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The past year has been a journey for each of us, personally, professionally,

in our congregational life and beyond. Living in this time of a global pandemic,

racial unrest and political divisiveness has been difficult to navigate at times.

The ministry of Luther Heights Bible Camp has continued to engage in the everchanging

demands of today and be a shining light of God’s love for all during this

time. Our prayer is that we continue to be like a lighthouse, shining the light of

our creator, redeemer, teacher, and guide as we navigate life together.

Our program season looked vastly different than in years past, and yet camp

remained a place and ministry that facilitated people of all ages and across the

world connecting their faith to their hearts. We intentionally engaged people

via online programming through social media messages of hope and updates

from camp, created a YouTube channel to bring elements of camp to your home,

and developed a new leadership program for high school students. One of our

volunteers and donors, Vivian, shared how she appreciated our efforts to keep

people connected and share uplifting messages of God’s love and grace active

in our world, as did several of her friends from her congregation. Ila, a senior

in high school who participated in our online leadership program shared how

she appreciated the chance to deeply connect with other teens and how the

camp community has always been a part of her family. One of our summer staff

members, Logan, shared during his last week on-site what an honor it was to

give back to a place that has been instrumental in instilling within him a lifelong

faith and desire to be a positive leader in society. He continued that is was a true

gift to work alongside volunteers and donors who have been committed to this

ministry for decades and created this holy space for him to grow as a child and

young adult. Guided by a creative God, we are thankful for opportunities to pivot

our programs and still reach many.

Our efforts this year remained committed and full of hope in all that Luther

Heights offers. We focused on who we are as a ministry, where God is leading

us in the future, and ensured our beautiful property can meet our needs as

we begin to host gatherings of our community again. Our dedicated Board of

Directors discerned how and where and whom this ministry is called to serve

through a strategic planning process and helped ensure as we weathered the

storms of 2020 that our triune God remained the focus and the guide for the

choices we needed to make. A small task force representing various ages and

transformative experiences at camp embarked on a rebrand endeavor to ensure

our logo and mission statement represented who we are in an inviting way. Our

donors responded in big ways to continue to ensure the lasting and meaningful

experiences remain vibrant for generations to come. For all of this, we give

thanks to God and all of you, our partners in ministry.

As a lighthouse focuses light to those searching for a path, we pray Luther

Heights can act as a lighthouse, shining in the darkness helping people to find

Christ’s light guiding each day.

Executive Director


One area of focus for this year was a rebrand endeavor. Intentional time, conversation,

and money were designated to an effort to analyze our current logo and mission

statement, ensuring Luther Heights is living into all God is leading the ministry to be

in the world. Four generous donors and the interest from our Endowment Fund, voted

on for approval at the January Board meeting, was used to hire professional marketing

consultant, Casey Fuerst with Tic Tac Toe Marketing to work with a small task force

to submit proposals to the Board for approval. On November 17, we will launch our

new Luther Heights Bible Camp brand. Thank you to Barbara Andrews, Shea Dockter,

Fletcher Hamblen, Brooke Freiheit, Karin Johnson, and Janet Metzger for your time,

and guidance to this ministry. Thank you to Sara Manning, Rene Osman, and Susan

Rowe, Board Members, for additional work refining the mission statement.

We’re staying true to what has made us special since 1952 while

reimagining the many possibilities God is leading us into to thrive for

generations to come.

Shea Dockter, Marketing Committee Member and Rebrand Task Force Member

One of our goals with the marketing

rebrand was a new logo that continued

to give a nostalgic feel while still being

engaging and current. Being current is

important because it draws in new people

to our brand and invites them into

the amazing Luther Heights community.

We also wanted to honor the rich past of

the ministry and strong foundation created

for us to build from. We feel this logo

does an excellent job combining the past

and the future, honoring our foundation

in faith and reminding us of the beauty

of the Sawtooth Mountains.

The symbolism in the new logo was

created from the Task Force’s conversation

that the most important part of Luther

Heights is a connection to God and

desiring that to be the focus. Elements

of the natural beauty of camp, like the

mountains, were also a central desire

and why certain colors were chosen. The

green is a nod to the evergreens at camp

and beauty in the pine trees, and the orange

is a reminder of fellowship around

the campfire treasured by many and gives

our logo pop, giving us the feeling of

youthfulness and

exuberance. The

trees in this logo

are taken directly

from our logo for

the past several decades,

honoring the


As a youth

The orange is

a reminder of

fellowship around

the campfire

treasured by


camper, summer

staff member, and

now committee member, this logo represents

the best parts of my growing-up

years and continues to involve me as an

adult for years to come.

