2022 Private Jet Wildlife Safari

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New Autumn Departure<br />


<strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong><br />

Around the World by <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong><br />

October 6–29, <strong>2022</strong><br />


from the greatest ocean dwellers to the smallest primates, we experienced<br />

a dazzling world of wildlife.

From the noble Bengal tiger to the placid whale shark, from the endangered mountain gorilla to the playful lemur, the<br />

incredible diversity of Earth’s wildlife is arguably the true wonder of the world. I invite you to travel on a new departure<br />

of <strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong>, a journey by private jet that circles the globe to bring you up-close with the most memorable creatures<br />

with which we share this planet.<br />

Travel in a small group of 48 guests, encountering iconic — and, regrettably, often critically endangered — animals with<br />

the best experts at your side. Meet the little-known species endemic to countries not known for their wildlife, including<br />

Japan’s snow monkey and the tiny Philippine tarsier. And, of course, it would not be a wildlife journey without a return<br />

to East Africa, where A&K began, to seek out the Big Five in the Masai Mara for a spectacular finale.<br />

Fly in style from one destination to the next on a customized jet equipped with fully lie-flat seats, staying in unique and<br />

luxurious accommodations along the way. You can travel in confidence knowing that we have enhanced health and<br />

safety protocols with a full-time physician accompanying you in the air and on the ground. Best of all, enjoy the unique<br />

insider access and authentic cultural encounters that are a hallmark of A&K’s journeys by private jet.<br />

I hope you will join A&K on this thrilling and unforgettable adventure.<br />

Geoffrey Kent<br />

Founder & Co-Chairman<br />

Abercrombie & Kent<br />

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Return to<br />

Boston, USA<br />

<strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong><br />

Around the World by <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong><br />

24 Days | October 6–29, <strong>2022</strong> | Limited to 48 Guests<br />

£120,265 per person, double occupancy | £15,000 single supplement<br />

Japan | The Snow Monkey<br />

Oct 8–10 | See Japan’s most beloved primate in its<br />

natural habitat and enjoy a celebratory evening with<br />

samurai and geisha.<br />

The Philippines | Tarsiers & Whale Sharks<br />

Oct 11–13 | Meet one of the world’s rarest primates<br />

and its greatest fish, and enjoy a private performance<br />

by a local children’s choir.<br />

Malaysia | Honey Bears & Orangutans<br />

Oct 14–15 | See two rare primates up close<br />

and experience a private feeding of Borneo’s<br />

proboscis monkey.<br />

India | The Elusive Bengal Tiger<br />

Oct 16–19 | Search for the Bengal tiger in its<br />

largest remaining wild habitat.<br />

2 01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet

Nagano,<br />

Japan<br />

Seattle<br />

Kigali &<br />

Volcanoes<br />

National Park,<br />

Rwanda<br />

Jaipur & Ranthambore<br />

National Park, India<br />

Nairobi & Masai Mara<br />

Game Reserve, Kenya<br />

Sandakan,<br />

Malaysia<br />

Tokyo, Japan<br />

Cebu & Bohol,<br />

the Philippines<br />

<strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong> Flights<br />

Seattle–Tokyo (11.5 hours)<br />

Tokyo–Cebu (5 hours)<br />

Cebu–Sandakan (1.25 hours)<br />

Sandakan–Jaipur (7.25 hours)<br />

Jaipur–Nosy Be (7.75 hours)<br />

Nosy Be–Kigali (3.5 hours)<br />

Kigali–Nairobi (1.5 hours)<br />

Nairobi–Boston (18 hours)<br />

Nosy Be, Madagascar<br />

Local Charter Flights<br />

Cebu–Bohol (1 hour each way)<br />

Nairobi–Masai Mara Game Reserve<br />

(1 hour each way)<br />

Rail<br />

Tokyo–Nagano (2.5 hours each way)<br />

Madagascar | Land of the Lemur<br />

Oct 20–21 | Meet Madagascar’s playful primates, the<br />

lemurs, and enjoy a festive dinner, with local musicians<br />

providing accompaniment.<br />

Kenya | The Big Five<br />

Oct 25–27 | Join seasoned wildlife guides to search for<br />

the most iconic animals on the planet, and visit a Maasai<br />

village school supported by A&K Philanthropy.<br />

Rwanda | Gorillas & Golden Monkeys<br />

Oct 22–24 | Encounter the endangered mountain<br />

gorilla in the wild, and meet one of the veterinarians<br />

helping the species to survive.<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet 3

The Ultimate Way to Travel<br />

To travel on an A&K <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong> Journey is to experience the ultimate in inspiring adventure, incorporating everything we<br />

have learned and invented in our more than 50 years as the world’s luxury travel pioneer. Your small group of no more<br />

than 48 like-minded guests travels on an exclusive itinerary packed with insider access, fine dining and invitation-only<br />

cultural events arranged by our local experts throughout the world. <strong>Jet</strong> from one destination to the next with a staff<br />

of expert Tour Managers and a dedicated flight crew, ending each day in accommodations chosen for their comfort,<br />

hospitality and true local character. From the moment you arrive until the day you bid your private jet crew farewell,<br />

experience a journey that combines luxury, authenticity and expertise as only A&K can.<br />

4 01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet

Included on Your <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong> Journey<br />

• Off-the-beaten-path itinerary only made possible by private jet<br />

• Unrivaled local expertise through A&K’s worldwide network<br />

of offices<br />

• Authentic insider access and exclusive experiences that<br />

reveal the true essence of a destination<br />

• Dedicated Tour Director and Tour Managers throughout<br />

• Local guides and experts to enhance your experience<br />

• Photography tips and coaching from an experienced<br />

wildlife photographer<br />

• Chartered Boeing 757 with fully lie-flat, first-class seats<br />

• Flight crew and Executive Chef who travel with you from start to<br />

finish, for a crew-to-guest ratio of 1:7<br />

• Onboard amenities including in-seat massage, charging<br />

ports, noise-canceling headsets and curated entertainment<br />

• Hand-selected, one-of-a-kind accommodations<br />

• Custom-crafted culinary experiences and festive local entertainment<br />

• A choice of activities in select destinations with A&K’s Design<br />

Your Day ®<br />

• Opportunity to dine on your own and sample your destination’s cuisine<br />

• White Glove passport and visa-handling service<br />

• Travelling Bell Boy ® luggage-handling service<br />

• Traveller’s Valet ® complimentary mid-journey laundry service<br />

• All meals, with beer and wine; full bar service on board with<br />

your preferred cocktails available in flight and at special events<br />

• Complimentary internet access (where available)<br />

• All gratuities<br />

• 24/7 worldwide support from over 55 A&K offices in<br />

more than 30 countries<br />

Travel in confidence knowing that A&K has enhanced health and safety protocols with a full-time physician<br />

accompanying you throughout your entire journey, in the air and on the ground.

