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Merry Christmas

“After coming into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother; and

they fell to the ground and worshiped Him. Then, opening their treasures,

they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.” – Matthew 2:11

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020 VOL. 49 NO. 44 50¢

70 years after their

deaths, slain civil

rights leaders could

get their jobs back

Efforts to Reinstate Civil Rights Leader

Harry And Harriette Moore

Eric Rogers

Florida Today

In 1946, their fight to

better the lives of Black

Americans in the Jim

Crow South cost them

their jobs. Six years

later, it cost them their


Today, Harry and

Harriette Moore — a

pair of Mims educators

sometimes called the

“first martyrs” of the

modern civil rights

movement — are still

broadly unknown,

even in the county they

called home.

Nearly 70 years after

their deaths, that may

finally change.

The Brevard

Federation of Teachers,

with help from the

Harry T. and Harriette V.

Moore Cultural Complex,

are working with Brevard

Public Schools to incorporate

teaching of the Moores

into the school curriculum,

ensuring their place among

other civil rights heroes

in the minds of Brevard


The union has also

asked the the Brevard

School Board to go a step

further by posthumously



and Harriette Moore

as teachers. It’s a symbolic

gesture they say would help

restore the Moores’ legacy

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A young Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore in Mims in the 1940s.

(Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Cultural Complex)

Anthony Colucci (r), president

of the Brevard Federation of

Teachers, and William Gray

(l), president of the Harry T.

and Harriette V. Moore Cultural

Complex, in the museum at

the Moore Cultural Complex

in Mims. The two groups have

asked the Brevard County

School Board to posthumously

reinstate Harry and Harriette

Moore as teachers and to

include the Moores’ history in

the Brevard curriculum.

(Malcolm Deemark/Florida Today.)

By Stacy M. Brown,

NNPA Newswire Senior

National Correspondent


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the

leading infectious disease

doctor and director of the

National Institute of Allergy

and Infectious Diseases,

addressed the African

American community’s

fears of accepting the new

coronavirus vaccine.

“To my African American

brothers and sisters … this

vaccine that you’re gonna

be taking was developed

Black Woman,

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett,

Developed the Scientific

Approach to the

Coronavirus Vaccine

by an African American

woman. And that is just a

fact,” Dr. Fauci proclaimed

during a recent National

Urban League event.

Dr. Fauci noted that

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, a

Black woman, has been at

the forefront of the vaccine


He added that it is vital

to recognize the U.S.’s

history of racism that’s led

to great mistrust from the

Black community.

Dr. Fauci exclaimed that

the vaccine is safe.

“The very vaccine

OneTen, a Coalition of Major Corporations,

Vows to Hire 1 Million

African Americans in

High-Paying Jobs

By Stacy M. Brown,

NNPA Newswire Senior

National Correspondent


OneTen, a coalition of

leading executives, said it

would work to hire 1 million

African Americans into

family-sustaining jobs with

advancement opportunities

over the next decade.

The coalition joined

forces to upskill, employ,

and advance the hires as a

method to chip away at the

economic barriers plaguing

African Americans.

“This is a moment in

time for Americans to move

past our divisions to come

together and reach our

full potential as a nation,”

Ken Frazier, the chairman

and CEO of Merck and a

OneTen founder stated.

“Our country’s

workforce of the future will

be an increasingly diverse

one,” Frazier proclaimed.

“Through the creation

of one million jobs for

Black Americans over the

next ten years, OneTen

has the potential to

address persistent inter-

that’s one of the two that has

absolutely exquisite levels – 94

to 95 percent efficacy against

clinical disease and almost

100 percent efficacy against

serious disease that are shown

to be clearly safe – that vaccine

was actually developed in my

institute’s vaccine research

center by a team of scientists led

by Dr. Barney Graham and his

close colleague, Dr. Kizzmekia

Continue reading online at:

In January 2021, the organization

will begin working with partner

employers to improve workplace

inclusivity practices and will

connect talent providers to partner

employers shortly after that.

(iStockphoto / NNPA)

generational gaps in opportunity

and wealth,” Frazier remarked


In addition to Frazier,

other OneTen founders include

Ken Chenault, chairman and

managing director of General

Continue reading online at:

Leonard Cure Exonerated After More Than 16 Years: Wrongfully Imprisoned


December 14, 2020, Seventeenth

Judicial Circuit Judge John J. Murphy,

III vacated the armed robbery conviction

and sentence of IPF client Leonard

Cure. The State Attorney’s Office

immediately dropped the charges,

leading to Mr. Cure’s exoneration. The

Seventeenth Judicial

Circuit State Attorney

Michael Satz agreed

to overturn Mr.

Cure’s conviction and

sentence because of

his Conviction Review

Unit (CRU) concluding

its re-investigation

of the case. Head of

the CRU, Assistant

State Attorney Arielle

Demby Berger performed this reinvestigation

and concluded that Mr.

Cure was innocent, recommending his

immediate exoneration.

IPF client Leonard Cure was freed

earlier this year in April through

an agreed order with the CRU that

amended his sentence to time served

and granted him immediate release “in

the best interest of justice.” Alongside

the increased risk

of exposure to

COVID-19 he faced

in prison, strong

evidence of his

innocence had come

to the attention

of the CRU. The

immediate release

at that time

allowed Mr. Cure

to seek refuge from

the growing COVID-19 pandemic,

while allowing the CRU to complete

Leonard Cure with family.

its reinvestigation of his case. Mr. Cure

was released after more than 16 years of

wrongful incarceration.

At the completion of its reinvestigation,

the CRU made its

recommendation of exoneration to their

Independent Review Panel (IRP), which

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Season’s Greetings

from the staff and

family of the

Westside Gazette

“For unto us a Child

is born, Unto us a

Son is given; And the

government will be

upon His shoulder.

And His name will

be called Wonderful,

Counselor, Mighty God,

Everlasting Father,

Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6 (NKJ)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

When we take all

things into consideration,

we are truly blessed. With

whatever portion of health,

strength and mental ability,

we should accept it as a gift.

The expectation of

Christmas and the joys that

surround the day should

not be taken for granted.

As a matter of fact, no day


With the dawning of

each new day, new blessings

are ushered in. Even though

sometimes we can not

see the wealth associated

with the day because we

are inundated with the

struggles of surviving, we

forget that the Word says:

“If I were hungry I would

not tell you, for the world is

mine, and all that is in it.”

Psalm 50:12 (NIV)

We the staff and family

of the Westside Gazette

would like to remind you

that: “From the fullness

of His grace we have all

received one blessing after

another,” John 1:16 (NIV)

and for that in itself is

blessing enough , worthy to

be grateful and to give Him


None of us knows what

tomorrow will bring, but

we should know who will

bring tomorrow. May God’s

grace and mercy continue to

clothe you with His riches,

health, family, friends, His

daily Bread, forgiveness and

the comfort of His Will.

Merry Christmas and

God’s Will be accepted by


“For there is born to you

this day in the city of David

a Savior, who is Christ the


Christmas Eve

Dec. 24 TH

Scattered T-storms

Sunrise: 7:05am









Sunset: 5:35pm

Sat Sun Mon Tues



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PAGE 2 • DECEMBER 17 - DECEMBER 23, 2020

Deeply Rooted



Dec. 26th!

The Westside Gazette Newspaper is honored to feature these editorial contributions made by local students.

The road


By Layla Davidson

As we reflect

over this year,

we notice that

there were major

changes to our economy and

our lives. In March, COVID-19

became one of the deadliest

viruses, killing millions of people.

We have been social

distancing and wearing masks

from March to now. In short, our

lifestyle has been different.

Throughout this year, many

things have happened that have

united communities and divided

countries. Cases like George Floyd

and Breonna Taylor brought the

Black community together, yet it

divided the United States.

Then, we had the 2020

election, one of the largest

elections to have votes cast

and the outcome was that Joe

Biden and Kamala Harris won

the election.

This united America and

communities of color because

our new vice president is a

woman of color.

Additionally, as we continue

(Photo credit:

to see racism committed in

society, there is more attention

being brought towards it.

Although there is still room

for improvement, the world

is getting better. Hopefully,

this new year will bring you

overflowing blessings and

we will see change with new

authority figures in place.

Kwanzaa Creator, Dr. Maulana Karenga,

To Give Virtual Lecture

On Sunday, December 27, 2020,

from 2-4PM Eastern Time, the National

Association of Kawaida Organizations

(NAKO) and The International African

Arts Festival (iaafestival) will present the

54th Kwanzaa Celebration - virtually. The

program will feature Dr. Maulana Karenga,

the creator of

Kwanzaa, Asase Yaa

African American

Dance Theater, as

well as highlights of

other internationally

known artists from

the 49th Annual

International African

Arts Festival.

Dr. Karenga’s 2020 Kwanzaa lecture

is titled: “Kwanzaa and the Well-Being of

the World: Living and Uplifting the Seven


In addition to Dr. Maulana Karenga being

the creator of Kwanzaa, the Nguzo Saba

& Kawaida, he is also Professor & Chair,

Department of Africana Studies, CSULB;

Chair of the Organizations Us & The National

Association of Kawaida Organizations

(NAKO); He is the author of several scholarly

books, among them: Introduction to Black

Studies; MAAT: The Moral Ideal in Ancient

Egypt; & Odu Ifa: The Ethical Teachings.

This event is expected to be aired

worldwide, in the

USA, The Caribbean,

Central America, South

America, Europe, South

Africa and West Africa.

The community can

visit the International

African Arts Festival

website at www. to

purchase their link to this highly anticipated

event. The fee is $15.

The sponsors are also offering the

IAAFestival vendors the opportunity to

participate in this very special Kwanzaa

celebration. If you are interested in being a

part of this event, please contact us at (646)


For 41 years

Mrs. Clementime Odoms

has worked in the field of

dialysis. She along with

Administrator Christine

Collins broke barriers as

being two of the first

workers in Florida who

began giving dialysis

treatment to patients.

Clem, Chris and the

Dialysis Team of South

Florida and Hallandale

DaVita would like to wish

you a wonderful retirement.

The team will not be the

same without you.

You are our SUPERHERO!

Check out our podcast hosted by

our publisher, Bobby R. Henry, Sr.


community leaders,


entrepreneurs and

talented youth!

Scan the code with your smartphone to access

our Youtube Channel to view episodes.

