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S u z a nne!


t o

Y o u

Dear Suzanne,

This Book Was Created with Much

Love for You in Honor of Your

50 th


My hope is that each time you meander through the pages of this

book, you realize how greatly loved and appreciated you are

With All My Love Forever and Ever, Merri




I love Suzanne because she’s a wonderful Mom. She does anything

she can to make her family happy, specially her children. I wish you all the best.

One more thing: On your 50th birthday I do hope it hasn’t already started

People call at 9p.m and ask, “ Did I wake you?” — Love, Michela and Sandro

I love Suzanne because she is full of life, successfully wears

many hats, and is a caring, wonderful person. Besides knowing Suzanne

from Temple, Suzanne got me into a book club about four or five years

ago. What was the common denominator for who joined it? Everyone knew

Suzanne in one capacity or another. And we’ve had loads of fun ever since…

Our book club is not your typical book club. Yes, we do read many terrific books,

(and a few not-so-terrific) that tend to cover a wide range of subjects- very eclectic

(like me!). Also, whenever we meet, we have a great evening out. Periodically

our group goes defunct- well, maybe not defunct, but let’s just say dormant

for many months. I think that’s because all of us just get busy with families,

work and LIFE. Just when you think, “We’re done … right?”, we somehow

get resurrected again! And that’s usually by our fearless leader - Suzanne.

We love Suzanne because she gets excited about everything and

makes us very glad to be in her company. We also love the way Suzanne smiles

BIG and when she says hello, you know she is REALLY happy to see you and

that whatever you’re going to do, you’re going to have a good time! We love

Suzanne because she is enthusiastic, hilarious, energetic, exciting, positive,

hopeful, thoughtful, generous, caring, kind, curious, clever, spontaneous,

creative, cheerful, giving, interesting, supportive...we could go on and on...and

incredibly smart! She is...The Fluffer! — Char and John

I love Suzanne because she is incredibly generous and will put

other’s needs before her own. In the early 1980s I had the opportunity to visit

Suzanne when she was an undergraduate at Brandeis University. Merri and I

were living in South Florida at the time and I was on a two week business trip to

Endicott, N.Y. Suzanne was living in a very very very poorly heated apartment, so

Merri and I decided to give her an electric blanket. Upon my arrival I presented

the blanket to Suzanne, and she was very excited and looked forward to a

night’s sleep without having to wear gloves, mittens, scarf and hat to stay warm.

When it was time for bed I took my place on the floor, and I began to freeze. I

knew how excited Suzanne was to use her new gift, but I was so cold I asked if I

could use the electric blanket. Without hesitation she said yes, and I slept very

comfortably. I will never forget her generosity. — Jeff

At the end of each shmoozy dinner/book club meeting we all say something like,

“This was great! We should meet more often!” And then we get busy with LIFE

again… Yet through it all, Suzanne has chosen a wonderful group of women to

laugh with, commiserate with, analyze, and just enjoy each other’s company. And

through it all, the common “thread” interweaving this diverse group of women is

Suzanne herself, with her warmth, humor, intellect and keen insights. Sometimes

when we can’t meet, it legitimately is due to various aspects of LIFE stopping the

meeting in its tracks, like the time Suzanne called a book club meeting and suggested

the perfect date (she thought) to have it. “Suzanne,” I emailed her, “I’d love to

come, but I’ll be at Temple that night for Purim!” “Bonnie, thanks for reminding

me,” Suzanne emailed us all back, “because I can’t come that night, either!”

Yes, Suzanne does wear many hats, and all of them successfully, but this was

the most unusual one of all, or as she put it: “I really have a good reason for

not being there,” we learned. “I’ll be on the bima for the Purim schpiel.”

And Suzanne did that well, too. In fact, never in my life did I ever see a finer

“menshkin” than Suzanne (and Aaron), then that night in The Wizard of Oyz!

Now I would like to add a personal note to you, Suzanne- Thanks, Suzanne, for

all of your “hats.” I truly love them all! And I wish you very Happy 50th, with

lots of love. Let’s keep hanging out at least another 50 years, give or take a few.

And please don’t think of 50 as old. Personally, I’d like to think of it as, “I’ve

been there!” Finally, all of life’s best to you; may you have continued happiness,

success, fulfillment and plenty more shtick along the way. — With love, Bonnie

I love Suzanne because she has a heart of gold and she makes you

smile when she is near you. — Toby

I love Suzanne because… she has one of the biggest hearts of

anyone I know. She is also an amazing and supportive friend. — Madelaine

I love Suzanne because we can always count on her.— Ivenchy


I love Suzanne becauseshe’ssoeasytoinsult...

— Dad

Naomi and I love Suzanne because she loves Marc. Because she

is a magnificent human being who is a loyal, loving, dedicated, persistent,

determined, seemingly inexhaustible (although we know better) daughter, wife,

mother, daughter-in-law, friend, Jew.

We love Suzanne because she is kind and thoughtful and patient and longsuffering.

Because she will not accept defeat but challenges adversity and wins.

We love Suzanne because she not only epitomizes all of these traits in our eyes

but has a track record that documents each and every one of these qualities.

We have known Suzanne -- or at least known about her -- since she and

Marc began dating. I was privileged to perform their wedding ceremony and

participate in the b’nai mitzvah of their sons (not to mention all the life cycle

events before that for Marc).

It is Naomi’s and my joy to share in honoring Suzanne

as she turns 50 (gulp). — Rabbi Norman Patz

I love Suzanne because she always has a smile on her face and a

laugh in her heart. She so easily laughs at herself that one cannot help but laugh

with her! — Debbie Golden Farrell

I love Suzanne because of her contagious laugh ... it reminds me of

her sister, Merri. Happy, Happy Birthday, Suzanne - stay just the way you are -

forever! — Love, Nancy Trowbridge-Kitchens

I love Suzanne because she is one of the most caring people I know.

