Science Experiments to try at Home


Simple science experiments written by secondary students for primary students to do at home.


Experiments to try

at Home

By Year 8

(created during 2020 lockdown)

Hi. My name is P’tit

Jeanne and I am a part

of the fairy folk. I am a

pouque from Guernsey





Bouncy egg

De Aeris Potionem

Eritque arcus in speculo


Fairy Pixem

Fizzing Colour Changing


Glowing White Mud

Instant ice

Luna`s Catastrophe

Magical fairycakes

Bicarbonates magical


Coruscent serpentis

Dodge the Giant!

Eritque arcus in hydria

Ex Hydria Procellas

Fairy Tornado

Fizzy Citrea

Gumminous Grow

Levitation potion

Magic fairy bath bombs

Magic mentos

Magic Multicoloured milk Nubes Utrem

Ova Pendebat Salis Piperis Herba Fullonum

Piscantar Glacies- Ice Quidditch


Rainbow Portal

Self filling balloons



Winter Wonders potion

The Night of the Burning


The naughty pixies of Guernsey, the pouques, have been trying out the experiments

and have given some feedback. They have also asked other fairy folk around the

World to try them out as well. A hazard symbol has been put on experiments that will

need supervision by an adult for young children.


The fairy folk have thought

of a question to ask about

each experiment.

Use the question maker below

to think of another and ask an

adult to share it on twitter

using @GreatSciShare

You have to work out what is

happening in each experiment. Once you think you know then

Gran’mere will tell you.



These practicals have been written and tested by Year 8 students

for primary students. They completed them in their science lessons

during the first lockdown. The theme is Magic.

Some experiments require supervision, mainly due to heat being


When supervision is advised this sign appears:

Written in a text box under the sign is the

hazard for that experiment. The user is

responsible for checking safety of the experiments listed.

Young children should be encouraged to ask questions and design

their own experiments using knowledge about what they

have learnt. If you are unsure about a chemical to use,

then check the bottle as hazard symbols are always put

onto substances bought from shops.

Science explanations are available at




Magic Multicoloured Milk

This experiment demonstrates a magical mixture and what happens

when colour moves by itself.


« Milk (whole, skimmed or semi-skimmed)

« Dinner plate

« Biodegradable Cotton buds

« Washing up liquid (for example ‘Fairy Liquid’)

« Food colouring


Pour the milk carefully into the dish, just enough so that it covers

the bottom.

Add a few drops of food colouring into the centre of the plate, the

more colours the better. Make sure they’re close together.

Put a drop of washing up liquid onto the end of clean cotton bud and

place the soapy end of the bud into the centre of the plate. Now



Hold the cotton bud there for 10-15 seconds

and watch as the food dye magically bursts

outwards like a firework display. The colours

should mix and swirl while you hold the bud in

the centre. If you want to, you can repeat this

experiment with different colours to see what happens.


Science explanation:

Warro! I am La Gran'mère du Chimquière and I am the

head of the fairy folk.

It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you explain why

the food colouring moves when you touch the milk with

the detergent?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am a pouque from Guernsey and

my name is P’tite Jeanne.

I used very fresh creamy milk

straight from a Guernsey cow. It

worked really well! A good

explanation of the science bit.

It was also good that the equipment was something most people have

in their house.

My question is: Would this work if I used a piece of soap instead of

washing up liquid?

What is your question?


Magic Mentos.

This is a quick and magical explosion experiment.


2 packets of Mentos.

1 bottle of Coke.

A lot of space for when the bottle explodes making a sticky mess.


Open the bottle of coke, wait for all the bubbles in the coke bottle

to dissolve, then open the Mentos packet and put all the Mentos into

a bowl. Put one or two Mentos into the coke bottle, ( you must do

this very quickly as the coke fizzes up very quickly). Then leave the

bottle on a flat surface and watch it explode.

Results: the coke went flying into the air and then it slowly came

back down, and all the Mentos had mostly dissolved in the coke and

the coke was not fizzy once it came back to the ground.

Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the mentos explodes out of the coke.

Click on for an answer.


Hi, I am Auntie of the starlight and I am the

Caribbean fairy godmother.

When I tried this out, the coke went flying up

and did slowly come back down, as mentioned. It

made quite a sticky mess so you should do it

outside. I think that this is a fun experiment for

all ages.

My question is: What other objects can you add instead of the

mentos which will also explode out of the coke?

What is your question?


