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WINTER 2020 / 2021

Gillian Hussey

Retired Justice

Patron of Tiglin

Charities operating in Ireland are

among the many sectors struggling

due to the impact of the coronavirus

pandemic. Here at Tiglin, we have

been forced to cancel key annual

fundraising events due to the

restrictions, leading to an acute

funding shortfall in certain areas.

It is interesting to note that The

Wheel, the national association of

charities, warned in May that up to

half of the charitable organisations

operating in Ireland may be forced

to close within six months.

However, in response, Tiglin and its

supporters have created alternative

sponsorship events and also issued

renewed appeals for direct, online


Tiglin have put together a number

of virtual fundraising initiatives

for individuals and companies to

support. This includes Renault

In this issue...



Message from our Patron

2020 has been a very strange year for us all in so many different ways. The staff

and volunteers at the Centres run by Tiglin have done immense work. This

has been matched by the generosity of so many people and companies without

whom it would have been hard to keep up the good work.

As Patron of Tiglin I would like to thank all for their wonderful work and

support. I wish you a very happy Christmas and hopefully we can all look

forward to a better 2021.

Update from our Chariman



Trucks who supported us in the

quest for a new bus for the women’s

centre and a group of young

students led by Issac Philips from

who raised funds through the

Coldvember initiative.

I remember as a kid reading

Proverbs 16:16 which says that

having wisdom and understanding

is better than having silver or

gold. This of course brought me

on a Journey through college etc

and showed me it is important to

take advantage of the educational

opportunities that one is blessed

with. God created our world, and

learning about Him, the world He

created, other people, ways we can

live and work in the world, etc.

are good things.

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Carrig Eden



Aubrey McCarthy


No Bucks






A word from the CEO

Empowering people who have

been heavily disempowered

due to the incapacitating grip

of addiction and the stigma of

homelessness is what Tiglin

continually aims to do.

The daily investment of the loyal and

dedicated staff who work with Tiglin points

people in the right direction in order to restore

what has been eaten away by these powerful,

marginalising forces. As 2020 brought

many unforeseen challenges for us all, we

remained focused on who we are and what

we do in order not to suffer from “mission

drift”. Some of the highlights from 2020

took place with the help, input and support

of many willing parties. One such event was

held at Tiglin men’s centre in February this

year. In the run up to the General Election

2020, Tiglin invited all those running for

election in the constituency of Wicklow to

attend an evening hosted by Tiglin’s own

“Vincent Browne”, Mr Aubrey McCarthy!

Speaking on the night among many others

was the newly elected Minister for Health,

Stephen Donnelly who called Tiglin “A

hidden miracle” and pledged his ongoing

support should he be elected. The purpose

of this evening was to encourage those in our

care to use their democratic right to vote as

a privilege that can shape the world around

them. Reconnecting people with their voice

and giving them the confidence and sense of

purpose to use it is what much of resilient

recovery is about.

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In Tiglin we have found that many

of the students have had limited

educational opportunities in life and

that addiction and Circumstances

have somewhat disabled their chances

to advance in Life. During the past

few years our staff have been working

with Board member Susan Philips

to change this situation. Thomas

Jefferson said “Education is the

passport to the future, for tomorrow

belongs to those who prepare for it

today. The real education is the one

that will set you free.”


Another loyal group of willing parties

investing in the recovery capital of those in

Tiglin are education and training providers

such as IT Carlow, KWETB and An Cosan.

2020 has seen the return of investment

for many residents and staff of Tiglin. In

typical 2020 style, we had a very COVID

friendly, socially distant virtual IT Carlow

graduation for 19 people who have also

graduated from Tiglin and 13 staff members.

The expansion of opportunities that stem

from the investment of time, energy and

money into education adds great value and

strengthens recovery capital.

While we have seen many cracks of light in

a challenging and often dark year, we have

also been very aware of the great threat

that COVID-19 has been. As we have

interfaced with this pandemic, we at Tiglin

have remained open while many others had

to close. For many months, as COVID-19

restricted people and insisted we remain

indoors, this resulted in many losing out at

accessing addiction treatment.

