Latest edition of the ALLSPRAYPAINTED Magazine issue 03! As 2020 ended and 2021 rolls in, we need to remind ourselves that we have grown. Not only as individuals but as a global community. In the last 12 months, we have realized more than at any time in recent history, that we are all connected. And not just via the internet! We have overcome fear and we have conquered our biggest challenges even though the road ahead is still a hard one. And for those of us that managed to keep our chins up and our spirits high through all of it, we had time to rediscover the source of our own creativity!



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Create your

own world!

As 2020 ended and 2021 rolls in, we need to remind ourselves that we have grown. Not only as individuals

but as a global community. In the last 12 months, we have realized more than at any time in

recent history, that we are all connected. And not just via the internet! We have overcome fear and

we have conquered our biggest challenges even though the road ahead is still a hard one. And for

those of us that managed to keep our chins up and our spirits high through all of it, we had time to

rediscover the source of our own creativity!

Allspraypainted is no exception to this growth. Our team, our collaborators, and our content all grew.

We not only took on the coolest creative and DIY projects, as we do every year. We did it with more

fun, more courage, and in our opinion, even more creativity. We worked our way through the various

products in the Montana Cans aerosol range, and we created effects on artworks and objects that

looked metallic, chrome, crackled, aged, and retro. We worked on glass, wood, ceramics, metals,

plastics, paper, and canvas. We even made things look natural in marble and granit. All this we did

together with our amazing team of creators who all deserve a big „Thank you“.

In 2020, while the world was locked down, not knowing what will come, we took time and opened a

treasure chest of inspiration in the form of „allspraypainted Meets“. With the realization that everyone

can use a spray can, we decided it was time to take a deeper look at the movers and shakers using

spray paint for their professions and their crafts. Who are the innovators, such as fine artists, visual

artists, architects, interior designers, and creatives that are at the top of their game when it comes

to using spray paint? How do they work, what inspires them, and what makes them tick? All fuel for

the creative fire of every allspraypainted reader and supporter. In the „allspraypainted Meets“ series

we will feature interviews, studio visits, films and articles that bring us closer to the creative minds

that inspire us. Which in turn, brings us one step closer to our own creative spirit, while reiterating the

„can-do“ attitude that lies within us all.

Regardless of what is happening in the outside world, never forget as we like to put it, you can always

„create your own world“. Allspraypainted will do all we can to keep bringing you projects, ideas, inspiration

and support. And above all, bring color to your world. Until then, make yourself comfortable

and be inspired by the pages you are about to read. The best is yet to come.


Gradient Bar Stools


Interior Gradient Bar Stools


“Here, take a seat”.. how often have you been invited to a party, gotten all dressed

up, and then heard this sentence, only to think that the seats you’re being

offered to sit on would make a cool DIY project? For us, this has happened often.

That’s why we decided to take some action and freshen up our barstools to look

like the sorts of seats you would be offered in a designer bar. Before you go fill

up your cocktail glass or espresso cup, read on and learn how you too can make

your own Gradient Bar Stools.

allspraypainted Magazine



You may already have bar stools at home which means you are

one step ahead. If not, that is your first goal. Source some stools

that you like and that most of all suit your tastes. Giving a coat of

paint to a design you don’t like to begin with will not change their

designs, just make them a little less ugly. Yard sales, secondhand

shops, homeware stores, and of course Ikea, have plenty

of options for you to choose from so you can find what you like

without needing a big budget.

We had three different types of stools. We had two completely

metal stools, and two different stools both with metal

legs and wooden tops to sit on. We prepared them all by sanding

down the wooden tops to remove the lacquer on the surface of

the wood, and lightly sanding all the metal parts to create a surface

ready to paint. Once the stools were all sanded and wiped

free of dust, we were ready to start.

For the stools with the wooden tops, we chose to mask off

the wooden seats first so we could prime and paint the legs. The

legs are a little trickier than the seats and this way we minimize

the chance of spray dust landing on our seat tops. Using the

Montana Metal PRIMER, we covered all the metal parts with a

thin even coat. Not only does this give an optimal surface for

our paint to stick to, but it also helps protect against the onset

of rust. You can choose to apply a second coat of Metal PRIMER

if you think you didn’t quite get into all the corners and angles.

This process was the same for the metal stools as well,

but in this case, you don’t have to mask anything off. Just apply

the PRIMER evenly to coat each stool. Once dry, sand lightly again

with fine sandpaper or even steel wool. Wipe down your stools

with a damp cloth free of dust and you are ready to apply color.

For the wooden top stools, we couldn’t go past Montana ME-

TALLIC Effect Spray in the color Gold. We chose this as it had

a timeless look, and the Montana METALLIC Effect Sprays are

the most durable hard wearing metallic colors to use that don’t

rub off. Oh, and did we mention they look awesome, too. Again,

light even coat and apply again if you think the first coat didn’t

get in all the corners. Leave these to dry while you’re painting

the metal stools.

For the metal stools, we chose Montana GOLD Line in variations

of the colors Welsh, Malachite and Malachite light. But

you can choose whichever colorway you desire. On one stool we

applied Welsh on the upper part and Malachite Light on the legs,

on the other we alternated it, fading the colors smoothly from

one to the other. While these were drying, we went back to our

wooden top stools and masked off our now dry legs. Using the

Montana GOLD Malachite for one top and the Welsh for another,

we then proceeded to paint the tops.


Gradient Bar Stools



Well, it’s fair to say that our once bland bar stools are

now eye-catching pieces of usable art. Or at the very

least DIY designer furniture. The colors look great

and using Malachite, Malachite Light and Welsh meant

that we could tie in all the Gradient Bar Stools

into the appearance of one collection as opposed to

it looking like it was scratched together.

The GOLD Line colors on the stools with metallic

legs added a regal touch. The fact that we shook

all the cans for 2-3 minutes before use meant that

the brightness of the color and the finish of the application

is beautiful. If you wanted to take this to the

next level, you could also consider applying a coat of

Montana VARNISH Spray once all the paint had dried

overnight. This could enable you to tailor the finish to

Gloss or Semi-Gloss if you wanted to. But if you are

happy as they are, then you’re done.

The Gradient Bar Stool project is not difficult

but can vary in complications depending on

the stools you choose. For the simplest route, find

stools that are either all metal or all wood with simple

designs. Wooden stools would not need metal priming

and could be painted without needing to mask

anything off. However, as you can see, the effort

does pay off if you have a combination of wood and

metal stools.

Your working time will vary between 30 mins

to an hour depending on the amount of sanding required

and how intricate your spray work needs to

be. Allow enough time to dry between each step so

each coat of paint has a chance to settle. And don’t

forget you can’t really do anything wrong. If you are

not happy with your applied coats or colors, let them

dry, give them a light sand and try another. You can

do it! Have fun and Happy Crafting!

Allspraypainted Lookbook 15

Interior Gradient Bar Stools


Allspraypainted Lookbook 17


Marble Bathroom



Makeover Marble Bathroom Embellishment


What is embellishing really? If we look at the

dictionary, we will probably get an answer like;

“Embellish: to beautify by or as if by ornamentation;

ornament; adorn”. But when it comes

to being creative and wanting to refresh your

bathroom, how can you embellish it yourself?

You have come to the right place as we have a

few simple pointers of how you can do a little

Marble Bathroom Embellishment, too!

allspraypainted Magazine


The keywords as suggested above is to keep it simple. Before

even tackling the idea of embellishing your bathroom or its contents,

keep the items in it simple. Fewer colors and no excess of

furniture is the way to go so that your creative little DIY accents

can really shine. And of course, be noticed.


In our bathroom, the basis of everything is black and white. It’s

simple, timeless, and easy to maintain. Once you have managed

to declutter the color and simplify the colors in our bathroom,

then you only need to add, subtract, or change some color accents

whenever you feel like a fresh look. For this project, we

chose to work with two pink Montana GOLD tones and two green

tones (Mortadella – Dusty Pink and Manila – Manila Dark). Picking

everyday objects like soap dispensers, tissue box covers,

or cups is an easy place to start. Ours were all black to start with

so we decided not to completely cover the whole object with any

one color. Instead, we wanted to add a touch of color to portions

of the objects. Always leaving enough black to tie together

all the objects with the base bathroom color. Should you have

objects of all different colors that you want to simplify, choose

black or another color as your base color and spray all your items

one color first. Then only apply color to portions of the objects.


