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Medicine Embraces

Holistic Modalities





January 2021 | Twin Cities Edition |

A Cooperative

of Private Practices

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Macular Regeneration

acupuncture and more for degenerative eye diseases

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driving and living your

best life longer!

Roy Yuan

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MicroCurrent Facial

everyone will one will know

Jessie Odishaw

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Non-surgical Facelift Facial

softens, smooths, volumizes, tones'

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of Edina

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General Wellness, Pre/Post Natal, Pediatric,

Auto Accident, Work Accident, DOT Physicals


Energy Therapy


Bhakti Brain Balance Health Clinic


- Muscle Pain



- Tendinopathy

- Back Pain

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• Neuroimaging - Brain Mapping • Pain - Migraine, TMJ, Fibromyalgia,


• Neurofeedback - Brain Training

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• Neuromodulation - Brain Therapies • Traumatic 612.839.5255 Brain Injury - Post Concussion

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• Functional Nutrition - Brain Health

• Mental Health - Depression, Anxiety,


Myofascial Release Bodywork

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• Learning - ADHD, learning disabilities,

more information,

peak academic performance...

2 Twin Cities Edition • Autism Spectrum Disorder

“Years of pain now diminished...”




for Individuals & Couples

Shockwave Therapy For Every


Fast Results. No Surgery. Drug Free.

January 2021



letter from the publisher


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It is December 21 as I pen this letter and I am feeling very

melancholy. I am sitting in my home office and the house, though

full of people, is eerily quiet. One of our adult foster care (AFC)

clients naps in the living room as the sounds of the Cartoon Network

can be heard in the distance, while another client is busily creating

beadwork masterpieces at her desk. There is a sense in the house that

this is a time for quiet, calm and ease. Perhaps this is due to the last

member of the AFC family who is now on the final leg of her journey

Candi Broeffle

with leukemia. She is resting comfortably in her recliner surrounded

by all of her valued items and listening to her favorite Christian rock artist. By the time

this issue reaches the stands, I fully anticipate that her transition will be complete.

Losing a loved one to any disease is incredibly difficult, but we can be so grateful to

the healthcare workers who do everything in their power to alleviate as much pain and

distress as possible, for both the patient and the family. We are so grateful for the many

general practitioners, specialists, nurses, CNAs, social workers, counselors, spiritual

advisors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, holistic providers, and more who have

supported our work over the past 29 years. They are nothing short of miracle workers

who come in, provide guidance, make sure all needs are met and listen at a level at

which most other people are incapable of providing..

I know there are many of you who have had these same experiences, so this month

we honor the work of our healthcare providers. We honor those who are open to new

ideas, find value in holistic practices, support the patient’s decision to seek alternative

medicines, and promote wellness across the spectrum. Medicine is changing, and like all

good things, it takes time.

In the years ahead, I foresee a medical community that is inclusive of holistic

approaches as they continuously prove themselves being of cumulative value. Until

then, please join me in providing ongoing support for all of our healthcare providers,

allopathic and holistic, for their service and dedication to the family of humanity in this

global healing process. Inclusivity is a keyword for 2021—within individuals, the local

community and the world-at-large—and especially within the true wellness spectrum

which includes all the bodies—mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic.

Natural Awakenings

Magazine is ranked

5th Nationally in

CISION’S ® 2016

Top 10 Health &

Fitness Magazines

Natural Awakenings is printed on

recycled newsprint with soy-based ink.

Wishing you inclusive wellness,

Candi Broeffle, Publisher

4 Twin Cities Edition

Natural Awakenings is a family of 50+ healthy living magazines

celebrating 26 years of providing the communities

we serve with the tools and resources we all need to lead

healthier lives on a healthy planet.








Medicine Embraces Holistic Modalities





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Holistic Pediatricians Go Beyond Meds


6 business


8 health briefs

10 global briefs

12 eco tip

18 fit body

20 healthy kids

23 directory


28 resource guide

January 2021


Courtesy of KnoWEwell

business spotlights

Kimberly B.


WELLthier Living

Online Healing Resources


by Patti Trenchak

Imagine a one-stop, online site for healing,

health and well-being information, resources

and screened providers in a caring, supportive

environment. KnoWEwell has launched a personalized,

private and secure online community and marketplace

to transform health care. KnoWEwell’s mission is to proactively

prevent harm, address chronic diseases and inspire and empower

individuals to achieve WELLthier Living.

Driven by a series of healthcare challenges in her family that

began more than a decade ago, founder and CEO Kimberly B.

Whittle embarked on a journey to search for solutions. She immersed

herself in research, attended conferences and joined several

nonprofit provider organizations along the way. Using a multitude

of Regenerative Whole Health (RWH) approaches—including

natural, integrative and functional medicine, as well as lifestyle

wellness practices—and collaborating with caring practitioners,

Whittle created a personalized, integrated wellness approach to

prevent and heal chronic conditions.

Motivated to share this transformative knowledge, she started

KnoWEwell to help people easily connect with global healing approaches,

therapies, providers and organizations that together can

cultivate and regenerate humanity, other living species and our planet.

Whittle’s personal healing journey wasn’t easy, but she is

determined to make the path easier for others. She also wants to acknowledge

and thank the many health and well-being providers and

professional organizations that assisted, guided and educated her in

this process. Whittle designed KnoWEwell to serve as a role model

for using business as a force for good, not just profits. In recognition

of her innovative approach and leadership, Whittle was honored as

one of Industry Era magazine’s 10 Best CEOs of 2020.

Research is proving the effectiveness of ancient healing

therapies and confirming that our lifestyle can modify the way

our DNA is expressed, pushing us toward or away from chronic

diseases. Studies also reveal that there is about a 17-year lag between

new scientific discoveries and their adoption into medical

practice and patient care.

KnoWEwell is bridging that knowledge gap by creating a

centralized online destination with the latest evidence-based research

and connecting the dots between soil, food, lifestyle choices,

people’s health and the health of the planet. KnoWEwell received

the Top 50 Healthcare Companies award in 2019 from the International

Forum for Advancements in Healthcare for its contributions

to health care, industry impact and spirit of innovation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened the focus on chronic

illnesses such as diabetes, obesity and respiratory diseases because they

increase the risk of serious and deadly consequences of the virus. As

an online platform, KnoWEwell provides a new community outlet

for like-minded individuals to share their experiences, challenges and

triumphs. It is empowering its members to navigate today’s RWH

knowledge and resources, as well as find their best-matched, vetted

providers to help prevent and address the root causes of their chronic

diseases. Members can engage in immersive learning from thoughtleading

professional organizations and these trusted providers.

“Our DNA may be our ancestry, but it does not have to be our

destiny. We are building a global healing community, rooted and

united through love of humanity and our planet. We are sharing

healing success stories to inspire hope, foster meaningful connections

and ensure that mission-aligned organizations prosper,”

says Whittle. “KnoWEwell brings an unparalleled depth of health

and well-being benefits to individuals and families and the entire

Regenerative Whole Health ecosystem. Together, WE inspire

and empower WELLthier living—happy, healthy, abundant and

purpose-filled living.”

Natural Awakenings is proud to be a collaborative partner with

KnoWEwell. With gratitude for 27 years of sharing its mission, the

magazine is pleased to provide its readers with the gift of a free, basic,

annual KnoWEwell membership for individuals and providers. The

new platform can be found at

To begin a WELLthier Living journey, see page X, which includes

free membership codes.

6 Twin Cities Edition

Courtesy of All Energy Solar

Solar as The Right

Thing to Do

John Severson and his wife live in a

south Minneapolis home built in 1925,

near Lake Hiawatha. Their detached

garage, dilapidated and small, was built

the same year. As they considered construction

of a new garage, they wanted

it to be able to charge an electric vehicle

(EV). “We also thought, why not design

a garage that will support a solar array?”

says Severson.

Severson did due diligence by contacting

a handful of different businesses; he took

bids and looked over reviews of companies.

“All Energy Solar had good ratings and

reviews, and their price was competitive,” Severson states. He also qualified for the Minneapolis

Green Cost share program.

In the spring of 2020, All Energy Solar installed a 15-panel array on the south-facing

shed roof of a new garage designed specifically for solar. The house has a traditional gable

roof not generally compatible for solar, but three panels could be installed on the south

side of each of two dormers. “We absolutely wanted the garage to be EV compatible.

When All Energy said there would be a trench from the garage to the house, I asked if

I could lay another PVC pipe on top of theirs and run a 50A service from the house to

the garage. They agreed and were very helpful and fluid with that whole process, even

including it in the permit they pulled,” Severson expounds. “We were very happy that All

Energy Solar was agreeable with helping me make the garage fully functional for an EV.

It made working with them even better.”

So far, the solar panels are working exactly as the Severson’s had hoped and production

is as expected. “During the sunny summer months, we got credits from Xcel, and

now I get a small bill. We were fully consumers of electricity and now we’re generating

much of our own,” he shares.

The Seversons chose solar because it’s good for the environment. “Climate change is

an existential threat to our planet, so anything my wife and I can do, we will do. We are

in a financial position to do it and we have a moral obligation to do it,” says Severson. “At

our ages, we probably won’t realize the full value of the project, nonetheless, it is the right

thing to do.”


Coming Next Month




Plus: Heart Health

All Energy Solar is headquartered in St. Paul and serves customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin,

Iowa, New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts. The company provides accurate

return-on-investment forecasting, direct financing and hands-on help navigating the incentive

and rebate process. To learn more, visit See ad, page 28.

