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Dancer: @ty.amb

Photographer: @robwalkerphotography

Be a girl with a mind, a woman

with attitude, a lady with class

Bryony Brewin


"Continuing my

journey of loving

and learning about


~Tyler Reid



This year has taught me to

be grateful for the little

things in life and to never

take anything for granted. It

has encouraged me to

discover things about myself

and find new interests and

hobbies. I feel 2020 has been

such a rocky year, but I have

remained a strong, positive

individual which shows how

much I have grown. Life is

too short to be living in fear,

that is the main lesson 2020

has taught me.


As women we build a lot of

pressure on ourselves and a

lot of it has to do with the

media and my advice would

be to find love within

yourself as the trend is

always going to be changing

and if you try and chase

these trends you will lose

yourself, when yourself is

the most important thing in

life. As women, we need to

continue to uplift one

another and to know it's

okay not to be okay but

everything is temporary and

you will always come up out

of the other side.

My goals for 2021 consist of

continuing my journey of

loving and learning about

myself. Professionally I am

working towards being a

professional dancer, so I

would like to gain the

confidence to start

auditioning, and finding what

will suit me and keep me

happy within the dance

industry. I struggle with time

management so that is a

major issue I need to work

on! My main goal every year

is just to make sure I am


Tomorrow is never promised.

Be kind to one another you never

know what a person is going

through. A smile can change

someone's life. I think these are

the little things we take for


Biancajade Mulvany


Ashton Fionda

2020.... it's been a tough one for all.

Mentally, physically, personally and

business-wise. 2020 has shown me that

there is a major shift in the world. My main

priority is my ever-growing business and

medical studies. This year has taught me

that we need to adapt to new ways of life

and come up with fresh ideas for business

And learning such as online zoom courses,

Pre-recorded sessions - basically a lot Of

online interaction.

Mentally, I have had highs during this

pandemic where I feel I have managed to

achieve things that I wouldn't necessarily

have had time to do if we were going to

work, during normal life. However I have

also had massive Lows - and learning to

retrain my brain And reorganize my life in

a different manner has been a big job for

me, particularly towards the end of the

year. I have learnt to accept change and

cope with different forms of my intended


We all hope 2021 is going to bring us more

positive vibes. What with the constant

unknown right now - 'make your lists and

check them twice' !! Haha ... Women need

to look after their mental health, dive into

their fashion Goals and keep achieving

even through these difficult times. Take

your free time and use it wisely - we Need

to keep going and it's the Perfect Time to

expand our knowledge. And then fall in

love with your personal fashion goals -

watch Your favourite Celebs - try new

fashion stores - try a new look. Now is the

time to evolve In all ways.

Fitness is my personal Goal - I have just

pre-booked a course of 10 Personal

Training sessions to keep me on a constant


My professional goal for 2021 - opening

my new clinic with my amazing team, that I

couldn't be without. As well as being a step

closer to qualifying as a paramedic.


This last year has taught me...

The importance of life. 2020 has taught me

so much more than any other year and I

have achieved so much more because of it.

My mindset has been completely changed

and I feel like a new person. At least there's

one good thing to come out of Covid-19, if

you can look at it that way.

I have been smashing some goals this year

so my New Year's resolution is to continue

with the same mindset of

'I can do this. I have got this'.

Both personally and professionally.

What women should know for 2021...

Your worth.

You should take a moment to really

understand who you are and make sure

you understand your true worth.


Laura Rose

2020 has taught me...

There is opportunity in every crisis.

This year has been a tragedy for many, an

emotional rollercoaster for most but also a

miracle year for those who got pregnant,

had their first babies, overcame demons

and beat cancer etc.

Quite often people can fixate too much on

the negatives and negativity is contagious,

just like COVID-19.

If you have a negative mindset you attract

more negativity, you're more critical of

others and when you're critical of others

you are just as critical towards your ownself.

When you learn to see the positives from

every 'perceived' bad situation you live a

much happier healthier life.

This year has taught us all that our health is

the most important thing in the world. It

has taught us that life can be taken so

quickly from us, so being happy, living life

to the max and being kind is a vibe for



Gilly Glynn




2020 has taught me...

Be grateful for all of the good in your life.

Take nothing for granted. And bake banana


My advice for 2021...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Set goals for

yourself but tell no one. And if you fall, get

back up & try again. No one will even know

you failed...

My New Years Resolution is...

There's no specific goal for 2021. Just the

same goal I always have- to

unapologetically smash life!



2020 has taught me...

This year has helped me to learn the

importance of togetherness, to enjoy the

time spent with friends and loved ones

when given the opportunity.

