Experience Excelsior Trip Planner 2021


We’re not kidding when we say

Excelsior Springs is picture perfect!

We have plenty of places ready and

waiting for you to snap your photo

in front of them. Check out the

‘gramworthy checklist of snapshot

locales belowand start practicing

your favorite selfie angles!

Don’t forget to tag us in them!

We love to see everyone having

a great time in Excelsior Springs!




• Meet Me In Excelsior Springs sign (Grace Wins)

• Carolyn Schutte Park (Colorful Chairs - and there is a

stage! In front of a mural! Endless possibilities!)

• Lane of Lights Tunnel (on designated nights)

• Hall of Waters (Inside or Outside!)

• Excelsior Street Pagoda

• Wishing Well at The Elms

• Find the gold footprints on the sidewalk on Marietta St.

• In front of any brick wall

• Brooke Baxter Memorial Park

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