Fairy Tornado

A fairy tornado is a mini tornado formed inside a jar

List of equipment:

- A slim sealable container or jar

- A teaspoon

- A ruler

- Enough water to fill majority of your sealable container or jar

- A teaspoon of vinegar (any type will do )

- A teaspoon of washing up liquid

- Glitter / Sequins


Firstly, fill your container up with water until it is 2cm from the top,

you can do this by measuring the gap your ruler.

Next add your glitter, or sequins, this step is totally optional.

Now measure out your teaspoon of washing up liquid and your

teaspoon of vinegar and pour them in,

feel free to stir if they are not mixing

into the water.

Add the lid to your container and

spin/shake your mixture in an upright

circular motion until you see a mini

tornado form after about 5 seconds.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the tornado occurs?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am an Älva fairy from Sweden

I liked the clear instructions and it

worked for me! The ingredients

were all in the kitchen, and it was

fun and interesting!

My question is: Will the tornado spin in the opposite direction if I

spin it the other way?

What is your question?


Self filling balloons!

The fairies are throwing a party to celebrate Queen Elgar’s 100 th

birthday, they are all so excited. Rose and Buttercup are the party

organisers, they have designed everything perfectly, except they may

not have realised how long it would take to blow up the balloons. So,

they had to use their fairy magic to make the process faster but they

need your help. Can you follow this top secret magic potion and help

them blow up the balloons before Queen Elgar’s 100 th birthday party?


» a hollow acorn (an empty bottle)

» Dragon tears (vinegar)

» ashes from the tallest oak tree (baking soda)

» a balloon


» start by putting 1/3 cup of oak ashes (baking soda) inside the

balloon (you can use a funnel to help you because it gets messy).

» Then put around 1 cup of dragons tears (vinegar) into a bottle.

» Place the balloon over the top of the hollow acorn (bottle)

» Then hold the balloon up so the oak ashes (baking soda) can fall

into the dragon’s tears (vinegar) below.

» The balloon should begin to inflate and the oak ashes (baking

soda) and the dragon’s tears (vinegar) should bubble up and go



Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain where the gas has come from?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am a Leprechaun, and I am from Ireland.

It was fun trying this experiment. It worked

well and was not too messy. I filled the bottle

with too much liquid first and it came foaming

out before I had chance to put the balloon on

so don't add too much liquid.

My question is: If I add food colouring to the liquid, will the gas

blowing up the balloon be coloured?

What is your question?


Magical fairycakes

The ingredients which you will need are

55g butter

55g sugar


1 egg

55g flour plain flour (experiment 1) OR

55g self raising flour (experiment 2) OR

55g self raising flour plus half teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

(experiment 3)

-a couple drops of food coloring

-one drop of vanilla essence

First let me tell you of a magical story about how these fairy land

cakes first appeared. They were once spotted by the magical lake of

fortune by a science fairy who loved doing experiments. She took a

sample of this sweet-smelling object and spent nights and days

trying to figure out how to make it. Finally, after weeks of testing

she found the answer and made everyone in the village some. She

called her experiment a fairycake.

The fairy scientist wanted to know which ingredients made the best

fairy cake.


She did three experiments at the same time to compare the cakes.

1. She mixed all the ingredients

together in one bowl using plain

flour and put them in paper cases

and cooked them at 180 o C for 15


2. She mixed all the ingredients together in another bowl using

self-raising flour and put them in paper cases and cooked them

at 180 o C for 15 minutes

3. She mixed all the ingredients together in a third bowl using

plain flour and half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and put

them in paper cases and cooked them at 180 o C for 15 minutes

You may need to ask an adult for help with the oven. Ask an adult to

take the cakes out when they are cooked as they will be hot.

These are the experiments which the fairy scientist narrowed down

for the best cakes.

The fluffiest cup cake was self raising flour. The other cakes were

heavy and didn't rise.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why only one of the cakes was light and fluffy?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am Trolde from Denmark and I love

cooking for my grandchildren troldes.

You can experiment with different cake

mixtures and add other things in as well.

Sometimes it won't make the cakes taste very

nice though! Use only small amounts of

ingredients just in case.

My question is: What will happen to the fairy cake if I make it with

bicarbonate of soda and add lemon juice to the mixture?

What is your question?


Bicarbonates Magical Concoction

One night in the forest, a group of witches were meeting secretly.

There were three of them, all crowding round the cauldron trying to

come up with a spell to turn their friend into a frog. One witch,

Bethany, had bought vinegar. The main witch, Sally, had bought

bicarbonate of soda. They started to mix the vinegar in the very

large cauldron. Bethany poured in the whole tub of bicarbonate of

soda! Huge mounds of airy bubbles sprayed from out of the cauldron!

