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ISSUE No. 6 • Winter 20/21



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Photography: Dave Morin


6 Indoor Decoration Tips

Decorating your home and how to keep it fresh

courtesy of Nahant gardening club

8 House Tour

Our regular House Tour feature. Who’s home

will it be ? Let’s find out who’s behind the house

with the purple door.

10 Johnson School

Staying open and connected during the pandemic

12 Luigi’s Story

Adorable Luigi tells us a little about himself.

14 Noise Abatement

Daniel G Skrip on the possibility of a new

flight pattern over Nahant

18 Finding Brave

Lights, camera, action ! Local talent and friendship

come together to shoot a short movie.

20 Nahant Council of Aging

Linda Lehman and Linda Peterson give a brief

history and sets the foundation for what we hope

will be a regular feature in the magazine

23 Estate Planning and Legal Advice

Professional advice from Attorney and Nahant

resident Brendan L Ward.

24 The Finishing Touch

Creative lifestyle and interior advice from established

floral and events designer Andrew Anderson

28 Horoscope

Dr. Mary Mathias lets us know what’s in store

for 2021

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Using Fresh Greens

by Deborah Vanderslice

on behalf of the Nahant Garden Club

Decorating the home with fresh greenery is one of the oldest

of winter holiday traditions. Early emphasis on domestic

decorations appears in a Christmas song by the English

poet Thomas Tusser, written in 1558. The song opens: “Get

ivy and hull [holly] woman, deck up thine house.”

Evergreens represent everlasting life and hope for the return

of spring. While aristocratic households preferred to

display their wealth by decorating with opulent tapestries

and gold platters, greenery was cheap and readily available,

and was therefore embraced by the common man, contributing

to its broad popularity over time.

The tradition of the Christmas tree began in Northern Europe,

a reminder of spring during December’s long, dark

days. As the practice expanded, so did creativity, including

hanging trees suspended from the ceiling and placing

smaller, unadorned evergreens in pots. The popularity of

trees in the United States blossomed in the mid-nineteenth

century, when, in 1850, Godey’s Lady’s Book published a

photo of Queen Victoria’s Christmas celebration, which

showcased a Christmas tree. The rest, as they say, is history.

For many today, the selection of a tree marks the start of the

holiday season. Decorating for the holidays with a tree and

fresh greenery is more prevalent than ever, and adds a fresh,

festive look, and natural scent, to the home.

Types of Greenery

Choosing which type of greenery to bring indoors is an important

aspect of successful decorating. Here are some suggested

varieties available in the Northeast which, if properly

cared for, will lend themselves to creating a wonderful holiday


Boxwood – This small-leafed shrub is a favorite for fine-textured

wreaths, table-top Boxwood trees and topiaries.

Cedar – The citrus scent of cedar makes it perfect for indoor

use. Using it in a garland or wreath will brighten any

home’s interior, and incorporating it into a centerpiece with

berries and pine cones is an excellent way to bring the outdoors

in. The simplicity of cedar in a vase, with a circle of

fresh fruit around its base, makes for an interesting display.

Firs – Wonderfully scented, firs are tolerant of warm, dry

indoor conditions. Characterized by short, flat needles,

they have excellent needle retention. Fraser fir wreaths are

commonly available from garden centers, and look beautiful

hung over a fireplace, an inside door, or centered along a

hallway wall. Adding berries, dried flowers or pine cones to

a fresh Fraser fir wreath enhances the wreath’s natural beauty.

Fir swags are also available at commercial outlets, and

Nahant Magazine | 6

add a touch of elegance draped across a mantle or splayed

along a hand-railing. Douglas fir, Fraser fir and balsam fir

trees are some of the most popular to grace the American

household during the holiday season.

Holly – Holly, a most traditional green, is immortalized in

the Christmas song, The Holly and the Ivy, where its praises

are sung in the lyrics. ”The holly and the ivy, when they are

both full grown, of all the trees that are in the wood, the

holly bears the crown.” Female plants display bright red

berries, which serve to naturally enhance the plant’s holiday

allure. Prevalent in the Northeast, holly bushes adorn

many a yard. Greenery gathered from one’s own garden

will be far fresher than any that is purchased. Holly is versatile,

festive, and is often used in wreaths. Other ways to use

holly include displaying stems in an antique vase or adding

stems to a center-piece floral arrangement.

Junipers - Eastern red cedar, whose name is a misnomer

as it is actually a Juniper, is native and characterized by

fragrant, short green or silver-blue foliage with small blue

berries. It is understated in its simplicity yet elegant in its

ability to stand alone. Juniper is a wonderful accent piece

combined with other green boughs, such as spruce, in a

vase or pot arrangement. It is equally charming displayed

solo, low-lying in a wicker basket or wrapped around the

base of a candle-stick holder.

Pine – Pine is abundant in the Northeast and is most commonly

used in garlands and wreaths. Boughs of overflowing

pine add interest in a large container, and the pine branches

can be dressed up by using dazzling ornaments which are

easy to affix to the long green needles characteristic of pine.

Scotch pine and white pine Christmas trees are popular.

When decorating with fresh greenery, the options are endless,

from letting the greens be the star of the show, to elevating

their appearance using complementary enhancements

such as foliage and flowers, berries, ornate decorations,

velvet ribbons and festive lighting. Winter brings a serene

beauty to the natural landscape outside; bringing the

outside in through the use of fresh greens extends nature’s

splendor into the holiday home.

