Winter 2020


Susie Redfern developed Milestones Magazine to help individuals with disabilities and their families achieve and celebrate events and milestones in their lives.

A number of businesses have been created by parents of children with

challenges. Often, they are started to meet their own child’s needs, then

expanded to help families with similar issues. One such new business is

Hop Along Yogi. I am honored to introduce its founder, Laura, the parent

of a child with a hearing impairment, to tell her story.

“On September 18, 2018, we welcomed our second baby girl, “Ellie” into

the world. From day one, we were smitten. She was an angel -- 7lbs 12 oz,

the most beautiful blue eyes, tiny pink fingers. She slept soundly, and she

barely cried. She was perfect. And then, on her second day of life, we learned

that she failed her newborn hearing screen. The nurse informed us that

often the tests were inaccurate and that it was common for babies born via

cesarean to have a buildup of fluid in their ears. She was tested again before

we left the hospital. One ear passed, one failed, so we had to come back

in another week. My husband and I didn’t think much of it as we were

completely enamored and enjoying life with our two daughters.

A week later, we went back for another test. She failed. Again, we chalked it

up to fluid and poor testing circumstances. A month later, we returned for a

more detailed test, an auditory brainstem response or ABR. I’ll never forget


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