Slipstream January 2021

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Taycan. Rhymes with icon.





With life getting back in motion, now is the perfect time to discover a classic in the

making: Taycan. It’s the first all-electric Porsche sports car, with two permanent-magnet

synchronous motors generating up to 750 hp and acceleration faster than a skydiver in

free fall. Plus, an 800-volt battery that can be partially recharged to add up to 62 miles of

range in just over five minutes. And at Park Place, this new Porsche icon comes with a total

commitment to sanitation, safety and comfort every time you visit the dealership.

That’s what makes Park Place feel like Your Place.


Still life in the car world.

photo by Melissa Tuason

7 | Founders Day Mavs & Mochas: Nordstrom NorthPark

8 | Founders Day: Family Affair

9 | Hope House and the Founders Day Silent Auction

12 | Founders Day People’s Choice Car Show

13 | Founders Day Toy Parade

17 | Autocross Series: Event 10, Lone Star Park

19 | Maverick Marktpreis: 911 Turbo

20 | Coffee, Cars & Conversation: Kurt Scaggs

26 | Mavs & Mochas: Granbury, Texas November 14

29 | Maverick of the Year

30 | Maverick Region Executive Board Election 2021

33 | Hope Christmas 2020


See more details and check for event updates via the QR code

here or our online calendar at http://mav.pca.org/go/calendar


Garages and Gearheads Having Coffee........................................(Sat) 2

Mav Virtual Board Meeting....................................................... (Wed) 6

Mavs & Mochas: Texas Harley Davidson.......................................(Sat) 9

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 16

Maverick Happy Hour (virtual)................................................ (Thur) 21


Porsche Dallas

6107 Lemmon Ave.

Dallas, TX 75209



©2020 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.


Taycan Turbo


Starting at



22 | Board Meeting (virtual)

22 | Motoring Mavs at Mayo

22 | Autocross

23 | Mavs & Mochas


2 | Board Botschaft (Executive Board Member Column)

2 | Maverick of the Month

4 | List of Officers and Board Chairs

4 | Zone 5 Presidents

15 | New Mavericks

31 | Maverick Trivia

34 | Advertiser Index

34 | Anniversaries

36 | Oversteer (Editor’s Column)

Mav Virtual Board Meeting....................................................... (Wed) 3

Garages and Gearheads Having Coffee........................................(Sat) 6

Mavs & Mochas: Frisco Fresh Market......................................... (Sat) 13

HPDE: MotorSport Ranch.......................................................... (Sat) 20

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 20

Maverick Happy Hour TBD...................................................... (Thur) 25

Autocross: Challenge Cup #1.................................................. (Thur) 28

On the Cover

Skittles in the sun at the 2020 Founders Day

People’s Choice car show.

Photograph by William Beck

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Board Botschaft: Virtually New for 2021

by Bill Kruder, Region President

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t think 2020 was

ever going to end. But with a great sigh we can say we

made it. In looking back on it now, you might say it was

an interesting year. Maybe even a fun year with much reimagined

and many firsts.

Who would have thought we would have our first virtual

Mavs & Mochas? We enjoyed not one but two virtual

Happy Hours. We had two innovative Tech Sessions, the

last of which was broadcast live via Facebook. Board

meetings - we didn’t miss a beat, having simultaneous inperson

and virtual meetings, moving to all-virtual as the

year came to a close.

As the pandemic continued, ideas on the future began to

unfold. Slipstream, your award-winning newsletter, will take

on a new look, going to bimonthly publication in addition to

a new robust online magazine in the spring of 2021.

Events that once required paperwork went paperless. A

great example is our Rallies. Ginger and Tom Heuerman

re-imagined how they are done and created a completely

paperless event creating a new format with even more fun!

How about Founders Day? I can’t imagine a better

way we could have ended the year! Who would have ever

thought it would be an afternoon and outdoor event; more

about that on pages 8-9.

Our Concours Chair, Scott Kellogg, had to postpone

until 2021 what will be the biggest and best show ever

seen. But in the meantime, he pulled off our People’s

Choice show at the Founders Day Family Affair, not only

voting by classes this year, but also going paperless and

using our phones to scan and self-tabulate the winners;

more about that on page 14.

Membership, which sputtered early on, began to come

back, and we are again averaging 25-30 new members a

month, and as of this writing we will have over 300 new

Notes from our Zone Rep

by Chuck Bush, Zone 5 Representative

faces to drive friendships with.

And yes, we had our annual election of officers too, and

I thank you for once again allowing me to be President for

one more year; more about the election results on page 29.

So as we begin to think about 2021 we will continue to

keep the safety of our members as priority one. I thank you

for your patience and your kindness as we look forward to

another great year.

My wife Debi and I are honored to serve you and we

look forward to seeing you all soon.

We Buy, Sell, and Consign Quality Pre-owned Porsches

The Independent Porsche Specialist

NEW! Authorised BBi and COBB Dealer

• Expert maintenance and repair services • Certified Porsche Technicians

• Performance upgrades from GMG, COBB, BBi, and FVD

• Track day preparation • PCA discounts • Porsche factory computers

• Comprehensive service from air-cooled to 991

One of the fun things about the

Porsche Club is the wide diversity

of our members’ interests. Some

folks are in the club for the social

aspects, some for the wonderful

Porsche Panorama magazine, some

for the motorsports, and every

other possible reason.

As the Zone Rep I spend quite a

bit of time at PCA Club Races, but

I am really not in PCA for racing.

I have great respect for the racers

and I really enjoy going to Club

Races, but spending a lot of time

on the track is not something that

motivates me. I am motivated by

the maintenance and restoration

aspects of Porsche ownership.

Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy being

under a car more than being in one!

Regardless, I still do quite a

bit of autocross and on-track

drivers’ education because I enjoy

challenging myself to be a better

driver. As I drive around our city,

I have come to appreciate the road

handling skills that have gradually

sunk in from autocross and DE.

These skills make me a much

more proactive driver as well as

improving my ability to handle the

car in unexpected situations.

So whatever your reason for

belonging to PCA, consider taking

advantage of the drivers training

offered by your region. You might

be surprised at how it can make you

a better driver and how much safer

and more comfortable you’ll feel

on the road. Practice makes perfect,

and as much as we drive, practicing

in the controlled environment of

an autocross or DE can do you a

world of good.

Be safe out there!