The concepts of social distancing and

isolation might be phrases embedded into

our vocabulary because of 2020, but they are

not new concepts for many of Tiglin’s clients

who have experienced life on the margins,

Kevin Burke, Phil Thompson CEO, & Jay Bobiniac

Today at Tiglin the management and

staff are excited about the educational

opportunities that are now available

to our students. We also are offering

our educational programmes to those

on our Community Employment

programmes. Recently one of the

individuals who a few years ago came

to our homeless outreach graduated

with Tiglin staff members with a

Level 8 in social care and now we

have supported him in enrolling in

a Masters degree. Such progress is

ground-breaking for an individual

due to homelessness and addiction for a great

deal of their lives. As we have tailored our

services to adapt to the changing climate,

Tiglin have experienced over 400% of an

increase in demand from those looking for

help as they reached through our website. In

the face of this unpreceded demand for our

Tiglin have experienced over

400% of an increase in demand

from those looking for help

as they reached through

our website. In the face of

this unpreceded demand for

our services we have also

experienced a drop of 70% in

fundraising activities.

services we have also experienced a drop of

70% in fundraising activities. I hope that

this newsletter encourages you to see that

while life is currently a struggle for many, we

have witnessed many people experience true

freedom even as the world has been restricted

by lock downs.

Phil Thompson


and shows the individual that “they

can do it”.

Aubrey McCarthy

Jay Bobinac

Humanitarian Awards

Tiglin is honoured and amazed to have not one but

TWO of our people nominated for humanitarian

awards with the Irish Red Cross this year.

Our Chairman Aubrey Mc Carthy, along with one of

our Community Employment Supervisors and homeless

outreach leaders, Jay Bobinac are hardworking, peoplecentred

individuals who work tirelessly to help others

advance their lives and find their purpose and potential.

Well done guys, your work does not go unnoticed! Well


Recovery Walk

2020 marks the 6th

anniversary of the

annual sales force

sleep out for Tiglin,

and in typical 2020 fashion we had to adapt

this event, on Thursday 10th Dec sales force

employees and their family and friends slept in

their gardens, balconies or sitting room floors.

Sales force have been an incredibility loyal

and generous company and have matched any

donations received. A big thank you to Collette

Mason for driving this annual event.

Thank you to all Salesforce staff

Pre Covid Election

It’s hard to imagine that the General Election was only

this year. Well as usual, Tiglin hosted the candidates

and the students were given the opportunity to grill

each candidate. It was a fun night and I was given

the task of MC.

There was great engagement and it was a great

opportunity to show the Tiglin students that they have

a voice and that their “voice matters”. Stephen Donnelly

started that Tiglin is a “Hidden miracle in the Wicklow

mountains”. Himself and Andrew Doyle spoke about

how good the programme is relative to

anything else on offer- and that the

human value is compelling - with

Stephen Donnelly summarising

that “we need a Tiglin over Ireland”.

He went on record setting that

“One of the things that I would do

as health minister would be to help

Tiglin, for their families and their Stephen Donnelly


Day Centre from right to left Paula Valentine, Adrienne Hatchell,

Pat O Brien & Cathy Devlin



Big thank you to Issac Philips

and the Tiglin Coldvember

swimmers who raised

money to help Tiglin to

acquire essential furnishings

for Carraig Eden.


Women’s Centre

Well this is one year not to

forget! Because for some this

is the year that gave them their lives


In the face of many challenges Tiglin

Women’s Centre continued to operate

a fully functional residential service.

Such credit is due to the extremely

dedicated staff team who proved

beyond measure their flexibility

and willingness to serve. What a

privilege it is to serve alongside such

a team. Although over stretched 3

staff members managed to complete

a HDIP in Social Care with IT

Carlow. Yet most significantly our

residents stood out above all. Many

demonstrated amazing courage,

resilience, and strength, despite

carrying the weight of the continued

restrictions which prohibited them

from meeting with their loved ones.

Somewhat helpful was the installation

of 1000mb Fibre Internet at the centre

which assisted in the facilitation of

increased online calls to families,

counsellors, and therapists.

Thanks to the provision of a Sports

Capital Grant many of the residents

enjoyed the addition of a fully kitted

out gymnasium. The introduction of

2 weekly fitness classes also proved

to be a huge success with the girls.

Although I still don’t get the loud


A new pond lit up by a bridged

walkway also further enhanced


Gary O’Heaire and Rachel Harper

the garden area. Additionally, the

transformation of our newly built

log cabin has meant that it is now

operational as a fully functional

educational unit.

But certainly, the highlight of this

year has been the 7 ladies who have


completed our



and are now



For these

ladies and

the many still

within our


centre 2020

is a year

that gave them their lives back. It is

positively a year that they will never


Thank God for his continued blessing.