Our Mission

Luther Heights Bible Camp shares God’s love with all generations

as we grow in faith, live by grace, and love one another.


Rev. Ken Carrothers, Board Chair


For as long as I have been on the board there has been conversation

around a strategic plan. However, it never seemed to be the right

time. We were working on getting the Sawtooth Lodge built, then

saying goodbye to Eric and Carol Olsen, then transitioning/preparing

for a new Executive Director and then welcoming Kelly, Zach, Owen

and Quinn. One might say now is not the right time as we are in the

midst of a pandemic. But reflecting back, we recognize there will

always be something going on in Luther Heights’ life and so I am

grateful for the board’s dedication and hard work in developing the

strategic plan over this past year.




1. Complete maintenance

building and water

supply upgrade

2. Create a robust development

strategy to secure Luther

Heights’ financial health

3. Cultivate and deepen

connections to Luther


4. Expand programming to reach

new audiences

5. Optimize staff structure to


6. Share Luther Heights’ State of


The work began in the fall of 2019. The board quickly

realized we would benefit from an outside facilitator

guiding us as we sought to meet God in God’s mission

for the world. We talked with several different professionals

before choosing one to facilitate us through the

Strategic Planning process.

Prior to meeting the board at their October 2019

meeting the facilitator invited them to respond to five

questions, which assisted the board in articulating the

hoped-for outcomes, as well as the challenges to realizing

those outcomes. Four hours at the October meeting

were spent identifying key initiatives/goals that the Luther

Heights’ board felt God was drawing them to work

on over the next five years.

Between the October board meeting and the January

retreat, members broke into teams to brainstorm

blocks/challenges toward achieving the six identified

goals. Another six hours at the January retreat were

utilized to develop strategies to achieve each goal while

addressing the challenges that had been named.

Following the January retreat, the board again broke

into teams to flesh out the strategies in detail. We realized

we needed a way to share with future boards

how we arrived at these six goals. Therefore, each team

provided a written narrative to explain why this goal

was in our strategic plan. Second, the teams proposed

metrics, which would judge the success of each strategy.

Finally, the teams suggested a champion who would

shepherd the strategy, as well as construct a realistic

timeline for its completion. These were to be completed

prior to our April board meeting.

However, before our April board meeting a pandemic

seized our world and the board’s focus moved to

more immediate needs throughout the spring. Thankfully,

as spring transitioned into summer and summer

into fall, we created time to engage in this important

work. The board completed its preliminary work on the

Strategic Plan at its October 2020 meetings. And now

as they say, the real work begins, as we seek to live into

the plan over our next season of life together.


Legacy Partners are those who include Luther Heights Bible Camp in their long-term gift

planning. As a Legacy Partner you help strengthen the mission and ministry of Luther Heights

today and tomorrow. There are a variety of gifts that may be considered in this financial support:

• Through your Will

• Charitable Bequests – Life Insurance, Investment Portfolio, etc.

• Charitable Gift Annuity and/or Charitable Remainder Trust

• Gifts out of an IRA, tax benefits

• Estate Plan

• Endowment Fund Gift

• Donor Advised Fund Distribution

We are ready to help you consider the most effective way to support Luther Heights, creating

a lasting legacy for generations to come and experience God’s unending love and grace. For

more information please contact Kelly Preboski, Executive Director, at

director@lutherheights.org or (208) 644-0779.

Beth Adams, ELCA Foundation Gift Planner in partnership with this synod, is available to

assist you with your charitable goals—remembering your loved ones as well as Luther Heights

and other ministries you hold dear-- through your Legacy Planning. Reach out to Beth at

beth.adams@elca.org or (360) 953-4401.


2020 saw many generous Thrivent Members give in additional ways to the ministry of LHBC.

We received seven Thrivent Action Grants this year, which helped 17 volunteers accomplish

two different mailings to campers with at-home devotional resources and program materials,

update our outdoor chapel and fire pit gathering spaces, and make improvements to the Clive


For more information about becoming a Thrivent Member or how your Choice Dollars or

an Action Grant can support the ministry of Luther Heights Bible Camp, please contact Kelly at


The John Yeates Award

is given to Luther

Heights’ volunteers

and supporters who

go above and beyond

in their service to this

ministry. We honor

(from left to right) Sonia

Daley, Rene Osman,

and Chad Wambolt.

Thank you for your

lasting contributions to

Luther Heights Bible





www.lutherheights.org to

give a one-time donation or

set up monthly recurring gift

using a credit card or your

bank account.


your Thrivent Choice Dollars to

LHBC by March 31st. Members

can also apply to Lead a

Thrivent Action Team, receiving

a $250 grant for a specific

project at camp!