Sales, Service,

and Performace


3221 Skylane Drive, Dallas, Texas 75006 • 214-269-1570 • www.racperformance.com

2 January


2020 Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs


William Kruder



Vice President

Carey Spreen




Olga Taylor



Chris Flaugh



Autocross Chair

Mark Schnoerr


Charity Chair

Jimmy Gallegos


Club Race Co-Chair

David Hodges


Club Race Co-Chair

David McBee


Coffee Meets Co-Chair

Derrick Tate



Coffee Meets Co-Chair

Matt Wilson



Concours Chair

Scott Kellogg


DE Co-Chair

Keith Olcha


DE Co-Chair

Renee Hayden


DE Chief Driving Coach

Craig Janssen


DE Medical Chair

Dr. Jeffery Komenda


Merchandise Chair

Peter Wen


Region Historian

Carey Spreen



Marketing, Social

Media Chair

Kendall Awtry


Marketing, Web Chair

Maggie Mertzlufft


Membership Chairs

Beckie & Tom Gomer


Monthly Social Chair

Claudia & Jeff Reynolds


PCA Tours Co-Chair

Sam Bryant


PCA Tours Co-Chair

Ted Martin


PCA Junior Ambassador

Brady Stogner


Photography Chair

Paul Moseley


Rally Chairs

Ginger & Tom Heuerman



Registrar, Club Race

Wendy Shoffit


Safety Co-Chair

Nikolaus Klemmer


Slipstream Advertising

Mike Mahoney



Slipstream Content Editor

Carey Spreen



Slipstream Editor

Kurt Scaggs



Slipstream Event Ad Design



Slipstream Mailing

Andy Mears



Special Events Chair

Debi Kruder


Tech Sessions Co-Chair

Michael Baynton



Tech Sessions Co-Chair

Mike O’Hare


Tub Club President

George Maffey


Trivia Chair

Jerry DeFeo



Volunteers Chair

Landon Stogner



COVID Communications Chair

Wendy Shoffit

Link to





Ken Chandler


2021 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative


Tuffy von Briesen



Phil Daigrepont



Brian Swope



Chris Hines



Bryan Kerrick



Doug Carroll



Dennis Halmai



William Kruder



John Showalter



Robert Handy

not listed


Leonard Zechiedrich



Chuck Bush

(703) 577-0562



4 January


Founders Day Mavs & Mochas: Nordstrom NorthPark

by Rob Turner

photos provided by Paul Moseley, Scott Scheetz & Melissa Tuason

During COVID there are moments where you just

want to break free, even if just for a few hours to

remind ourselves collectively what it was like before

“The New Normal” set in. A lot of events have been

postponed or restructured during COVID. Even our

Founders Day was rescheduled. But fear not, faithful

Mavs. We are, if nothing else, intrepid in our quest to

drive our beloved P-Cars.

For this year, our annual Maverick Region Founders

Day has been expanded to - count ‘em - four events.

Kicking things off was the monthly Mavs & Mochas,

then a toy drive up to the Plano Police department, then

on to Grapevine Porsche for both The People’s Choice

Concours and the Family Affair luncheon.

One of the things that struck me was all the new

people that I met. Usually I spend time talking to a

bunch of folks I know, but I never got the chance. I met

a couple that had just moved from Orange County, CA

to the DFW area; another who had been a member for

a while, but this M&M was his first event driving a

sick (meaning way cool) Lime Gold 997; and a friend

of mine whom I finally convinced to both join PCA and

start coming out to M&M events. And he brought his

kids along too. Quote of the day: “Look dad, that car

has four engines just like yours,” said my friend’s son as

he pointed to a nearby 991 with quad exhaust. See, he

is already learning what makes a car go fast!

See you all next month at the next M&M.



four events , one great time

Mavs & Mochas, or as the cool kids like to

call it, M&M, started things off at Nordstrom

NorthPark, special thanks to Clark and Vanessa.

There was just a hint of chill in the air as cars

started rolling in about 8:00 am. But things

soon heated up - not the temperature so much

as a large gathering of Turbos. The Porsche 911

Turbo, in all its guises, was the featured car. Of

the 150 cars that attended, 27 were Turbos, or

almost 20% of all the cars gathered. Not bad,

Turbo folks!

6 January


Founders Day: Family Affair

by Debi Kruder, Special Events Chair

photos provided by Paul Moseley, Scott Scheetz & Peter Wen

Who would have thought we

could end such a challenging

2020 with one of our biggest

celebrations ever with fellow

Mavericks and their families

joining us at Porsche Grapevine for

the first ever Founders Day Family

Affair? Saturday, December 5th

included four great events: Mavs

& Mochas, Mav’s Toy Drive, the

People’s Choice Car Show, and

the Founders Day Family Affair

celebrating the Maverick Region’s

58th Anniversary!

Did somebody count 308 IN-

N-OUT burgers? Yes, that is what

our more than 350 attendees ate in

addition to 100 Twerk City Tacos,

and 181 Pizzeria Testa wood fired

pizzas. You could say we were a

hungry crew! Many thanks to our

participating vendors who catered us

even “animal style!” And for those

a little thirsty, Monkey Shoulder

Whiskey spoiled us with give-a-ways

including t-shirts, mugs, socks and

more with their refreshing cocktails

not to mention Manhattan Project

Beer Company with their amazing

craft brew. That coupled with 110

Sangrias and 175 Margaritas ensured

everyone had a good time!

8 January

What was the show stopper?

Hard to say! Many were in awe

of the big 18-wheeler IN-N-OUT

Cookout Truck with its multiple

canopies and as my son Conor said,

“it was the best IN-N-OUT burger

I’ve ever had!” Next, Chris and Kris

Fernandes drove in with their ‘67

Hippie VW Bus with great tunes to

set the stage for fun. Meanwhile,

the kids were enjoying games of

Maverick Cornhole, some Porsche

Autocross, and some Steel City Pops.

Outside the tent, our Mavs were

walking among the People’s Choice

Car Show with their favorite

cocktail, picking up a free cigar

from Kristoff Cigars, and well

enjoying all the eye candy! Many

Mavs stopped me to say it was the

best Founders Day ever, loving the

casual atmosphere, opportunity for

the entire family (we sure enjoyed

having ours there!), multiple food

and drink selections and well folks,

it’s likely to be a 2021 repeat based

on all of your feedback! I’m

thankful for the good that we can

take from 2020, for our fellow

Mavericks, and that we continue to

drive friendships!

Opposite Page from Top: IN-N-OUT feeds the crowd at the car show and Monkey Shoulder kept us lubricated. Chris Fernandes at the DJ booth kept us entertained

and no family outing would be complete without a Hot Wheels race or two. Above: Friends and Porsches definitely go together, especially on a cool sunny day.

