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The Ritual of Now

A 2031-proof concept for Rituals

By Sterre Marsman

The Ritual of Now


To all the dreamers,

We are defined by the things we love. So chase your dreams, go

after them until you’re out of breath, and then - keep running. As

long as you’re not running from yourself. If you’re doing so, what’s

your destination? You’ll spend your life standing on an island of

opportunities, looking at another land. But, there is no other land,

there is no other life than this. And so your goal is to live it, not

just be alive. To all the dreamers, don’t forget to live.


The Ritual of Now



The world in 2031















The change to lead

The target group

The Ritual of Now


Target group motivation

The prototype

The benefits

Reasons to believe

The business plan

Innovation strategy

The benefits for Rituals


The Ritual of Now



The world in 2031

Based on extensive research, I created a substantiated scenario for 2031. “Pick

up the pace” illustrates the developments in a post-pandemic world. After

having to sit still for so long due to a worldwide pandemic we all know of, a

recognisable and uniting feeling came to exist; we have to catch up for the

time we lost. We need to keep moving forward, to repair the aftermath of

an economical crisis and get the world turning again. The economy and

technology are thriving, but the people are burnt up. Running faster than

your body allows you to, is never a recipe for great things.1

The Ritual of Now

The scenario



‘We’re not here to sell you beauty, we’re here to make you feel good”. Even

though Rituals’ products fit those of a beauty brand, they are much more

than just that. Rituals aims to create a community that shares a mindset,

not just products. To bring this vision to life, the brand opened their first

flagship store in 2020; The House of Rituals. This inspiring environment

captures everything Rituals’ identity holds. From a perfume bar, to soulful

eating, to mindfulness classes - a brand philosophy so strong, that even

without products, the ideology sells.

Rituals believes in turning everyday moments into meaningful rituals

inspired by ancient traditions. This allows for a renewed appreciation of

the present moment in the rushed western world, where standing still is an

art we haven’t quite mastered yet. 2

The Ritual of Now

Brand analysis


The change to lead

In this performance-oriented world, standing still equals losing time.

Therefor the customer-attitude towards Rituals has shifted. Mindfulness,

self-care and personal development are still a trend - but it needs to be

quicker, easier and more accessible than ever. This world is well aware of the

beneficial effects of taking a moment for yourself, but can’t seem to find the

internal motivation to actually do so without feeling productivity guilt.

In 2031, Rituals will show this target audience how to take a brief step back

into the present moment, without them feeling they are losing valuable


The Ritual of Now


The target audience

The Inspired Achievers are the young adults (aged 18-30) growing up

in a rushed, performance-oriented society. They are incredibly motivated

and inspired to work hard and make all their dreams come true - whatever

it takes. This results in a lot of weight on their shoulders and them being

sucked up in life, instead of living. They are free spirits at heart, but crack

under the pressure of society.

They live in cities where life never stops, and find their relaxation in working

out or educating themselves - still achieving something as they do so.

Western religion has been traded for spirituality. Astrology, crystals and

manifestation give them a feeling of control over their own fate. It allows

them to create their own religion of some sort, and take only what they

need to improve the quality of their lives.4

The target audience

The Ritual of Now


The Ritual of Now

Encouraging to live in the now, while working on the future.

The concept

The Ritual of Now will guide you towards living in the the now. It inspires

you to grow and move forward, by taking a brief step back into the present


The Ritual of Now

The concept




The term mindfulness is all around us, and trough all variations

in which it’s communicated it’s easy to get confused about the

essence of the word. What it stands for is maintaining a moment-bymoment

awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and

surrounding environment, through a gentle, calm view. In less words;

being present, and being aware of the power of now. 5


The Ritual of Now will provide bright new insight in life, and how to

live it. Daily life and the attitude towards it will be reconsidered. Life

as it is will be seen trough new, fresh and content eyes.


This target audience is intelligent, stubborn, and they know what they

want. A realistic approach to life is necessary to make them believe in,

and connect to Rituals. They don’t just want to escape, they want to

improve real life.

The Ritual of Now The concept


Target group motivation

The inspired achievers are motivated to work on themselves and

make the most out of the life they have. They want to develop on

a personal level, they want to be present and they want to feel their

life while they’re living it, but can get so caught up in their future

that they forget, or don’t know how to make the time. The Ritual of

Now will provide them with guidance, ease and a push. The work has

been done for them, all they need to do is believe in it - and that’s

something they’re good at.6

The Ritual of Now

The concept


The present moment

is all we have

The Ritual of Now


The prototype

The Ritual of Now will be launched with a bracelet; Your Talisman. An

everyday jewel with Smart Crystals. Each morning starts mindful

by deciding what you need that day, and adding crystals to Your

Talisman based on your needs. When the Smart Crystals detect

physical signs of stress, the bracelet vibrates to remind you to

be mindful and present. Simultaneously, a notification with an

inspiring affirmation - linked to your crystals of choice - is sent to

your digital devices. When you accept the reminder with one click

on your digital device, the session begins. A guided meditation will

start, which can be as short as 1 minute. Being connected to your

headphones, sessions can be done at any time, and any place.

