Anupama Kundoo. Building Knowledge. Venice Biennale 2016

'Building Knowledge: An Inventory of Strategies' was Anupama Kundoo's installation at La Biennale di Venezia, 2016 as part of 'Reporting from the Front' curated by Alejandro Aravena.

'Building Knowledge: An Inventory of Strategies' was Anupama Kundoo's installation at La Biennale di Venezia, 2016 as part of 'Reporting from the Front' curated by Alejandro Aravena.


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<strong>Anupama</strong> <strong>Kundoo</strong><br />

<strong>Building</strong> <strong>Knowledge</strong>:<br />

An Inventory of Strategies<br />

‘Reporting from the Front’<br />

<strong>Biennale</strong> Architettura di Venezia <strong>2016</strong><br />


2<br />

“<br />

We’re not just talking about affordability<br />

in terms of money here; we’re<br />

also talking about impact on the<br />

environment. We can’t afford to keep<br />

building the way we do. My work is<br />

to find alternative solutions to build<br />

using significantly less materials, and<br />

action them<br />

”<br />




“<br />

When the opposites in a duality work<br />

in union, there is enrichment and<br />

knowledge. If the quest for knowledge<br />

is ahead of the action, there is evolution.<br />

If the impulse of action is ahead of<br />

reflection there can be destruction (Mahabharata).<br />

<strong>Knowledge</strong> informs the act of building,<br />

and building widens knowledge” .<br />


6<br />

“<br />

By helping communities to fabricate<br />

a set of simple building components,<br />

we can build knowledge and bring<br />

housing back to the people” .


8<br />

Under construction...<br />

Built with the support of<br />

Italcementi<br />

Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, Madrid<br />

Eco Clay<br />

LaminaM<br />

Perfialsa Portugal<br />

Grupo Modular<br />

Jordahl<br />

Thank you!










Further research<br />

Continuing her research on ferrocement technology, Dr. <strong>Anupama</strong><br />

<strong>Kundoo</strong>, organized a two-week student workshop at the Behrens<br />

Halle (AEG) in collaboration with the Chair of Conceptual and<br />

Structural design, Technische Universität Berlin including a team<br />

of Indian masons. Some of the elements built and tested in Berlin<br />

have travelled to <strong>Venice</strong> to be part of her installation at the Architecture<br />

<strong>Biennale</strong> <strong>2016</strong>. The rest have remained in TU Berlin for<br />

conducting strength tests for further research on this material.<br />

The ferrocement elements retained at the TU Berlin involved<br />

different types of cement matrix and reinforcements. They were<br />

produced for testing compressive, tensile and flexural strengths<br />

of each variation. Two months after the workshop the results<br />

of the experiments are still being analyzed. However a good<br />

structural behavior was already observed. In general, the ferrocement<br />

members delivered higher strength than expected, with<br />

a ductile behavior. Thus, this material comprises a high potential<br />

for the use of lightweight and economic structures.<br />


Links<br />

Videos<br />

<strong>Building</strong> <strong>Knowledge</strong>. The Process (I) - YouTube<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm1hPsHPvmE&feature=youtu.be<br />

Hi-Lo: Exchanging <strong>Knowledge</strong> (II) - YouTube<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J13kxQLGlfg&feature=youtu.be<br />

Nothing Stays Forever: The Life on an Installation (III) - YouTube<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGA7lSF4enI&feature=youtu.be<br />

https://urbannext.net/?s=anupama+kundoo&x=-1271&y=-24<br />

Press<br />

Financial Times. <strong>Venice</strong> <strong>Biennale</strong> of Architecture, June 3, <strong>2016</strong><br />

https://next.ft.com/content/645b8698-2807-11e6-8ba3-cdd781d02d89<br />

Designboom. <strong>Anupama</strong> <strong>Kundoo</strong> discusses full-scale modular home<br />

at <strong>Venice</strong> Architecture <strong>Biennale</strong>, 29 May, <strong>2016</strong><br />

http://www.designboom.com/architecture/venice-architecture-biennaleanupama-kundoo-full-fill-home-installation-arsenale-05-29-<strong>2016</strong>/?utm_<br />

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19<br />

The Guardian. <strong>Venice</strong> architecture biennale <strong>2016</strong> –<br />

ideas for real world problems´ 29 May <strong>2016</strong><br />

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Dezeen. <strong>Anupama</strong> <strong>Kundoo</strong> uses ferrocement to create pioneering<br />

“Lego-like” house, 14 June, <strong>2016</strong><br />

http://www.dezeen.com/<strong>2016</strong>/06/07/anupama-kundoo-full-fill-homesferrocement-house-model-arsenale-venice-architecture-biennale-<strong>2016</strong>/<br />

ArcVision. Architecture biennale <strong>2016</strong> – <strong>Anupama</strong> <strong>Kundoo</strong>,<br />

19 July, <strong>2016</strong><br />


© <strong>2016</strong> <strong>Anupama</strong> <strong>Kundoo</strong> architects and the<br />

photographers Design Team: Alba Balmaseda<br />

Domínguez, Sonali Phadnis, Yashoda Joshi,<br />

Cristina Perez Sahagun, Azzurra Brugiotti<br />

Model building team: Students of IUAV<br />

<strong>Venice</strong> with Enrico Bergonzoni Structural<br />

engineers Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Mike Schlaich,<br />

Dr.-Ing. Arndt Goldack, Dr.-Ing. Alexander<br />

Hückler, Juan Pablo Osman Letelier Construction<br />

Team: Aryan Builders, Pondicherry, Sekar<br />

Sokkalingam, Munissamy Muthulingam,<br />

Krishnamurthy Janakiraman, Saminathan<br />

Kumar, Ponnuvel Samikkannu; Rebiennale,<br />

<strong>Venice</strong> Institutional Partners: Chair of<br />

Conceptual and Structural Design TU Berlin,<br />

School of Architecture and Technology UCJC<br />

Madrid, IAAC Barcelona, IUAV <strong>Venice</strong> Films<br />

Marta San Vicente, Harun Farocki, Vimal<br />

Bhojraj, Fundació Enric Miralles, Fundación<br />

ICO, CUSP, Akshid Rajendran Photography:<br />

Javier Callejas

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