I've learnt to enjoy my own company and

how beneficial this is to learning and

growing as an individual.

2020 on a whole has reinforced to me, life is

short, do the best you can in life with all that

you have.

Wishing on all of you in the Fashion Project

Live Magazine a blessed 2021 x

"I will not accept

less then I


~Rachel Ryba


Always trust your instinct especially at

times when you're feeling vulnerable.

2020 has helped me know who my real

friends are and it’s crazy because the best

friend I had for 20 years turned out to be

the letdown and we are no longer friends.

The friend I had for 2 months has taught

me things and been there for me. I also got

robbed by someone I thought I could trust

and my instinct was telling me he was

dodgy but I didn’t follow my instinct so in

future I will!

Women should know to have high value

for them-self and not allow people to treat

them badly or disrespectfully. If the red

flags are there, do not accept something

that is not what you want. Stick to your

morals don't allow anyone to encourage

you to break your own values or selfrespect.

2021 I'm hoping to be of a more high-value

woman and not accept less then I deserve

in terms of relationships/ friendships. I am

hoping to save some more money and

continue working.

Media Production

graduate, now a


Filmmaker and



Gaby Zak

2020 had been a challenging year for us


But if this year has taught me anything, it

would be that sometimes it is important to

take a step back from our busy lives and to

really appreciate everything and everyone

you already have.

I have spent time taking walks and taking

in all the lovely views that nature has to


This has given me the opportunity to

develop my photography skills further.

Starting my own photography page on

Instagram gaining a following and being

featured on a few different pages.

My Instagram handle is @gzphoto_

So this year I have really learnt that it is ok

to go at a slower pace if it means I'm more

appreciative and working on my own skills.

What 2020 has taught me...

To value the things in life that we may have taken for

granted before such as freedom to travel where we

want, visit loved ones in hospital, go out for a drink or go


I think it is important to stay positive and active. There

are lots of classes and groups on Zoom. It is not quite the

same as physically meeting up but it is still enjoyable and

something to look forward to. I have taken classes in

ballet, yoga and art. I have a hearing disability so I have

been doing lip-reading classes online! It’s a good way to

keep in touch until we get back to face-to/face classes! I

find being outside helpful so getting out in the fresh air

when you can is lovely.

"I am happier in my

own skin now than

ever before. I do

believe that age is

just a number and I

admire companies

and magazines that

have a positive

approach to

diversity. I am not a

stereotypical model.

I am 5’3”, size 12 and

hearing impaired. I

have worked in

films, TV, live

performance and



Pieri Lindy

My 2021 goal is...

I want to start the year with new images for my portfolio

(taken by a professional photographer this month) keep

motivated, improve on my self-taping skills, and try my



I am a full-time archaeologist, working

within the government as a science

advisor. I am a geoarchaeologist, so can

usually be found in a field or river looking

at topography and sediment sequences! I

have a PhD from the University of


I also work freelance within tv as a runner

and researcher in various shoots,

particularly specialist factual.

Despite my tomboy-esque life, I loooove

fashion. I was lucky enough to go to

London Fashion Week, I am obsessed with

the fantastic things Gucci is doing with

details, and the country feel of Dior!

My advice for 2021...

Do not be afraid to stand up for your

dreams, no matter how out of the box!


I never thought I'd change careers from

one dream job to another, but I went from

being a full time archaeologist to writing

for tv and working on location in film.

Dr Samantha Stein

I sometimes still live not knowing what is

coming tomorrow. And I love every minute

of it.

What 2020 has taught me...

I am stronger than I think I am.

Live every minute as if it were your last.

Cherish those dearest to you.

Never look back or think what if!

And have faith in you, you are amazing and

can do whatever you wish.

My advice for 2021...

Sharon anne



To be themselves, never be something

you're not!

If they don't like you for you they are not

worth knowing.

My 2021 goal is to...

Fulfil all my hope, wishes and dreams.

Never hold back, or be held back.




Experienced support artist for TV and film.

Aspiring mature model and mental health


2020 has taught me...

To appreciate the positive aspects of your

life and to continue to keep my own mental

health strong in order to be able to help

others who are struggling.

My advice for 2021...

Keep a level head and strive for the very

best you can!

My New Years Resolution is...

To make more friends and be true to the

ones I have.




This last year has taught me that mindset

can affect your life so much. It's been a

tough year for sure but keep focusing on the

positive and your dreams!

My advice for 2021...

I really think we all need to support each

other more! And let's face it, many

situations or people really aren't worth the

competition we seem to feel with each

other. Fixing another woman's crown

doesn't mean yours is any less shiny.

My New Years Resolution is...