The App

In the new ‘The Ritual of Now’ section in the Rituals app, you can

adjust all settings to your needs. How long your sessions should

be, what you want to get from it, and so on. Here you can also track

your stress levels, and see when stress often occurs to properly

tackle it. You can also elaborate by reading inspiring affirmations

that fit your needs at that moment, as well as meditation sessions

and recommended Rituals products.7

The Ritual of Now

The prototype


The benefits

Creating awareness of the present

The main aim and benefit of The Ritual of Now is creating an awareness

of the present moment. Whenever stress takes over and you get caught

up in fears or thoughts, the bracelet reminds you and helps to bring you

back to the only thing you really have; the now.

A conscious start of your day

Every morning, the Rituals app will help you find out which crystals are

useful for which intentions, and based on this you make your selection.

This way, your day starts consciously and intentional. You are aware that

you are in charge of what you make from this day.

Setting your goals for a better life

The Inspired Achievers are goal-oriented, and want to get the most

out of their life. The crystals will help them manifest their goals in a

considerate way.

The Ritual of Now

The prototype


Reasons to believe

Creating moments of calm

Rituals’ vision has always been to create meaningful moments of calm

in everyday life. The Ritual of Now is a new approach to this ideology, and

will make the target audience aware of the value of the present moment.

Follow-up for Rituals

Exclusively in the House of Rituals, Rituals has begun to sell jewellery. Here

they are also implementing gemstones in their storytelling, by adding

them as a protector to your personalised perfume. Your Talisman is a

continuation of these starting points and expands Rituals’ product range

in order to become an even more versatile lifestyle brand in 2031.

The trend of digital therapy

One of the trends that will linger on long after the pandemic is a focus

on self monitoring your physical and mental health trough digital

devices. Tracking and improving your health by yourself trough accessible

features gives people a sense of control over their wellbeing.

The prototype

The trend of crystals

Being born in a world that seems more rough than ever, Generation Z

wants to take action on how to improve their lives. Crystals have been

protectors for centuries, and give this generation something to hold on

to. It allows them to compose an individual path by implementing only the

powers they need to grow.

The Ritual of Now

Business plan


Variable costs


The gold plated adjustable cuff: 5,50

The vibration motor: 2,50

The 5mm led light: 2,50

The bluetooth module: 4,50

Variable costs of the bracelet: 5,50 + 2,50 + 2,50 + 4,50 = 15 euros.

Smart Cystals

By comparing Fitbit, Oura and several smart watches, the variable costs

of the Smart Crystals that hold ECG technology are estimated at 35 euros.

Variable costs

The Smart crystals = 35 euros

The bracelet = 15 euros

Marketing budget

For a big company as Rituals that had a revenue of 1 bilion in 2020, we can

establish a large marketing budget for the introduction of a new product.

The marketing budget will be 1 million euros.

Sales year 1

On the worldwide market, Rituals will sell 200 000 bracelets in the first

year. Per bracelet, 3 Smart Crystals will be purchased. In total Rituals will

sell 200 000 bracelets, and 600 000 Smart Crystals.

Marketing per product

Total marketing budget = 1

Marketing budget bracelet = 200 000

Marketing budget Smart Crystals = 800 000

200 000 : 200 000 = 1

800 000 : 600 000 = 1,33

Marketing budget per bracelet = 1 euro

Marketing budget Smart Crystals = 1,33 euros


For the development of the products, a 23% markup is chosen for the fixed

costs. Since this is a new techbological product for Rituals and it is of great

importance that it is well substantiated, we will need many prototypes and

test rounds.


To realise the products and technological development, a third party

investor, Qardio, will invest 5 000 000 euros, meaning they will receive 7% of

the profit.

Total cost-price per product

Smart Crystals: 35 x 1.23 + 1.33 = 44,38 euros

Bracelet: 15 x 1.23 + 1 = 19,45 euros

Retail price

Compared to competitors, Rituals’ product prices and the spending power of

the target audience, the retail prices are established at:

Smart Crystals = 79,99 euros

Bracelet = 39,99 euros

Business plan

Discount deal starting package

When first purchasing your bracelet, you receive a discount deal of a bracelet

plus a first crystal. Normally, this would cost 79,99 + 39,99 = 119,98. Rituals

The Ritual of Now


Revenue streams

Business Model

The product will be introduced to the international market with a razor-blade

business model. Meaning the starting product, the bracelet, is sold at a lower price

than the complementary goods, the Smart Crytstals.


