Year 6 The Circulatory System


Year 6 have been investigating the circulatory system and have studied its structure and functions. They were tasked with imagining the journey of a blood cell through the different parts of the heart and body. They could be as imaginative and dramatic as they liked. They have brilliantly combined their creative writing skills with their scientific knowledge. 

The right ventricle then contracts, pushing me out of the

heart, going through the semi lunar into the pulmonary


Then the pulmonary artery takes me to the lungs where

they get rid of all the nasty carbon dioxide. It's almost like

getting a free shower. Then I pick up oxygen and head off

to the Pulmonary vein.

The pulmonary vein caries me to the left atrium. The left

atrium pushes me through the bicuspid then I enter the left


The left ventricle pushes me through the semi lunar and

then out of the heart to the aorta. Then I get pushed

throughout the body and it was just like a roller costar.

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