I have so much respect for her and her dedication to her family and friends. She

does so much for other people and probably doesn’t even realize the impact she

has on them. She truly is a beautiful person, inside and out. — Jackie Zohn

I love Suzanne because she is kind, and giving, and funny, and

smart and fun, and full of love. — Kerry-Ann da Costa (Grizzle)

I love Suzanne because she knows just the right words to say to me

to make me feel good about myself. What’s really amazing is that I am pretty

sure she has this effect on almost everyone she meets. Once I was telling her

how I felt sorry for the people who did customer service work where they have

to deal with irate people on the phone. She told me that she loved to do that sort

of thing. You know there is something special about someone who can deal with

upset people on the phone! — Niranjan

I love Suzanne because....

Suzanne lights up a room faster and brighter than a strip of halogen

lights - except Suzanne lasts up to ten times longer and fits in most common

household sockets/fixtures

Suzanne has more faith, confidence, and enthusiasm in you than sometimes

you have in yourself (e.g., self-portrait assignment - sophmore year - Suzanne

locks me in the bedroom with ropes connected to doorknobs. Although a

violation of multiple firecodes, it worked. It produced the one signal drawing

in that entire year, if not my entire life, that I was ever really proud of)

Suzanne is supportive -when you don’t think anyone else in their right mind

would want to do the same thing - Suzanne is right there, is ALL IN, and

brings it to the next level. (e.g., while economically strapped, we use our pooled

grocery money and buy only food items that offered games and lottery chances

to win million dollar jackpots. Hey kids, boxed cereal is not just for breakfast


Suzanne is resourceful - empty soda can and pen tip. Need I say more?

Suzanne is your biggest advocate when she sees you’ve been wronged or lost

your dog. Watch out!

Suzanne makes the best of a bad situation, understands people’s shortcomings

and does not go nuclear, no matter what inadvertently happened (e.g.,

lesson learned - when the dial indicates E - it is E. No built-in buffer. Sorry

Suzanne, again and again).

Suzanne makes everyone feel very special and welcomed (e.g., too many

examples to name but suffice to say my kids did not want to leave your house).

Suzanne is creative and one of the most thoughtful persons I know - Paris

box - although for a somewhat forgettable event, it was an unforgettable gift.

Suzanne can name that tune. If I ever need a lifeline on How to Be a

Millionaire - Suzanne would be on that list.

Suzanne’s friendship is as constant and timeless as the north

star. It doesn’t matter where you are, where Suzanne is, how

many years have passed, I can always count on Suzanne to be

the wonderful and beautiful person that I know and love!

Happy Birthday Suzanne!

You are Truly A Very Special, One of a Kind Person. — Pei Pei

I love Suzanne because....

Suzanne lights up a room faster and brighter than a strip of halogen

she is so loving, kind and generous.

I love Suzanne because...

Th t is what I know the best about her and

that is what reminds me the most of her mother.

I adored Georgia for those very qualities that I see in Suzanne.

Happy 50th Birthday!


y o u ce r t a i n l y d e s e r v e t h e b e s t , b e c a u s e y o u a r e t h e b e s t !!!!!

— Love, Deanna

I love Suzanne because she is such a loving, caring,

strong, and accomplished person. Suzanne is somehow able to keep

family a priority while juggling so many other responsibilities.

She amazes me. She has a special gift (well, many) -- she has the

ability to fill a room with



everyone along



for the


I feel so special when we talk or when we see each other. I am always greeted

with a big “MARISA!” and that fills my heart with love and warmth.

Happy 50th and I look forward to 50 more!

– Love, Marisa

I love Suzanne because she is joyful, happy, and an incredibly

upbeat person to be around. She has the happiest voice of anyone I know and she

just exudes excitement. When I’m with Suzanne, I feel as if I’m swept up into fun

times and that there will be something new and different and wonderful around

every corner. And that’s always the way it has been, in high school and as young

adults and now as mothers of terrific college aged kids. With Suzanne, I always

feel young at heart, like I’m 14 and ready to go on an adventure. Who else

but Suzanne could have gotten me to ride my bike down the busy streets of

New City during the dark hours one evening to meet her at our local Burger

King. That time began when I was taking a short study break and chatting with

Suzanne on the phone, when all of the sudden, Suzanne got hungry and had a

whim to go and get some french fries right then and there. But it had to be fries

from Burger King, because the Burger King ketchup tasted sooo much better

than McDonald’s. Of course this made perfect sense to me since, as usual, it was

hard not to get swept up into a Suzanne adventure, where all the ideas sounded

like a great adventure, no worries hovered around, and everything made perfect

sense. So, I put aside my books and studying for the night, hopped on my

brother’s large ten speed bike (which I had never ridden before) and pedaled fast

and furiously down the dark streets of Little Tor Road to Burger King. Suzanne

was already there and we had such a great time sharing our fries and chatting.

I don’t remember what we talked about, but time passed quickly and when we

finished, it was really late and pitch dark outside. What to do with my bike?

Suzanne came up with a great idea: leave it leaning against some random pole

in the parking lot. She figured if the bike was leaning against a pole, it’ll look

as if the owner left it just for a second. And then I could pick it up the next

day after school by walking the 2 miles from the high school back to Burger King.

And of course, that’s what I did. And the bike was still leaning there, just

as Suzanne imagined it would. With Suzanne, leaning bikes don’t get

stolen, great tasting ketchup really matters and fun times can be had at any time,

anywhere. And me.... a nerdy, more than half afraid of the dark, bike riding

friend of Suzanne’s, who to this day, remembers nothing from the studying

done that evening, and everything about impulse and great tasting ketchup on

crispy fries, and chatting with a friend like Suzanne. — Shirley

I love Suzanne because of her tremendous heart and for all the

zany humor she generously sprinkles on all those she loves. I adore Suzanne

because she radically changed how I experienced high school. Instead of feeling

lonely, somewhat afraid & known as “the principal’s daughter”, I began to

have fun, made new friends & joined Summer Theatre, all because of Suzanne.

