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JANUARY 4, 2021 | ISSUE NO. 3

Important Dates*

• Jan 4 (Mon) - Classes Resume; Faculty & Staff

Report to campus (See MOL schedule within

this newsletter for MOL-specific dates)

• Jan 7 (Thurs) - End of 2nd Quarter

• Jan 8 (Fri) - Start of 3rd Quarter / 2nd


• Jan 11-21 (Mon-Thurs) - ADD/DROP PERIOD

• Jan 13 (Wed) - Student Assembly for Face to

Face Students in the Gym

• Freshmen and New Students,

9am-10am in the Gym;

• 2nd Quarter Grades Due

• Jan 14 (Thurs) - Student Assembly for Face to

Face Students in the Gym

• Upperclassmen: Cohort A (9am-9:45am)

• Upperclassmen: Cohort B (10am-10:45am)

• Jan 14 (Thurs) - Teachers: Grades Due, COB

• Jan 18 (Mon) - Martin Luther King, Jr, HOLIDAY


• Jan 20 (Wed) - Face to Face (Cohort A, A-L)

• Jan 21 (Thurs) - Face to Face (Cohort B, M-Z)

• Jan 21 (Thurs) - Teachers: 16Bs due, COB

*Any changes to the school’s schedule or

procedures will be posted on our school website,

social media sites, and sent out through SWIFT

Power Announcement.

“The function of education is

to teach one to think critically.

Intelligence plus character -

that is the goal of true


Martin Luther

King, Jr.

Happy New Year!


• There will be changes to ALL Models of Learning

(see weekly schedule on page 3). Details for

each MOL will be detailed throughout this


• Add/Drop period: January 11 - 21

• IMPORTANT: In the interest of students’

academic support, any requests to change

MOLs will be highly scrutinized. Students’

progress and attendance in their current

MOL will be reviewed thoroughly by admin.

Additionally, students AND their parents may

have to schedule an appointment with admin

(in person, via telephone, or Zoom) to

discuss the request to change.


• Applications for devices are still being accepted.

Forms are available on our school website:

www.gwhsgeckos.com. Priority is given for those

who will be moving to the online model of

learning. Those who will be moving to F2F model

of learning may retain devices issued, until such

time that the school calls for its return.


• Applications for internet accessibility -

“PATH” (Providing Access to Homes) are

available on our school website:

www.gwhsgeckos.com or in the main office


• Stay tuned for more information and be sure to

follow your Senior Class on Instagram: @gwhs21



www.gwhsgeckos.com 734-2911 @gwhsguam

gwhs@gdoe.net 300-3084 @gu.gwhs

298 Washington Drive

Mangilao, Guam 96913

GECKO WATCH JANUARY 4, 2021 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 2

COVID-19 WATCH (as of December 31, 2020)

CAR Score

School Readiness Dashboard


Excerpt from GDOE Press Release (12/22/2020)

“We will continue to utilize all three

models of learning, to include Home

Learning Online, Home Learning Hard

Copy, and Traditional Face-to-Face so

that parents will continue to have a

choice in which model of learning their

child will participate in,” GDOE

Superintendent Jon Fernandez said. “We

are also following Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention guidance and

implementing required safety protocols

at all schools.”

Online and hard copy classes will

commence on January 4, 2021.

Meanwhile, face-to-face instruction

will begin on January 19, 2021 at the

earliest, which will allow for two weeks of

safety training for teachers and

employees. Students attending face-toface

classes will be placed into cohorts

with designated days to attend classes

throughout the week in order to reduce

the amount of students on campus at

any given time. Upon the Governor’s

authorization, GDOE will also commence

with interscholastic sports plans, which

may include two seasons during the

remainder of the school year, beginning

with low-risk sports and moderate-risk

sports consistent with public health


On-campus safety protocols will include

daily symptom and temperature checks,

the use of face masks, regular washing

and disinfecting of hands, frequent

cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, sixfoot

physical distancing, and other

protective measures. More information

about on-campus safety protocols may

be found on the GDOE website at https://


GECKO WATCH JANUARY 4, 2021 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 3

Gecko sightings & Kudos

GW teachers work together to bring some holiday cheer to GMH! Together with a few others, and the Umatac

Mayor’s Office (who built the foundation), our art teachers, Ms. Christel Ferrer and Ms. Tina Flores helped to

build a gingerbread house for GMH. They put a lot of time and heartwork into painting and decorating on site.

Effective Dates for CHANGES

Online & Hard Copy

Week of January 11

Face to Face

Cohort A - January 19

Cohort B - January 20

Application available on our school website:


GECKO WATCH JANUARY 4, 2021 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 4



• Last Hard Copy Pick up for 2nd Quarter will be

the week of Jan 5-7.