A light brown goo covering everything for miles around. And to this

day, those witches have never, EVER, been found.


30 ml of malt vinegar

1 small tsp of bicarbonate of soda


1. Measure out the vinegar and pour into a container

approximately 10x larger.

2. Measure out the bicarbonate of soda

3. Add the bicarbonate of soda in all at once and watch the magic



Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the mixture froths up?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am Aziza from Ghana.

This was a very easy experiment to do and it did make a

brown gooey froth.

My question is: Does the amount of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda

that you use make a difference?

What is your question?


Fairy Pixem



4 cups of Sugar




2 wooden sticks

Food dye (optional)


Use a large pot to bring two cups of water to the


Then stir 4 cups of sugar into it until dissolved.

Let it cool for 15-20 minutes.


While the solution cools, wet the wooden sticks

and roll in granulated sugar. Let the sticks dry

COMPLETELY before moving on.

Once the solution is ready, add colouring you


Pour the solution into a glass jar/ jars and insert the

wooden sticks into the centre making sure they do

not touch the sides of the jar.

Once in place use a peg to secure the stick in place.

Cover the top of the glass with kitchen paper. Place

the jar/s in a cool, quiet place.



The crystals will reach their maximum growth

after two weeks. Let them dry on a sheet of

wax paper.

Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the sugar crystals form?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am Wandjina from Australia.

This took a long time but it was worth it to get a

sparkling crystal wand.

My question is: Does it make any difference what type of sugar you


What is your question?


The BOOMING can experiment

Help the elves of the forest make their battle cry!


1 empty drink can


A kettle

A bowl of cold water


Oven proof gloves

Method- Be careful. Hot steam can scald you- you may need an adult

to help you with this experiment.

Boil a kettle. Put the oven proof gloves on. When you can see steam

coming out of the spout, put the opening of the can to the spout of

the kettle, using the tongs to hold it up. When you think the can is

full enough of steam, drop the can into the bowl of cold water.



When you put the can into cold

water, it made a bang, and the can



Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the can is crushed?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am Patupaierehe from Aotearoa, (New


I used the steam coming out of the mud pools in

Rotarua to fill my can with steam. It was very hot

so I had to be very careful and wear protective clothing.

My question is: Would this still happen with just hot air instead of


What is your question?




Empty fizzy drink bottle

Malt vinegar

Bicarbonate of soda

Hand soap

Food colouring if you wish to change the colour


Get out all your equipment and go OUTSIDE because it makes a big

mess make sure you ask your parents first. Then get your bottle and

malt vinegar and fill the bottle just under half then put in a

teaspoon of hand soap and if you want to, some food colouring in.

then put in the food colouring lastly put in a couple of teaspoons of

bicarbonate of soda. When it starts put it down on the floor and

watch it erupt.

Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. What is

causing the eruption?

Click on for an answer.


Hi, I am Ogopogo from Canada

This was quite messy but luckily I

did it on the grass so I just squirted water at it from my nose to

hose it down when I had finished.

My question is: Why do you add in soap. What difference does it

make to the eruption?

What is your question?


Fizzing Colour Changing Potion

You will need

• Bicarbonate of soda

• Colourless Vinegar

• Drinking glass

• Tablespoon and Teaspoon

• Deep tray

• Long handed spoon for stirring

• Double concentrated Blackcurrant squash

• Liquid soap


Step 1

Place your glass in tray to catch

your fizzing potion. Half fill your

glass with squash concentrate.



Step 2

Now add some vinegar. Colourless

vinegar works best. Can you see

the colour becoming more red? You

might need to hold your glass up to

the light to see it.

Step 3

Add one teaspoon of liquid soap

and gently stir it in. it will

probably go a bit cloudy and you

might get a slight colour change

back to purple.

Step 4

Add a heaped teaspoon of

bicarbonate of soda and stir it

in quickly. Can you see the liquid

changing into a dark blue/purple





Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the colour changes?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am one of the little Laurel People from the Cherokee

tribe in America.

I made my own blackcurrant squash with edible berries

from the bush.

My question is: Does this work with any other coloured squash


What is your question?


Fizzy Citrea

Once upon a time there was a fairy who loved biodegradable glitter.

Unfortunately, she and her fairy friends got stuck in a volcano

bottle. Your task is to follow this magic spell and get the glitter out

of the volcano bottle so that the fairy can escape.

This experiment is messy so should be done outside or over a sink.


