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The German economy is undergoing a period of upheaval. The automotive industry is
investing billions in developing new powertrain technologies and mobility services, while
manufacturing industries and mechanical engineering are becoming greener and more
sustainable. Following the phase-out of nuclear power, by 2038 brown coal will no longer be used
for electricity generation and priority is being given to developing renewable energy sources.
And importantly, digitalization is making its way into almost all areas of our lives. And as if all of this weren’t exciting enough, 2020 will go down in history as the year of the coronavirus pandemic. The virus is not only putting businesses and jobs at risk, it is also speeding up some development processes.


Hydrogen in



Leuna –

a flagship location

The Chemical Park Leuna is laying the

foundations for the future with several

major investments.

The skyline of

Leuna: TOTAL

operates an


refinery at the


Saxony-Anhalt is one of the most

attractive locations for the global

chemical industry. Companies

from the sector have been working

on new developments in the state

for more than 100 years. A good

infrastructure and well-functioning

networks create profitable

synergies. The companies and research

institutions that are based

here are leading players in the

field of hydrogen. The investments

in this technology have turned

Saxony-Anhalt into the center of

the German hydrogen industry.

The success of the Chemical Park Leuna

has always been determined by bold, forward-looking

plans. In the early years of the

20th century, the chemist Carl Bosch invented

the process of industrial ammonia synthesis,

which meant that methanol was produced

for the first time on a global scale using a

high-pressure process in Leuna from 1923 onward.

It was also in Leuna that caprolactam was

synthesized to produce perlon. In addition, the

first production plant for synthetic surfactants

was also established in Leuna.

Over the last 30 years, this historic chemical

industry site has become the home of several

international chemical companies. The site in

the south of Saxony-Anhalt offers a complex

network of materials and an excellent infrastructure.

At the heart of the network in the Chemical

Park Leuna are the TOTAL refinery, the caprolactam

synthesis plant of the DOMO Group and

the world’s largest gas center, belonging to Linde

GmbH, where industrial gases are produced.

Once again it is forward-looking plans that

are encouraging companies to invest in Leuna.

The expertise and the infrastructure at the site

create the ideal conditions for it to become

the center of the German hydrogen industry.

The basis for this is the manufacture of green

hydrogen on an industrial scale, which is what

the researchers at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft



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