Keeping Greenery Fresh

• Strive for the freshest greens. Avoid using greenery

that is shedding needles. Bend the needles to

ensure they are pliable and not prone to breakage.

• Do not place fresh greenery near heat sources as

they will dry out and could become flammable.

Keep fresh greenery out of direct sunlight.

• Make sure stems are freshly cut before arranging.

Hydrate greenery in water overnight before

arranging to allow for maximum absorbency of


• Keep the water fresh in vased arrangements.

For non-vased arrangements, spritz the branches,

or, if a container is used, use oasis (available

at a florist or garden center) at the base

of stems, and water regularly to rehydrate.

• Water a holiday tree regularly.

• LED lights typically last longer, use less electricity,

and are cooler than traditional lights.

• In an unseasonably warm year, such as this, hold

off on bringing greens in if you can to avoid drying

out more quickly once indoors. For longevity,

replace dry or wilted greenery, berries

and fruit throughout the holiday season, where


• If you have pets which may access your arrangements,

it is prudent to research on-line whether

the greenery might be toxic if eaten. This holds

true for holiday flowers, as well, such as Poinsettias,

which are known to pose a risk to some


7 | Nahant Magazine


by Judi Moccia

The holidays are here, and it’s so nice to see all the decorations and lights up.

Our holiday issue features a very special home on 2 Valley Road.

No matter the season, this cheerful home that is tucked away behind a charming white

picket fence and a beautiful purple door and shutters, has made generations smile.

We hope this story and photos will also bring a smile to you as we continue to feature

homes in our wonderful little town.

Nahant Magazine | 8

2 Valley Road by Renee D. Wright-Michaud

The house with the purple front door on Valley Road in

Nahant is a little cape nestled among the trees which has

been in the Wilson family for a few generations. Currently

owned by Sue Snow - a modern Renaissance woman like

her grandmother (Helen Snow Wilson Goddard) before her

and who has a vast range of artistic interests and a penchant

for landscaping – the house has a long-standing family history.

The property was originally bought by J.T. Wilson in 1917.

The house was built in 1930 by F.A. Wilson for Phillip C.

Wilson and his bride, Helen Snow. Helen’s family was from

Cape Cod and the house was built in the Cape Style so Helen

would feel at home. Helen was 24 when the house was built

and she lived there her entire life, until her passing in 2001.

Helen and Phillip C. had 2 Children; Nancy Wilson and

Fred A. Wilson. Nancy’s daughter, Sue Snow and her husband

bought the house in 1995 and have since resided there.

The house was once featured on the cover of the Better

Homes & Gardens magazine and in the Boston Sunday

Herald Magazine (August 7, 1988) for its unusually colored

purple door and gardens. The deep purple front door and

matching shutters is an unusual choice of color in New England,

but reflects the artistic temperament of the family

and current lady of the house. In keeping with tradition of

her grandmother, Sue has maintained the house as true to

the original style as possible.

The simple front yard is enclosed by a white picket fence,

which has a massive linden tree and brick path that leads

to the front door. In the summertime, gentle daisies cover

the front yard and several flowering plants line the fence.

As you continue exploring the outside, a path from the

driveway winds around the back of the house, where you

will find many surprises. Hidden from the street in the back

yard, you will find two features which were first created by

Helen: a koi pond and rose garden. The fragrant scent of the

roses fills the back yard all summer long. The most prominent

rose remaining in the garden is a pink antique rose,

which Sue used as her bridal flowers when she and her husband

married in 1991.

Another feature of the house is the conservatory, a bright,

sunny room that was designed by Helen. It was a simple

glass lean-to which was added on to the house. It has since

been renovated by Sue with updated windows, but maintains

the same purpose as for which it was originally designed.

On the interior of the house, one finds The Chestnut room

– which originally was the garage. That’s where Helen’s 2nd

husband, Carl Goddard, did his wood carvings. A lot of

people in Nahant may know the Chestnut room, as Helen

and Carl often displayed their artwork and creations there

for sale. Helen’s granddaughter, Sue, continues doing commissioned

wood carvings in that room at the same bench.

People in Nahant may also know the house from visiting

the gardens, or from attending a painting class that Helen

taught there. Helen’s gardens were really well known and

have been the site of important family events, such as her

daughter Nancy’s wedding in the sun-bar. The house is always

open to all members of the family. Sue manages and

maintains the property with the intent on passing it along

to someone in the family, so that it will remain a part of the

family for future generations.

9 | Nahant Magazine

Staying Open and

Connected During

the Pandemic

by Kevin Andrews

Nahant Magazine | 10

Nahant’s Johnson Elementary School is among the just 8%

of elementary schools in Massachusetts that started off the

school year with a fully “in-person” model. Unlike “Hybrid”

and “Remote” models, “In-person” models allow for all students

in the district to attend a full day of school, five days

per week.

This was made possible by virtue of the fact that the school

has an up-to-date HVAC system, adequate classroom space

for 6’ physical distancing, outdoor instructional spaces, and

mask, hygiene, and distancing protocols.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, several families have opted

for a “Remote” teaching model for their students, which is

allowed for by the Department of Education. At this relatively

small school (152 students grades PreK-6), the remote

teaching model has evolved and improved as the school year

has progressed. Morning announcements have moved to an

online format, allowing both in-person and remote students

to participate.