Drinking glass

Lemon juice

Baking powder

Biodegradable glitter


Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a transparent glass. Add

biodegradable glitter. Add a big spoonful of baking powder


Watch as all glitter pieces in the liquid try to

escape from the bitter lemon juice.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the glitter is rising?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am a witch from Guernsey called Guernsey


It worked great. When I added the Bicarbonate

of soda, bubbles started to appear and rose to

the top of the glass.

My question is: Does this work with any other fruit juice?

What is your question?


Levitation potion

A long time ago some small elves were building their new houses.

They decided to build them in the trees, but they were too short to

be able to carry up their things. So, one clever elf decided they

should ask the friendly witches to

make a different potion for each

item, to allow their things to float

up the water pipes and into their



• 1 cup

• honey or syrup

• water

• cooking oil (any type will do)

• a Lego brick

• a cork

• any piece of a vegetable or something that will sink (I used a

chunk of carrot)


1. Pour some honey or syrup into the bottom of the cup.

2. Then pour in some water over the honey/syrup.

3. Next slowly pour in some oil on top of the water.

4. Drop in the three objects and see how each one floats on a

different layer


Science explanation:

1 2 3 4

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the objects all float on a different layer?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am a Ghillie dhu from Scotland

I thought that this is an easy experiment to find the

equipment for (apart from the cork which I replaced

with a piece of cardboard). The liquids did all

separate like the pictures. The Lego brick did sit in

the middle layer like it is supposed to and the piece

of cardboard floated. Overall good, fun experiment!

My question is: What other objects will sit in between the layers?

What is your question?


Glowing White Mud



bottle of Tonic water

Black light (UV) torch

Black or UV dangerous to eyes.


• Put a few spoonfuls of the cornflour in a bowl and mix in small

amounts of tonic water

• Turn on a black light (UV light) torch and shine at the

cornflour. WARNING: You must not shine the torch in your



The white powder has become fluorescent.

Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the mixture is fluorescent?

Click on for an answer.


Hi, I am a Korrigan from Brittany, France.

You have to make sure that you don’t have too much

cornflour and then it works well.

My question: Will this work with any other flour?

What is your question?


Luna’s Catastrophe

Once upon a time a witch went to roam, and she left her little cat

Luna at home, but Luna was a very clumsy cat and so the chaos

started stat!

She proceeded to knock down all the jars, from flour to a rock from

Mars, and it all fell into one little flask, and it bubbled fizzed

as Luna did bask, but what did it do? How did she make it you ask?

Well, we will find out by doing this task!


Sun gloop (Olive Oil)

Invisi – drops (water)

firefly colour (food colouring)

A rock from Mars (Fizzing tablet

such as a vitamin tablet that fizzes

when you put it in water.)


First put some invisi-drops into a glass about ¼ full

Add some firefly colour

Then add the sun gloop almost to the top.

The last step is to add the rock from Mars and

watch as the bubbles fizz and fall.

You can get a torch and shine a light through it.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the large oil bubbles rise up and down?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am Joan the Wad, Queen of the Cornish

piskies. This is my feedback

I got this to work very well and I used red to

make a ruby lava lamp.

What is your question?

My question: Does the type of oil that you use

make a difference?


Coruscent Serpentis multos bituminis

Description: This magical mixture is formed using the rarest of the

rare, sparkly serpent scales, that even the bravest adventurers

struggle to find. This mixture forms into a fluffy slime that you can

enjoy playing with.


• A bowl

• A large wooden spoon

• A tablespoon of water

• ¼ Teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda or baking soda

• 1 cups of PVA glue

• 1 cup of Shaving foam

• Few drops of food colouring

• Contact lens solution (This must contain boric acid and sodium

borate so that the slime will properly come together)

• Biodegradable glitter


1. Add all of the ingredients into the bowl, except for the contact

lens solution.

2. Stir them together with the wooden spoon.

3. When everything is mixed well, add the contact lens solution. Only

add 2-3 large drops to start and the slime will clump together. Add a

drop at a time until the slime gets stretchy. If the slime will not

stretch and just breaks you have added too much contact lens

solution and will have to start again.

4. Squash it between your hands until it becomes very stretchy.


Result: After following these simple instructions,

you should be left with a fun and fluffy, sparkle


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the sticky glue became stretchy?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am a pouque from Guernsey and my name

is Le Grand Colin

I added cocoa powder to my recipe and didn't

have food colouring. My slime smelt like chocolate. I couldn't

eat though.

My question: Can you think of other interesting things to add to your


What is your question?


Rainbow Portal – Eritque arcus portal


-Packet of Skittles




On a plate, place skittles around the edge so

they’re in a circle. Make sure there are no

gaps between them. It should look like this.

