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The Brand & Brand values 02

The Change & Change to Lead 03

Target Group 04

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Prototype 06-07

Reason to Believe 08

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Welcome to the future of Filling Pieces.

This is a future where digital and global takes over the world. Emotions and culture

are no longer cultivated and people live separately all around the globe. This

is where Filling Pieces comes in to preserve culture and re-unite people in a world

that is so cut off from the real and physical.

In order for Filling Pieces to thrive in the future market and make a positive change

they must adjust to the advancing technologies, whilst uniting people, adding

value to individuals and keeping cultures alive. In this concept book you will learn

about future possibilities for growth and a potential future concept for Filling Pieces.

You will better understand the future world, target group and concept.



Filling Pieces states that the differences between us as individuals, is what makes

us stronger collectively. They encourage us to stray away from the beaten path

and make our own path beyond the boundaries of society.

Filling Pieces is an affordable luxury sneaker brand. Their goal is to bridge the gap

between all cultures and make luxury affordable for everyone.


Filling Pieces envisions a world where boundaries are transcended and cultures

unite by creativity and diversity.

Filling Pieces Design Classic

The Low Top

The first Filling Pieces shoe designed

by Guillaume Philibert. It is till now

the best seller and the symbol of

affordable premium design.

Will it still be the best seller in 10

years from now?


Bridge gaps by being a significant brand, inspiring creativity and providing quality

products at affordable prices.


Filling Pieces Design Classic

The Low Top

The shoe, part of the FP ‘family’ collection-

products based on fictional

characters (the main character the CEO

mom) - she is metaphorically climbing

mountains everyday - FP thought why

not give her the CEO title.

Inclusivity: providing equal access to opportunities and resources for everyone

Diversity: Embracing others just the way they are, with their culture and traditions

Independence: Embracing independence and encouraging to be independent

Ambition: Drive for what you want to achieve and everyone can achieve what

they want

Creativity: Thinking out of the box, innovative designs and conceptual thinking

Individuality: Everyone should be allowed to be themselves and celebrated for




The world has no non-physical borders, everything happens online. Many jobs

now take place from home. This resulted in people moving all around the globe

from their homes. Many of the world’s richest moved to natural lands, tropical regions

and the poor stayed in the big and empty cities.

Climate change caused many climate refugees who now live in many of the urban

areas. There is a complete disconnect with culture and heritage as everything happens

online now on a global scale. There are barely any physical experiences and

people meet each other online. The world is highly digital and tech focused.

Personal data floats around and there is a lack of trust towards brands and government.

The world has become one big economy. Everything gets transported at super

high speeds and consumers are spoilt for choice. There are not many localised

productions. Brands focus on function and trends rather than individual values

and emotions of customers.


People in 2031 want to preserve their culture, as they lack the grip. People who

struggle the most are climate refugees. They had to move quickly and abruptly.

Some had to leave their family behind or the family got separated geographically.

Heritage and culture is important to individuals and therefore in a world that is

global and high tech, we should preserve it otherwise it gets lost and we can never

retrieve it. It is also important to celebrate one’s life and achievements and having

a personal product with a personal message behind it is very important in a

world that is deprived of it.



The ‘young connoisseurs’ continuously search for a richer meaning in life. They

are millennials between the ages of 23-35. They are digital natives and use social

platforms to share their stories, and make a change in the world. They live far from

home and keep in touch with family through social media, however they feel very

detached. They lack physical connections and the feeling of being in the moment.

They are ambitious and creative achievers. They love travelling, meeting new people

from different backgrounds and cultures. They believe that each person’s story

should be treasured.

When it comes to products and the way they dress, they like the ‘simple but good’

approach. They like quality products for a fair price. They prefer to shop responsibly

and they like to do their research before making a purchase. They look for

products that suit their lifestyle and support their values.

The ‘young connoisseurs’ would love to own a product that tells their story. This

draws power from the government and draws power back towards the person.