We love Suzanne because . . . she is a baby whisperer!!

— Much love, Deborah, Zach, Noah and Ethan Klehr

Suzanne makes me laugh all the time-- one of my few regrets about living in

Paris is that she’s not one of my neighbors. Thanks to FB, we now have more

frequent exchanges, many delirious, some intimate & all heartfelt. If Suzanne

were a fruit, she would be a ...pomegranate; Beautiful, original & delicious. She is

a TRULY Wonderful person (much like her mother) & a lovely friend. — Kathy

I love Suzanne because ... she is full of life. One of my favorite

memories of her is going to the circus with her in Hartford. Most people dress

up for the theater; she wore bright yellow baggy pants and a bright red clown

nose. She brings sunshine to otherwise cloudy days. — Phil Yoo

I love Aunt Suzannebecause....

She lights up the room

with energy and joyevery time she arrives.

She always knows how to

make a moment special.

No matter how she is feeling she’ll always somehow manage to put everyone else in a good mood.


I love Aunt Suzanne because she’s one of the few people that make this world beautiful and f lled with light.

she would be a peach....warm and fuzzy and oh, so sweet! - Jackie Zohn

she would have to be bruised, for obvious

reasons! (see what I wrote for “my favorite story”) - Debbie Golden Farrell

she would be a...A BAD APPLE!

(See my response for why I love Suzanne) - Dad

she would be a NUT!

- Aaron







INSIDE. - Madelaine

If Suzanne Were a Piece of Fruit








she would be

an otaheite



pretty on the

outside, and


wonderful on

the inside.

- Kerry-Ann da Costa (Grizzle)

she would be a peach soft on the outside but strong on the inside. - Toby

she’d be a mango. . .

exquisite sweetness

& all goodness. - Ilone Sturm



WHO HAS THE ENORMOUS SMILE - Nancy Trowbridge-Kitchens

she would be an avocado (yes, avocados are fruit).

she has a tough skin, is tender on the inside, and has a big,

ever-growing heart. like an avocado, suzanne is versatile

and great at parties (can you spell gua-ca-mo-le?). - Marisa



a piece

Suzanne were


fruit she’d be a Georgia Peach. Happy 50th Birthday! With all our

love - Aunt Nancy and Uncle

If Suzanne were a fruit

she would be a cantaloupe or pumpkin...

Big wild bright flowers

but open

and vines going every which way...

the fruit and it’s sunshine sweet

with a beautiful heart of gold.

Happy Birthday


- Alissa

I think if Suzanne were a fruit she’d be a mango - mangoes make

me think of parties, and when I picture Suzanne, I picture her either hosting a party

or having fun at a party. Suzanne is always the first on the dance floor, the first one

to give a hug, and surely the first one to laugh. I love you, Suzanne. You’re a super

woman and an awesome cousin.” — Love, Jill

My Sister-In-Law is A Carambola

“If Suzanne were a fruit what fruit would she

be?” The possibilities seem endless, but first, a bit of self-censorship is

in order. I was raised to be too much a gentleman to follow Alissa’s lead

and discuss Suzanne’s melons. Likewise, any description that includes

the phrase “nice pear” is similarly off limits. It should also be a private

matter between Suzanne and Marc whether she can make a mango crazy.

Sometimes, Suzanne seems nuttier than a fruitcake. If you’ve played word

games with her, or argued with her (pity her legal adversaries), you know

she can drive you bananas. She’s also as sweet as a red ripe strawberry,

as tough as a coconut and as funny as a well-placed

banana peel. None of these are quite right, though.

Suzanne can throw the biggest birthday

party, help her sons (nieces and

nephews, too) with their homework,

keep Marc out of trouble, display and

elicit the fiercest loyalty, create and share

the most fun, bake cookies for hundreds ...

all in one night ... while preparing a big case

... all with a smile. It can only mean one thing

- Suzanne is a carambola - a Star Fruit!

Happy Birthday Suzanne, with lots of love!

— Love, Bob



No explanation needed. - Merri

If Suzanne Were a Fruit She’d Be A Pomegranate

First of all, pomegranates have a gorgeous, striking, bright yet deep red color. Suzanne has always been beautiful and

striking, with great depth and character. She lights up whatever room she goes in, her personality is effervescent and bubbly,

and it’s near impossible to be depressed around her! . Originally, I was thinking of Suzanne as a “starfruit,” but as

talented and personable as Suzanne is, she has never been self-centered and has always wanted others to shine. I will

always remember

the elaborately themed parties in her house (Mexican with pinatas, squaredancing


kissing parties (where many of us experienced our first kisses,) etc). Suzanne

was a true trend

setter, whereas now-a-days, people often have themed parties for Bar Mitzvahs,

weddings, etc., back

then it was rare and unusual. And most importantly, EVERYONE was made to

feel included and

important, no matter how shy, insecure or popular they were. Only Suzanne’s

family never

locked their front door, yet another symbol of Suzanne and her family’s

open approach to welcoming people in their lives. Suzanne still has

that gift of helping others to shine and feel special. .

Pomegranates are a bold color and Suzanne has always been

up for any dare, including “streaking” in the neighborhood!

Suzanne truly “marches to a different drummer,”

and has never been afraid to be unique.

Lastly, pomegranates can be

messy and get all

over everything once they are cut open. One of my

fond memories is of Suzanne coming down the hall of

school, with papers flying out of an extremely disheveled,

overflowing, disorganized binder in every direction! Often, I

helped her pick the papers off the floor because they inevitably

fell out. However, though homework organization was not her

forte, it didn’t matter because her heart of gold, her musicality,

her ability to make any day a fun adventure, her laughter, her

enthusiastic spirit and her acceptance of anyone are what made her

friendship an incredible gift! Like pomegranates which stain your

hands red, such that the bright color is hard to remove, Suzanne’s joi

de vivre is contagious and rubs off on whoever is lucky enough to have

her in their life.

