**Event Producer. Talent Scout. Life Coach Trainer. Author. 18 years in the ARTS...Music! Acting! Visual Arts! Modeling! and Visual Design!** Now for 2022 it's time for her to BE TRULY SEEN. Enjoy Issue #2 of a new, exciting luxury, avante-garde literary & cultural arts publication called THICKK MAGAZINE and show love for ALL the diverse artists in this publication. "Explore the mind of a Latina Millennial Creative Entrepreneur as she learns Self-Love and freedom of Creative Expression in Chicago...what does it take to hit her potential in 2021?" - IX-plore 10 chapters of her mind from "Love and Sex" to "Life in Flight...ending with the tasty snack we have for you....in SPOON" (Chapter 10) - Featuring 1.5 years of luxe photoshoots and interviews she produced with the industry's hottest emerging artists with diverse creatives from around the world! www.Innovaxarts.com - Cover Photography: Jerry Alt (https://www.facebook.com/jerryalt) - MUA: Angelique Alexandria (https://www.instagram.com/angelique_alexandra/) - Editorial Photography: Israel Perez (https://www.israelperezphotography.com/) & Errin Austin (https://www.facebook.com/errin.austin.1) - MUA: Justyna Kaczor (https://www.instagram.com/atelier_makeup_chicago/)

**Event Producer. Talent Scout. Life Coach Trainer. Author. 18 years in the ARTS...Music! Acting! Visual Arts! Modeling! and Visual Design!** Now for 2022 it's time for her to BE TRULY SEEN.

Enjoy Issue #2 of a new, exciting luxury, avante-garde literary & cultural arts publication called THICKK MAGAZINE and show love for ALL the diverse artists in this publication.

"Explore the mind of a Latina Millennial Creative Entrepreneur as she learns Self-Love and freedom of Creative Expression in Chicago...what does it take to hit her potential in 2021?"

- IX-plore 10 chapters of her mind from "Love and Sex" to "Life in Flight...ending with the tasty snack we have for you....in SPOON" (Chapter 10)

- Featuring 1.5 years of luxe photoshoots and interviews she produced with the industry's hottest emerging artists with diverse creatives from around the world!


- Cover Photography: Jerry Alt (https://www.facebook.com/jerryalt)

- MUA: Angelique Alexandria (https://www.instagram.com/angelique_alexandra/)

- Editorial Photography: Israel Perez (https://www.israelperezphotography.com/) & Errin Austin (https://www.facebook.com/errin.austin.1)

- MUA: Justyna Kaczor (https://www.instagram.com/atelier_makeup_chicago/)


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2 0 2 0 | I S S U E N O . 2<br />

ONLY IN <strong>THICKK</strong>!<br />


BACK 4 MORE BABY...<br />


SHOOTS<br />

Our Celebrity cereal<br />

Shoot! our ANIMAL<br />

Shoot! 2 NEW VIP LUXE<br />

shoots <strong>by</strong> "tu mami<br />

linda" xoxo<br />

IX-PLORE<br />

10 TRENDY<br />

TOPICS<br />

Like our<br />

"Exquisite<br />

Expressions"<br />

(Life in Flight)<br />

Shoot at<br />

Klairmont<br />

Kollections!<br />

International<br />

Artist Spotlights<br />

this year...more<br />

curves than ever!<br />

we have it<br />

all in...<br />


Spotlight Special<br />

on<br />


Editor-in-Chief & Designer<br />

TEAM<br />


Creative Assistant Manager<br />


Magazine Editorial Assistant<br />


Cover Photo & Editorial #1 IXPhotographer<br />


Cover Shoot MUA<br />


Editorial <strong>#2</strong> IXPhotographer w/Assistant<br />

EDITORIAL SHOOT <strong>#2</strong> LOCATION<br />

Klairmont Kollections<br />


Editorial <strong>#2</strong> MUA<br />


In-House MUA<br />


VIP Photo Editor<br />

Ultimate Spark! Coaching<br />


7<br />

9<br />


CHAPTER 1: "LOVE + SEX"<br />

10<br />

11<br />

"Love + Sex" Q&A<br />

IXAnimal Shoot<br />

24<br />

27<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Linda Liu<br />


28<br />

Ultimate Spark! Coaching: offer<br />

29<br />

30<br />

"Whole-Istic Healing" Q&A<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Matthew Salter<br />

32<br />

33<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Adrianna Jaramillo<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Swarnima Singh<br />

36<br />

40<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Deval Mistry<br />

41<br />


Business to Watch: Celeb Lux Limos<br />

42<br />

43<br />

"Beautiful People" Q&A<br />

Macy's IXSpiritwear Fashion Show<br />

44<br />

46<br />

Macy's Fashion Show<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: London Rome<br />

49<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Julie Zhu<br />

51<br />

52<br />

Chapter 4: "The MONEY GAME"<br />

US!C Conference!<br />

54<br />

55<br />

"The Money Game" Q&A<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Jinho Woo<br />

58<br />

59<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Arika Clark, Thrive Epic<br />


60<br />

61<br />

Chicago tattoo Convention<br />

Chapter 5: "LIFE IN FLIGHT"<br />

62<br />

63<br />

"Life in Flight" Q&A<br />

IXSHOOT: Exquizite Expressions<br />

76<br />

78<br />

Travel: Love All, Live Free<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Yesora Song<br />

82<br />

Chapter 6: "SPIRIT FLOW"<br />

83<br />

84<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Morris Mills<br />


85<br />

88<br />

IXSHOOT: Welcome 2 the Jungle<br />

Synctuition<br />

90<br />

95<br />

Xa'Vonni Talks Following Your Bliss<br />

96<br />

"Awaken Your Light" Masterclass<br />

My First Love...Acting<br />

97<br />

98<br />

Artist to Watch: Maurice Jones Jr.<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Angela Cobb<br />

100<br />

103<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Shelly Tan<br />

Artist To Watch: Greg Chater<br />

104<br />

Chapter 7: "URBAN FUTURA<br />

105<br />

106<br />

Artist to Watch: Papi Miranda<br />


107<br />

108<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Robert James Atton<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Mak Yilut<br />

110<br />

112<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Maurice Proffit<br />


113<br />

114<br />

Artist to Watch: Double G<br />

"The Fifth Dimension" Q&A<br />

115<br />

117<br />

IX Reverb Nation Global Winners<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Wonmi Jung<br />

119<br />

Chapter 9: "UNDER The MOONLIGHT"<br />

120<br />

121<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Orchestra Fuego<br />

"Under The Moonlight" Q&A<br />

122<br />

124<br />

XSPOTLIGHT: Lucner Frederique<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Guilherme Pimentel<br />