In addition, a second Remote Learning Coordinator has

been brought on board to support the lessons that their

classroom teachers, who are teaching in-person for most

of the day, post in Google Classroom. Fortunately, all students

and teachers have the technology and internet access

required to make this type of teaching possible, as well as

engaged family members who support them at home.

The District has also been able to utilize its many outdoor

spaces for instruction, most notably during their Specialist

classes of art, music, physical education and STEM.

Art and STEM classes typically meet outdoors, where their

teacher has encouraged students to draw inspiration from

nature during the lessons. The school’s music teacher has replaced

chorus (singing is discouraged due to the pandemic)

with outdoor marching and bucket drumming, to the delight

of her students. And in physical education classes has

made extensive use of the neighboring little league field to

allow for the 12’ spacing that is recommended for safe spacing

during exercise.

Nearly all professions have been impacted by the current

pandemic, and perhaps none more so than teaching. The

school’s classroom teachers have certainly risen to the challenge,

and unlike in larger districts, have been tasked with

reaching both in-person and remote learners.

They have accomplished this by creating engaging assignments

and slide shows through their Google Classroom platform,

and by implementing a 1:1 Chromebook model which

was funded using pandemic relief funds. All of the teachers

previous lessons, including worksheets and assignments, are

being redesigned and digitized for online use. It is an enormous

effort, but one they are taking in stride for the benefit

of their students, families, and the greater community.

Art & STEM classes held outdoors

Remote learning and lost teeth

Students learn about the sun’s path and shadows.

11 | Nahant Magazine


By Luigi

Nahant Magazine | 12


My name is Luigi and I live in little Nahant. I get to take a

walk twice a day and see lots of people and their dogs. Many

people ask my Mom what kind of dog I am because I have

unusually long hair and they have never seen a dog like me.

Let me explain... I am a Tibetan Terrier. We are originally

from Tibet, where we were primarily used as watch dogs.

Tibetan Terriers have many different looks with many different

colors. Some are like me with straight hair and others

have wavy hair. Some owners choose to keep the coats

short, like a puppy cut, and others choose to keep us in full

coat, like my Mom prefers.

In Tibet, we were raised by Monks. It is said that Tibetan

Terriers are the oldest pure breed and that it has been bred

pure and without cross-breeding for 2000 years. According

to legend, we come from a single solitary monastery in “The

Lost Valley of Tibet”. We were never sold, but were given to

travelers as luck-bringers. This is how our breed was spread

across the world.

I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin and when I was very

young I was a show dog. This was an agreement my breeder

had with my Mom. In Chicago, when I was two years old I

won my Championship! I was even lucky enough to show

in the Westminster Kennel club dog Show. (It wasn’t fun.)

So, I retired.

Now I have a life of leisure, I am a beloved pet. My Mom

loves me in full coat which means more work for her. Because

my hair will matt with every day activity or simply

scratching an itch. She even has her own grooming table for

me and lures me on it with beef tenderloin (medium rare),

because I am reluctant. My coat is hair, not fur, so I don’t

shed like most dogs do. A Tibetan Terrier is a longhaired

dog who does require a couple of hours of grooming every

week, in addition to being professionally groomed once a


The Tibetan people were and are Buddhists. They treat fellow

humans and animals with great respect, compassion,

and goodness. This is also noticeable in the way they talk

about their Tibetan Terriers whom they call “The Little

People” - a well chosen term for a dog with so many human


After a very active puppyhood I have become a laid back

dog, it helps to have a Mom who is a massage therapist. I

really enjoy people but I am cautious around other dogs,

though, I do have some good dog pals in the neighborhood.

My Mom and I moved to Nahant about 10 years ago. We

love walking on Long beach, Doggie Beach, East Point, Tudor

Beach and down by the wharf or just about anywhere in

town is fun. We have really found our “sense of place” here.

13 | Nahant Magazine

22L Arrival RNAV with RNP Overlay

B773 Profile Generator 60dB L A,max N

22L Arrival RNAV with RNP Overlay vs Straight In

B773 Profile Generator 60dB L A,max Noise Exposure

B777-300 Population Exposure (L A,MAX )

6% of aircraft fleet


Straight In 119,392

RNP 33,145

Difference (Straight In








Noise Abatement

Possibility of a new flight pattern over Nahant

By Daniel G. Skrip, Nahant Town Counsel

Nahant Magazine | 14

0dB L A,max Noise Exposure

B777-300 Population Exposure (L A,MAX )

6% of aircraft fleet

Have you noticed noisy airplanes overhead?


Straight In 119,392

RNP 33,145

Difference (Straight In



Perhaps one of those airplanes flew directly over your

home. If so, then it was probably flying to or from Logan

Airport. Although routes servicing urban airports incorporate

noise abatement procedures, sometimes those procedures

are not strictly followed, especially when airplanes

are not flying in conditions that require instrument-only

navigation. In those conditions, clear skies allow pilots to

navigate by simply looking outside of the cockpit to find

the airport and maintain separation from other aircraft; the

pilots do not have to rely on instruments to track radio signals

through the clouds to or from an airport. For example,

Logan has seven sets of standard instrument departure procedures.

Each of those departure procedures states Flight

crew awareness and compliance is important in minimizing

noise impacts on surrounding communities.

