Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020



Delta freshman Al Eburne, a member of

wardrobe design, explained what costumes

looked like for him.

“What happens is the cast members really get to

know their characters and share their vision for

them, and we kind of work to bring it to life,”

Eburne said.

They also spoke on the artistic liberties he was

able to take with this production specifically:

“It’s our job to add like a modern twist to what

is a more traditional piece and that’s always

really exciting.”

Farris commented further on the independence

that each cast member was granted, and how

creativity and collaboration were key factors in

this year’s costume design process.

“It was really much more of a partnership, I

guess, between pretty crew and each character to

come up with the costumes. Rather than how it

has been in the past where it’s more of like ‘oh,

this is my character, and pretty crew works on

it,’” she said.

While creativity is heavily encouraged, there are

limitations that come with the virtual setting.

“We would research the character. We would

research their personality and how they dress

and their class and such,” Muramoto said.

Rather than sewing costumes together

themselves, and making adjustments over long

periods of time, Thespians pulled costumes

from Penn State’s costume library.

“Sometimes we do pull costumes, depending

on the show, it’s just we used to have a lot more

freedom to make things for our costumes if we

wanted to, especially with props,” Muramoto


Despite having to step over unforeseen

boundaries this year, pretty crew managed to

get their job done, and done well. Without

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