LEGACY: Contact Kelly

Preboski at (208) 644-0779

for more information about

planned giving and our

endowment fund.


Personnel Committee

Elaine Eberharter-Maki

*Andy Hamblen

Karin Johnson

Brenda Knudson

Property Committee

Jon Davidson

Mark Drew

*Rene Osman

*Paul Ortmann

Romney Palma

Zach Preboski

Program Committee

Cathy Arvidson

Kelly Lindahl

*Sara Manning

Jessica Perretti

Connie Winsauer

Gifts and Endowment


Marla Egbert

Dan Davidson

Doug Dockter

Frank Johnson

Rev. Meggan Manlove

*Susan Rowe

Julie Tullis

Marketing Committee

Barbara Andrews

Shea Dockter

Brooke Freiheit

*Janet Metzger

Sydney Outsen

*denotes a committee


On-site Volunteers

Sarah, Alexis, & KK DeAlba

The Crosthwaite Family

The Denen Family

Mark & Julie Drew

Sara Englert

Rev. Tammy Heimgartner

Rev. John Hergert

The Holliday Family

Brenda Knudson

Rev. Meggan Manlove

Sara Manning

Alan & Katie Malek

Justin, Emily, Heaston & Grace Malek

Rev. Paul Malek

Tundra McDougal

Tami McLaughlin-Husen

Craig Olsen

Paul Ortmann

Rene Osman

Ashley-Grae, Sydney, & McKinley Outsen

Bob & Vivian Parrish

Mary, James, & Annabelle Riedl

Paul Ritter & Julie Tullis

Kevin, Chrissy, Levi, & Laurel Starcher

Chuck, Sharon, & Chuck Jr. Strom

Savannah Ulner

Randy & Cathy Winwood



• Camper mailing with at-home


• Camp in a Box

• Created an online canteen

• Postcards sent to all LHBC


• Online Leader-In-Training

program with 14 high school youth

• Online Congregational Worship

• Online Campfire Worship

• Mountain Top Messages Mondays,

Wednesdays, and Fridays

throughout summer

• Moved & remounted camp bell

• Repaired benches at small and

large fire pit and outdoor chapel

• Oiled three cabins and part of

Sawtooth Lodge

• New doors on five cabins

• Repainted cabin signs

• Clive Bathhouse updated including

new floor and new paint

• Tree maintenance and fire dangers


• And many more property projects


DAYS: Support camp

by donating on Giving

Tuesday (December 1)

and Idaho Gives Day (in


AMAZON: Choose LHBC as

your charity for AmazonSmile

online and in the app. Plus,

we have a wishlist on our

website to send Amazon

items directly to us.