All seven procedures cut a path around Nahant (but never

over it). Much to the chagrin of Nahantans, however, planes

are sometimes directed to modify those departure procedures

by flying over Nahant in order to shorten their route

and, as such, save time and fuel. If that happens, and you

feel it caused an unreasonable disruption of the enjoyment

of your home, then you are invited to register a complaint on

Logan’s noise report line – (617) 561-3333 – or file an on-line

complaint at

If you really want to get deep into the weeds, you can monitor

aircraft around Nahant at, and

you can listen to air traffic control at (Logan’s

airport code is KBOS). Noise may soon be a larger issue

for us in Nahant: As it stands now, the instrument arrival

into runway 22L follows a straight line over Beverly, Salem

and Lynn into Logan Airport. But Logan is considering a

change to that path that would have planes of all shapes and

sizes cut over the causeway.

Noise studies regarding this new path show that Little Nahant

would be the only community affected negatively. According

to Phil Hitch, a Little Nahant resident and retired

captain of a major airline, Logan’s noise abatement procedures

do not apply to arrivals. Aircraft approaching Logan

can fly any path that allows a safe route to the airport.

This means that flying over Nahant on arrival is permitted.

Captain Hitch also mentions that when visual conditions exist

more and more aircraft will fly close to or directly over

Nahant with the potentially new 22L arrival. We can expect

more noise on a daily basis when prevailing winds are from

the Southeast through the West.

Our town administrator has already reached out to Senator

Moulton for assistance, but Nahantans can be heard too.

The Massport Community Advisory Committee is the liaison

between Logan Airport and its surrounding communities.

Nahant is represented on that committee by Bob D’Amico,

a long-time Nahant resident and member of Nahant’s

Noise Abatement Committee (founded by Joe Moccia, Rick

Scourtas and Bob Risch).

The Massport CAC will soon hold a public meeting addressing

the possible changes to the 22L arrival. You are invited to

attend and participate. Town Hall will provide details once

they become available. In the meantime, do not hesitate to

use any of the methods above to register complaints about

unreasonably noisy air traffic.

15 | Nahant Magazine

Late Fall on Gloucester Harbor

Submitted By: Rob Scanlan, United States Coast Guard Commercial Vessel Examiner

At the old wharves and docks, there are no great landings to speak of. Old draggers and

lobster boats and barges list and blister shackled to the docks, outmoded, gaudy and appear

indestructible as the sea pulses under a skin of fish oil. A harbor seagull holds his pose on a

tired old dock piling, riding the tide of the wind, steady and formal with all the harbor

activities anchored in the round of his wide yellow eye button. A few well seasoned local

fishermen, all prospects of an old antique painting, unloading a days catch on a tired old pier

with strained pilings, a pier too tired of the mighty harbor’s pace. And with them the weather

beaten old edifice of warehouses, derricks, lobster boats and draggers. In the harbor

distance and still all around my truck the tide slips, whispers and gossips in its loose

vernacular, carrying the smell of baitfish and fuel. Farther out into the harbor, waves will

soon be tasting ice cakes and soon to come the cold bitter months, to cold for lovers and

park-napping elders who would want to see the sun come up but instead, are met by iceribbed

hulls and rigging. The lobster boats and draggers soon to be winter-bearded and

blown looking like an albatross of frost, all relics of tough weather with every winch and

shroud to be encased in a glassy shroud. The sun will diminish it soon and each wave tip will

again glitter like a knife in the spring tide. But now I prepare my winter gear and equipment

ready for another winters’ work inspecting these commercial vessels that set out and

harvest the sea.

Rob Scanlan is a United States Master Marine Surveyor inspecting yachts, ships, tugs, barges,

commercial passenger, commercial fishing, charterboats & schooners throughout New England

Nahant Magazine | 16

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"Want you to know how thrilled I am"

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"We have the home of our Dreams" THANK YOU!

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The Parent Family

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"Joe was "all in" making our new house, home sweet home"

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The Bermans

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"Every detail has been flawless"

Doug Jeanette Kahn

Doug & Jeanette Kahn

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"Joe has built 2 beautiful homes for us.

We could not be happier"

We could not be happier"

Drs. Dan and Mary Dill

Drs. Dan and Mary Dill


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MAKE YOUR NEXT HOME A Call: Joe Moccia 781 581 8888 Email:

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Finding Brave

By Theresa Peterson

Shooting at the wharf.

It all happened very fast. One second, I had all the time in

the world to relax, study Swedish and watch Schitt’s Creek.

The next, I was writing and scrambling to film a movie

while studying math for the first time in well over a decade

to take the GRE. As I write this, the mad dash is nearly over.

My first short film, an ode to this town and to the essential

quality of courage, is done and my grad school submission

package is in its final stages of tweaking. This all first started

in August, when I stumbled across a dual degree program at

NYU and decided, in that very moment, to go for it.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been into the

Arts. I danced at the Legion growing up, played piano and

performed in plays. When I was 19, I dropped out of college

and moved to LA to be an actor. But I hated what I saw out

there, how women were treated in the industry and how

perfidious people could be. I quickly decided that life wasn’t

for me. I eventually moved back home to Nahant, went to

North Shore Community College in Lynn and then transferred

to Columbia University, graduating in 2013.

I’ve worked at The Wall Street Journal since then. I’ve

known for a while that I don’t want to do brand marketing

forever, but I’ve struggled in knowing what exactly I do

want. In August, I was sitting in my room, debating whether

or not I should go to grad school when I came across NYU’s

program. It’s for an MBA and MFA in film that essentially

sets you up to be a producer. When I saw it, everything just

kind of clicked into place. I knew in that moment that I

wanted to start my own production company.