First, 200 000 bracelets and the first 200 000 crystals are sold in a package deal of 109,99.

Profit on discount deal: 200 000 X (109,99 - 44,38 - 19,45) = 9 232 000

Then, 400 000 more crystals are sold as complementary goods.

Profit Smart Crystals: 400 000 x (79,99 - 44,38) = 14 244 000

Total profit

Total profit in year 1: 9 232 000 + 14 244 000 = 23 476 000

7% of the profit goes to the investors: 23 476 000 x 0,07 = 1 643 320

Total profit for Rituals in year 1: 23 476 000 - 1 643 320 = 21 832 680 euros


Growth year 2

In year 2, the growth percentage will be at 10%

Sales of the bracelet: 200 000 x 1.10 = 220 000

Sales of the Smart Crystals = 600 000 x 1.10 = 660 000

First 220 000 bracelets and the first 220 000 crystals are sold in a package deal of 109,99.

Profit on discount deal: 220 000 X (109,99 - 44,38 - 19,45) = 10 155 200

Then, 440 000 more crystals are sold as complementary goods

Profit Smart Crystals: 440 000 x (79,99 - 44,38) = 15 668 400

Total profit in year 2

Total profit in year 2: 10 155 200 + 15 668 400 = 25 823 600

7% of the profit goes to the investors: 25 823 600 x 0,07 = 1 807 652

Total profit for rituals in year 2: 25 823 600 - 1 807 652 = 24 015 948 euros

Growth year 3

In year 3, the product will be more established, and the growth percentage will be

at 7%

Sales of the bracelet: 220 000 x 1.07 = 235 400

Sales of the Smart Crystals = 660 000 x 1.07 = 706 200

Business plan

First 200 000 bracelets and the first 220 000 crystals are sold in a package deal of 109,99.

Profit on discount deal: 235 400 X (109,99 - 44,38 - 19,45) = 10 866 064

Then, 470 800 more crystals are sold as complementary goods

Profit Smart Crystals: 470 800 x (79,99 - 44,38) = 16 765 188

Total profit in year 3

Total profit in year 2: 10 866 064 + 16 765 188 = 27 631 252

7% of the profit goes to the investors: 27 631 252 x 0,07 = 1 934 188

Total profit for rituals in year 2: 27 631 252 - 1 934 188 = 25 697 064 euros

The Ritual of Now


Innovation strategy

Maintaining the core

Rituals’ core values can and should stay the same in order to maintain

a leading position in the future. Rituals will redefine what it means to

take a moment for yourself. It doesn’t mean you’re standing still - you’re

actually silently moving forward.

Product range expansion

To maintain an even stronger position as a multifaceted lifestyle

brand, Rituals will expand their product category. Jewels have grander

intentions than decoration, they are part of a new spiritual movement.

To implement this to the brand, Rituals will need to develop an in-house

design department, or outsource this to a design agency.

Technological innovation

In order to track the customers mental health, ECG technology is

implemented in the bracelet. To professionally approach this, Rituals will

need to collaborate with innovative tech and health companies. This

will ensure the new product is credible and well substantiated.

Innovation strategy

The Ritual of Now

The benefits for Rituals


Connecting to their target audience

Crystals and spirituality are a growing trend amongst the Inspired

Achievers as they give this target audience a sense of control over

their life journey. The Smart Crystals will be sold individually and allow

each user to create a personalised program. The Inspired Achievers

will turn to Rituals for guidance, inspiration and motivation when they

most need it, which creates a deep emotional connection between the

customer and the brand.

Perceived as more than a beauty brand

For the past years Rituals has been actively working on maintaining the

position of an allround lifestyle brand - an inspiring community. Think of

the Rituals app, the House of Rituals and the Rituals City Spa’s. By closely

checking in with their target audience and playing a large role in

enhancing their everyday mental wellbeing, introducing this product

will expand that even further.

More traffic to the Rituals app

Rituals has introduced their own app in 2014, which has ever since been

expanding to a wellness platform. The Ritual of Now will get its own

section in the Rituals app where you can get insight in your wellbeing,

work on being present and find products that can help you along the

way. This will generate more traffic to the existing Rituals app.

More consumer data

The Rituals app is a great tool to collect more consumer data. With this

new section, Rituals can gain insight into what their customers look at, in

relation to how they’re feeling in that moment. This is valuable data, and

can be used to create an even more personalised marketing strategy in

the future. 10

The Ritual of Now The benfits for Rituals


The Ritual of Now


Images and illustrations

All images and illustrations are my own. Sterre Marsman. 2021, January.


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The Ritual of Now Reference list

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The Ritual of Now

A 2031-proof concept for Rituals

By Sterre Marsman

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