Just like in the movies, adding a special effect can highlight

a detail that otherwise could be overlooked. And besides, we

trying to embellish, aren’t we? We chose the Montana MARBLE

Spray to make it happen. Not just because we love it, but it actually

enables you to add a special ‘something’, without covering

all the color underneath it. And in our case, this helps tie all the

black-based bathroom objects together. Again, masking off the

areas you don’t want to be colored, apply the MARBLE Effect

Spray at 20+ cm away from your objects so that the spray lands

organically on it. We wanted to keep the black and white theme

so it was obvious that we should use MARBLE in the color white

all the way.


The beauty of bathroom baskets and objects is that they are not

expensive. And the less expensive they are, the more likely it is

that they are made of natural material like jute, wood, or cane.

Montana GOLD sprays perfectly onto natural materials so changing

the colors of such items is easy. Not forgetting you don’t

need to buy new baskets and objects each season rather just

paint them a new color. We chose to go with the colors we already

used previously to keep it monochrome and most importantly,

keep the Marble Bathroom Embellishment simple.


Marble Bathroom Embellishment



It doesn’t matter how modern or minimal your bathroom is, a little bit of

mother nature in the form of plants or twigs is always a good thing. And if

you choose your plants wisely, you can not only find colors that compliment

your decor, but also have plants that benefit from the moisture conditions

in a bathroom.

Not to mention you will benefit in your daily space by having more

clean oxygen and better energy. Plants and foliage can also be seasonal

thus changing the ambiance of your bathroom and helping you get into the

mood of whatever season you’re experiencing at the time.

A couple of small tips to remember! If you are going to paint your objects

one color before you start, use a Montana GOLD color as it is compatible

with the following spray and make sure the objects you are painting are

clean and dry. Allow your paint to dry 24+ hours before applying any further

colors or Effect Sprays.

Also, don’t forget masking tape can be your best friend. To protect

the areas, you don’t want to spray on, apply it over those surfaces ensuring

there is no leftover surface of your object exposed. Rather than just stick it

on, try attaching it to your clothing once or twice (sweater or pants) to make

it less sticky. This will ensure that it will remove easily when you want to take

it off, without tearing any paint you applied under it.

Whether you’re a DIY pro or a beginner, this project is possible for

anyone. Start with what looks like the easy actions and build them up as

you get more confident. Even just simplifying the paintable objects in your

bathroom to one color could make a world of difference to the color chaos

you may be used to now. But above all, have fun with it. Happy Crafting!

Allspraypainted Lookbook 23


Marble Bathroom Embellishment


allspraypainted Magazine




meets Carolin Kaiser


allspraypainted meets Carolin Kaiser


The world has reached a point where we could almost see ourselves as at the

ceiling of technical development. Cars that drive themselves, machines that keep

us alive, satellites helping us from space, and computers in our pockets that often

get more attention than our friends and loved ones do. Our lust for progress

and continual desire to out-do ourselves with technology has created such an

immense speed at which society moves, that only a global virus could manage to

slow us down.

But, within the hectic and the turmoil, we are also given a chance to realize our

true potential. And although a fast electronic society may seem scary to some, it

is a sign that we may also be doing something right. After all, this would not be

possible unless there were creative thinkers out there making things happen.

At allspraypainted our „thing“ is connecting with creators. People who inspire us

and make creative things happen that brighten our world. One of those people is

no other than Carolin Kaiser from Mannheim - Germany. As you may have seen

in a recent video we featured, Carolin is a unique artist, designer, and creator.

Unique not only as she makes great art and design, but she is one of those lucky

people who have managed to find a healthy balance between the digital world

(and all its possibilities), and the manual world of creating with her own hands,

which she feels most comfortable with. The whole scenario was so inspiring, we

thought we would have a chat with her so you too, could learn how Caro, as we

know her, has created a world that is uniquely hers. This is what she had to say:

allspraypainted Magazine



How do you see the connection between inspiration

and the end product?


Since I use different sources of inspiration, the paths

to the final product are also very different. When I

let music drive me, it is more a feeling or a scene

in my head that I want to transport into my artwork.

If I get inspired by architecture, nature, or other artists

and designers, it is often only single fragments

or aspects of what I see that captivate me. I collect

them all in my sketchbook so I can fall back on them if

or when necessary, and then create my very own arrangements.

Sometimes it is the first draft that is the

winner. Sometimes I pick shapes that I play around

with and mix them up repeatedly in my sketches until

they find their place in the right composition.


What does your working process look like?


Very intuitive. Thematic or preconceived concepts

limit me. That‘s why I usually don‘t try to put a frame

around my work, but let my ideas bubble up and then

scribble everything on paper. Sometimes a rough

theme emerges which I then develop further. After

that, I work out the best ideas. Mostly I find the first

drafts the best because they are clueless and spontaneous.


What role does color play in your designs? What is

your favorite color from the Montana palette?


Colors and their contrasts are very important to me.

For me, this is what really brings shapes to life. Colors

also help me to create certain positive moods.

For example, if I use an untypical color for my motifs,

I can lead the viewer into a different, or surreal

world. My favorite color at the moment is definitely

the Montana Black color Mescaline. A wonderfully

rich and bright green. I am impressed by the calming,

and at the same time bright, positive, and fresh mood

it creates. It‘s like falling softly into a huge field of

tall, lush green grass on a warm sunny day. You can

literally feel every single blade of grass and the sun‘s


allspraypainted meets

Carolin Kaiser


Carolin in her studio

allspraypainted Magazine

Some of the artworks Carolin exhibited

at an Montana Cans event at the beginning

of the year.


How do you develop yourself and your style? Do you

have rituals or routines that you follow?


I usually make myself comfortable in the evening,

put on music, take my sketchbook, and just let my

mind creatively drift. This routine helps me keep my

focus. Of course, I don‘t come up with super-duper

ideas every night, but I develop my own, constantly

growing repertoire of motifs, forms, and ideas which

I can then refer back to and develop further until it

feels right and finished. Through this growing treasure

of forms and ideas, my style also unfolds further

and further. It is like a foreign language of forms

and colors that you learn intuitively. In my opinion,

this learning process is inexhaustible and grows and

changes with every sketch.


You work predominantly analog (hands-on) in the

studio. What do you particularly like about working

this way? How does the production of an artwork

step by step, normally look like for you?


Firstly, I usually bring my analog sketches into digital

form. It‘s a bit repetitive, but on the computer, you

can work cleaner, and more accurately, and test various

color combinations. I also need the shapes as

vectors so that I can reproduce them, either by myself

with a saw, a CNC cutter, or to print templates.

Then I take it to the studio, where depending on the

material, it first must be sanded and primed properly.

A cleanly prepared surface is essential. And then the

fun part begins, the spraying with paint. When everything

is dry, the installing is done.


How did you develop your style, and to working with

the current tools that you work with? How long have

you been working this way?


Actually, only since last year. Before that, I worked a

lot with paper in the form of collage, or with Montana

ACRYLIC‘s on paper in small formats. As my formats

grew larger, I switched to wood as a base. Spray

paints are perfect for painting them.

allspraypainted meets

Carolin Kaiser



What would your next big project ideally look like? Do

you already have any plans?


Yes, at the moment, I am working on a more extensive

project. I‘m trying to extend my motifs from 2D and

bring them more into the space of a room. To become

more three-dimensional. Lately, I have been testing

many different materials and expanding my „creative

vocabulary“. In the current phase, I will evaluate

these new findings and then decide which technique

I want to explore deeper. However, the objects are

hand-sized, and not so big. It would be tempting to

design a large room and to dissolve the boundaries

between my artwork and its confines.

We look forward to seeing where

Carolin's ideas develop. And learning

a thing or two for ourselves along

the way.

Watch the video via



Finished spray painted poster wall Carolin worked

on when we came to visit her in the studio.


