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If you love all things home decor, you’ll definitely want to make your way

down to Grace Wins, located at 118 E. Broadway in the Historic Downtown


Grace Wins opened in 2020 after owner Kristin Anderson and her family

breathed new life into the building, with a complete top to bottom, interior

to exterior renovation. The once deserted storefront now stands proudly as

one your eye will immediately be drawn to, with a fresh façade and huge

display windows giving a peek into the gorgeous merchandise beyond the

front doors.

Inside, the store is full of home decor pieces, candles, linens and much

more. The concept of Grace Wins was born out of Kristin’s personal passion

and love for decorating and styling her home. She wanted to take her minimalist,

less-is-more vibe and bring it to life in a way in which others could

be inspired - being able to do so right in the heart of her hometown was just

icing on the tastefully decorated cake.

While the idea behind the style at Grace Wins might be “less is more,”

there is definitely a lot to choose from. Whether you are looking for a small

statement piece, a gift option, or hoping to redecorate an entire room, when

you’re shopping at 118 E. Broadway, everyone wins.

The epic building renovation also includes an

upstairs renovation that is now a 5 bedroom

AirBnB named “ The Loft at Grace Wins,” that

is available to rent.


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