I love you Suzanne M. Klar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (which even makes me laugh, because if I remember correctly, she would tell

people that her middle initial stood for “mmmm...”)

Hugs and Best Wishes for

— Love, Lisa


More Fabulous Years

my favorite story about









My favorite story about Suzanne is how one summer, I’m not

exactly sure when but perhaps around Junior High, our moms -- Georgia and

Ferne, who were by now great friends and Bridge buddies -- signed us up for

golf lessons. I’m really not sure whose idea it was but Suzanne was a friend

so I went along with it. I don’t remember ever *wanting* to learn how to play

golf though. The image that sticks out in my mind from this adventure is this:

Suzanne and I standing at the top of some slope and this overweight and aging

man pedantically trying to teach us how to swing the golf clubs. We talked and

laughed and had such a grand time while paying little attention to his efforts to

teach us. I hope we weren’t rude but he had the kind of annoying personality

that really set us middle school kids into peals of laughter. I remember trying to

swing at the ball whenever I was directed to do so and then quickly returning to

my hilarious good time with Suzanne. I still can see her gorgeous, and naughty

and infectious smile in front of me. We kept up with his lesson but never let

him or our complete disinterest in learning to golf diminish our good time and

merriment. — Ilona Sturm

My favorite story about Suzanne is about when she made a

construction site, dirt and all for David’s party. — Madelaine

For my Suzanne story there are so many it is pretty hard to filter

them down to one, but here goes. One summer, it was either in Florida or at my

parents’ place in Annapolis, I can’t remember specifically, Suzanne and I were

together and at the ocean. I’m pretty sure it was in Maryland. It was a sunny day

with a lot of wind. We looked out over the bay and saw some guys windsurfing.

I mentioned off hand, JUST FOR CONVERSATION, “Boy, that looks fun.” So,

my cousin, ever the fun loving person that she is, said “It sure does. Let’s do

it.” And before I knew what was happening, we were at a wind surfing school

getting fitted with life vests and boards. We had a quick 10 minute lesson and

apparently Suzanne felt we were pretty much ready to take on the ocean. The

jellyfish notwithstanding, I could barely stand up and catch the wind. She and I

were falling all over. It was HARD! I had to concentrate and focus all my energy

to get up on the board and sail around. I sucked. I was totally immersed in this

effort when I looked up to see how my cousin was doing. And there before my

eyes was Suzanne, standing upright, wind to her back, standing stiff as a board

and sailing out to sea. She was able to get up, but wasn’t able to TURN. So she

couldn’t change direction to sail back to shore. Off she went. I was pretty sure

she would disappear over the horizon. But she finally got the good sense to fall

off the board. If she hadn’t done that I am pretty sure she would have made it to

Bermuda by nightfall. — Todd

My favorite story about Suzanne is how she used to come into

my house and juggle the fresh fruit that my Mom would have in a bowl on

the table. I think my mother cringed every time she entered the house fearing

bruised fruit when she would miss! And, she would miss, and she would laugh!

I also remember a party at your parent’s house. Suzanne was all dressed up

and was wearing a necklace from a boyfriend, Jeff Perlstein, I think. I told

her that the necklace wasn’t fancy enough for the outfit. I think she did

change it but she wasn’t too happy about it. That would be the same night

that she had her own idea of how to help clean up the kitchen.....which

did not include dumping any drinks down the sink if you catch my drift!

And then there was the time she told me that the Son of Sam was Jeff Berkowitz’s

cousin. I could not believe that I was in the same room as a killer’s cousin

When Suzanne arrived at our 10 year high school reunion, she was dropping

papers all over the place. As she picked one up, she dropped another one. Before I

even saw her face I knew who she was just by the laugh. I remember telling her that

I could just picture her walking into a court room. She would be stumbling up the

aisle, dropping paperwork, while saying “Hold on Judge, I’m getting there.......”

While living in Texas, Suzanne called to tell me she would be in the area and

asked if we could get together. I picked her up and brought her home. I had told my

daughters that my friend was coming and that they would enjoy meeting her. That

was at least 13 years ago and my girls still talk about the fun friend who came to visit!

Good Memories! — Debbie Golden Farrell

There are too many to pick just one favorite story about Suzanne.

How about when she would get all the cottage mates together to sing with Bruce

playing the guitar? Or going for breakfast at the diner with the truckers at 2 am?

Or eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner because that is what she and

Pei bought for groceries? Or dueling over jigsaw puzzle pieces? There was the

time she and Pei dressed Ric for the Lewd and Lascivious party at Brandeis...

Actually, my favourite story of Suzanne is of her getting up at my wedding and

reading a poem she wrote about me to everyone. My husband, who had been

quite nervous, actually turned to me at that point, and grinning, said “That is

so you!” (about the poem). That broke the ice for him and a few others like my

Mum, and left me feeling loved. — Kerry-Ann da Costa (Grizzle)

My favorite story about Suzanne is...there are so many, how does

one choose? I’ll go with these two:

Story 1: When Suzanne was attending law school in Miami we agreed to

meet at a bar / restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. The location was chosen as Marc

was flying in from NJ, and we wanted the reunion to be a surprise for Suzanne.

Suzanne entered the restaurant walking tall and looking absolutely gorgeous,

and every head in the place turned to watch this beautiful women walk past.