127<br />

128<br />

Artist to Watch: TomCat Burke<br />

IXSPOTLIGHT: Daniel Criado<br />

132<br />

133<br />

CHAPTER 10: "SPOON"<br />


134<br />

"Spoon" Q&A<br />

135<br />

150<br />

IXSHOOT: Celebrity Cereal<br />

IXArtist Directory<br />

151<br />

153<br />

IX Creative Services<br />


Xa'Vonni is<br />

back...<br />

Age: Millennial, still Level 3 (30-ish)<br />

City: 4th City = Chicago and loving it!<br />

(Miami, NYC and Boston prior)<br />

Sign: Sagittarius Sun (Bold!)..Virgo<br />

Moon (Organized!)..Libra Rising (Sexy!)<br />

E D I T O R ' S N O T E<br />

Passion: Designing it ALL..just like this<br />

mag! 100% my art & the IX network!<br />

Highest Degree: Master's in Business<br />

Psychology + ICF Certified Soul<br />

Empowerment Coach Trainer!<br />

Race: Proud Latina w. a Neo JLO/<br />

Kim K Booty<br />

Mantra:<br />

Your Worldview is your CHOICE<br />



What a time to be alive! I never thought since the launch of Issue <strong>#2</strong> where I featured 75 + creatives in the <strong>Innova</strong> X <strong>Arts</strong> network<br />

would I live through with the rest of the globe a world as such a pandemic as Covid-19. But you should know something about<br />

me...I am not a person that lives in fear. Think about it!<br />

I have lived in 4 cities <strong>by</strong> myself, knowing NO ONE..to within a year being part of the entertainment scene and surely KNOWING<br />

EVERYONE (at least those who matters in arts & entertainment).<br />

I had no clue that 2020 would mark 18 years in the entertainment industry...having started off as an actress...went to a high school<br />

of the arts...to being a commercial print model...then BECOMING a runway coach and modeling teacher at the modeling schools<br />

for 4 YEARS..training 1,000 young girls on WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. I had no clue in 2019 we would have the #METOO<br />

movement...then a strong focus on on saving women and children from human trafficking (I spent 6 months on the board of an<br />

anti-human trafficking charity)...<br />

Then spending the last 8 years in the music industry as a talent scout and writing a book on the music industry featuring 100 indie<br />

music artists from 20,000 submissions from Reverbnation...<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 7

-Xavonni<br />

(Thanks Lou Plaia!)...transforming into an artist coach...then becoming an event producer across Miami, NYC and<br />

Chicago..hosting 17 luxury photo shoots and art pops in Chicago alone last 3 years..the list goes on..<br />

With all this work...I never anticipated that our planet would be split between light and darkness with misinformation left and<br />

right from the media...false truths about the masks (my personal opinion)...city destruction from riots, a very confusion<br />

election and the entire ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY on hold ALL 2020...But in this mess it felt good to have created my art<br />

throughout the rest of 2019 and into 2020, right before this mess!<br />

Almost like this work here is FATED.<br />

Forget about all the celebrity news we HAVEN'T received (what a nice break, huh?)...<br />

It is the INDEPENDENT ARTISTS that I have loved to help, promote, coach and influence these last 18 years <strong>by</strong> my work that<br />

have my heart and deserve THIS SPOTLIGHT you will see in the page before you.<br />

Despite any lines and barriers between us (I see none...just beautiful diversity and our mission to learn unconditional LOVE,<br />

COMPASSION and TOLERANCE for each other...)<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong> is simply a celebration of voices from the souls of our artists, most of them independent...fearless<br />

co-creators as the SOUL of SOCIETY.<br />

We search HIGH and LOW for artists across all the arts to represent as their publicist for their work. Despite Covid...many of<br />

them still CREATE. They still believe in their dreams and they DESERVE your RESPECT!<br />

In these pages you will discover our BEST of the BEST from the INNOVA X ARTS GLOBAL NETWORK.<br />

Please share their work...on your IG and FB and the socials...and say you found them on here!<br />

The search for Issue #3 creatives starts January 2021! Will you be next to join our movement?

LOVE + SEX<br />

“Absolutely, that is why<br />

polyamory has been so<br />

liberating for me.”<br />

- Di Magnolia<br />

“Authentic love is boundless and<br />

ever flowing, lifting those within<br />

your arms higher. Not only is it<br />

possible to love two people at<br />

once, but it is actually impossible<br />

not to love multiple people at<br />

once if we are only willing to set<br />

ego aside. The question isn’t how<br />

to choose between two people,<br />

but if we are courageous enough.”<br />

- Tisha Harrison<br />

“Yes. Choose the one<br />

that feels most like<br />

home.” - Kevin Enright<br />

“Well, I teach my clients<br />

not to base decisions<br />

about a relationship<br />

necessarily on feelings...<br />

feelings are fleeting and<br />

can change and may<br />

even be based on trauma<br />

and unhealed<br />

issues...evaluate<br />

relationships based on<br />

whether the person’s<br />

actions match what they<br />

say.”<br />

- Terrie Vanover<br />

“Love is universal. We<br />

should love everything and<br />

everyone. With healthy<br />

boundaries of course.”<br />

- Ryan Parton<br />

“If you fall in love with<br />

two people choose the<br />

second one, because if<br />

you were really in love<br />

with the first one, you<br />

would never have<br />

fallen for the second<br />

one.”<br />

- Andrew Charles<br />

because we love<br />

“Yes,<br />

differently. Each<br />

people<br />

brings with them<br />

person<br />

and blessings<br />

lessons<br />

help us to become<br />

which<br />

versions of<br />

better<br />

ourselves.”<br />

Sheill Pascal<br />

-<br />

"Yes, you can love multiple<br />

people at once. I think,<br />

everyone you love, you love<br />

differently... Every person is<br />

different and every experience<br />

is different. But if I had to<br />

choose one love, I would choose<br />

the one that feels natural."<br />

- Sara Kozlowski<br />

“Yes it's possible. You said to love<br />

two people at the same time<br />

which is different than being in<br />

love with two people at the same<br />

time. If the latter is true then it<br />

depends on the situation. Follow<br />

your gut, weigh the pros & cons<br />

and don't make a permanent<br />

decision based on a temporary<br />

emotion to make sure you won't<br />

have regrets.”<br />

- Jen Young<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 10

What's<br />

your Animal<br />


Nothing in the Jungle of Life is what is seems...

Ernest P.


Water...falls...<br />


<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 24

Visit us at www.UltimateSparkCoaching.com to join our<br />

Global Coaching Firm and build your business helping others!


