Year 6 The Circulatory System


Year 6 have been investigating the circulatory system and have studied its structure and functions. They were tasked with imagining the journey of a blood cell through the different parts of the heart and body. They could be as imaginative and dramatic as they liked. They have brilliantly combined their creative writing skills with their scientific knowledge. 

Chapter 3 - Lungs

• Rapidly, I whooshed through the slide passing the Pulmonary

artery. I arrived at the Lungs. The lungs were the Hotspot for

Cell Tourists waiting to be oxygenated, It's basically New York,

were my Human lives. Though the most important place is the

Cellular Hospital- because all the carbon dioxide needs to be

removed from the cells! Theres workers absolutely everywere

handing out oxygen. EEEEEEE I'v always wanted to hold some

oxygen!!! Another slide, WEEEEEEEEE!

• Sighing of,

• Brook xxx

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