Pizzeria Testa, kept the pizzas coming. The Stogner clan had the best seat in the house, unless you asked Linda Bambina rolling out with Alan.

Hope House and the Founders Day Silent Auction

by Debi Kruder, Special Events Chair

The Maverick Region is proud to be a partner of the

Huffaker-Hughes Hope House since 1993. Hope exists to

eliminate domestic violence. Our most significant financial

contribution is annually through our Founders Day Event

Silent Auction and this year was no different! The auction

had 244 bids raising nearly $10,000 for the charity.

What was the #1 purchased Silent Auction Item? More

than 50 Farm Road Coffee Mugs are now enjoying some

Maverick coffee time each morning.

What was the most active bid on item? The Hot Wheels

Collector Starter Kit, set of 9, donated by fellow Maverick

Peter Wen and won by our Club Race Registrar and COVID

Communications Chair Wendy Shoffit as a birthday gift for

her husband James.

Which item raised the highest dollar amount in support of

the Hope House? The Tactical Fleet Expel Porsche Bra Front

End Clear Bra raised $1,350 won by winning bidder Steve

Kennedy raising nearly 15% of our total.

And guess what? That’s not all.

While the auction raised nearly

$10,000, we also raise money for

the Hope House through our

People’s Choice Car Show and

online donations. The People’s

Choice Car Show Participants all

contributed $25 each for a total of

$1,850 not to mention our

Founders Day DJ Chris Fernandes

generously said he would entertain

us if the MRPCA contributed $500 to the Hope House. All

said, between our generous sponsors, our Silent Auction

participants, People’s Choice Car Show participants, and our

generous Mavericks the Hope House is receiving nearly

$14,000 as a result of the MRPCA Founders Day and Silent

Auction! I can think of no better year than this one to

contribute generously to the end of domestic violence.



The World’s Finest Timepieces

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75205 214.522.2400

River Oaks District Houston, TX 77027 713.621.2400


202006SlipStreamHalfPageAd.indd 1

6/13/2020 5:12:28 PM

Treat your portfolio like you would your Porsche

You wouldn’t leave your Porsche in the care of anyone but a certified service technician.

Shouldn’t your financial portfolio receive similar qualified attention?

Anyone can call themselves a financial planner. Only a select group can

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for a complimentary financial evaluation.

10,000 North Central Expressway

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Clark Randall, CFP ®

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Investment Advisor Representative, Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. Financial Enlightenment and Cambridge are not affiliated. V.CIR.1217

10 January


Founders Day People’s Choice Car Show

by Scott Kellogg, Concours Chair photos by Carl Adee, Bill Beck, Rick Miranda, Paul Moseley & Scott Scheetz

Well we finally had a car show in 2020,

and what a show it was! Registration

maxed out and yet we still managed to

get them onto the show field … well,

show parking lot, but field sounds better.

It was a beautiful day once all the

cars started rolling in. We introduced

our Class judging at this show for the

first time to see how it would test out.

Things seemed to go very well, with

only a few tweaks for the upcoming

Concours in May 2021.

I would like to send out special

thanks to Scott Kerfoot for his help in

setting up the mobile voting for

everyone. He did an outstanding job

and I truly do appreciate all his help, as

well as the help of Landon Stogner and

all the Maverick volunteers!

Opposite Page from Top: “The Skittles” as they were known, stopped the show and were the subjects of more than a few photos as you’ll see this

month. Jason Morski and wife Carrie were double winners taking home not only the new Outlaw trophy, but also the President’s choice trophy for

their 1976 911S. Carl Adee with daughter Olivia enjoy Founders Day Family Affair. Above: Jim Mango puts the finishing touches on Kermit

Founders Day Toy Parade

by Paul Moseley, Photography Chair

A very important part of the Maverick Region Porsche Club

of America’s Founders Day observation is the annual Mavs Toy

Drive that benefits The Plano Police Christmas Cops. An

estimated 100 Porsches participated collecting nearly $1800 in

gift cards and over 500 toys, clothes, and other essentials. Drive

leader Glenn Burgess and his wife Pier accepted a plaque from

Plano Police Lt. Alicia Nors at the department. As Maverick

tradition, Ginger Heuerman was there too with her annual

handmade bears made with love . The participation by Mav

members helps those in need, both children as well as adult family

members, during the holiday season. Good on ya Mavs!

photos provided by Bob Molyneux & Paul Moseley

Now the winners!!!!

356 Class – Michael Harling

911 Class 64-73 – Jim Mango

911 Class 74-88 – Paul Moseley

911 Class (964 993) 89-98 – Joshua Garee

911 Class (996 997) 99-12 – Wendy Shoffit

911 Class (991 992) 13-Present – Jon Reid

914 Class – Joshua Gutjhar

924, 944, 968, 928 Class – James Falgout

Boxster, Cayman Class – Heidi Stout

Panamera, Cayenne, Macan,

Taycan Class – James Shoffit

GT Class GT2, GT3, GT4 – Scott Mesenbrink

Outlaw Class – Jason Morski

President’s Choice – Jason Morski

Congratulations to all of our winners and to everyone

for participating. And have a magical day!

12 January















Welcome Our New Mavericks!

by Becky and Tom Gomer, Region Membership Chairs

New Members November 2020

Rose Alfano (Thomas) Conway, AZ 2018 Macan GTS

Carolyn Boeke Rowlett 2020 Taycan 4S

Blake Bowen Carrollton 2003 911 Turbo

Tommy Caplinger Keller 2007 Boxster

Scott Chapman Corinth 2019 718 Cayman

Sargon Daniel Coppell 2019 911 GT3 RS

Calvin Dotson (Suzanne) Northlake 2015 Macan Turbo

James Fenton The Colony 2009 911 Carrera S

Philip Fisher Coppell 2017 Cayenne S E-Hybrid

Buck Galbraith Corinth 2018 718 Cayman S

Marty Hanan (Michael) Southlake 2021 718 Boxster

Naresh Lakhanpal Dallas 2018 718 Cayman GTS

Charan Lota Frisco 2012 911 Carrera 4S

Devin Mathews Frisco 2021 718 Spyder

Maggie Mertzlufft Celina 1982 911 SC

Robert Mosley Rockwall 2015 Cayman S

Paul Pineider Colleyville 2006 911 Carrera

Thierry Plumettaz Dallas 2013 911 Carrera

Barnes Pruett Coppell 2020 911 Carrera

Walter Silverberg (Eunice) Frisco 2016 911 Carrera

Rob Stephenson Fort Worth 2021 718 Cayman

Robert Suter Dallas 2020 Macan

Alexander Thompson Fort Worth 2016 Cayenne

George Warmack Dallas 2021 911 Targa 4S

Roberto Winzeler Dallas 2001 Boxster

Transfers In

Arturo Cabezut Dallas 2014 911

Transfer From: Coastal Bend (COB)

Don Scott Fort Worth 2014 911 Turbo Silver

Transfer From: Golden Gate (GG)

2011 Panamera Turbo

Rudy & Sonia Santacroce Allen 1986 944

Transfer From: Florida Crown (FCR)

Christopher & Angela ViernesqProsper

Transfer From: Sonnenschein (SON)

2005 911 Carrera

Please give a Maverick Welcome to these new members when you meet them

Member Moment

Sargon Daniel

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, contact Tom or

Becky at membership@mavpca.org


Founder of Nexus Ventures.

