Jewish Heritage Centre Archival Endowment Fund

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The Jewish Heritage Centre

Archival Endowment Fund

A one million dollar campaign

to preserve our community’s archives

Becky Sokolov and Fanny Churchill, Balfour Parade

Main Street, Winnipeg, May 19, 1920

Without your help, the story of our past will be lost forever

We Need Your Support

The JHCWC is unable to meet the minimum requirements for good stewardship

of our collection. Current levels of funding simply do not support our needs.

Unless we are able to ensure proper storage and archival treatment, we risk

losing our collections forever. That will mean the loss of our community’s

history. Your help is critical to our ability to properly store and protect our

community’s historical assets.

From our Synagogues Exhibition

Immediate Needs

• Full-time archivist

• Space assessment

• Climate control

• An integrated pest-management system

• Upgraded storage to protect from water damage

• Photographic media storage which meets archival standards

• Improvements to physical layout: separation of research and storage facilities

• Continued digitization of our collection

• Holocaust archive preservation

• Upgraded database to today’s standards

• Publicly accessible online finding aids

• Posting of digitized materials



The JHC safeguards a treasure trove of documents,

manuscripts, artefacts, and photos, accessed each year by

researchers from all over the world and the general public. We

are tasked with the challenge of preserving these precious

representations of our history using modern technology and

stewardship. We count on the interest and generosity of the

community, so that future generations may also learn from our


Artefacts from the Rubenfeld collection in our

Holocaust Education Centre

A culture survives because it is able to transmit its history, its values, and its beliefs to future

generations. We cannot understand our present circumstances without our historical

record. This is the foundation upon which every Jewish community organization is built.

Therefore, within this context, the JHC is of vital importance to the well-being and future of

this community, as the only guardians of our historical record.

Harvesting at Sonnenfeld Colony, SK c.1926

Our archival records include thousands of indexed articles from Jewish newspapers, a comprehensive

cemetery archive, manuscripts, audio and video oral histories, and some 70,000 photographs! The archives

are also an important repository of oral histories, photographs, and articles documenting the story of

Shoah survivors who settled in Manitoba. As well, several well-known Manitobans have donated their

collections to us. These include Frances Bay, Maitland Steinkopf, Adele Wiseman, and Perry Diamond.

These must all be preserved for future generations.

About Us

In a world where the historical record is increasingly under threat, our impressive collection

of primary sources, including oral histories, photographs, and artefacts will ensure the

preservation of our past as well as its legacy for future generations.

For more than 50 years, the JHCWC (formerly the Jewish Historical Society) has illuminated the

issues, events, and social changes that produced a dynamic and diverse community of Jews

within Western Canada. The Jewish Heritage Centre’s mission is to develop, interpret, and

disseminate information on the history and culture of western Canadian Jewry and to develop

awareness of the history, moral, and ethical implications of the Shoah and other human rights


The Jewish Heritage Centre of

Western Canada (JHC) brings

together the Jewish Historical

Society of Western Canada,

the Marion & Ed Vickar Jewish

Museum of Western Canada,

the Genealogical Institute, the

Irma and Marvin Penn

Archives (includes the

Yudasha and Shmerya Posner

New Canadian Archive), and

the Freeman Family

Foundation Holocaust

Education Centre.

• The JHCWC is proud to have partnered

with many organizations over the

years, including the Canadian Museum

for Human Rights, the Manitoba

Historical Society, and Manitoba

Education and Training.

• Our collection continues to be an

important resource for researchers

across the globe and a serves as a

foundation for the innovative

programs and exhibits the JHCWC


• The JHCWC has been recognized as an

important component of Manitoba’s

cultural mosaic at both provincial and

federal levels of government.

• Recognition includes the William

Shroder Award, the Prix Manitoba

Award, and the Premier’s Award for

Excellence in Design.

Orphaned Holocaust survivors in Winnipeg in the late 1940s with Thelma

Edwards, then Director of the United Hebrew Social Service Bureau. From

left: David Erlich, Anton Deutch, Ernie Green, Leo Greenspan, Eugene

Joseph and John Hirsch.

More Important Than Ever

Jewish communities worldwide are facing a surge in antisemitism, unprecedented since 1945. As

the principal purveyor of education on the Shoah and antisemitism, we reach thousands of young

people and adults each year.

As we face a future without Holocaust witnesses, our reliance on archival materials to safeguard

the historical record and combat distortion increases and the work of the Jewish Heritage Centre

becomes more important than ever.

Purim party King Edward Hall, circa 1908

From our extensive newspaper archive

Contact us for more information.

We would love to give you a tour!

Suite C-140 123 Doncaster St.

Winnipeg, MB R3N 2B2

T: 204-477-7460




Please contact:

Belle Jarniewski

Executive Director Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada


“The collection certainly deserves to be

better known among historians and I am

sure it will be. It provides a singularly rich

source of original manuscript material

relevant not just to the history of Jews in

Harold Troper,

Professor of History

(University of Toronto)

and co-author of None is

Too Many

Manitoba but also to Jews in Canada more generally. And, like

me, all historians and students of Canadian Jewish life who use

this and other original document collections preserved by the

Jewish Heritage Centre will owe a debt to those communityminded

individuals who showed wisdom and foresight in ensuring these Jewish

historical treasures are safely preserved. Without this effort, the historical legacy

of Canadian Jewry would eventually be lost.”

“The Jewish Heritage Centre of

Western Canada’s archive is

invaluable. Its rich collection of

photographs, documents, and

publications enables visitors to

explore and learn about the rich

history of Winnipeg’s Jewish

community and the many

Arthur Ross, Professor

(Ryerson) in the

Department of Politics and

Public Administration, and

author of Communal

Solidarity: Immigration,

Settlement, and Social

Welfare in Winnipeg’s

Jewish Community, 1882–


contributions Jews have made to Winnipeg’s social, economic and cultural life.

Over the past few years, I spent many days in the archives completing the research

for my book, Communal Solidarity: Immigration, Settlement and Social Welfare in

Winnipeg’s Jewish Community, 1882-1930. I know that the archives contain a

wealth of material that could illuminate many more aspects of the history of

Winnipeg’s Jewish community: the history of Jewish educational institutions, the

formation of Jewish garment workers unions and their role in Winnipeg’s labour

movement, the origins and development of the Jewish Welfare Fund and Jewish

Child & Family Service, the arrival and settlement of Holocaust survivors after the

Second World War, the history of Winnipeg’s synagogues, the contribution of

Winnipeg’s Jews to the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Zionist Organization of

Canada, to name a few.

“I am writing a book on the history of the

Jewish Left in Canada and have used your

archives extensively. They have been

invaluable – in particular

Ester Reiter. Senior

Scholar, York

University, Toronto

the Yiddisher Vort, the picture collection, the interviews that

were done some years ago, the material from

the Freiheit temple association. I can’t stress too strongly how

important your collection is for all of us:

Dos Goldene Bukh from the 1940s, the material on Edenbridge, the cemetery

project pictures– and that’s just a few of the things that come to mind. The history

in the collection is invaluable – it’s our history, and it deserves the greatest


"The archives are the golden resource of the Jewish

community. I have searched for family records, burial

information, and marriage books for my own family and many

others as well. The project launched by the JHC for the

marriages performed by Rabbi Kahanovitch brought much joy

to many families by reproducing these registers for them...The

Gerald Posner,


philanthropist, and

community leader—

former Winnipegger

now living in


archives are a resource which needs to be added to and nurtured. The community

depends on it in ways they do not even realize."


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