Winter 2020


Susie Redfern developed Milestones Magazine to help individuals with disabilities and their families achieve and celebrate events and milestones in their lives.


at home

For some people with physical, intellectual, and/or sensory

issues, living as independently as possible is a challenge.

Whether they live in a congregate setting such as a group home

in their community or an apartment (with or without roommates),

a number of these people need support of one kind or

another. And with the current restrictions and precautions due to

COVID-19, in-person support can be problematic. To a degree,

technology has stepped in to fill some of the gaps.

The companies listed here are among those that provide

technology support, including SimplyHome, AbleLink Smart

Living Technologies, Sengistix, LLC, and Night Owl Support

Systems, LLC. Here are a few highlights about them.


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