Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020



This year has been hard. Very hard. So incredibly

hard. All it takes is a quick look at social

media, and it becomes abundantly clear just

how much everyone is struggling right now. We’re all

dealing with the overwhelming stresses of a global

pandemic, which are only worsened by the stresses of

normal life. In the end, 2020 has been one really sucky


With that said, this school year should have been just

as awful. Just like 2020, this school year should have

been a sucky, monstrous, dreadful, good-for-nothing

school year. And yet, for me, it hasn’t been.

Yes, this school year has been hard. Yes, it’s been

stressful. But, it’s also been fun. It’s been goofy. It’s been

exciting. For me, it’s been a good school year. And of all

the reasons why I’ve enjoyed this school year, there’s

one that stands above the rest: all of you, the students of

State High.

I know this isn’t how you expected your high school

experience to go. This is a major let down. You’ve had

to sacrifice so much. From the ability to be in school

with your friends, to the traditions and experiences of

normal high schoolers, you’ve made sacrifices for the

safety of your community.

And yet, you’ve stayed resilient. You’ve stayed fun.

You’ve stayed yourselves.

And for that, I’ll never be able to thank you enough.

In a year that should be remembered for the stress

and overwhelmingness of it all, I’ll forever remember

it for you: the students who make it all worth it. You

show up every day and make class fun and enjoyable.

You smile and you laugh and you make the most of this

year. You provide happiness in a year of dreariness. You

help make the stress of this year fade away.

You amaze me, State High. Every day, you make me

so proud to teach at this school. We are so incredibly

lucky to have students like you.

Thank you for being you!

Trevor Dietz

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