By Clayton Gutzmore

Courtesy of Lil Trap House; The Trap (photo by Clayton Gutzmore)

Step into the Bando:

Trap Museum Pop-Up

Arrives in Overtown

Trap music is a branch of Hip Hop that has

barred many fruits that we all enjoy today.

These fruits are award-winning rappers like

Future, Young Jeezy, and the Migos. T. I.,

one of the more influential artists of Trap

Music, wanted to commemorate this genre and

created the Trap Music Museum in Atlanta,

Georgia. The Trap Music Museum gained

enough success to create a traveling pop up

exhibit called the Lil Trap House. The Lil

Trap House has now arrived in Overtown, and

locals of South Florida can step into the visual

representation of the genre, “We wanted to

make sure if we would have been anywhere in

Miami We wanted to be in a place where all

the musical greats have passed through. It

would have been disrespectful if we would have

done it anywhere else” said Krystal Gardner,

manager of the Trap Music Museum.

The Lil Trap House Overtown kicked off its

opening weekend on Friday, December 18. Lil

Trap House Overtown is at 920 NW 2nd Avenue

in Miami. Admission is $20, and the museum

is open on weekends only. The exhibit itself is

a miniature house that is 12 feet in with, 12

feet in height, and 36 feet in length. Inside, the

gallery holds pieces of art inspired by albums

and music artists in Trap music. When you

first step in, on the left is a big blue/ purple

cotton-like display with a sprite bottle at the

bottom. This piece is inspired by Future’s 2015

album Dirty Sprite 2. On the right is a wall of

rubber bands that makes an image of T.I. This

pays homage to his 2004 single Rubber Band

Man. Next to that is a wall of fake packaged

Cocaine, which is inspired by Young Jeezy and

all the influence of the controversial Snowman

logo. Some pieces were made by local artists in

Atlanta, while others are actual

possessions of the rappers that

were loaned to the exhibit. “Our

creative team looks at pieces and

decides which one goes with the

aesthetic of the area. My favorite

piece and the one that nobody has

seen is the “Flewed Out” exhibit

for the City Girls” said Gardner.

A corner of the Lil Trap House

Overtown was designed as an

airplane aisle with two rows of

airplane seats with pictures of

Yung Miami and JT in the window. The City

Girls’ song Flewed out, which was released in

2020 inspired this.

The primary goal of Lil Trap House

Overtown is to create jobs for those in the

area. Gardner and the Lil Trap House team

explained how they want to replicate the

economic impact the Trap Musume has made

in Atlanta. “We hired students from Clark

Atlanta, Spellman, and the AUC. For Miami We

wanted to hire people straight from Overtown,”

said William Sparks, Co-Founder of the Trap

Music Museum. Those interested in becoming

staff for the museum can send their resumes

to The Lil Trap

house Overtown partnered with Red Rooster

to become an entertainment corridor so more

people can invest in Overtown. “In Atlanta, we

are working on ensuring the redeveloped area

we are in reflects the community. This area is

going through redevelopment; we want to be

a part of making sure the reflection happens

here” said Gardener.

Lil Trap House Overtown brings part

of the very popular Trap Music Museum to

South Florida. The Pop will remain open until

halfway into 2021. The team behind Lil Trap

House is enforcing CDC guidelines for a safe

and fun experience. Guests will have plenty

of time to observe Art made by trap music

enthusiasts along with personal possessions

of the artist behind the music, “We had people

that did not understand what the Museum was

exactly, but when you come into this space and

see that we are telling the story of the artists

that represents this genre that is running the

world right now, People love it,” said Gardner.

Continue reading online at:

Deeply Rooted

DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020 • PAGE 3

The Most Important

Factor in Your Family’s

Education is


Give your family the best chance

for success by supporting their

education at home and at school.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, sticking to a schedule,

partnering with teachers and administrators, utilizing

culturally sensitive best practices, and tapping into

local resources are just a few of the ways that you can

support distance learning at home and keep your family

on track for educational success.




PAGE 4 • DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020



Wishing you and your family a very

Merry Christmas,

may it bring you Joy, Happiness.















-Four Our Elder, Our Children, Yourself and Your Family-


The Westside Gazette Newspaper

Wishes Our

Advertisers, Subscribers, Readers, Supporters


Deeply Rooted


Dillard High Class of 1971

presents “A Red & White

Celebration” Holidays Party.

Join the Class for dinner,

dance, and fun ad they celebration

the Holidays Season,

Friday, Dec. 29 from 8 p.m. to

1 a.m., at Out For Life Ballroom,

4501 N.W. 31 Ave., Fort

Lauderdlae, Fla. (on 31 Aveneu

near Commerical Blvd).

For tickets, comtact Janie

at (954) 612-2433 or Class of


Join Judah Worship Word

Ministries International for

a Jubilant New Year’s Eve

Service, Thursday, Dec. 31 at

9:45 p.m., at 4441 W. Sunrise

Blvd., Plantation, Fl, Senior

Pastor, Apostle W.L. Mitchell.

For more info call (954) 791-



Broward County Supervisor

Of Elections-Elect Joe Scott

Swearing In. Taking the Oath

of Supervisor of Elections,

Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021 at 11

a.m., at Central Broward

Park & Broward County Stadium,

3700 N.W. 11 Pl., Lauderhill,


For more info contact L.

Gema Morejon-White at (954)



George Floyd Statue Fund

Mellisa Floyd is organizing this fundraiser.

Help up fund the

building of a George

Floyd statue. We want

the people of America

to remember the events

that lead to Mr. Floyds


Mr. Floyd died after

being handcuffed and

pinned to the ground by an officer’s knee in an episode that

was captured on video, touching off nationwide protests.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man,

died on May 25 after being handcuffed and pinned to the

ground by a white police officer’s knee in an encounter that

was captured on video and incited large protests against

police brutality and systemic racism in Minneapolis and in

more than 150 American cities in the weeks and months

that followed.

Edible Food Forest at Snyder Park

Saturday, Dec. 26 from 9 to 11 a.m., at Snyder Park 3299 SW Fouth

Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315

(Up to 30 volunteers)

Every Fourth Saturday - 9 to 11 a.m. Imagine walking through a native

forest and bending down and picking basil, bananas and other edible

plants along the way. Volunteers are needed to help work on this urban

farm by planting, weeding, watering, and harvesting. There is plenty of

free parking in the park.

Important Volunteer Information:

• The event is open to all caring neighbors, but minors should be at least

8 years of age and must be accompanied by an adult!

• Proper attire is a t-shirt and pants - things you do not mind getting dirty!

• Due to the outdoor activity, it is recommended all volunteers wear a hat,

sunscreen, and insect repellent, plus bring their own water and snacks

• All tools will be provided. However, for your personal comfort we

request that you bring your own pair of garden gloves!

For more information contact team leader Joan Starr at jstarr@

Florida Department of Health

COVID-19 Test Sites in Fort


The Florida Department of Health is operating free, drive-thru

COVID-19 test sites at Fort Lauderdale’s Holiday Park and Mills

Pond Park. Face masks are required at both sites. No appointment

is necessary. Vehicles must have windows that fully open and close.

Test options:

• A rapid, or antigen, test is processed on-site and results are

usually available the same day.

• A PCR, or molecular, test is processed in a lab and results are

typically available in several days.

Know before you go:

If you need a test for a specific reason, such as to return to work or

for travel, be sure to know in advance which type of test is required.

Holiday Park: Rapid (Antigen) and PCR (Molecular) Test


OPEN: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. | Tuesday, Wednesday, & Saturday

CLOSED: Sunday, Monday, Thursday, & Friday

Please note that due to increased demand for testing, this site has

recently reached capacity by mid-morning. If you do not need a

rapid (antigen) test, consider visiting Mills Pond Park or an alternate

site listed at the bottom of this page.

• LOCATION: Holiday Park

• ADDRESS: 1150 G. Harold Martin Dr. (U.S.1 and N.E. 8 Street,

just south of Sunrise Blvd.)

• HOURS: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

• DAYS: Tuesday through Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday)


o Drive-thru rapid (antigen) test and PCR (molecular) test is

available for all ages.

o Face masks are required.

o No appointment necessary.

o Same-day test results for the rapid (antigen) test.


Mills Pond Park: PCR (Molecular) Test Only


OPEN: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. | Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday

CLOSED: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday

• LOCATION: Mills Pond Park

• ADDRESS: 2201 N.W. 9 Ave.

• HOURS: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

• DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday

(closed Thursday and Sunday)


o Drive-thru PCR (molecular) test is available for all ages.

o Face masks are required.

o No appointment necessary.

o Rapid (antigen) testing is not available at this site.

Please plan for extended waiting times.

• Make sure you have a full tank of gas.

• Use the restroom before coming to the sites.

• Bring any necessary food, fluids, and medication.

Alternate testing sites:

Please note that you may be tested at any site, regardless of which

county or city you live in. A few sites are listed below, or you may

also visit or floridadisaster.

org/covid19/testing-sites to find a site near you.

• C.B. Smith Park (Open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., 7 days a week) - 900 N

Flamingo Road, Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

• Hard Rock Stadium (Rapid testing available. Open 9 a.m. - 5

p.m., 7 days a week) - 347 Don Shula Drive, Miami Gardens,

FL 33056

• Miami Beach Convention Center (Rapid (antigen) testing

available. Schedule an appointment at - 1700

Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139

More information about testing:

• Contact the Florida Department of Health in Broward County at


Stay connected --

The Porch Is The Tree Is

The Watering Hole, Featuring

works by Black Artists

and designers, the new exhibition

The Porch is the Tree

is the Watering Hole uses

art, architecture, photography,

and poetry to examine

concepts of community and

life in Sistrunk. On view at

the African-American Research

Library and Cultural

Center, 2650 Sistrunk Blvd.,

Fort Lauderdale through May

2021. Free and open to the

public Thursday and Saturdays

from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

will reservations limiting attendance

to no more than 15

guests per hour to maintain

public health safety.

Lauderhill Commissioner

Melissa P. Dunn presents

Lauderhill Shines, Join Online

Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021,

register by Tuesday, Wednesday,

Jan. 6, 2021 lauderhill-fl.


Lauderhill Shines is a FREE

online self-paced course offered

only to new Lauderhill

Businesses. For more info and

question call (954) 777-2041.