To advertise or

participate in our

next issue, call


January 2021


health briefs

Fecal Transplant Helps

Caesarean Babies

A downside of the rising

number of caesarean

(C-section) births is that

it deprives babies of contact

with bacteria from

the mother’s gut microbiome,

which impoverishes

the baby’s own microbiome

and raises the risk

of allergies and obesity

later in life, as studies show. Previously, researchers

swabbed C-section babies’ mouths with vaginal bacteria,

but it had no effect. In fact, the valuable gut bacteria are

released in the mother’s fecal matter during the messy

process of birth.

In a pilot study, doctors from the University of Helsinki

tested 17 mothers that were about to need C-sections and

chose seven that had fecal matter free of pathogens and

antibiotics. After the babies were born, doctors used a

syringe to feed the infants a tiny amount of the previously

harvested fecal matter mixed with breast milk. The babies

had no negative responses. Within three weeks, those

babies’ gut flora came to resemble more strongly the

gut flora of babies born vaginally than that of those

born through C-sections.

Vitamin D Important

for Reducing Risk of


Something as simple as a mother’s

vitamin D level can have a future impact

on her children, a study from Johns Hopkins

Bloomberg School of Public Health

shows. Researchers examined 20 years of health

data from 754 Boston-area mothers and their

children and found that preeclampsia—abnormally

high blood pressure during pregnancy—

was linked to a higher systolic blood pressure

in the children during their early and teen years.

However, the effect was minimized or even eliminated

among children exposed to higher levels

of vitamin D in the womb, as measured by blood

levels in the umbilical cord.

Avoid Fluoride to Lower

Risk of Behavioral Issues

in Children

Fluoride is added to

public water supplies

to reduce tooth

decay, but its effects

on health are contentious


that only 38 percent

of Canadian and 3

percent of European

public water supplies

are fluoridated,

compared to 74

percent in America. Its effects on neurodevelopment

in children are a particular concern: a meta-analysis

correlated high levels of fluoride in water with a sevenpoint

drop in children’s IQ scores. Two new studies have

linked fluoride exposure to ADHD and other behavioral

issues in children.

Canadian researchers that collected urine samples

and tap water information on 1,877 children between

ages 6 and 17 found those that lived in

areas with fluoridated water had 2.8

times the incidences of ADHD diagnoses,

as well as increased

symptoms of hyperactivity

and inattention. The effect

was most pronounced in

teenagers, suggesting

a cumulative effect over

time, wrote the authors in

the journal Environment

International. In a Chinese

study published in

the International Journal

of Environmental Health

Research, 325 children

between ages 7 and

13 were studied, and

higher levels of fluoride

exposure were correlated

with rises in behavioral

issues, especially psychosomatic


8 Twin Cities Edition

Try Ashwagandha for Anxiety

In just the first month of the 2020 pandemic,

the use of antianxiety medications increased

by 34 percent among Americans, according

to pharmaceutical surveys. Because select

serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) in particular

tend to lose their effectiveness over

time, some sufferers may take heart in a new

study in Current Clinical Pharmacology. Iranian

researchers gave one gram of ashwagandha

root extract (Withania somnifera) each day for

six weeks to 22 patients with generalized anxiety disorder and a placebo to

a second group of 18. People in both groups were also put on SSRIs. Anxiety

scores for the ashwagandha group improved by week two and kept improving

during the study, significantly outperforming the scores of the control group.

The extract was considered safe and free of side effects.

Improve Muscle Strength

with Schisandra

Schisandra chinensis, an ornamental, woody vine with

pink leaves and bright red berries, has long been used

as an adaptogen in China and Russia to lower stress,

improve immunity and enhance energy. Korean

researchers in a new study in Phytochemical Reviews

report it may also be a boon for aging muscles. They

tested 45 post-menopausal women that were given

1,000 milligrams of Schisandra chinensis or a placebo

for 12 weeks. Compared to the control group, the

Schisandra group had significantly increased quadriceps

muscle strength and lower lactate levels,

indicating greater endurance.

Try Ginger Extract for Hay Fever

For people suffering from the miseries of

allergic rhinitis, better known as hay fever,

ginger extract can be just as effective as the

popular pharmaceutical product loratadine

(Claritin), concludes a study from Thailand’s

Thammasat University. Eighty hay fever

patients were given either 500 milligrams of

ginger extract or loratadine. After three and

six weeks, the ginger group’s improvements

in nasal symptoms and quality of life matched

those of the loratadine group, but those taking

ginger had fewer side effects such as drowsiness,

fatigue, dizziness and constipation.

alex coan/

Silver Fillings:

Just ugly?

Or harmful too?

This is a picture

of a “Silver”

or “Amalgam”

filling. It is 50 -


If the mercury in

this filling were spilled in a school,

it would be evacuated....

This is a picture

of a “light cured”

composite filling.

They can last as

long or longer

than mercury

fillings with no danger of releasing

harmful heavy metals.

As noted on Dr. Mercola,

Dr. Oz, and 60 Minutes...

Mercury fillings may have a

significant negative impact on your

overall health.

Make 2021 2017 YOUR year

for healthy choices!

Dr. Madelyn Pearson is the

current president of the

Holistic Dental Association and

has advanced training in safe

mercury removal.

Call or visit our website for

more info: (651) 483-9800

January 2021


global briefs

Grateful Giving

Generosity Fosters Increased Longevity

A new study

published in

the journal

PNAS suggests


people that

share more

live longer


the act of

giving and receiving increases well-being. The recipient

benefits directly from the gift, while the giver benefits

indirectly through emotional satisfaction. Co-authors

Fanny Kluge and Tobias Vogt found a strong relationship

between a society’s generosity and the average life expectancy

of its members. Researchers at the Max Planck

Institute for Demographic Research, in Rostock, Germany,

conclude that people are living longer in societies

where members support each other with resources.

Residents of African countries such as Senegal

and South Africa share the lowest percentage of their

lifetime income and have the highest mortality rate of

the countries studied. Western European countries and

Japan transfer more to the youngest and oldest, and their

mortality rates are lower. Kluge notes that the relationship

between generosity and lifetime income doesn’t depend

on whether the benefits come from the state or from the

wider community.


Microscopic Compass

Bacteria Powers Animal Magnetic Sense

A new paper

in Philosophical


of the

Royal Society

B may explain

why some animals,


birds, fish

and lobsters,

are able to sense the Earth’s magnetic fields. It allows

sea turtles to return to the beach where they were born.

Researchers hypothesize that this ability comes from a

symbiotic relationship with magnetotactic bacteria that

are influenced by magnetic fields, including the Earth’s.

In support of this theory, Robert Fitak, assistant professor

at the University of Central Florida Department of

Biology and co-author of the paper, drew from one of the

largest genetic databases of its kind, the Metagenomic

Rapid Annotations using Subsystems Technology, to

identify the presence of these magnetotactic bacteria in

animal samples. The researchers are working to develop

a genetic test to help with further study. They have not yet

identified exactly where the bacteria live in the animals,

although they theorize that it could be associated with

nervous tissue like the eye or brain.

Learning how organisms interact with magnetic fields

could facilitate our use of them for navigation, while also

understanding how human modifications of magnetism—such

as constructing power lines—might be affecting

biodiversity. This knowledge may also help develop

therapeutic drug delivery systems.


Dentistry: Are You Missing Vital Information?

Avoid Putting Toxic Materials In Your Mouth / Body!

Doctors have said, “99% of Disease Starts In The Mouth,” How Is Your Oral Health?

Holistic Dentistry is an

important component in ANY

health & wellness program

An approach to dentistry that

promotes health and wellness instead

of only treating “dis”ease.

Call or visit our website for more info: (715) 426-7777

Dr. Laughlin has spent thousands of hours

in continuing education over his 45+ years

in practice. His knowledge, combined with

advanced technologies, provide the best

chance to improve your oral health and

positively impact your overall wellbeing.

www.Health Centered

10 Twin Cities Edition


New Fabric Generates Solar Energy


at the Swiss



for Materials


and Technology



a material

that works like a luminescent solar concentrator for

producing energy directly where needed that can even

be applied to textiles. Because people are constantly on

the move and dependent on a power supply to recharge

smartphones, tablets and laptops, the needed electricity

will come from our clothing by means of the new

polymer applied on textile fibers, jackets and T-shirts.

Based on amphiphilic polymer co-networks already

available on the market in the form of silicone-hydrogel

contact lenses, this new material is permeable to air and

water vapor, as well as flexible and stable. The luminescent

solar concentrators capture and transfer diffuse

ambient light to a solar cell that converts it into electrical

energy. By adding two different luminescent materials

to the gel tissue, the solar concentrator becomes

flexible, preventing the textile to which it is attached

from becoming brittle or susceptible to cracking, or accumulating

water vapor in the form of sweat.

Ill Wind

Nitrous Oxide Hastens Global Warming

Rising nitrous oxide (N 2

0) emissions are jeopardizing

the climate goals of the Paris Climate Agreement,

according to a study published in the journal Nature,

which was spearheaded by professor Hanson Tian at

Auburn University, and included scientists from 48

research institutions in 14 countries. Researchers report

that the growing use of nitrogen fertilizers in worldwide

food production is causing the alarming increase

in atmospheric concentrations of this greenhouse gas,

which is 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide

and remains in the atmosphere for more than 100 years.

N 2

0 is considered the most significant human-induced

agent depleting the stratospheric ozone layer. Notably,

the study shows that the colorless gas has risen 20

percent from pre-industrial levels—from 270 parts per

billion (ppb) in 1750 to 331 ppb in 2018—with the fastest

growth observed in the last 50 years, due to emissions

from human activities.


