Lions' Digest Winter Issue 03 2020



A note to students from your favorite fan...

I am in awe of the way the students are handling this very

difficult time. In all seriousness, my students thus far could

be the BEST I have ever had in my 31 years teaching. That

is a testament to your resolve and ability to adapt and move

forward. What you are doing is NOT easy. You all want to

come to school and be with your friends and learn, but the

pandemic has other plans. The way you all are carrying

yourselves is incredible to me. They say adversity shows your

character and we have seen yours. I think it is important to

remember that all of this is temporary and in time we will get

back to normal. I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!

You GOT this!!!

Mr. Kissell

To my past and present students,

2020 has been a year that I can’t describe adequately

with just words because I have experienced so many different

emotions. Many of those emotions are ones I am sure you

have experienced as well, such as sadness, frustration, grief,

and at times, even anger. However, the biggest takeaways from

this past year are rooted in happiness and joy. The shutdown

gave me an opportunity to slow down and take stock in what

I have and truly cherish. Even though I couldn’t spend face

to face time with family, friends, and my students, the virtual

conversations kept us connected. I even talked with people

that I had not talked to in years. I had some individual and

small group conversations with students that were real, funny,

and uplifting. I also spent more time outdoors than usual and I saw more people walking in the

neighborhood and at the local park than I had in a long time. But my biggest takeaway is that virtual

learning serves a purpose, but is no replacement for in-person learning. I miss seeing my students daily

in person, past and present. I hope that as you look back on 2020, you will choose to remember the

good times, the people that were there for you, and what or who you cherish most. My wish for you is a

safe, happy and in-person 2021!

Mrs. Hart

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