• Beginning the week of Jan 11 (3rd Qtr), hard

copy pick up/work drop off will be every Friday

from 9am-12noon

• Any requests to switch to - or return to - the

HARD COPY model will be highly scrutinized.

Students’ progress and attendance in their

current MOL will be reviewed thoroughly by

admin. Additionally, students AND their parents

may have to schedule an appointment with

admin (in person, via telephone, or Zoom) to

discuss the request to change.

• Beginning 3rd Quarter (2nd Semester), some

classes will NOT be offered to students in the

hard copy model. They include:


• Keyboarding

• Choir

• Japanese

• Honors Courses (those who opt not to go

to the Online model or Face to Face will

NOT be eligible to receive the additional

10 points awarded for 1st semester)


Complete assignments and RETURN when

picking up new packet

Complete assignments with INTEGRITY

It is IMPORTANT to keep in contact with teachers:

via email (use your GDOE email), or contact during

Friday Virtual Hours. Contact the school or email

gwhs@gdoe.net if you’re not sure how to reach

your teacher(s)

Check the school website, follow GW on social

media sites, or check-in with teachers via email

frequently. Any sudden changes to the Grab &

Learn Schedule will be posted immediately

through these avenues, to include Swift

Power Announcement

GECKO WATCH JANUARY 4, 2021 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 5


Take note of the schedule change,

effective January 11 - Online classes will

be on Mondays & Tuesdays ONLY. For a

breakdown of courses, see page 6.

Beginning 3rd Quarter (2nd Semester),

OFFICE AIDE will NOT be offered to

students in the online model

For those who have RECENTLY received

laptops or have changed from Hard

Copy to ONLINE, be sure to check your

GDOE email for invites to Google

Classroom (If you didn’t get an

invitation, EMAIL your teacher and

ask to resend. Teachers’ emails are

posted on the school website under


Log onto your classrooms as

scheduled per subject area. Not

attending class equals an absence.

Be prompt. Classes should start and

end on scheduled times and

instruction should be occurring “bell to


Those who are NOT actively present in

online learning may be considered


Important for ONLINE Learners

requesting to change MOLs (after

December 18th deadline for F2F):

Any requests to change MOLs will be

highly scrutinized. Students’ progress

and attendance in their current MOL

will be reviewed thoroughly by admin.

Additionally, students AND their

parents may have to schedule an

appointment with admin (in person,

via telephone, or Zoom) to discuss the

request to change.

GECKO WATCH JANUARY 4, 2021 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 6


Mondays &


Face to face


All those interested in returning to the Face to

Face Model MUST have completed an

Application Form AND the attached Health Form

prior to admittance

Students should continue their current model of

learning - hard copy or online - until the start of

Face to Face

A Student Assembly for F2F Learners is

scheduled the week prior to re-entrance (see

calendar on Page 1 of this newsletter);

attendance is mandatory as we will be going

over our school’s Re-Entry Plan and safety


Bussing will be available. Bus schedules will be

shared once it is released.

If Re-Entry is further delayed; or in the event of

immediate school closure due to health crisis,

students will return to their previous model of

learning (hard copy or online) until such time

that F2F resumes.


JANUARY 4, 2021 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 7

Face to face


Mandatory Student Assemblies

for Face to Face Students


Freshmen & New Students

Wednesday, January 13


Upperclassmen, Cohort A (A-L)

Thursday, January 14


Upperclassmen, Cohort B (M-Z)

Thursday, January 14


Cohort a

Last name:


Cohort b

Last name:


GECKO WATCH JANUARY 4, 2021 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 8

Interscholastic sports

Excerpt from GDOE Press Release (12/28/2020)

Coaches and athletes are asked to start preparing now for sports that are

scheduled to start during Block 1, including cross-country, girls and boys

volleyball, softball, and tennis. Sports that are scheduled to take place

during Block 2 include boys and girls basketball, boys baseball, track and

field, and boys and girls soccer. A tentative six- to seven-week schedule of

games will start approximately three weeks after the first official practice. There will

be no spectators at any games unless guidelines allow for it, and only players,

coaches, officials, and home team staff will be allowed to attend.

Coaches should contact their athletic directors for paperwork and requirements

prior to being hired. Athletes should obtain a valid physical clearance and turn in

updated paperwork such as shot records. Student-athletes should also begin

independent training if they have not done so already.