Winning Grins

Smiling Makes for More Positive Thoughts

According to research

from the University of

South Australia published

in Experimental Psychology,

the act of smiling and

moving facial muscles can

trick our mind into taking

a more positive attitude.

The study evaluated a real

smile as well as an artificial

one induced when

participants held a pen

between their teeth, finding

that in either case, this

facial muscular activity

alters our perception of

facial and body expressions and generates more positive


The research found that the practice of forcefully

smiling will stimulate the amygdala, the emotional center

of the brain, which releases neurotransmitters to encourage

an emotionally positive state. By inducing the brain

into perceiving stimuli as happy, the mechanism could

potentially be used to boost mental health.

neemias seara/




Try for FREE at

January 2021


victoria strukovskay/

eco tip

Slow Fashion

Mending to Extend the Life of Clothing

Globalization and cheap labor have

lowered clothing prices so much that

many people view garments as disposable—a

phenomenon called “fast fashion”.

Magazines and other influencers

create demand for trendy items each

season, inciting us to overfill our closets

and toss last year’s fads, leading

to a more than doubling of worldwide

consumption since 2000. It’s a vicious

cycle with a huge pollution footprint.

The textile industry expels about 1.2

billion tons of CO 2

per year.

According to the United Nations

Environment Programme, the fashion

industry produces 10 percent of

humanity’s carbon emissions and 20

percent of global wastewater. Every

second, the equivalent of one garbage

truck of textiles is either landfilled or

burned. Polyester, a petroleum-based

plastic found in about 60 percent

of garments, doesn’t break down in

the ocean, where half a million tons

of microfibers end up every year. It

takes about 2,000 gallons of water

to manufacture just one pair of jeans,

and textile dyeing is the second largest

polluter of waterways.

To embrace a more sustainable

lifestyle, reject fast fashion; buy

good-quality, longer-lasting garments;

and mend them to prolong

their useful life. Whether it’s reattaching

a button, patching a worn sleeve

or sewing a hem, mending is a way to

love and care for clothing and reject

the notion that new is always better.

Another option is to rely on a local

seamstress or tailor to take care

of mending needs. For the do-ityourselfer,

there are many ingenious

products available besides needle

and thread to help complete simple

repairs—iron-on patches, fusible

interfacing, mending glue and tape—

as well as helpful instructional online

videos and sewing classes at local

fabric stores. is an

excellent resource for step-by-step

instructions and creative ideas.

Building upon the vintage-wear

market, a new trend has emerged

called visible mending. In the past,

mended clothes might have been

interpreted as exposing a family’s

lack of funds or status, but today it’s a

concept we proudly embrace. Mending

a hole or tear with embroidery

is a great way to add whimsy and

creative expression. By incorporating

colorful threads and fancy stitching

techniques, as well as beads, decorative

buttons, ribbons and appliqués,

we can turn off-the-rack items into

unique, wearable art. To cover stains,

consider using fabric paint to add a

pretty flower or bold political slogan.

I don’t spend any time

whatsoever thinking about

what might have been.

~Alex Trebec

12 Twin Cities Edition

One of the most incredible

and complex parts of the

human, the immune system

can recognize foreign

substances that might do

harm to the body and then

stimulates white blood cells

to help eliminate the threat.


Inflammation and

the Immune System

by Joyce Sobotta

Inflammation is a normal body function. It is generated by the immune system which

identifies damage to body tissue. The immune system and inflammation go hand-inhand.

Causing an inflammatory response is one way the immune system responds to

a threat and starts to fight off bacteria or tissue damage. One of the most incredible and

complex parts of the human, the immune system can recognize foreign substances that

might do harm to the body and then stimulates white blood cells to help eliminate the

threat. Inflammation is an important part of the healing process as it helps to heal and

destroy invading microorganisms.

Guidelines to Treat Inflammation

and Support the Immune System

Food and Sensitivities. Food sensitivities may cause inflammation as they are a stress

to the body and digestive system. Often, the first stressors are sugar, dairy and gluten. It

is also good to know which foods are anti-inflammatory. Focus on eliminating stressor

foods and incorporating anti-inflammatory foods such as:

• Turmeric and Curcumin – One of the major constituents in turmeric is curcumin which

is responsible for many of the health benefits attributed to turmeric. Supplementing with

curcumin can help significantly improve inflammatory conditions. It is suggested that

curcumin has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and

anti-cancer activities. It also has been shown to support memory and healthy ligaments.

• Omega-3 – These fatty acids have

properties that can be useful for

inflammatory conditions instead of

using anti-inflammatory medicines

which may have negative side effects.

• Vitamin D – Low levels of vitamin D

can aggravate inflammatory conditions

and play a role in developing

cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Two-thirds of teens and adults are

deficient in vitamin D. Learn and

get tested with Nutritional Response

Testing to find out sensitivities and


• Green Tea – can fight inflammation.

Researchers say that green tea contains

a high concentration of polyphenolic

compounds that can interfere

with inflammatory pathways.

Stress. Stress comes in many forms:

emotional, physical and digestive. Chronic

stress of any form can cause inflammation.

Exercise, meditation and quality sleep will

benefit and help to reduce or eliminate inflammation

and improve the immune system.

Empower yourself with more

knowledge. The immune system is overly

complex. The more you learn how to limit

inflammation naturally with foods that

work for your body, the better your life

will be. Each body has different chemistry

as well as different stresses. Learn what

your sensitivities are and which foods

will be best for your body. Be empowered

to limit inflammation and improve your

immune system.

Joyce Sobotta is the

founder/owner of Healthy

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January 2021


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Integrative Hospital Care

Medicine Embraces Holistic Modalities

by Marlaina Donato

Thirty years ago, hospital patients

were treated for symptoms based

on the Western medical model,

and holistic modalities were excluded,

largely due to a lack of reliable scientific

studies. More recently, because of promising

research, the traditional template

is expanding. The Academic Consortium

for Integrative Medicine & Health

encompasses 75 university health centers

and health systems that offer integrative

approaches—a remarkable seven-fold increase

in 21 years. America’s top hospitals,

including the Memorial Sloan Kettering

Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic, the Duke

University Medical Center and the Yale

New Haven Hospital, now offer therapies

such as acupuncture, reiki, homeopathy,

touch therapy, yoga, clinical aromatherapy

and chiropractic.

According to a report in Advances in

Medical Education and Practice, nearly half

of Americans receiving medical care use

alternative medicine (although 80 percent

don’t inform their doctors) and physicians

agree on the importance of further

research and training in such modalities.

A 2017 University of California survey

published in the Journal of Alternative and

Complementary Medicine found that hospital

patients of all ages were willing to pay

out of pocket for healthier food, therapeutic

massage and energy work.

Disease: The Big Picture

“Research has repeatedly shown that even

with full medical access and optimal medical

treatments, a population’s health improves

by only about 15 to 20 percent. The

rest comes from lifestyle, environment and

the social and personal determinants of

health. Even factors like emotional health,

what you feel is your purpose in life and

what motivates you to be healthy plays

a role,” says physician Wayne Jonas, in

Alexandria, Virginia, a clinical professor of

family medicine at Georgetown University

and former director of the World Health

Organization Center for Traditional

Medicine. As executive director of Samueli

Integrative Health Programs, which aims

to make integrative health regular and

routine, Jonas emphasizes that patients

become healthier and medical costs are

reduced when they are engaged in the

healing process.

For Jonas, the shift toward integrative

health care has become most evident

during the current opioid crisis and the

search for non-pharmacological ap-

14 Twin Cities Edition

proaches like acupuncture and therapeutic

massage therapy for pain management.

“The evidence body for many of these

approaches has grown tremendously over

just the past five years, and has shown a

spotlight on what works and what doesn’t.

These approaches are now recommended

in national guidelines as mainstream for

chronic pain.”

Denise Millstine, integrative physician

and internal medicine specialist at Mayo

Clinic in Arizona, concurs: “The opiate

crisis is an example of the need to broaden

our clinical toolbox to incorporate care

strategies that are less risky. I believe this

change has been multifactorial, based on

patient demand and more awareness of the

importance of lifestyle management.”

Patient demand is also fueled by a

desire to avoid medication side effects. In

1998, the Journal of the American Medical

Association reported that 106,000 hospital

deaths take place each year from adverse

reactions to prescription drugs. With more

than half of Americans already taking a

pharmaceutical drug, and three being the

average, adverse side effects can easily

mount in a hospital setting.

For Millstine, integrative medicine

offers many solutions. “We might recommend

the best medication or provide cutting-edge

therapies, but without considering

stress management, resilience, movement

and what people ingest, it’s hard to

get optimal results. Integrative medicine

expanded my approach to include nutrition,

exercise, mind-body (connection),

spirituality and other medical philosophies

like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

in the patient’s therapeutic plan.”

Whole-Patient Cancer Care

A 2016 meta-analysis by Taipei Medical

University published in the journal PLOS

ONE concluded that certain applications

of acupuncture reduce pain and opioid

use on the first day after surgery. Acupuncture—an

ancient modality based on

the concept of energy meridians in the

body—is also offered in many major hospitals

to offset the side effects of chemotherapy

and radiation.

Acupuncture treatments at the Mayo

Clinic are given in a calming atmosphere

of soft lighting and music, and performed

by trained doctors, as well as licensed acupuncturists

with a firm TCM foundation.

Integrative health care addresses the

emotions that accompany a cancer diagnosis,

and patients undergoing conventional

treatment now have access to not only

acupuncture but therapeutic massage,

meditation, movement therapy, clinical

aromatherapy, herbal applications, biofeedback

and yoga. Millstine says of the-

Mayo Clinic, “We have oncology-trained

massage providers who are comfortable

with what is and what isn’t safe after

someone has had a cancer diagnosis and/

or treatment.”