The most powerful thing in the world, in my opinion, is a

story. It can change how someone views the world. It can

end wars or collapse governments, give us new perspectives

and manifest empathy. Even strike terror and spread hatred.

The attraction we have to stories is in our blood. We told

them to our fellow cave dwellers to explain dangers, around

campfires to carry down morals through the generations,

and later with books and films to provide entertainment.

Through stories, we explore new worlds and galaxies. We

get to experience magic. We learn life lessons and teach

Nahant Magazine | 18

them to others. Telling these stories is a privilege, but also a

right. A right to reveal how we relate to the world, to share

what our perspectives and experiences are. A right that is

afforded to too few women in Hollywood.

For the past 120 years or so of cinema, men have been the

ones telling women’s stories. According to the Celluloid

Ceiling Report on 2019’s Top 100 domestic grossing films,

women accounted for only 20% of behind-the-scenes roles,

including director, writer, producer, executive producer,

and editor. Nearly one-third of these films had 0 or only 1

woman in one of those roles – and this is progress. These

statistics have been improving and we are seeing women

enter the industry in greater numbers, but at a glacial rate.

We need to pick up the pace and have more women taking

control of our own narratives. I want to tell – and have other

women tell – our stories, from our own perspectives and our

own truths. My goal for the production company is to tell

women’s stories from all backgrounds, races, socioeconomic

statuses, nationalities, identities, and so on, and to employ

women equally with men in a safe work environment.

Egoes will be checked at the door and abusers of power will

be expelled. While I won’t know until March whether I’m

admitted, I do know that I’ve finally found my calling and

nothing has proven that more to me than creating this film.

I made “Finding Brave” as a fulfillment for one of the creative

requirements for NYU where I have to be the creative driving

force behind a narrative movie. I wrote the first draft of

the script the same day I found the program. I borrowed my

brother-in-law Matt Farley’s camera, and my best friends

helped with everything from lighting to wardrobe to acting

and shooting. They are also all from Nahant – with the exception

of one being from Swampscott! Alanna Guptill, Bobbie-Jo

Blair, Nichole Yannetty, Darcie Soltis, Kayla Zeller.

We call ourselves “0190-PJs” after an amazing weekend at

Darcie’s lake house last December where we wore matching

holiday footie pajamas. We grew up together here, playing

flashlight tag and singing Spice Girls, and have stayed close

despite the distance and years apart. With the Pandemic,

most of us found ourselves back in Nahant, however temporarily,

and when I told them of my plan to apply, they all

rallied around me. We had the first script reading outside

on my porch (we’d all been quarantining), with Darcie joining

via FaceTime from Connecticut. Their incredible support,

advice and feedback has been invaluable in creating

the film and readying all of my other submission materials,

as well. They have been my bedrock throughout this entire

experience and I couldn’t have done it without them.

The exciting part is that everything was filmed in town. We

climbed all over Bailey’s Hill to find shots that made it seem

more strenuous, jumped off the wharf for the first time in

years, and walked all over town. Most of the scenes I needed

were shot outside, but with the Pandemic, I wasn’t sure

we’d be able to shoot at the Nahant Library like I’d originally

envisioned. Nervously, I reached out to Sharon Hawkes

and couldn’t have found her more open and supportive. She

gave up her Saturday to open specially so we could film in

there and have it cleaned after us safely. It was a dream come

true to sit behind that front desk, not to mention having

permission to go to the second floor!

This year has been incredibly difficult for everyone, but the

silver lining for me is that this film could never have happened

the way it did if it weren’t for the Pandemic. Creating

this movie has been one of the most rewarding and magical

experiences of my life. I’m so thankful to the town and to

my family and friends for all of their support.

Finding Brave:

Bobbie-Jo checking if the coast was clear for her to come out from

between the stacks.

Alanna had asked for “just one more take” so she could try something.

That something was to (successfully) scare the bejeezus out of me!

Where our group name “0190-PJs” was born. From left to right: Darcie

Soltis, Nichole Yannetty, Theresa Peterson, Kayla Zeller, Bobbie-Jo

Blair, Alanna Guptill.

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Council on Aging

The Nahant Council on Aging (COA) was established in the

early seventies, the result of a 1973 Town Meeting Resolution.

Its mission is to provide physical, emotional, and mental

stimulation enabling those sixty and over to achieve engaged

and fulfilling lives in a safe environment. Five dedicated

directors since 1973 have executed this mission: Madelyn

Brenner, Marguerite Rizzo, Diane Desmond and for the past

11 years, Linda Spinucci-Peterson. Currently, COA is located

in the lower level of Town Hall, headquarters for the design

and implementation of many opportunities to enhance

quality of life for Nahant seniors. COA Board members play

an important role by providing guidance and support for the


The most popular and important of our services is our lunch

program, providing lunches Monday through Friday each

week. Our lunches are prepared on premises by several of

Nahant finest chefs. Our COA bus, with colorful decals created

by Johnson School students, provides rides to and from

Town Hall for the lunch program.

Other activities meet a wide range of interests: five exercise

classes every week at the Nahant Community Center; weekly

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shopping trips in our bus; manicures; blood pressure monitoring,

podiatry, and hair dressing appointments. We also

have many cultural events, special parties for all the holidays,

boat rides in the summer, painting parties and more.

One of Linda Peterson’s goals was to establish a new source

of support, the Friends of the Nahant Council on Aging.