“Not a physical medicine but an action-based<br />

medicine that is Tapping or also called Emotional<br />

Freedom Technique (EFT). This clears the meridians in<br />

our body to flow the proper energy to and through our<br />

systems. It can be used for everything from treating<br />

phobias, trauma, limiting beliefs, to helping heal<br />

physical/mental illnesses.” - Elizabeth Otis<br />

oils!<br />

“Essential<br />

the<br />

Removing<br />

in our<br />

toxins<br />

household<br />

“Cannabis. Using the<br />

whole plant. Wanna<br />

know more? Ask me.<br />

#MrCBD”<br />

- Mark Kunicki<br />

“Spirulina! If you take<br />

enough you can feel more<br />

energetic. Only $4.88 a<br />

bottle at Wal-Mart.”<br />

- Steve Younce<br />

regime<br />

cleaning<br />

a game is<br />

changer.”<br />

Thomas Wurm<br />

-<br />

“Aloe Vera. Get rid of all<br />

pharmaceutical medicines with all<br />

of their nasty man made side<br />

effects.” - Brad Rayner<br />

“Reiki and meditation.<br />

Remove unnatural<br />

pesticides, GMOs.”<br />

- Jen Young<br />

“Best anti inflammatory ever is Turmeric.<br />

Curcumin (its active principle) taken with<br />

piperine (black pepper) to help absorption,<br />

can do wonder with pain . It is very ancient<br />

too as it.has been used for 3000 years as<br />

ayurvedic health and beauty treatment.”<br />

- Toni Mischitelli<br />

“Black seed oil! I love BSO<br />

and that was what kept me<br />

sane and energetic after my<br />

second child was born.”<br />

- Gi Stradioto<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 29

My second instance was going to a darkened movie theater with my parents watching “Men In Black” having cold<br />

cherry Coke and Twizzlers and hot buttered popcorn and nachos is one of my earlier experiences in movie theaters<br />

that made me want to be in this business in industry.<br />

Seeing the intensity of the action shots, Will Smith's poise charm and dramatic chops, Tommy Lee Jones funny yet<br />

dry sarcastic witty humor and an overall great work of cinema. Also seeing my mentor, Spike Leeʼs “Do The Right<br />

Thing” VHS tape box cover around the same age and falling in love with the portrait..the cover paints alone, then<br />

finally witnessing it the power and reality of that imagery sounds and sites.<br />

It was incredible. knew I wanted to be in the world of film, especially behind the camera. I never really envisioned in<br />

front but stranger things happened. I was blessed to be able to for last 5 years be in the Union as an actor with SAG-<br />

AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild). My first opportunity to appear on “Empire” was in late 2014, I was featured in a scene<br />

on the first season with Taraji, Jussie and Terrance.<br />

From there, more castings and bookings came through for featured extra parts as well as a few principles speaking<br />

roles. I had signed with two agencies back in 2015; BNB Chicago Model & Talent Agency & Modelogic Midwest...<br />

More roles came in on sitcoms like “Shameless”, “Chicago PD”, “Chicago Fire” and feature films that came to Chicago<br />

over last few years such as Spike Leeʼs “Chi-Raq” and Melissa McCarthyʼs “The Boss.” One of the most incredible,<br />

surreal, and hard working testaments and moments in the early part of my career on screen as an actor was being<br />

upgraded from a featured extra already booked, to ON THE SPOT, being upgraded to a higher principal/speaking<br />

co-starring role in the Fox TV Pilot “University”.<br />

I was in a scene with actress Erin Moriarty of Netflix "Jessica Jones" fame amongst other works<br />

(https://m.imdb.com/name/nm3929195/), where I played one of the best football players in the country and a<br />

5-star high school recruit being shown around the fictional campus on the show, which we filmed in Chicago near<br />

DePaul. In that scene, I was being recruited <strong>by</strong> Erin and another co-starring actress. It all came from sheer blessings<br />

and luck and like the phrase "when preparation and readiness meets opportunity and luck..then good things happen". Or<br />

along those lines at least.<br />

And the director and producers upgraded me and another fellow featured extra to co-starring roles on the spot.<br />

needless to say there was a lot of excitement! But the process still continues as always , I'm content but NEVER<br />

complacent.<br />

As far as acting PRE-PANDEMIC, the last speaking role I had was on Season 10 of “Shameless” on Showtime<br />

Networks (https://www.facebook.com/ForTheCultureProductionsAndMediaLLC/videos/2771363589765388/?<br />

extid=0)<br />

But now in 2020/2021...my shift and continuing focus is on my Production & Media company (For the Culture<br />

Productions and Media LLC)...my beautiful 3-year old daughter Braelyn and living a healthy, productive, positive<br />

and peaceful life in that regards.<br />

"What inspired you to create your production company, For The Culture Productions And Media LLC,<br />

and where do you see it going?"<br />

I started FTC Productions and Media LLC so that people never give up on their dreams, while showing through<br />

inclusion and originality, that dreams and stories are endless. Future plans for FTC is to just keep growing and<br />

bringing original content to viewers/readers/listeners and to change minds and conversations through art and being<br />

proud of yourself, culture and vision!<br />

It 's always important to continue to inspire people, fans, friends, family...myself and be also inspired and motivated<br />

<strong>by</strong> many others while being a good person and hard worker.<br />

- Matt Salter

D R I A N N A<br />

A<br />

A R A M I L L O<br />

J<br />

M A K E U P A R T I S T<br />

ageless-makeup.com<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 32

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 33

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 36


The time I had that fashion show at the Macy's Grand<br />

Ballroom for my brand IXSpiritwear...<br />

IXSpiritwear is a fashion line I started in 2018 in Miami to celebrate positive & motivational statements like "Art<br />

is my Religion"(I own this trademark!)..."Fashion is my Religion" and more...<br />

I never thought that a couple years later, my work would be featured at Macy's Downtown Chicago at a<br />

private charity fashion show! (Print Shop = Chicago Signs: https://www.facebook.com/Chicagosigns) Tell them<br />

INNOVA X ARTS sent you! There is nothing you cannot achieve if you actually COMPLETE the project..not<br />

just start it. It's called "Walking the Walk". And these models below were the best at it! Those are the kind of<br />

people I desire to surround myself with in 2021...dreamers who WORK it. Is that you? Let's build up xo<br />

Kamiya Cann<br />

- Xa'Vonni<br />

Gabriela<br />

Karmen<br />


Photography: Jerry Alt, Models: Jessica P., Cheryl Mccrary, Gabriela C., Kamiya Cann & Event Producer Emily Correa<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 44

Natalie M.<br />

Teen Universe<br />

Illinois 2020<br />

Kamiya Cann<br />

Founder, Kamiya<br />


<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 50

Are you interested in speaking on our stage?<br />

RSVP: Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Coaches in the areas of...<br />