Story 2: Another bar / restaurant memory. Merri, Suzanne, and I are sitting

with our backs to the bar. This is the early 1980s and I had below shoulder length

hair. Two guys approach the table and ask how we “ladies” are doing. I didn’t

really get that they were including me in their “ladies” greeting, so, thinking

they were addressing Merri and Suzanne, I said that we were doing fine, and

wondered why they were approaching us. Upon hearing my voice one of the

guys realized that we not all “ladies” and began to back away, but the other guy

pressed on with his banter. It was at this moment that Suzanne began laughing

hysterically, literally falling back on the bench seat and kicking her feet in the

air. I don’t think I have ever seen her laugh so hard. — Jef

My favorite Suzanne story is from that time when she and I

incited the police to follow us through a window in my office thinking that

we were breaking in. Suzanne was delivering things to put into the teachers’

mailboxes for Teacher Appreciation Week and had a lot to carry in; so I went out

to her car with her to help – as the door closed behind us, I realized that it was

locked and I did not have my key. Ever a problem solver, Suzanne saw an open

window in my office and suggested that I help her climb in. Harrison is a big

old building so it was pretty high. As I scooped her up, she climbed in and then

opened the door for me. As we were laughing about this in the outer office, we

heard a thump in my office and found that the police had climbed in after us.

(Some nosey neighbor had called the police about some crazy women breaking

into the school.) The two police officers wanted to know what we were doing in

the school. We were amazed at how fast both of them had gotten in through the

window as they stood with their hands on their holsters, demanding answers.

After the initial shock, we were able to convince them that I was the principal

and Suzanne was there helping me with gifts for the teachers. I still laugh when

I pass the front of that school and think about our “break-in”. — Pat Boland

A story about my friend Suzanne on her WHAT! Birthday. So, here

we are at Borders (which sadly is no more), Suzanne and I meeting for coffee

(or, for me, hot water). We talk about everything… life, kids, the state of the

world. Good stuff. The conversation naturally makes its way to books (we ARE

in Borders!). Books I’m reading, she’s reading, the kids are reading. We like to

exchange good ideas. I then say to Suzanne, “I just finished this book the other

night and I had to wake up Todd to discuss the ending (he’s never going to

read this book) because it made such a significant impression. I’m not saying I

recommend it and I can’t say more. But, you have to read it so we can discuss.”

Well, what I didn’t say, or I don’t remember saying, was that I was soooo

aggravated with the end of the book (actually, I think I alluded to that) that I

HAD to immediately discuss what total BS the ending was. I needed someone

else to read it and see if they had the same reaction.

It was a quick read. Very compelling. You are drawn in chapter after chapter.

Cared about these characters. Suzanne finished the book. Uh oh. She’s NOT


THAT BOOK? THE END WAS TERRIBLE!” Now, did she speak in caps

lock? Probably, no, but that’s how I remember it! Will she let me forget that I

“recommended that book”? NO! Did I get to discuss what crap that ending

was with someone whose opinion I respect? YES! Mission accomplished (to

quote the great GWB, but I digress).

Truth be told, Suzanne has quite generously forgiven me for that torture I

inflicted. Right, Suzanne… you forgive me? And I will always appreciate that

you read it and commiserated with me.

So, for your birthday shall I recommend a new book? Maybe not! But I hope

that we will share many more impassioned discussions and maybe even some

critical reviews of our sons’ theatrical performances!

Thank you for being such a wonderful person and I feel lucky

to call you a great friend. — With love, Rhonda

Happy 50 th !

My favorite story about Suzanne is not a story but an image I have of

her. I was in the limo parked outside 11 Alcott in preparation to ride to Jill’s wedding in

Manhattan. When Suzanne appeared in her doorway she was absolutely stunning. I don’t

recall ever seeing a more beautiful woman to this day. Just don’t tell her I said that! — Dad


Suzanne used to have a talent for getting under my skin. One time when I was

a teenager, and she was probably about 11 years old, she was in my bedroom

and I asked her to leave. With that mischievous twinkle in her eye she said

“no”. I argued and commanded to no avail. Finally I ordered her to get out

of my room. I want you to leave I said, “it ‘s MY room and MY bed, so get

off nd get out”

She calmly said “no , it’s not”

“What’s not?” I said, confused and getting angrier by the minute.

“It’s not your bed”

“What do you mean? ‘I asked

Suzanne smiled and said. “It’s not your bed, I Jewicized it MINE”

“You, what?!?” I asked

“Jewicized it.” said Suzanne.... “well, we are Jewish so I couldn’t Baptize it!”

That was it.. I had to resort to violence.

We should have known then that she would become a lawyer....

or at least it foreshadowed her propensity to make up Boggle words.




Once Suzanne decided to bake a chocolate cake from scratch. The recipe

called for one Tablespoon of vinegar and one cup of water. Suzanne was

moving quickly and put in a tablespoon of water and a cup of vinegar. She

had a friend visiting, and when the cake came out of the oven she graciously

served her friend a generous slice of the cake. Her friend, not wanting to

hurt her feelings, said “mmmm its good” So, Suzanne took a big bite herself.

and immediately gagged and spit the whole mouthful out in the sink.

“How could you eat that? she exclaimed.. and burst out laughing.

Suzanne can laugh at herself and doesn’t take herself all too seriously.

I am sure her next cake came out better... she only reversed the sugar with the

baking powder... love you Suzanne

— Alissa

My favorite Suzanne story is from when my mother, Edna, was turning 85 and I wanted to make a surprise party for

her. I mentioned it to Suzanne and all of a sudden, she took charge of the party! She insisted on having it at her house. She took care

of ordering all the food. She helped with sending the invitations. That party, held 19 years ago, was the greatest success! I have never

seen my mother so surprised. Suzanne even saw to it that her grandmother, my mother’s sister, Harriet, was there, all the way from

Florida. It took a lot of planning, and phone calls back and forth, but Suzanne did it, and she did it just exactly right. I could never

have accomplished it without her. ”. — Deanna

Let Me Tell You A Story About Suzanne!

A long time ago, when Suzanne and I were kids, we did a puppet

show at a birthday party --the specifics of which I don’t remember,

in terms of the story--but we created the dramatic parts, the puppets,

the scenery, the entire workings of it --out of our imagination. It

was a purely puerile moment which I treasure from my childhood.