6<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet

First-Class, Fully Lie-Flat Seats<br />

Dedicated, Handpicked Crew<br />

Flying as It Was Meant to Be<br />

Step aboard A&K’s chartered Boeing 757 and enjoy the utmost in comfort and style with 50 first-class, fully lie-flat seats;<br />

a dedicated cabin crew providing a crew-to-guest ratio of 1:7; and a range of thoughtful amenities, from an espresso<br />

maker to noise-canceling headphones and curated entertainment selected to complement your itinerary. Touch down<br />

in exotic destinations not easily accessible via the major carriers, bypass long customs and security lines, and come and<br />

go on a timetable based on your itinerary — not an airline’s convenience.<br />

Fine Dining at 25,000 Feet<br />

In-Flight Entertainment<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet 7

Your A&K Tour Staff<br />

Leading your journey is an experienced Tour Director who oversees the itinerary from start to finish. On the<br />

ground, your group divides into smaller parties, each led by a Tour Manager and assisted by resident guides, who lend<br />

local insight and expertise. A physician travels with you throughout your adventure to assist with any medical issues,<br />

while your dedicated Luggage Manager oversees the handling of your luggage between every destination as part of<br />

A&K’s Travelling Bell Boy service.<br />

Photo Enrichment Coach<br />

<strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong> offers photographic opportunities any pro would<br />

envy, and to help you make the most of them, your tour staff<br />

includes a photo enrichment coach ready with tips and advice<br />

for photographing all kinds of animals in their native habitats.<br />

8<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet

Privileged Access to Cultures and <strong>Wildlife</strong><br />

With our unmatched network of worldwide experts and local connections, we pack your itinerary with authentic,<br />

invitation-only events beyond the reach of any other travel company: a private recital by the renowned Loboc children’s<br />

choir, a meeting with a wildlife officer passionate about protecting the critically endangered orangutan, and an eyeopening<br />

discussion with a gorilla doctor about preserving this endangered primate. From a swim with whale sharks to a<br />

lesson in Indian cuisine and a visit to a Maasai village, your journey is filled with meaningful ways to discover the world.<br />

Design Your Day<br />

Throughout your journey, we arrange opportunities for you to<br />

explore your way by selecting from a range of Design Your Day<br />

activities. Choose from relaxing wellness experiences, active<br />

outdoor excursions and moments of enriching cultural immersion.

One-of-a-Kind Accommodations<br />

<strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong> Journeys feature accommodations that embody the A&K standard of authentic hospitality and character at every stop on<br />

your journey. These include not only the classic luxury of Peninsula and Oberoi, but also award-winning gems such as Angama<br />

Mara, which was recognized by Condé Nast Traveler magazine as the #1 Resort in Africa. Finally, an array of hand-selected luxury<br />

jungle lodges in India and Rwanda are all reserved exclusively for your group.<br />

Rwanda<br />

The Philippines<br />

India<br />


Fine Dining and Entertainment<br />

Your meals are more than just a chance to dine at the end of the day — they are a complete feast for the senses, with local<br />

entertainment and stunning natural backdrops that turn a meal into an event. Attend an authentic Japanese feast presided<br />

over by accomplished geisha; experience the full range of Filipino cuisine at a private culinary festival; and gather for a torchlit<br />

feast in an amphitheater in Ranthambore. You also enjoy an opportunity to experience your destination’s cuisine on your<br />

own at the restaurant of your choice — with A&K picking up the check.<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet 11

<strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong><br />

Around the World by <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong><br />

24 Days | October 6–29, <strong>2022</strong> | Limited to 48 Guests<br />

£120,265 per person, double occupancy | £15,000 single supplement<br />

Inspiration Around the World<br />

See highlights of our 2020 <strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong> at abercrombiekent.com/private-jet.

Japan<br />

The Japanese Macaque<br />

Oct 6<br />

Arrive in Seattle and transfer to your accommodations<br />

at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle, where you meet your<br />

tour leadership team and fellow guests over cocktails<br />

and dinner. Meals: D<br />

Oct 7–10<br />

Set off on your private jet for Tokyo, Japan (crossing<br />

the International Dateline en route), and arrive to an<br />

evening dinner of sushi and sake. Travel to Joshinetsu<br />

Kogen National Park in Nagano and take a pleasant<br />

walk through the park to meet the Japanese macaque,<br />

commonly known as the snow monkey. Enjoy a special<br />

talk conducted by the director of the national park<br />

before heading to lunch. Dine at your choice of one<br />

of A&K’s handpicked restaurants in Tokyo.<br />

Enjoy a traditional performance by samurai warriors,<br />

and then sit down to a lavish dinner with a geisha.<br />

Design Your Day with a guided exploration of Tokyo,<br />

taking in the Meiji Shrine and Asakusa Kannon Temple,<br />

and stroll through Tsukiji Market. Alternately, take<br />

a day trip to the charming seaside city of Kamakura,<br />

or enjoy a Zen meditation session and learn the art<br />

of Japanese calligraphy from a master artist. Tonight,<br />

attend a celebratory dinner hosted by expert geisha.<br />

Meals: B L D<br />

Four Seasons<br />

Hotel Seattle<br />

Seattle, Washington<br />

Downtown location with<br />

stunning views of Elliott Bay<br />

and Puget Sound.<br />

The Peninsula Tokyo<br />

Tokyo, Japan<br />

The Peninsula Tokyo sits<br />

opposite the Imperial Palace<br />

and Hibiya Park, just a<br />

three-minute walk from the<br />

shopping capital of Ginza.<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet 13