Deeply Rooted

DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020 • PAGE 5

Department of Elder Affairs Announces Collier County

as New Dementia-Caring Community


-- Recently, the Florida

Department of Elder Affairs

(DOEA) announced Collier

County has joined the

Dementia Care and Cure

Initiative (DCCI) as the

15th DCCI Task Force and

Dementia-Caring Community

in Florida. DCCI implements

a statewide effort to become

more dementia-caring to

support those living with

dementia, their families, and

their caregivers. Communities

organize task forces to include

professionals, advocates,

and community members

to increase education,

awareness, and sensitivity

regarding the needs of

those living with dementia

throughout their community.

Governor DeSantis has

taken important steps to

ensure individuals living

with Alzheimer’s disease and

related dementias (ADRD)

get the care they deserve.

Since taking office, Governor

DeSantis has challenged local

communities, who have not

already done so, to expand

DCCI in their areas to promote

better care for Floridians

living with dementia and

support research efforts to

find a cure. The DeSantis

administration is committed

to working diligently to

improve the lives of Floridians

living with ADRD.

“I share Governor

DeSantis’ vision for a Florida

where people can live well

even after a diagnosis of

dementia,” said Department

of Elder Affairs Secretary

Richard Prudom. “Being a

dementia-caring community

means there are now services

and supports in place to make

this community hospitable

to someone living with

dementia, their care partners,

and loved ones. We want

those living with dementia

in Collier County to still

play a vital role within their

communities, and we want

each interaction they have

with the public to be a positive

one, created out of respect and

understanding. The efforts

of Collier County will create

stronger communities and a

state that is more livable for


The Collier County DCCI

Task Force is being led

by executive leadership of

the Naples Senior Center

at the Jewish Family and

Community Services of

Southwest Florida (JFCS).

“With an estimated

580,000 individuals in Florida

living with Alzheimer’s and

Meharry Medical College Announces Collaboration

with University of Memphis and Methodist Le

Bonheur Healthcare for More Doctors of Color

The partnership comes at a critical time in health care,

particularly in the Mid-South where patients face many

health challenges.

By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA

Newswire Senior National



Meharry Medical College,

Methodist Le Bonheur

Healthcare, and the University

of Memphis announced a

historic collaboration the

conglomerate said would

diversify health care

(Photo: iStockphoto / NNPA)

and advance health care


“It’s a game-changer,” Dr.

James Hildreth, the president

of Meharry Medical College in

Nashville, said during a Zoom

news conference on Monday,

December 17.

“We will work together

to diversify the healthcare

provider pipeline and advance

health care education,” Dr.

Hildreth proclaimed.

The institutions plan to

create training and research

for medical students of color,

hoping they will grow the

number of primary care

doctors across the state.

Initial plans include

offering rotations for thirdand-fourth-year

students at

Meharry and Church Health

in Memphis.

The institutions will

recruit students of color

to pursue pre-medical

undergraduate degrees at the

University of Memphis.

They would have preferred

access to medical school and

biomedical sciences graduate

programs at Meharry.

Methodist has committed

to providing clinical training

rotations and residencies in

its hospitals.

Besides increasing the

number of physicians of color,

the partnership expects to

create research collaborations

between Meharry, Methodist,

and the University of


A clinical affiliation

with Church Health, which

serves the underinsured in

Memphis, plans to provide

Continue reading online at:

Moving People—and Coronavirus—

From Prison to Prison

As COVID-19 infections soar, prisoners and corrections officers

worry that transferring people between

facilities is causing outbreaks.

By Cary Aspinwall And Ed


Coverage of The Covid-19

Pandemic, Criminal Justice and


DETROIT — Families

of men incarcerated

at Michigan’s Kinross

Correctional Facility believed

its remote location would

spare it from a deadly

COVID-19 outbreak. For a

while, they seemed to be right.

Kinross, built on the

grounds of a former Air Force

base in the Upper Peninsula,

is closer to Canada than it is to

Detroit. Unlike most prisons

in Michigan, Kinross had

remained almost unscathed

by the coronavirus with only

one case between March and


This article was published

in partnership with The

Associated Press.

But on Oct. 28, corrections

officials transferred nine

prisoners to Kinross from

Marquette Branch Prison,

several hours west, where

COVID-19 was running

rampant. There were 837

confirmed cases by late

October, 350 of which were

active when the men were


Roughly three weeks

later, Kinross had its first

major outbreak, corrections

department data showed.

Though agency officials say it

Jennifer Gross holds photos of herself with fiancé Robert

Vermett, who is incarcerated at Michigan’s Kinross Correctional

Facility and recovering from COVID-19.

is not because of the transfers,

more than 1,100 prisoners

have now been infected, at

least seven have died and

more than 100 guards have

fallen ill. The prisoners who

came to Kinross had been

transferred twice, sent first to

Marquette after a riot where

they were held, and then

tested positive for COVID-19

there before leaving for

Kinross, officials said.

In prisons around the

country, COVID-19 outbreaks

have followed transfers of

prisoners or prison workers.

Nearly all the 25 state

prison systems and the

federal Bureau of Prisons

that responded to a survey

conducted by The Marshall

Project and The Associated

Press said they had reduced

or limited the number of

prisoners they moved due to

the pandemic. Eight states

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the increase in the numbers

of seniors projected through

2040 in Collier County, there

could not be a better time

to focus on individuals and

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Covid Vaccine Questions Answered

By The Doctor Whose Research

Exposed The Flint Water Crisis

With the coronavirus vaccine distribution process underway,

the doctor whose research exposed the Flint Water Crisis tells

us what we need to know.

Written By Dr. Mona


(Source NewsOne):

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha,

a public health pediatrician

whose research exposed the

Flint, Michigan, water crisis,

answers questions about the

vaccine and allergies, and

when kids might be able to

get the vaccine.

If I have allergies, should I

still get the vaccine?

If you have a history of

allergies to food, pets, insects

or other things, the Centers

for Disease Control and

Prevention recommends that

you proceed with vaccination,

with an observation period. If

you have a history of severe

allergic reaction, or what

is called anaphylaxis, to

another vaccine or injectable

people’s health after they

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Coronavirus Report:

December 21, 2020

By Marsha Mullings,



17.8 million cases,

317,684 deaths


1.2 million cases,

59,995 total


20,568 deaths


125,890 cases, 7,217 total


1,776 deaths

Stay safe during the

holiday period

The United States is

experiencing another dramatic

upsurge in new COVID-19

infections and related deaths.

On Wednesday, December 16,

we recorded 3,611 COVID-19

deaths in a single day, the

highest since the beginning of

the pandemic. Two days later,

on Friday December 18, we

recorded 251,000 new infections

in a single day. The daily average

of new infections and deaths will

rise as we go through the holiday

periods and the winter season.

Vaccines have arrived but mass

inoculations will begin only after

the spring of 2021. Moreover,

the current vaccines are

designed to prevent the onset

of illness if someone becomes

infected. They will not treat

an already existing COVID-19

infection. Until vaccines are

universally available, disease

mitigation efforts are our best

defense against infection and


Source: Scott Olson / Getty

therapy, your doctor can

do a risk assessment, defer

your vaccination, or proceed

and then observe you after

vaccination. The only reason

to avoid vaccination is a

severe allergic reaction to any

component of the COVID-19

vaccine. The CDC has specific

recommendations for postvaccine


The CDC and Food

and Drug Administration

encourage the public to

report possible adverse

events to the Vaccine Adverse

Event Reporting System, or

VAERS. This national system

collects these data to look

for adverse events that are

unexpected, appear to happen

more often than expected

or have unusual patterns of

Hand hygiene is critical –

Good hand hygiene decreases

the chance that we will introduce

viral particles into our mouths,

noses, and eyes. Wash hands

as often as possible, with soap

and warm water, for at least 20

seconds. If soap is not available,

use a hand sanitizer with at

least a 70% alcohol content by


Maintain at least six feet

of distance from others –

Maintaining social distance

helps to reduce the chance of

inhaling coronavirus particles

from others who may be carrying

the virus. Distancing also

protects others from ourselves

if we are unknowingly carrying a

coronavirus infection.

Avoid crowded indoor

locations - Crowded indoor

locations such as bars and

restaurants increase the

possibility of viral transmission

because there is little or no wind

to disperse viral particles. In

these locations, especially those

that are poorly ventilated, viral

particles become aerosolized

and can form a suspended

cloud that can easily spread to

occurrence. Anyone who has

experienced an adverse event

should report it to the system.

Reporting an adverse event

is a crucial step to ensuring

safety and to help the CDC

monitor the vaccines. Safety

is a top priority, and scientists

and public health officials

need to know about adverse


An adverse event is

different in most cases from

a typical vaccine side effect.

Vaccines may cause a side

effect, such as soreness

at the injection site or

redness. Adverse events are

more serious and can

sometimes be life-threatening.

If you are unsure whether you

have experienced a side effect

or adverse event, you can still

report the event.

Participants are given

a fact sheet when they are

vaccinated. Health care

providers who vaccinate

people will be required to

report to VAERS certain

adverse events following

vaccination. In addition,

under the terms of the

emergency use authorization,

health care providers also

must follow any revised safety

reporting requirements that

may arise.

The CDC is also

implementing a new

smartphone-based tool

called v-safe to check in on

people in close proximity. Where

possible, it is advisable to spend

time outdoors and avoid large

indoor gatherings.

Masks protect everyone –

Wearing a mask protects others

from ourselves. Moreover, the

CDC has recently declared that

masks also protect the wearer

from others. Wear a mask to

protect everyone and to reduce

the spread of coronavirus.

In normal times, we

enjoy this holiday season by

celebrating with family and

friends. We are however,

not in normal times. We are

experiencing a deadly pandemic

which has necessitated changes

in the way we live and associate

with each other. For the health

and well-being of everyone

we must continue to abide

by disease control guidelines

and avoid large gatherings

and unnecessary travel. Our

collective welfare depends on a

safe approach to enjoying our

time with loved ones, for this

season and beyond.

For more information

on coronavirus (COVID-19)

prevention, visit www.; coronavirus.;

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Black Press strives to help every

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Wearing a cross

but violating

basic Christian



Rev. Dr. Andrea Ayvazian

Everything that comes out

of the White House today —

the lies, the

false claims

of election

fraud, the

a b s u r d


— makes

me retreat

and recoil.

But I feel

a particular sense of dread

whenever I am watching the

TV news and press secretary

Kayleigh McEnany steps up

to the podium in the White

House briefing room.

Even before Ms. McEnany

says her first word, I cannot

help but notice the gold

cross she wears around her

neck, right at her throat,

highly visible to the camera.

