Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020




It is said that teachers inspire kids. And while that

may be true, kids also inspire teachers. You are

the lifeblood of the school. You remind us that

the world does not have to be cynical. You help

us remember that life doesn’t have to always be

serious. You make us laugh. You make us pause,

reminding us about the pain of break ups. You keep

us young. And, even though we don’t understand

them or appreciate them, you keep us up-to-date

on latest trends of the world. You give us the

energy to wake up everyday to do what we do. Most

importantly, you remind us that people are the

most important thing in the world. Thanks for

inspiring us.

- Mr. Ruocchio

To all my Study Hall Students,

None of you seen to understand. I’m not locked in

here with you. You’re locked in here with ME.

Mr. Grissinger

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