Marble Entryway




Marble Entryway Bench 38

A lot of homes have benches of some sort. Some classic sitting

benches, kitchen benches, and entryway benches can often be

the first thing that greets you. Benches and in this case entryway

benches can become a focal point in any room they are in.

Dressings are often not very helpful on an entryway bench.

You would regularly slide off each time you want to sit on it, the

cat would keep trying to pull it off, and what about those dirty

footmarks that aren’t supposed to be there as well? We have just

the solution for your wooden bench that just so happens to minimize

the hassles while maximizing the coolness in your home.

And best of all it gave us a chance to try out the new Montana

MARBLE color, Pastel Green. Sound inviting? Then read on to get

inspired for your very own Marble Entryway Bench.

allspraypainted Magazine

Interior Marble Entryway Bench


allspraypainted Magazine



The focus of this project was to give our somewhat tired wooden

entryway bench, a new lease on life. Our bench happens to be a

very simple, sleek, and timeless design. This made it easy for us

to imagine the work that we were going to do on it. If you don’t

already have an entryway bench or coffee table but want one

for this project, remember to visit your local second-hand store,

yard sale, or check out the next local hard rubbish day before

you go out and buy a brand new one.

As with every project, make sure your wooden surfaces

are clean, dry, dust, and oil-free. The shape of our bench made it

easy to decide that we were going to focus on its top and a small

portion of the legs to highlight the beautiful wood in between.

Your bench or coffee table may invite you to focus on other parts

of it. As long as the surfaces you are painting, have been sanded

and cleaned before adding color.

The benchtop was the largest surface we were working

on which is why we started there. By painting it first, we would

easily be able to cover the legs with masking tape and spray

unhindered. Starting with the Montana Universal PRIMER, we

applied 2 even coats to the top which sealed and prepared it for

the flawless application of the Montana GOLD color, Bone. The

following day we applied the Bone in two even coats. The first

appeared to have covered sufficiently already, but we figured a

second coat can’t hurt. Again, the bench was left overnight to

dry and completely cure. This brought us to the moment we had

been waiting for, getting a chance to play with the new Montana

MARBLE color, Pastel Green.

We wanted an organic marble effect. So, we applied the

paint slightly from above the top of the bench. The higher above

the object you apply it, the more time the little strands of paint

have to separate in the air and landing on the surface as if it was

really marble. Apply as desired with as much or as little texture

as you want. Again, we left the bench to dry overnight before we

put on the final touch in the form of the Montana VARNISH in the

Semi-Gloss finish.

Apart from adding a little shine to the benches surface, if

gave is some more protection against scratches and dents, as

well as making the surface even more durable and easy to clean.

And it looked good too. Having the Pastel Green MARBLE over

the Montana GOLD color Bone was a great color combination.

You may choose to do it differently remembering there are many

colors to choose from in the Montana MARBLE and GOLD ranges.

Just remember once your gloves and mask are on to shake

each can very well for 2-3 minutes before use, and to remove the

little black safety ring from under the nozzle.

The final step was the bench‘s legs. Because the solid timber

of our marble entryway bench was so nice, we wanted to

highlight this against some color. And to tie in the use of the new

MARBLE Pastel Green color, we chose to use the Montana GOLD

color, Malachite Light which was slightly bolder than the Pastel

Green. With most of the legs being completely masked with masking

tape, we left equal distance below it on each leg to spray.

First, we applied the Montana Universal PRIMER to the presanded

legs, and then once dry we added two coats of Malachite

Light. Ideally, overnight drying time is left between

the application of each color. However, if you wanted to save

time, you could work on painting the legs in between applying

coats of color to the benchtop. You just need to make sure the

parts of the bench you don’t want to paint are well covered, and

that the coats you had applied previously are dry enough to that

your covering material doesn’t stick to the paint while you are

working on the other parts.

This project is easy to medium level and can be done by

anybody. The important point to remember is to prepare well

and not to get impatient between coats. The longer everything

has to dry or even cure, the better your result will be. And if you

choose to go down the path of applying VARNISH on some or all

of your table to finish it off, make sure you have left all coats of

color to dry for 24 or more hours before applying it.

Now you can sit back, feet up on your fabulous new-look

marble entryway bench. Thinking that rewarding thought as you

look at your bench and think, “I did that”. Good luck and Happy



• Montana MARBLE Effect Pastel Green

• Montana Universal PRIMER

• Montana GOLD Malachite Light

• Montana GOLD Bone

• Montana VARNISH Spray Semi-Gloss

• Wooden Bench

• Masking tape

• Sanding paper

• Covering material

• Gloves

• Mask

• Drop Sheet


Marble Entryway Bench


allspraypainted Magazine




Easter Bowls


Seasonal Monochrome Easter Bowls


It doesn’t get more Easter than some decorated colorful eggs. Or does it? This

Easter we wanted to add another aspect to the mix. Not only did we want to

use color, but we also wanted to play with light. The perfect excuse to use some

of the awesome new Montana GLASS Paint and introduce some glass bowls

into the classic Easter equation. Intrigued? Read on to learn more about our Monochrome

Easter Bowls tutorial.


Monochrome Easter Bowls



We started by gathering all the necessities including the standard

gloves, mask and drop sheet. Of course, for this project,

we needed plastic eggs, wooden skewers to hold them while

they got painted and some clear glass bowl-like containers that

would function as our see-through baskets.

The color aspect of this project consists of Montana GOLD

cans in the colors of your choice. We used colors like Shrimp

Dark and Shrimp Pastel, White Lilac and Light Lilac, Denim and

Denim Stonewashed to name a few. Basically, solid colors with

a pastel variation in tone as these just happened to complement

the Montana GLASS Paint colors of which we used 5 colors.

After following the familiar process of shaking cans really

well, we were off and running. The skewers were easy to put

into the plastic eggs. A ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moment as we

sprayed around each egg with ease and then stuck the skewers

in another piece of foam allowing them to dry all over. Alternating

between colors we made our eggs in variations of 2 to 4 per


With this step done, the final stage was coloring our glass.

With clean and dry glass bowls at the ready, we lightly sprayed

each bowl inside and out at a distance of 20-30 cm. The secret

is to not apply too much paint so light can travel through. With

one coat they were perfect.

Subject to the glass you used, apply a second coat if you

desire. Job done and what a stunning one at that! We let everything

dry overnight before we handled it further.

allspraypainted Magazine



Monochrome Easter Bowls



WOW! The bowls dried to an amazing transparent matte finish.

As we’d hoped, they let light through, and this meant our eggs

looked stunning when they laid inside.

The eggs removed easily from the skewers and it was just

a matter of placing them in their designated bowls. Amongst all

our other egg decorating variations from the past, this one was a

welcomed change to mix things up and tie them all together. Or

stand alone as a beautiful new Easter home decoration.

We added a feather here and there to put a little icing on

the cake so to say. Should you have any other little finishing

touch, try them out and see if you can create your own personal


The Monochrome Easter Bowls project was really easy to

do for all abilities. The actual working time is about 15-30 minutes

depending on the number of eggs and bowls you have. We

left ours to dry overnight which ensured nothing stuck together

even though we thought it was completely dry. Maybe not necessary

if you’re in a warm or dry climate, but a good habit to get

into anyway as often the curing process takes 24 hours regardless

of the temperature. But that’s all just details. The important

part is we did it and it was fun. Nice work and Happy Crafting!


Pink and Purple Trays



Pink and Purple Trays 54

allspraypainted Magazine


There is never a wrong time to have a tray. Why? Not only because you can put

your laptop or magazines on them, but also because they double as cool side

tables, bedside trays, or reading trays. As a bonus, you can put these small foldable

tables away whenever they are not in use. This way, you could save a

lot of space in your living room. Sound inspiring? Read on and see how you too

can add this project to your next successful DIY adventure.


After struggling with a beautiful but small sofa table for quite a while, it dawned on us

that maybe adding a fold-up tray was the solution. We found these cute fold-up tables

that you could even put away when not in use. And being made of wood, Montana GOLD

was the perfect tool for the job. If you don‘t have such a tray, you will be able to find

them in furniture stores, Ikea, and some bigger hardware stores. And if you have time,

look for an up-cycling possibility at your next yard sale outing.

