Year 6 The Circulatory System

Year 6 have been investigating the circulatory system and have studied its structure and functions. They were tasked with imagining the journey of a blood cell through the different parts of the heart and body. They could be as imaginative and dramatic as they liked. They have brilliantly combined their creative writing skills with their scientific knowledge. 

Year 6 have been investigating the circulatory system and have studied its structure and functions. They were tasked with imagining the journey of a blood cell through the different parts of the heart and body. They could be as imaginative and dramatic as they liked. They have brilliantly combined their creative writing skills with their scientific knowledge. 


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Year 6 – The Circulatory System

Year 6 have been investigating the circulatory system and

have studied its structure and functions. They were tasked

with imagining the journey of a blood cell through the

different parts of the heart and body. They could be as

imaginative and dramatic as they liked. They have brilliantly

combined their creative writing skills with their scientific


Journey of a Red Blood Cell

by Daniel

I dropped through the vena cava as if it were a water slide,

the rest of the blood cells came down with me. Shouts of

joy and terror rang through the right atrium, from the new

blood cells, until we continued our journey downwards to

the right ventricle the were propelled out through the

pullmery artery by a wave like force, a small party of white

blood cells dashed past us at astonishing speed bumping

into some of us, "Hey!" one of many blood cells called out

to the white blood cells who slightly knocked them forward.

Then we reached the lungs.

As we raced through the lungs coming out as oxygenated

blood cells then paraded back down to the heart. I

entered back in with a mass of blood cells through a

pullmery vein by the side of the heart only to go through

the left atrium and ventricle, then be surged out the aorta

by a strong pump- like force. we continued our journey, our

numbers thinning by the second as some blood cells

dropped down smaller shoots, but new cells also joined us.

Then we reached the arms, the strong limb got rid of us

some of our oxygen, and slowly as we continued through

all the various parts of the body we lost more of the oxygen.

Until I dropped down a small narrow shoot to become a de

oxygenated blood cells. The returned to the heart to repeat

the process again and again.

Journey of a Red Blood Cell

by Finley

I was so excited. It was my first day alive! And I was going to

be one of the 12.129638203735278% of red blood cells that

go through the heart first! As I flew through the body superfast,

I noticed that I had no personal space whatsoever. I

was cramped with other red blood cells, chatting away to

each other, buzzing with excitement. Because of my

nervous instincts, I decided to take the test of going through

the heart alone. Also, when I say test, I mean test. On your

first go, let’s just say that things could go wrong...

It was time. I flowed through the inferior vena cava into the

heart, beating loudly every second or two. I shot into the right

atrium, and I was pumped through the valve into the right

ventricle. The right ventricle pumped me so hard and I flew up,

through the giant ribcage, inside the lungs. “I survived part 1 of

the heart!” I gasped, taking in oxygen. But I was still going,

flowing back down the body into the pulmonary vein, straight

through to the left atrium and slid through to the left ventricle.

That was the point when I thought it was over, but then a huge

BOOM sound rung in my ears and I was whooshed at what felt

like 500 miles per hour, round the body, delivering oxygen to

organs. I flew through the intestines, into the liver, and all over

the place. “So that oxygen wasn’t for me.” I thought, terribly

upset that I didn’t get to keep it.

I finally flowed back through the inferior vena cava back to the

heart, ready to start all over again.

Journey of a Red Blood Cell

by Gabriella

Journey of a Red Blood Cell

by James

WHOOOOSH! Me and my friends were yet again flung into

the right atrium. We had been through it many times and

we will keep going until we die. We were tightly cramped

with other deoxygenated blood cells and we were getting

ready to be sent off again. Suddenly, we were pumped out

by the right ventricle and we went through the pulmonary

artery. The walls were red and it was a tube shape. All

around me I could see platelets clotting a cut and white

blood cells fighting off germs. I’m lucky I’m not them.