Add water into the middle of the bowl and let it

reach the skittles. Here is what it should look like.

You’ll need to grab a magic wand and say

“Eritque arcus portal” one time. Give the

skittles some time (maybe 3 minutes) for the

rainbow to form in the water. Once the rainbow

has formed, your portal is ready to be entered.

But be warned, there are strange creatures in the rainbow realm

that have not been discovered yet


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the colour spread out?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am a cuélebre from Asturias.

This worked well. I added a

small amount of water ‘ it

was quite faint though.

My question: Will this work with any other coloured sweets?

What is your question?


Piperis Herba Fullonum

One day a naughty pixie walked through the wood and got very

muddy. Then, when she went home her Mother told her to have a

wash. The naughty pixie did as her Mother said but she only used

water and no soap. Her Mother told her that it was very important

to use soap and explained why.

You will need:




A shallow dish or plate


1. Fill the dish with water and sprinkle some pepper over it.

2. Put your finger into the pepper and water

3. Wash your finger clean, and repeat again but with soap on your

finger as well.

4. The pepper should stick to your finger when you use no soap

however, when you use soap the pepper should move away from

your finger.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain why the pepper moved away from the soap?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am a Curupira from Brazil.

I added a small amount of liquid soap to my finger. It

also worked with a bar of soap. I had to wash the bowl

to remove the soap before it worked again.

My question: Will this work with any other spices?

What is your question?


Nubes Utrem


One day, in the fairy kingdom there was to be a

big party for the weather fairy’s birthday Sadly

when she woke up the sky was filled with clouds

and she wanted the weather to be perfect for her.

So, she caught all the clouds in a bottle. However,

because of climate change they became there was

a drought. Your job is to release the clouds to

make it rain.

NOTE you will have to ask an adult for permission to use alcohol.

You need:

A large plastic bottle

5ml Bioalcohol


Alcohol is poisonous

1. Use a large clear empty plastic water bottle.

2. Fill the bottom of the plastic bottle with bioalcohol. Swirl the

alcohol around the sides coating the inside of the bottle.

3. Screw the cap on firmly.

4. Grab the bottle around 1/4 of the way up from the bottom and

start twisting it with both hands in opposite directions. As you

twist notice the pressure in the top begins to increase. Keep

twisting until you can twist anymore. Now the pressure is very



5. Slowly unscrew the cap until you feel it's about to pop off.

Make sure the cap is not pointing at anyone!

6. Now give the cap one last quick flip with your finger to and let

it pop off. Make sure to do it fast and not to block the cap

coming off in a bang.


Make sure the cap is not pointed at anyone when taking it off.

Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Where have

the clouds come from?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am Anjana from Cantabria

I tried this out and the effect was very faint.

My question: Can you find out what other

substances contain alcohol? Will they also work?

You will need to ask permission from an adult to

use alcohol.

What is your question?


Gumminous Grow

Step by step

1. Measure your chosen gummy bear and place it in a glass of


2. Leave your gummy bear in the water for 10 hours before taking

another measurement at this point it should have doubled in


3. Repeat this process as many times as possible until the gummy

bear disintegrates into the water.

Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Why did the

gummy bear grow in size?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, We are the Nisse from Sweden

Our gummy bears were huge after a day but they

did dissolve eventually and the water got coloured.

My question is: What would happen if you used

other jelly sweets?

What is your question?


De Aeris Potionem

This experiment demonstrates magic powder and how when you add

it to water it can blow up a balloon.


• 1L empty and clean bottle

• ½ tsp of Bicarbonate Soda

• lemon juice from two lemons

• Funnels

• A balloon


1. Pour all of the lemon juice into the bottle using a plastic funnel.

2. Using another plastic funnel pour the ½ tsp of Bicarbonate

Soda into the balloon.

3. Now this part is very important for the experiment to work,

when you do the next step, you MUST make sure that none of

the powder falls into the bottle.

4. Make sure the balloons opening is far enough down the bottle

that it won’t pop off.

5. Next hold onto the bottom of the balloon and hold it up so that

all the powder falls in.

6. Stand back and watch as all your hard work makes it, so the

balloon is blown up.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Why did the

balloon blow up?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am Babushka from Russia

I blew up some balloons but they then

dropped to the floor when I tried to play

with them. I wonder why?

My question is: I wonder why the balloons fell to the floor?

What is your question?


Winter Wonders Potion

A group of snowmen met up together as they were feeling the winter

come to an end and wouldn’t be able to come back for another year

and were all very sad. One very clever snowman came up with an idea

to make a potion to capture the snow.