I'm focusing on me and the people who

actually contribute to my life. 2021 is the

year I say "all the best but goodbye" to

those things or people that don't bring me




An experienced plus-size model. I have

done a lot of modelling work for charities

such as Macmillan and

2020 has taught me...

That doing the things that are most

important should come first. Life isn't

guaranteed at least that's what the

pandemic has taught me.

My advice for 2021...

Live each day like there is no tomorrow.

My New Years Resolution is...

To become healthier.

To pass my nursing course.

My goals for 2021...

My New Years Resolution is to begin

learning to love myself. I'm struggling very

heavily with it due to all my imperfections

and being in the Performing Arts industry

makes it harder.

My confidence fluctuates quite a lot but I

need to learn and understand that I'm not

going to be perfect like the pictures of

models on Instagram.

I have scars, I have stretch marks, I have fat

and there is nothing wrong with that and

there never will be.

I have loads of experience in the acting

industry and amateur experience in

modeling. However, I love being in front of

the camera I feel very comfortable and I

can just have fun and be my quirky weird

self. I have always been kind of an outsider

in groups, there wasn't really a place for me

to slot myself in but acting and performing

gave me that slot.


Chloe Millward

What should women know for 2021...

My advice for 2021 is to learn to love

yourself inside and out. There is so much

pressure on women nowadays to look a

"certain" way. We are all unique and that's

what makes us us.

Never let anyone put you down. The only

person you need to be accepted by is

yourself. So stop comparing yourself to

others and learn to love you for who you


I'm 25 years old from Mansfield in

Nottinghamshire. My talents are pole

dancing, aerial hoop and aerial silks. I've

been modelling for a fair few years with

many international magazine publications

and worked with itv2 filming "Dress to



Harley Holmes

Linda Dootson

2020 has helped me learn...

Not to take life for granted, learn to

appreciate the small things in life and

adapt to life in the best way possible. It's

important to think about what you CAN do

rather than what you can't do - make the

glass half full not half empty. I was not able

to pursue my career in tv, film, modelling

or acting so I took up voice overwork this

year and got myself an agent and worked

from home. When I was away from my

grandchildren I made small cards with

pictures on them and sent a new picture to

them every day. I took up fitness training

at home and made a diary of all my


My advice for 2021...

Stick to your goals and ambitions and

believe nothing is impossible. Never be

afraid to challenge yourself despite what

others may say.

My New Years resolution is...

Professional goals - pursue a career in

mature modelling complete the small

acting roles I have been offered work in a

bubble with my husband in tv and film

work Personal Goals - looking after my

grandchildren again compete and qualify

for the European swim championships

next summer travel abroad and pursue my

love of scuba diving keep in touch and help

neighbours and friends.

"I have been in

film & tv such as


Street, Casualty,


Rook, Dirty

Money and Deep


Jem Hawkes

Jewellery Designer, TV demonstrator,

model and actor:

2020 has been a challenge for many, and if it's

taught me anything, it's that versatility is

absolutely invaluable.

Be ready to adapt and also, you HAVE to

make time for yourself, to rest, to grow, to be

open to newness.

I've run myself ragged in the last year, making

ends meet and adapting to massive changes

in the entertainment industry; so in 2021 I'd

like to make a little time to heal and improve

my health.


This last year has taught me...

You never know what's around the corner

and your life can change within seconds.

My advice for next year...

Stay positive, be happy and enjoy your life.

My New Years resolution is...

My goal in 2021 is to be a successful fashion

model and succeed in life in general.


Sophie Barker




Educator and a self-published Poet

2020 has taught me...

Take it one day at a time. Enjoy each day.

Reach out to friends and neighbours.

My advice for 2021...

You are just as important and needed as the

next man. When the chips are down

everyone finds themselves in the same boat.

Have confidence in yourself.

My New Years Resolution is...

Keep developing myself.

Age is just a number.




Michelle Sedgemore

2020 has taught me...

To never refuse any offers or invitations as

you never know what's around the corner.

To appreciate what we took for granted. To

appreciate what the NHS is doing for us

with the overload of patients and COVID-

19 patients. Nature: feel the grass, breathe

the air!

If you're single, find someone that

appreciates you for you, don't settle for

second best. If you're also career-minded

there is no such word as can't, do what you

have been meaning to do, go to that Yoga

retreat, go on holiday, jump from a plane

with a parachute obviously.


My friends have started up a Yoga retreat in

Sicily (Mollo space) so we will be busy on

that project. Get fitter than ever, try to eat

healthier and remove bad toxins from my



"I promise to support 100 fashion boutique owners for FREE"

Michealla Meek







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