Now in its sixth year, this group is a major funding source

for the COA. The members meet once a month to plan

events. The money that is raised from these events and

through donations made in memory of or in honor of loved

ones, is used to supplement town and federal funding for

our lunch program, exercise program and special events.

We appreciate past, present and future support.

Changes Since March 13, 2020

On March 13, 2020, everything changed, for the COAs

and everyone else in our state. Our COVID-19 story is not

unique since many COAs are struggling with how to care

for their seniors. Nahant may be the smallest town in Massachusetts,

but in our opinion, we certainly have flexibility,

courage and the biggest heart.

Within days of the state closing, the town administrator and

others decided that our seniors needed to be fed, so with

limited resources we began delivering lunches to our regular

guests. Within a short period that number grew to 40.

In June we brought our bus drivers back to help with the

lunch deliveries.

Many folks in town also wanted to help. We developed a

list of volunteers to help seniors with their shopping needs.

Some of these volunteers and the recipients of their effort

developed special relationships. It was heartwarming to

hear from everyone how grateful everyone was with these

new connections.

We also received many donations from openhearted Nahanters

to help keep our lunch program alive. Town organizations

began to raise money for the program, a homebound

senior made masks for those in need and asked that donations

be made to the COA. On Mother’s Day and on other

occasions a local florist provided flowers to the seniors,

some of whom were brought to tears by this thoughtful gesture.

Our current lunch program serves 30 seniors. Some

come by to pick up their lunch while we have continued

to deliver to others. Our shopping trip to Market Basket

has resumed with 4 people for social distancing purposes.

The podiatrist has returned. In September we did a painting

class outside at the Dory club. Four video exercise classes

have begun scheduled sessions on our local cable TV station.

We’re not sure when we can get back to our normal fun life

at the Nahant Council on Aging, but when we do, we promise

to have the biggest and best party yet!

Thanks to all the residents and neighbors who support this

cause in so many ways. We invite all to join us for one or

more of the many parts of our program. We’d love to have

you assist in our mission.

By, Linda Lehman, chairperson Friends of the Nahant COA

& Linda Peterson, COA Director

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TEL: 781 780 6610

Estate Planning to Protect

Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Why should you have an estate plan?

When I meet with clients, one of the first questions I typically get asked is why should I have an Estate Plan?

My answer is that an estate plan can provide significant peace of mind by ensuring assets are protected, plans

are in place in the event you become ill, and your property is passed down according to your wishes.

What key topics should you consider?

• Do you have a last will and testament and/or

a trust? If you don’t have these important documents,

the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will

determine who will inherit your property—and

it may not occur in the way you would have chosen.

Someone appointed by the court, instead of a

trusted person of your choosing, will be in charge

of caring for any children or pets. Spelling out your

wishes in a will or trust will also prevent unnecessary

confusion, anxiety, and expense for other family

members when you are gone.

• Have the proper powers of attorney been prepared?

A financial power of attorney will allow you

to designate an individual to make financial and

property decisions for you should you become unable

to handle your own affairs. A medical power

of attorney enables you to designate a person you

trust to make medical decisions for you when you

are unable to with medical professionals.

• Make sure that you have an advanced directive,

also called a living will, which memorializes your

wishes concerning your end of life care, such as

whether you would like to receive life support if you

are in a vegetative state or terminal condition.

• Compile a list of all of your accounts and other

important information, including bank and investment

accounts, titles to vehicles and homes, credit

card accounts or loans, digital accounts (such as

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and passwords,

Social Security cards, passports and birth certificates,

which may be needed to manage your property

when you are incapacitated or settle your estate

once you are gone. This information should be kept

in a safe place and shared only with trusted family

members or loved ones.

• A list of legal, financial, and medical professionals

who have performed services for you is also important.

The list should include their contact information

so your family can easily reach them in the

event their help is needed if you become disabled

or die. You should also make sure HIPAA authorizations

are in place with medical professionals so

that your family members are able to obtain needed


Consult an estate planning attorney.

An experienced estate planning attorney can help you create an estate plan tailored to meet each of your

unique needs and carry out your wishes—or help you update a pre-existing estate plan. In addition, it will

provide you and your family members with the peace of mind that comes with knowing there are plans in place

for your care if any of you become ill and that your wishes will be honored once you pass away.

Attorney Brendan Ward is a Nahant resident and a founding partner

of Standard Law, PLLC with offices in Lynn, Peabody and Boston.

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in coordinating fragrances.


order or send as gifts contact


Sarah Marshall of Lucille Wine Shop and Tasting Room.


right next door in Lynn, her shop is a great addition



B Y A N D R E W E . S . A N D E R S O N

We can all agree that 2020 is a thoroughly rotten year!

can agree 2020 a rotten We all that is thoroughly year!