And I remember Suzanne and I just having a lot of fun, in creative

activities, in those moments of make-believe--those pearls of joy,

remembered always. So, on the occasion of our 50th year --if we

all embrace those joyous moments that connect us to those we

love-- that’s all we need in this life--with a piece of birthday cake,

emboldened with the words:

Happy Birthday Suzanne!


— Juliette Brown

suzanne mmmmmmmm


when she finds the humor in every day

things. her laugh is quite distinctive,

and most definitely infectious. - Char & John

when she...

forgets, forgets

and forgets

some more!!!!

- Madelaine

when she sings jingles from long forgotten commercials

(I’ll bet she’ll start singing one as she reads this.......) - Jeff

when she dances, especially

with her family. I love that

she doesn’t hold anything

back! She is a free spirit

on the dance floor and

I admire that! - Jackie Zohn


suzanne makes me

laugh when we play

boggle. it’s always

ridiculously fun and

filled with almost

uncontrollable laughter

by all. i can’t believe

how many words she

makes up - Marisa

when she is in the same room as me.

unfortunately that doesn’t happen

often enough. - Debbie Golden Farrell





when she reminds me of how I

used to talk when I first met her.

She still teases me about this.

- Niranjan


every time I speak to her.

- Kerry-Ann da Costa (Grizzle)












- Ivenchy Faife





We hope you have a wonderful birthday.

We haven’t seen you in a while but I have such very fond memories of you.

Whenever I picture you, I think of that beautiful smile that seems to radiate

happiness. It seems like a short time ago that we met you down in Miami

when you were in law school. Now here you are with grown children and

hitting a milestone birthday. It’s not so bad. I’ve been there for a few year!

— Love Ya, Cindy & Rich Andresen

I came across this photo of Suzanne

taken at a party in my apartment around 1985 which would put her at

the tender age of 23. She has a beer, her mouth is open but she is not

talking. This is a very familiar pose that Suzanne often strikes. Yet she is

capable of talking and often does so with enormous zest. — Rob Berkey

Since the day I met Suzanne I have laughed,

smiled and couldn’t help but say, “ Yes I’ll help you”. What that meant would

be breaking into temple after closing to get snack prepared for dozens of

kids before morning. It has meant sitting inside a closet counting Passover

orders, it has included countless moments of intrigue and surprises: like when

Suzanne came to Emma’s bat-mitzvah with the family in costume and me

not recognizing her in a blonde wig! I loved it when she said I’m having the

house party tomorrow, but the written invite said the day after. I show up

and I was the only one there! Oh, we go far back as our eldest children grew

up together at temple. Yes they were confirmed and graduated. After years of

our volunteering , I’m still laughing from all of the joy, laughter, and tears. By

the way I’m still waiting to see the pictures!!!!!!!! Suzanne is definitely not one

dimensional nor is she boring or lacking adventure. I just know that when

saying yes to Suzanne I need to put on track shoes in order to keep up with

her boundless energy and limitless determination. To know Suzanne is to love

her. That is exactly how I feel about my friend. I am honored to call her friend!

Suzanne, I wish you all the joy and happiness you bring to others! PS I still

have the singing teddy bear you gave me the night I spent my 40th birthday

at temple with you. Haha you are truly one of a kind!!!!! Love you — Shari

Suzanne has always been one to burn the candle

at both ends.

She must have been the inspiration for the multi-wick candle! We shared the

presidency of our sons’ elementary school PTA: the great and challenging

times we shared have bonded us for life. The first school family picnic we

pulled together with our brand-new Board… we didn’t even know each

other and yet we did the impossible together. Remember filling the teachers’

mailboxes with apples? The office smelled like an orchard the next morning!

The budget discussions with the principal: write you a check for how

much?? … priceless!! And the fun times: the best group of ladies to work

with…. our Board, Mad-Scientist Science night, Harrison School Birthday

Party PTA meeting, post-Basket Bonanza gifts for the school, playing card

games with you and Merri at the Basket Bonanza and watching our sons

graduate. Everything and anything is truly possible….(or at least seriously

considered) with Suzanne. Your zest for life and fun are contagious. I

was glad to be there to balance the tight-wire act and be a part of the wild

ride! Thanks Suzanne!!! Happy 5oth Birthday!! — Colleen Pisciotti

If Suzanne were a car, she would be a bumper car!

Why? Because while she might bump into you unintentionally (or on purpose)

you end up with a smile on your face! Suzanne, on the occasion of your 50th

birthday, I want you to know how much you are loved, and admired. Your

ability to remain positive under conditions that would devastate most is an

inspiration to those who are fortunate enough to watch you in action. And

your loyalty to and support of friends and family is a model for others to

follow. I feel extremely fortunate to have you as my sister in law and friend,

and I wish you a very happy birthday, and many many more!

- Love, your brother-in-law Je f

a WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY for your special day and always. May all your wishes come true! I always enjoyed spending time with you. You are a very charming, dynamic young lady and deserve the best. Hope to spend more fun times with you and your family. - Ver

If Suzanne were a color she would be RED for all the passion she possesses. - Madelaine

With LOVE for Suzanne on her Fiftieth Birthday


She has a beautiful heart, an intelligent mind, and a playful spirit.


Suzanne has a demanding job, two special kids, and a husband who works

as many hours as she does; yet she is never too busy to listen to a friend, take

Oreo for a walk, help a child (hers or a friend’s) write a paper, make a costume,

find just the right prop for a play, pick up David’s college roommate at the

airport, or pitch in to help a Scout with a project.


She helped her boys discover, develop, and take such pride in their unique gifts.

She taught them to seize adversity as an opportunity to make them stronger,

and even, as an opportunity to teach others. She has raised two confident,

sensitive, sweet and talented boys who are good friends to others and who

are poised to work hard and to enjoy all the gifts life has to offer. This is no

small accomplishment.