Jonas highlights that when given

under the supervision of a doctor and

with conventional cancer care, complementary

therapies may help people to

manage cancer symptoms, boost overall

well-being, better handle side effects of

treatment and reduce the risk of cancer

recurrence. “Integrative cancer care can

help by activating one’s ability to heal and

feel better physically and emotionally,” he

says. “Lectures on nutrition, yoga classes

and support groups for cancer patients are

now common.”

The Urban Zen Integrative Therapy

Program, launched by American fashion

designer Donna Karan in 2009 after her

husband died from cancer, partners with

heavy hitters such as the American Cancer

Society and the Beth Israel Medical Center,

in New York City. In many hospital

settings, Urban Zen is creating “Zen dens”,

calming nooks where staff can discuss

cases with colleagues, take a break for selfcare

or talk to their patients in a nurturing

environment. Urban Zen’s dedication to

healthcare integration is international and

promotes therapeutic applications of reiki,

essential oil therapy, nutrition and other

contemplative care.

Energy Medicine

Goes Mainstream

“Alternative therapies are no longer considered

‘alternative’ when conventional

medicine adopts them—for example,

using calcium and vitamin D supplements,

which are a standard consideration,” says

Millstine. “With high-deductible plans,

many patients are accustomed to paying

out of pocket for care, thus making

payment for alternative providers possibly

more palatable.”

Reiki, a Japanese form of energy medicine

once considered alternative, is now

offered at major hospitals like Yale New

Haven, where it’s given free of charge to

cancer patients. Many hospitals are also offering

classes in energy work to families of

patients, hospital staff and the community.

“A medical doctor introduced me to

the practice when my grandmother was

diagnosed with lung cancer,” says Denise

Baron, a Philadelphia-based reiki practihush


January 2021


tioner who works with referrals from clients and wellness professionals.

“A hospital does not hire me directly, but the staff know I

am available. I’ve worked on patients post-surgery, during and after

births, people with cancer and people in hospice. I would say

96 percent of clients walk away with a deep experience of peace,

harmony and lower stress levels.” Most recently, she has seen an

increase in nurses asking for support during stressful times, with

many wanting to learn how to practice reiki themselves.

According to a 2017 study published in the Journal of

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, reiki is

more effective than a placebo and activates the parasympathetic

nervous system via the vagus nerve. Results include lower blood

pressure and less anxiety and depression. Other research shows

that the modality also reduces nausea, improves appetite and

lessens fatigue.

Holistic Nursing’s Role

Collaborating with physicians and holistic practitioners, nurses

play a key role in integrative hospital care. “We all work together

to facilitate the client towards a higher level of well-being. Each

profession brings something to the table,” says Margaret Erickson,

in Cedar Park, Texas, CEO of the American Holistic Nurses

Credentialing Corporation.

The nurse’s role in a patient’s healing journey is an intimate

one, and holistic nurses ensure that the whole patient is tended

to. “The roots of holistic nursing, grounded in holism, were


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verbalized over 150 years ago by Florence Nightingale,” says

Erickson. “She believed in the mind-body-spirit-emotion connections

and that all aspects need to be nurtured in order for

people to heal.”

Due to increased demand, more nursing schools are creating

educational programs grounded in holistic philosophy, she

says. “What makes a nurse holistic is not the skills or alternative

therapies she/he/they do, but rather how they show up in their

interactions with others. They value and recognize that they are

gifted with sharing a person’s most vulnerable moments, and

that this shared space is sacred.”

Some holistic nurses may use healing therapies such as

guided imagery, aromatherapy, energy work, bodywork, deep

breathing, mindfulness and meditation to help both their clients

and other healthcare providers.

Those in the field of integrative medicine agree that the future

of medicine is now. “People are becoming more self-aware

and taking responsibility for their health and life. Consciousness

is growing [by] leaps and bounds,” says Baron.

Jonas, drawing on 40 years of experience, agrees. “By

working as partners with our patients to help find the care that

works for them, we can help them achieve better health and

quality of life.”

Marlaina Donato is the author of several books and a composer.

Connect at

16 Twin Cities Edition

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12/10/20 11:09 AM

Oftentimes it is the smallest

points of connection that

make a world of difference

for someone struggling with



Avoiding Emotional

Burnout This Winter

by Deb Taylor

Even after the pandemic began in March 2020, no one could have predicted just

how much our lives would be affected and uprooted by the events of the year in ways

unique to each of us. And though there is hopeful news of a vaccine, this winter will

still see many of the same restrictions and high risk of infection, with the added stress a Minnesota

winter brings. So, as we approach an extra stressful, socially-distanced winter season,

it’s important to be mindful of the ways we can help combat the burnout it might bring.

Check in with family, friends and neighbors. Remember that social distancing does

not apply to phone and video calls. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the importance of

unity and community. Experts agree social support is critical at this time. Identify your support

systems and do not be afraid to reach out to them more often than normal.

In addition to your own emotional well-being, think of those in your life who may be

especially isolated due to age, illness or any number of reasons. Now that we have all had a

taste of isolation, we’ve seen just how disheartening and lonely it can be, and for many, this

form of isolation was a reality even before the pandemic set in. Oftentimes it is the smallest

points of connection that make a world of difference for someone struggling with loneliness,

especially for those most vulnerable to COVID-19. Make sure your social distancing does not

equal social isolation.

Use this time as an opportunity to embrace new tech to connect. The pandemic

has forced many of us to adopt virtual communication technology faster than we ever

expected. It has become apparent that these tools are not going anywhere anytime soon,

so take this opportunity to embrace them as a resource for safely connecting with your

loved ones. Take advantage of tools like FaceTime and Zoom, particularly on holidays,

birthdays and anniversaries. And if you are someone who has become comfortable with

these platforms, consider offering to guide others in your life through them as best you

can. Remember that for many of us, social networking and video chatting tools have

become somewhat second nature, but it is a language many of our loved ones just have

not had the resources to learn. Often what we perceive as reluctance in older family and

friends to adopt newer technology is really just inexperience and self-doubt.

Know that it is okay to have bad days. Whether it is the heartbreaking loss of life or isolation

from the people and activities that bring us joy, all of us have felt the effects of this pandemic.

It is understandable that we would feel a little more overwhelmed, fatigued, frustrated

or just plain down. This is okay. If you are feeling negative, try to identify where it might be

coming from in that moment. That mindfulness can make it much easier to reach out to your

loved ones and talk it through as during this

time, it is likely they will have felt the same at

some point.

Beyond local community, there are

hundreds of free online support groups

offered from sites like SupportGroups and the National Alliance on

Mental Illness (

Support-Groups), including ones specific

to COVID-19.

Go easy on yourself. It is important

to remember we are living in extraordinary

times. You cannot judge yourself against the

same standards you normally would. Many

of us have found that though we have seemingly

more free time at home, we may end

up doing less of the things that bring us a

sense of accomplishment, like practicing a

creative hobby, working on physical fitness

or learning a new skill. This is completely

normal and understandable. With societal

anxiety and pandemic fatigue at an all-time

high on top of our own complex struggles,

2020 was not the year to beat ourselves up

for not meeting personal goals.

Be mindful of the ways you are speaking

to yourself. Our conscious and unconscious

inner dialogue goes a long way toward our

daily mental health, especially when we are

forced to spend more time alone. So, practice

a little self-forgiveness and remind yourself

that it is hard enough without adding more

pressure to yourself. Approach this difficult

winter season with compassion and humor.

Be patient with yourself and others. Lean

into the things that are keeping you sane and

bringing you joy. Know that it is alright to be

struggling as long as we can identify those

struggles and find support. Let’s continue

to take care of each other by making safe

decisions without losing our connections to

community and family.

Deb Taylor is the CEO of

Senior Community Services,

a local nonprofit that helps

older adults and caregivers

navigate aging to maintain

independence and quality

of life. To learn more, visit

January 2021


fit body

Staying Fit in 2021

Workout Trends Bend to the Times

For 2021, fitness will be more about

better health and inner peace

rather than weight loss. Gyms and

studios will be on the top of their game

adhering to hygiene standards and offering

safer environments with smaller class

capacity and vitamin D-enhanced outdoor

sessions. From remote coaching to

cost-effective wellness apps, the workout

will get a fresh makeover.

by Marlaina Donato

Learn How to Dowse

Video Program

Learn the technique of dowsing and how to:

• Measure aura fields of people, animals,

plants and food

• Measure energy levels of various things ie:,

foods, beverages, supplements, books

• Find positive and negative energy fields

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• Dowse a map

• Enhance your intuition

• Quiet your personality and

consciously access the quantum field

• Increase your intuitive abilities

18 Twin Cities Edition

High-Tech Wellness

Pandemic repercussions in 2020 amped

up client demand for alternatives and

also inspired trainers to get more creative.

“I’ve enjoyed working with private

clients virtually through FaceTime and

Zoom. It has required me to create more

precision with my training programs depending

on what each client has at their

home or home gym,” says Hollywood,

California, fitness trainer Ridge Davis.

“Results have been going through the

roof because my clients are more likely

to dive into healthy routines and meal

plans with my daily guidance.”

For those that cannot find local, inperson

fitness provisions, subscriptions

to streaming-fitness websites like Daily and provide

plenty of guides to workouts from yoga to


Health apps can tailor individual

wellness strategies for the new year. “Fitness

and health apps are becoming more

popular, and trainers are able to interact

with clients all over the world. If you are

like me, you need accountability if you

cannot meet your trainer directly,” says

Dominic Kennedy, a personal trainer

in Los Angeles and creator of the newly

launched fitness and nutrition app Dominic

Effect. “Nutrition is also going to be

key now more than ever. Apps will help

keep you in check and on track with your

food and goals, helping to set up monthly

meal plans, as well as recipe suggestions.”

