Year 6 The Circulatory System


Year 6 have been investigating the circulatory system and have studied its structure and functions. They were tasked with imagining the journey of a blood cell through the different parts of the heart and body. They could be as imaginative and dramatic as they liked. They have brilliantly combined their creative writing skills with their scientific knowledge. 

I dropped through the vena cava as if it were a water slide,

the rest of the blood cells came down with me. Shouts of

joy and terror rang through the right atrium, from the new

blood cells, until we continued our journey downwards to

the right ventricle the were propelled out through the

pullmery artery by a wave like force, a small party of white

blood cells dashed past us at astonishing speed bumping

into some of us, "Hey!" one of many blood cells called out

to the white blood cells who slightly knocked them forward.

Then we reached the lungs.

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