You are invited to participate!<br />

Email us at ultimatesparkcoaching@gmail.com for our<br />

sponsorship & info packet!<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 52

Money<br />

Join my Coaching<br />

Firm at...<br />

Moves...<br />



“Open my destination holistic health and wellness resort and start a<br />

nonprofit that helps children that have experienced trauma. It will be<br />

a house with different rooms, each room is a way for a child to<br />

express their emotions other than receiving counseling. For example<br />

one room might be the music room where they learn to play an<br />

instrument or write music and another room might be an art room<br />

where they can paint or sculpt.<br />

There will be a garden and animals and yoga and so much more! The<br />

destination resort will help fund the nonprofit. Both will be in the<br />

holistic health and wellness industry with a focus on preventative<br />

healthcare.”<br />

- Sarita Rodriguez<br />

“I would invest in my education<br />

department and would offer<br />

people in my industry a free<br />

intense financial understanding<br />

workshop to help build their<br />

business and elevate our industry.<br />

(Cosmetology)” - Jordan Sahr<br />

buy 10 other million dollar<br />

“I’d<br />

double their value,<br />

businesses,<br />

them @ 3X market cap & walk<br />

sell<br />

with $60M.”<br />

away<br />

Frederick Bussey<br />

-<br />

“Buy Bitcoin, Crypto and<br />

Karatbars to Create<br />

generational wealth with<br />

multiple streams of<br />

income/investments.” -<br />

Keisha Green<br />

“I would help<br />

Leukemia<br />

patients/Survivors<br />

with financial<br />

aid.”<br />

- Jim Calhoun<br />

“Pay off all the debt from corona, set aside money for (at least 1 year)<br />

payroll and bonuses for every employee that has stuck with us this year, and<br />

pay back my dad for all he has personally put into the business. Whatever is<br />

left would go to my three favorite charities: chicago help initiative to fight<br />

homelessness, Hepzhibah Children’s home in Oak Park, IL, and Storybook<br />

Farm in Alabama.”<br />

- Michelle Durpetti<br />

“Invest in people!<br />

The best asset.<br />

Greater than bricks<br />

or anything else.”<br />

- Dimitri Garcia<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 54

an industry leader<br />

Become<br />

more people<br />

Impact<br />

powerful partnerships<br />

Develop<br />

your email list<br />

Grow<br />

Take your business to the next<br />

level with virtual summits.<br />

Multiply your impact, income, and influence.<br />

When you host a virtual summit you can:<br />

Generate Revenue<br />

Yes, you can have it all!<br />

Over the years, we noticed that people we work with<br />

have some amazing products, services, and<br />

knowledge; but, they have really struggled with how to<br />

share it with their clients.<br />

That is why we created ThriveEpic.<br />

As the Internet allows us to connect globally, adding<br />

in unique programming like online courses, virtual<br />

summits and interactive trainings—to a business<br />

strategy attracts new audiences and multiplies a<br />

business’s impact, income, and influence.<br />

Contact us today to see how we can help you!<br />

Arika Clark Alejo, CEO<br />


<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 59

Boston, New<br />

"Florida,<br />

then go see my<br />

Jersey,<br />

in North<br />

siblings<br />

Carolina”<br />


"Greece!"<br />

- Ryan Gregory<br />

"Italy"<br />

to see the great<br />

“England<br />

monoliths and sacred<br />

Stone<br />

I'm on a mission to<br />

sites.<br />

my druid knowledge<br />

further<br />

becoming right now.”<br />

and<br />

“Dubai & Doha. I will be<br />

there for the World Cup.<br />

May not come back!”<br />

- Dimitri Garcia<br />

- Nancy Veloo<br />

“I want to do couple road<br />

- Felicity Long<br />

“My home state for sure.<br />

Martha's Vineyard &<br />

who knows I might just<br />

run into Former Pres &<br />

1st Lady Obama!!!”<br />

- Lauren Sanders<br />

my "Taking<br />

to son<br />

Disney"<br />

Jeff -<br />

trips to see friends around<br />

the country; and one day<br />

sooner than later to<br />

somewhere amazing like<br />

Aruba” - Nicole Daniels<br />

“In the beginning of the year I<br />

discovered that I am 50% Navajo. I<br />

would love to travel to the Navajo<br />

Nation in New Mexico and visit,<br />

learn, volunteer... I have been<br />

using Duolingo to learn the<br />

"Hawaii"<br />

- Connie Miller<br />

“Dominican<br />

Republic, Brazil,<br />

Ecuador”<br />

- Keisha Green<br />

Berkowitz<br />

language, I am now fluent.”<br />

- Ashley Goodbrake<br />

- Kelly Vedder<br />

“Jamaica!!”<br />

Jim Calhoun<br />

-<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 62

Photographer: Israel Perez / Editorial Assistant: Errin Austin / MUA: Justyna Kaczor

Jillian Gehring<br />

Deedy Alhadar<br />

Deedy Alhadar<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 76

Jamie Saavedra<br />

Deedy Alhadar<br />

Jillian Gehring<br />

Deedy Alhadar

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 78




RELEASE DATE: APRIL 19 2019<br />





https://www.youtube.com/user/MorrisMills <strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 83