For more information, or

to obtain required

paperwork, contact

Mr. Boudreau at


Coaches and athletic directors will be required to complete COVID-19 training prior to being hired and all sports teams

will be supplied with the equipment and supplies necessary to conduct safe practices. ISA guidelines for practices

include daily symptom screening, temperature checks, and hand sanitizing to start the day. “All participants must wear

masks except during aerobic activity and will maintain social distancing throughout training,” Garrido said. “Teams will

train in pods to reduce exposure and there will be no physical contact. Equipment will be sanitized before and after

practices and there will be no ridesharing, except for families that stay together.”

The ISA Board is also recommending that coaches and players undergo testing for COVID-19 and is in support of the

vaccine to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. However, testing and vaccination will remain optional.

From our athletic Director:

Athletic paperwork can be picked up at the GW main

gate and also dropped off at the main gate.

The paperwork must be completed and turned in to me

(Mr. Boudreau) before any athlete can practice. For now,

the GW nurse's signature is not required; however, the

student-athlete needs to submit their shot record and

TB clearance to me (Mr. Boudreau).

All athletes should have a GW email for better

communication. The paperwork can also be obtained by

emailing me (Mr. Boudreau) at: mjboudreau@gdoe.net.

Students, please use your GW email address.

Student-athletes can now have one F and still be able to

participate. Students’ GPAs, even with one F, must be at

least 75%. GPAs with no Fs must be at least 70%.

Grades need to be final before a grade is accepted. A

citizenship grade of S or E is also required.

Thank You,

Mr. Martin Boudreau

GWHS Athletic Director


For our mental health:

GECKO WATCH JANUARY 4, 2021 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 9

For School Personnel

• Faculty are to report to the school site beginning Monday, January 4, even if meetings and training

sessions are held through Zoom. Teachers will be expected to report daily until the week of January 19th.

The only exception are those with approved requests to telework during their respective day for online

instruction. New teleworking requests must be submitted.

• Faculty meeting/session will be held on Friday, January 8th at 10am, via Zoom.

• There will be training for the first 2 weeks for all faculty and staff, to include School Re-entry Plan,

Pandemic Risk Assessment Inventory (PRAM), and hard copy procedures District training sessions are

also available (see page 8).

• Grades are due by Thursday, January 14th, COB / 16Bs due Thursday, January 21st, COB

• Effective 3rd quarter (week of January 11-15), teachers will be responsible for printing and batching

(putting assignments into respective students’ folders) assignments

• Copying may be done during prep periods or during unscheduled instructional days. Copying machines

are available in the main office and SSO. Please plan accordingly in the event one of the machines may

be temporarily inoperable. This will be in effect even if we do not go back to F2F

• Grab and Learn Staff will be responsible for distribution of work on Fridays, to include the receiving,

sanitizing, and returning of students’ submitted assignments into student folders

• Teachers are welcome to visit the Distribution Site

throughout the week to pick up returned work and to

verify which of their students picked up packets

(evidence of attendance) and receive work submitted

(evidence of learning). Details about the Grab and

Learn protocols will be shared once finalized.

• With the budget being $35 million short, GWHS was

directed to give up excess positions and FTEs. Please

note as a result, we are maximizing the classes, so

class loads may increase if you currently do not have

over 140 students.

• Be reminded of ethical grading practices. We have

identified students who are passing without having

received any assignments (whether through online or

hard copy) or who have not submitted any work. We

will be inquiring how grades were received.

• Be reminded also of CBA 2.K.1 - students “must not

receive a failing grade or unsatisfactory…without

having exhausted all means of communication.”

Especially during these times, we want to ensure that

we’re doing our part to reach out to students and their

families, for all models of learning, and to document

our efforts.


Coping with the Fear, Anxiety, and

Stress of Returning to the Workplace

Joint sessions conducted by

Margaret Cruz, EEO and

Dave Pexa, Guidance Counselor


Meeting ID: 291 857 3083

Available Slots:

Tuesday, Jan 5th - 8:30am - 10am

Tuesday, Jan 5th - 2pm - 3:30pm

Wednesday, Jan 6th - 9am - 10:30am

Wednesday, Jan 6th - 3pm - 4:30pm


Conducted by Nadine Cepeda

Zoom Link will be shared via email

Friday, Jan 15 - 8am - 12noon

GECKO WATCH JANUARY 4, 2021 | www.gwhsgeckos.com | Page 10

LIFE READY: College and Career Supports

For more information: https://www.gwhsgeckos.com/college--career-prep.html

Contact your counselor for more information

about college or career opportunities.

Don’t know who your counselor is?

Check our website:





The last chance to take the PSAT is

on January 26, 2021. If you are

interested in taking the PSAT, contact Ms. Monica

Lujan at matlujan@gdoe.net. Tests will only be

ordered for those who contact and confirm with Ms.


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