With some fine sandpaper, lightly sand back the surface of the wood so that it

smooth and ready for painting. If your tray was covered in an oil-based lacquer, it is

best if you can sand it down to the natural wood of the tray. Once this is done, clean

your tray, freeing it of all dust, oils, or dirt. This is important as you now need to mask

off the bases of the legs of the tray. If any dust is still left on the legs, the masking tape

will not stick properly. Pick the height you think looks best on one leg, then apply the

tape at the same level on all legs. Make sure no wood is exposed.

With your painting space prepared and your mask and gloves on, it is now time

to get to the fun part. Painting! Having shaken your Montana GOLD cans vigorously

for 2-3 minutes, you will now hear the mixing ball moving freely, telling you it is time to

remove the safety ring from under the nozzle and do a test spray away from your tray

when applying it. Starting with your Montana Universal PRIMER, in soft, even, side to

side strokes, spray your tray from a distance of about 15-20 cm. Allow to dry and give

the tray another light sanding and clean in preparation for adding color. Then starting

with the color of your choice, apply thin even coats in the same manner as before. You

can apply further coats when dry apply as desired. We chose to stick to one color for

the whole tray to keep things simple and to build on the feature of the natural wood on

the tray‘s feet. Take a moment, step back, and admire your tray. It will already have a

new lease on life. You can now remove the masking tape from the tray‘s legs before the

paint is completely dried, peeling downward away from the color you have just applied.

Once the tray has had the chance to dry overnight, you will know which Montana VAR-


Pink and Purple Trays


NISH finish is right for you. We chose Gloss, not just as it looks classy, but it also made

the tray more durable against things like stains from the bottoms of coffee cups. Applying

VARNISH is done in the same technique as your color. Slow, sweeping strokes, from

side to side, applying the paint evenly and thinly.

The word that comes to mind is STUNNING! Simple, beautiful, and even more

practical than before. Obviously, you may want to choose another color to match the

decor in your home. Or if you‘re feeling adventurous, a gradient color fade with seasonal

colors could be ideal for your home or living space.

This project is for all skill levels. If you can trigger the nozzle of the can and move

the sandpaper in the direction of the wood grain, then you‘re the right person for the

job. Depending on the size of your table, we estimate 30-60 minutes of work time and

recommend letting each coating dry overnight before applying the next product. Then

it‘s time to place your coffee cup right back where it was before. How rewarding. Nice

work and Happy Crafting!


• Montana Universal PRIMER

• Montana GOLD Lychee

• Montana GOLD Light Lilac

• Montana VARNISH Spray Gloss

• Wooden fold-up tray

• Sandpaper

• Masking tape

• Gloves

• Mask

• Drop Sheet


10 Helpful hints

to update your



Workspace 10 Helpful hints to update your Workspace


These days we all spend so much time at our workspaces regardless of if they

are at an office, working from home, at our desktops, or in the studio. To ensure

that the output and quality of the work we create in these spaces stay good we

must make sure those spaces stay positive, inspiring, and above all fun to be

in. After all, for many of us, these places are like second homes. In order to make

this possible and easy to do, we thought we’d help by making a simple list compiling

our 10 helpful hints to update your workspace. It doesn’t matter if you do

all, or just one. Even a small adjustment to your immediate environment can keep

you and your workspace fresh and creative.


You use them every day and they are supposed to help you keep

things working and make things more creative. But are those

very workspace stationary tools creative to look at too? Don’t let

a boring desktop influence you into becoming boring. With some

Montana Effect Sprays, you can turn your desktop gadgets into

embellished pieces of art that inspire you to create while you are



You may find yourself looking over at your old clock early in

the afternoon wishing it would go a little faster so you could go

home. Why not make a change and add some gradient color to

pep up your timekeeper? Using the Montana GOLD colors of

your choice, a little masking tape, and some simple design work

you can go from clock watching to clock admiring.


Take some of the stress off your desktop by creating a little

organization and decreasing the chaos. With our warm grey

Montana GOLD colors, we introduce and spray some cardboard

storage boxes that create a calming and natural effect. But it

doesn’t have to stop at boxes in case you have other complementary

items that can also be reinvented.


Even if you’re cluttered with post-it notes and to-do lists, there

is a simple way to organize your time so you can see everything

clearly at a glance. A pinboard is a cheap, easy, and fun way to

monitor your appointments and it doesn’t need to be plugged

in or charged. Create more order in your workspace with only a

little bit of spray paint and some masking tape.

allspraypainted Magazine



Think about the amount of time you look at your walls in your

workspace and how walls you have around you. For some this

could be a lot so, with some Montana Effect Sprays, some simple

handmade images, and some simple but beautiful frames you

can make your office look like a gallery. And the best part of

all, with your art! Leave a good impression on your visitors and

clients while having a bit of artistic fun as well.


Often a change of environment doesn’t actually need that much

effort. If you have some ceramic items floating about, give them

a lick of paint with Montana GOLD colors and warm your mood

with all pastel everything! Easier than changing wall colors or

covering large amounts of surface area, by simply spraying

some of your quirky ceramic objects in cool new colors you can

change the mood from boring to refreshing.


In case you didn’t “get it”, in this tip we want to remind you to declutter

anything that has no productive purpose anymore. Bring

some fresh air into your new year by filing, storing, shredding, or

best yet removing any old documents, papers, or paper “things”

you’ve collected that you don’t need anymore. Of course, pay attention

not to dispose of anything that you legally need to archive,

and remember to shred anything with sensitive information

on it, but on a regular basis file away documents you’ll need in

the future (away being the keyword) and dispose of, shred, or

recycle anything you will not need again. Oh, and did we mention

you should always remember to declutter?


Take a deep breath and ask yourself what your workspace

smells like? Tea lights and candles generally can make a world of

change whether it is the sweet scent of lavender that you enjoy

(or any other scented candles), or the soothing ambiance they

can create with their light. With simple materials like recycled

jars and Montana GLASS Paint, you can make candles a safe,

win/win addition to your office.


When the chips are down and you are swamped in deadlines and

pressure, it is easy to forget that life is actually a lot of fun most

of the time. Using the stenciling technique and a motif of your

choice, with a can of Montana Effect Spray and an inexpensive

small picture frame you can brighten even the smallest of desks

or walls.

Ten tips may be a lot! As we mentioned at the beginning, don’t

get overwhelmed. Try as few or as many of the tips we suggested

to update your workspace as you like. You don’t need to

apply all tips to update your workspace to get some order in your

natural habitat.


By now the decluttering message has come through loud and

clear. Wooden boxes are a great way to store documents and

stationery, so they don’t clutter your desk, or in the worst case

your floor too. With some basic boxes and some Montana GOLD

colors, you can add a soothing seaside touch to the environment

without needing to get wet.

Good luck and happy crafting

with these 10 helpful hints to

update your workspace!

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Bar Cart Makeover


Upcycling Bar Cart Makeover


Some objects fall between the cracks of being too good to be rubbish, and too

rubbish to be good. More often than not, the key to reviving such an object

is motivation, elbow grease, and some good paint. Luckily for us, fate saved the

day and this bar cart ended up in the studio with a new owner and a new look!

The most important ingredients were some nice spray paint cans including

Metal PRIMER and the dedication to give an old piece a new glow with a nice

makeover! Here’s what we did to create our own Bar Cart Makeover.


For us, fate would have it that we found a bar cart. However, you may find any other metal

object that has heaps of potential and is cool looking in its basic form. If you can find

a bar cart as well, then good on you. The following steps will be the same regardless of

your object. Start by making sure all rust is removed. If you can take anything apart to

clean the pieces individually, do it. This will take a little time in the beginning but actually

save you time in the cleaning process and give you a better result. Any rust left on the

metal will result in it returning at a later point, even if years later. Once you’ve cleaned

with vinegar or metal cleaning polish, take your fine steel wool, and rub all metal parts

down again. By now your cart probably looks a lot better. Ensure it is dry, free of dust

and oils and you are ready to get creative.