Nexus is a Texas-based company that

develops, finances, and owns solar assets.

Primary reason for joining PCA

We recently acquired our first Porsche and

wanted to meet and enjoy the Porsche

enthusiast community.

Current Porsche(s)

2019 911 GT3 RS Weissach

Favorite Porsche

Carrera GT

Best thing about owning a Porsche

Being privileged enough to hear the sound

of a Porsche motor anytime we want!

Hobby and/or leisure interests

Spending time with my wife and our son;

drumming, being a fitness enthusiast;

reading (in the rare spare time).

Member Moment

Wayne Parks


President LWI Custom


First Porsche

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

Current Porsche(s)

2008 911 Turbo, 1999 911 RACE CAR

Favorite Porsche

2008 Turbo

Favorite Maverick or PCA event

HPDE Track Days

Best thing about owning a Porsche

The great people you meet while owning

and driving Porsches.

Maverick Membership Statistics as of December 1

Primary Members: 2183 Affiliate Members: 1059 Total Membership: 3242

14 January


Equipe Rapide (Maverick Region’s autocross partner)

President Andy Cost designed a very challenging course

combining acute turns, decreasing radius turns, high

speed sections, and a very fast finish. The event pulled

in 123 entries, 19 of whom drove Porsches, with a total

of 738 timed runs for the day. Since this was a charity

event for Guns and Hoses, the Police and Firefighter

Foundation, Maverick PCA donated $1000.00, with

Equipe Rapide donating another $5,000.00. Participants

could “buy back” any cone penalties for $5.00 per cone,

thus improving their scores; all participants donated

their PAX award payouts; and the Guns and Hoses

Team set up their swag store, selling burgers, drinks,

and chips, to do very well for the organization we are

supporting. Thank you all for your contributions.

Since this was the last event of the season, some class

championships were on the line, which we can report

on after the Awards Banquet takes place this month.

Igor Tulandin again showed us how quick a Cayenne

GTS can run in anger by winning class P0 over newcomer

James St. Peter in his Macan Turbo. James brought his wife to

drive her Audi A5 in class DSL, where she improved her time

each run, and is going to be another quick driver next season.

In P1, Joe Wilkinson wheeled his 1974 911 Carrera to the

win over Mark and Sigrid’s 914, taking 1st to 3rd in class

respectively. Ed Mayo and Julia Underwood brought their

914 back to this event to round the class out with two drivers

in each car, including Joe’s son Scott in the ’74 Carrera.

In P2, Carey Spreen, Boxster S, barely edged out Doug

Edney, 996 coupe, for the win, with Russ Rosenberg, 996

P0 - 'PCA Zero'

Autocross Series: Event 10, Lone Star Park, Nov 8

by Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair

photos by Robert Kirby of Lightspeed Images

Maverick 914’s ready for war at the last autocross for 2020

Cab, and newcomer Craig Sims, 2010 Boxster, also turning

in respectable times.

In P3, Reid Cloud continues to fly in the all-Cayman S

and -GT4 group at this event. Calvin Yeh, along with Steve

and Sherry Farnham, came in 2nd to 4th respectively.

P4 is for the newest cars, and Steve Krysil showed us

how quick the new 992S can be right out of the box.

In P6, Robin Howard drove her red 996 to the win over

the beautiful red 914-GT 4.0 of Clay Perrine.

The Awards Banquet takes place on January 16, and

the 2021 event calendar will be published as soon as we

have it finalized.

Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Total Diff.

1T 958 Igor Tulandin Silver Cayenne GTS 55.751 54.639 54.601 54.772+1 53.719 57.361 53.719 [-]

2 95 James St. Peter Grey Macan 66.705 62.046+DNF 59.784 59.059 57.681 57.8 57.681 3.962

P1 - 'PCA 1'

Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Best Diff.

1T 3 Joe Wilkinson Blue 911 Carrera 53.446 52.466 51.733 51.447 51.389 50.648 50.648 [-]

2T 954 Mark Schnoerr Lime Green 914 2.0 52.363 51.495 51.308 51.117 51.262 51.61 51.117 0.469

3T 914 Sigrid Schnoerr Lime Green 914 2.0 56.645+1 53.953 54.587 57.166+1 53.044+1 52.435 52.435 1.318

4 13 Scott Wilkinson Blue 911 Carrera 66.883 59.874 57.132 56.117 56.479 54.581 54.581 2.146

5 5 Edward Mayo Silver 914 2.0 60.424+DNF 58.297+1 56.827 56.957+1 55.626 55.203 55.203 0.622

6 9 Julia Underwood Silver 914 2.0 73.313+1 69.715 67.475+1 64.164 64.315+1 63.582+1 64.164 8.961

P2 - 'PCA 2'

Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Best Diff.

1T 906 Carey Spreen GT Silver Boxster S 55.86 53.869 53.551 54.817 52.931 52.614 52.614 [-]

2T 7 Douglas Edney Black 996 60.837 54.842 54.959 52.878 53.688 55.038 52.878 0.264

3 37 Russ Rosenberg Grey 911 58.534+1 56.243 54.023 55.560+2 54.678 54.693+1 54.023 1.145

4 15 Craig Sims Red Boxster 59.997 56.245 56.113+2 57.33 56.311 56.882 56.245 2.222

5 429 Holli Coulman Carrera White Turbo Cabriolet DNS

P3 - 'PCA 3'

Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Best Diff.

1T 43 Reid Cloud White Cayman S 63.228+2 50.555 50.839 58.098 50.557 49.538 49.538 [-]

2T 33 Calvin Yeh Grey Cayman S 69.69 56.163 52.925 56.026+DNF 56.087 53.823+1 52.925 3.387

3 71 Steve Farnham Racing Yellow Cayman GT4 58.258 54.954 55.274+1 54.263 53.574 54.09 53.574 0.649

4 17 Sherry Farnham Racing Yellow Cayman GT4 67.909 60.385 59.583 62.161 56.522 55.957 55.957 2.383

5 428 Owen Coulman Guards Red 911 GT3 DNS

P4 - 'PCA 4'

Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Best Diff.