The Philippines<br />

Tarsiers & Whale Sharks<br />

Oct 11–13<br />

Celebrate your arrival in Cebu, the first Spanish<br />

settlement in the Philippines, during a beachfront<br />

Playa del Fuego cocktail reception and dinner. The next<br />

morning, set out via private helicopter for Tagbilaran<br />

City, Bohol, flying over the undulating Chocolate Hills<br />

en route. Visit the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in<br />

Corella for a chance to see one of the world’s smallest,<br />

and rarest, primates in its natural habitat. These shy<br />

creatures are difficult to keep in captivity, and seeing<br />

them in person is a rare treat. Continue to Loboc, where<br />

you have the opportunity to meet local children as they<br />

perform traditional songs and dances. Enjoy a private<br />

recital by the renowned Loboc children’s choir.<br />

Design Your Day<br />

Swim with one of the ocean’s greatest denizens,<br />

the docile whale shark, or unwind with a leisurely<br />

18 holes at a nearby golf course.<br />

Design Your Day the next day with your choice of<br />

activities. Swim with the majestic whale shark — the<br />

world’s largest fish, and despite its name, a placid and<br />

harmless creature — and observe this one-of-a-kind<br />

species up close; enjoy a leisurely 18 holes at a nearby<br />

golf course; or take your pick from the many activities<br />

offered by your resort. On your last evening here,<br />

take part in a local cultural feast featuring an array of<br />

traditional Filipino dishes and lively entertainment.<br />

Meals: B L D<br />

Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa, Cebu<br />

Cebu, Philippines<br />

Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu is a destination unto<br />

itself. Follow the white-sand beach to the Marine Sanctuary<br />

for a chance to snorkel in a dazzling coral reef. Your room<br />

features a private balcony with a spectacular view, while Chi,<br />

The Spa offers the best in tropical relaxation.<br />

14<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet

Malaysia<br />

Honey Bears & Orangutans<br />

Oct 14–15<br />

Board your private jet this morning for your flight to<br />

exotic Borneo. Set out on an excursion to the wildlife<br />

sanctuaries of Sepilok, starting with the Bornean Sun<br />

Bear Conservation Center. There are 44 rescued bears<br />

at the center, thriving within a natural environment<br />

while being prepared to re-enter the wild. Continue<br />

to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, one<br />

of the best places to observe this critically endangered<br />

primate, and enjoy a behind-the-scenes opportunity<br />

to observe young orangutans as they are conditioned<br />

to return to the jungle. Proceed to the hotel for time at<br />

leisure, or continue on to Labuk Bay Sanctuary for a<br />

private feeding of proboscis monkeys.<br />

Encounter the orangutan, Borneo’s renowned<br />

“man of the forest,” up close at a sanctuary<br />

dedicated to protecting this endangered species.<br />

The next day, embark on an Abai River cruise in search of<br />

wildlife away from the crowds. Abai village is your entry<br />

to the lower Kinabatangan Segama Wetlands, located<br />

about an hour’s boat ride from Sandakan. The diversity<br />

of this area is stunning, with a record of more than 200<br />

bird species, 90 fish species and 50 mammal species.<br />

Tonight, gather with fellow guests for a celebratory evening<br />

that begins with a private visit to the Agnes Keith<br />

Museum, followed by dinner at English Tea House,<br />

with local jazz musicians providing entertainment.<br />

Meals: B L D<br />

Sabah Hotel Sandakan<br />

Sandakan, Borneo, Malaysia<br />

Situated on a hilltop within a tropical rainforest, Sabah Hotel<br />

Sandakan blends perfectly into its lush natural environment.<br />

Relax poolside, play a game of tennis or explore the grounds<br />

with a relaxing trail walk.<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet 15

India<br />

The Elusive Bengal Tiger<br />

Oct 16–19<br />

Arrive in Jaipur, India’s fabled “Pink City,” where you are<br />

greeted with a traditional maharajah’s welcome. This evening,<br />

enjoy a festive village-themed dinner. The next day, drive<br />

to Ranthambore National Park, where you and your expert<br />

trackers search for the greatest of all the great cats, the Bengal<br />

tiger, so endangered that there are more specimens in captivity<br />

in the United States than remain in the wild. Spanning about<br />

250 square miles, the forests of Ranthambore were once<br />

the private hunting grounds of the maharajahs of Jaipur,<br />

and their desire to preserve game in these forests is partially<br />

responsible for making Ranthambore the finest habitat in<br />

the world to see wild tigers.<br />

Design Your Day<br />

Meet the residents of a local village, explore a<br />

historic fortress, learn the art of Indian cuisine or<br />

pamper yourself with an afternoon at the spa.<br />

Explore on morning and afternoon jungle drives, watching<br />

for these magnificent predators as well as the numerous<br />

other species that call the park home, including the<br />

wild boar, deer, antelope and sloth bear. Mughal ruins,<br />

palaces and tombs also dot the tree-clad hills. Gather<br />

for dinner tonight on the lawns of your luxurious<br />

camp. Design Your Day the next day with a choice of<br />

a cultural encounter at a local village; a visit to historic<br />

Ranthambore Fort; a lesson in Indian cuisine; or a relaxing<br />

spa afternoon. Enjoy a farewell feast at a torchlit, open-air<br />

amphitheater. Meals: B L D<br />

The Oberoi Rajvilas<br />

Jaipur, India<br />

This luxurious property<br />

is spread over 32 acres<br />

of beautifully landscaped<br />

gardens, with hospitality<br />

worthy of the maharajas.<br />

Luxury <strong>Safari</strong> Camps<br />

Ranthambore, India<br />

Oberoi Vanyavilas and<br />

Aman-i-Khás are your<br />

luxury accommodations<br />

in Ranthambore. Both are<br />

reserved exclusively for<br />

<strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong>.<br />

16<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet

Madagascar<br />

Land of the Lemurs<br />

Oct 20–21<br />

Your next stop is Madagascar, where life proceeds at a<br />

slower pace and hospitable Malagasies welcome you with<br />

serene smiles. Arrive on the island of Nosy Be — known<br />

as “the Perfumed Island” for the fragrant ylang-ylang<br />

that grows everywhere — and receive a festive local<br />

welcome. Tonight, gather for a talk conducted by one<br />

of Madagascar’s leading experts in the conservation of<br />

lemurs. Take an excursion to the Nosy Antsoha Reserve<br />

for an encounter with Madagascar’s endemic primates,<br />

the lemurs. These curious creatures are a mesmerizing<br />

sight as they forage, play and interact with each other.<br />

Pause for refreshments on the beach, or, if you wish, take<br />

a dip in the crystal-clear waters before heading to lunch.<br />

Discover Madagascar’s world-famous<br />

primate when you meet an award-winning<br />

Malagasy scientist credited with the protection<br />

of the lemurs.<br />

Sip cocktails as the sun sets over neighboring Sakatia<br />

Island and enjoy a festive dinner featuring an<br />

unforgettable seafood selection accompanied by local<br />

dancers and musicians. Return to Nosy Be’s airport the<br />

next day and rejoin your private jet for the next stage of<br />

your wildlife adventure. Meals: B L D<br />

Ravintsara Wellness Hotel<br />

Nosy Be, Madagascar<br />

Nestled amid gardens and forest, Ravintsara Wellness Hotel<br />

offers spacious, air-conditioned bungalows and gorgeous,<br />

sunset views of Sakatia Island, all reserved exclusively for<br />

<strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong>.<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet 17