In your normal can preparation process, shake each can well for 2-3 minutes so

that you can hear the mixing balls moving freely. With gloves and mask on, turn your

cans upside down and take off the nozzle allowing the black safety ring to fall out before

re-applying the nozzle. Give each can a quick test spray pointing away from anything.

Your first can will be the Montana Metal PRIMER. Remove the wheels of your cart

or cover them if you can’t remove them and don’t want them colored.

Apply your primer 20-30 cm away from your cart and move in sweeping strokes

from left to right as you spray. This will prevent too much paint applying and drips from

forming. Once dry, take your Montana GOLD can (we used Yellow Cab), and repeat this

process for 2 or more, thin, even coats. Allow drying thoroughly for 24 or more hours to

cure. We chose to apply a Montana VARNISH to seal the surface and protect it further

from scratching or marking. You can decide which finish to use (Gloss, Semi-Gloss or

Matte), as long as the paint has dried before you applied it. Your basis is done and already

your cart has a cool new look, you just got closer to finishing your Bar Cart Makeover.

Unfortunately, our cart didn’t have any bottom trays. Most likely they used to be

glass and had been broken. Our solution for this was acrylic (or plastic) circular pieces

in the color of our choice (pink), that were cut to measure. Should this not be an option,

you could either go to a glass cutter for glass trays or cut wooden trays to size. Wooden

trays could be left raw or use the same process as for coloring your cart, except

exchange the Metal PRIMER for a Montana Universal PRIMER. Sand your wood with fine

sandpaper to prepare it. Ensure the circles are clean and free of dust before priming

and spraying. You’re almost there.



Bar Cart Makeover


Your cart is spotless and colored. You’ve fixed the

problem of missing bottom trays with acrylic, plastic,

glass, or wood. And you have now decided to join us

for the addition of a display tray to put the icing on

the cake. We chose a wooden tray which was already

smooth and clean. If yours isn’t, give it a light sand

and a clean. Using our Montana Universal

PRIMER, we then sprayed the tray completely to seal

it. Once dry, we sprayed one side in one color and

left this to dry. We then took our masking tape and

stuck a piece of paper over the painted side, applying

another color to the remaining exposed side. We

removed the masking tape and paper about 2 minutes

later. This was left overnight to dry and cure


Finally, we applied the Montana VARNISH coat

to seal the surface in the finish we desired, and also

protect it from liquids. After all, a bar cart is essentially

a bar on wheels isn’t it. A few days later, you’re

sitting in front of your new-look bar cart with gin and

tonic in hand, thinking of how cool it now looks and

how much fun it was to make!

This project is a multi-leveled project. If you just

need to paint the cart, then it’s an easy to medium level

affair. The challenge is thorough preparation and

cleaning. And possibly taking pieces off and putting

them on again. If you need to create or source missing

trays, it becomes harder, subject to your expectations.

And if you’re adding a display tray as we did, it’s

not any harder but requires more time. All in all, allow

yourself at least 1-2 weeks to complete the project.

We did it over the period of a month, which had the

benefit of everything drying at least one night before

the next product was applied. And we chose to scrub

that metal THOROUGHLY to avoid rust returning. But

have no fear, you can do it! Happy Crafting.


• Montana Metal PRIMER

• Montana GOLD Yellow Cab

• Montana GOLD Light Blue

• Montana VARNISH Spray Semi-Gloss

• New or used cart

• Steel wool

• Metal cleaner and/or metal polish

(vinegar is a possible cleaning agent)

• Optional bottom trays if missing

• Fine sandpaper for wooden parts

• Masking tape

• Covering paper

• Gloves

• Mask

• Drop Sheet

Painted Wooden

Animal Heads


DIY Painted Wooden Animal Heads


If you’re not familiar with Cardboard Safari, you will be now. Famous for their cool

cardboard, wooden, and acrylic DIY sculptures, you may have seen some of their

animal heads hanging around somewhere? The pieces worked on were a very vibrant

moose and one deer head. Or at least they became bright. Read on to find

out what we did to create these Painted Wooden Animal Heads.


Due to the color variations used in these two animal heads, it

was important to prepare the painting area thoroughly with a

tarp, or some sort of drop sheet. To achieve the gradient ombre

look, the pieces were laid out on the tarp (in number order) and

put into three groups. Each group would be painted in one of the

chosen colors. For an extra “pop” of color, you could choose a

different color for the antlers.

Having shaken our Montana GOLD colors vigorously for

2-3 minutes so she could hear the mixing balls moving freely,

she then turned each can upside down and removed the nozzle

to allow the black safety ring to fall out from under it. After refitting

the nozzle, a quick spray to the side away from anything

important, and she was ready to spray.

Lay your first group of pieces down and give a thin even

coat and allow to dry. Once this has happened, flip them over

and repeat on the other side. If you have space and you can protect

each color, you can paint different colors directly one after

the other. By the time you get to the last pieces, the first pieces

are most likely dry.

Once these are completely dry, you can spray thin, even

coats, of pre-shaken Montana VARNISH, in the finish of your

choice. This will not only add the aesthetic you want but also

make the pieces more durable and easier to clean at a later point

(if required). Then leave it all to dry overnight.

The last step is easy. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed.

Then when you are ready, fit the pieces together as per

the instructions to form your new-look funky moose head hanging


If the pieces need a little effort for a smoother fit, take

some fine sanding paper and run it carefully through the grooves

for a snug fit. These sculptures will be the talk of the town once

your visitors get a look at them. And the best part is no animals

got hurt in the making of this project.

The Painted Wooden Animal Heads are an easy project for

anyone that can read instructions and trigger a spray can. Depending

on the animal(s) you choose and the number of colors

you want to paint them with, there are about 30-60 minutes of

actual working time. So, don’t rush, and enjoy the steps on this

project. Nice work and Happy Crafting!

allspraypainted Magazine



For moose:

• Montana GOLD Malachite

• Montana GOLD Malachite Light

• Montana GOLD Malachite Dark

• Montana GOLD Lychee for head

• Montana VARNISH Spray

in Semi-Gloss

• Wooden animal heads, we

got ours from Cardboard Safari

• Sandpaper

• Gloves

• Mask

• Drop Sheet

For deer:

• Montana GOLD Shock Yellow

• Montana GOLD Golden Yellow

• Montana GOLD Shock Orange

• Montana GOLD Pool for head

• Montana VARNISH Spray

in Semi-Gloss


Painted Wooden Animal Heads


allspraypainted Magazine



Granit Bed Tray




Granit Bed Tray Makeover 76

allspraypainted Magazine


It’s Sunday morning, you’re under the warm covers of your bed and outside it is

grey and raining. The perfect scenario for a cup of something hot and tasty,

and a new read to turn the morning into the afternoon. In a moment like this, you

might wish you had mobile bed tray to put everything on top. Doesn‘t that just

scream DIY idea? Read on to create your very own GRANIT Bed Tray Makeover.


It’s now afternoon, the book you were reading is finished, as is

your cup. The sun is now shining and that seed of creativity you

had earlier can now be transformed into a project. In our case,

the catalyst for the project is a bed tray. It is small, has few simple

parts and with little effort, we will achieve a big result. However,

should you want to extend this to other pieces of furniture in

your home, we invite you to give it a go.

We started by gathering the materials we previously

bought at our local hardware store. Our wooden board was already

clean and smooth. But should yours need a bit of TLC,

simply sand it down so it is smooth and make sure it’s free of

dust. Grab your can of Universal PRIMER and GRANIT Effect

Spray and give them a good 2-3-minute shake. If you are upcycling

a tray that has had oil-based products on it, be sure to

sand off and remove this from the surface so that the Montana

ACRYLIC based products can adhere to the wood.

We chose to mask off an area of our tray top with masking

tape so some raw wood would feature next to the GRANIT once

the tape was removed. You could experiment with shapes and

forms you mask off however a full GRANIT Spray job may be

more to your liking. First, the Universal PRIMER was applied to

the raw wood and let dry completely. This sealed the wood from

seepage and created an optimum surface for our next coats.