“I've gathered a few over the<br />

years... the most profound<br />

and intense was last year I<br />

came face to face with a<br />

Brown bear in Revelstoke,<br />

BC while we were camping. A<br />

big mama came to<br />

investigate our camp one<br />

night and I was changing<br />

tents to the kids tent because<br />

they heard something and<br />

got scared. She was about 20<br />

ft. away and terrifying but<br />

exhilarating at the same time.<br />

Got in the tent and she came<br />

and sniffed where I was then<br />

walked away. Mother bears<br />

are intensely protective of<br />

their cubs and we were about<br />

to start the adoption process<br />

of my stepson’s half brother.<br />

Other animals over time have<br />

been a wolf, olive python,<br />

lion seal, and Phoenix (yes a<br />

mythical creature so they<br />

keep telling me) it's a red<br />

peacock in truth. ”<br />

- Felicity Long<br />

“For the past couple years,<br />

Hawks. They always seem to be<br />

around when I need guidance or<br />

protection from spirits. During<br />

the most difficult times for me<br />

they are always seen Flying high<br />

above me and the BS that might<br />

be clouding my grounded<br />

judgment.” - Kelly Andrade<br />

"Bear. They would chase<br />

me all over the<br />

mountains until I<br />

admitted it. Now that I<br />

have peace with bears I<br />

never see them.”<br />

- Thomas Wurm<br />

"Koala Bear. I'm<br />

reminded that <strong>by</strong><br />

relaxing and staying<br />

calm I can get<br />

everything done."<br />

- Kevin Enright<br />

"Wolf... follow my<br />

instincts” - Nadin<br />

Al Shaker<br />

"Platypus. Always has<br />

been. They have no<br />

problem telling you<br />

when they are miffed.<br />

They have all the spare<br />

parts but are still totally<br />

awesome."<br />

- Elizabeth Stonick<br />

are “Mine<br />

and cougar<br />

Just deer.<br />

out a found<br />

days ago.<br />

few<br />

the But<br />

of<br />

description<br />

is spot on<br />

them<br />

me.” for<br />

Ana Djanish<br />

-<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 84

Welcome 2 the Jungle<br />

Photographer: Jerry Alt<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 85

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 88

X A ' V O N N I<br />

T A L K S<br />

following your bliss

I'VE NEVER BEEN...<br />

The kind of woman that waited for<br />

anyone's approval before going after<br />

my dreams...all I knew was if I could<br />

understand it, devote myself to<br />

it...be endlessly persistent...and work<br />

on my goals on a consistent daily<br />

basis...I would 1. be one step closer<br />

to my success 2. be carving myself<br />

out of stone into my ideal self little<br />

<strong>by</strong> little...3. be surpassing my<br />

"competition" who weren't as<br />

smart, devoted, consistent,<br />

connected, heart-filled and dam<br />

anywhere as passionate as I was<br />

when I got my head wrapped<br />

around something.<br />

I don't know if it's a Sagittarius thing,<br />

an entertainer thing (another Sag<br />

trait like fellow Sags Nicki Minaj,<br />

Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z (I<br />

didn't know that!), Tyra Banks,<br />

Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera!)..ok<br />

I'mma stop here.<br />

But once I become PASSIONATE<br />

about someone or something, this<br />

HUGE fire is LIT in me, and<br />

NOTHING...and I mean nothing, will<br />

ever put it out without me fighting<br />

for it. Ask any one who has worked<br />

with me or anyone on my team.<br />

(Btw, you need a TEAM to move fast<br />

or ELSE.)<br />

The truth is..."Art gives me a sense<br />

of freedom."<br />

"It connects me with information<br />

from the Universe on beauty and<br />

truth."<br />

And it's crazy because in my last<br />

magazine publication launch...I was<br />

severely bullied on social media <strong>by</strong> a<br />

b*tch and her talentless croonies just<br />

because we had a super quick small<br />

social media snarky argument. Like a<br />

preteen in middle school, she went<br />

on to "social shame me" and my<br />

artist's efforts..not knowing how<br />

MASSIVELY BIG of a heart I have for<br />

all of art. I have 18 years in the arts,

Photography: Jerry Alt<br />

MUA: Angelique Alexandria

tirelessly being an artist myself and I have trained, coached, worked with or inspired<br />

thousands of people in the arts and in life! globally in little and huge ways.<br />

All that while also getting a BA, a Master's Degree, working 10 years as a designer for<br />

Fortune 500's and getting a gold standard ICF-level Coaching Certification in 2012.<br />

Like I WORK HARD and SMART, but with some flair! I LOVE it this way.<br />

Law of Attraction is all about your energy and self-belief, people!<br />

It is about knowing WHO you are and digging deep into your beliefs and behaviors<br />


And you must do that if you are truly meant to LIVE!<br />

That's WHY at <strong>Innova</strong> X <strong>Arts</strong> we have...literally the best team one can dream of<br />

working with...being 18 years now in the entertainment industry..a business woman<br />

and serial entrepreneur with my own coaching school (Ultimate Spark! Coaching)...a<br />

community non-profit I'm kicking off this summer called "Commune-Unity", like<br />

creating and managing new hot projects and leading fantastic teams of talented<br />

artists is my gift and I'm living my dreams! And these artists find me too.<br />

They read a vibe or energy that tells them I am someone so positive, energetic,<br />

ambitious and driven and I will lead THEM to success. And I do!<br />

Now 2020 has knocked everyone down on their knees..what a spirit shaking year!<br />

But for some reason, the beautiful and intriguing work in <strong>THICKK</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong> was<br />

already prepared in advance <strong>by</strong> some higher power on a perfect timing...and I didn't<br />

give up despite the relentless hater-age from losers, and the rest (all the artist<br />

features and ad space) ALL PAID for <strong>by</strong> the way! spilled in all year! Good karma!<br />

I actually had one of my BEST YEARS! It's all in your preparation and mindset, never<br />

stop working consistently and devoted to what you are GREAT AT! The work<br />

ALWAYS proves itself..and NEVER, ever forget to appreciate your team! xoxo



NOW...<br />


- X A ' V O N N I

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 95

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 98

My Story...<br />

started in this business as an extra <strong>by</strong> accident! I was a job recruiter working from home. I was about to post a<br />

"I<br />

on Craigslist and saw a post for extras. I didn't even know what that was but the word MOVIE caught my<br />

job<br />

I submitted and they requested a headshot, which back then you mailed a hard copy to the casting office. That<br />

So<br />

in 2005. I took a pic of myself with my webcam and had my niece edit it, she added my name on the front etc.<br />

was<br />

weeks later, I was on set with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves (who is very handsome in person <strong>by</strong> the way)<br />

Two<br />

the film "The Lake House"...my background role was a business executive.<br />

for<br />

was going out of the door as Sandra Bullock ran down the stairs... (yep that scene!) and I did see myself but if you<br />

I<br />

an eye you will miss me...lol . I remember being so excited and asking a lot of questions from the crew and of<br />

blink<br />

more work came for me because the more you did, the more you get in this business! I met this guy named<br />

course<br />

Jackson, a film student. He gave me my first speaking role in an independent film called "Holiness in Time" and<br />

Billy<br />

really I took over a few positions well that's just me bossy! My next move was doing crew work on TV network<br />

Okay<br />

and my first PA gig was on the FOX network show "So You Think You can Dance" I did two seasons. I was in<br />

shows<br />

of the set office giving out the radios and other supplies, paper work etc. also responsible for set injuries<br />

charge<br />

sending cast/crew to the hospital if needed. You can find more of my work on IMDb.<br />

and<br />

love the film industry and it really is a tuff business, it's not all glitz and glam; you must have tuff skin coming<br />

I<br />

the door of show business. In Chicago some of my clients are: Director/Producer Mark Harris,<br />

through<br />

Little Girl In White" was accepted into 10 film festivals in 2020 and "Pieces of David", our featured film in 2017,<br />

"The<br />

nominated three times in the 2018 Black Excellent Awards! Lawrence Lee Wallace: Best Director & "Pieces of<br />

was<br />

attention!<br />

I noticed things could run smoother so I started giving my suggestions.<br />

Director/Producer Christopher Nolen (the Black One) and "Funny man" Jay Davis.<br />

David ": Best Film & Anita Nicole-Brown: Best Actress...she won!..."