Rwanda<br />

Gorillas & Golden Monkeys<br />

Oct 22–24<br />

Arrive at Rwanda’s Kigali International Airport and<br />

continue to Musanze, your gateway to Volcanoes<br />

National Park, where you set out on your once-in-alifetime<br />

chance to encounter the mountain gorillas of<br />

the Parc Nationale des Volcanes, part of a worldwide<br />

population of just 600 individuals. This is one of the<br />

world’s truly memorable experiences — a look into these<br />

magnificent creatures’ eyes brings home the bond that<br />

exists between them and us. It also brings home the<br />

poignant fact that they are on the edge of extinction, and<br />

that your presence here contributes to their continued<br />

survival. Learn the ins and outs of gorilla conservation<br />

at a talk with a Gorilla Doctor. Your Design Your Day<br />

choices are a trek to spot the jungle’s resident golden<br />

monkeys or an opportunity to relax at your lodge and<br />

enjoy a massage, compliments of A&K.<br />

Design Your Day<br />

Search the jungle for golden monkeys or relax at<br />

your lodge with a complimentary massage.<br />

This afternoon, pay a visit to the research center<br />

established by Dian Fossey in 1967, and attend a talk by<br />

a conservation expert. Later, enjoy a private visit to the<br />

Iby’iwacu Cultural Center for an in-depth immersion<br />

into traditional Rwandan culture. Meals: B L D<br />

Luxury Camps & Lodges<br />

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda<br />

One&Only Gorilla’s Nest and Singita Kwitonda offer<br />

comfortable accommodations in the heart of Volcanoes<br />

National Park. Both are reserved exclusively<br />

for <strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong>.<br />

18<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet

Kenya<br />

The Big Five<br />

Oct 25–27<br />

Arrive in Nairobi and board your private charter flight<br />

to the Masai Mara, where a party of tribal dancers is<br />

on hand to welcome you when you touch down. Spend<br />

two days observing the amazing variety of wildlife that<br />

populates the Masai Mara, including the iconic Big Five:<br />

lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos and Cape buffalo.<br />

Explore on game drives, a guided bush walk and even an<br />

early-morning balloon safari complete with a Champagne<br />

breakfast served in the bush. Retire to your luxurious<br />

lodge at the end of each day, reliving the day’s adventures<br />

over a gourmet dinner. You also have the opportunity to<br />

visit a Maasai village, where you meet the nomadic herders<br />

who have acted as stewards of this land for hundreds of<br />

years. A visit to a local school provides a glimpse of how<br />

A&K Philanthropy is working to make lives better in the<br />

Mara. Your last evening includes an informal talk from a<br />

wildlife conservation expert. Meals: B L D<br />

Pay a visit to a local school supported by<br />

A&K Philanthropy, and learn how the tourism<br />

industry is having a direct impact on local lives<br />

and communities.<br />

Oct 28–29<br />

This evening, arrive in Boston, where you bid farewell to<br />

your crew and fellow guests. Transfer to the Four Seasons<br />

Hotel Boston and settle in for a relaxing evening in the<br />

heart of this historic city.<br />

Meals: B L D (Oct 28); B (Oct 29)<br />

Angama Mara<br />

Masai Mara, Kenya<br />

Named the No. 1 Resort<br />

in Africa by Condé Nast<br />

Traveler, Angama Mara is<br />

reserved exclusively for<br />

<strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong>.<br />

Four Seasons Boston<br />

Boston, Massachusetts<br />

Located in the Back Bay<br />

neighborhood, newly<br />

renovated rooms overlook<br />

the historic Public Garden<br />

and Beacon Hill.<br />

01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet 19

Join Abercrombie & Kent on a journey around the world. Make your reservation today.<br />

Book today to reserve your preferred seat on the aircraft. For reservations and additional information, call 01242 546 699<br />

(Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT), visit abercrombiekent.com/private-jet or contact your travel professional.<br />

An exclusive private charter for 48 guests | £120,265 per person, double occupancy | £15,000 single supplement<br />

1 2 3<br />

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14<br />



Please read the following information carefully. In order for your<br />

reservation to be completed, you must indicate your acceptance of the<br />

terms of the Agreement by signing and submitting the Reservation<br />

Form to Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC.<br />



October 6–October 29, <strong>2022</strong><br />

This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which<br />


TOWERS WEST II, DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS 60515 (hereinafter<br />

called “A&K”), agrees to provide the services described in the brochure<br />

for <strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong>: Around the World by <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong> (hereinafter called the<br />

“Tour”) from October 6–October 29, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />


A&K is the charter operator and, except as expressly provided in<br />

this Agreement, is responsible to the passenger for contracting<br />

for all services and accommodations offered in connection with<br />

the Tour. However, in the absence of negligence of A&K, we are not<br />

responsible for personal injury, property damage or other loss caused<br />

by (a) any air carrier, hotel or other supplier of any of the services being<br />

offered in connection with the Tour, or by (b) delays, or defects in or<br />

failures of any aircraft, vessel, automotive vehicle, or other means of<br />

transportation or supplier that is not under its direct control.<br />


The price of the full Tour is $159,950 per person, double occupancy,<br />

with an additional $19,950 charge for a single room (subject to<br />

availability). Tour prices include charter flight, all applicable taxes<br />

and the additional services as described in the <strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong>: Around<br />

the World by <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong> brochure. Prices reflected in this contract<br />

are based on current taxes and jet fuel costs. Rises in cost of tax and/<br />

or fuel could necessitate a supplemental charge. Any tips or gratuities<br />

not specifically mentioned as included in the total charter price will be<br />

at your discretion. Except for “major changes,” as described below, no<br />

refund will be made for any accommodations or services included in<br />

the charter price which you voluntarily do not use.<br />


A non-refundable deposit of $15,000 per person and a signed contract<br />

is required to secure a confirmed reservation for the Tour. A second<br />

non-refundable deposit of $45,000 per person is due by January<br />

10, <strong>2022</strong>. Final payment will be due on or before April 8, <strong>2022</strong>. If<br />