1T 11 Steve Krysil Silver 911S 56.036 53.247 52.206 51.995 51.866 51.889 51.866 [-]

P5 - 'PCA 5'

Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Best Diff.

1T 98 Dawn Marie Gray Racing Yellow Cayman S DNS [-]

P6 - 'PCA 6'

Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Best Diff.

1T 65 Robyn Howard Red 996 61.368+DNF 59.053+DNF 58.246+1 58.067 54.885+1 55.176 55.176 [-]

2 40 Clay Perrine Red 914-6 GT 4.0 58.176 58.254 59.862+1 59.317 58.504 57.155 57.155 1.979

16 January 17


Maverick Marktpreis is proudly sponsored by:

Maverick Marktpreis: 911 Turbo

by Peter Wen, Region Merchandise Chair

Turbo: noun - A method of forced induction that uses

exhaust gasses to turn a turbine, to force more air into

the engine.

Jeremy Clarkson’s translation: “POWERRRRR!”

Introduced as a 1975 model at the Paris Auto Show,

the 930 Turbo could do 0-60 in less than five seconds,

completely blowing away all contenders in that era,

including Ferrari’s time of eight seconds! Forty-five

years later, “Turbo” remains the flagship for Porsche.

The last three years have not been kind to air-cooled

Turbos. The OG 930 led the way with a valuation drop

of 22%. On the other hand, the often-overlooked 996

gen Turbo had an impressive 16% gain. The Goldilocks

997 gen is now near the bottom of its depreciation curve.

Turbos are the pinnacle of Porsche engineering and

opulence. Happy 45th birthday, 911 Turbo!

Year Type Jan '18 Sept '20 Change Average Price across

(k)* (k)* all Conditions (k)

1977 930 $ 260.0 $ 202.5 -22.12% $121.0

1992 964 $ 210.5 $ 188.0 -10.69% $123.0

1996 993 $ 215.0 $ 199.0 -7.44% $138.0

2002 996 $ 50.5 $ 58.8 16.44% $39.5

2008 997.1 $ 69.7 $ 66.5 -4.59% $49.0

*Hagerty Valuation Tool: Coupes in Good Condition

Fun Fact: The new 2020 992 Turbo S

boasts 640 HP and a 2.6-sec 0-60 time.

Starting price is $203,500. For the same

price, you could buy a base 911 coupe

and a pair of Macans (his and hers).

And you would still have $100 leftover

for a nice celebratory dinner.

1979 911 Turbo Coupe

Sold for $90,000 + $4,500 buyer fee

61k miles

Black / Tan

3.3L Flat-Six

4-speed manual

1997 911 Turbo Coupe

Sold for $145,000 + $7,250 buyer fee

28k miles

Dark Blue / Midnight Blue & Grey

3.6L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

1988 911 Turbo Cabriolet

Sold for $62,000 + $3,100 buyer fee

101k miles

Granite Green / Burgundy

3.3L Flat-Six

4-speed manual

2002 911 Turbo Coupe

Sold for $45,700 + $2,285 buyer fee

57k miles - TMU

Arctic Silver / Metropol Blue

3.6L Flat-Six

6-speed manual

1991 911 Turbo Coupe

Sold for $127,000 + $6,350 buyer fee

45k miles

Black / Black

3.3L Flat-Six

5-speed manual

2003 911 Turbo Coupe X50

Sold for $43,250 + $2,163 buyer fee

30k miles

Black / Black

3.6L Flat-Six

5-speed Tiptronic S

1992 911 Turbo Coupe

Sold for $126,000 + $6,300 buyer fee

46k miles

Coral Red / Grey

3.3L Flat-Six

5-speed manual

2007 911 Turbo Coupe

Sold for $57,500 + $2,875 buyer fee

51k miles

Silver / Black

3.6L Flat-Six

5-speed Tiptronic S

At Hagerty, our love for cars and their owners drives our

business forward, allowing us to offer you better

classic car insurance coverage for less.

18 January


What a year 2020 was! It’s nice

to be able to say 2021 is here at last.

To start the New Year I wanted to

share with you what may be the

busiest club volunteer we have. You

all know his work as our Editor,

but a lot of you don’t know before

that he was our club ad designer.

Not only did he do that, but he is

also credited with taking our crazy

idea of making a “brand” out of our

coffee meets. We gave him the name

Mavericks and Mochas and a

few days later he said “I have

an idea: do you like ‘Mavs

& Mochas?’” Well of course

we did, and with that you see

this brand image on coffee

mugs, tee shirts, window

stickers, our tent, and more;

in my marketing days we

called this “synergy.”

Not only is he busy

creating our award-winning

magazine - you will often

catch him out at many

events. I’m proud to call this

guy my friend and a great

“partner in crime” as we say.

So here is the next in my

series of “conversations” I would

like to share with you . . .

Kurt Scaggs, Member since 2013

1986 944 Turbo and 1987 Carrera

Bill Kruder: Let’s start off with the

usual. Where are you from?

Kurt Scaggs: Well I was born in

Houston, but we moved when

I was two to Slidell, Louisiana,

which is off the northeast shore of

Lake Pontchartrain, or about 45

minutes northeast of New Orleans.

I graduated from North Shore High

School in 1991.

BK: What about college - did you stay


KS: Nope, I didn’t, for a couple

reasons. One, it seemed everyone

from high school was going to LSU

20 January

Coffee, Cars & Conversation

by Bill Kruder, Region President

and I really didn’t want to just spend

another four years with the same

group of people. And secondly, my

dad took me to a Texas Tech game

and we sat with the band, and I guess

that sold me. Well there is actually a

bit more to it. My dad and mom both

are Tech grads; matter of fact my

grandmother is too, so maybe that

had some influence on my decision


Kurt and Melissa Scaggs with son Wilson

BK: Wait a second - most people visit

a college but they don’t go to a game

and sit with the band?

KS: I know right? Sounds kind of geeky

(laughing) but the story behind that is

that I was in my high school band, and

then on top of it, the band instructor

at Tech was best friends with my dad

and insisted we sit with them.

BK: So you played in the

marching band?

KS: Yes I did. I was a

trombone player. I started

in middle school, played in

high school, and in my dad’s

footsteps played for the 450

member “Goin’ Band from


BK: So did you get a music


photos provided by Kurt Scaggs

KS: Oh no! I was a Fine Arts

major getting my degree in Design

Communication and Packaging Design.