MAIL: Send a check to

Luther Heights

Bible Camp

707 W. Fort Street

Boise, ID 83702


John & Susan Ash

Bruce & Barb Blasch

Wayne & Phyllis Bradburn

Brett & Dawn Busch

Rev. Ken & Elisa Carrothers

Allan & Carol Christensen

Jon & Sonia Daley

Allen & Sandy Dalton


Dan & Diane Davidson

Keith & Diane Davis

Calvin & Harriet Dyer

Marla Egbert

Dean & Marilyn Falk

James Jenkins

Briam & Sarah Johnson

Robert & Jo Ann Libengood

Greg & Sandra Bohlken

Doug & Amy Dockter

Rosalie Finlayson


Frank & Tracie Johnson


Brian & Paige Buck

Bob & Beverly Drew

Arnold Burgemeister

Garney Hardy

Zach & Kelly Preboski

Paul Ritter & Julie Tullis

Norm & Flora Walker


Aaron & Terri Lindemann

Allan Maki & Elaine


Phyllis Mattlin

Matt & Deanna Outsen

Robert & Vivian Parrish

Gerald Radek

Walt & Linda Reuter

DONOR FRIENDS $500 - $999

Sceone ‘Bugs’ Sorneson

Linn Hower & Elisabeth Ridgway

Fred Riddle

Gary & Denise Stewardson

JoAnne Tullis

Paul Worth

A Friend

Martin & Inge Anderson

Karen Baese

Lois Bauer

Brad & Renée Bergquist

Joe & Carla Carter

Sam & Addie Chambers

Mike & Katie Christensen

Warren & Marie Borchert

Richard & Roberta Chilcote

Vicki Davidson

Dennis & Diamond Dufenhorst

Estelle Glarborg

Jason & Bobbi Hasner

A Friend

Cathy Arvidson

Bob & Joyce Becht

Will Campbell & Rev. Gretchen


Janet Browning

Jo Ann Bugbee

Jordan & Heather Dale

A Friend

A Friend

A Friend

Holly Alderman

Sid & Marilyn Allen

Barbara Andrews

Vernon & Ardyce Arp

Aaron & Leanne Barrett

Rev. Jon Beake

Emily Bentley

Noah Bostic

Marilyn Botkin

Thomas & Merlene Brockway

Ken & Kris Burgemeister

Roland Buus

Mike & Lynda Danielson

Dave & Holly Davies

Jon & Tarah Davidson

Mark & Julie Drew

Robert & Beverly Drew

Ken & Arlene Everett

Jim & Vicki Grunow

Rev. Keith & Bonita Hammer

George & Jeanne Hanson

Diane Helton

Kelly & Pam Kindelberger

Steve & Brenda Knudson

Rev. Paul & Jeannie Malek

Steve & Cindi Michalski

Ed & Natasha Miltner

Lois Ortmann

Dale & Karen Frank

Willow Hahn

Erin Hedrick Henderson

Jim James

Deke Johnson

Dennis K. Knobloch

Keith & Linda Lambrecht

Marleta Lindley

Keven & Jessica Denen

Joe & Lisa DeRosier

Michael & Karen Dismer

Ron Fender

Robert & Wanda Firman

Jim & Georgia Girvan

Clarence Gohl

Harold & Dolores Guenthner

Andy & Molly Hamblen

Greg & Michelle Hanson

Gary & Mickie Harmison

Karen Harrington

Sue Hartz

Thomas & Peggy Hawkins

Glen & Barbara Hayes

Annette Hendrickson

Mike & Carla Hink

Joel & Joy Hubbell

Edith Kopp

Timothy & Marcia Kurcz

Rev. Meggan Manlove

Dean & Janet Metzger

Paul Olsen

Frank & Estelle Peak

Elise Ridgway


Sandra Peterson

Tim & Susan Rowe

David & Elaine Short

Wayne & Cherie Stevens

Charles & Sharon Strom

Lynn & Sherie Tanner


Jerry & Anita Litteer

Robert & Carolyn Matthees

Eugene & Susie Meyer

Harry & Sharon Moos

Jack & Becky Newberry

Rev. Eric & Carol Olsen

Catherine Olson

Carl & Jean Pollock

FRIENDS OF LHBC $100 - $199

Chuck & Jane Humphrey

Patrick & Rhonda Hynes

Jeff & Erica Kanewischer

Joe & Sherry Kinsella

Matt & Kristen Kress-Weitenhagen

Dustin & Lynda Lewis

Kelly Lindahl

Vernell & Patricia Lindemann

Tom & Rev. Kelly Loy

Richard & Sue Lundberg

Pattie Mattlin

Glenn & Diane McGeoch

Tim & Tami McHugh

Fred & Leona Nelson

Jason & Beth Newell

Pat Phelps

Ryan & Elizabeth Rulon

Ashley & Connie Seymour

Steve & Bev Shallberg

John Sloan

Kevin & Chrissy Starcher

The Christopher T. Eisele Fund

The Patricia J. Malloy Fund

JJ & Ashlee Wetherington

Rev. Henry & Cindy Zorn

Joel Tompkins

Tammy Torrey

Cherie White

Dianna Wilcox

Ken & Bonnie Wiley

Merle & Diane Rabenberg

Ronda Rose

Mike & Rebecca Salisbury

Erik Stien

Becky Syltie

Ken & Diane Telschow

Nancy Zebarth

Kari Sansgaard

Tom & Teresa Schmalz

Donna Schulzetenberg

Diane Sheldon

Sally Stone

Andy & Ruth Strandjord

Michael & Diane Tauscher

Kailynn Taylor

Ken Thayer

Kenneth Todd

Jan Uhlenhoff

Verna Walker

John & Jeannette Wallace

Marvin & Sylvia Ward

Elwood & Fran Webb

Randy & Cathy Winwood

Sandy Woodall

A Friend

A Friend

A Friend

A Friend

Jim Bradbury

Jeff & Karen Campbell

Tamara Collins

Brian & Mia Crosthwaite

Ron & Jane Dobson

Heidi Ehle

Paul & Stacy Erdal

Alan & Margie Fiedler-Riendeau