But as we gear up for Holidays unlike any other year and hunker

down for a long winter ahead here are a few of the my

we gear up for Holidays unlike any But and year other


favorite things to celebrate the season with.

my the of few a are here ahead winter long a for down hunker

things celebrate season I in with

to with. love the favorite am

I am in love with the candles and room fragrances by Nightspace

to warm your space and soothe your soul. They use

fragrances by Nightspace to warm your

the candles and room

soul. They use renewable coconut and

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renewable coconut and soy wax poured in beautiful minimalist

ceramic holders finished off with color coded cov-

soy wax poured in beautiful minimalist ceramic holders

with color coded covers. I also love off finished room their

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your cheer a for front Show holiday with wreath your door,

Show your holiday cheer with a wreath for your front door,

a or a table

a special gift of a an special orchid gift or of amaryllis an for orchid friend or amaryllis for a friend or a table

ones. centerpiece Whatever to you share need,

with your loved ones. Whatever you

centerpiece to share with your loved

need, the Ilex team is here to help, we can whip up something

here to help, we can whip up something festive

the Ilex team is

festive or out. Let us for you inside or out. Let us help add a little sparkle to

inside you for this to sparkle little a add help

this Holiday season.

season. Holiday

says in a winter’s like cozy

settling long a for Nothing night

Nothing says settling in for a long winter’s night like a cozy

cuddle up with. I love the Captain’s Classic Grey

blanket to

blanket to cuddle up with. I love the Captain’s Classic Grey

Blanket by Chappywrap, originating on the Vineyard, these

Blanket by Chappywrap, originating on the Vineyard, these

the perfect cozy gift for yourself or someone in

blankets are

blankets are the perfect cozy gift for yourself or someone in

warmth. little a of need

need of a little warmth.

There is nothing better than ending a long cold dark day with

a great cocktail or glass of wine. Although I don’t have a favorite

at the

nothing than a cold day There long











trying new things.

There is no one better to make a fabulous new recommendation

than Sarah Marshall of Lucille

have a

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at favorite

Wine Shop and Tasting

better one no is There

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new fabulous a make to

addition to the neighborhood!

After the holidays when all of the decorations are put away

to neighborhood!

all the are away for another year, everything looks a little baren and in need

when decorations for

the holidays of put After

of of a

a another lift year, - everything my looks recommendation, a house little plants. baren Choose and from in an need

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tailored your batten

So batten down the hatches, light the candle








with a hot toddy. Safe and Happy Holidays, Happy New Year,

down the hatches, hot a with up wrap and candle the light

and goodbye 2020.

Safe and Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and



goodbye Unique floral design everytime

Nightspace candle

Nightspace room spray

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Captains classic grey blanket

Pencil cactus



lawn care, hedge trimming, walkways, patios and more . . .


Tel: 781 596 1347

JB JB Painting Solutions

Serving Serving Nahant Nahant for for over over 8yrs 8yrs

For For all all your your interior/exterior

painting and and carpentry repairs repairs

Our Our team team is ready is ready to to help help you you

20% 20% off all off Winter all Winter project project work work if you if you book book now now


T: 857 209 1200 E:

T: 857 209 1200 E:

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Hi, I'm Jacqueline the owner. I'm a fully trained professional stylist, I've spent most

desires. Colors start from $60 upwards, we use colors totally free from ammonia

frequently. No more travelling into the city and more importantly maintains your

A cut above the rest

JEarleysHair is a small boutique salon in a small seaside town that offers a big city

salon experience. We specialize in cutting and styling curly hair, as well as

precision cutting and styling for all women and men's hair types.

of my career working with industry leading salons like Ouidad NY, Bumble &

Bumble NY and Toni & Guy London.

The techniques I've learned allow for a unique customized cut for each and every

client that comes through my salon door. At JEarleys we offer a complimentary

consultation for every client which creates an opportunity for us to share and

discuss ideas and concerns about what the client is looking for. We take pride in

listening to our clients which makes it possible for us to create great lasting results

and ultimately form happy relationships going forward.

Cutting prices start at $38 upwards according to the clients wants, needs and

for sensitive scalps as well as the latest industry standard European colors that

leave you're hair looking, wow ! We strongly believe that keeping it local not only

keeps a small business like ours going but also enables you to visit us more

stress levels, giving you so much more confidence and peace of mind.

Walk ins are usually always acceptable however under the current circumstances

it is advisable to book ahead to guarantee your time and service.

Call or text for your appointment or email at

or call or text for fastest response. Have a safe, happy holidays and hopefully see

you soon.

147, Nahant Road, Nahant. 617-7344247

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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Double check strategies

regarding mergers or

investments. Keep your “new”

ideas to yourself for now. Don't

buckle under pressure, your

fearless. Letting go of

relationships and starting new

adventures are highlighted.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You may be inclined to make

your surroundings more

comfortable. Rethink what really

is valuable to you. Consult

trusted friends on life changing

choices coming up. You are going

to have great year. If single, a new

partner is just around the corner.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You are bringing ideas and

people together. Your multitasking

skills are put to the test.

Sign-up for an online class. Learn,

learn, learn! This knowledge is

going to be invaluable in the

upcoming year.

I have grown up with astrology and have had the

privilege to study with national and international

authorities in astrology. My gift and knowledge has

been passed down to me by my mother Florence.

Mathias and my grand mother Ruth Mathias who

were both well known intuitives and often on radio, TV and

countless newspaper articles. Astrology has the potential for

all of us to make better informed decisions and ultimately

live better lives.


2021 is going to lay the foundation for things

that have been impossible in the past. The

evolution of a “thinking” technology will be

mainstream. The technological advances over

the next 7 years will be more than 75 years

prior. Space travel for fun will become a reality

along with surfing the web with contacts

lenses. Higher minded thinking and diverse

learning programs will help in breaking

through various barriers and social reforms. It

has been a roller-coaster and we are all still on

it for a while longer. Extend your hopes and

dreams into the wonderous unknown. Reach

for the stars, they are closer than you think!

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Relationships are highlighted. Are

you ready to commit or do you

want your freedom? Double check

all written communications and

reconfirm dates. The new year

brings new beginnings.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

A new relationship with yourself is

being forged. Emotional

attachments and past patterns are

let go. This is a time of personal

metamorphosis on many levels. A

spiritual journey into the unknown.