After a few seconds we arrived in the lungs. Finally,

refreshment. We were showered in oxygen and then sent

down through the pulmonary vein to the left atrium where

we were going to be pumped off. Yet again we were

cramped together, but this time we were oxygenated. Now

we were pumped away by the left ventricle through the

aorta, and now it was time to go sight-seeing around the

body. This is my favourite bit; you go all the way to the head

and down to the toes. Lovely. Suddenly, my friends were

cut off from me and went up as I was going down. They

were going through the superior vena cava, and I was

going through the inferior. Those lucky cells. After a while

we met up back at the right atrium, ready to start again.

Journey of a Red Blood Cell

by Logan

I begin at my starting point, the right atrium. I’ve had so many good

memories here, but I am ready for another adventure.

I work hard to remove the vile carbon dioxide and replace it with my

best friend, oxygen-poor blood, I take that from the body and then

pump it to the right ventricle. While that’s going on my brother is

working at the left atrium and he is removing the disgusting carbon

dioxide. He has already received oxygen-rich blood from the King, the

lungs, and that pumps it to the left ventricle.

Then me, who now is in the right ventricle, pumps blood to the lungs,

and on the way, I pick up oxygen and remove the repulsive carbon

dioxide. My brother again who's in the left ventricle, pumps blood to

the rest of the body to keep everything working properly. The left

ventricle which my brother is in, is highly dangerous because it is very

high in oxygen and very low in carbon dioxide.

While I pump blood around the body, I occasionally see him. As I make

my way to the toes its freezing down there, its unbearable, but when

I'm near the head its boiling, so I like to hang around near the tummy

then I don’t get too hot or too cold.

Well, that’s enough for one adventure, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow

when we start this journey all over again.

Journey of a Red Blood Cell

by Mia

Dear Diary

Today was my first day, on the job. I was so excited to travel

around the circulatory system. I have heard so many good

things about going that I’m getting kind of nervous.

First, I make my way to the Vena Cava, which is in the

heart, then I get pushed into the Right Atrium. The right

atrium then contracts, pushing the me through the tricuspid

into the right ventricle.

The right ventricle then contracts, pushing me out of the

heart, going through the semi lunar into the pulmonary


Then the pulmonary artery takes me to the lungs where

they get rid of all the nasty carbon dioxide. It's almost like

getting a free shower. Then I pick up oxygen and head off

to the Pulmonary vein.

The pulmonary vein caries me to the left atrium. The left

atrium pushes me through the bicuspid then I enter the left


The left ventricle pushes me through the semi lunar and

then out of the heart to the aorta. Then I get pushed

throughout the body and it was just like a roller costar.

Journey of Brook the


Blood Cell

by Pradnya

Chapter 1 –

Visiting the

Right Atrium

• I've been waiting for this moment for

such a long time, following in the

footsteps of my Mama cells whole

family! Putting on my best shade of

blue, I made my way down and I

noticed the unruly cells as they are

deoxygenated and have just arrived

From the Vena Cava. The Right

Atrium is in the Upper Chamber of the

heart, I know this because my BCF (

Best Cell Friend) used to live here

before she moved.

• Sighing off,

• Brook xxx

Chapter 2 – The Right Ventricle

• I always thought the right Ventricle sounded a bit like the right

Popsicle though it is the most anterior of the 4 chambers. AS I

ambled through the cell crowd, I noticed they were drawn to a

big slide named the Atrioventricular orifice which I guess led to

the lungs ( What, just because I'm deoxygenated doesn't mean

I can't have a good cell cation) WEEEEEEE BEST SLIDE


• Signing off,

• Brook xxx

Chapter 3 - Lungs

• Rapidly, I whooshed through the slide passing the Pulmonary

artery. I arrived at the Lungs. The lungs were the Hotspot for

Cell Tourists waiting to be oxygenated, It's basically New York,

were my Human lives. Though the most important place is the

Cellular Hospital- because all the carbon dioxide needs to be

removed from the cells! Theres workers absolutely everywere

handing out oxygen. EEEEEEE I'v always wanted to hold some

oxygen!!! Another slide, WEEEEEEEEE!