Equipment :

• A glass or jar

• Food colouring

• Water

• Blue dishwashing soap (or other soap)

• Oil


1. Add the blue dishwashing soap to

the bottom of the glass

2. Dye the water green

3. Tilting the cup pour in the water so

it’s going on slowly; touching the side

of the glass

4. Then add oil tilting the cup



Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. What caused

the two layers of liquid to stay separate?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am Kwaku Anansi’s wife from


I did this with yellow water but the

difference in the layers was not as

easy to see because the oil is yellow

as well.

My question is: Does the colour that you use make any difference?

What is your question?



This activity will not only give you a quidditch field to play the game.


2 small hairdryers

1 (minimum) light ball(s) in varying sizes such as a table tennis ball

6 hoops or wire to use as goals

some card or paper for the field and stands

Optional: a marker to draw details on the balls eg: wings on the


The set up:

If you chose to make the field and stands then I would recommend

making them out of card.

For the field, first cut out your green card in an oval shape of your

desired pitch size then if you wanted to go into a lot of detail you

could get a pencil of a darker shade of green for the grass lines on

the pitch. For the white lines on the pitch, just use white paper and

for the sand at the edges of the pitch using your pitch as a template

cut out the yellow paper in that shape and stick everything down.

The stands are optional, if you want to do the stands then all you

need is some card the colour of the time of day you want, if you

chose to have black card then maybe change all the other details to


e darker as well. It might look like it is night-time in the sky and

day on the field otherwise, which probably has happened in that

wizarding world. Make your card the width of your pitch and the

height of your choosing. Also make some stands, I would print them

but if you wanted to, you could draw them.

To make the different types of balls, try to find different markers.

You could use some tinfoil rolled up if you don’t have anything else

and you could add blue tac to make the balls heavier.

How to play:

To have a match of quidditch set it up as above and chose which ball

to play with, chose the power setting on the hairdryer and go.

Alternatively, if you had more than two people with you then you

could get them to stand further away and to throw the balls. If

they hit the hairdryers then you lose 5 points.

For the next part of the experiment, you will need the 3 different

sizes of balls and a hairdryer.

Turn on your hairdryer to the highest setting and point it upwards.

Carefully place one of the balls in

the flow of air from the

hairdryer to make it float. Try

this with all the different sizes

and see if any are so light that

they float off or if any are too

heavy that they don’t fly at all.

To make this a bit more relevant

to quidditch, see if you can tilt the hairdryer enough to get the ball

into the opposing goal.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Why do the

balls stay up in the air with the hairdryer?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am Draig from Cymru.

I likes this- but I can tell you that it

doesn't work if you breath fire on the balls!

My question is: If you only had one light table tennis ball- how might

you make it heavier?

What is your question?


Magic fairy bath bombs

One day lots of fairies started a magical and colourful experiment,

they called their product Bath Bombs.

For your mythical experiment you will need:

1. 1 ¼ cups of bicarbonate of soda

2. ½ a cup of citric acid (I used lime juice)

3. ¾ of a cup of Epsom salts

4. 1tsp of water

5. 3 tsp of essential oil (I used orange scented shower oil)

6. 3 tsp of olive oil

7. Food colouring (any colour you want)

8. Bowl

9. Wisk

10. Jar

11. Bath bomb mould

Here’s what you do to make your wonderful bath


1. Firstly place all your dry ingredients in a

bowl and whisk them up. Here’s a picture

of what mine looked like-


2. In a jar or a glass mix all the liquid

ingredients together (including the food

colouring) here’s what mine looked like-

3. Slowly – one teaspoon at a time

whisk your wet ingredients in with your

dry ingredients, this should form a small

but fizzy and magical explosion. Here’s

what mine looked like -

I had to add some more dry ingredients

to mine because it was too wet.

4. Now that your colourful ingredients are mixed in its time to

learn how time make your finished Magic fairy bath bombs…

a. Firstly squash your bath bomb mix into your moulds,

ensuring that all of your ingredients are tightly packed

into your mould. Make sure you work quickly with your

ingredients before they dry out.

b. Once your ingredients are in your moulds leave your

moulds on the side for 3 hours.

c. After 3 long hours. Place your bath bombs on a bit of

cling films and slowly but carefully tap them out of the


d. Then gently fold the cling film around them.

e. To make sure they stay in their beautiful shapes, push

the mould on top of the clingfilm (over your bath bombs).


This one is a fairy angel.

And you are finished- now you can have a nice relaxing bath, with a

wonderful sent and a fizzy explosion.

Science explanation:

This one is a butterfly.