BK: So that’s what you do now?

KS: It is. I’m one of very few people

I know that do precisely what they

studied in undergrad. I started out

designing product packaging for

H-E-B Grocery when we lived in San

Antonio and have remained in that

business every since. I now

run my own design business

specializing in retail food


BK: So how did you and

Melissa meet?

KS: We were both in the same

church youth group. We

knew each other but we did

not start dating until I was

a senior in high school (she

was a junior).

BK: Wow! So a year later you

go off to Tech, which is some

16 hours away?

KS: I know, right? Then,

when she did graduate, she went

off to UT in Austin for her first

year before transferring to Tech.

Once graduating, we moved to San

Antonio so that she could attend UT

Dental School.

BK: So how did you two end up in Dallas?

KS: Once she finished in San Antonio

Kurt and his parents at an Alumni Band event at Tech

she did a one-year residency at Baylor

College of Dentistry of Dallas before

setting up practice in the area. And

with my work I could more or less

work anywhere.

BK: So how long have you been


KS: We dated for 6 years, got

married in 1997, and had Wilson

in 2012.

BK: Ahhh yes, Wilson, love the

name. Where did it come from?

KS: That was Melissa’s

grandfather’s middle name and

we thought it would cool to keep

the name in the family. An added

benefit is that he rarely gets confused

with anyone else.

BK: Now let’s switch subjects to cars.

What was your first?

KS: My first car my dad brought

home for me was an ‘85 Honda

Accord hatchback. I think it had less

than 100 horsepower, and when I

was given the keys, I was encouraged

to keep in under 3,000 RPM’s

for the sake of the engine. Not a

chance. Then I had an equally high

performance ‘89 Accord, white with

burgundy. It had those cool pop-up









BK: What was your first Porsche?

KS: That would be the Guards Red

‘87. We bought that in 2013 shortly

after Wilson was born.

Although Wilson currently prefers Mustangs,

he never turns down a ride

BK: So why Porsche?

KS: Like so many boys when I was

growing up I’d built model cars -

matter of fact at the time my favorite

was the 993. Hours of pouring

through my Dad’s car magazines

helped drive the dream.

BK: So what made you finally buy one?

KS: I was at a Classic BMW Cars &

Coffee and I saw a 1969 Tangerine

911 and I started talking to this

guy - he had this long hair, a beard,

sounds kind of tough (smiling) and he

told me everything I wanted to know

about the cars

down to the best

model to get into.

After some time in

the club I met Bob

Aines again for the

first time. Bob is

a local legend for

those who don’t

know him and I

credit him with

passing on the

Porsche passion.

BK: Where did

you find the car?

KS: I started

looking online

and found this

one in Stow,


which is right outside of Boston. I

bought it sight unseen after a PPI and a

subsequent conversation with the fine

folks at Mayo Performance. The car

rolled out of the transporter and

found its way to Bedford for some

maintenance shortly thereafter

and it’s been love ever since.

BK: Now I know a bit about the

944, as you bought that from

our mutual friend?

KS: Yes I did. In high school

the 944 Turbo was the car

in my daydreams. I started

poking around, and Jim Hirsch

mentioned he was looking to

sell his. Anyone who knows

Jim knows how particular he is, so

I knew I was getting a great car. I

purchased the car in late summer

of 2018 and proceeded to drive it

out to Rennsport VI at Laguna Seca

a few weeks later. Not only did I

caravan out with some fellow Mavs,

I was able to do parade laps on the

legendary track. Another childhood

dream checked off the list.

BK: Lastly, how did you, or why did

you, get so involved in the club?

KS: As soon as we had bought the

‘87 we joined the club and started to

attend some events. We also started

getting Slipstream. I saw an ad asking

for volunteers and decided why not

jump in. I met with Jim, then editor,

he sold me and the rest as they say

is history. Looking back, it’s the best

thing I could have done, though I will

say I never thought I would be Editor

of the club magazine.

BK: Interesting! That darn Jim Hirsch

did the same to me (laughing).

Well there you have it: as of this

writing, Kurt Douglas Scaggs not only

is the best Editor, but he is the recent

recipient of the James Shoffit Maverick

of the Year Award for his continued

volunteer work for our club. See page

14 for more on this award.

I’m proud to say Kurt and I have been

driving our friendship since 2013.




22 January


Life happens on track day

Everything else is just practice




for Smart


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get the most out of retirement.

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vehicle names are property of their respective owners. Their use is meant to reflect the authenticity of the vehicle and do not imply sponsorship nor endorsement of Hagerty nor any of these products

or services. Hagerty is a registered trademark of the Hagerty Group LLC, ©2020 The Hagerty Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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24 January


Mavs and Mochas: Granbury, Texas, November 14

by Jimmy Gallegos, Charity Chair

photo by Ryan Pafford, Shad Ramsey Photography, Scott Scheetz

It was a bright sunshiny, breezy

November day in downtown Granbury

where 85 Porsche drivers gathered in

the town square. We were greeted by

John Hamilton from Autobahn with

more donuts and coffee than we could

Landon Stogner & Sons parking team

handled our parking needs.

Granbury is often called the smallest

big town in Texas with a beautiful

lake and over 700 hotel rooms and

Bed & Breakfast businesses. They are

Bank. This year Mavs and Mochas

Canned Food Drives have collected

over 4300 pounds of canned food to

give back to the communities where

we live. Chantel Tennyson was also

there to sell exclusive Patriot Paws


Merry Christmas!

The Art of Paint Protection



Porsche, our sponsored pup at

Patriot Paws took some time

out of training to send us a

Christmas card. Porsche is

well on her way to becoming

a service dog for a disabled

American veteran or someone

Wishing You A Merry Christmas

& A Happy New Year!

Love, your favorite PATRIOT PAWS Pup In-Training,


with mobile disabilities in order to help restore their physical and

emotional independence. Patriot Paws trains and provides these

service dogs at no cost to the recipient. The Maverick Region is proud

to be a partner to Patriot Paws and their mission.

Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coating

Full Detailing

Window Tinting


3 Dallas Locations:

Porsche Specialists with over

35 years experience in DFW

Park Cities

6134 Denton Dr

Dallas, Tx 75235


consume. What a treat! Also making

us feel at home were members of the

Chamber including President/CEO

Mike Scott (Mav member) and Tammy

Dooley, Chamber Director, and their

team. They ensured we had plenty of

parking around the town hall building

and asked downtown restaurants to

open early to meet our drivers. The

famous for big 4th of July celebrations

that are attended by people from

surrounding cities in the area. Did

someone say Mavs Pop-up July 4th

drive and weekend stay? Sounds like

great fun!