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 101

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 102

Greg Chater<br />

Actor<br />


B I O - T E C H N O<br />

S C I E N T E R R I F I C<br />

U R B A N<br />

F U T U R A<br />

D E C A D E D A N C E R S<br />




"As a twin flame<br />

I understand that duality will get<br />

worse till we all stop judgment &<br />

take responsibility for ourselves.<br />

It’s an inner job not an outer one."<br />

- Amanda Leanna<br />

see trends going to ethical and natural<br />

"I<br />

Spirituality will be a huge theme.<br />

things.<br />

eating and natural products<br />

Clean<br />

oils organic crystals etc. with<br />

essential<br />

spirituality becoming a trend there will be<br />

"A giant banner that<br />

says: GRAND<br />


- Jeff Berkowitz<br />

but the awakened ones see right<br />

thing<br />

this. Initially people will be<br />

through<br />

out. I see chaos initially but it will<br />

freaking<br />

eventually. The vibe will be more<br />

balance<br />

Old ways will be falling away and<br />

60s-ish.<br />

people who pretend because it's the in<br />

those in power will not like this and try to<br />

hold on to the old. They will greatly suffer<br />

for this and it will not work out well for<br />

them. I see old patterns of good coming<br />

going to bring a<br />

“It's<br />

bunch of talented<br />

whole<br />

back like helping your neighbor. I see<br />

people caring about each other and the<br />

trained in<br />

coaches,<br />

areas,<br />

different<br />

planet like it was meant to be. I also see<br />

more destructive weather patterns as the<br />

earth balances. Churches that celebrate<br />

to make the<br />

continuing<br />

a better place<br />

world<br />

spirituality instead of religion. I see a<br />

beautiful world in the future."<br />

of hope, goals, love<br />

full<br />

happiness.”<br />

&<br />

- Jennifer Bloom<br />

- Christina Torres-Little<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 106


18<br />

Special FX Make Up Artist, Production<br />

Designer & Screenwriter<br />

"Robert...what is your story?"<br />

I wrote my first short story at 12 years old titled "The Monster Downstairs", my<br />

teacher went and typed it up for me and told me to keep going, you have a gift.<br />

The story was based on a monster I had a nightmare about coming up from the<br />

basement to get me at night. I worked in a haunted house for years, which was<br />

to raise money for my church and the youth group. From 14 years of age to I say<br />

it ended around 21. I learned here my makeup artistic ways.<br />

I remember that they hired a makeup artist one year and I would not let him do<br />

my makeup. Everybody thought he did my makeup. I use to make my sister<br />

Donna watch all the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies with me. I got in trouble<br />

when she had nightmares that same night.<br />

"Dawson’s Creek" was my favorite show on television. One day I hope to bring<br />

the show back to television and start the plot story years later where it left off. I<br />

think there is so much you could do, and see how everyone ended up after the<br />

whole outcome.<br />

"Scream" was the movie that aimed me toward movie writing. I remember the<br />

summer in between 8th grade and freshman year of high school going to my<br />

grandparents’ house down in southern Illinois. We took a trip to the video store.<br />

I saw the movie scream on the shelf and wanted to rent it so bad.<br />

My grandma had called my mom for permission, of course the answer was yes.<br />

While watching it, I became obsessed with wanting to write movies and make<br />

audiences feel the entertainment I felt. Now for my grandparents, well that was<br />

a different story. I remember my grandpa saying sarcastically, "Nice movie<br />

choice, Bob."<br />

"What is the biggest project you have worked on?"<br />

I have to say "Black Creek", considering it was my first big film job.<br />

I was an assistant makeup artist on the film. Shortly after that I finally went back to<br />

school and got my degree in film. During my years in school I worked on several<br />

films. Four other projects I'd like to mention that were big to me that I think are<br />

important, include a short film titled "Ibut". Out of the films I did in school,<br />

"Irrefutable" where I had taken on the role of Production Designer, another film was<br />

"Morumotto" where I was the Key Makeup Artist, and lastly I did for a final project, a<br />

promotional video where I was the producer and during Covid.<br />

So that really gave me a run trying to make everything work, but I did it. I also had<br />

my film "Obligations" where I was the Writer, Director, and Editor. That was the best<br />

experience of all to me. I'm currently working on a follow-up to that film.<br />

"What is your life philosophy about your art work? Why does<br />

this world need it?"<br />

My life philosophy is just to create good entertainment for people to sit down and<br />

enjoy during their breaks from their daily lives.<br />

My work depends on which job view point, if we're looking at it through sfx makeup<br />

then it's to scare the hell out of people or gross them out, lol.<br />

If you're looking at it through production design and/or writing it's about seeing the<br />

world I create and how I bring the characters out for audience interest.<br />

Producing, well that's about putting a good team together and keeping us all on<br />

track of getting the job done in a timely manner as well making it our best.<br />

- Robert J. Atton<br />

https://writeratton.wixsite.com/robertjamesatton <strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 107