Then the GRANIT Effect Spray was applied. Thin, even

coats from about 20-30 cm away from the wood. We were happy

with one coat, but you could apply more as desired. It’s that easy

and your more or less done!


Granit Bed Tray Makeover



We left the tray top dry overnight. The GRANIT Effect Spray had

ample time to cure and it felt sturdy. Should you want to, you

could also apply some Montana VARNISH Spray in Gloss, Semi-

Gloss or Matte to add even more durability to the tray’s surface.

It could also allow you to give the tray top the finish you wanted

if that was other than the natural GRANIT Effect straight from

the can.

If you are happy with the GRANIT Spray finish as it is, we

recommend peeling the masking tape off about 5-10 minutes after

your last coat. This will help keep the tight line clean between

your raw wood and the GRANIT coats. If you apply a VARNISH,

remove the tape 5-10 minutes after applying it. Same as above,

it keeps the lines clean and your surfaces protected up until the

last minute. Once everything is completely dry, attach the legs

and admire what you have done.

This is a great project for any skill level. Depending on the

size of your tray and if the wood is ready or not, in total there is

no more than 15-20 minutes of actual work. As suggested, don’t

be afraid to expand your horizons and look at other pieces of

furniture with the confidence and satisfaction you just earned

from this project.

And if you already know you can do it, maybe consider

having a few items running at once so you can use the downtime

while the PRIMER or GRANIT Spray is drying to prepare and

coat your other chosen pieces of furniture. Good luck and Happy


allspraypainted Magazine



Easy Pattern



Acrylic Marker Easy Pattern Planters


Plants are an essential part of life, which is why it is no surprise that people with

plants in their indoor spaces usually benefit greatly from them. If it’s not in the

form of oxygen or good energy, then it’s the pure pleasure of how the plants look

and watching them grow over time. But don’t forget to look down at the planters

you have them in. They too can be a great form of pleasure and inspiration, and

with the Easy Pattern Planters, we show you how.

The planter can take many shapes and forms. Not to mention they can also be

made of many varied materials. Whether ceramic, cement, or plastic. Often these

shapes are smooth, simple, and timeless. But after a while, they can also become

a little boring. You can take control of that with as little as only two Montana

ACRYLIC Fine Markers. And if needed, one or two cans of Montana GOLD in the

colors Shock Black and Shock White.

allspraypainted Magazine



Our planters were just as mentioned previously.

Simple, timeless, and plain. They were already black

and white, however, if yours are natural or of another

color, a simple coat of Montana GOLD Shock Black

or Shock White can bring them to the base color you


Just make sure they are clean and dry before

you spray them. For some, this may be the first

step. For others with black or white planters already,

your project begins here. Go and grab your Montana

ACRYLIC Fine Markers from your marker collection

and give them a good shake.

If these aren’t yet in your collection, a visit to

your local Art & Craft store can fix that. Then, it’s as

simple as drawing patterns on your plant pots.

Acrylic Marker

Easy Pattern Planters


allspraypainted Magazine



Your standard non-exceptional looking planters have now become incredible

minimalist planters. And the best part is they are designed by that

exclusive designer, you! As you can see in our pattern examples, there is no

need to get too complicated or second guess your ideas. Keep it simple and

just keep repeating it.

The sum of all your lines and shapes will create the entire piece. Our

patterns are just a suggestion. Inspiration for you to work from. You can

choose to use them as they are or take bits and pieces from the ones you

like and create your own. We chose black on white (and in reverse) as our

colorway to keep it simple and timeless.

Should you have another preference in the colorway, just use the colors

in the combinations you want. But remember the key, keep it simple!

The Easy Pattern Planter project is for everyone with any ability. You can

create original designs resulting in beautiful planters or use the ones we

suggested which will result in original designs anyway thanks to the wonder

of everybody’s individual application technique. But most of all, have fun

with it and Happy Crafting.


Colorful Opaque

Candle Holders


Decor Colorful Opaque Candle Holders


Although not as practical as flicking a switch, candles lit up our worlds with

mood and ambiance while keeping us from living in the dark at night. And ironically,

they still do. This got us thinking of a simple idea using Montana GLASS

Paint and simple glass candle holders. A chance to play with two light sources

at once. GLASS Paint Candle Holders were born. Read on to learn how we

did the Colorful Opaque Candle Holders.

allspraypainted Magazine



Depending on your time restrictions, you can either

be efficient and drive to your local home decor, hardware,

or craft store and be relatively sure you will

find some sort of glass candle holder on offer. Or, if

you have a little time up your sleeve and want to do it

the low consumption way, visit your local yard sales,

second-hand stores or peek through the boxes when

it’s hard rubbish time. You may or may not have fast

luck, but eventually, you’ll find what you want. Give

your candle holders a good wash removing all oils

and dust, and above all make sure they are completely

dry. That’s the hard part!

Placing the holders on your drop sheet, with

gloves and mask on, shake your cans well for 2-3 minutes.

If you can’t hear the mixing balls moving freely,

then you still need to shake some more. At a distance

of about 15-25 cm, spray your Montana GLASS

Paint in a light even coat on the holder.

Most likely one coat will be enough. If you want

an opaquer finish, then you can opt for more coats

once dry. Repeat this process to each holder. If you

want to experiment, consider fading colors into each

other, or masking areas off so you have a mix of clear

glass and colored glass. We chose to stick to a single

color, making the holders timeless and all-season.

At this point, you may ask yourself, why a glass

candleholder? Just as a candle is a source of light, so

is the holder. By using Montana GLASS Paint, which

is matte and transparent, we add another level to the

possible ambiance that the candle can produce as

light is also able to pass through the colorful opaque

candle holder. And besides that, it looks cool.

You are done and it was as easy as that! This is

a project for absolutely any level and the most challenging

part is locating the perfect shaped candle

holders. So, start your search and make it happen.

Happy Crafting!


• Montana GLASS Paint Almond

• Montana GLASS Paint Coral Red

• Montana GLASS Paint Orchid

• Montana GLASS Paint Bay Blue

• Montana GLASS Paint Teal

• Montana GLASS Paint Mint

• Montana GLASS Paint Black

• Candle holders

• Candles

• Gloves

• Mask

• Drop Sheet


Colorful Opaque Candle Holders


allspraypainted Magazine



Acetone Art

Table Lamp



Acetone Art Table Lamp 94

Light and lighting is an essential part of how we see the world and how it makes

us feel. Just think of all those amazing summer sunsets at the beach. Or how

good it feels when the first shimmers of light hit your skin after an extended

period of grey skies and rain. For the Acetone Art Table Lamp project, we took

a simple lamp with a card lampshade and turned it into an amazing designer art

piece. That just happens to be functional as well. If you want to find the “designer”

in you, read on.

allspraypainted Magazine



You have been to those fancy lighting stores and have seen

many beautiful lamps by a designer from Scandanavia you have

never heard of. But you turned the tag around to see the price

and moved on. Thanks to hardware stores, and yard sales, you

managed to find a simple light, with a simple lampshade that is

almost perfect. The final touch to make it perfect is the one that

you will create yourself.

Our lamp had a black wooden base and a paper/card white

lampshade. A timeless combination. Once we prepared our

workspace, removed the lampshade, and laid it flat, it was time

to create a simple yet elegant touch. You can also work on paper

and wrap it around the actual lampshade if taking it off is not

possible. Using only Montana GOLD in the color Shock Black and

a can of Montana ACETONE Spray, we have all we need. With

your gloves and mask on and the cans are shaken well for 2-3

minutes, apply a simple line (or lines) with the Shock Black as

desired. The key here is “less is more”. You can always add more

linework afterward if you want.

While the lines are still wet, spray the Montana ACETONE

Spray on them allowing the liquid to gather and pool. As these

pools spread out, they will take the black pigment with them

creating warm, natural-looking smokey pigment clouds. The

more ACETONE you apply, the more the black will disperse. Apply

a little at a time and observe what happens. Also, consider

moving the lampshade material around to guide the directions

the ACETONE takes the color. Then allow drying to occur before

you re-apply the shade to the lamp base.


Acetone Art Table Lamp



STUNNING! The lamp looks truly amazing almost as if you can’t believe you did it yourself.