Wearable tech in the form of watches

and smart clothing will be another hit

in 2021, providing accurate readings on

calories burned, number of daily steps and

even heart rate and blood pressure.

Virtual Variety, No Pressure

Having the option to work out at home

might motivate more people to begin a

fitness routine without the pressure of

comparing with others. Sampling classes

online can help them find what they like

before they sign up at their local gym or

studio. “Virtual fitness classes provide

an opportunity for people to test out

different instructors at different times

all around the country and even the

world,” says Paris Alexandra, co-founder

of the BK Yoga Club, in New York City.

“People are now realizing the things we

can control is our breath and our bodies.

Because of this, there’s an appreciation of

our capacity, challenging ourselves to try

something new.”

Even with gym cutbacks, there is a

silver lining. “One of my private weightloss

clients has loved our FaceTime

workouts so much that she swears she

will never go back to in-person training

with a coach,” says Chicago-based

Stephanie Mansour, host of the weekly

national PBS show Step it Up With Steph.

“Even on vacation or while traveling,

people can still get in their workout because

everything is virtual. Trainers also

win because they can still do their job,

but at a distance.”

Me-time with a private virtual coach

will offer a tailored regimen for those that

prefer a one-on-one experience. Mansour

muses, “Private fitness and health coaching

sessions will be the hottest trend in

2021. By now, many people’s excitement

toward their ‘pandemic workout’ is waning,

and they’ll be looking for a totally

customized approach to kickstart their

motivation and goals.”

Allies for Body and Mind

Davis predicts there’ll be greater appreciation

for stress-recovery tools such as massage

guns for percussive self-treatments,

foam rollers to release muscle tightness

and stretching apps, noting, “There’s so

much noise, uncertainty and anxiety that

has come with this pandemic; on-demand

meditation classes will be huge.”

Mansour concurs, “Focusing on finding

inner peace, meditating and positive

programming are all huge trends that have

emerged due to COVID. By getting your

head in the game, you’re 75 percent of the

way to your goal.”

Mostly, 2021 will be a year for selfcare.

“I think growth mindset is everything

right now,” says Kennedy. “We need

to fill our minds with positive affirmations,

thoughts or whatever it is that makes you

light up inside.”

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better man.

~Benjamin Franklin

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January 2021


healthy kids

Healing the

Whole Child

Holistic Pediatricians Go Beyond Meds


the chronic conditions in one-quarter to

one-half of the children they see, as well

as to answer questions posed by Googlesavvy

parents. Yet most pediatricians have

limited training in natural health and are

wary to suggest such approaches, and

parents are often reluctant to disclose their

use of natural methods.

Holistic pediatricians, on the other

hand, typically get additional training in

healing modalities that allows them to

integrate natural options into mainstream

methods. Unlike many pediatricians

in busy clinics that can see a child only

briefly, holistic pediatricians typically take

longer. “It’s not a one-size-fits-all conventional

approach,” says holistic pediatrician

Elisa Song, of Belmont, California, who

blogs at

For a child with asthma, for example,

Song checks for environmental, dietary or

social triggers, including mold, food allergies

or sensitivities and stress. She looks for

underlying biomedical imbalances such

as nutritional deficiencies, abnormal gut

by Ronica O’Hara

When Jackie Jones’ 4-year-old

daughter had a persistent

runny nose and cough, three

visits to the pediatrician proved fruitless.

“He would see us for two minutes, listen

to her chest, saying she had ‘a cold’, and yet

still prescribe an antibiotic and steroid that

would just trash her immune system,” the

Atlanta mom says. “She ended up developing

pneumonia in both lungs that landed

her in the hospital.”

This propelled Jones to switch her

children’s care to a holistic pediatrician.

“He actually listens to me and takes

time with his patients, and recommends

vitamins and supplements to keep them

healthy, in comparison to just handing

out antibiotics,” she says. On the first

visit, he queried Jones about family use of

shampoos, soaps and cleaning products

that might contain chemicals. “Definitely

not a conversation I had with my old

pediatrician!” she related.

Jones, who dispenses pregnancy

advice at, benefitted

from a growing trend among pediatricians.

The number of doctors that selfidentify

as holistic by joining the integrative

medicine section of the American

Academy of Pediatrics has grown from a

dozen in the early 1990s to more than 400

today, says Kathi Kemper, M.D., an Ohio

State University pediatrics professor who

founded the section and authored The

Holistic Pediatrician.

“Holistic pediatricians are interested

in helping children and families meet

their health goals, not just diagnosing and

dispensing drugs,” she says. “We use an

evidence-informed approach, including all

appropriate therapies and therapists, with

a strong emphasis on healthy lifestyle behaviors

such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress

management, social and emotional skills,

spirituality and a healthy environment.”

Many pediatricians report they want

to know more about integrative approaches

because of their frustration in treating

20 Twin Cities Edition

Broeffle, CPC


microbes and signs of a leaky gut. “Based

upon clinical and laboratory findings, an

initial treatment plan may include elimination

of food sensitivities, supplementation

with a 3-6-9 fish oil and magnesium, and

mindfulness exercises that incorporate

diaphragmatic breathing,” she says.

Pediatric naturopaths are another

option for parents. These doctors typically

start from a natural medicine perspective,

are trained in herbs and nutrition,

and collaborate with bodyworkers,

physical therapists and counselors. “Really,

anything that helps a child thrive,” says

pediatric naturopath Kathryn Purvis, of

Tempe, Arizona. “We use treatments that

are gentle and safe, but are also trained to

use conventional treatments if necessary.”

Naturopaths undergo a four-year

post-graduate medical education like

pediatricians, but do not complete an additional

three years of pediatric residency,

although they can do internships and take

courses for certification. In 26 states, they

can prescribe pharmaceuticals and administer


Purvis is the primary care provider

for about 75 percent of the children she

sees and provides adjunctive care for specific

conditions with the rest. For example,

one child with chronic ear infections was

facing ear tube surgery on the advice of a

pediatrician; after his parents followed her

advice to take him off dairy and give him

certain supplements and a homeopathic

remedy, the condition cleared up.

Chiropractors that specialize in

pediatrics, although not usually a child’s

primary doctor, correct misalignments

of the cranium, spine and pelvis using

extra-low force, “like checking the ripeness

of a tomato,” says pediatric chiropractor

Kaleb Scroggin, of Savannah, author of the

children’s book C is for Chiropractor. For

example, treating a constipated, breast-fed

baby usually produces immediate results,

he says, adding that adjustments can also

help infants with latching issues, painful

gas, reflux and general irritability. “My

goal is to see how healthy I can help your

child become,” he advises.

Kari Seaverson DDS

John Seaverson DDS

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Ronica O’Hara is a Denver-based health

writer. Connect at

January 2021



The Awakening

of Humanity

by Lynne Girdlestone

Today we are all experiencing one

or more of the negative effects of

an incredibly destructive ‘agent of

change.’ Although horrific things happen

every day on this planet, they usually affect

other people elsewhere. COVID-19, however,

can potentially reach anyone, anywhere,

upending our lives in a multitude of

ways. The obvious questions—how do

we stop this virus, will a vaccine help,

will the global economy recover—are all

unknowns. They occupy our thoughts

and emotions with every newscast.

For some, the crisis is merely an

inconvenient interruption in their ‘business

as usual.’ For others it has created new

ways to profit at the expense of others.

But for most, it’s an amplified survival issue.

We know that nothing happens

by chance: “For every action there is

an equal and opposite reaction” and

“As you sow, so shall you reap.” What

is happening today has its roots in

everything that has gone before. When

dysfunction reaches a tipping point,

something extraordinary happens to

get our attention. This pandemic may

be saying “STOP... NOW ... look at the

world you’ve built ... untold suffering

amidst obscene excess ... all life forms

and the planet itself in mortal danger!”

The slowing and isolation are giving us

the opportunity to consider these issues

deeply and emerge with a better Plan B.

That so many people are getting

the message is an incredibly hopeful

sign. Neighbors are helping each other;

service organizations are expanding their

roles and methods; scientific organizations

around the world are sharing their

research findings on possible treatments

and vaccines; governments are trying to

lift the financial burden of their citizens.

What would happen if this behavior

were to continue post-Covid-19? Could it

lead to treating a recovering planet as a

‘global village’ and its citizens as the one

human family it is? It would take time,

but we can start by demanding of our

‘leaders’ that we all push the ‘reset’ button

and begin to move in that direction!

Fortunately, at this very time, a

little-known cosmic event is also taking

place. As we move into the Aquarian age,

characterized by energies of synthesis,

unity and cooperation, the spiritual

custodians of human evolution—the

Masters of Wisdom—have once again

sent one of their great ones into the

world to act as a teacher for the coming

time. Some of the past teachers we have

known historically as Confucius, Krishna,

Buddha, the Christ and Mohammed.

Major world religions all expect another

great teacher at some future time, and

his imminent appearance has been

foreseen by some writers since the

late 1800s.

For more than 40 years, British

esotericist and lecturer Benjamin Creme

informed the world of a coming change—

of the collapse of our old structures to

make way for the new. He served as a

herald for the World Teacher for this age,

Maitreya—the one expected by many

and longed for by millions (consciously

or not), who has come now to guide

us through this perilous time and into a

cleansed and transformed new world.