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 108



<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 110

I'm not an actor. I mean, I have acted before but I'm nowhere<br />

So,<br />

the incredible talent that is here in Chicago. However, for as<br />

near<br />

as I can remember, I've always been involved with the arts<br />

long<br />

some fashion. My mother was instrumental in ensuring that I<br />

in<br />

actively involved in the arts, either via church or school,<br />

was<br />

she always appreciated how I never really held anything<br />

because<br />

and that I pour A LOT of energy into anything and<br />

back<br />

that I did.<br />

everything<br />

I would get in trouble, as a kid, for being "too loud" in<br />

While<br />

or being too talkative in class at school, she liked it and<br />

church<br />

got a kick out of it because she always appreciated<br />

always<br />

people.<br />

animated<br />

I feel it's because she was the living definition of an<br />

And<br />

person" herself (she had an extensive background in<br />

"animated<br />

with that, she would encourage me to get involved with<br />

So,<br />

and to be among people that were similar, personality<br />

drama<br />

So, between school, church and the community center, I<br />

wise.<br />

in a few productions as a kid, I played MLK, I played Jackie<br />

was<br />

I played Thurgood Marshall and other various roles. I<br />

Robinson,<br />

really stick with acting for so long because at some point I<br />

didn't<br />

wanted to hang out with my friends and that never<br />

just<br />

her. However, even though I was no longer actively<br />

bothered<br />

with acting like I was before, I still had my love for art<br />

involved<br />

business.<br />

and<br />

I would still write stories, write music, draw, write poems and<br />

So,<br />

books that covered various areas of art. So, my involvement<br />

read<br />

the VAiFF Directors Grant Award in 2019. I won a<br />

Winning<br />

grant from VAiFF (Various Artists Independent Film<br />

directors<br />

that grant was great but what was even more was the<br />

Getting<br />

to work with and be mentored <strong>by</strong> these producers<br />

opportunity<br />

industry leaders so I can learn more. And to me, that meant<br />

and<br />

universe; acquiring knowledge from another level, you can't<br />

the<br />

look for the ones that are the most ambitious. I just want to be<br />

I<br />

with people that want to grow with the art because no<br />

aligned<br />

where we are in our artistic journeys, we're never<br />

matter<br />

complete.<br />

know this is going to sound cliche, but I just like creating and<br />

I<br />

myself to content that is just different yet relatable.<br />

attaching<br />

why yes many of my titles are pretty family friendly, but<br />

That’s<br />

not corny though.<br />

they're<br />

not "ABC After School Specials", but with our programs<br />

They're<br />

could be watching a scene and you're sitting there like, "Oh<br />

you<br />

I try to keep the audience as wide as possible whilst<br />

So,<br />

material that is pretty novel..<br />

delivering<br />

Studios doesn't just want a seat at the table, we want to<br />

B-Side<br />

the restaurant and ensure that ALL independent artists in<br />

own<br />

will have a home to be able to create and making a<br />

Chicago<br />

from their art.<br />

living<br />



Festival) in Oct 2019.<br />

put a price on that.<br />



START?"<br />





Sh*t! I'm going through that too!"<br />


performing arts).<br />

The future is big and<br />

beautiful on the B-Side.<br />

- Maurice Proffit<br />

never stopped, it just continued to evolve.

U F - P H O T O S<br />

P A S S I N G T H R O U G H<br />

T H E F I F T H<br />

D I M E N S I O N<br />

S P L I T T I N G A I R<br />

Y O U R<br />

W O R L D V I E W<br />

I S Y O U R<br />

C H O I C E<br />


<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 113

of us do."<br />

"Some<br />

Felicity Long<br />

-<br />

Israeli minister said<br />

"An<br />

already have and<br />

we<br />

have a base on<br />

they<br />

Scientists have<br />

Mars.<br />

oxygen on<br />

detected<br />

surface of mars as<br />

the<br />

China, USA, and a<br />

well.<br />

other all have<br />

few<br />

to mars in the<br />

missions<br />

couple years."<br />

next<br />


“Communication and contact<br />

has already been happening.<br />

Disclosure will happen in our<br />

lifetime. See Unacknowledged<br />

film and CE5 on Netflix <strong>by</strong> Dr.<br />

Greer from Disclosure Project.”<br />

- Dimitri Garcia<br />

JUST heard a report<br />

"I<br />

a serious scientist<br />

from<br />

a "signal" that was<br />

about<br />

created <strong>by</strong> an<br />

clearly<br />

being that's 4<br />

intelligent<br />

years away."<br />

light<br />

Jim Daniel<br />

-<br />

anything is<br />

“Hypothetically<br />

including human/<br />

possible<br />

hybrids already<br />

alien<br />

( which would<br />

existing<br />

mean we<br />

technically<br />

have/ are doing so<br />

already<br />

“I believe we already do, humanity is just becoming<br />

conscious of it now. And society has programmed us to<br />

be fearful but there is nothing to fear. These beings are<br />

simply other dimensional light forms and as we ascend<br />

to new levels of consciousness, our dimension will<br />

merge with theirs!” - Stephanie Peers<br />

with aliens in<br />

communicate<br />

decade? Highly<br />

this<br />

I mean if I were an<br />

unlikely.<br />

observing humanity I<br />

alien<br />

We have enough<br />

wouldn’t.<br />

and wealth on our<br />

money<br />

where no one, not<br />

planet<br />

unaware.) Will we<br />

one person needs to go<br />

hungry, or die without<br />

healthcare. We have<br />

enough money on our<br />

planet for there to be no<br />

homelessness. But we<br />

“I believe that we<br />

already do. We just<br />

don’t understand<br />

their language yet.”<br />

- Severen<br />

Henderson<br />

- Kevin Enright<br />

would rather own Tesla’s,<br />

buy Prada, and sip on grey<br />

goose. So no, I don’t think<br />

they are interested in<br />

speaking to humans any<br />

time soon.”<br />

- Laura Davis<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 114

IXReverbNation Winners Global<br />

Vattica<br />

Los Angeles<br />

Thank you Lou Plaia!<br />

S.A.T.<br />

Atlanta<br />

We received from our <strong>Innova</strong> X contests 20k submissions! over 2 years! and only<br />

selected 120 GLOBALLY as best for the future decade of music! Here are my top 12!

IXReverbNation Winners Global<br />

www.<strong>Innova</strong>X<strong>Arts</strong>.com<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 116

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 117

D A N C E D A N C E B A B Y<br />

N E T W O R K M E O U T<br />

U N D E R T H E<br />

M O O N L I G H T<br />

U P O N T H E S T A G E<br />



"I feel that art, specifically in entertainment, will<br />

be heavy in the digital field. Currently we're in<br />

the middle of a tectonic shift of lifestyle and<br />

digital media will be the main vehicle in how<br />

we take in art. More specifically virtual reality<br />

and variations of artificial intelligence. Our goal<br />

is to adapt in a post covid world and alot of<br />

the practices we do now may exist on the back<br />

end. And if we only learn one thing during this<br />

pandemic, it's that creators will find a way to<br />

create. Even if we're not around each other."<br />

- Maurice Proffit<br />

"In terms of entertainment it<br />

will forever be evolving so I do<br />

believe everything will be<br />

virtual!! For the aspect of<br />

having more interaction is going<br />

to be the way to go. Also <strong>by</strong><br />

going virtual it will definitely<br />

allow for alot of people to truly<br />

visualize their dreams and<br />

goals. And with that have more<br />

confidence to pursue them."<br />

- Shawn White<br />

"More events will be virtual<br />

allowing greater audiences<br />

but losing the personal hype<br />

that brick and mortar<br />

locations rely on" - Jerry Alt<br />

"I think that a<br />

lot of things<br />

are going to be<br />

digital. Live<br />

stream<br />

concerts from<br />

home via VR<br />

and even<br />

movies will<br />

transition to<br />

personal<br />

technologies<br />

for release." -<br />

Anon.<br />

"VR and AR"<br />

- Michelle Virog<br />

and virtual will<br />

"Zoom<br />

explode"<br />

"Entertainment has changed drastically. A<br />

abundance of music, movies, and<br />

concerts that aren’t cohesive and many<br />

artists that have no substance and don’t<br />

wear stardom very well. There hasn’t<br />

been a pop star, movie, or concert that<br />

has been culturally challenging for a few<br />

years. I think we need to draw the line on<br />

who wants to be a star and who’s going<br />

to fill the seats." - London Rome<br />

- Danny Templegod<br />

"I am positive that things will go back to<br />

normal but in the meantime (and surely<br />

moving forward) more opportunities will<br />

appear virtually. There are new platforms<br />

that truly promote artists, for example<br />

there is this new app developed <strong>by</strong> the<br />

creators of Pandora called Sessions in<br />

which musicians actually get paid <strong>by</strong> the<br />

“likes” that people give to them. We joined<br />

this platform with my band very recently<br />

and you can join our daily live concerts <strong>by</strong><br />

looking up 'Dannies from the South' "<br />

- Daniel Criado<br />

<strong>THICKK</strong> SIZE 121

2021 Album<br />

New<br />

Falls"<br />

"Summer<br />

as far back as I could remember, music has always been a subject<br />

"Since<br />

I was passionate about.<br />

matter<br />

a result, I declared Music Industry as my major at the State University of New York College at<br />