Those subtle little lines dispersed into shades of grey tones. The smokey effect

fading into the white card looked not only timeless but as if you were in a studio in

Stockholm when you did. Even if it was just your garden shed.

We chose a black and white combination however you could choose to vary which

Montana GOLD color you want with the Montana ACETONE Spray. The technique is the

same regardless of the color combination.

This project is absolutely for everyone. The main effort is in removing and re-applying

the lampshade. You may need some sort of clear adhesive tape to re-apply it if

there was a similar tape to apply it in the first place.

Allow for about 10-20 minutes or prep time and 5 minutes of actual spraying time.

Be warned, when your friends see your new Acetone Art Table Lamp you may be asked

to make some more for them. Good luck and Happy Crafting.

allspraypainted Magazine



Wooden Box




Wooden Box Sideboard


Finding the right balance between practical furniture and functional furniture is

often harder than it sounds. Every home has those little spaces that are too small

to store big furniture, and too big to not use for some sort of storage at all. So

how do you find that balance? Simple, you create a sideboard from the materials

you love. Big enough in a hallway or corridor to store some of those things you

always reach for, like books and keys. Small enough to not invade your space

and make your home feel crowded. Oh, and did we mention they look cool, too?

Here is how we did the Wooden Box Sideboard.


• Montana GOLD Shrimp

• Montana GRANIT Grey

• Montana Universal PRIMER

• Montana VARNISH Semi-Gloss

• Wooden plank (Your choice of size)

• Wooden boxes (amount of your choice)

• Steel pre-made table legs (or similar

prefabricated legs

• Sandpaper (optional)

• Thin insolation material (optional)

• Screwdriver or drill

• Screws

• Soft material of your choice (optional)

• Covering material

• Gloves

• Mask

• Drop Sheet

allspraypainted Magazine



There are three main steps to this project. The tabletop, the main

body (wooden boxes), and the legs. We undertook them all in

that order but you could work whichever order suited you?

Our tabletop was a pre-cut piece of pine wood. A standard at

any big-box hardware store, or timber store. We knew the measurements

of our wooden boxes (in the next step), so when we

bought ours, we asked them to cut it to size to cover two boxes.

Sand the top lightly, paying attention to the edges of the wood

to remove potential splinters. Remove all dust and place in your

covered spraying area.

Remembering the magic steps, shake your cans for 2-3

minutes vigorously, ensuring that you can hear the mixing balls

moving freely. Where applicable, take the nozzle off and turn the

can upside down letting the black safety ring drop out. Starting

with your Montana Universal PRIMER, spray your top in two

coats on both sides.

Thinly and evenly, allowing 10+ minutes between coats.

You might ask, why both sides? Spraying just the top may result

in the wood warping. After it has dried, take your pre-shaken

Montana GRANIT Spray can, and apply from approximately

15-25 cm distance. Reapply if required and put aside to dry thoroughly.

The second step is the body of the sideboard. The wooden

boxes will form the body of your sideboard. You could source

used boxes to up-cycle, but we chose new ones at the same

place we bought our tabletop. Up-cycling may mean you need to

lightly sand the boxes, but if you’re lucky, a quick clean may do

the job.

Depending on if you have a power drill or not, there are two

options for you. The first is to pre-drill smaller holes (then the


Wooden Box Sideboard


width of your screws) into the tops of your wooden boxes. This

could prevent the wood from splitting. The second is just to drill

through the wood with the screw on. Either way, you’ll need the

correct screwdriver head for the screws you have. From inside

the boxes, screw the lined-up tabletop to the boxes from underneath

ensuring your screws are too short to come through the


This may be enough and with 8 or more screws your sideboard

will take shape. If you need to, you can also put a couple

of screws joining the two boxes together for extra strength. If

you don’t have a drill, although harder, this is also possible to

do by hand with a screwdriver if your wood is soft. Should the

boxes not be so square, you may choose to lay some sort of

thin insolation type material between the top and the boxes to

balance everything out. Make sure the insolation material is cut

smaller than the top so you will not see it out the sides and that

it is not too thick! Cut it off afterward if any sticks out from under

the tabletop.

The final step towards your Wooden Box Sideboard is coloring

and applying the legs. If your table legs are not the color

you want them to be, you can easily change that. After vigorous

shaking, apply your Montana Universal PRIMER in 1-2 even, thin,

coats, to the clean dry legs and allow the primer to dry. If you

wanted to go to the next level, you could even use Montana Me-

allspraypainted Magazine


tal PRIMER which helps resist against rust. Using the Montana

GOLD color of your choice, you can then apply 1-2 even coats

as desired. We used a singular pastel color but may choose various

colors of any orientation (bright, soft, pastel, monotone

etc.) Once dry, with your sideboard body and top laid upside

down, screw the legs in each corner ensuring you first calculated

their equal positions. Flip the sideboard over carefully and

then pat yourself on the back. You’re finished (possibly!). At this

point, your funky new sideboard may be ready to place in its new

home. We recommend giving one final coat of Montana VAR-

NISH in the finish of your choice. This could add durability to

the tabletop and legs as well or a different aesthetic to its finish.

Alternatively, you could choose to varnish only the top, the

body, or the legs, at the end of each of those stages in the construction

of the sideboard. Either way, it will look GREAT! This is

an intermediate project able to be completed by just about anyone.

Of the 1-2 hours of actual working time, the hardest parts

if you’re not familiar with it, are screwing the 3 parts (top/body/

legs) together.

Don’t be worried about this, take your time and screw in

non-visible areas. All that is left now is to enjoy your new, DIY

Wooden Box Sideboard. Well done and Happy Crafting!



Frosted White

Christmas Decor



Frosted White Christmas Decor 108

allspraypainted Magazine


The house is clean, the gifts are ready, and the weather is cold outside. It‘s obvious

to see that Christmas is coming. And along with the festive season comes

the mad rush to decorate, put up the tree, and be ready. However, we also often

fall into that trap of stressing out about what type of decorations to use each

year. The stores all have the same things as last year, and the truth is, we all

want something unique. We know just how you feel, which is why we put on our

thinking caps for you and came up with some simple elements for your home

that can be up-cycled or created without too much fuss. But of course, with a lot

of fun. This year, we are going to help you have a Frosted White Christmas,

whatever the weather outside.


Our White Frosted Christmas DIY is the ideal way to get you into

the mood and fire up your Christmas spirit. Rather than go overboard

with too much random color that will most likely date, we

are going to stick with timeless, soul recharging, and light-filled

white. Which in case you forget, is actually the most luminous

color to reflect light in your home.

The spring cleaning at the start of the year did two good

things other than clean things up. It helped us find some cool

vases and ornaments which we will now use, and it made us organize

our Christmas decorations, so we actually know where

they are now. It is amazing what finds its way to the back of your

cupboards. But if you don‘t have the luck that we did, keep your

eyes peeled when you are next at a second-hand shop, or visit

your local craft store, or big box hardware store where you will

find everything you need. What you are looking for is neutral

colored glass containers, vases, or ornaments in the shapes of

your desire. In the Christmas aisles, you‘re bound to find an array

of baubles in the shapes and styles you want. Take all your goodies

home to the workspace, and make sure they are all clean,

dry, and free of dust and oils.

For the spraying aspect of our White Frosted Christmas,

we used Montana GLASS Paint white, Montana GOLD in the color

Shock White, Montana Universal PRIMER (you guessed it, it‘s

white), and Montana GLITTER. Or you can go for Montana HOLO-

GRAM if you want more bling.


Frosted White Christmas Decor



The beauty of making White Frosted Christmas decor is that it

is easy, and the combinations of the products used are flexible.

You have the choice to apply the Montana GLASS Paint white by

itself, or over Montana GOLD Shock White. You can apply the

Montana GOLD Shock White by itself, or coat it with Montana

GLASS Paint, or Montana GLITTER Spray afterward. You can

apply the Montana GLITTER Spray over Montana GOLD Shock

White, or the Montana Universal PRIMER.