At work, Suzanne carries a heavy case load of litigation matters with all of

its deadlines and is relied upon heavily by her client and others at work for

her advice and counsel on many matters. She is as nice to the cleaning and

security staff s she is to her superiors. When multiple deadlines loom over her,

Suzanne keeps trudging along. She never gives up. She is a brilliant lawyer and

she is well respected by her colleagues.

Not surprisingly, Suzanne walks around a good bit of the time exhausted

beyond words. Yet, she will drive several hours on just two hours sleep to see

one of David’s plays, attend one of her nephew’s performances, or to sleep in

the freezing cold at one of Aaron’s Boy Scout camping trips.

With all that she has on her plate, she thinks nothing of taking on organizing

a book group, inter-faith hospitality week, Mitzvah Day at her temple, or her

latest undertaking, sitting on the Board of Trustees for Lawyers for Justice.

Friendship and community service are important to Suzanne. A sane person

would never take on these extra activities but Suzanne wouldn’t have it any

other way.

These are just a few of the reasons why most people who know Suzanne

describe her as amazing.

Suzanne has been a good friend to me --she extended her hand when I needed

a friend. I love to hear her laugh. I am proud and blessed to call her my friend

and my colleague.

- Love, Linda Day

Suzanne has been the sunshine in our lives these past 25 years.

She is the song in our heart and the bearer of happiness as long as we’ve known her. If the day is

gray, We know we can depend upon her to part the clouds and bring in a ray of light. She has

done more, and spent more time with her children than any stay at home mom. We can’t think

of a better mom. She has enriched all of our lives. — Rona and Sam Brummer

We love her!

Happy Birthday Suzanne! Suzanne is special because she has an

extraordinary capacity to love, to be there for her friends and family and to

see possibilities in everyone she meets. I met Suzanne when I became principal

of her sons’ elementary school, Harrison Elementary School in Livingston.

She was my first PTA co-president. I still can’t figure out how she had time,

but she made it! It was obvious from the first time I met her, that Suzanne

was bright and funny. We developed a good friendship over the years.

The depth of feelings Suzanne inspires is extraordinary. I still think about

the poem that Marc wrote and read to the whole parent group at Suzanne’s

last PTA meeting in her honor. She was there when I needed help, and her

interests have led us to book discussions, plays, and a lot of good conversation

over food over the years. She always makes me laugh because she sees

the funny side of life in almost any situation, even when she is exhausted.

Suzanne is like a master sculptor, molding her boys, David and Aaron, and her

friends into whatever they need to be. She never gives up and is always polishing

some aspect of their lives. You can always see something different whenever you

look at great sculpture and it never ceases to inspire.

Thank you, Suzanne! — Love, Pat Boland

In honor of Suzanne’s 50th birthday, I have never met

a woman who is such a devoted mother to her two beautiful children. She

symbolizes the essence of family values and education.

She is a formidable and brilliant attorney in a fast-pace work environment. I can

honestly say that I have had the pleasure of working for her these past years. Her

experience and personality is irreplaceable in the office and I only wish that she

carries on with the same passion and fire for years to come.

May you have a blessed 50th Birthday with love, happiness and good health!

— Marlene Perfeito & Family








— Love, Michael, Bonni and Karli

My Aunt Suzie is strong and she’s loud

She always stands out in a crowd

Silly songs she sings

and laughter she brings

To be family you know that I’m proud

Aunt Suzie is barrels of fun

kind-hearted and second to none

clown noses and feathers

her family she treasures

Happy Birthday - you’re fifty years young!

I love you to the moon and back! - Rachel


How would I describe Suzanne? Well, she’s really smart and really resourceful. She’s funny and playful, and very good at the musical

game Encore, my favorite New Year’s Eve activity. She’s an athlete and a good sport. And she can always win at the card game Spit, so you know she’s

lightning fast. She’s loyal and honest, kind and thoughtful. She “gets” art and drama and human nature too. Suzanne is upbeat, cheerful, deep, and

good to everyone. She is a delightful friend and neighbor – a unique and wonderful person. Happy Birthday, Suzanne, and thanks for being you!


What can I say, I lucked out in the sister department.

Suzanne is my younger sister and has always been my

playmate, my confidant, my defender, my cheerleader. I

love our daily phone calls, especially the ones where we

are both working away on our own separate projects with

the speaker phone on and not saying a word to each other

for long stretches of time, just pretending and wishing that

we were working in the same room together. My favorite

thing to do with Suzanne is laugh, like the time we played

Jack Clap, Queen Slap, King Touch Your Nose, Ace Meow at

midnight while our husbands were trying to sleep. Despite

their moans and groans, we kept on playing and laughing

and laughing til the wee hours of the morning. A laugh

is never as pure or as deep as when done with Suzanne!

I also love how dangerous it is to bring Suzanne and me

into a solemn event and have us sit next to each other....

guaranteed at some point we will revert to our ten year old

selves and find something humorous. The more we sense

that the other is suppressing a laugh the more we each

have to laugh.

Suzanne is the busiest woman I know yet she will

always, always make the time to help me out and

especially to help her nephews out. Being available

for family is absolutely a top priority for her...no

matter what, no convincing her otherwise...family

first...end of story. You can count on her, she will

defend you like no other. She has always been like

that. I remember when we were teens and I was in

trouble with my parents. She defended me to the

point that she drove our parents so totally crazy that

they forgot that they were ever angry with me. A

sign of her future in the legal profession.

Suzanne and I were always great friends. When we

were younger I would often use my older sister status

to dictate what games we should play. Whether

that would be marching around the neighborhood

with signs we made to advertise our latest event or

allowing me to be president of our current club, she

never complained and happily did as I asked. I don’t

throw around my older sister status any longer but I

do know that I can still count on Suzanne to happily

join in on any shenanigans I come up with.

My birthday wish for Suzanne is that she have the

time to play all that she wants to...especially with me!

— Love ya so very much, Merri

When I think of my Aunt Suzie, I can’t help but !