The men at Tiglin’s residential centre have completed many

courses in 2020 one of which was the QQI Woodwork and

Tool box safety course at our Ashford centre. The men are

currently making handmade hardwood chopping boards in

our Woodworking shop under the supervision of our CE

Supervisor Kevin Burke.

Men’s Centre

The overarching challenge

during 2020 has been the

ongoing impact of the COVID-19

coronavirus pandemic. This has

significantly impacted the centre

(i.e. reducing family contacts,

lengthy lockdowns, etc.), but has

also had positive effects on staff and

student cohesion, student learning,

staff development, etc.

The centre has remained open

throughout and been able to induct

new students since July 2020, via

test and isolate policy negotiated

with HSE, GPs, etc. Whilst numbers

reduced over the spring/summer,

since recommencement of intakes

student numbers at the centre have

stabilised in mid-20s; at time of

report, currently 23 in house and 12 at

Carraig Eden.

Other issues being managed are the

transition from approx. 11mths at

Centre and 5mths at Carraig Eden in

Phase 4 to a model based on 9mths

at Centre and 7mths at Carraig

Tiglin Day Service

Eden in ‘aftercare’ managed by the

Day Service. This transition period

is throwing up some anticipated

‘teething issues’ (e.g. some minor

student challenges, practical

issues around transport, arranging

meeting times, etc.), but nothing

that is proving insurmountable. This

transition period should be concluded

on/around Easter 2021, when the new

model should be firmly established.

Developments at the Centre remain

ongoing. One point to note is the

good news that successful discussions

have been concluded with IT Carlow

to commence an action research

project in January 2021 to investigate

how to improve our service for

students with ‘Dual Diagnosis’

(when a person has issues with both

substance abuse and mental health).

Also, discussions are ongoing with

IT Carlow and An Cosan to further

develop the formal educational

component to the programme during






I came to The Lighthouse for

my dinner one day, from that

first meal I was introduced to

a case worker who advised and

directed me towards one of my

goals. I have been homeless for

over a year. Today is the best

day, I have signed a tenancy

under HAP.

Thank you so much for all your

help and guidance, I'm forever

grateful .

The Day Service continues to operate fully during the Pandemic. Due to our building size and COVID

Health and Safety protocols the Service delivery changed to a new platform called ‘Zoom” for the first

two months. A platform we are all well use to by now 9 months later.

During these challenging times

of constant change and upheaval

Recovery won over Addiction. The

day service is completely full and

did not lose one person to relapse

during this pandemic. Addiction

strives on isolation and feeds on the

lonely, however by been creative and

finding and using new skills to create

connection and sense of belonging

participants fought the best fight

and are winning this battle. Deepest

respect to each and everyone of them.

Some of our participants started part

time jobs, some began volunteering

in the community and reaching

out to others. We took part in

Recovery month organised by

Recovery Ireland and helped make

recovery visible in both Arklow and

Greystones. Education continued,

QQI qualifications where completed,

graduations took place and 10 of our

participants and 5 staff completed the

Reality Therapy/Choice Theory Basic

Intensive week. The show continues

using new creative means of delivery

and connection. It has been one of the

most challenging years for everyone

and we have witnessed individuals

rising to meet those challenges. This

year has shown us the depth of our

participants resilience, patience,

strength, camaraderie, generosity,

good will, sheer determination and


The Day Service would like to wish

you all a Safe, Happy & Connected



Political Evening in Tiglin

Back in February we gave all our residents and

participants an opportunity to register to vote

therefore empowering them to take a hold of their

precious rights as Irish citizens. As a follow on to

this we invited local candidates for the upcoming

general election up to Tiglin to pitch their no.1's

to Tiglin residents. We were delighted to welcome

Stephen Donnelly, Andrew Doyle, John Snell,

Seamus Connor, Anthony Fitzgerald, Valerie Cox

and John Larkin.

The evening, chaired in a Vincent Browne style by

Mr. Aubrey McCarthy (Tiglin Chairman) also gave

the candidates the opportunity to mix informally with

students, staff and local residents over a coffee.

The evening commenced with each candidate

expressing their views and solutions on solving some of

Ireland’s challenges.

Andrew Doyle TD opening remarks outlined some

of the successes Co. Wicklow has seen in the area of

housing and highlighted the important role Tiglin has

as a rehabilitation and housing provider in Wicklow

saying: “if there was a model to follow, it should be what

was done here at Tiglin”.