As<br />

where I earned my Bachelor's Degree. During my undergrad, I've familiarized myself with<br />

Oneonta,<br />

am interested in developing a career centered around music publishing and licensing. I furthered my<br />

I<br />

<strong>by</strong> interning at Sony Music as a Copyright Coordinator. I acquired many useful skills from this<br />

interest<br />

as well as other professional job opportunities. Overall, my main objective is to enter the<br />

experience<br />

industry and develop innovative ideas that can have long-lasting positive responses to our<br />

music<br />

day industry. I want to work my way up so that I may deepen my involvement professionally. I<br />

modern<br />

enthusiastic and have a great desire of learning, growing, and exploring the music industry."<br />

am<br />

subject matters such as music licensing, copyrights, and music publishing.<br />

- Lucner Frederique, NYC Music Artist

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S A U C Y G L O S S Y<br />

S P I C E D & I C E D<br />

S P O O N<br />

F O R K N I C A T I O N S<br />

M O U T H 2 M O U T H

SPOON<br />

I were to dine and break<br />

"If<br />

for my last meal under<br />

bread<br />

stars and wanted<br />

the<br />

delectable for my<br />

something<br />

it would be 'KHUZI' or<br />

palette<br />

"One large pizza from Pequods (on the<br />

northside) with pepperoni, sausage and<br />

mushrooms. Extra sauce, baked well<br />

done. If imma go out, im leaving earth<br />

full and happy as hell" - Maurice Proffit<br />

'Ensopado de Boreggo'<br />

tart slice and maybe a melting<br />

chocolate ball accompanied<br />

with fresh raspberries with my<br />

favorite wine 'Apothic Wine'.<br />

" - London Rome<br />

"Of course I’m gonna go with<br />

Colombian food, there is this<br />

great Colombian restaurant<br />

called “Aqui Es Santa Fe”<br />

located in Portchester, NY.<br />

Their modern Colombian<br />

cuisine has attracted the likes<br />

of The NY Times and their<br />

Arepas and reimagined<br />

Colombian dishes are just<br />

heavenly!" - Daniel Criado<br />

"Final meal on earth would be<br />

anything my wife cooks. She's an<br />

amazing wizard when it comes to<br />

cooking and so I'd choose her<br />

food over any five star restaurant<br />

without hesitation."<br />

- A.B.<br />

would have a<br />

"I<br />

steak dinner<br />

fabulous<br />

Gibson's or Mastros.<br />

at<br />

a full bodied<br />

With<br />

cabernet" - Jerry Alt<br />

followed <strong>by</strong> a French lemon<br />

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"You moved to Chicago in 1990 from Romania. Chicago is <strong>by</strong> far, my favorite<br />

city as well! How would you describe the acting / film scene here?"<br />

Most individuals want to pursue an acting career if they either want to pursue fame<br />

or they have a high passion to experience "life" and put themselves in someone<br />

else's shoes.<br />

Being an actor requires understanding personality types and see in different<br />

perspectives - it takes critical thinking to a whole new level. Acting is a game of<br />

psychology and discipline.<br />

I am an introvert and once in a while I take on acting roles for some short film once<br />

in a while; it allows me to step out of my comfort zone. Acting has opened up my<br />

horizon mentally and helped me see things differently; I have realized that I am<br />

capable of doing things that I thought I could not do.<br />

Acting became my platform to let go and let loose - there are no more barriers.<br />

"You are an Actor...Photographer..and Filmmaker! Triple threat! How did you<br />

get started with your work and best project?"<br />

I was born a creative; started out with a pencil and paper and would draw portraits of<br />

people. Later on in my high school years I became interested in programming and<br />

developed skills in I.T, web development, programming and graphic design.<br />

I later picked up a camera in my college years and studied photography in which it<br />

also further developed into video production. I was not learning these skills one at a<br />

time, I was learning these skills all together. One day I would jump from one subject<br />

of study and another day would learn something else totally different.<br />

Today, I am picking up skills in 3D Modeling and VFX in plans to bring a new<br />

dimension to my visual arts projects. Because of the crazy times we live in today<br />

and Covid-19; it has limited my doors as well as many artists in pursuit to make<br />

something meaningful. If you want to pursue acting and reach greater heights, you<br />

have to own it like it's your life; you have to stop putting yourself at the mercy of<br />

casting directors because you are only becoming a statistic of failure or success.<br />

Instead, pickup the camera and make a memorable film with a memorable<br />

character; make a film that people will remember - not a zombie movie. My secret to<br />

acting is... Get crazy and get comfortable with it. Make your character interesting.<br />

Crazy and interesting is what makes characters unique with your own personal<br />

touch. Crazy and interesting is what makes any mellow film and great film.<br />

"For 2021, what is the future of your creative work?"<br />

At the moment I am working on "A Walking Wonder" a feature film and a self<br />

biography with the intent to help the audience understand not to forget our roots as<br />

humanity, to help them understand that not everyone can be at the right place at the<br />

right time and to help them understand that bad things happen to good people<br />

because that's where nature puts them to be, not because they volunteered to<br />

purposefully put themselves in that situation.<br />

I continue to hone my skills of trade as a freelancer, offering digital marketing<br />

services and anything in between. Most of my work can be viewed at<br />

www.sgheorghiu.com.<br />


IXPhotography: Israel Perez & Suriya Prakash IXBEAUTY Team: Inna Ilka, Myia Jennings, Melina Rose Hair: Alexander Gersch



Laura Delatorre




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want to thank every single artist I worked with over<br />

"I<br />

last 1.5 years to produce and then design this<br />

the<br />

is my gift from the Universe to all of you...and<br />

This<br />

from all you creative souls back to all the<br />

back<br />

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your<br />

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