She is CRAZY and full of life,



and when I’m with her I always have tons of fun! It is nearly impossible to be sad

around Aunt Suzie, because she knows exactly how to make you laugh! We’ve

had the best of times together, like when we invaded Aaron’s room and then

we all tried on his crazy rainbow afro wigs and then marched into David’s room

singing at the top of our lungs! Just being around Aunt Suzie makes me happy!

It is hard to describe how absolutely crazy, fun and totally fantastical my Aunt

Suzie is! Happy birthday Aunt Suzie!!!! I love you to the moon and back again!!!!

— Love, Beetlybop

Happy 50th Aunt Suzie (a.k.a. The Word Fluffer)!

The most fun, loving, joyful aunt ever, I couldn’t have

asked for a better one. No matter where we are if you’re around we’re

sure to be having fun in some way, whether it’s a boggle board or a

deck of cards, some random little toy or party favor, or even just your

big smile, laughs and good conversation. But beyond the fun parts,

you’ve also always been there to help me, letting me stay with you for

the summer when I interned in the city or especially whenever I had an

important paper to write (most likely calling you at midnight the night

before it was due) I always knew I could count on the great Word Fluffer

(as you have come to be known) to be there for me to edit my papers,

turning just OK papers into great ones. You are truly amazing at coming

up with the perfect words and ways to restructure my paragraphs,

although it was often a fairly daunting task to open up one of your

technicolored and crisscrossed word docs. I must say I learned a lot and

am a much better writer because of your help through the years, and I

can probably attribute a point or so of my GPA to you. — Love, Maxx



you for

Here’s to another great 50 years!

Happy birthday, Aunt Suzie!

Here's to another year f lled with fun, family, laughter,

celebration, costumes and boas, and lots of exuberant singing!

. . . and

many more!

— Love, Tovah

Cha Cha Cha!!!


Since the day I met you I knew you were someone special.

You are the most happy person I know, having a smile on

your face no matter the situation (ok, maybe not when

you wake me up in the morning) and that enthusiasm for

life is infectious. You are also the most selfless person I

know, staying up for inhuman amounts of time to help your children

with work that should have been done two weeks before. That takes

dedication. If it weren’t for you I still would be filling out my college

applications (this is true no matter when this is being read). You do

everything for this family, entertaining us when we are bored with

games and jokes, feeding us when we are hungry and always pushing us

to do what we need to get done, even when it isn’t what we want to do.

When I think of you I can’t help but think of a mother bear protecting

her cubs. In the beginning of my marching band career I had forgotten

to hand in my permission slip. Mr. Hegedus refused to cooperate with

my attempts to get it in through other means such as you faxing a signed

slip to him so I called you for help. After first refusing to even speak to

you, your relentless badgering finally worked and he stepped into an

empty room, taking my phone. When he came back five minutes later

he was pale as a sheet with his eyes as wide as dinner plates. I think I

saw some white hairs I hadn’t noticed before as he stoically said that

everything was taken care of. I have never seen a grown man so scared

in my life. It’s impossible not to love you because you are truly the whole

package, a loving mother, prop supplier, terrifying protector, a fantastic

gin player, a permanently happy person and most of all, a great friend. I

love you mom.

— Sincerely, Aaron

I have tried, for days, to put down on paper what you mean to me.

I have tried sonnets,


free verse,


and I continue and continue to fin that words,

those little jumbles

of scribbles and sounds,

are simply useless in this regard.

How can I capture the joy with which you filled my childhood?

Or the evergreen values you instilled in me,

Which inspire me to be a better person every single day?

What words and what phrases could in any way express

The strength you helped me to discover in myself?

And the love you give to everyone in your life?

And the herculean feats you willingly task yourself

Should anyone but ask?

This world is all the more beautiful,

And full of wonder and love,

With your presence in it.

And how can you put that on paper


How are you special to me? Words are all I have Mom, but for this I am bereft, there

are simply not enough, and those that exist are not fit to measure it.

I love you Mom. — David

If Suzanne were a piece of fruit, she would be...


an apple, because she’s the apple of my

I love Suzanne because...she makes me happy to be me. I’m a better person because of her. She makes me

a better husband, father, friend. She makes up for my flaws - I’m dour, she’s vivacious. I find everything that’s wrong,

she finds everything that’s right. I get caught up in minutiae, she always knows what’s important. I’m stubborn, she’s...

well, let’s skip this one. I write, she edits (and I could express myself better here if I could just let her read this and

discuss with her what I’m trying to say). We’re a team, she’s my best friend, and together, I feel we can do anything!

We have fun together, we laugh together, we tackle problems together, and care deeply for each other. She has her way

of making each day have meaning - every day is special because she finds its “specialness.” I can not imagine living

without her. What a great way to meander on life’s journey!

My favorite story about Suzanne is...Can there only be one story? Impossible! Trying to learn calculus

the night before her final exam from Ed Hanley in the lounge of our dorm freshman year...making David a cockatoo

costume from scratch for Halloween and his reaction - “They think I’m a chicken!”...the kids’ birthday parties and the

lengths she went (a bring-your-own-bulldozer party?!? - genius!) to make their birthdays absolutely magical...Getting

stuck on the West Side Highway in the middle of the night, her insisting on opening the hood, my derisive comment,

“What the heck do you think you’re going to find in there?,” and, son-of-a-gun, she finds

a loose wire and fixes the car...Looking at me with that big wide-eyed grin on our second

anniversary and exclaiming, “We’ve been married for years!”...Engaging me in a passionate

embrace after hanging out her shingle and saying, “How does it feel to kiss a corporation?”...

The college search process, her time and effort, and Skidmore and Temple both end up being

“afterthoughts”...Her eventually saying, “Yes!” on that bridge in the moonlight while I was

down on one knee...

Suzanne makes me laugh when she...can tell me exactly what I’m thinking

— Marc




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