your reservation is made within 181 days of departure (on or after<br />

April 8, <strong>2022</strong>), the entire cost of the trip must be paid at the time of<br />

confirmation. If the Tour is fully booked when your reservation is<br />

received, your payment will be returned within 7 days, or with your<br />

authorization, we can retain the deposit and place your name on a<br />

waiting list in case other passengers cancel their reservations. Even if<br />

you authorize us to put your name on a waiting list, we will notify you<br />

within 7 days that your selected flight is fully booked.<br />

All checks and money orders must be made payable to our<br />

depository bank, “Shelby Financial Corporation – Abercrombie &<br />

Kent USA, LLC, Escrow Account,” or to your travel agent, who in<br />

turn must make a check payable to “Shelby Financial Corporation –<br />

Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC, Escrow Account.”<br />

Payment may be made using any major credit card, check or wire<br />

transfer, and all payments are secured in an escrow account.<br />

Please note: A minimum age to participate in this program applies.<br />

Please inquire at the time of booking.<br />


All payments received by Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC, for travel<br />

services on this charter program are protected in part by a surety<br />

trust agreement that we have obtained from Level One Bank, 32991<br />

Hamilton Court, Farmington Hills, MI 48334. Unless you file a claim<br />

with us, or, if we are not available, with the securer within 60 days after<br />

the completion of the charter, the securer will be released from all<br />

liability to you under this security agreement. Claims should be filed<br />

directly with Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC, and Shelby Financial<br />

Corporation, Attention: Michael Glynn, 5 Great Valley Parkway, Suite<br />

110, Malvern, PA 19355 within 60 days after the completion of the<br />

trip. Otherwise, Shelby Financial Corporation, Level One Bank and<br />

Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC, shall be released from all liability to<br />

you under this Agreement.<br />


Travel insurance is not included in the price of the journey and is strongly<br />

recommended. You may purchase A&K’s Guest Protection Program<br />

for <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong> administered by AON (which provides cancellation<br />

coverage, medical coverage and protection against lost or stolen or<br />

damaged luggage). To waive the pre-existing medical condition exclusion<br />

of the policy the insurance premium must be confirmed at the time of<br />

booking and will be based on the initial deposit required. The balance of<br />

the insurance premium must be paid at the time of the second deposit.<br />

Insurance premiums and refunds are subject to the policies of the<br />

insurance carrier. For more information, visit affinitytravelcert.com/abk.<br />


Each participant is strictly limited to 80 lbs. of checked baggage in<br />

a maximum of two suitcases. Small carry-ons should be limited to<br />

one per person. Baggage, when not handled by Abercrombie & Kent<br />

USA, LLC, and personal effects are at all times the sole responsibility<br />

of the participant. Check with your selected airline for other baggage<br />

restrictions applicable to your flights to join and leave the Tour.<br />

In Rwanda and Kenya, guests are strictly limited to 33 pounds of softsided<br />

luggage per person. A duffel bag for this purpose will be provided<br />

by Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC, for each guest prior to departure.<br />

The remainder of guests’ luggage will be stored by Abercrombie & Kent<br />

USA, LLC, during these program segments.<br />

The governments of Rwanda and Kenya have implemented a ban<br />

on plastic bags. The ban applies to “carrier and flat bags,” primarily<br />

targeting bags from shops and grocery stores, but also extending<br />

to Ziploc-type bags, duty-free bags and bubble wrap. If a visitor has<br />

these types of bags visible while in the airport, they are likely to be<br />

confiscated. Bags designed for repeated use, such as zippered cosmetic<br />

bags, are not included in the ban.<br />

For INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS, the air carrier’s liability is limited<br />

to the actual value of the baggage but not more than 1,131 special<br />

drawing rights (SDR) per passenger.<br />


Cancellations must be received in writing and will become effective on the<br />

date of the postmark, fax or email receipt. All payments are non-refundable.<br />

Refunds will not be made for any missed services or missed days.<br />

If you cancel your reservation, your right to receive a refund is<br />

limited, per the following schedule:<br />


Date<br />

Amount<br />

Before January 10, <strong>2022</strong> $15,000<br />

Between January 11 and April 8, <strong>2022</strong> $60,000<br />

On or after<br />

April 9, <strong>2022</strong><br />

100% of the<br />

program price<br />

The guest agrees the sums referenced in the cancellation provisions<br />

above are not a penalty and represent a reasonable effort on behalf<br />

of A&K to establish its loss prospectively and represent liquidated<br />

damages. These include amongst other costs but not limited to fees<br />

charged by hotels and travel suppliers to A&K for cancelled bookings.<br />

If you cancel and provide a substitute participant for this trip, you will<br />

receive a full refund of money paid toward the charter price less an<br />

administrative charge of $25 within 14 days after the substitute has paid<br />

in full. The costs for visas, commercial air tickets, and pre-tour or<br />

post-tour independent arrangements may not be refundable. If you<br />

paid for the Tour by credit card, you may cancel and receive a full refund<br />

any time until you have signed an Operator Participant Contract. Such<br />

refunds will be made within 14 days of cancellation.<br />

The passenger shall have the right to cancel and receive a full refund<br />

if A&K makes any of the following “major changes” in the Tour prior<br />

to departure:<br />

(a) A change in the departure or return date, unless the change results<br />

from a flight delay required by the Air Carrier that does not exceed fortyeight<br />

(48) hours, and of which A&K received less than two (2) days’ notice.<br />

(b) A change in the origin or destination city, unless the change affects<br />

only the order in which cities are visited.<br />

(c) A substitution of any hotel of lesser quality that is not named in<br />

this contract.<br />

(d) A price increase of more than 10 percent (10%).<br />

Notice of any “major change” described in this paragraph will be given<br />

within seven (7) days of learning of the change, but at least ten (10) days<br />

prior to the scheduled departure date. Provided, however, that if A&K first<br />