It was also a Mavs canned food

day and we collected 200 pounds of

canned food for the North Texas Food

T-shirts. T-shirts are still available for

purchase by contacting Chantel or

Jimmyg Gallegos. Mavs donated over

$300.00 in cash that will go directly

to Patriot Paws. Another example of

Mavs paying it forward. Thank you!

It was great drive and beautiful day

to the ‘smallest big town in Texas’

Granbury, Texas!


601 Coit Rd

Plano, Tx 75075


White Rock

9796 Ferguson Rd

Dallas, Tx 75228


26 January


Maverick of the Year: Kurt Scaggs

by Carey Spreen, Region Vice President

Since 1976, the Maverick Region

President has named a person (and

sometimes a couple of people) as

having made outstanding contributions

to the region, as well as inspiring others

to do the same, during the past year.

This trophy was called the Richard F.

Selcer Memorial Award for Superior

Performance and Dedication until its

retirement in 2017, at which time it was

replaced by the James Shoffit

Maverick of the Year Award.

At the 2020 Founders Day

event, which took place at

Porsche Grapevine on Saturday,

December 5, the Maverick of

the Year award went to Kurt

Scaggs, the Managing Editor of

Slipstream, Maverick Region’s

monthly magazine.

Kurt, a member of

Maverick Region since 2013,

first joined the Slipstream

staff in January 2017 as the

Event Ad Designer, where he

designed and produced the

print and web ads for our upcoming

events. When then-Editor Jim Hirsch

made plans to step down in at the end of

2017, he had already recognized Kurt’s

abilities as a graphic designer, and was

able to convince Kurt to take over the

reins at Slipstream. The transition

and hand-off of the Managing Editor

position usually takes time, but by April

photo provided by Scott Scheetz

of 2018, Kurt was already at the helm,

continuing in his Event Ad Design role

until he could find a replacement.

Since that time, Kurt has made many

improvements to Slipstream, and has

won two National awards for it: first

place in Class VI (regions with 1,650 or

more members) in 2018 (awarded at the

2019 Porsche Parade), and second place

in 2019 (awarded on-line this year).

And of course, during the pandemic,

most of our events went on hiatus,

but not Slipstream – Kurt continued

to put together a 36-page issue every

month. He has also been working on

a wholesale revamp of Slipstream to

allow it to be published to the mavpca.

org website every month, while still

publishing a print version every two

months. This will save Maverick

Region a large amount in printing and

mailing costs.

Please join us in congratulating

Kurt Scaggs as the 2020 Maverick of

the Year!

Maverick Region Executive Board Election 2021

by Carey Spreen, Region Vice President

Per Maverick Region’s bylaws (https://www.mavpca.org/

about/bod/bylaws/), a three-person nominating committee

consisting of Jim Hirsch (Chair), Mike O’Hare, and Mike

Mahoney provided a list of candidates for the four Executive

Board positions, as follows:

President: Bill Kruder (incumbent)

Vice President: Carey Spreen (incumbent)

Treasurer: Chris Flaugh (incumbent)

Secretary: Olga Taylor

Mail-in ballots were available in Slipstream, and

were accepted until December 1, 2020. An in-person

election, open to all primary and affiliate members

of Maverick Region, was held at the Founders’ Day

celebration on December 5. The mail-in and in-person

ballots were counted at Founders’ Day as well, with

the official result that all four candidates were voted in

unanimously for 2021.

I’m sure I speak for the Executive Board by saying

thank you to all who voted, and that we look forward

to serving Maverick Region in 2021, which we hope

will be a return to a more “normal” (i.e. pre-pandemic)

year of events for all of us!









28 January


Hope Christmas 2020

by Bill Middleton

As expected, Hope Shelter

Christmas 2020 was – by necessity – a

bit different. The usual big party at the

nearby church community center had

to be cancelled. What to do??

Get creative – that’s what to do!

So – on December 9th, some of

Santa’s ‘elves’ went shopping, with lists

in hand, to fulfill the wishes of kids being

served by the Shelter that otherwise

would wake up to an empty tree. With

much dashing and dodging and ‘where

would they hide this thing?’, the ‘elves’

completed their mission – and the dash

to a Hope Christmas was underway!

From the 9th to the 12th, more ‘elves’

boxed, bagged, stuffed, wrapped, and

otherwise packed dolls, trucks, scooters,

and other toys and goodies of all shapes,

sizes, and colors – until an entire office

was nearly full of multicolored packages,

waiting for the big day!

Then – with great anticipation – on

Saturday the 12th, as arranged, Santa

in all his red and white finery, made an

early appearance in Mineral Wells, just

to deliver all those goodies to some very

special kids! As quickly as he’d appeared,

Santa – needing to fulfill the wishes of

other boys and girls – said his goodbyes,

wished everyone a Merry Christmas, and

disappeared – off to bring the magic of

Christmas to many others.

The Maverick Region has had

Hope Charities in Mineral Wells as its

regular charity for over 25 years now.

The Shelter provides a safe haven for

victims of domestic abuse as well as

counseling, legal services, a food and

clothing pantry, connections to medical

photo provided by author

services and children’s aid services,

and many other forms of assistance. It

serves the five county area just west of

Fort Worth, but has provided services

to those in need from the DFW area

and as far away as the West Coast when

no other facility could help.

Each year, Maverick Region via

primarily Founders Day events and

the Silent Auction provides substantial

financial assistance to Hope. This year

especially, with Hope not being able to

hold its usual summer fundraisers, our

assistance filled a critical need in their

programming. Maverick Region gave

to Hope a little over $15,600.00 that

will keep their programs of providing

safe haven for those most in need alive

and well for another year.

We couldn’t do it without all of

YOU!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

If you’d like more information about

Hope Inc., and the Region’s involvement

with them, please contact the Charity

Chair, Jim Gallegos.

You can test your

knowledge (or Google

search ability) of all

things Porsche by

participating in the

monthly trivia contest

posted online at http://


Answers are due by the

last day of each month.

The winner of the trivia contest receives a $25 gift

certificate from our sponsor, Zims Autotechnik. In the case

of ties, a random drawing determines the winner.

Here are the questions and answers for the November

2020 Trivia, this month dealing with miscellaneous Porsche

items from the past. Question 5 had two correct answers

(c or d), so credit was given for either answer. The winner

this month was Warren Horgan, getting all 5 of 5 correct.

Honorable Mention goes to Richard Cross, Cyril Reif, and

Bill Kruder, who also got all 5

correct; the winner was chosen

by random drawing.