Andra Fjone Stutelberg

Clint & Brooke Freiheit

Richard & Peggy Friddle

Terry & Cindy Hamilton

Jason & Bobbi Hasner

Raymond & Marlene Henery

Lonnie & Mary Holloway

Ann Hurley

Gregory & Anne Isaackson

Reed Jeide

Jenny Kling

Justin & Emily Malek

Sara Manning

Russ & Collette Maw


Nick & Trish Melander

Jim & Carmen Metzer

Rev. Phil & Jamie Misner

Dick & Annie Mitchell

Mary Morrow

Jeff Nate

Reed & Jean Nate

Vern & Alice Nelson

Danica Nolton

Brian & Bev Novak

Rick & Lisa Ogle

Shawn & Christine Paulsen

Juan & Kim Pena

Jessica Peretti

Charles & Mary Reed

Brandon & Dustee Rhiger

Joan Rogosch

Patricia Stewart

Gary & Diane Street

Jen Tucker

Norman & Anne Tucker

Fred & Lynn Watkins

Ralph & Linda Williams

Richard & Marianne Winsauer

Holly Alderman

John & Susan Ash

Karen Baese

Brian & Paige Buck

Jon & Sonia Daley


Steve & Brenda Knudson

Clint & Brooke Freiheit

Robert & Jo Anne Libengood

Gary & Denise Stewardson

The Christopher T. Eisele Fund

Advent Lutheran Church Endowment

Allan & Carol Christensen

Mike & Katie Christensen

Erin Hedrick Henderson

Immanuel Lutheran Church Endowment

Jim James


Lutheran Outdoor Ministries

Aaron & Terri Lindemann

Robert & Carolyn Matthees

Jack & Becky Newberry

Merle & Diane Rabenberg

Chuck Anderson

Lynnette Chandler

Chris Eisele

Mary Ann Steiner

Howard and Maxine Johnston

Pat Phelps

Gwen Kress

Michael & Karen Dismer

Norma Halderson

Jon Kress & Family

Kristin Kress-Weitenhagen & Family

Charles & Sharon Strom

Pattie Mattlin

Marilyn Botkin

Mark Brunelle

A-P Consulting, Inc.

R B Bentson

Marla Egbert

Hank & Barb Manner

Scott & Tara Manner

Lynn Mattlin

Linda Trower-Shuss &

Nancy Zebarth

Gene Meyer

Linda Lewis



Patrick Hynes in Honor of Edgar B. Jensen

Margie Fiedler-Riendeau in Honor of Kelly Preboski

Wayne and Cherie Stevens in Honor of Jon Davidson

Kristin Kress-Weitenhagen in Honor of Jerry & Gwen Kress

Jesse & Tabitha Shaw in Honor of Zach & Kelly Preboski

Larry Selland

Jan Selland

Vincent Tito

Marvin Ward

Monty Williams

Wayne and Cherie Stevens

Mack Winsauer

William Schwarting

Marianne Winsauer

Jon Francis and Mack Winsauer

Nicki Thompkins

Greg Bohlken

Casey Cross

Diane Davidson

Jessica Denen

Doug and Amy Dockter

Beverly Drew

Mark Drew

Bravo Foxtrot Designs

Brooke Freiheit

Martin & Lisa Hahle


Frank & Tracie Johnson

Tami McLaughlin-Husen

Danica Nolton

Zach & Kelly Preboski

Mary Riedl

Thank you!

Greg Saathoff

Charles & Sharon Strom

Katie Vaage

JJ & Ashlee Wetherington

Luther Heights Bible Camp is blessed to have such generous donors who help fund our mission and ministry.

Thank you to those who donate through Thrivent Choice Dollars, AmazonSmile and Idaho Gives. Donations

reflect our Fiscal Year October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020. Any omissions or mistakes within this list are

unintentional. If you notice a mistake, please contact our office at info@lutherheights.org.

707 W. Fort Street

Boise, ID 83702

(208) 886-7657




As we pray over what our 2021 programming looks

like, we are hopeful for family and youth camps and

retreats. Our Board of Directors seeks to make wise

decisions and we will update you online as soon

as possible. Stay tuned to our website and social

media for updates.


PRAY for the Board of Directors

to live into the new strategic plan

casting a vision for how God is

calling Luther Heights to serve in

the future, while navigating the

pandemic and the effects on 2021


PRAY for the physical, mental,

emotional, social, and spiritual

health of our campers, families,

donors, and congregations. May

God continue to be light in the


PRAY for innovative ways to

connect to those in our camp

family, helping all to experience the

grace of God.


ENGAGE in the Christmas spirit with

our first A Camp Christmas Virtual

Concert! Save the date for Sunday,

December 20, at 3 p.m. Email

info@lutherheights.org for the link!

ENGAGE with us on Facebook,

Instagram, and YouTube. Plus, sign

up for our email newsletter on our



CANTEEN is online! Check out our

new apparel and fun items featuring

our NEW LOGO by clicking ‘Canteen’

at lutherheights.org.

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