Maitreya has advised humanity to

make the needed changes to put our

world on a saner, fairer path:

“He [Maitreya] will show that essentially

men are one, no matter the colour

or the creed, that the bounty of Earth

belongs to all, and that sharing of that

bounty is the key to man’s future.

Only sharing, and the justice which it

will bring, offers hope to man. Only

justice wrought out of sharing will

end the plagues of war and terror.

Only sharing and justice can bring men

to that Brotherhood which is their true

inheritance. When men see this they

will rise to the challenge and tackle

one by one the many problems which

daunt us now.” (Benjamin Creme’s

Master from ‘Transformation,’ Share

International magazine)

Maitreya and his group have worked

behind the scenes for millennia to guide our

human family. Now, with these powerful,

incorruptible allies openly in the world

for the next 2,000 years and beyond,

we have the opportunity to build a new

world that works for everyone. Will we

take it? In response to today’s injustices,

we are marching. We are protesting. We

are sharing resources and helping others.

We are agitating for change. We are on

the right track! Let’s not even consider

returning to ‘business as usual.’

For free information:


In The Awakening of

Humanity, Benjamin

Creme leads us on a

journey of hope for the

joyful world-changing

events that are on

the way.

Free download at:


22 Twin Cities Edition

2021 directory profiles

All Energy Solar

Now Installing a Brighter, Cleaner Future

All Energy Solar is a trusted leader in the solar energy

industry. They provide clean, green, solar energy

solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural and government clients.

Their team of industry professionals have been focused on providing long-term,

trusted relationships since 2009. Their industry experience allows them to confidently

handle every aspect of the solar process. From initial energy analysis and concepts, engineering

and design, construction, and monitoring, the team at All Energy Solar prides

itself in being experts in all aspects in their field.

All Energy Solar is one of the few full-service solar energy companies that is licensed

as a building contractor as well as an electrical contractor. They are also NABCEP certified

(North American Board of Certified Electrical Practitioners), the highest technical certification

for solar photovoltaic installers and engineers. The experience that comes with these

licenses and certifications allows them to deliver full turnkey solar energy solutions with

known and proven results.

Take comfort in knowing that your solar project will be designed and built to the

highest industry engineering standards. Their advanced monitoring system provided to

every customer, gives you access to real time solar output, verifying that the system is

performing at optimal efficiency while providing the highest financial return.

Location: 1264 Energy Lane, St. Paul. For more information, call 800-620-3370 or visit

See ad, page 28.


The Progressive Voice of Minnesota

AM950 is the only Progressive Talk Radio station in Minnesota.

They strive to provide the best progressive programming

available and feature national talkers Thom Hartmann, Stephanie

Miller, Mike Crute and Brad Friedman. They are also dedicated to local programming that

creates a community forum for important Minnesota Progressive issues.

Weekend programs highlight locally produced lifestyle shows including: “Food Freedom

Radio” to envision a food system respectful of the water, soil, planet and people; “Connections

Radio” which features engaging conversations that explore both the celebrations

and challenges of living; and “Native Roots Radio – I’m Awake” for discussions on national

and local Native American news and events.

Meaningful programming about health and aging include: “New Beginnings with

Freddie Bell” which offers stimulating topics for baby boomers regarding housing, fitness,

employment and health for those moving into their “second act” of life; and “Living

Healthy & Aging Well” is all about your health and improving your quality of life throughout

life’s journey.

Intellectual exchanges of ideas are explored on “Philosophy Talk”, which challenges listeners

to identify and questions their assumptions and to think about things in new ways; and “Paul

Metsa’s Wall of Power Radio Hour” brings together music, entertainment and cool people from

all walks of life.

Be sure to subscribe to their free AM950 newsletter to learn about upcoming events and

news happening at AM950. The newsletter is the first place you will hear about special events

with our hosts.

Become a supporting member of AM950 Radio ensures progressive voices are heard

in Minnesota. Your ongoing donation of as little as $25 will help to make this happen and

is greatly appreciated.

For more information, including the full lineup of shows and to listen live or on-demand,

visit See ad, page 32.



Master Dowser,

Soul Coach, Author

and Teacher

Annette Rugolo

believes that

we all have a soul

purpose, a reason for being on the planet,

at this time in the Earth’s history. Stepping

into that purpose and believing in yourself

is one of your greatest challenges and it’s

important to remember that you do not

need to do it alone.

The information and tools Rugolo

has worked with over the past 20 years

have created profound shifts for the many

people who have worked with her, both in

the U.S. and internationally.

Rugolo’s purpose is to help you step

into your hero’s journey with greater ease.

Services Offered: Soul Retrieval,

Karma Clearing, Environmental Healing,

Space Clearing, Spirit Release, Transformational

Products, Classes.

Philosophy of Healing: Much of

the dis-ease we experience is the result

of the various energetic patterns, blocks

and deeply held karmic energies that have

been created both in this lifetime and past

lives. These patterns and energies we carry

in our physical, emotional, mental and

spiritual bodies affect our overall health.

When we have the willingness, awareness

and the tools, we can release these patterns

and bring the body back into a place of

balance and healing.

For more information, visit Annette See ad, page 18.

Hope smiles from the

threshold of the year

to come, whispering,

“It will be happier.”

~Alfred Lord


January 2021


2021 Twin Cities Natural Living Directory

A New Hope Adult

Foster Care

The Broeffle/Latimore Adult Foster Care,

located in New Hope, offers a caring and

supportive home for adults, no matter their

abilities. With 29-plus years of experience,

they provide a nurturing and family-like

environment for up to four residents who are elderly and/or have

developmental disabilities.

What really makes this family adult foster care unique from

others is the adult residents live in the Broeffle/Latimore family

home with family members. Plus, with only a few residents, it

makes it easier to ensure the health and safety of residents.

Involvement in the community is encouraged and an individualized

plan is tailored to suit each resident’s specific needs,

helping them to remain as active as possible for as long as possible.

Hands-on family members, with minimal outside staff brought

in, provide consistency in care not available in corporate homes.

Resident clients enjoy long-term placement, reaping the stability

and confidence needed to feel safe and secure.

Barbara Brodsho, MA

Soul Purpose Coach

& Holistic Healer

Barbara Brodsho provides spiritual guidance

to help you live your purpose and

thrive utilizing your soul’s Akashic Record.

Discover and express your soul’s innate gifts

so that you can confidently and courageously,

share them with the world.

Brodsho can help you create a vocation or business that aligns

with your soul’s passion and purpose, or gain new perspective,

clarity and insight about your life’s challenges by understanding

the life lessons your soul chose to experience. You will identify and

clear the root cause of issues or recurring patterns that sabotage

you or your relationships.

Brodsho understands that women often put their hopes and

dreams on hold, waiting to pursue them until they are the perfect

size, shape or look. They find themselves mentally affected by the

unrealistic beauty standards represented on TV, in magazines

Holistic Breast Health


Healthy Girls Breast Oil • Mystic Blends

Essential Oil-DIY classes and Custom Blends

Contact me today!

715-828-0117 text or call

Joyce Sobotta

Educator, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic, Consultations

Typically, residents are cared for through end of life, with

many spending over a decade or more in “their” home. Broeffle/

Latimore family members work closely with family members of

residents along with other supportive services, including care

coordinators, home care agencies for additional services such as

physical and occupational therapy, and hospice providers when

the time comes for more acute care.

Assistance is provided with daily living activities, including

all personal care, meal prep and feeding assistance (if necessary).

The family staff administers and tracks all medications, assists with

transferring, and provides transportation and advocacy at physician

appointments. They care for their residents like one of their own.

If your loved one is no longer able to live independently,

consider the home-like environment of The Broeffle/Latimore

Adult Foster Care, where they will be treated with the dignity and

respect they deserve.

Now accepting private pay clients and those on the Elderly, Developmental

Disability (DD) and Community Access for Disability Inclusion

(CADI) waivers. For more information or to schedule an in-home tour,

call 763-600-6967 or email

and on social media platforms. Often they are unable to move

forward and struggle to understand why they feel so stuck.

Brodsho is passionate about helping women break free from their

negative body image and learn to love and accept themselves just as

they are. As a result, they experience inner joy and lasting change.

Through a series of spiritual practices women can transform

their relationship with their bodies from the inside out. Brodsho

shares the details of all these spiritual practices and provides participants

with guidance and support to implement them in their

own lives in an eight-week online workshop, Honor the Sacredness

of Your Body.

Go to

Your-Body to learn more and to download the free workbook, The

Spiritual Practice of Honoring the Sacredness of Your Body to get a

taste of what is covered in the workshop.

For more information and to schedule a free Discovery Session,

visit To make an appointment, call 612-444-

9751 or email

• acupuncture & herbs

• manual lymph drainage

• manual therapies

• corrective exercise

• micro/nano needling





because your quality of life matters.

5313 Lyndale Ave. S. Mpls 55419 612.735.9993

24 Twin Cities Edition

Bhakti Wellness Center

At Bhakti Wellness Center, you will find highly

experienced professionals who spend the time with

each client to provide quality treatment. While relief

from injury, chronic pain, stress or other symptoms may

bring you to their center, the practitioners emphasis on

cultivating health will keep you coming back. Through holistic healing therapies, they

help remove the burdens and barriers that block or interfere with the body’s natural healing


The experienced healthcare providers at Bhakti take a whole-person approach to

each client through alternative medicine and natural healing, delivered in a warm, caring

and supportive manner. They conveniently offer a variety of massage, natural medicine

and energy medicine services in one location. They help people reduce symptoms,

improve conditions, but most of all restore health. Their focus is on long-term health,

vitality and well-being, and their goal is to facilitate healing and help you attain wellness.

