DCTA Safety Kids Book

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the DCTA Safety Kids

Denton County Transportation Authority

The DCTA Safety Kids are role models for transit safety. They demonstrate that using

DCTA services is fun, but that it’s also important to be safe when traveling on a bus, train or

the A-train Rail Trail. When you follow transit safety rules, you prevent accidents and injuries.

For questions about the DCTA Safety Education program,

contact DCTA Community Relations at dctainfo@dcta.net.

We hope you enjoy your next ride and journey with DCTA!

Nicole Recker, Vice President of Mobility Services & Administration

Adrienne Hamilton, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

Mary Worthington, Community Relations Manager

Guadalupe Acosta, Marketing Coordinator

Kayla Laird, Communications Coordinator

Robby Stengel, Illustration and Graphic Design

No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic

or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or any information storage and retrieval

system, without the express written permission of the Denton County Transportation Authority.

© 2020 by Denton County Transportation Authority

Hi, I’m Kris, one of the DCTA Safety Kids.

I like riding DCTA’s A-train with my dad

to safely get to the park!

Denton County Transportation Authority

Denton County Transportation Denton County Authority Transportation Authority

Hi, I’m JR, one of the DCTA Safety Kids.

Hi, I’m Mari, a DCTA Safety Kid. I’m JR’s sister.

My sister Mari and I like to ride our bikes on

DCTA’s A-train Rail Trail and watch the trains go by.

I always wear a helmet when I’m riding a bike.

I like to ride my bike, too! I always ride

with both hands on the handlebars.

Hi, I’m Nicky, a DCTA Safety Kid.

I like to use DCTA services to get where I

need to go, such as the park to see my friends!

Safety Tip:

Never walk, ride or play near the railroad tracks!









Wheels yield to heels! If you’re on a bike,

scooter, or skates, always yield to those on foot.

Safety Tip:

When you want to pass a person on

the rail trail, it’s important to give them

a heads-up so you don’t cause a collision.

Simply say “passing” as you approach.


Obey all safety signage.


Be safe on station platforms.



Safety Tip:

Have your fare ready and safely board the vehicle.

Safety Tip:

Always stay seated while on the A-train.

Be aware of others and make space when needed.




Let the bus come to a complete stop

before crossing or trying to board.

Safety Tip:

Signal the driver before loading your bike.

Always cross at a designated crossing.


Be a good rider and don’t distract the driver.


Make sure a wheelchair is secured safely on the bus.

Wherever you are going, have

fun and always stay safe!

The coloring fun and activities

don’t have to stop here! Visit our

Community Education webpage at

RideDCTA.net to continue.

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