Maverick Trivia: Are you a Porschephile?

Jerry DeFeo

sponsored by Zims Autotechnik

Answers: 1)c, 2)d, 3)a, 4)d, 5)c or d

1. When James Dean died on Sept 30, 1955, his Porsche 550 Spyder

was sold to ____________ who planned to fix it back up, but

instead it was loaned as a display for the National Safety Council,

which stated, “This Accident Could Have Been Avoided!”. a. Ralph

Nader b. Juan Manuel Fangio c. George Barris d. Elvis Presley

Source: www.hagerty.com/media/news/james-deans-death-car-parts-resurface/

2. A portion of James Dean’s “Little Bastard” has just surfaced

after 65 years. It is the ___________ .

a. Engine b. Driver’s seat c. Passenger seat d. Transaxle

Source: www.hagerty.com/media/news/james-deans-death-car-parts-resurface/

3. Back in the 1960s Porsche realized that an air-cooled engine

had a real problem in delivering instant heat, so they came out

with an auxiliary heater that was ___________-powered.

a. Gasoline b. Propane c. Electric d. CNG

Source: www.pca.org/news/2020-08-18/five-less-successful-porsche-options

4. In the recent past there was a Porsche magazine cover that

showed ______ of the Beautiful Ladies of the Maverick Region

to emphasize an article on cancer survivors.

a. 10 b. 11 c. 12 d. 13

Source: Maverick Region Slipstream, October 2020

5. The Porsche flat six engine has been available in many

displacements. What was the first poduction Porsche to have a

3.0-liter flat six?

a. 1973 911 RS b. 1973 911 RSR c. 1974 911 RS d. 1974

911 RSR

Source: “Back Story,” Porsche Panorama, October 2020, pg 5


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30 January


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32 January


Maverick January Anniversaries

45 Years

Barry Gibbs (Joan)

25 Years

Dennis Santo (Dianne)

20 Years

Heinz Hackmann (Angela Jaggears)

Bob Morris (Chris)

15 Years

Bryan Bell (Lisa)

Avery Murphy

10 Years

Nelson Amirkhan (Robin)

Alfredo Carnera (Ana)

Victor DiBlasi (Victor DiBlasi V)

Jason Hart (Ashley)

Richard Hoover (Marie)

Priyesh Patel (Pratima)

5 Years

Gregg Brunk (Melanie)

Lawrence J Cohen

Troy Francis

Jeff Kempf

Curt King

Simon Rex-Lear

Mark Spencer (Deeann)

Member Moment - 25th PCA Anniversary

Dennis A Santo, Dianne C Santo



First Porsche

1988 Carrera Red/ tan

Current Porsche

2018 GTS coupe Chalk/black

Most memorable Maverick or PCA event

Porsche Parade in San Antonio



Fort Worth



Fort Worth




Flower Mound

Wichita Falls



Hudson Oaks

Flower Mound





Best thing about Porsche ownership

The Porsche community and having a car that’s not only enjoyable on the street

but on the track as well.

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Autobahn Motorcar Group........................ B.C.

Autoscope................................................... 27

Bennett Motor Werks.................................. 30

BillyGo Plumbing and Air............................ 32

Concorso Detailing...................................... 35

deBoulle Diamond & Jewelry...................... 11

Falgout & Associates, P. C ............................ 36

Fifth Gear Motorsports................................ 29

Financial Enlightenment............................. 10

Garages of Texas.................................... 10, 14

Hagerty Drivers Club............................. 19, 24

Innovative Autosports................................... 5

Invisibra...................................................... 27

Louden Motorcar Services....................... I.B.C.

Mayo Performance...................................... 10

Mullenix Motorsport................................... 24

New Concepts............................................. 36

The Nest...................................................... 21

OCD’tailers.................................................. 25

Onsite Tires................................................. 33

The Phoenix Insurance................................ 11

Park Place Porsche Dallas......................... I.F.C.

ProTecht...................................................... 32

RAC Performance.......................................... 3

Stuart’s Paint and Body............................... 18

Tactical Fleet................................................ 16

Texas Motor Works...................................... 33

Tim Schutze Real Estate............................... 28

Timberlake Financial Group........................ 25

Ussery Printing........................................... 32

Zims Autotechnik.................................. 31, 35

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8AM - 5PM

34 January


Oversteer: Letter from the Editor

by Kurt Scaggs, Managing Editor

We’ve just wrapped up what was certainly a unique

year in the history of the Maverick Region. Virtual Happy

hours and socially distanced drives though the countryside.

These things don’t just happen on their own though. We

owe Claudia and Jeff Reynolds thanks for toiling away and

recruiting such great online hosts. Special recognition goes to

Frank Zack for making sure we had enough drinks to make

it through quarantine. Our volunteer chairs remained busy

last year despite the restrictions. Tours toured, rallies rallied,

autocross...crossed. and we generally made the best of it. We

even squeezed in a car show.

I’d like to thanks a few of our Slipstream contributors that

I can always count on to bring you interesting, informative

stories. Peter Wen began contributing Maverick Marktpreis

August of 2018 and for over 2 years he has highlighted the

values of the cars we love. Not a month has passed that I

haven’t learned something from his article. Thank you Peter.

Our President, Bill Kruder, began his monthly column in

September of 2016. That’s a lot of coffee Bill. Although I

think you might be running out of interesting folks to talk to

if this month is any indication, I do look forward to what you

have for us in 2021.

Many talented folks willing to contribute are reason this

publication is possible. Names like Rob Turner, Joann Talty,

Mark Schnoerr, Mike O’Hare and Michael Baynton probably

sound familiar and we’re lucky to have them. There is one

person that works behind the scenes every month to keep the

quality high and the word butchering to a minimum. Carey

Spreen is the content editor, and I literally could not do any of

this without him. The next drink is on me Carey.

Next month, Slipstream Online will launch (with any

luck.) As has been mentioned elsewhere in this month’s

issue, things will be changing a little for 2021. We will still

be publishing Slipstream in printed form on the odd months.

Even months will now be online only. The reason for this

is twofold. First, the obvious financial savings will allow us

to have more flexibility in bringing you more high quality

events. If Founders Day is a preview of the things to come,

I’d say we’re in good shape. The second reason is to allow

us to bring you relevant information about the club and club

events more quickly and accurately. Slipstream Online will

not replace mavpca.org, it will simply give a new place to see

what’s going on with your club.

I’m looking forward to getting back in the groove so to

speak, and enjoying some time with my Porsche friends. I

can’t wait to see you out there so we can enjoy the drive!







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36 January

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