The cross, I believe, is

intentionally obvious and is

deeply upsetting to me. As

if to provide her with some

degree of legitimacy, Ms.

McEnany wears a cross to

Continue reading online at:

The Gantt Report

of color.

Eighty-five of

them will be

serving their


in public office

next year,

and some of

them will be

helping to lead our nation in

the years ahead.

Here are a few of the 2020

success stories that can give

us all hope for a brighter future.

Baltimore City Council

President Brandon Scott was

elected the city’s youngest

mayor since 1904. He was

first elected to the city

council in 2011 when he was

just 27 years old—and he

had already built a record

of community service work.

Next Up endorsed Scott in

the primary election based

on his record of fighting for

better schools, working to end

gun violence, and improving

opportunities and wages for

working families.

Continue reading online

at: www.thewestsidegazette.

Following is an excerpt from the diary

of outgoing President Donald Trump,

apparently written in early December 2020.

The excerpt has been edited for clarity,

spelling, grammar, and context.

Some of my people want me to say Sleepy

Joe won the election. But I think I’ll keep

holding out. Why the hell should I give him that? He’s weak,

and he’ll get weaker the longer I hold out. Yeah, I know all

the arguments about giving in—showing I’m “presidential,”

being a good sport, all that [expletive]. I’ve never bought that

[expletive] in the past and I’m sure not going to buy it now.

Good sports are losers, like Biden. Besides, what matters now

is not how the election really turned out, but whose side you’re

on. For [expletive]’s sake, look at that [expletive] McConnell,

turning on me just when I’m on a roll.

Never trusted that [expletive], wish I could fire him. He

and the other disloyal [expletive] don’t get it: We have to keep

feeding the chaos, as Steve [Bannon] always says. You can’t

just get off the stage and play nice loser, not when all we’ve

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Deeply Rooted

I will choose life

By Lucius Gantt

The measles make you bumpy, mumps will make you lumpy, chicken pox

will make you jump and twitch. The common cold will fool you, influenza

really cools you but Covid 19, Lord, will kill you quick!

Obviously, the above statement is a comedic take on the old Coasters song, “Poison Ivy”.

Seriously, more than a significant number of my friends, and other people of color, are

hesitant to rush to take Covid vaccinations.

However, in my case, I plan to choose life!

Thousands and thousands of Americans die daily in the USA and hundreds of thousands of

people die daily around the globe from the Corona Virus.

A very small number of people who have taken a version of Corona vaccinations have had an

allergic reaction but I’m not aware of any vaccination deaths.

I am not a doctor and The Gantt Report is not a medical journal, but I do have a Masters

Degree in a health related science from a major accredited university so don’t base your

vaccination decision on this column. Vaccinate or don’t vaccinate based on what you think is

best for you and your family.

I get my health information from my health care providers and from scientists and for the

last couple of months I’ve had to see two or three doctors every week including my primary

care physician, cardiologists, neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons, nephrologists, urologists and


My health decisions are not made based on texts, opinion columns, Facebook posts, Twitter

feeds, Tik Tok videos, Instagram posts or Worldstar fight flicks and booty pictures!

I also don’t make health decisions based on Russian, and other foreign nation’s propaganda

videos or conspiracy theories from right wing crack pots.

I do, however, know that racism in health care does exist. I know about what happened years

ago in the Tuskegee Experiment and continues to happen in today’s health care systems.

If most African Americans don’t know, a Black woman from North Carolina

will go down in history for leading the effort to solve the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, a research fellow and scientific lead at the National Institute of

Health, is on the frontlines working with a team of scientists, studying Moderna’s vaccine, one

of the two COVID-19 vaccines shown to be effective by more than 90 percent.

The drug has received emergency use authorization by the FDA.

“I want to make it clear that the work that we have been doing for so long I personally stand

by it, essentially with all of my being,” said Corbett.

African American medical schools where many doctors of color are educated and trained

at Tennessee’s Meharry, Atlanta’s Morehouse School of Medicine, Washington’s Howard

University College of Medicine, and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in

Los Angeles are all working on varying fronts — from establishing testing sites, providing

medical care to doing research — to fight this Covid 19 disease.

At the end of the day, Lucius Gantt will CHOOSE LIFE!

I will continue to shelter at home, wear masks, wash my hands and social distance as much

as possible for the foreseeable future.

Right now, I have some serious health challenges and various underlying conditions and I’m

very mature, so to speak.

I want to thank my family, friends, business partners and colleagues for any and all spiritual

and financial support you all have for me. God is not through with me or The Gantt Report yet.

A long and healthy life is the best revenge against a devilish, murderous virus.

By the time Covid vaccinations reach most African American communities, the true impact

of vaccinations will be obvious to everyone.

Protect your health and yourself at all times and do it by any means necessary!

The Other Good News from

the 2020 Election

By Ben Jealous


- While President Donald

Trump continues to hog media

attention with his dishonest

“stolen election” claims, we

should devote some attention

to the good news that a diverse

group of young progressive

leaders were elected to office

all across the country this


People For the American

Way’s Next Up Victory Fund

supports young progressive

candidates who demonstrate

leadership ability and a commitment

to making positive

change. Since 2017 we have

helped more than 300 promising

and accomplished

young progressives get elected

to state and local office.

This year, some of our

endorsed candidates were

running for office for the first

time. Some were running

for reelection. Some were

stepping up to a position

of greater responsibility. A

majority were women and

more than two-thirds were

Black, Indigenous, or people

Biden . . . Won (Maybe) (satire)

By Mel Gurtov

The Westside Gazette, under the Management of BI-ADs, Inc., reserves

the right to publish Views and Opinions by Contributing Writers that

may not necessarily reflect those of the Staff and Management of

The Westside Gazette Newspaper and are solely the product of the

responsible individual(s) who submit comments published in this


Trump -






By John Johnson


former president,



to overturn

his 2020,


loss to


Elect Joe

Biden by

means of a bloodless political

and legislative coup.

Consequently, he is once again

demonstrating signs that he’s

a dangerous delusionist. It

appears that his distortion

of reality has reached a level

that threatens the foundation

of America’s democracy.

This Nation must now

realize that for four years our

Country has been run by a

man far too many believed is

just a serial liar. Trump has

proven to be far more than just

a liar. In fact, to comprehend

the horrific impact of this

delusionist’s behavior on

America, it’s necessary to

compare his behavior to one

of history’s most barbaric

and delusionary leaders,

Hitler. Like Hitler, Trump

too has a base of delusionary

supporters, which includes

Republican Senators and

House members.

Hitler was chosen because

the world is aware of his attempted

genocide of Jews and

his demonic plans to destroy

all of Europe. Sadly, even

to this day, there are even

delusionary American who

pander to Hitler’s ideology

and deny that the Holocaust

ever happen.

Continue reading online at:


Black Voters Should See

Themselves in Congressional Staff

People of color account for nearly 40 percent of the U.S.

population. Yet, Joint Center research found that people

of color account for just 11 percent of Washington, D.C.-

based senior staff in Senate personal offices.

By Dr. LaShonda Brenson

As the new Congress prepares to take office and members

of the U.S. House and Senate make key staff hires, it’s time

for scrutiny of the diversity reflected within the ranks of

congressional staff. This is particularly true following an

election in which Black voters were critical to its outcome.

More than 70 civil rights groups, including African American

Mayors Association, Black Futures Lab, Congressional Black

Caucus Foundation (CBCF), and NAACP Legal Defense and

Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF), have formally called on new

members of Congress to increase the numbers of staff of color

within the mid-level and senior ranks of congressional offices.

Our advocacy is particularly important right now, in the period

between Election Day and the formal start of the new Congress

when most key staff are hired.

While we saw marginal improvement in senior staff

diversity after the election in 2018, the lack of diversity among

senior congressional staff of both parties is longstanding.

The data is sobering, if not surprising.

People of color account for nearly 40 percent of the U.S.

population. Yet, Joint Center research found that people of

color account for just 11 percent of Washington, D.C.-based

senior staff in Senate personal offices. These include positions

like chief of staff, legislative director, and communications

director – the most influential staff positions in Congress.

Unfortunately, our 2018 report also found that the House

was only narrowly more representative with staffers of color

comprising just 13.7 percent of senior roles.

And this inequity remains true for Republicans who

represent large numbers of Black voters and for Democratic

members who often depend on Black voters as a critical

component of their electorate.

There’s not a single Black senior staff member in the personal

offices of the Republican Senators who represent Mississippi

and Louisiana, even though African Americans account for a

third or more of the population in these states.

Similarly, though Black voters made up 37 percent of

Democratic voters in Virginia in 2016, and 47 percent of

Democratic voters in Maryland, there’s not a single Black

person holding a senior staff position within the offices of the

Democratic Senators who represent these states.

Meanwhile, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is leading

by example among congressional Democrats, with Black staff

representing just over 53 percent of CBC top staff – compared to

just 2.1 percent of the senior staff of White Democratic members

of the U.S. House. Only 35 percent of African Americans in the

United States live in districts represented by CBC Members,

but 78.5 percent of the Black top staff in the U.S. House are

employed by CBC Members.

This data is particularly troubling at a time when we

desperately need more, not fewer, Black staff who can advise

Members of Congress in better understanding and responding

robustly to structural inequality, racism, and anti-Blackness.

Yet, there is an opportunity for change.

There will soon be at least 60 new members of the U.S.

House and there could be as many as nine new Senators.

With each appointing a chief of staff, legislative director, and

communications director, that amounts to 207 senior positions.

Far more of them should be filled by talented African Americans.

Continued progress will require that congressional

leadership bring real resources to bear. More Congressional

offices should formalize diversity and inclusion plans and

measure progress. And all offices should focus on diversifying

mid-level positions like press secretary and legislative assistant

to further bolster the pool of talent that can eventually step

into top positions.

Without question, some members can rightfully point

to Black staff serving as state or district directors, or to

improvements in the diversity of non-senior staff.

But at a time when the pandemic and economic turmoil has

fallen disproportionally on Black people, robust representation

of Black Americans in senior roles matters now more than ever.

Real progress is possible, but it will require that Members

of Congress choose action over the status quo. And it demands

that we hold them accountable for doing so.

One World: The Wisdom of Wholeness

By Robert C. Koehler

“We won’t be in a position

to make permanent

progressive changes until

the bad governments are

changed permanently into

good governments. And all

governments are bad governments

now and will remain

bad governments until we

have a global humanity.”

