"The Ritual of local Handcraft"-The prototype in detail by Alice Weber


This document gives you a clear and detailed overview of the prototype which consists of two parts.

The prototype in detail


The Ritual of local Handcraft

by Alice Weber

Table of contents...


The DIY-kit



Example of ”prototype journey” /p.19




The ZHAOGU App...

The prototype consists of an

App called “ZHAOGU” which means

“taking care” in Chinese, and

a DIY-kit called “The Ritual of

local Handcraft” that enables

the customer to create their own

Rituals skin care.

Please scan this QR-code to experience

a demo of the ZHAOGU

App on your own smartphone.

In case you have an iPhone, just

open the camera and scan the

code. On an Android phone, a

QR-scanner App is needed.


Starting screen

When the customer opens the

ZHAOGU App, this is how the

starting screen looks like.


There are six menues available

in the App. Generally,

the app mainly serves as an

onlineshop but it is so much

more than that! Get to know

the other features on the

following pages.


Buying local ingredients

In this menu, the customers

can buy local ingredients

from the area where they are

at while ordering in the

app. Per GPS, the App knows

where the customer is located

at. The seperate ingredients

are meant to be

ordered when the customised

DIY-kit ingredients are finished

and the customer wants

to re-create the kit.

Each ingredient is displayed

with a short description

about which benefits it gives

the skin.



Besides local ingredients

like dried flowers, the customers

can also buy local

oils like lavender and olive



Serums from local ingredients

are also available. An

example is the greek watermelon




Besides buying ingredients,

it is also possible to buy

equipment. Containers in

different sizes are available

and also tools like

beaks, lab spoons and petri


Skin scan

The most important part of

the app is definitely the

skin scan. It scans the skin

state and also the mental

health state of the customer

with the help of AI and AR.


The skin scan is resulting

in a 3D video of the face

and helps to create a detailed


The AI detects certain skin

irritations and abnormalities

and showcases them like

this, with different colours.


As a result, an indepth and

personal analysis is displayed.

Meaning that not

only the result of the analysis

are shown, but also

tips for improving the skin

state and also - connected

to that - the mental health

state. This is the case because

it is scientifically

prooven that a bad mental

health can result in bad



In this menu the customers

can find all essential information

on the App and the

DIY-kit. It is all about explaining

the benefits of The

Ritual of local Handcraft

and what the whole meaning

behind it is.



The DIY-kit...

The second part of the prototype

consists of a wooden tower

which can be used as a storage

item for all the ingredients and

equipment the DIY-kit is made

of. Also, this wooden tower is

useful for the mixing of all ingredients,

so as a tiny working



Colour: beige


biodegradable thick



The packaging is

made out of biodegradable

thick paper

and is shaped

like a tulip because

the tulip stands for

“taking care”. Also,

the tulip is the national

flower of the

Netherlands, so it

resembles the locality,

as Rituals as a

brand comes from the



Colour: dark brown

and beige


acacia wood, coated

with waterproof varnish

Wooden item

This wooden item is

made out of dark

acacia and light

acacia wood. It is

mainly useful for

the storage and

sorting of all ingredients

and the




Packging and item

This is how the

packaging looks like

when the item is inside.

Meaning that

the tulip-like shape

is wrapped around it

like a closed blossom.

Side view 1 Side view 2



Ingredients and equipment

The DIY-kit also consists of

equipment like a container for

the end result - a skin cleanser.

Furthermore, a beaker, a lab

spoon and a petri dish, as well

as ingredients like dried flowers,

oil or serum and also natural


Expandable working space

Possibilities of using

This is a possible way of using

the DIY-kit. The main function is

a storage possibility; all items

can be organised in the different

wholes and also on the top there

is place for a beaker so that it

is more convenient to mix the ingredients.

The ground of the kit serves as

a storage for all larger items


do not fit into the wholes.

There are two rather thin wooden

pieces in shape of leaves assembled

on top of the ground. They

are a bit flexible and can be extended

to the outside so that a

little working space is created.


Example of “prototype journey”...

Which possible steps does the customer take?

1.) Most probably the customer reads through the “About ZHAOGU” page

first in order to get a deeper insight into the whole idea behind the


2.) The customer would like to receive an analysis of the skin and

mental health state and therefore clicks on the “Start skin scan”

menu. Here, the customer holds the face in front of the front camera

of the smartphone and a 3D video of the face is generated.

3.) A read through the analysis results is next. The customer learns

a lot about the skin state and also how the sub-conscious mental

health state is. Furthermore, the customer can see the customised

DIY-kit which was created with the help of the AI-based skin scan.

Also, the customer gets educated regarding why exactly this specific

DIY-kit was chosen for them.

4.) Now, the customer is convinced and decides to buy the customised

DIY-kit by ordering it directly in the ZHAOGU App.

5.) The customer received the custom-made DIY-kit and is curious to

start creating a new Riuals skin care product. Clicking on the “DIYkit”

menu is necessary in order to get to know all the steps which

need to be taken in order to create the product. In the app, the AI

reads the steps out loud, if wished, and otherwise all the steps are

written down, as well.

6.) Finally the amazing self-made Rituals skin cleanser is finished

and ready for use. After some time, the customer decides to re-create

this exact skin cleanser once again and therefore buys all necessary

local ingredients and natural chemicals in the ZHAOGU App.


7.) In order to maintain a good mental health, day by day, the customer

“listens” to the daily mental health improvement tips which

the AI of the app displays and does daily meditation and yoga or

just goes for a walk outside when the app recommends that.

Whatever you create,

take care of your body and soul.

The Ritual of local Handcraft

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