learns of a major change within ten (10) days of the scheduled departure<br />

date, it will notify the passenger as soon as possible. Within seven (7)<br />

days after receiving notification of a major change, but in no event later<br />

than departure, you may cancel your reservation and you will receive<br />

a full refund within fourteen (14) days. If a major change occurs after<br />

the departure of the flight which you are unwilling to accept, A&K will<br />

refund, within fourteen (14) days after the return date named in this<br />

agreement, that portion of your payment which applies to any services<br />

not provided.<br />

A&K reserves the right to cancel the Tour at any time for any reason<br />

whatsoever, in its sole and unreviewable discretion. Provided, however,<br />

that A&K shall have no right to cancel the Tour less than ten (10) days<br />

before the scheduled departure except due to circumstances that<br />

make it physically impossible for it to operate the Tour. If a charter is<br />

canceled 10 or more days before the schedule departure, A&K will notify<br />

you in writing within 7 days after the cancellation, but in any event, at<br />

least 10 days before the scheduled departure. If cancellation within 10<br />

days of the departure date is required because it is physically impossible<br />

to operate the Tour, A&K will notify the passenger as soon as possible.<br />

The passenger’s acceptance of any refund offered under this Agreement<br />

shall constitute a waiver of any additional remedies.<br />

A&K and the Air Carrier each assume no responsibility and shall not be<br />

held liable for Acts of God, fire, flood, fog, smog, weather, mechanical<br />

failures, acts of government or other civil or military authorities, wars,<br />

civil disturbances, riots, terrorist acts, crimes, strikes, shortages of<br />

aviation fuel, epidemics, pandemics, outbreaks of illness, quarantines,<br />

hazards incident to sea, land and air travel, or any other similar<br />

occurrence that is beyond its reasonable ability to control.<br />


ICELANDAIR, Reykjavikurflugvollur, IS-101 Reykjavik, Iceland, the<br />

Air Carrier, will be using a Boeing 757-200ER Business <strong>Jet</strong> with 50<br />

VIP-style seats. The Air Carrier reserves the right to change the aircraft<br />

if it becomes unserviceable with a reasonable substitute of comparable<br />

capacity. The timetable and flight routes for the Tour are approximate<br />

and subject to change. In addition, international flights are subject to<br />

landing rights and other restrictions that are under foreign government<br />

control. If a foreign government for any reason denies landing rights,<br />

and if travel to that destination is canceled, the passenger will receive a<br />

refund with respect to such flight.<br />

Passengers and their personal belongings, including baggage, are subject<br />

to search by airport authorities to ensure the safety and security of the<br />

flight. Any passenger who, upon request, refuses to consent to any such<br />

procedure may be refused transportation.<br />

No individual air ticket will be issued to the travellers on the private jet.<br />

Rather, each traveller will be listed on a master air manifest that will be<br />

the responsibility of the Tour Director throughout the Tour.<br />

Air Carrier’s Right to Deny Boarding. The Air Carrier shall have the<br />

right to refuse boarding or to remove any passenger:<br />

(a) Who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of any illicit<br />

drug or controlled substance;<br />

(b) Who refuses to consent to any reasonable checks of his person or<br />

baggage deemed by the Air Carrier or responsible airport authorities to<br />

be in the best interest of the flight;<br />

(c) If necessary for the reasonable safety and comfort of the other<br />

passengers or if the passenger is creating a hazard or risk to himself or<br />

other persons or property;<br />

(d) Whose passport, visas, vaccination certificates and all other required<br />

travel documents are not complete, or who has not complied with the<br />

applicable laws, regulations, orders, demands or travel requirements<br />

of any country or state from, through or to which a charter flight is<br />

operated on the Tour.<br />

Tour Itinerary<br />

The full Tour begins in Seattle on October 6, <strong>2022</strong>, and ends in Boston on<br />

October 29, <strong>2022</strong>. The information regarding the itinerary, flight segments,<br />

hotels, and ground services provided in the <strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong>: Around the<br />

World by <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong> brochure is hereby incorporated by reference.<br />

Passenger’s Representations<br />

(a) Passenger certifies that he or she has not recently been treated for, nor<br />

is he or she aware, of any physical or other condition or disability that<br />

would create a hazard to him or herself or other members of this Tour or<br />

reduce their ability to enjoy and benefit from the sightseeing and dining<br />

20 01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet

program. Passenger agrees that he or she may be removed from the Tour<br />

at his or her own expense if not compliant with the foregoing.<br />

(b) Passenger agrees to comply with all treaties, customs, police, public<br />

health and other regulations including the immigration and customs laws<br />

of each country or state from, through, or to which the Tour is operated.<br />

(c) Passenger accepts full responsibility for all consequences of his or her<br />

failure to obtain passports, visas, vaccination certificates and all other<br />

documents required for travel to destinations in the Tour itinerary.<br />

(d) Passenger warrants that his or her passports have the minimum required<br />

number of blank pages to last the duration of the itinerary as described<br />

in the <strong>Wildlife</strong> <strong>Safari</strong>: Around the World by <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong> brochure.<br />


Included in the quoted program price:<br />

Aircraft: The private jet flights will be performed using a Boeing 757-<br />

200ER aircraft with 50 lie-flat, VIP-style seats from Seattle, Washington,<br />

routing via Anchorage, Alaska (technical stop); Tokyo, Japan; Cebu,<br />

Philippines; Sandakan, Malaysia; Jaipur, India; Nosy Be, Madagascar;<br />

Kigali, Rwanda; Nairobi, Kenya; Valletta, Malta; Shannon, Ireland<br />

(technical stops); Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The air carrier for the<br />

private jet flights will be Icelandair. Additionally, local charter flights will<br />

be used for transportation and excursions in the Philippines and Kenya.<br />

Accommodations: Accommodations as indicated in the itinerary, based<br />

on double occupancy. Single occupancy is available at a supplementary<br />

cost. Single accommodations are limited on this program. A limited<br />

number of suite upgrades are available at additional cost at some<br />

destinations and can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis.<br />

Note: A&K will assign seats on the private jet and hotel/camp<br />

accommodations on a first-come, first-served basis at its discretion.<br />

Visas: Concierge service to facilitate the procurement of required visas.<br />

Meals: All meals, beginning with dinner in Seattle on October 6, <strong>2022</strong><br />

and ending with breakfast at the hotel in Boston on October 29, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Beverages: Bottled water at all meals and on excursions. Beer, wine, soft<br />

drinks and bottled water at all lunches and dinners where available. Full<br />

bar service on private jet flights and at scheduled cocktail events.<br />

<strong>Private</strong> transfers: Transfer on arrival to join the trip in Seattle is<br />