The words are those of

Mark Haywood, in an email

to me last week about my

column, “Embracing Ecological

Realism.” I think the

words nail it. And I would add

that “global humanity” includes

a connection to Planet

Earth, to life itself. And my

intention is to put these words

in a political

context that

is free — so

I pray — of


The irony

is that this

is ancient

wisdom. We used to know

this, once upon a time. Then

we got civilized and became

conquerors. We are now at

the end, or nearly so, of this

dark, bloody path. And while

global humanity’s next step is

uncertain — we must plunge

into a new way of being — the

wisdom of our fathers and

mothers can guide us:

Continue reading online

at: www.thewestsidegazette.






Deeply Rooted

DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020 • PAGE 7

Fred Lovell, Lic. Opt.

"Over 30 Years

In Optics"

PAGE 8 • DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020



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America Mourns the Loss of

a Cultural Movie Icon

(Source Latin Heat Entertainment):

Amid the shock surrounding the

loss of Tommy “Tiny” Lister, we’ve

learned that there were aspects of

his life and final years that were

even more of a mystery than the

immediate hours after his sudden


“He was really private about his

health,” said Vincent Brantley, an

actor/director/producer and former

songwriter of such hits as New

Edition’s “Cool It Now” and Lister’s

cousin through marriage.

In a phone conversation with EURWEB’s Lee Bailey late

Thursday, Brantley paints a portrait of Lister as a father

doting on his 10-year-old daughter, and also a fiercely private

man who had a strained relationship with his extended family,

fell on hard times financially, served three years in prison and

was looking forward to a big payday to reprise his iconic role of

Continue reading online at: www.thewestsidegazette.comcom


Funeral services

for the late Joy

Fletcher - 68 were

held December 19

at McWhite’s Funeral

Home Chapel.


Funeral services

for the late Munair

N. Garrison -57

were held December

19 at McWhite’s

Funeral Home Chapel.


Funeral services

for the late Elder

Justin Emmanuel

Gervais - 89

were held December

20 at Guilgal

French Seventh day Adventist

Church, Orlando, Fl.


Funeral services

for the late Jessie

Grant - 76 were

held December 19

at McWhite Funeral

Home Chapel.


Funeral services

for the late Eugene

Nelson, Jr. -

49 were held December

19 at Mc-

White’s Funeral

Home Chapel.


Funeral services

for the late

Anthony Thomas

- 56 were

held December

19 at McWhite’s

Funeral Home Chapel.


Funeral services

for the late

Lakeisha Thomas

– 45 were

held December

19 at McWhite’s

Funeral Home Chapel.


Funeral services

for the late

Tabatha Denise

Lakes-Thorpe -

44 were held December

19 at Mc-

White’s Funeral Home Chapel.


Funeral services

for the late

Dylan Young - 49

were held December

18 at New

Hope Baptist Church.

Roy Mizell & Kurtz

Funeral Home


Funeral services

for the late Minnie

Lee Habersham-

Atwell – 70 were

held December 21

at Roy Mizell & Kurtz Worship

Center with Dr. Bishop Grissett



Funeral services

for the late Leola

C. Ficklin – 102

were held December

22 at Roy Mizell

and Kurtz Worship Center.


Funeral services

for the late Tonita

Beatrice Poole -

78 were held December

21 at Roy

Mizell & Kurtz Worship



Funeral services

for the late Aaron

Antonio Richardson,

Jr. – 32 were

held December 19

at Roy Mizell &

Kurtz Worship Center.


Funeral services

for the late

Candace Faye

Smith - 63 were

held December19

at Roy Mizell

and Kurtz Worship Center

with Pastor Juanita Williams officiating.


Funeral services

for the late

Perry Williams

- 79 were held

December 12 at

Roy Mizell and

Kurtz Worship Center.

Merry Christmas To Your Family

from Our Family

ATTENTION: DUE TO COVID-19 Virus and in the effort to stop the spread of the virus, we can

only have a certain number of individuals inside the Funeral Home at one time. Please, remember

to wash your hands or sanitize and keep your distance as much as possible. Thank you for your

cooperation and please remember to do your part to stop the spread of the virus. Thank You, the


Officials record a

steady uptick in

overdose deaths,

coinciding with

the COVID-19


By Alexandra Kelley

While deaths related

to COVID-19 reach record

highs in the U.S., new

data from the U.S. Centers

for Disease Control and

Prevention (CDC) report that

deaths from drug overdoses

are accelerating amid the

pandemic, signaling the

continued emotional strain

the pandemic is having on


The CDC said that more

than 81,000 drug overdose

fatalities occurred in

the U.S. over the last 12

months, ending in May

2020. This is the highest

number of overdose deaths

ever recorded in a year-long

period, officials said in a

press release.

Deeply Rooted

Drug overdose deaths accelerating due to pandemic: CDC

Although the observed

time frame encompasses

months outside the COVID-19

pandemic, experts believe

the record-high numbers are

linked to the onset of the


“The disruption to daily

life due to the COVID-19

pandemic has hit those with

substance use disorder hard,”

said CDC Director Robert

Redfield. “As we continue the

DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020 • PAGE 9

fight to end this pandemic,

it’s important to not lose

sight of different groups

being affected in other

ways. We need to take care

of people suffering from

unintended consequences.”

Opioids were largely

responsible for most of the

overdose deaths, primarily

illegally manufactured

fentanyl. Synthetic opioidlinked

fatalities rose 38.4

percent when analyzing

yearly rates from 2019 to


Deaths involving cocaine

— a substance sometimes

mixed with fentanyl —

have also increased by 26.5

percent. Other drugs seen

in more overdose deaths

include psychostimulants,

namely methamphetamine,

which increased by 34.8

percent, outpacing cocainerelated


“The increase in overdose

Continue reading online at:


Falsely Accused

Black Folks Freed

From Prison

By NewsOne Staff

(Source NewsOne):

Aman who spent 19 years

in prison was exonerated this

week after it was determined

his conviction was based on

false testimony and suspicious

evidence that may have

centered on a police coverup.

A Michigan man was exonerated

on Nov. 20 after he

was falsely accused of arson

and murder. In 1982 Walter

Forbes, 63, was beginning a

new chapter in his life, preparing

to enter community

college to study real estate.

All of that changed when

Forbes attempted to break up

a bar fight, and was shot by a

man named Dennis Hall.

Hall was later found dead

in an apartment fire. Because

of their prior involvement

Forbes was arrested and

spent almost four decades

in jail for a crime he didn’t

commit. Forbes was freed

after a key female witness

confessed she lied about her

story, leading the police to

discover the fire was possibly

part of a an insurance fraud

scheme orchestrated by Hall’s

building owner.

Termaine Joseph Hicks on

Wednesday became the latest

Black person in a growing list

of exonerated people who were

freed from prison after being

falsely accused. The 45-yearold

man is one of at least 16

people whose questionable

convictions are being revisited

by the Philadelphia District

Attorney’s Office.

Hicks was accused of

raping a woman who he says

was attacked before he heard

her cries for help and went

to assist her in 2001. That’s

when police arrived on the

scene and promptly shot

Hicks in the back, claiming

he had a gun. The jury that

convicted Hicks never saw

evidence that would have presented

reasonable doubt he

committed the crime. Namely,

video surveillance that contradicted

police accounts, including

cops’ assertion they

shot Hicks in the abdomen,

was never presented during

the trial.

“False testimony was used,”

Patricia Cummings, chief

of the Conviction Integrity

Unit, told the Philadelphia

Inquirer. “And I believe it’s

Continue reading online at:

Florida’s energy future is on the horizon. And we

will never stop moving toward it. We simply envision

continuing to deliver energy that’s not just the most

reliable, or the cleanest, but also the most affordable.

That’s America’s best energy value working for you

and for Florida.

This advertising is paid for by FPL shareholders, not our customers.

PAGE 10 • DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020

Deeply Rooted

Stop spreading

COVID-19 when you

talk, cough

& sneeze.

Keep at least

6 ft.

Wear a face mask.

Avoid crowds.

Stay home if sick.

For test sites go to





Broward County Board of County

Commissioners is soliciting bids

for a variety of goods and services,

construction and architectural/

engineering services. Interested

bidders are requested to view

and download the notifications of

bid documents via the Broward

County Purchasing website at:

December 3, 10 17, 24, 31, 2020




$4.00 a bag


FACE MASK for Sale

(Name Brands) $5.00 each

Nike, Polo, Bentley

(Paper Mask .25 each


(954) 557-1203

Receptionist/Office Clerk: The Housing Authority of

Pompano Beach (HAPB) is seeking a Full-Time Receptionist/

Office Clerk. This position entails receptionist responsibilities

in addition to assisting the various departments in data entry,

filing, as well as, and other office duties as assigned. Seeking a

professional who is flexible, a team player, organized, quick learner,

and multi-task oriented. Additional information and an application

may be obtained from the HAPB’s website at

employment/index.php. Equal Opportunity Employer.

Deeply Rooted

VOL. 49 NO. 09



december 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020





1 5 0


SEZ -216





Pick 2




27-32-34-43-52 13





Pick 3






















































48 49


68 69 77






04 05 06 07


16 17 18 19 22 23


32-56-17 06-12-02 03-06-25 32-41-56 32-19-31 56-12-10


37-34-54 09-60-08 21-45-27 49-29-16 29-10-64 45-28-36

WHAT’S HOT? 79-57-63-70-102


Pick 4 Pick 5

5242/7685 80849/39500

JACKPOT Triple Play


DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020 • PAGE 11

Legendary Singer Donell Jones Converts Setbacks into Positive New Way of Life

R&B Legend Donell Jones: “I’m Free From All Those Things That Were Addictions For Me!”

By Percy Crawford

(Source Zenger):

R&B legend Donell Jones

wants his fans to know he’s no

longer in the clutches of debt,

addiction, a smoking habit

and other vices that affected

him throughout his career.

His new album “100% free!”

is exactly that: 100% free.

(Photo courtesy Donell Jones)

Jones will release it to his

fans in a matter of days. Jones

cemented his musical legacy

long ago with chart-topping

hits like “Where I Wanna

Be” and “U Know What’s Up.

”But all that glitters is not

gold. Jones says he dealt with

crippling addictions along the

way, and they led him to take

a break from making music.

He built a successful

career despite his demons.

