How To Play Taubola Housie Game Free Online


Taubola is a game of probability based on numbers. You will be awestruck to see how creatively the caller will announce the numbers which will keep you glued to the game! All you need to do is to download the app from the play store or app store. Download Now:


How To Play Taubola Housie Game Free Online?

Taubola is an awesome multiplayer game of numbers. It's a game of probability, often called

Bingo or Housie in different places. The game's name may vary in the different countries, but it

stays the same in popularity. The organizer or caller calls one number at a time and the player

only needs to mark a tick on the number on the ticket or card.

Taubola offers a great platform where you can play easily with your friends and relatives. You

will be awestruck to see how creatively the caller will announce the numbers which will keep

you glued to the game! This online housie game is solely based on probability and it's all fun.

The machine will call the numbers arbitrarily from 1 to 90 and if your ticket includes the

corresponding number, you must automatically pick this number. There are several winning

versions that can be claimed for various award funds.

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Steps To Play Taubola Housie Game:

● Firstly, you need to download the application from Google play store or Apple's app store

in order to play Taubola.

● After downloading the app you need to login with Google or your mobile number.

● You can choose the mode you want to play - League mode or Private Table mode.

● You can create a profile where you can upload your name, email, and profile picture.

● After entering the game you will find a list of tournaments on your screen which you can

choose according to your likes.

● You will need a ticket, which is totally free of charge, to join the game.

● Now you can now start the actual game. You can see the ticket number on your screen as

the caller randomly calls for 3–4 seconds.

● If the number which is announced by the caller is present on your ticket, you must reveal

the number and collect the reward within 3 seconds, if the principle combination is met.

● You can compete in the tournaments depending on your convenience from the list of

upcoming tournaments on your phone. To get the ticket, you must get a pass. A limit of 5

tournaments can be booked at a time.

● As soon as the game begins and the countdown is over. You will get to listen to a set of

wonderful soundtracks in different languages that can be chosen from the Profile setup


● You can easily personalize this game according to your taste and also host it for your

friends and family.

Final Words

It is an era dominated by smartphones. However, still the craze of traditional games like Taubola

is there. But now you can play your favourite housie game online by just downloading it from

play store or app store that is free and can be enjoyed by many players from everywhere else in

the world. You can challenge your friends in this online housie game and win big.

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