• Sighing of,

• Brook xxx

Chapter 4 – Pulmonary vein and Left Atrium

• This time the slide was long. We stopped at the Pulmonary vein

for a quick re fuel and now I am in the Left atrium. This is my

favorite place so far because we get pumped with lots of air, It's

basically a carnival! But also, my least favorite because my

human had a heart burn and part of the fair set on fire and we

had to be evacuated to the rest of the body! OMG this is the

best holiday ever traveling around the body is like travelling

around the world!

• Sighing of for the last time,

• Brook xxx

Around the heart and back


By Shreya

Chapter 1 – The right atrium

This is the first stop on my journey. I took a flight from Vena

Cava International (VCI).I really excited as I have been waiting

ever since I was created in the bone marrow. It is a family

tradition going around the circulatory system. The Right Atrium

is located in the right top-class chamber, so I need look my

bluest as all the rowdy, deoxygenated blood cells live there.

Chapter 2 – The

Right Ventricle

The next stop on my journey is the right

ventricle. This is where my family live,

although we move house a lot. They are

really proud of me. I am going to stop

and say hello to them.




The next place I need

to visit are the lungs. To

get there I need to take

the tube using the PA

line there. It's really fast

so I like it. This is how I

visit Sally Cell, my best

cell friend.

Chapter 4 – the lungs

My mum said that my diary should have

facts so here are some facts about the

lungs. All the key buildings like the hospital

and the police station are here. Everyone

who comes via the PA Line has to be

oxygenated and given a carbon dioxide free

check. My mum and dad help in the

hospital. At oxygen postal service, I get

given a bag of oxygen to provide the body in

exchange of my carbon dioxide bags I have

been collecting from the body. Having

responsibility is exciting.

Chapter 5 – The

Pulmonary veins

To get to the Left Atrium, I need

to take a train on the PV line. The

PV line is slower so they the

attendants provide some time to

refuel before the long journey to


Chapter 6 – the

left atrium

This the tourist hot spot. I have come

here many times. The Left

Atrium(L.A.) is where the main Cell

phone tower is. This results in

common fires during the spicy food

season. L.A. is empty in that season.

In the other seasons the place is

packed. It is a very busy place as it is

always pumping us to its buddy, the

left Ventricle.

Chapter 7 – The

left ventricle

• The left ventricle is the most

important chamber in the Heart.

All the strong blood cells live

here. The left ventricle pumps

the oxygen-rich blood to the body

through a large network of

arteries. The contractions of

the left ventricle, the strongest of

the four chambers, are what

create blood pressure in the body.


body Distribution

Now it is my time to shine. The oxygen

distribution is like a race. If you are slow, the

circulatory system collapses. I visit the arms,

the legs, the toes and fingers, the brain and

much more. I don't like the brain, he thinks he

is to clever for everyone but I would like the

brain to see how long he could last without us

blood cells. The body is like a fun maze but

there is nothing like 'Heart Sweet Heart' so I'll

be glad to go home.

The Epilogue

I am now at Vena Cava

International. The queue for the

first cell tickets is being held up

by tired and deoxygenated

blood cells so I might have to

take the boat via the River Cell,

but I can't wait for my next


Journey of a Red Blood Cell

by Tatsav

Whoosh! Just entered the heart through the vena cava. I

will soon be pumped to the right atrium which will pump

pulmonary artery. I just came up from the legs. But my o my

it is hot in here. Here we go. We are at the right atrium. In a

sec I will be at the pulmonary artery. Ah I’m here now we’re

going to the lungs. It is quite hot here. Woaaahhh. That was

bumpy. Now I will carry this oxygen to the left atrium. We’re

nearly there. I am now going to the left ventricle. Next stop

will be the aorta. The last one before I go to other parts of

the body. Here we are now I am going to go back to the

legs and drop some water.


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