Pain: Far away from home, missing physical experiences, unable to escape from

the mundane, too big of a choice

Desire: Brands that speak to them personally, brands that care and support them,

help them understand and show who they are instead of masking it

Tasks/actions/behaviour: They appreciate simplicity, comfort and quality, they are

creative thinkers, they like to preserve their culture and heritage, they like to share

stories and experiences, they like to travel and learn about other cultures

Pain reliever: Something tangible that can help convey feelings and bring back

emotion, re-create a physical experience, piece of home, escapism from the mundane

Benefit generator: Better understanding of oneself and surroundings, reconnection

to feelings and emotions in an ‘Empty online world’, inspires to go on a physical

adventure, recognition in a competitive world, feeling of inclusivity.
















In 2031 people will come from many different places in the world and culture is no

longer preserved. It is important for people to keep their culture and connect with

it personally. It is important for them to remember the physical experiences and

keep the most precious memories close to their hearts.

Sneakers can now be a personal possession with high emotional value. They serve

as a canvas for storytelling. Every time the customer wants to re-live their story or

share it they open the Filling Pieces storytelling app and scan the chips.

By exhibiting customer’s individual designs on FP’s website, the brand helps people

to connect through sharing stories. Many of these stories will be from the previous

world, when nature thrived and many things were accessible. People want

more real stories of real people.

Positioning statement:

For a young Connoisseur, Filling Pieces brings storytelling sneakers. Filling Pieces

is the only brand that gives you sneakers as a personal possession with high emotional

value so that you can connect with your heritage and culture close to your

heart every second of your day.


In a world deprived of emotions, heritage and social interactions, the story shoe is

a personal product reminding people of who they are. It improves mental health

and re-fuels the emotional state of an individual. People who can’t see their family

or visit their country benefit from this the most. By reconnecting people to their

culture and memories of the physical, customers can create new memories in line

with their purpose and true to oneself.




The chip with the abilities to tell

real stories of people.



The website serves as a space to

customize your Horizon shoe. You

can choose the lifestyle that suits

you best and the website suggests

the best product to fit your lifestyle

needs. You can customize further

by choosing the colours for your


Want to 3D print your HORIZON?

Finally, you get to tell your story,

you can do this through picking an

appointment and uploading photos

of your experiences so Filling

Pieces can provide you with the

best visualization of your experiences.

The customer may also want to

design their own AR filter via the

Filling Pieces HORIZON designer

website. They can use their phone

camera to scan in objects easily.

The chips can be purchased separately

via the main website or the

Filling Pieces storytelling app (New




The storytelling

app is for viewing

your story,

sharing your

stories with the

world, viewing

other people’s

stories and connecting


making new orders

for chips.

The app has a

sleep and minimalistic


and is easy to

navigate. To view

the full story you

can hover over

the product from

all sides. This way

you can see the

full story in 3D.



Nano chip technology is an electronic integrated circuit measured in a nanometer

scale only. In 2031 technology is highly advanced and nano chips can contain

a lot of data and are cheap to produce. Until recently, the microscopic transistors

squeezed onto silicon chips have been getting half the size each year. Graphene

and carbon nanotubes could one day replace silicon. They have existing electrical,

mechanical and thermal properties that go much beyond what can be done with

silicon-based devices and IBM has demonstrated a possible route for storing data

on a single atom.

3D printing has been used to produce fully-functional PCBs with unique geometry,

interconnect architecture, and various levels of component embedding. The

ability to 3D print integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices directly

into a PCB allows for various future opportunities in the clothing market. We can

assume that by 2031 chips can also be implemented into 3D printing. In this way

the customer can design their own AR filters and the information will be registered

into the printer so that the product prints with the chips already implemented into

the design.

AR technology is advanced and many people specialise in making the experience

as real as possible. Phone in 2031 are highly advanced and portable

how will this work for customer?

In a world where big data is everywhere and there is no privacy, FP offers individuals

to share their story and information with the brand personally, building more

trust with the brand. It puts the individual in control.

With ‘The Storytelling shoe’, one can create their own path and Filling Pieces can

support it. Filling Pieces values culture and heritage and wants to cultivate and

protect it.