included, regardless of the day of arrival. Departure transfer to the<br />

airport in Boston is included, regardless of the day of departure.<br />

Additional inclusions: A&K’s Travelling Bell Boy Service is provided;<br />

however, because of security regulations, this service may be limited<br />

at airports, rail stations and points of embarkation for cruises. A&K’s<br />

Traveller’s Valet includes laundry service for ten (10) pieces at two<br />

selected locations during the trip; dry cleaning is not included.<br />

Services: Services of professional A&K Tour Director, Tour Managers,<br />

Luggage Manager, Photographer and a Physician throughout the<br />

itinerary; local guides are provided in each destination.<br />

Hotel and airport taxes.<br />

Internet access: Internet access will be limited in some destinations;<br />

where available, complimentary Internet access is included.<br />

Entrance fees: During all sightseeing tours.<br />

Gratuities: All gratuities, including those for your professional A&K<br />

Tour Director/Managers and Luggage Manager.<br />

Not included in the quoted program price:<br />

A&K’s Guest Protection Program; airfares to join/leave the program;<br />

additional or alternative sightseeing not included in the itinerary; excess<br />

baggage charges; personal expenses such as costs to obtain passports<br />

and visas which are not included in the Tour cost; special assistance;<br />

meals other than specified in the itinerary; premium liquor except on<br />

the private jet and during special events; beverages, other than those<br />

with group meals or at group functions; personal laundry (except<br />

for A&K’s Traveller’s Valet); and communication charges. Itinerary,<br />

accommodations and arranged sightseeing are subject to change at any<br />

time due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond A&K’s<br />

control. Every effort will be made to operate the Tour as planned.<br />


The quoted Tour price includes planning, handling and operational charges,<br />

and is based on current rates of exchange, tariffs and taxes as of March<br />

2021. Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC, reserves the right to increase Tour<br />

price to cover increased costs, fuel surcharges, tariffs and taxes after<br />

brochure is published, and to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange<br />

markets. Marco Polo Club discount is not applicable to this program.<br />

Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC, also reserves the right to change<br />

the aircraft if it becomes unserviceable with a reasonable substitute<br />

of comparable capacity, withdraw a Tour or any part of it, to make<br />

such alterations in the itinerary, to change the maximum number<br />

of passengers, or with the Tour inclusions as it deems necessary or<br />

desirable and to pass on to Tour members any expenditures or losses<br />

caused by delays or events beyond its control.<br />


A passport is required for all guests on this journey. Your passport needs<br />

to be valid beyond April 8, 2023, and should have a minimum of (12)<br />

blank visa pages for entry and exit stamps. Tourist visas and/or entry<br />

permits are also required for U.S. and Canadian passport holders for<br />

entry into for India, Kenya and Rwanda and must be obtained prior<br />

to departure. Tour visas and/or entry permits for Madagascar will be<br />

obtained on your behalf by A&K. At the time of publication, visas are not<br />

required for U.S. or Canadian passport holders for any other destination<br />

on this itinerary. Citizens of other countries should contact the<br />

appropriate consular office for entry requirements pertaining to their<br />

journey. A&K provides a visa processing concierge service; information<br />

and instructions for the procurement of required visas to India, Kenya<br />

and Rwanda will be provided in your pre-tour documentation. This<br />

service does not include visa fees (except in Madagascar) or guarantee<br />

the issuance of visas or passports. Officials may request additional<br />

documentation and, in declining to issue a passport or visa, such<br />

officials may not disclose their reasoning. Failure to obtain visas and/or<br />

entry permits does not negate the terms and conditions. Any extra costs<br />

for rerouting participants without visas and/or entry permits will be the<br />

responsibility of the participant.<br />


This is an active program, which requires you to make a realistic<br />

assessment of your health. All participants are expected to be in active<br />

good health, to enjoy travelling as part of a group, and to be ready to<br />

experience cultural differences with grace. Walking and climbing stairs<br />

are required in many hotels and airports, to board the aircraft, and as<br />

part of many excursions. Prior to travelling, we highly recommend<br />

visiting your personal physician for a check-up, so that you may discuss<br />

your ability to participate in this type of journey. Proof of yellow fever<br />

inoculation is required. For the latest recommendations on specific health<br />

precautions for the areas you will visit, consult your physician and the<br />

Centers for Disease Control. Any physical condition requiring special<br />

attention, diet, or treatment should be reported in writing when the<br />

reservation is made. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate<br />

participants with special needs; however, we cannot accommodate<br />

wheelchairs. If you require a slower pace, extra assistance, or the use of a<br />

cane or walking stick, arrangements will be made for private touring at<br />

each destination, if necessary, at the discretion of our Tour staff. Any extra<br />

cost for such arrangements will be the responsibility of the participant. If<br />

you would like to forgo some of the scheduled sightseeing to rejuvenate<br />

and relax, please feel free to do so at any time.<br />


A&K reserves the right to take photographs and video of guests during<br />

the operation of any program or part thereof and to use, re-use, publish,<br />

and republish their image, identity likeness, name, voice, interview,<br />

statements, video clips and sound recordings, and/or photographic<br />

portraits or pictures in which guest(s) may be included (an “Image”), for<br />

promotional purposes during the program and thereafter. By booking<br />

a program with A&K, guests acknowledge that A&K is the owner of the<br />

photographs and video and agree to allow their Image to be used in such<br />

photographs and videos, which may thereafter, be used by A&K. Guests<br />

who prefer that their images not be used must (1) identify themselves<br />

to their Resident Tour Director at the beginning of their Journey; and<br />

(2) notify their A&K Travel Consultant by email, not later than thirty<br />

(30) days following the end of the guest’s journey. In the event the guest<br />

fails to comply with both obligations, the guest shall not be exempt from<br />

this section. If such written notice is not timely provided, the guests,<br />

individually and on behalf of any minor child travelling with them, have<br />

granted unrestricted rights and permission for A&K to use the Images.<br />


Neither A&K nor its parent company, affiliates or subsidiaries, nor any of<br />

their respective employees, shareholders, officers, directors, successors,<br />

representatives, agents and assigns (collectively the “A&K Parties”), owns<br />

or operates any entity which is to or does provide goods or services for your<br />

trip with the exception of a limited number of vehicles. A&K purchases<br />

transportation (by aircraft, coach, train, vessel or otherwise), hotel and other<br />

lodging accommodations, restaurant, ground handling and other services<br />

from various independent suppliers (including from time to time other<br />

affiliated A&K companies). All such persons and entities are independent<br />

contractors. As a result, the A&K Parties are not liable for any negligent or<br />

willful act of any such person or entity or of any third person.<br />

In addition and without limitation, the A&K Parties are not responsible<br />

for any injury, financial or physical loss, death, inconvenience, delay or<br />

damage to personal property in connection with the provision of any<br />

goods or services whether resulting from but not limited to acts of God<br />

or force majeure, illness, disease, acts of war, civil unrest, insurrection<br />