Services include QEEG Neurofeedback, Neurotherapy, Chinese Medicine, Massage,

Holistic Mental Health, Facials, Chiropractic, Community Acupuncture, Community

Microcurrent, Hypnotherapy, Direct Primary Care, among many others.

Location: 7550 France Ave. S., Ste. 220, Edina. For more information, call 612-859-7709 or

visit See ad, page 2.

Composure Coaching

Candi Broeffle, MBA, CPC

Following a passion and seeking to do good in this world should

be easier. As an entrepreneur, you work 60 hours a week and

often miss out on what’s important—time with your family and

friends. Worse yet, trying to understand the financial, marketing

and human resources sides of your business is confusing and leaves

you feeling insecure.

As an entrepreneur herself, Candi Broeffle understands how overwhelming running

a business can be. For the past three decades she has purposefully sought out the knowledge

and skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. Now she’s taken the best of what

she’s learned and developed specialized coaching programs that will help entrepreneurs

like yourself break through to a better business.

Broeffle provides business and marketing coaching for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

As a certified professional coach in Core Energy Coaching, she provides individual

and group coaching programs and Mastermind Groups to help you grow your

business. Utilizing the principles of attraction marketing, she can help you clarify your

marketing message so more of the clients you love to work with are attracted to your

business instead of you having to chase after them.

Philosophy: “Composure is a state of tranquility and serenity, feeling secure and

confident in all aspects of your life. If you seek to make a difference, build your community

and feel more connected and purposeful, then you’re the entrepreneur I love to

work with. Together, we will create the plan and build the skills you need to grow your

business, so you can lead the life you deserve.”




At Health


Dentistry, they

practice what they

refer to as “Whole Person Dentistry.” It’s

an approach to dentistry that promotes

health and wellness instead of only treating


Whole Person Dentistry observes and

deals with the mind, body and spirit of the

patient, not just his or her teeth. This approach

to dentistry encompasses both modern

science and knowledge drawn from the

world’s great traditions in natural healing.

Health Centered Dentistry offers the

following services: safe mercury filling removal

at the request of our patients; orthopedic

orthodontics for children, teens and

adults; TMJ therapy; dental sleep medicine

—oral appliance solutions to snoring and

sleep apnea; and 3D cone beam X-rays for

expert diagnosis. They always aim to avoid

any unnecessary extractions.

Founder John D. Laughlin III, DDS

is the past president of the Holistic Dental,

Association and has been a holistic dentist

for nearly 40 years.

Location: N7915 902 St., River Falls, WI.

For more information, call 715-426-7777 or

visit See ad,

page 10.

be pure. be natural. be you


For more information, visit See ad, page 21.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now

is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

~Marie Curie


January 2021


2021 Twin Cities Natural Living Directory

Natural Smiles

Dental Care

Natural Smiles Dental Care is an integrative

practice that is committed to

promoting dental wellness and overall assistance to the whole person.

They desire to participate in the creation of healthier lives, while

being sensitive to physical, philosophical, emotional and financial

concerns. Their doctors take the time to get to know each patient

individually in order to personalize every wellness treatment plan.

At Natural Smiles Dental Care, they have created an atmosphere

where they take the time to listen to and understand your oral health

needs. They want your visit to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible

and keep current on the latest skills and technology to provide

you with quality, professional dental care. The Natural Smiles Dental

Care team will treat you as they would members of their own family,

and look forward to developing long-term relationships with each

individual and family who trusts them with their dental needs.

Dr. Madelyn Pearson, owner of Natural Smiles, has been a

holistic dentist since becoming a dentist and is a past president

of the Holistic Dental Association. Dr. Agnes Schindler joined

the practice in 2015, has embraced integrative dentistry and is

working wonders helping babies, children, and adults reach their

potential with advanced holistic frenectomies. Dr. Holly Thompson

joined the practice in the tumultous year of 2020, she is a

MN graduate and is bringing some amazing new holistic services

to Natural Smiles.

Location: 3434 Lexington N., Ste. 700, Shoreview. For more information,

call 651-483-9800 or visit See ad,

page 9.

Pure Dental

Nea Clare

Spiritual Alignment Activator,

Coach and Spiritual Teacher

Nea Clare began her journey in 2012, when

she became a certified life coach and

Reiki Master. It was her work as a Reiki Master

opened her to receiving direction from her

that Spiritual guides to begin channeling messages

from the Archangels and Ascended Masters. In saying YES to

this work, Clare opened the door to discovering her true purpose—

to help others come into alignment with their Divine nature.

Clare makes your discovery process delightfully fun and forever

life-changing. Coaching with Clare can be done one-on-one

or as part of one of her coaching groups. She supports her clients

and students awaken their personal power, develop unshakable

trust in their inner wisdom and find the clarity needed to live a life

they truly love. Her light-hearted and loving presence help create

a supportive environment for you to explore, vision and embrace

your connection with Spirit.

As a natural Channel for Spirit, Clare is able to provide insight,

wisdom and guidance to bring clarity for her clients. You can join

her private Facebook Group, The Soulwise Circle, which is a community

of like-souled people who are growing and learning together.

Does this sound like what you are looking for? Book your

free Strategy Session with Nea Clare to learn more.

For more information, visit To schedule a free Strategy

Session, call 612-227-3854 or email The Soulwise

Circle - See ad, page 7.

Amy Ha Truong, DDS

Dr. Amy Ha Truong was born and raised

in St. Paul and received her Doctorate

in Dental Surgery from the University of

Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2009. She

is a compassionate and caring dentist who

enjoys treating patients of all ages. Truong is

the first accredited member of the International

Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) in

Minnesota and is accredited in advanced training of biological

dentistry, including certification in the Safe Mercury Amalgam

Removal Technique (SMART).

Wellness Services Offered: Preventative and restorative

Care, BPA-free white fillings, mercury-free fillings, all ceramic/

porcelain crowns, bio-compatibility testing, ozone, teeth whitening,

veneers and Invisalign.

Areas of Specialty: With holistic and biological dentistry,

Truong treats and educates her patients that their mouth is connected

to their body and their body influences their mouth.

Philosophy of Healing: At Pure Dental, they combine

conventional and holistic health to guide their patients towards

dental wellness. They take pride in providing each patient with

the individual attention needed by practicing high-quality dental

care. They do this by using the most up-to-date technology and

continually seek educational opportunities to ensure they remain

abreast of the latest techniques and treatment options in holistic

and family dental care. They are currently accepting new patients

and look forward to building a relationship with you.

Location: 6230 10th St. N., Ste. 520, Oakdale. For more information,

call 651-731-3064, visit or

PureDentalMN. See ad, page 6.

26 Twin Cities Edition

Sedation and Implant


Dr. Karl Anderson,


At Sedation and Implant Dentistry, their

mission is the total health and wellness of

their patients. They intend to take the time to learn what your goals

are, answer your questions and discuss the best options for you. Above

all else, they want you to feel comfortable and confident while in their

care. They want to make getting to know you their top priority because

once they understand who you are, they can better serve you.

Dr. Karl Anderson holds a Dental and Master of Science

degree from the University of Minnesota Dental School. His specialty

degree is in the field of periodontics and he has placed and

restored dental implants since 1985. Anderson has been involved

in the development of several implant products.

Anderson is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and is uniquely

educated and versed in abilities to safely remove toxins from the

oral environment. He understands the correlation between dental

toxins and chronic disease. At Sedation and Implant Dentistry,

they utilize ozone, platelet-rich fibrin and homeopathic remedies

to facilitate bone healing.

Anderson is SMART certified (safe mercury removal) and a

longtime member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine

and Toxicology. He has lectured as guest faculty of his alma mater,

the American College of Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine.

Location: 1815 Suburban Ave., St. Paul. For more information, call

651-735-4661 or visit See ad, page 12.

Tooth by the Lake

Tooth by the Lake has been a holistic

general dentistry practice since

1982. This philosophy means they

offer many choices of dental materials,

dental treatment and alternatives to

traditional dentistry.

They specialize and love doing safe amalgam removal, ozone

therapy and sharing their knowledge in alternative health. They

are concerned about you and the role your mouth is playing in

your overall health.

At Tooth by the Lake, they build a foundation of trust

by treating their patients as individuals. Understanding

how uneasy some patients may feel about their dental visits,

they make a difference by providing a relaxing and positive


Dr. Kari Seaverson grew up in central Wisconsin and graduated

from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in

2000. Since joining the practice in 2002, she has taken many

hours of continuing education in both traditional and holistic

dentistry and loves to learn.

Dr. John Seaverson grew up in northern Minnesota

and graduated from the University of Minnesota School of

Dentistry in 2000. Dr. Seaverson was voted a “Top Dentist” in

the Mpls/St. Paul Magazine as well as voted a Top Dentist by

Minnesota Monthly. He is currently an adjunct professor at the

University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.

Location: 1401 Main St., Hopkins. For more information, call 952-

475-1101 or visit See ad, page 21.

Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous new year by believing. Believe in

yourself. And believe that there is a loving Source - a Sower of Dreams - just waiting

to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.

~Sarah Ban Breathnach

Locally owned and independent since 1968!



EST. 1968

vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, grocery,

personal care, homeopathy, tcm


T. 651-690-1692 • WWW.MASTELS.COM


Barbara Brodsho LLC


Learn spiritual practices

to honor the sacredness

of your body


January 2021



resource guide

Connecting you to the leaders

in natural health care and green

living in our community. To find

out how you can be included in the

Community Resource Guide, email to

request our media kit.