You are the highlight of 2021.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Finances may increase from an

unexpected source. Freedom from

the responsibilities at home

is coming. All your hard work is

going to pay off. At the end of

2021 you will have a sense of


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Misunderstandings may cause

frustrations with friends or

organizations. Express your

feelings. Your compassion and

generosity to those less fortunate

is appreciated. What do you feel is

holding you back from moving

forward in the New Year?

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

Let go of old attachments or old projects.

Light will be shed on secrets. Think before you speak.

Take extra time to map out what you really want for

2021. Don't sweat the small stuff, it will fall into place.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

It is time to break out of the box

and cultivate your innate abilities.

Are you living your authentic life?

It may be time to challenge

yourself in ways you never thought

possible. Your life is waiting! What

are you waiting for?.

Leo (July 23 – Aug 22)

Limitations in relationships seem

to lift slowly. Romance is on the

horizon. Adjustments in lifestyle

allow for freedom and happiness.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and

share the abundance.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Money may seem to go through your fingers.

It is okay since both you and your family will

benefit from the extra investments.

Home repair may be higher than expected.

Bringing your family together and keeping traditions

alive a highlighted.

Pisces (Feb 1 - March 20)

Your social calendar is filling up

even during a pandemic.

Connecting with new friends

remotely will have to do for now.

Your keen intuition will be needed

for an upcoming decision. What do

you really want versus what others

expect from you?

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Superior Craftsmanship

Established Family Business Since 1985

Established Family Business Since 1985

Established Family Business Since 1985

Residential Builders:

Residential Builders:

Residential Kitchens, Remodels, Builders: New Additions, Plus More...

Kitchens, Remodels, New Additions, Plus More...

Kitchens, Remodels, New Additions, Plus More...

MS Construction 12 Sunset Rd, Nahant

MS Construction 12 Sunset Rd, Nahant

MS 781 Construction 581 6266 -

12 Sunset Rd, Nahant

781 581 6266 -

781 581 6266 -

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198 Nahant Road tel: 781-581-1212

Emergency Dial 911


67 Flash Rd, tel: 781-581-1235

Emergency Dial 911


The Town of Nahant has a Winter Parking Policy requiring

that all vehicles must be parked off the street during

the hours of 12AM - 6AM from December 21, 2020 to

March 20, 2021. If you are a resident of Nahant and do

not have adequate off street parking, you may pick up a

Parking Waiver Application at the Nahant Police Station.

Once the application is submitted and reviewed you will

be notified upon its approval.

1. A $30 non refundable application fee is required

in order to process each request for a parking

waiver. This fee must be paid by check or money

order only and made payable to the “Town of

Nahant” prior to review of the application. Cash

Will Not Be Accepted.

2. All vehicles at the residence must be registered

to that address. If there are two off street parking

spaces, but there are three vehicles at the residence,

all three must be registered to that address in order

to qualify for one waiver permit needed for on

street parking. Commercial or lease vehicles must

have the operator/lesser residing at that address.

3. Persons applying for a parking waiver permit

must get off street parking when it snows or when

a snow emergency has been declared due to a

fore casted snow fall. All vehicles, with or without

a parking waiver, Must be off the street when it

snows or when a snow emergency has been declared

due to a foretasted snowfall.

4. Any vehicle left on the street during a snow storm

(whether a declared snow emergency or not) will

be subject to a fine for impeding Snow Removal,

which is $50. In addition, the registered owner

will also be subject to a towing charge when the

vehicle is removed from the street.

5. Violations (such as impeding snow removal) will

result in a review and possible Revocation of the

Parking Waiver.

6. All three Town Departments (Police, Fire and

Public Works) must approve the parking location

selected by the applicant. Should any of the departments

reject the location selected, the application

will be returned to the applicant so they

can find a suitable area to park.

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Happy Holidays!

Dear Nahant Residents,

The Nahant Fire Department continues with measures

to protect personnel and the public from the spread of

COVID-19. We are very grateful for the support from the

community and we applaud the efforts of the residents as

they have adapted to the efforts to slow the spread of this virus.

The Fire Department has been able to continue with

its critical monthly training sessions while following

COVID-19 guidelines. The Nahant Fire Fighters Local

2718 has also continued with its annual drive for toys,

both as a collection point for the U.S. Marine Corp Toys

for Tots program and also gathering gifts in coordination

with the Johnson School for local distribution.

This fall we have had two call firefighters leave the department.

Firefighter Chris Dent had been a dedicated member

of the department for 8 years and resigned due to a move

further north. Firefighter Merissa Titus had been with the

department for 4 years and had to resign due to taking a

full-time firefighter position in the western part of the State.

We wish them both the best of luck, they will be missed.

The Nahant Fire Department will be conducting a new

hiring process for call firefighters this winter. The requirements

for this part-time (on call) position are:

• Be between the ages of 18-65

• High School diploma (or equivalent)

• Hold/maintain a valid Massachusetts driver’s license

• Reside within one mile of Nahant

• Successfully complete the application/screening process


• Submission of resume, Interview, Physical Agility

Test, Criminal/motor vehicle background

check, and pre-employment physical including

drug screening.

• New hires will be required to successfully complete

the Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Fire

Academy when seats are available.

Interested candidates contact Lt. Doyle

Thank you and stay safe

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