I’m not a writer, but I wrote this short story for you.

I can’t see or be with you on your , so I tried to

collect every single memory about you and use it to write this

fantasy story for you.

You are a very special person for me. You are my sister, my

best friend and of course no one can replace you or change that.

I was /am/ will be glad to spend every second, minute, hour,

and day … with you

This is the weirdest Warning you ever seen or read.

Our story begun from Atlantis the mythical and

legendary island in the Atlantic Ocean, lying west of

the Strait of Gibraltar.

Once Upon a Time Atlantis was a rich island whose

powerful princes conquered many of lands of the

Mediterranean, after several years the Kingdom of

the Atlanteans was drowned in a deluge of water

because its inhabitants had sunk into corruption and

materialism. Following this cataclysm, the mythical

island was erased forever from the maps of the


But deep down in the Ocean, the island was

discovered by a Mermen named Rachid, the leader in

that part of the ocean, then it was his opportunity to

build a new kingdom, so he gathered his men to help

him fixed and rebuild it.

Finally, he made a huge kingdom, named it

“Neverland” and became the King.

One day, the King Rachid met a gorgeous woman

named Nawal they fall in love and they get married. All

the people in the new kingdom loved them the king

and his Queen were the perfect couple, they were

kind, honest, humble... several years past and a

remarkable thing happened on

, that

was a wonderful day in the kingdom. It was the

birthday of the princess; the king was so happy to have

a daughter like her with beautiful brown eyes and the

queen was speechless to hold on her hands such an

angel with invisible wings like her, they chose Fatima

Zahrae as a name for the princess.

The kingdom of Neverland celebrated the little miracle

from the Artic to Southern Ocean and from Pacific to

Indian Ocean. Please, tell me who can’t love her? She

was a cute, lovely baby girl …

Year after year, the princess learned how to talk and

walk. When she was 5 years old, it was the time for her

to go to school, well she was having her own definition

about fashion, she always surprised the teachers and her


About her study, she was an excellent student indeed.

Our little mermaid was so smart, strong, confident,

humble... She never acted like royalty. She was modest,

love to talk to everybody and that made her beloved

from the whole subjects.

The princess studied very well and always succeeded day

after day, all the kingdom was proud of her. She finished

her primary school, and that was the time for her to do a

serious step, that means join people and other

princesses in the surface (land) in college school.

She was afraid, new world for her, no tail anymore, now

feet only, she was wondering how people will look at her,

will they be able to like her? Will she have new friends?

All those thoughts made her lost.

The princess was right this world was so different for her,

people here were lying, do sarcasm, manipulated each

other, they were dark souls, the opposite of her pure

light soul. She felt so lonely, she couldn’t make any

friends, they were only colleagues no feelings in middle.

How could someone be alone in a group of people,

maybe it’s because she was a mermaid? No, it was not.

It's because those people were sick, they were not

capable of love or understand each other except for

themselves. Badly for her she had no potion to cure their

hearts, so she kept herself out of their mad equation, she

fought for her study only. No hard feeling, no friends, no


Years past so quick and she finished her college and high

school studies and went to university and she never

expected what’s going to be happened

University, well it’s just another mess, everyone on his own,

no one cares about any one… so she toughs that will be

another serial bad years like always, especially no friends.

She went to the classroom. It was a histology class, it was

fine because it was over! finally a 15min of freedom… she

turned around, she was surprised when she saw a familiar

face, she knew her they said hi, hello… in the hallway on high

school, but they were never been friends, she was

. The princess was happy but, in the meantime, scared

she hesitated to go and say hi but snow-white was so glad to

see her too, so she came and talk first. After the greeting and

small talk, they were no longer nervous, on the opposite they

were like they knew each other for a very long time. 2nd

class ended quickly with company … they went out.

Each one of them wanted to say let’s be friend but they

didn’t, then they walk to their homes together and promised

to see each other tomorrow and that what happened. The

days went and they became friends, care for one on other,

always together…

Friendship, it’s a Tricky word in this day because the

real friends are rare, but our little Mermaid finally

found a true friend Snow white and snow white was

lucky and happy to find a friend like the princess,

loyal, caring, supportive like her… they literally found

each other they were fare a way from fake friends

they used to meet.

The little mermaid birthday was the first day that

snow white visited Neverland and met the royal

family, the king, the queen, and the prince

Mohammed. Snow was a little bit nervous but later

she gets used to this, she became a part of the family

and she loved that so much and appreciated it.

The two friends did so many activities together:

photoshoots, DIYS, videos, drawing, cooking…

That was the best year ever even if they had so many

difficulties: study a hard program, laughing in

class, trouble with some idiots … but

nothing could stop them to became besties… with a

blink of eye a year past…

The next year, the little mermaid must go back to

Neverland, her father finished building a university

there, that was bad news for her best friend, but

she wanted the best for her, she couldn’t say a

word she smiled and told her good luck and study

in another place will never change a thing between


They have been friends for 6years now. They

loved, cared, visited, called each other. They were

and still besties because a friend is someone who

understands your past, believes in your future, and

accepts you just the way you are. They were

different from different lands, but they fought for

that treasure (friendship)

To be continued…

(the story will never End)

You are more fun than anyone or anything I know.

You are the most perfect you there is.

You are enough.

You are one of the strongest people I know.

You look great today.

You have the best smile.

Your outlook on life is amazing.

You just light up the room.

You are always so helpful.

You have the best laugh.

I appreciate our friendship.

You just glow.

You inspire me.

You just made my day.

I am a better person because of you.

You have taught me so much.

I like the way you are.

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