When challenged by those present Stephen Donnelly

TD again echoed these sentiments by highlighting

Tiglin’s success saying “Tiglin is the most amazing rehab

programme in the country, one of the things I would do

as Health Minister would be to help Tiglin, because it’s

not just for those in addiction, it is for their families and

their communities.

Valerie Cox commented “look at people like Fr Peter

McVerry, Brother Kevin and Aubrey McCarthy who

are making a difference and take advice and inspiration

from them.”

Tiglin Chairman Mr. Aubrey McCarthy followed by

stating that "empowering people to use their voice

and their vote is just one of the ways that fear and

stigmatisation is removed”.

In concluding the evening Independent candidate John

Snell warned “Actions speak louder than words, those in

power have had the chance to act and introduce change

but they have not”.

It was a great evening and was a wonderful opportunity

to make our residents feel part of the broader society as

they complete their 16-month rehab programme.

Carraig Eden Update

2020 has seen lots of things slow

down but the pace of work at

Carraig Eden was consistent

meaning that as the year draws

to a close the renovation works

near completion.

Carraig Eden will be a state

of the art modern, warm and

homely environment helping

people to re-enter society

with the support of the Tiglin

Day supports and after care

Programme and the benefit

of a safe and welcoming

community. A big Thank you

to Wicklow County Council,

Cleary Construction and

O’Keefe architects for keeping

with the work that has resulted

in a high-quality standard living




Oh kind sun may you never look at a place

greater than this place

Thirsty hungry waiting to be rescued

A person from the street dining with the

gentry and a drunkard with a man of many

tongues while the thief of Baghdad tells his

tale to a fallen comrade

Phil Thompson CEO, former Minister for Drugs

Pat Carey and CE supervisors Jay Bobiniac

No Bucks Cafe

One of our sponsored meals at the NoBucks Café

During the past six months No Buck’s cafe has worked in

partnership with DCM Lighthouse serving out circa thirty

thousand meals to the homeless of Dublin. In addition to that

we have reopened our night service that now operates four nights

per week. It consists of the night café information service and

the referral service that operates out of the newly built referral

booth that was constructed in order to battle the COVID 19

crisis. The caseload counts 335 clients since July.

The blue door in a world without colour

Once a simple boy walks through

A rich man he becomes

as what makes our hearts whole is not the

shiny pearl or a rare mineral

But hidden treasures in our fellow men

A dishwasher of great vigour

A toilet cleaner with great aspirations and

visitor from a far away land

a melting pot under the sun

Some places have that power

Some places feel that way

They try to tell me of the great divine

I am an ordinary man

I live in the real world

We are proud to announce that Kieran Cummins who previously

graduated the Tiglin programme, the Carraig Eden transitional

housing & previously our Dublin Community Employment Scheme,

currently a social care student has become our new support key

worker and he is managing the No Buck’s evening service. Kieran has

just moved into his new accommodation in Dublin and is proud to

be an ambassador of what we do.

The walking teams are back! After the lengthy COVID battle we

were able to get back on the streets - currently counting two walking

teams as well as an intensive-engagement outreach team headed by

the Outreach Manager Jessica Wade. The transition from the bus

has given us many positive aspects such as a full HACCP equipped

kitchen, washing facilities, bathroom and heating! Despite that we

still try to reach people out on the streets and welcome them to our

new premises and tell them all the new things we are able to do for

them that were previously only a figment of our imagination.

What is it that makes it special

What is it that makes it great

It's a familiar feeling

A touch of the human spirit

something that we thought was lost.

We all know it

We all feel it

I can not explain it

What is it

what could it be

what makes the potion magical

I am an ordinary man

I don’t believe in magic

But there is one thing I can't deny

This place is different

This place is special

Nicky Roe -

Thanks also to Nicky who continues

to support Tiglin’s No bucks cafe.

Each year he donates €5 from each

tree sold to help support those who

come to the cafe.

Kieran Cummins


A big thank you to our No Bucks Cafe sponsors

for their support during lockdown



Tiglin have experienced over 400% of

an increase in demand from those looking for

help as they reached through our website. In the face of this

unpreceded demand for our services we have also experienced

a drop of 70% in fundraising activities.

Tiglin is dependent on regular Gifting.

Please consider setting up a standing order.


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