Winter 2020


Susie Redfern developed Milestones Magazine to help individuals with disabilities and their families achieve and celebrate events and milestones in their lives.

Helping Individuals

with Disabilities

& their Families

Achieve & Celebrate

Events & Milestones

in their Lives

Connections child care

Child Care Connections links families to child

care suited to children with challenges.

Child Care Connections also provides informational

articles (referencing North Carolina University

Extension Service) about adapting child care

Features a registry that both parents and providers

can Sign-Up for when they are looking for, or offering,

care for children with various challenges, such as

programs to children with special needs. Once you

sign-up you’ll receive the article Adapting the Child

Care Environment for Children with Special Needs.

developmental disability, autism, hearing impairment,

vision impairment, and more!

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