Now, clear of the crushing

weight that hampered his

personal life, the R&B icon

feels he’s reborn and just

getting started again. He

even gave up smoking. Jones

is open and honest about his

setbacks and his triumphs,

and explains how “100%Free!”

is his most daring step yet.

(Photo courtesy Donell Jones)

Zenger: How have you been

during this Covid-19 Craziness?

Jones: You know what?

Man, to be honest with you,

this thing has kind of made my

life a lil’ better in a sense. And

let me explain to you why...

I’m already an introvert,

and I stay in the studio all

the time. So, it really didn’t

change my life as far as that.

But what it really made me

do is made me think about my

life and changed a few things.

I got out and started working

out a lil’ bit. It made me want

to get out in that sun, so in

that sense, it kind of helped

me a little bit because I’m

always in the house. Zenger:

It definitely changed all of us

in some way, shape, or form. I

think it stinks that you guys

aren’t able to promote and

tour. Still, most of you have

been using social media and

the internet in a remarkable

way to supplement the lack

of touring and public appearances.

Jones: Yeah, man! It

really opened up the social

media thing for me. But not

only that, man, it made me

just think about life and made

me realize I gotta live my life

to the fullest, man. Percy

Crawford interviewed Donell

Jones for Zenger News (Photo

courtesy of Percy Crawford)

Zenger: ‘Karma (Payback),’

love the new single. I’m

always amazed how artists

ARIES-You know, the dream that you say you’ll

“get to” when the time is right. This week the

time is exactly right. Get the plan started that

will lead to the realization of that dream. Talk

it over with significant others so that they can

add their strength. Make the dream their dream

too.13, 41, 55

TAURUS-You are made from the best stuff on

earth. You’ll need to remember that this week.

Cast a wide net among the people that admire you

and spend time being admired. There are plenty

of people who know your best qualities, but this

week seek out those who enjoy talking about what

is good about you. 8, 14, 36

GEMINI-Give to a charity, talk with a

grandparent, counsel a child, encourage a

colleague this week. Choose any or all of the

above or create your own list. Your goodness is

an investment in your future as long as you do not

think of it as such. 6, 24, 53

CANCER-If you are unhappy with your situation

this week, you have all the power you need to

change it! Don’t procrastinate any longer. You

can make the improvement now! Don’t worry

about what others are thinking. Just do what is

good for you. 12, 33, 55

LEO-The universe is balanced, and our lives will

be filled with triumphs and tribulations. Don’t

fret when you face turmoil this week. Deal with

it head on and stay undeterred. Keep straight on

the path you are traveling, and you will reach the

place where you are meant to be. 6, 21, 47

VIRGO-Your inner beauty is one of your greatest

assets. This week take full advantage of this

gift you received from God. This week hold in

consciousness the truth that you are specially

crafted from His hands. Allow a cheerful

disposition to radiate through you.1, 50, 53

LIBRA-Everything that goes around will come

around for the universe is balanced. We all need

to bear our crosses and accept the fate that is

destined for each of us. The will of God is good,

and we will receive as He gives. This week is a

week for finding joy in little things. 19, 23, 46

SCORPIO-This week have faith in what you

know can happen and rededicate yourself to

achieving your dreams. Be sure to remember and

respect who you are as the week unfolds. Love

yourself for who you are this week, and this will

give you a clear perspective on what you can

become. 05, 32, 51

SAGITTARIUS-Give yourself a chance to

experience a different side of your personality this

week. Keep from getting bored by doing a little

acting. Choose a character who would be more

effective than you in the situation in which you

find yourself. Be that character. Play the role.

Enjoy it. 17, 20, 30

CAPRICORN-You are a person of action. Believe

in your ability to get things done and you will find

things so easy to do. Put things into perspective

and obstacles will become opportunities. Put your

plans into practice with confidence and your list

of things to do will get done one by one. 68, 25, 27

AQUARIUS-This week think of yourself in ways

that you have not thought of yourself recently.

Find in the closet of your spirit another set of

clothes. Put them on and wear them like they are

your everyday apparel. Reinvent yourself and act

as if the new is usual.89, 49, 52

Donell Jones

like you are able to not only

create timeless music but

relative music as well. Is it

just a matter of keeping your

ear to the street? Jones: Thank

you! For me, it’s always been

just following my heart.

That record was an old

record from, The Stylistics. I

used to love that record. Me

and my group used to sing

that record. So, I always

knew one day I was going

to do something with that

particular record. I woke up

one day I was in bed with my

wife, and I woke up singing the

song. She asked me, ‘Damn,

what song is that?’ And I told

her that it was The Stylistics

joint. So, immediately I

went downstairs and started

making the music, and just

wrote a whole new song from

it, but I kept their thing,

which was, “Payback. ”I added

the ‘Karma’ thing. When

songs hit me like that when

I’m sleeping, that means

I’m supposed to do it. And

that’s exactly what happened

with that particular song.

It was something that I was




Kamal Harris



supposed to do, and it hit

me at that specific moment.

Zenger: ‘Where I Wanna Be’

has to be one of the greatest

songs ever made. But I gotta

tell you, your rendition of

Stevie Wonder’s, ‘Knocks Me

Off My Feet,’ I believe you out

did the legend on that one. I’m

not just saying that either.

Jones: Wow! I don’t know

about that (laughing). Let

me be completely honest with

you, man...and I’m a Stevie

Wonder fan. When I did that

particular song, I didn’t even

know it was a Stevie Wonder

song. A lady had sung it to

me, a producer’s wife sang the

song to me, and I sang it back

to the tape. I didn’t even know

it was a Stevie Wonder song.

Had I known it was a Stevie

Wonder song, I probably would

have been so intimidated to

do it, and it probably wouldn’t

Continue reading online at:

DECEMBER 24, 2020




12-29-32-38-60 1









07-15-25-51-60 5






DP 15-19-29-37-38-52







PISCES-You are a person of many talents and

skills. People around you count on your abilities

to keep things running smoothly this week.

Know that all your hard work is appreciated and

even though you may not see it right away your

dedication will be rewarded. 34, 17, 22


Send Self Addressed

Envelope and $10.00 to:


P.O.BOX 5304


For Entertainment purpose Only!


Kids - $9 Medium & Large $10 – XL$12

2X$13 – 3X$15 – 4X&5X $20



545 N.W. 7 Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL

CONTACT: Sonia Robinson

P.O. BOX 5304 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310

Additional Shipping Charges

Call Sonia – (954) 646-0330

or call (954) 525-1489




(954) 525-1489

PAGE 12 • DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020

Deeply Rooted

Atlanta Hawks Ink Historic Agreement With Black-Owned Banks

“We always strive to ask ourselves how the Hawks can best

help those in the community that are already helping others,”

said Tony Ressler, Principal Owner of the Atlanta Hawks.

By NewsOne Staff

(Source NewsOne):

In the midst of the continued

fight against systemic injustice,

several athletes and

franchises have led initiatives

at the intersection of sports

and activism. One of the latest

efforts is being spearheaded

by the Atlanta Hawks. The

basketball franchise recently

inked an exclusive financing

deal with Black-owned banks,

the NBA reported.

The deal is historic as

it marks the first time a

Pigskin to Podcaster:

Brandon Marshall Keeps it

Real on ‘I AM ATHLETE’

Former NFL All-Pro receiver Brandon

Marshall’s off-the-cuff and in-yourface

podcast is as genuine as it gets.

By Percy Crawford

(Source Zenger News)

Brandon Marshall ate

defensive backs for lunch

during his 13-year NFL

career. The 6’5″ former All-

Pro receiver conquered entire

defenses. Now he aims to

conquer the podcast and

fitness lanes.

Growing by leaps and

bounds, I AM ATHLETE is

in its second season. Other

former NFL standouts—

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson,

Channing Crowder and

Fred Taylor— join Marshall

for every episode. The set

stays lit and the topics jump

from sports and politics to

relationships, money, mental

health and beyond.

Like-minded but contrasting

personalities set the

crew apart from any other

podcast. It’s off-the-cuff and

in-your-face with absolutely

no holding back.

Marshall’s other passion is

his House of Athlete empire,

professional sports team has

secured financing with Blackowned

financial institutions.

The $35 million loan will

refinance the construction of

Emory Sports Medicine Complex.

The Brookhaven-based

facility houses the Atlanta

Hawks’ practice and training

spaces. The arrangement was

overseen by the National Black

Bank Foundation and Carver

State Bank—a Black-owned

bank that has been in existence

for 93 years—was the Lead

Arranger. Amongst the other

financial institutions that

Brandon Marshall

(Photo courtesy I AM ATHLETE)

which focuses on athletes’

mental and physical fitness,

diet, nutrition and lifestyle


Zenger: B Marsh! What’s

good, brother?

Brandon Marshall: I’m great.

How are you?

Zenger: I’m great, bro’. I’m

talking to you, so I’m even


Marshall: Awesome. Awesome.

I enjoyed my time

when I was down there [New

Orleans]. Y’all know how

to take care of people down


Zenger: We were pulling for

you to get on the field and for

it to pan out. I hate it didn’t.

Marshall: Yeah man. So much

love down there, bro’. Go into

Walgreens or into a gas station

and people were like, ‘When

they gonna let you play?’

Zenger: I actually approached

Continue reading online


are a part of the deal include

Commonwealth National

Bank, Optus Bank, Liberty

Bank & Trust, Industrial

Bank, Citizens Trust Bank and

Citizens Savings Bank.

Tony Ressler, who serves

as Principal Owner of the Atlanta

Hawks, says he hopes

the deal will drive economic

change by addressing the

lack of access to capital often

faced by Black entrepreneurs.

“Today’s announcement reflects

our commitment to putting our

values into action–by choosing

to work with Black banks and

drawing attention to the need

for Black banks to thrive as

they work toward addressing

MLB officially recognizes Negro League

as “Major League”after 100 years

From CBS News

Major League Baseball

has officially recognized

the Negro Leagues as

major league teams — 100

years after their creation.

The seven leagues, which

played from 1920 to 1948,

will have their stats and

records added to MLB


“All of us who love

baseball have long known

that the Negro Leagues

produced many of our

game’s best players,

innovations and triumphs

against a backdrop of

injustice,” Commissioner

Robert Manfred said in

a statement Wednesday.

“We are now grateful to

count the players of the

Negro Leagues where

they belong: as Major

Leaguers within the

official historical record.”