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Why do the

bath bombs fizz?

Click on for an answer.

Hi, I am Mooinjer Veggey from the Isle of

Man (Ellan Vannin)

I didn't have any moulds so I used an egg

box to get half egg shapes and I had an old

chocolate box with some good shapes in.

My question is: Can you think of any other

substances you can add to make it smell


What is your question?


Piscantar Glacies- Ice Fishing

If you love winter, then this magical experiment is just

for you. You can have fun fishing for ice cubes no

matter the temperatures outside- all year long!


• Small paper cups or an ice cube tray

• Bowl of water

• String (yarn or kite sting works great)

• Salt


1. Fill the cup or tray up with water and place it in the freezer.

You can also use ice cubes from your freezer and skip this


2. When the water is frozen, remove the ice from the cup or


3. Put the ice in the glass or bowl of water. The cube will bob up

and down in the water and then float on the top.

4. Place one end of the string from the fishing pole on top of the

ice cube and sprinkle salt on the ice where the string is


5. After about 10 seconds, carefully lift the ice cube out of the

water with the fishing pole. You caught a fish (ice)!


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. What is

happening to the ice in this experiment?

Click on for an answer.

Hi! I am Skyrgámur, the Skyr

gobbler Yule lad from Finland. I

come down from the mountains on

19 th December to steal all the Skyr

and give children presents.

This worked really well, and I

enjoyed it lots. I think that this is

the way Jack Frost fishes. Although he fishes for ice instead of fish

and he does this every Winter. You do have to use quite small pieces

of ice otherwise it’s too heavy for the string.

My question is: Will it make any difference if you use something else

instead of string?

What is your question?


Eritque arcus in hydria

For this experiment you need:

ü White sugar

ü Food colouring

ü Water

ü A pipette or a teaspoon

ü A glass jar

ü 7x cups or glasses


Fill each glass with an equal amount of water and add increasing

amounts of sugar to each

Add food colouring in rainbow order starting with red into the glass

with the least sugar and ending with violet with the most.

Carefully put the colours in the jar, starting with the purple layer in

reverse rainbow colour. In the end it should look like this:


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Why do all

the layers stay separate?

Click on for an answer.

Hi! I am Tió de Nadal from Catalonia. I am

made from a log and at Christmas I poop

sweets for children.

My thick log legs found it hard to carefully drizzle each layer into

my glass so my layer got a bit muddled.

My question is: Will this work with flour?

What is your question?


Bouncy egg

In this experiment I will show how to make an ordinary egg have

superpowers and become super bouncy!


• Egg

• Vinegar

• Cup or container (that an egg can fit in)


1. Place your egg in a cup or container

2. Pour the vinegar in the cup or container so it is covering the


3. Leave the egg in the vinegar for about 7 days

4. After 7 days pour the vinegar out of the cup or container and

you should be left with a bouncy egg


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain what has happened to the egg shell?

Click on for an answer.

Hi! I am the Christkind from Germany and I

deliver presents during advent to children in

central Europe.

I set up lots of different coloured eggs and it

worked well.

My question is: What other liquids can you use to react with the egg


What is your question?


Dodge the Giant!

Jack and the Beanstalk experiment

Jack has escaped the giant! But now he has a new dilemma. He must

climb down the beanstalk before the giant finds him! By changing

the gradient of the beanstalk, help Jack get down as fast as



A small toy person


A thin, straight, solid object such as a pencil or wire

A protractor

A timer/stopwatch


Tie the toy to the straight object using string, making sure it’s loose

enough for it to be able to slide down

Measure the gradient of the straight object using a protractor.

Example (angle = 120° - 90° gives you your gradient slope, in this

case 30°)

Using a timer, measure how long it takes the toy (Jack) to slide

down using different gradients


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. What is

causing the figure to fall towards the ground?

Click on for an answer.

Hi! I am Kijimuna from Japan.

Wow, I love the idea of Jack and the Bean

Stalk and how he needs to get down quickly! I

found a toy of myself in the shop and tried this


What is your question?

My question is: Is there anything you can

change in order for the toy to fall more slowly?


Ova Pendebat Salis

This experiment shows how to make an egg float.


A glass or small container

An egg,




1. Pour water into your glass or container

2. Place the egg in the container and see what it does.

3. Take the egg out of the water.

4. Add salt to the water and stir and add the egg again and see if it


5. Keep adding salt until the egg floats.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Why does

the egg float in salt water?

Click on for an answer.

Hi! I am a faerie from England.

I tried this out and coloured the water. It also


My question is: Will this work with a hard boiled


What is your question?