or revolt, animals, strikes or other labor activities, criminal or terrorist<br />

activities of any kind, overbooking or downgrading of services, food<br />

poisoning, mechanical or other failure of aircraft or other means of<br />

transportation or for failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive<br />

or depart on time.<br />

There are many inherent risks in adventure travel of the type involved<br />

here, which can lead to illness, injury, or even death. These risks are<br />

increased by the fact that these trips take place in remote locations, far<br />

from medical facilities. Guest assumes all such risks associated with<br />

participating in these trips.<br />

If you decide to participate in any activities including, but not limited<br />

to, any excursions involving animals, riding on animals, scuba diving,<br />

snorkeling, boating, hot air ballooning, helicopter flights, ziplining, high<br />

altitude treks, climbing, quad biking, parasailing, parachuting, kayaking,<br />

whitewater rafting, jet boat rides, snowmobiling, primate tracking<br />

and any other activity which A&K considers to carry inherent risk of<br />

serious illness, injury or death (“Activities”), then you fully understand<br />

and acknowledge that Activities carry with them various inherent<br />

risks, including serious illness, injury or death and you take complete<br />

responsibility for your own health and safety and agree to assume all risks<br />

of injury, illness or death, whether foreseen or unforeseen, that may befall<br />

you as a result of participating in any Activities and agree to release the<br />

A&K Parties from any liability whatsoever related thereto.<br />

Further, as consideration for being permitted to participate in the<br />

Activities; you release the A&K, Parties whether known or unknown,<br />

from, and agree not to sue or make claim against the A&K Parties for,<br />

property damage, cancellation of any Activities for any reason, illness,<br />

negligent rescue operations or procedures, personal injury, or death<br />

arising out of your participation in the Activities, and any activity related<br />

thereto, including transportation to and from the site of the Activities,<br />

regardless of whether such property damage, illness, personal injury, or<br />

death results from the negligence of the A&K Parties and/or from any<br />

defect in equipment. You further agree to indemnify and hold the A&K<br />

Parties harmless with respect to any claim made against the A&K Parties<br />

by anyone else which (a) related to your participation in any trip or any<br />

Activities, or (b) which would be subject to the above release and covenant<br />

not to sue if you had made the claim directly yourself. Upon receipt of<br />

notice of the assertion of a claim, the A&K Parties reserve the right to<br />

approve, or withdraw approval of, counsel, in its sole discretion.<br />


It is the responsibility of the guest to become informed about the most<br />

current travel advisories and warnings by referring to the U.S. State<br />

Department or their respective government agencies. In the event of an<br />

active State Department or government agency Travel Warning against<br />

travel to the specific destination location(s) of the trip, should the guest<br />

still choose to travel, notwithstanding any travel advisory, the guest<br />

assumes all risk of personal injury, death or property damage that may<br />

arise out of the events like those advised or warned against.<br />


Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms and<br />

Conditions, to the Limits on A&K’s Responsibility clause, to any A&K<br />

brochure, or to any information regarding any A&K journey, service<br />

or package, or to any A&K-related trip, activity, service or package,<br />

shall be settled in the first instance by binding arbitration before one (1)<br />

arbitrator in Chicago, Illinois. Any party or their representative may<br />

appear for the arbitration by telephone or video conference. Each party<br />

shall bear its own fees, costs and expenses and an equal share of any<br />

arbitrator and administrative fees; however, the prevailing party shall<br />

be entitled to full recovery of all such costs and fees. Disputes shall be<br />

arbitrated on an individual basis, with there being no right or authority<br />

for any disputes to be arbitrated on a class action basis or in a purported<br />

representative capacity on behalf of the general public, other travel<br />

suppliers or other entities similarly situated.<br />


The guest represents that neither he nor she nor anyone travelling with<br />

him or her has any physical or other condition or disability that could<br />

create a hazard to him or herself or other members of the Tour.<br />

A&K reserves the right to decline to accept anyone on a trip, and to<br />

remove from the trip, at his or her sole expense, anyone whose condition<br />

is such that he or she could create a hazard to himself or herself or<br />

others, or otherwise impact the enjoyment of other guests on the trip.<br />

Additional guest assistance is available at a supplemental cost.<br />


Air transportation to Seattle and from Boston is not included in the Tour<br />

price. Upon request we will arrange the best-priced airfare available in<br />

the class category you request at the time of your booking. Please note<br />

that certain airfares are subject to a service fee. Should you cancel or<br />

change your air reservation before or after your departure, cancellation<br />

penalties may apply. Air reservations will not be confirmed until a<br />

passport copy is received.<br />


Aircraft are not responsible for any act, omission or event during the<br />

time guests are not on board the aircraft during the itinerary. These<br />

programs may use the services of any IATA carrier.<br />

The Aircraft used are subject to international air conventions limiting<br />

their liability. The limitations of liability are contained on the reverse<br />

side of the airline ticket and form part of the terms and conditions of this<br />

package. A&K reserves the right to substitute, without giving reason,<br />

another one or more aircraft of suitable standard and configuration for<br />

the aircraft operated.<br />








Throughout this brochure, you’ll see references to “Abercrombie<br />

& Kent” (or simply “A&K”). This is our shorthand for the many<br />

independent Abercrombie & Kent companies that work with<br />

A&K, to provide its guests with a consistent worldwide standard<br />

of expertise and excellence in travel. Their independence allows<br />

our guests to benefit from unique local knowledge and specialized<br />

services available only from destination-based operating<br />

companies around the globe.<br />


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01242 546 699 | abercrombiekent.com/private-jet<br />


Join Geoffrey Kent on a Luxury Journey Around the World<br />

Circle the globe in unmatched style and authenticity with A&K’s pioneering founder on an itinerary<br />

encompassing his hand-chosen destinations.<br />

Around the World with Geoffrey Kent:<br />

An Inspiring Expedition by <strong>Private</strong> <strong>Jet</strong><br />

October 14–November 8, 2021<br />

Limited to 48 guests<br />

£120,300 per person, double occupancy<br />

£13,910 single supplement<br />

Seattle | Japan | Vietnam | Laos | The Maldives<br />

Eritrea | Turkey | Benin | Brazil | New Orleans<br />

Join us for an unforgettable journey of discovery to the world’s most inspiring destinations. To make<br />

your reservation, call 01242 546 699, visit abercrombiekent.com or speak to your travel professional.

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