The goal is to ensure

baseball fans and “future

generations” remember

the 3,400 players who

made up the Negro

Leagues. In August,

the league MLB held a

league-wide celebration

of the Negro Leagues’ 100


The new recognition

also means that players

who beat MLB records

while they were in the

Negro League could

receive recognition for

their accomplishments.

The MLB is working with

the Elias Sports Bureau

to review how the new

designation changes

the lack of access to capital in

Black communities,” he said

in a statement. “We always

strive to ask ourselves how the

Hawks can best help those in

the community that are already

affect the record books.

The Negro League was

comprised of seven leagues:

The Negro National League,

the Eastern Colored League,

the American Negro League,

the East-West League, the

Negro Southern League,

the Negro National League

(II) and the Negro American

League. The leagues were

formed because Black

players were banned from

joining the National and

American leagues.

In 1969, the Special

Committee on Baseball

Records identified six leagues

to recognize statistics and

facts from. The committee

helping others, and today’s

announcement is another step

in our commitment to use the

Hawks as a positive agent of

change. This is both good for the

community and good business

did not recognize the Negro

Leagues, something MLB

now calls an error.

“It is MLB’s view that the

Committee’s 1969 omission

of the Negro Leagues from

consideration was clearly an

error that demands today’s

designation,” the statement


The news comes as the

country confronts systemic

racism throughout the

country following a year

of protests police violence

and racial inequality. In

June, a statement from the

MLB promised to address

“symptoms of systemic

racism, prejudice, and

to empower new and existing

Black businesses.” Carver

State Bank executive Robert

E. James II says the deal

exemplifies true allyship.

“What we earn from this loan

strengthens our collective

ability to provide even more

loans and financial services

to Black small businesses and

consumers, and we are able to

show our ability to pull off

a large, sophisticated loan

tran-saction. Tony and his

team are real allies in the

movement for racial equity,”

he said.

Efforts like the one being

led by the Atlanta Hawks

are needed. According to NPR,

Black-owned financial institutions

control less than 1

percent of the country’s banking

assets and there are less than

50 that exist in the U.S.


“The perceived deficiencies

of the Negro

Leagues’ structure and

scheduling were born of

MLB’s exclusionary practices

and denying them

Major League status has

been a double penalty, much

like that exacted of Hall of

Fame candidates prior to

Satchel Paige’s induction

in 1971,” John Thorn, the

league’s historian, said in a

statement. “ Granting MLB

status to the Negro Leagues

a century after their

founding is profoundly gratifying.”

Dolphins Beat Patriots to Stay Alive in

Playoff Race

By Byler Henry

With Sunday’s 22 to 12 win Miami

now is 9-5 on the season, still clinging to

the number 7 spot in the playoffs. The

race to acquire the wildcard spot is on,

and there are now two games left this

season. Although the Patriots no longer

have the stranglehold on the AFC East as

they have for the last 19 years, this was

still a tough rivalry game. With Sunday’s

loss the Patriots are now eliminated from

playoff contention, the first time they’ve

missed the playoffs since 2008.

The run game for Miami worked really

well as they were able to gain 250 yards

rushing and 3 touchdowns. Salvon Ahmed

led the way for the run game with 122

yards rushing and Matt Breida

had 86 yards rushing almost

getting to 100. When you’re able

to run effectively and possess the

ball longer than your opponent,

there’s a good chance you’re

going to win the ball game;.

Miami’s time of possession

was 37:26 (37 minutes and 26

seconds) to the patriots 22:34 (22

minutes and 34 seconds). Head

Coach Brian Flores has done

a good job coaching this team

,having a winning record in his

second year as head coach.

The Dolphins scored all 22

of their points in the second

half after being down 6 to 0 at

halftime, here’s Flores’ thoughts

on the resilience of this team. “I

think we overcame a tough first

half. That just speaks to the

Rookie wide receiver Greg Camarillo eludes

a Patriot defender after catching a pass from


The Dolphins dominated time of possession thanks to

the determination of players like RB #32 Salvon Ahmed.

(Credit: Internet Photos)

resiliency and the mental toughness of this team. Didn’t play

great in the first half, got down into the red zone, turned it

over. This team, we don’t go in the tank. We just keep playing.

Continue reading online at:

Deeply Rooted

DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2020 • PAGE 13

For the Week oF December 22 - 28, 2020

M E N A N D W O M E N ' S

2 0 2 0 - 2 1 B L A C K C O L L E G E B A S K E T B A L L (Standings and Outstanding Players)




SIAC Photo


Moore echoes health and

safety concerns as league

moves basketball from

January to March.



Mid EastErn

MEAC athlEtic confErEncE



Morgan State 0 0 3 2

Norfolk State 0 0 3 3

Howard 0 0 1 4

Coppin State 0 0 1 6

^ Delaware State 0 0 0 3


North Carolina A&T 0 0 3 8

North Carolina Central 0 0 1 3

Florida A&M 0 0 1 5

SC State 0 0 0 10

^ ineligible


Steve Settle, 6-10, So., F, HOWARD - In

81-76 win over Hampton, scored 18 points,

pulled down team-high 12 rebounds with 2

blocks and a steal


Sam Green, 6-6, Gr., F, HOWARD - Had

double-double of 10 points and 10 rebounds

with team-high 3 blocks and a steal in win

over Hampton.


Khalil Robinson, 6-0, So., G, HOWARD -

Team-highs of 19 points, 9 assists 7-of-7 FTs

in win over Howard.

Mid EastErn

MEAC athlEtic confErEncE



Howard 0 0 3 1

Morgan State 0 0 3 1

Delaware State 0 0 1 2

Coppin State 0 0 0 1


North Carolina A&T 0 0 1 1

North Carolina Central 0 0 1 3

Norfolk State 0 0 1 3

South Carolina State 0 0 1 6


Deja Winters, 5-11, Sr., NC A&T - Had game-high

25 points on 8 of 12 shooting, 7 of 10 3s and 2 of 2

FTs in win over Elon.


Anissa Rivera, 6-1, So., F, NC CENTRAL - Had

14 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks in loss to

College of Charleston.


D’Mya Tucker, 5-11, Fr., G, NC A&T - Second

straight double-figures scoring game with 12 in win

over Elon. Also had 12 in loss to UNC-G.



athlEtic confErEncE



Alabama A&M 0 0 2 0

Grambling State 0 0 2 4

Texas Southern 0 0 2 5

Prairie View A&M 0 0 1 3

Arkansas-Pine Bluff 0 0 1 8

Alabama State 0 0 0 0

Alcorn State 0 0 0 1

Southern 0 0 0 4

Jackson State 0 0 0 5

Miss. Valley State 0 0 0 8


Jalen Johnson, 6-7, So., F, ALABAMA A&M - Tallied

24 points, 11 rebounds, 1 block, 3 steals and 2 assists

in 2OT win vs. S. Alabama.

Garret Hicks, 6-0, So., G, ALABAMA A&M - Scored

23 points canning 7 of 14 3s with 4 rebounds in win

vs. S. Alabama.



E. J. Williams, 6-10, So. C, ALABAMA A&M - Had

13 points, 14 rebounds and one block before fouling

out in 2OT win vs. South Alabama. .



athlEtic confErEncE



Alabama A&M 0 0 1 0

Miss. Valley State 0 0 2 2

Texas Southern 0 0 1 1

Prairie View A&M 0 0 1 1

Grambling State 0 0 1 3

Arkansas-Pine Bluff 0 0 1 4

Jackson State 0 0 1 4

Alabama State 0 0 0 0

Alcorn State 0 0 0 3

Southern 0 0 0 6


Zakiya Mahoney, 5-10, Jr., G, MVSU - Had two

double-doubles getting 17 points, 10 rebounds in

win over La.-Monroe, and 16 points, 13 rebounds in

win over Northwestern State.


Diamond Wraggs, 5-9, Sr., F, MVSU - Had double-double

of 11 points and 10 rebounds and 2 steals

in win over NW State.






Lincoln (Mo.) 4 2

Hampton 2 4

Tennessee State 1 3

W. Va. State 0 0



Davion Warren, 6-6, Sr., G, HAMPTON - Tied

for team-high with 21 points with 6 assists and 3

steals in loss to Howard. In win over Charleston

Southern, got 15 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks, 4

assists and 5 steals.

Sai Witt, 6-8, Jr., G/F, LINCOLN - Team-highs of

19 points, 13 rebounds with 1 block and 2 steals

in win over Emporial State.



Hampton 0 3

Tennessee State 0 3

Lincoln (Mo.) 0 5

W. Va. State 0 0


Nylah Young, 5-11, So, F, HAMPTON - Had

team-highs of 17 points and 10 rebounds in close

loss (49-47) to Charleston Southern.




NORFOLK, Va. —The Mid-Eastern Athletic

Conference (MEAC) announced last week the five

members of the 2021 Hall of Fame Class. The inductees

will be enshrined in a virtual ceremony during the week

of the 2021 MEAC Basketball Tournament.

The 2020 MEAC Hall of Fame Inductees are:

– Lamin Drammeth, Track & Field, South Carolina

State: Drammeh was a five-time MEAC champion in

the men’s long jump, a two-time Olympian, representing

his native Gambia, West Africa in the 1996 Games in Atlanta

and the 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia. Drammeh

was also a triple jumper and a champion relay runner

– Demetius Harrison, LB, North Carolina A&T:

The Aggies’ all-time leader in career tackles with 497

(second-most in MEAC history), Harrison was a twotime

MEAC Defensive Player of the Year (1988, 1989)

and a three-time First Team All-MEAC selection (1987-

89). He was named Sheridan Black College National Defensive

Player of the Year in 1989. Harrison, who led the

Aggies in tackles all four seasons, was recently named to

the MEAC 50th Anniversary All-Time Football Team.

– Rod Milstead, OL, Delaware State: One of the

most decorated football players in

Delaware State history, Milstead was

an offensive lineman for the Hornets

from 1988-91 before embarking on

an eight-year NFL career. A threetime

First Team All-MEAC selection

(1989-91), Milstead was a First Team

All-American as named by the Associated

Press, Walter Camp and Sheridan Black College in

1991. During Milstead’s playing days in Dover, Del., the

Hornets won the 1989 MEAC title outright, while also

grabbing a share of the 1988 and 1991 championships. In

an NFL career that saw him play in Cleveland, San Francisco

and Washington, Milstead won Super Bowl XXIX

in 1995 with the 49ers. Since 2018, Milstead has served

as head football coach at his alma mater, and he was recently

named to the MEAC 50th Anniversary All-Time

Football Team.