Ex Hydria Procellas

This experiment demonstrates a magic liquid that when added to a

jar full of water creates a rainstorm.


• A jar

• Shaving foam

• Food colouring

• Water

• A pipette or dropper


Fill the jar 2/3 full of water.

Spray the shaving foam on top of the water.

Add a few drops if food colouring to small amount of water

Using your pipette/dropper, drop the food colouring onto the

shaving foam. The drops will fall as rain!

The water represents air, and the shaving foam represents clouds,

the colour that you drop into the ‘clouds’ represents rain.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher? What is

happening here?

Click on for an answer.

Hi! I am a pouque from Guernsey. My name is P’tit


I used a really tall jar and I got the rain to fall in


My question is: Could you get sleet if the water was very cold?

What is your question?


The Night of the Burning Jungle (Lucerna sub speculo)

A long time ago there were lots of jungle kingdoms on the planet. A

group of young explorers were using candles to see. When it was

time to rest for the night, they thought that they had put out the

candle by putting a glass on top, but someone knocked the glass off

whilst the candle was still hot. The candle relit, and burnt down the

jungle kingdom.




Drinking glass

Ceramic dinner plate



Place the candle on the plate. Light the candle and place the glass on

top of the lit candle. After a few seconds the candle will go out

Then try opening the glass when the candle goes nearly out. Lift the

glass slightly to see if the flame will relight.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. How can the

candle relight?

Click on for an answer.

Hi I am a pouque from Guernsey. My

name is La Grande Mabelle.

You have to be quick with removing the jar again so

that the wick is still hot enough to relight. This also

shows how important it is to make sure that there is

no heat left in a candle when you put it out and walk away.

My question is: Does the size of the jar make a difference to the

time it takes to put the candle out?

What is your question?


Instant ice

What you need:

1 bottle of purified water ( cooled

boiled water is pure enough for this

experiment or distilled water)

A freezer

1 ice cube


1. Put your bottle of water in the freezer for just under 3 hours

2. When you take your water out of the freezer pour it onto an

ice cube

3. Ice should grow on top of the ice cube instantly

Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Can you

explain this?

Click on for an answer.


Hi! I am the Yule Goat from Finland. I

deliver presents at Christmas.

This experiment did work and really easy to

do. It was really satisfying when it suddenly

froze. GOOD JOBJ

My question is: Will this work with tap water?

What is your question?


Eritque arcus in speculo


You will need: water, a mug, 5 separate

cups, a table spoon, clear glass , skittles, hot

water and a pipette.



1.Separate the Skittles into the cups, in these amounts: 2 red, 4

orange, 6 yellow, 8 green, and 10 purple.

2.Heat a mug of water in the microwave for a minute and a half (or

long enough that the water is hot, but not boiling). Be careful

removing the water from the microwave–it’s hot!

3.Measure and pour two tablespoons of hot

water into each cup, on top of the Skittles.

4.Stir each cup carefully so no water splashes

out. The cups need to be cool for the next part

of the experiment, so leave them somewhere

where they won’t get knocked over. Stir them

every ten minutes or so until the colours from

the Skittles are dissolved and the water is room


5.Using the dropper, add the coloured water from the five cups to

the clear glass. Start with purple, then add green, then yellow,

orange, and red last. Go slowly here, we don’t want the different

layers to mix.


Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Why are the

layers sitting on top of each other?

Click on for an answer.

Hi! I am a Pari from Persia.

I poured the layers slowly down the back of a

spoon so that it could be poured very slowly in


My question is: Does the colour make any

difference? Can you work out how to do this experiment in reverse?

What is your question?



You will need:

A selection of different flavour crisps

What to do:

Hold your nose and put a crisp in your mouth.

When you have half eaten the crisp remove your fingers from your nose

The flavour will come flooding back.

Science explanation:

Warro! It is your turn now to be the teacher. Why does

this happen?

Click on for an answer.

Hi! I am Ded Moroz and this is my grand

daughter Snegurochka. We deliver presents on

Russian Christmas Eve

We both tried this. My favourite crisp is

cheese and onion. The flavour rushed back.

My question is: Will this work with any other flavoured food?

What is your question?


The Important thing

is never to stop


Albert Einstein

Science is fun, science is

exciting and science will

save the world

Guernsey Gwen

Don't ever be

afraid to ask

How? Why?



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BOOK 3 THEME: Schola ANTIQUORUM (Ancient Greece and Rome)

BOOK 4: Imaginarium

BOOK 5: Technochallenges

BOOK 6: A Potions mobile roadshow



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