Shifting focus off the functional and superficial to something more intimate and personal will

add a new value to the market. In an emotionless and digital world where all data is owned

by the government, Filling Pieces is the only brand that gives people power to own their stories.

Clothes tell stories by default but the innovative aspect of this concept is that the story is

captured in a chip rather than the clothing itself. This means that the story can live on in any

storytelling Filling Pieces clothing through the transfer and implementation of the story chip.


I intend to offer a storytelling nanochip for Filling Pieces shoes and clothing to the ‘Young

Connoisseurs’, so that they will be able to reconnect with their culture wherever they are and

share their story.


Business to consumer, Razor & Blades model

‘personalise me’

The storytelling shoe is the startup product for the chip (this is how the chip will be introduced

into the market)

The main product is the storytelling chip which can be placed on items from the Storytelling

line. Hence, you cannot put it on any Filling Pieces product.

You can make your purchase online via the customiser page, where you can select and customize

your sneaker. You can sign up for an online appointment where you tell your story

and Filling Pieces AR team designs the filters. Once you have the HORIZON shoe or any other

product from the storytelling line you can purchase the chips separately and add them to

your Filling Pieces products. Considering the future of Filling Pieces they will start producing

more clothing and accesories, hence it is important to keep this in mind for the upcoming

years. Depending on the product the costs will change.



Horizon shoe (storytelling shoe + 1st chip)

Product sold (storytelling shoes) Pieces p/y Price Income Cost Profit Investors 2% Yearly result for Filling Pieces

Amount of shoes sold with one chip 12000 300 3,600,000.0 1,608,000.00 1,992,000.00 39840

Additional chip sold 5,000 40 200,000.0 40,000.00 160,000.00 3200

Amount of products sold 17,000 3,800,000 1,648,000.00 2,152,000.00 43,040.00 2,108,960.00

Costs total (yearly) per shoe

packaging 12,000 1.00

distribution 72,000 6

AR technology (chip) 96,000 8 B2C, D2C, Razor & Blades

production costs 420,000 40 Revenue streams Y1 Y2 Y3

other costs 500,000 41.7 Amount of shoes sold 12000 14000 13000

marketing budget 100,000 8.3 Amount of chips sold 5,000 8,000 9,000

Revenue shoe 3600000 4,200,000.0 3,900,000.0

≈ total costs excluding marketing 96.67 Revenue additional chip 200,000.0 320,000.0 360,000.0

total revenue 3,800,000.0 4,520,000.0 4,260,000.0

mark up 30% cost shoes 1,608,000.0 1,751,000.0 1,679,500.0

mark up value 29 cost chip 40,000.0 64,000.0 72,000.0

Total cost of product 134.00 profit before 3rd party investor pay 2,152,000.0 2,705,000.0 2,508,500.0

added value- idea 203.33 300 investor pay 43,040.0 54,100.0 50,170.0

added value- idea(chip) 32 40 profit 2,108,960.0 2,650,900.0 2,458,330.0

Seperate chip

Product sold (chip) Pieces p/y Price Income Cost Profit Investors 2% Yearly result for Filling Pieces

Amount of chips sold 5,000 40 200,000 146,250.0 53,750.0 1,075 52,675.0


Costs total (yearly) per chip

packaging 2,500 0.50

distribution 15,000 3

Design of AR + installation 50,000 10

production costs 175,000 5

marketing budget 100,000 4.0 B2C, Razor & Blades

Revenue streams Y1 Y2 Y3

Amount of chips sold 5,000 8,000 9,000

≈ total costs excluding marketing 22.50 Revenue chip 200,000.0 320,000.0 360,000.0

Cost chip 146,250.0 86,000.0 1,935.0

mark up 30% Pofit before 3rd party investor pay 53,750.0 234,000.0 358,065.0

mark up value 6.75 investor pay 1,075.0 4,680.0 7,161.3

Total cost of product 29.25 Profit 52,675.0 229,320.0 350,903.7

added value- idea 17.50

Price 40



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