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If you are in Excelsior Springs for very long,

you are sure to run into these smiling faces.

Between their real estate business and their

passion for community, they are highly involved

in all things Excelsior Springs.

Third generation realtors, Jake and Melissa

Simmons took over the family business in

2019, becoming the owners/brokers of Re/

Max Area Real Estate, located at 1350 W. Jesse

James Road. Not only do they manage the

business, they also work as full time realtors,

who have become well known for their expert

marketing and selling skills. Their daughter,

Amora, has been with them every step of the

way since she was born, ingraining real estate

in the very fabric of her being, making

her a true #ReMaxKid.

As their roles have developed at the agency,

so have their goals. As brokers, they are

currently looking to expand their team and

have done so with the addition of Robin Robinson

with Robin Robinson Realty. Together,

Jake, Melissa and Robin make up The Simmons

Sales Team.

If you are looking to make the move to the

Excelsior Springs area - or anywhere in Missouri

for that matter - The Simmons Sales

Team can help. They make your dream their

number one mission, whether that dream includes

buying, selling, or even building.

The Simmons Sales Team goes above and

beyond to help their clients stand out from

the crowd with professional and drone photography,

video commercials, experienced

target marketing, expert knowledge in market

value, social media marketing, and much


The best part is, they truly love what they

do, so not only are they ready to help you

make your dreams come true, but they are

excited to do so, and will work around the

clock to make sure the pieces of the puzzle

are in place to get the job done.

If you have questions about local real estate

or wish to learn more about the faces behind

The Simmons Sales Team, please visit

their website at TheSimmonsSalesTeam.com.

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