songs so we

were able to coordinate our parts in real time. So

the messing around wasn’t always productive, but

there’s definitely benefits.

JC: It was often easier to, for example say

who’s gonna play the melody at this point, and

then assign chords to everyone, get on the piano

and figure out the key that we’re in.

Do you guys have any music out, any covers or


ES: The only music we’ve really “released”

has been on YouTube. Someone was filming

us while we were busking, and there’s also a

little homemade video, but there’s nothing on

streaming services yet.

How far do you guys see this going?

JC: We definitely want to keep rehearsing when

we can. I think there was maybe some talk of

recording something just before the pandemic, but

that kind of stopped everything.

ES: We’re just having fun. I think none of us

have really thought a lot about what we want to do

with it. It’s really fun to get together with friends

and play music for people, so we’ll just keep doing

that until it’s not fun anymore.

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