After having put on our gloves and mask, prepared a drop

sheet for our overspray, shaken our cans vigorously for 2-3 minutes,

and removed the black safety ring from under the can‘s

nozzle (where applicable), we simply turned all our vases and

ornaments upside-down and placed them on our drop sheet.

Depending on the product combination you decide to use first,

we applied either Shock White, Universal PRIMER, or the GLASS

Paint to the base of the object we were painting, and then faded

away as we worked down the object. For the clear glass

vases, the idea being that natural light could still pass through

the top of them when turned the right way up. When dry, we then

applied the GLASS Paint over the Shock White, and the GLIT-

TER spray over the Shock White or Universal PRIMER. And in

the case where we wanted to use glass paint alone, the first coat

meant we were already done.

Then we let it all dry overnight to ensure the paint could

cure and be as durable as possible before we handled it. With

very little effort, we had easily created some impressive decor.

The shapes and forms made it easy for us to figure out what we

wanted to put into each object. We stuck with fresh green foliage

for our longer vases. A beautiful natural aspect, that brings

a touch of life in your home at a time when it is often grey and

dreary outside. For our flatter ornaments, our white baubles

seemed to want to jump in there themselves. And if your upcycling

baubles that are colored that you want to make white,

have no fear. With your leftover Montana GOLD Shock White or

Universal PRIMER, you can personalize them too using the skills

you already have.

You are done. At least for this part of your pre-Christmas

preparations. It was easy, took less only 15-30 minutes, and

looks stunning. Now to figure out what to fill the fridge with? Well

done and Merry Christmas from all the team at allspraypainted.

Happy Crafting!

allspraypainted Magazine



Minimalist Granit




Minimalist Granit Bookends 114

The bookshelf can be one of the most intimate spaces of your home. For some, it

houses all those books that help heal their souls, for others, it could be the library

of inspiration for their creativity, the place for secrets hidden deep within the

pages of forgotten books. Or if you are lucky enough you have a place to sit and

read quietly right at the source. But as with all parts of the house, the bookshelf

is also not immune to change and reorganization. This week all the novels at the

bottom, next week all the magazines. To keep up with this need for change and

flexibility, we have just the right piece of practical decor, that happens to look

stunning at the same time. Wooden Granit Bookends, every reader’s best friend.

allspraypainted Magazine



There is a lot to consider when new books or magazines come into the collection.

What gets which position? How often am I going to reach for this or

that? And how do I keep them all from falling over? We can’t help you with

the first two aspects, but the falling over issue, we can help with.

All you need is two reasonably solid wooden blocks. The size can be

subject to availability, the size of your books & magazines, as well as the size

of your shelves. Often available from Hardware stores, Decor/Homewares

shops and whereever wood is sold, make sure the wood is the size you want,

sanded to the smoothness you desire, clean, dry and free of dust.

Apply the Montana GRANIT Effect Spray in the color of your choice

directly, pre-coat with Montana Universal PRIMER or Montana GOLD in the

color Shock White. Remembering to shake well for 2-3 minutes prior to use

and to remove the safety ring from under the nozzle before reapplying it

to spray. A couple of thin even coats from a 20-30 cm distance and you’re



Minimalist Granit Bookends



Your Wooden Granit Bookends are painted, and they look great. Your guests

will ask themselves where you found such beautiful stones from? Such a

simple project using easy going materials that can add even more character

and warmth to your home than any bought item ever will.

Not to mention the calming effect of symmetrical objects is always

soothing. As your books and magazines change, so can your shelves. Just

stack as you please and place the bookends wherever there is a risk of

books falling.

This project is for absolutely anyone and has no more than about 5

minutes of work. Even less if you manage to find wooden blocks that are

already sanded and clean. Have fun and Happy Crafting!


Faded, Stone, and




Faded, Stone, and Sprayed


Ideas are worth their weight in gold. To see something, and then turn it into something

else, something better, more useful, or more engaging than it was, that

is something special. Any DIY'er, designer, artist, craftsperson, or even just somebody

trying to make their home a more comfortable, will agree. However, the

spark that lights the fire of an idea doesn't have to be the completed idea itself.

Sometimes it can be as simple as seeing color, a color combination, or a contrast

between one surface and another. And nobody provides us with as many good

ideas as our surroundings. Bringing beauty, inspiration, and function together is

yet another strength of the natural world.

allspraypainted Magazine



Look around when you're outside in the forest, in the park, or on

the beach. Anywhere that is not enclosed by man-made walls.

Notice how we are surrounded by gradient fades. See how one

color, blends into another. Sometimes subtly and smooth, other

times powerfully, shifting one contrasting color into another. All

the while, conveying feelings of warmth, harmony, vibration, or

calm. And everything in between. Pick the fades you like in the

color combinations you prefer, and hold that thought.


Rock, earth, mountains, or whatever forms you see when thinking

of stone, without this material, many of our structures,

architecture, or landscapes (natural or man-made), would not

exist. From the jutted peaks of an alpine mountain face, the minimalist

cubic buildings of a contemporary major city, to the highly

polished marble sculptures of those beautiful historic Italian Piazzas.

Stone is everywhere and eventually; everything will turn

into it. Which is why it is the perfect effect to give your home, or

personal spaces, a little more grounding.


You don't have to convince us; we know how versatile and fun it

is to use spray paint. What the spray can – can do, and when it

is at its best (like the Montana GOLD), you can bring any design

idea to life, whether you are improving your home's interior or

adapting a space to suit your needs. Spraying something can

create a mood and improve your surroundings immensely, not to

mention add function and durability.

Interior Faded, Stone, and Sprayed 122

Spray paint FAQ via


allspraypainted Magazine


With the humble stool as a basis, it became clear to us that these

three elements could be the source of a great simple stool

project. The stool, as one of the most used pieces of furniture in

many homes, is the ideal starting point to explore fading, stone

effects, and our favorite, spraying. With wood as the material of

choice for our stools, we were flexible to explore each effect and

have fun doing it. For all the stools, wherever it was required, the

Montana Universal PRIMER was the ideal surface preparation for

any coating. Not only does it seal the wood for longevity, it also

gives a neutral white base to work on.

For the first stool we brought two elements together. Stone,

by way of the Montana GRANIT Effect Spray, and color, by

way of the Montana GOLD color, Manila Green. It wasn't by accident

that this color also represented the green of the natural

world. After having coated the bases of the stool's feet with Manila

Green, we then masked the color at equal heights before

coating the rest of the stool with Montana GRANIT Effect Spray,

in the color Light Grey. The result was stunning. Minimal, contemporary,

and timeless.

The second stool was to be given the sturdy optical effect

of marble. With only variations of black and white, the stool's

top was first primed in white. This could be the Montana GOLD

Shock White or the Universal PRIMER. One half of the top was

masked to protect the white color, while the rest of the stool

was sprayed with Montana GOLD color, Shock Black. Once

dry, it was time to add the ornate marble touch by spraying

Montana MARBLE Effect Spray in the color Shock White, loosely

over the whole stool. The remaining masking material on the

white top was then removed, and the black areas safely masked

and covered so a contrasting black MARBLE Effect could be cleanly

applied to only the white portion of the top. AMAZING! A

stunning 2 color contrast that was fast and simple. And with a

coat of Montana VARNISH in Gloss, it may even look like a valuable

marble ornament.

The last stool was all about color. No fancy tricks, just a

warm fade to create a positive mood to your indoor space. With

the warmth of the summer sun, or faded leaves with the arrival of

autumn, the stool was first completely coated with the Montana

GOLD color, Shrimp Pastel. Once dry, the lower portion of the

legs of the stool were sprayed with equal fading with the color

Shrimp, to about halfway up. The final color Shrimp Dark was

applied at the very base of the legs and only faded halfway up

the previous color Shrimp. The effect, an eye-catching gradient

that alludes to many moods, all of them good. The stool was

improved further with a final coat of Montana VARNISH Gloss to

add durability and flair.

Faded, Stone, and Sprayed. All ideas from our very own

surroundings, and all of them easy to create and maintain. Why

don't you look around to see what inspires you or mix and match

these ideas to create your unique look? Good luck and Happy


Interior Faded, Stone, and Sprayed 124

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