M. Cathcart, L.Ac.

5313 Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis

Comprehensive holistic care for

active adults seeking to enjoy the

pain-free, energetic life they crave.

Services include acupuncture &

herbs, manual therapies, manual

lymph drainage, corrective exercise,

pelvic floor rehab, and micro/

nano needling. “Because your

quality-of-life matters.”


Bhakti Wellness Center

7550 France Ave. S, Ste. 220, Edina • 612-859-7709

Dr. Yuan has practiced acupuncture

and Chinese medicine since

1993, and is a current faculty

member at American Academy

of Acupuncture and Oriental

Medicine. His expertise includes

cancer care, musculoskeletal

disorders, mental disorders, infertility,

digestive disorders and

eye disease such as macular degeneration. See ad,

page 2.




Barb Ryan, LMT • 612-922-2389

Bhakti Wellness Center

7550 France Avenue S, #220, Edina

Specializing in persistent and

chronic pain and mysteries of the

body. Also providing care to

clients seeking the experience of

deep relaxation and more selfconnection.

Skilled and compassionate

care. See ad, page 2.



Healthy Girls’ Breast Oil

Joyce Sobotta • 715-828-0117 text or call

Holistic breast health consults

with education on the lymphatic

breast self-massage for improved

circulation. Consultations

about pure essential oils for

emotional and physical health.

Custom blends created for you.

See ad, page 24.



Una Forde, DC • 952-922-1478

International Village Arcade Building

220 West 98th St, Suite 7, Bloomington

Quality chiropractic care. Experience

holistic healing and gentle

chiropractic adjustments that allow

the nervous system to relieve

such symptoms as headache, back,

neck pain and numbness which

allow your body to return to a state

of balance and well-being. 25

years’ experience.

28 Twin Cities Edition



Soul Coach, Author and


We are in a time of fast evolution

and we have the opportunity to

release deeply held emotional

and mental patterns along with

karmic lifetimes that are keeping us stuck. The

tools I have acquired and honed for more than 20

years will help you move beyond the stuck places

in your life and help you align with the light of

your soul. You will receive tools of empowerment

that will help you continue on your life’s path and

soul’s journey.


Candi Broeffle, MBA, CPC


Master your business so you can

practice your passion. Business

coaching for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

to clarify your vision,

build your confidence and create

a soul-centered strategy. Call today

for a free Discovery Session

and get on your path to business

success. See ad, page 21.



Barbara Brodsho, MA

612-444-9751 •

Providing spiritual guidance to

help live your purpose and thrive

utilizing your soul’s Akashic

Record. Discover your soul’s

innate gifts, create a vocation that

aligns with your soul’s passion,

and gain new perspective, clarity

and insight about your life’s

challenges by understanding the

lessons your soul chose to experience. Schedule a free

discovery session to learn how to create a purposefilled

life. See ad, page 27.


Nea Clare

You are Divine Being! Are you

longing for clarity, spiritual connection

and access to personal

wisdom? Let’s talk. Book your

session today and save 25%,

using code: IAMWISE. Email

Nea for a free consult. See ad,

page 7.



N7915-902 St

River Falls, WI • 715-426-7777

Whole Person Dentistry observes

and deals with the mind,

body and spirit, not just your

teeth. This approach to dentistry

encompasses both modern

science and knowledge

drawn from the world’s great

traditions in natural healing. See ad, page 10.


3434 Lexington Ave. N., Suite 700

Shoreview • 651-483-9800

We’re an integrative

practice committed to

promoting dental wellness

and overall assistance to

the whole person. We

desire to participate in the

creation of healthier lives,

while being sensitive to physical, philosophical,

emotional and financial concerns. See ad, page 9.


Dr. Amy Ha Truong

6230 10th St. N., Ste 520, Oakdale

651-731-3064 •

Pure Dental offers integrative,

holistic, alternative and biological

dentistry for your dental health.

We take pride in providing quality,

holistic dental care and service for

our patients. See ad, page 6.


1815 Suburban Ave, St. Paul


We are a holistic dental practice

devoted to restoring and enhancing

the natural beauty of your smile

using conservative, state-of-the-art

dental procedures that result in

beautiful, long lasting smiles! We

specialize in safe removal of

infected teeth as well as placing

ceramic implants and restorations. See ad, page 12.


1401 Main St, Hopkins

952-475-1101 •

We build a foundation of trust

by treating our patients as

individuals. Understanding

how uneasy some patients

may feel about their dental

visits, we make a difference

by providing a relaxing and

positive experience. See ad, page 21.



Master Hong

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

11012 Cedar Lake Rd., Minnetonka

952-513-7285 or 914-708-9463

Chronic pain? Suffering from

emotions? Relationship problems?

Life not going as planned? The

Emotion Code is a tool I use to

help you break through any

emotional and spiritual blocks so

you can live your best life. Trial

session only $35.



Master Dowser

Is the energy of your home depleting

you or supporting you?

If you feel like you are hitting

your head against a brick wall, it

may be the wall of dense energy

in your home. To more easily

expand into our light and our

soul purpose, it is important that

the spaces we live energetically

support us. Contact me for more

information on dowsing, environmental healing and

space clearing. See ad, page 18.



Joyce Sobotta 715-828-0117

Education about pure essential

oils and the lymphatic system

available on my website. I offer

consultations and custom blends

that work synergistically for a

wide range of emotional and

health concerns. See ad, page 24.



Sara Shrode, Graphic Designer

612-554-6304 •

Ignite the possibilities of

your next project by

having Campfire Studio

design it! Innovative, fullservice

graphic design studio that takes the essence

of a campfire—warmth, stories, community—and

infuses it into every design project we do.

January 2021




1526 St Clair Ave, St Paul • 651-690-1692

Mastel’s Health Foods is Minnesota’s

oldest health and wellness

store. We carry a full line of

vitamins, minerals, supplements,

herbs and more. We emphasize

organic, biodynamic, biodegradable,

holistic and hypoallergenic

products and pride ourselves on

stocking hard-to-find items. See

ad, page 27.




License #1102359 • 763-600-6967

8600 Northwood Parkway, New Hope

Providing a caring and supportive

home for adults, no

matter their abilities. With

28-plus years of experience,

we offer a nurturing and family-like

environment for up to

four residents who are elderly and/or have developmental

disabilities. Residents receive assistance

with personal cares, meal prep and feeding assistance,

medication administration, transfers and

mobility, transportation and advocacy. We treat your

loved one like family.

Discover Your

Highest Purpose

Sri Harold Klemp, the

spiritual leader of Eckankar,

shares wisdom through stories

and spiritual insights that

bring meaning, connection

and humor to the workings of

Spirit in everyday life.

Fridays at 7pm.

Watch on Channel 6

or via

For more information, visit,




7550 France Ave. S., #220, Edina

612-859-7709 •

Bhakti provides a holistic

environment where independent

practitioners come

together to offer an integrative

path to wellness; mind,

body and spirit. Our providers offer chiropractic,

energy therapy, massage, microcurrent therapy,

acupuncture, psychotherapy and much more so that

you can feel your best, remain healthy & thrive. See

ad, page 2.



Theodore Rick

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

International Village Arcade Building

220 West 98th St, Ste. 7, Bloomington • 763-913-6722

“I love massage, but too often it

feels good temporarily and then

the pain and tightness comes back

again. I have found with AIS that

by stretching and lengthening the

fibers, almost like a yoga/massage

that the pain doesn’t come back

again,” Warren King.



Deploy Health Family Practice/

Bhakti Wellness Center

7550 France Ave. S, Ste. 220, Edina • 612-712-4423

Dr. Enghold’s practice offers

unlimited office visits,

with most lasting over an

hour. He offers telehealth

and home visits at no additional

charge and his

patients can call 24/7, which reduces the need to

utilize after-hours urgent care or emergency room

visits. Memberships are $75/mo for adults, and

$25/mo for children (added to adult member). See

ad, page 2.



Bhakti Wellness Center

7550 France Ave. S. Suite 220, Edina

612-564-9947 •

As a Licensed Psychologist,

Fran provides holistic, traumainformed

therapy to help clients

identify areas of potential

growth, obstacles to growth,

and processes that facilitate

healing and transcendence. She

also provides QEEG (brain

mapping) and neurofeedback

services that facilitate increased brain efficiency.

See ad, page 2.




The only Progressive Talk Radio

station in Minnesota. We strive to

provide the best progressive

programming available and

feature national talkers Thom

Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Mike

Crute and Brad Friedman. We are

also dedicated to local programming that creates a

community forum for important Minnesota Progressive

issues. See ad, page 32.



Annie Qaiser and Sameen Khan

Silk Road Wellness is the

first fully halal-certified

wellness brand in USA. A

bold fusion of East and

West, the distinctive skincare

and wellness line is a

unique combination of

traditional healing systems, prophetic traditions and

contemporary natural beauty standards. All products

are free of artificial coloring, preservatives and fillers

and are packaged in eco-friendly and reusable

packaging. See ad, page 25.



1264 Energy Lane, St Paul

800-620-3370 •

All Energy Solar is a trusted

leader in the solar energy

industry. We provide clean,

green, solar energy

solutions for residential,

commercial, agricultural, and government clients.

Our team of industry professionals have been

focused on providing long-term, trusted relationships

since 2009. Our industry experience allows us to

confidently handle every aspect of the solar process.

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7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen

952-380-2200 •

Are you looking for the

personal experience of

God? Eckankar can help

you fulfill your dream. We

offer ways to explore your

own unique and natural

relationship with the

Divine through personalized study to apply in your

everyday life. See ad, page 3.

30 Twin Cities Edition



January 2021


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