– Allen Suber, QB, Bethune-Cookman: The 2002

and 2003 MEAC Offensive Player

of the Year, Suber was a First Team

All-MEAC honoree at quarterback

in 2001, 2002 and 2003. The twotime

All-American was also a finalist

for the Walter Payton Award, and he

led the Wildcats to the 2002 MEAC

championship and two appearances in

the NCAA Division I FCS playoffs (2002, 2003). Suber

currently ranks first all-time in program history in rushing

touchdowns, second in rushing yards and fifth in both

passing yards and passing touchdowns. During Suber’s

time under center as architect of head coach Alvin Wyatt

Sr.’s offense, Bethune-Cookman went 42-15, and Suber

was recently named to the MEAC’s 50th Anniversary All-

Time Football Team.

– Lauren McCoy, Softball Pitcher, Bethune-Cookman:

McCoy recorded three 20-win

seasons in the circle as Bethune-Cookman

softball became a MEAC dynasty

and made NCAA history in 2005.

That year, she led the Lady Wildcats

to the NCAA Super Regional (the first

time an HBCU advanced out of the

regional round), winning the Gainesville

Regional and going toe-to-toe with Cat Osterman in

a 1-0 loss to Texas after earning the MEAC’s first-ever

at-large bid to the NCAA field. A three-time First Team

All-MEAC honoree (2003-05), McCoy threw five no-hitters

in her career, including two perfect games, and she

had an ERA of 1.70 or lower in each of her three seasons.

McCoy ended her B-CU career with 456 strikeouts and

28 shutouts.




Baylor 99, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 42

BYU 87, Texas Southern 71

Furman 118, S. C. State 52

Mississippi State 87, Miss. Valley St. 48

Morgan State 65, Delaware 59

Washington State 90, Prairie View A&M 62


Georgia Tech 97, Delaware State 69

Houston 88, Alcorn State 55

Iowa State 60, Jackson State 45


Alabama A&M 93, S. Alabama 90, 2OT

Charlotte 76, NC A&T 72

Tulane 77, Grambling State 65

VIrginia Tech 97, Coppin State 57

W. Va. Tech 73, Morgan State 67


Georgia Tech 74, Florida A&M 64

Howard 81, Hampton 76

NC A&T 91, Greensboro 45

Presbyterian 62, S. C. State 56


Bradley 83, Jackson State 60

Coastal Carolina 99, Delaware State 73

Lincoln (Mo.) 82, Emporia State 78

SIAC to delay basketball to March

ATLANTA, Ga. – After careful

consideration of the health and

safety of its student-athletes and

staff, the Southern Intercollegiate

Athletic Conference (SIAC) announced

last week the delay of the

start of winter and spring sports until

March 1, 2021.

Impacted sports include men’s

and women’s basketball, tennis,

golf, track and field, baseball and


The SIAC had already cancelled

football, cross country and

volleyball championships but was

scheduled to begin in-conference


basketball competition on Jan. 9.

The previous basketball schedule

was to include a 12-14 game

conference menu for men and

women including the addition of

new member Allen University.

“In light of the fluid and dynamic

nature of unfolding COVID-19

related developments, this decision

was primarily informed by a desire

BCSP Notes

Deion Sanders coming through on

making a difference at Jackson State

New Jackson State Head Football Coach Deion “Coach Prime”

Sanders is making good on his promise to change things at JSU and in the

Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC).

At least according to one source, 247 Sports and its composite ratings,

Sanders’ recruiting class for the 2021 season is the highest-rated in all of

the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). Additionally, it is the topranked

class in the SWAC, and a top 40 class in the Football Bowl Subdivision

(FBS) according to both 247Sports and ESPN rankings. According

to the JSU website, the Tigers look to add at least two to four recruits on

February 3, 2021 when programs finalize their recruiting classes.

The 2021 class includes 15 high school and transfer student-athletes

from Mississippi, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, California, Georgia,

Pennsylvania, and Louisiana. The Tigers’ haul includes three 3-star recruits

and two 4-stars, which stand as the first 4-star signees on record to

sign with an FCS school.

“He has exceeded my expectations as a recruiter in his first class,”

247Sports director of scouting Barton Simmons told FootballScoop. “I

expected him to land the occasional stud but I think he’s been more disruptive

across the board than I expected. I also think the bigger impact he may

end up having is on the transfer market. That’s something we’re seeing in

the early going.”

The biggest prize of the haul may be four-star quarterback prospect

Shedeur Sanders, coach Prime’s son who flipped from Florida Atlantic

last month. The younger Sanders was rated the No. 15 dual-threat quarterback

and the No. 235 overall player in the class of 2021.

JSU also landed a top-ranked junior college prospect and four-star

recruit, cornerback De’Jahn Warren, who flipped from Georgia.

Jackson State’s three 3-stars are Las Vegas defensive tackle Braezhon

Ross, San Diego athlete Herman Smith and Havana, Fla., linebacker Jeremiah


Transfers include linebackers Nyles Gaddy (Tennessee), Aubrey

Miller, Jr. (Missouri) and Abdul-Malik McClain (Southern Cal), offensive

linemen Dyland Spencer (Missouri) and Malijon Joor (Florida

Atlantic), wide receiver Isaiah Bolden (Florida State) and cornerback

Javorrius Selmon (Mississippi State). Most were consensus four-star recruits

out of high school. Another Sanders son, Shilo Sanders, a cornerback

at South Carolina has also decided to transfer to JSU.

“We’re going to change the game here,” Sanders said. We expect to

win, we expect to mature these guys, develop these guys and give them an

opportunity to be a professional, on the field and off the field, but we’re

going to win here. We’re going to turn a lot of heads; I promise you that.”


– DARIUS LEONARD, LB, Indianapolis (3rd season,

SOUTH CAROLINA STATE) - In 27-20 win over

Houston, led the Colts with 12 tackles, nine solos and

one forced fumble. Was in on all 69 plays on defense

(100%) and four (4) plays on special teams (17%).


– TRENTON CANNON, RB/KR, Carolina (3rd season,

VIRGINIA STATE) - In 24-16 loss to Green Bay

Saturday, had three kickoff returns for 72 yards

(24.0 yard average) with a long return of 28 yards.

Cannon did not get in on offense but was in on 14

plays on special teams (50%)



BLUFF) - In 32-29 loss to Kansas City, Saints ran for 60 yards and one

TD and passed for 234 yards and three TDs while surrendering one (1)

sack. Was in on all 53 plays on offense (100%).

to protect the health and safety of

SIAC student-athletes, staff and

stakeholders, while also attempting

to preserve critically important

opportunities for student-athletes

to resume conference competition

at some point going forward,” said

SIAC Commissioner Gregory


“The SIAC will continue to

closely monitor developments and

make further adjustments as may

be required.”

Each SIAC institution shall retain

the autonomy to independently

participate in non-conference

NC A&T’s gridiron rivalry with NC Central

to continue despite move to Big South

DURHAM, N.C. – Longtime rivals North Carolina Central University

and North Carolina A&T State University have signed a 10-

year football schedule agreement to ensure the Eagles and Aggies will

clash on the gridiron each season from 2021 through 2030.

With North Carolina A&T announcing its departure from the

Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) starting in

the fall of 2021, questions arose as to if the rivalry would

continue once the Aggies are competing in the Big South

Conference. Last week’s announcement put those questions

to rest.

“I want to thank our colleagues at North Carolina A&T State University

for partnering with us on this agreement,” said

NCCU Director of Athletics Dr. Ingrid Wicker Mc-

Cree. “This game is one of the highlights of every football

season for our student-athletes, alumni and fans, so

we are excited to be able to guarantee that we will meet

our in-state rival on the gridiron for the next 10 years.”

“I know there have been some concerns about whether this great

tradition of North Carolina A&T meeting North Carolina Central on the

gridiron would continue with our move to a new conference this fall,” said

N.C. A&T Director of Athletics Earl Hilton. “I am happy to say that this

tradition is alive and well. We look forward to this game each year. Aggies

have a lot of friends and family who are Eagles and Eagles have a lot of

friends and family who are Aggies. It is truly a family feud.”

In the MEAC, the NCCU vs. NC A&T match up has traditionally

been a fierce end-of-the-season rivalry game. With A&T’s move to the

Big South, it will be a non-conference match-up early in the season, culminating

in the final years as likely a date to open the season.

Second-year NCCU head coach Trei Oliver has experienced the Eagle-Aggie

rivalry through a variety of lenses, including as a student-athlete

at NCCU, an assistant coach at A&T, and now as the head coach at his

alma mater. Third-year N.C. A&T football head coach Sam Washington

has also seen both sides of the tradition, having served as assistant head

coach and defensive coordinator at NCCU from 1993-2000.

The home team will alternate each year, starting with the 2021 game

in Greensboro.


Sept. 25, 2021 (@ NC A&T)

Sept. 3, 2022 (@ NCCU)

Sept. 9, 2023 (@ NC A&T)

Sept. 21, 2024 (@ NCCU)

Sept. 20, 2025 (@ NC A&T)

Sept. 12, 2026 (@ NCCU)

Sept. 4, 2027 (@ NC A&T)

Sept. 2, 2028 (@ NCCU)

Sept. 1, 2029 (@ NC A&T)

Aug. 31, 2030 (@ NCCU)


For games of

December 17 - 21, 2020

competition and honor pre-existing

contractual obligations. Team

activities, practice and training

opportunities against competition

will be determined and defined by

each member institution that will

adhere and observe NCAA Core

Principles of Resocialization of

Collegiate Sport and state, local

and CDC COVID-related public

health protocols.

The conference and its member

institutions will continue to monitor

updates related to COVID-19

and will provide further updates as

the situation continues to unfold. Photo


Indianapolis inside linebacker DARIUS LEONARD (#53, SOUTH

CAROLINA STATE) prepares to attack Houston and quarterback

DeShaun Watson (#4) during Sunday’s game. Leonard led the Colts

with 12 tackles, nine solos, and had a forced fumble in a 27-20 win

by Indy.

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Celebrate virtually or only with members of

your household

Gather outdoors if possible

Open windows and doors if inside

Limit the number of attendees

Wear a mask

Stay 6 feet apart

Wash your hands often


Attend gatherings if you are ill, in isolation or


Attend gatherings if you are waiting for COVID-19

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